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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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press saying it's the press association. and they're quoting an unnamed police source as saying that the police have as you say identified a number of suspects they believe them to be russian involved in the poisoning with nava chalk nerve agent of so gas cripple and his daughter you live they've done this according to reports after painstaking work involving hundreds of officers scanning thousands of hours of c.c.t.v. footage from the scene in salzburg where the pair were discovered also from their home and areas around where they may have travelled before the poisoning took place and they've cross referenced those images with c.c.t.v. taken at airports they've also looked at passenger manifests on flights and they seem to have drawn some connections suggesting that if they're not russian these people at least arrived in the country from russia as you said security minister has dismissed this reporter's wild speculation the police themselves have not
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independently confirmed it either as yet but this endeavor investigation we know of course going on it's the biggest of its kind one of the biggest of its kind in history here alongside another investigation into a separate nava truck poisoning earlier this month a woman called dawn sturges died in a town near salzburg her partner is in critical condition after she reportedly sprayed navi truck directly on to her skin from a per fume bottle now that investigation will be trying to find out where the pair picked up this per fume bottle whether this batch of navi chalk is from the same batch as that involved in this cripple poisoning they'll be feeding their information into the other investigation and vice versa this may be a new lead we don't know for sure indeed it was the press says they should i just misread that sorry jonah what reaction from the russians and because they've been denying any involvement really have been a from the start of this an aria. consistently the
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kremlin has denied any involvement it has made a big show of offering its help and cooperation to the british authorities to help them track down the source of the novacek they've also come up with all manner of theories about where it may have come from other than russia itself the british authorities have not taken them up on any of their offers preferring to go through the o.p.c. w.w. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague to which both countries are signatories now in response to this latest report the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander yucca vanco says british investigators have no evidence of russian involvement in the script all poisoning russia will exert political pressure on the british side that political pressure will continue through official requests and dialogue of course they have repeatedly requested access to the script uls themselves the script as we believe are being held at a secure location well for them and believe that the journal our correspondent in london still ahead here on al-jazeera u.s.
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president donald trump talks about a second meeting with russia's vladimir putin despite confusion and criticism over the summit last week. also dance a protest to say they're starting kites the balloons will keep flying despite the threat of israeli military reprisals. welcome back well our tropical storm tin has made landfall over vietnam and you see this great swirl of clouds now it's going to be very slow moving of the next few days and see the winds become much lighter but the rain is going to be a real issue and so i think for northern parts of vietnam are going to be a continuation of the sort of rain that we've seen coming in fast amounts rain from this system and it'll continue to move very slowly towards the west over the next
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forty eight hours so northern parts of vietnam laos will see some significant flooding issues i think and there will be a lot of showers pulled off the bay of bengal as circulation just draws them in so very very wet weather here indeed briefly the rest of the region actually looking ok hong kong fine food shoeshine high should be no problems over the next twenty four to forty eight hours across into south asia and again it's looking very active in terms of the monsoon we've had decent rainfall reports coming in from good drought once again as another big total for a while and then further towards those that mangalore looking pretty wet the forecast suggests plenty of rain in most areas eastern parts of india will see some intense rainfall i think over the next two days delhi could see the respects in temperatures here of thirty six.
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i remarkable portrait of a remote japanese village in the aftermath of the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami. seven years later how has the community of me akhil been able to move on and rebuild their lives. japan aftermath of the catastrophe on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so ho rahman a reminder of our top stories israel has passed a controversial law that for the first time declares the country to be the nation
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state of the jewish people the legislation also makes hebrew the only official language downgrading the status of arabic class it encourages the building of jewish only communities also to towns and cities it live province have been evacuated after a deal was struck between opposition fighters and pro-government forces pro regime forces and their families were bussed out of the fray in the northwest the shia towns have been under siege by sunni rebels for more than four years britain security minister is describing reports of police identifying russian suspects in the posting of a former double agent and his daughter as a wild speculation the kremlin denies involvement in attacking sergei and yulia scripture with nerve agent four months ago. now there's been even more confusion about what donald trump actually believes or doesn't believe about russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election the latest twist see him and all this with his aides and contradicting his own comments roslyn jordan reports now from washington d.c. . u.s.
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president donald trump ended wednesday the way he started it leaving us country and the world very confused about whether he thinks russia interfered in the twenty sixteen presidential election trump told us television he did blame russian president vladimir putin well i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible but also on wednesday trump told other reporters this is russia does targeting us. that sent the white house press secretary into damage control mode he was saying no he's not taking questions for trump's aides this was day three of cleaning up after the president during his joint press conference with putin on monday trump said he had raised the interference question during their meeting he just said it's not russian then after
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republican and democratic outrage over trump statement the president spent tuesday trying to walk back his words and he sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of what you. said it should have and i don't see any reason why i went or why you get what you pay russia as far as the u.s. intelligence community is concerned there is no question about the russian's behavior he's got his view he's expressed his view i can tell you what my view is. the intelligence community's assessment has not changed my view has not changed which is that russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage in line influence operations to this day but only a few people are paying attention to a policy conference in the american what's what is getting most people's attention is the stream of mixed messages some would say alarming messages from the white
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house about russia and the american political process well still in jordan al-jazeera washington. ok really how did our correspondent joins me now from washington d.c. i mean kimberly how are americans reacting really to the latest wavering by the president when it comes to sort of election interference. certainly there is as rosalind jordan stated in her report confusion i think that would be the best word to describe americans reaction particularly because the president's statements seem to be very varied in terms of where he stands and his position on election meddling includes just a tweet that was sent out the last hour or so from the president where he says the summit with russia was a great success it's a summit that most widely seen as a disaster in terms of the u.s. position in the position the president took they're not coming out strongly enough but the president goes on to blame the fake news media for that performance which
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most believe the president is responsible for he's also said that he looks forward to a second meeting with the russian president vladimir putin saying that this is the purpose of this would be to start implementing some of the things discussed including stopping terrorism security for israel nuclear proliferation cyberattacks trade ukraine middle east peace north korea and more those are presumably some of the things that were discussed when the president met in that two hour closed door meeting with vladimir putin with only translators present the president has been repeatedly insisting no one has been as tough on russia as he has as president and that he was very strong in their private meeting saying that in fact there should be no more election meddling at the same time it's this failure to publicly confront in a forceful way that concerns many americans in fact the latest c.b.s. news poll says that the majority of americans do not like how he handled that press conference but when you pull back and look at what issues americans care most about
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at least going into that helsinki press conference gallup poll shows that it wasn't russia that was the dominant concern for most americans but in fact it was the economy and immigration these are issues that donald trump has been very forceful on so expect that he will try to change the conversation as we've also seen him tweeting this morning about lowering drug prices and also creating jobs. for the moment we'll leave it there kimberly and see how the day progresses quite early for you there in washington i'm sure there's a lot more the president will be saying as the day progresses thank you. gaza's health ministry says one person has been killed in an attack by the israeli army on palestinians flying burning balloons towards israel for nearly four months protesters in gaza have been flying kites carrying petrol bombs over the border fence that joins us live from gaza we believe there has been one death charles around this scenario what more do we know about the person who died.
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what is being reported that they said was a twenty two year old use a member of the kasam brigades hamas his military wing we understand there were at least three other people injured in this israeli strike there are also reports coming through now from israel that the number of malta's have been fired in the direction of the town of i should gould across the border fence east of gaza we're getting unconfirmed reports also of a possible strike close to gaza city but as i say that is unconfirmed at this moment i think what's worrying is that of course it's thursday today we're expecting more big protests tomorrow the israelis say that they said. the south of the gaza strip and roughened which that use was killed was in response to balloons carrying incendiary devices being launched now we know that certainly israeli politicians are putting
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a lot of pressure on israel to mount what's being described as a heavy military response to these incendiary devices that have burnt what israel says is malden three thousand hectares of land. in israel we spoke to some of the protesters involved in launching those positions balloons yesterday they have value to continue these attacks they say they will not stop until the twelve year old israeli siege the land air and sea blockade on gaza is lifted we also spoke to hamas who. more than passively tacitly support these palestinian protesters as well they describe these attacks as being a peaceful more peaceful means of protest so certainly this this strike today killing this palestinian youth and these reports of more balloons being launched across the border of great concern as we go into friday when we
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expect more protests to happen live there for now of course and monitor events for the later charles thank you no human rights group is calling for the rest of twenty two military and police officers in myanmar for committing crimes that constitute constitute genocide against the rigging and the accusations are contained in a report by the group forty five writes it's just short of a year since a real armed group bombed more than thirty police stations meanwhile government says the august attacks provoked a military crackdown against the ring get in rakhine state the report documents how the army planned and committed mass killings rape and arson months before the police stations were attacked soldiers confiscated sharp objects from running the homes and provided weapons to non rich people at the same time the rights groups say food and humanitarian aid were blocked in a bid to weaken them before the crackdown began me miles government is accused of making extensive and systematic preparations for the attacks on the rohingya kerry
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kennedy is the president of the robert f. kennedy human rights association she recently visited the rink accounts in cox's bazaar and described the shockingly terrible condition she saw there. it's been working on human rights and for thirty five years i've been refugee camps all over the world liberia to jordan to i just all of the and this nothing prepared me for were the degree of horrors heard. just now a rape and the. killing children in front of their family raped in front of parents divorced was horrible made thing is that they cannot return until we return to ricky in state is saved and they secure it coming or. that cannot happen as long as the perpetrators of
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the ins. of this genocide are still three and so the first thing that has to happen is that those perpetrators have to be held accountable and there has to be investigation i.c.t. needs to be involved. and the people of myanmar call who are these perpetrators to be. the families of the victims of the ferry disaster in south korea and to get two hundred million dollars in compensation three hundred four people mostly schoolchildren were killed when the sable capsized four years ago for the first time a south korean coal took knowledge the government's liability and ordered both the state and the ferry operator to pay compensation. chinese premier league has ordered officials to speed of efforts to cut the prices of cancer drugs there's been intense debate across the country after a film about smuggling cheaper medication from india into china became
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a box office hit brown explains. well this is a film that's really struck a chord here in china and this is one of the many cinemas in beijing that is now showing dying to survive some of us say that it's destined to become china's movie of the year it is based on the real life story of a chinese shopkeeper who imports drugs from india to sell at a profit to leukemia patients here in china who can't afford to buy those drugs in china at first he's in it for the money but gradually compassion creeps in as he realizes all their lives could be saved so what impact has this film had on people who've seen it. i cried many times they feel me is very a list it is shows many problems about the medical care system in china. many ordinary people cannot afford expensive medicine i can feel their desperation this is a sensitive subject because cancer it's estimated claims the lives of some four million
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people a year in china it is the country's biggest killer and some medical experts attribute some of those cancers to the sort of pollution we have in beijing today pollution but also reflects other towns and cities across china dying to survive has now caught the attention of china's premier league who are said more has to be done to improve treatment for cancer patients in china it is an acknowledgment that inequality exists in china's health care system the issue has now started a big debate online but for now the censors appear to be holding off. your job as their own these are all top news stories israel has passed a controversial law that for the first time declares the country to be the nation state of the jewish people the legislation also makes hebrew the only official
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language downgrading the state as an arabic class it encourages the building of jewish only communities the palestine liberation organization says the law marginalizes israeli palestinians. who assist in this law establishes a system of bondage against the palestinian people and implements a policy of ethnic cleansing against them in order to expel the palestinians especially when this law provides that this land is for the jews and knowledge of historical facts about the existence of palestinians on this land. garza's health ministry says one person has been killed in an attack by the israeli army on palestinians flying burning buildings towards israel for nearly four months protesters. garza have been flying kites carrying petrol bombs over the border fence. two towns in syria's province have been evacuated after a deal was struck between opposition fighters and pro-government forces pro regime forces and their families were bussed out of the fray in the northwest the shia towns have been under siege by sunni rebels for more than four years u.s.
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president donald trump has talked about a second meeting with russia's vladimir putin despite confusion and criticism over their summit this week that's despite the fact he came out and said he holds russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for moscow's meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election britain's security minister is describing reports of police identifying russian suspects in the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter as wilder speculation the kremlin denies involvement in attacking sergei and huli a scriptural with nerve agent four months ago. near mars army has been accused of committing crimes that conspire to toot genocide against the ranger community a new report is calling on the international criminal court to arrest twenty two officials in myanmar for making extensive and systematic preparations ahead of the military crackdown on the ring in twenty seventy those were the headlines here on
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out is there are more news in half an hour but we continue with the stream do stay with us. they aren't worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are the. one used investigates the fight to reclaim the polls stolen. not a zero. power australia's hardline immigration policies impacting border security and how are they affecting the lives of breath he will hear more about the country's system of offshore prisons and today's show remember to send us your comments and questions live via twitter or you tube i'm willing to be much of a dean and you're in the stream.
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zero chance of resettlement that's the message the australian government has been sending to asylum seekers desperate to migrate into the country by boat it's been five years since australia began refusing mainland resettlement for asylum seekers sometimes described as boat people who are refugees who do take the champ's they face the prospect of indefinite detention while they wait for their asylum claims to be processed in offshore refugee camps the government says its hard line stance against illegal immigration has deterred people smugglers and illegal boat arrivals but at what cost. here to discuss this is not a detention advocacy manager with the asylum seeker resource center she's joining us via skype from melbourne and london al jazeera sydney correspondent andrew thomas who covers asylum seeker policies in australia and joining us on the phone is. he's been living at mannus island for nearly five years he is an asylum seeker who received his refugee status three years ago welcome to you all should start by
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mentioning we did reach out to australia's government to take part in this conversation but they declined our requests and with fact i will start on my laptop with this quote from the government from peter dutton to be exact this is a minister for home affairs in an interview june twenty third this is how he describes the policy thus far we are in danger of days because only a month ago we stopped a still hold vessel with one hundred thirty one people coming out of sri lanka there are fourteen thousand people still in indonesia and there is excited chatter among people smuggling syndicates about the prospect of australia be available again he goes on to say it's essential that people realise that the hard won success of the last few years could be undone overnight by simple acts of compassion and bringing twenty people from menace to australia and through with those words does the government see these past five years in this never australia
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policy as successful. has the government seen these past five years as being a success in terms of their immigration policy. and i absolutely hate success yet the government is very proud that it's in the garage the last audience if this is seen by the other party you know started the labor party back in twenty the same when kevin rudd was prime minister but then surely off the back kevin rudd lost an election and the conservative brought a sense of government that came in on the time yeah but now in the mountain top of his run with it expanded its and really made it very proud and those comments from that integration minister a rule about domestic politics because like it or not the international picture was oversleep looks straight and show you he's very cruel on necessarily cruel in many people's eyes policies but the message. with the polish australians do not like the
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idea that bore out the trolls that's been proved an opinion poll off opinion poll while the research stands a minority of australians disagree with that position the government takes the votes is going to keep them in power the ones you like but it's a rather nice i like to get back in the stump what you had that was all about them and then who you know hearing you say that raises a question that we put out to our audience our community we asked if you know the system is actually deterring illegal immigration and if it's working and interestingly enough we got one comment from joe diddley here saying it's illegal to deter refugees and it is immoral regardless of whether it's quote unquote works what an appalling premise natasha what do you see success as an immigration policy is this the right measure. firstly i think that. the government.
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the moment. the council and the senate is all about domestic politics and the moment the liberal. sticks for kicks on another issue or something embarrassing it's for them. so they completely. constantly. the bugs in the last all watch out there was not in iraq last month so it doesn't really make much sense except full of the fact that. it's government. so i think this comment that you just brought up is very very accurate in that even if it were. unsuccessful and we call this kind of success which we started but if we did. i want to. excess at the expense of somebody. natasha of course a valid question there and one that our community members are pondering before we
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move on to much further i want to show a map to our audience just so they get a perspective on what it is we're talking about here and what you're seeing on your screens are australia's offshore prisons for immigrants arriving by boat on the man asylum facility close on october thirty first twenty seventeen but many detainees still remain in transitional camps on the island and we've got a comment actually from someone who is among those this is a to love someone who's tweets we read and are very lush when we talked about the closing of the prison there are men asylum he says i really don't have hope for resettlement i already rejected p. and g. papa new guinea and australia i won't those countries don't have respect for human beings so i hope the us will give me an appointment asylum i hope that's just one hope of one person but as these you are there talking to us on the phone and then a file and talk to us about what is your facing in your time there on then.
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thank you very much. briefly i want to do. something about the current situation. and i was you know all the talk. about the government personally about the. violence. five years ago when. we were not. going to spend years of our lives. and we were not. what will happen to us we're going to lose eight or seven or. seven. by this in order to send a message for the other people around the world and we. why do government in order
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to parse their power when you say situation. i want to pause you there when you say killed by the system what do you mean what i mean by killed by just. the people. and they're hard. to believe. because. baby. in the. their life always. believed to. you no answer as you're listening to the to put up this headline here critics warn of a humanitarian crisis for six hundred asylum seekers in an offshore australian detention camp this is twenty seventeen when you were last on our show and we were discussing refugees refusing to leave them in a silent detention center what's happened since and where are we now. well i was lost in the van but in fact as the p. and g.
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the company get in place when team to that horrible same time and forcibly remove the asylum seekers and refugees who didn't want to go i'll go say i think of these would cite a site also in a moment but that wasn't much about protest as it was about anything else they realized the amount of silence was in the spotlight of media attention and frankly it rarely is that anymore because your study in the media is bored of the story they hardly touch it but that moment as camp the formal prison like the city on my solemn scruggs and the refugees are being moved into more transit camps elsewhere on the side and they knew that if they made a stand refused to go the media would cover it and to some extent they did but that was about it getting attention but it really was one of the few times that the story has broken through the australian media because even the both sides of politics doubt it will strike the adult the same policy that old saying those refugees the mouse on the roof and that's going to come to a strike it was
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a much political the bike to follow the a.b.c. the national pro cost or no strike it is taxpayer funded the government is continually borning the a.b.c. that it's probably yours at risk and many think i would want to comment that many think the a.b.c. . to some extent and then there's a quiet to think of the whole of the media that it's quite and cheap refugee and pro policy side that was all about getting attention and who can buy the refugees for what the government would say is that yes it is tough for those refugees amounts on the roof but the bigger picture is that people another look coming from studies or putting their lives at risk despite more than a thousand people who drowned by the right bank on the right so right here in the few years before they brought in this boat they were more about that one uncontrolled immigration by refugees that two thousand people came in the city at the four twenty third saying that i want to see that start up again because they want to be seen in control. yeah yeah there's
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a lot of great because they won the toss i see you saying yeah yeah yeah zander was speaking of course we know that from two thousand and thirteen to two thousand and fourteen of course the numbers plummeted from twenty thousand to one hundred sixty but we have a lot of comments coming on the bigger picture andrew you teed up you know that idea of what is the geo political aspect of some of this why is this even you know happening even with the neglect for media coverage you know we have the street let me actually came in from sarah ruby smith she's the director of project humanity a group that advocates for refugees she said australia continues these human rights abuses knowing that the aid money australia supplies to countries like papa new guinea and nauru will guarantee they can continue natasha you know anders knotting i know that we know that there is more of play here but what do you make of what sarah says here you know that australia deliberately picked vulnerable countries with vulnerable populations like true colonialists nation that they are their government does whatever they see fit there. that's one hundred percent i have
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worked and it's a good match but i probably know the ins and outs of not rule out that are and what i would say is that a strike there is one hundred percent in control of the sentence so that day to day operations the movement of people the provision of staff every single aspect of these camps is an innocent bystander and yes they go on their responsibility to any end not true and they do that and it was to make the point that they were probably government. control. but you can make people like you and people like me in the media it's not a question brought you know now about you getting government questions but never like you nor up like never on with you or government press it will never be like that but no responsibility and because these are at least every country. that's right and i mean the kind of thing that i would go back to is something that is you
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said earlier he commented that seven people had died on madness and that those seven people just with the responsibility of the israeli government so i just want to add in total twelve people have died under this policy so seven on man has five hundred twelve in total. and a lot of those people have seen the medical records that have outlined that decline atli and their mental health. disintegration to the point where. you know one man has two people in fact have set themselves on fire. so that so elated. a man threw himself out of a bus a number of people have overdosed and number of people have hung themselves and you can see in the in straddling government's own records their mental deterioration in great detail so we have medical reports that are written about people by international medical services which is the medical contractor that the australian
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government to provide health care and they are the ones who have not provided sufficient care or not responded sufficiently or in some instances you can see where they recommended again and again and again that a person risks a certain type of treatment and the it is strictly in government so strongly in what a force which is a government department have declined that request for medical care and as a result the person has eventually died so that that line of responsibility is extremely clear and that as you mention what you're describing is it's conditions of nairo i want to share with our audience a couple of pictures that as these sent us moving through on my computer here. you've told us that these are the transition centers on menace island and move over to the next one here to talk to us about what it is that we're seeing these pictures that you sent of what looks like perhaps newly refurbished or newly built
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transition centers what are the conditions like there. well basically does. two or three. times the center they have been will block then one. block then in two thousand and fifteen and the other two they have been built recently when we. moved out of the formal detention center. and also let me just thank you. both what the and to a point that he say about force the wu we have been deployed we have been denied medical access food and water for twenty four days and they want us to fight here. and they want us to accept any nation to the authorities. we prefer to stay inside and we will look after ourselves and we no
11:37 pm
longer need your services twenty four days we feel we had a family over freedoms and we knew. that things that it was for the last four years we haven't had any oxygen even to take one single step without asking their permission or without scalding one of their security guards we have been. we have been our views and we have been disrespected where to the point. they want to force us to move a little dignity. you know what has been right to abuse. innocent people be are not respect the international law which is even a right to get war and struggle you. will. want to. research and find money.
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well but it. is not forgive me for interrupting you i just wanted to stop people stop you right there for a second because i want to bring in some other voices to this conversation people who are actually in this idea of who really is controlling the situation you're saying australia is control based on your experience against our will be smith pointing out that the australian government has been very clear for example when new zealand wanted to deal directly with papa new guinea to take some refugees from peter dutton again suggested this would jeopardize papa new guinea is relations with australia so you know that's maybe an indication that they are very much in control but i wanted to also put this towards you. on twitter saying the question isn't about what we had asked which is you know are there human rights violations happening but how is australia getting away with it for the last five years you know what are the un international human rights mechanisms to solve this are other governments saying to australia based on your experience there for now almost five years what would your answer be. to how are they getting away with this.
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well i don't think we're going to get away with it but we can see in the front picture that it's running a government be able to get away with it because no one will judge you as long as it's truly one of the american allies no one's going to judge. how many more than. ten different organizations humanitarian organizations on top of that organization is u.n.h.c.r. they have visited us for more than ten times and every single time they come to the island with children and we keep reporting every single incident that happening here modified we don't see any we don't see any movement from the international community and in fact like we know it's rather nice to be country but at the end of the day below house each and every country around the world not just only going. to
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war country like a week or immediately no one is above their little bodies let me take you back on two thousand one detain people on monday six in how to use. six in hockey is and i did it the day they get the compound song and the two people buck to strike. i don't want even raised it was there was went on the media but the international community the brain and all we've been hearing. a a and not sure security model right and these i see that i can see answer trying to get in there and true well i want to and i think it's very unfortunate as a starting government does become a problem like this because what you get is the other side of the coin so i'm going to play that role for my grave with that but because i want those authors to be you know rebuffed if necessary by natasha what they would say is the first release all of prism they staple on minus like is a and then the real afraid to walk around to find that grateful qur'an the right
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thing to modify the people can walk around freely obey your own and all and it's a by room i can't get to that point one second is i can leave as well in theory i can go back to the countries i came from i mean is that a practical thing for somebody who is playing persecution again that's just running government and they would cite that they all resettling refugees but still with the united states promised three hundred refugees have now been resettled in the u.s. and the number that full on the amount of is dwindling what it was cited is that we're making the wrong comparisons and we have to be comparing but symmetries on the what happens for refugees in australia and about twenty thousand refugees get resettled in australia every year through the united nations came a stright it says it's very generous that we shouldn't be comparing a minus in the room with them we should be comparing them with those didn't have the money or the means to get on boats and come to australia why should the queue jumpers assisted in government would call them be treated differently from
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a refugee stuck in a. temple or is it on for example and then tosser. so i said i want to politely interrupt you andrew and i want to ask you that question . because i think that this will paint the picture of something that he said earlier about the loss of dignity and the loss of humanity in the sentence over the last five years as the how many times do you think so that's provided some people in the detention camps the transit center is have referred to you by name and how many times do you think they referred to you by you a number. well in fact i'm glad that at least you know people called my name but. you don't do that or the government or the white on on on monitor all of these are the numbers not in name and not only but one hundred men and two
11:43 pm
hundred every pages. where there are numbers and on top of people i can see mind on the pub but they never called my dad i've heard of several even if it was you know why did they say look we could be the you why do you only have numbers you are not. well you know it's always easier to i mean do you and i was asian i want to bring up that argument but actually if i can with the time we have andrew i want to quickly go back to something you referred to in terms of referring to these things as prison camps or detention centers we have a sea floor a saying i have two responses to a question we have put on social media one i find your use of the word prison to be interesting it implies criminalization and pre-determined length of time to serve a sentence he questions australia's policy makers if they also view them as criminals within a prison system of course andrew appreciate you bringing the other side what do you think they would say how much does terminology factor in terms of you know keeping the australian public in support of this policy.
11:44 pm
about a year ago. and they got quite angry when i present but i suspect . countries. they also might be staged in their eyes. through the process. of asylum seekers who have claimed asylum. down. the questionable frankly going to happen. i mentioned earlier as well. hundred men women and children now. more. rain in refugee refugee numbers on those two places because of the country's.
11:45 pm
muslim travel ban. the question. right and i will add one more thing they would say and have said this being the prime minister malcolm turnbull june twenty second interview here in australia we have one of the most generous refugee and humanitarian programs in the world the reason we can do that is because we decide the australian government representing australian people who come to australia not people smugglers our thanks to our gas that's all the time we have thank you natasha bluecher thank you to answer thomas an absolute as he's out of the final word though to larry forbes who wrote to us on facebook saying for the past twenty two years successive australian governments have worked hard to groom their electorates to make them fear and hate asylum seekers their justification is supposedly that such cruelty will keep australia's border safe he doesn't think that's the way to go about it.
11:46 pm
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the world's primary cocaine producing nation peru is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry both in this business will go on forever it will not change almost global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but it's been for a few jomo still as long as it's not a normal life sure and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been
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passed all suspect i pressed to find a lot to make sure that the bad guys behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. al-jazeera where every. on. this is al-jazeera. and live from syria fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to bowl welcome to the news great exclusively for jews israel's parliament passes a controversial law that defines the country as the nation state of the jewish
11:49 pm
people its spot anger and condemnation not just from the palestinian citizens of israel but also liberal jewish israelis and american jewish groups will have extensive coverage exploring how this new law defines and divide. it's israel. on the great what could be a major victory for syria's bashar assad rebels agreed to surrender their weapons in the southern province of could metra while thousands of residents in to beseech towns in italy are evacuated after not a deal between opposition fighters and pro-government forces could this pave the way for a political solution to the conflict and whodunit british police have reportedly identified the suspected perpetrators of the nerve agent it's caught on a former russian spy and his daughter several russians are said to have been involved in the attempted murder of say gay and yes straight bond we'll have a live report and i was pakistanis prepared said bites in next week's election members of our community all boycotting it for being put on
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a separate votes on site if i don't want to hear your thoughts on this during the show specially if you're in pakistan live comment on facebook and sweetney out of sight afraid of. it with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you to facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com we begin with what is perhaps the most consequential chapter in the history of the state of israel and palestinian dispossession this entry so far one that has vast repercussions for nearly two million israeli palestinian citizens and may deepen divisions in the israeli society the parliament has passed a law which for the first time officially defines israel as an exclusively joyce state and the national home for the jewish people it says that only jews have the sole right to self-determination in spite of having a substantial arab muslim and christian population it strips arabic of its
11:51 pm
designation as an official language and gives it a special status instead this means hebrew is not the only official language the law says the development of jewish settlement is of national value and the state's will act to encourage and promote its establishment it also declares a complete and united jerusalem as the capital of israel stephanie deca begins our coverage with this report from jerusalem. i it's official israel is a state exclusively for jews that's the essence of the controversial nation state bill passed by the knesset on thursday after hours of heated debate the measure became law by a vote of sixty two to fifty five with two abstentions for years the language of the bill divided political opinion between the ruling parties and the opposition members of the knesset say the law legalizes discrimination whether they are also human this is a bill from a government that has an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's
11:52 pm
a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime it turns israel into a fascist state yes i think most controversial clause in the bill a provision calling for jewish only communities was replaced at the last minute the original legislation would have allowed the state to establish separate communities on the basis of religion and nationality the replacement provision says the state sees developing jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage advance and implement this interest. illegal settlements for jews are already being built in breach of international law and u.n. demands another controversy is the status of the arabic language the new law says hebrew will be israel's only official language demoting arabic from second. deputy attorney general says the law also allows the construction of synagogues and ritual balts but not mosques. the israeli president says the legislation could harm jewish
11:53 pm
people and israel's enemies could use it as a weapon protestors against the will march to tell of even saturday. nowell of infinity of israelis came today to protest against the nation state law which is a racist and fascist law that is trying to turn israel from a democracy into something else therefore we are here to block this drift towards dictatorship and fascism they are you know included i came today to say that the arab citizens of israel are not inferior to the nation state law will discriminate against them as the israeli government has been doing for many years arabic is an official language and they deserve equal rights. the government led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists that it's important to establish that israel is the historical homeland of the jewish people who have the sole right to national self-determination palestinians say they see the move as legitimizing apartheid turning what is already an act of policy of discrimination against them into stephanie decker al-jazeera. take a listen to the reaction from the p.l.o.
11:54 pm
to this new law in israel i don't know a system this law establishes a system of party that you can see the palestinian people and implements a policy of ethnic cleansing against them in order to expel the palestinians especially when this law provides that this land is for the jews and a knowledge of the historical facts about the existence of palestinians on the sly dog and sara hi roger social media producer has been monitoring the reaction online loss of reaction lots of comments on this story so far yeah i mean even the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he tweeted he's usually tweets a lot on line and this video of him addresses the knesset after the bill was passed some people many people did respond to him and so it's of course a lot of support from people like ezra roseann who thinks he's actually the best prime minister calls it a right just law but there has been online backlash too and this tweet here from karen hughes actually sums up how many people opposing it feel kevin hughes right
11:55 pm
save actually to legalize apartheid in the twenty first century now there's also like. believe democracy is now lost but what do people especially mark in east jerusalem think. well yourself. you know i think every nation needs its own nationality law while not hampering the nationalities that live in their vicinity but because we are the jewish people we have a nationality law that israel belongs to the israeli people even though there are minorities here who will still have rights like any minority has in the world. so i think it's a discriminatory problematic and non-democratic law and it really disappoints me as a citizen of the state of israel that laws are passed in a country that harm minorities and people who are citizens of israel. this is a racist law that only serves their policy we can't live in houses and if we build houses they demolish them if we reach the checkpoint the inspectors represent the
11:56 pm
jews but the arabs and the palestinians are repealed. so mixture of opinions there but what israeli palestinian stands to do significantly off to this bill is not just them because secular jews are those from the likes of the community also very concerned about this law the new israel foundation is one of us actually this one hey a group is there to protect and liberate democracy now they tweeted this is tribalism at its worst and they also went on to say that a danger it's a danger to israel's future legislation that identifies first and second class citizens has no place in a democracy but i also want to show you this person here because this is rabbi to be hired he's a conservative jewish rabbi who was detained by the israeli police just a few hours ago and he actually wrote it's on facebook and you're trying to let people know that he's been taken into custody for performing known orthodox weddings
11:57 pm
a criminal offense in israel but you see our position normally kids have denounced his arrest as a violation of religious feed freedom and one of the israeli journalists like man who wrote welcome to the first day of the jewish nation states he can see that this story is one of those. been picked up and people are associating it with this new bill we want to hear from me for out the show so the hash tag for that is a janie's when you can tweet me as well sorry thank you very much for that we're going to get more reaction now from al jazeera as mohammed john june who's in our western bureau for us mohammed loss of political reaction to this new law but what about ordinary citizens sale what do they make of this. you know fully people are disappointed hero we spoke with many members of the palestinian community in the past few hours people that have nothing to do with government and many of them told us that they're not surprised that this passed they knew that this was coming for years that they knew that the government of
11:58 pm
prime minister benjamin netanyahu was going to do all that it could to try to to try to get this through the knesset and that finally it happened so not surprised but very disappointed because they say they feel that this just marginalizes them further that they are already treated as second class citizens and this just really in trying to get you must remember that the basic law is part of what is essentially considered a constitution here so this is something that even if there was the political will to try to overturn it it's much more difficult than overturning a regular law so even if there were a shift in government even if there were a shift in sentiment it would be very difficult to try to learn back the clock on this legislation so that people have been speaking with today say look this really goes to show that it is an apartheid state we heard that word many times throughout the course of the afternoon they said that they were that this was segregation that this was at its purest form discrimination and they say that they've been dealing with this for so long that you're not surprised but again they do feel extremely
11:59 pm
disappointed this is just one more thing that pushes them further from the mainstream and that's been the overwhelming sentiment you know that we're hearing from viewers who are sending us lots of comments on this story mohammed one here from david on facebook live who says now it's been a de facto full he is though this noise fraught with controversy how much of it has practical impact i mean what is going to change on the ground. look there's two minds to that some of the people we spoke with in the last few hours said that really this doesn't have much of a practical impact that because palestinians have been marginalized further and further and further over the decades that this isn't something that's really going to impact them so much in their daily life right away there are others that say no this is going to impact and there is also a little bit of a debate here going on about who exactly is going to impact there are some members of the palestinian community that say that this is really going to impact more israeli palestinians meaning palestinians with israeli citizenship that they are
12:00 am
the ones that are going to stand to lose the most rights from this becoming a law and there are others that know this is going to impact all palestinians and some lawmakers we spoke with in the last few hours also said that look the only way that something like this is going to change because they're not counting on the international community to be able to do anything to ramp up pressure on the israeli government is that the only way that this is going to change is if there is some kind of a cohesive resistance peaceful resistance movement and they say that because so many palestinians are so disappointed in their leadership and because they have so little faith in their leadership and there's so much factionalism so much infighting in the palestinian leadership they don't expect that they can get the kind of movement that can really resist this in a time soon thank you for that mohammed jump june lifeforce in west jerusalem well let's tell a bit deeper into this now because a lot of gray areas with this new law it puts religion at the heart of the state rather than an equal rights for all which shows up several legal questions in one thousand nine hundred.


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