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tv   Irans Water Crisis  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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the european commission has warned tate's and businesses to prepare for the possibility of a no deal breck's it in case the u.k. government fails to negotiate an agreement now this warning came just before the u.k.'s new breaks administered dominic rob met e.u. negotiator michel barnier in brussels to discuss progress on the withdrawal agreement thirteen weeks left before the october of european comes from. during the star show. we have two things to do we must finalize the reason the rug removed. and we are not there yet there are documents. we must prepare for political declaration and now we're through true relationship i've come out today to discuss in the detail proposals that we've got in our white paper that you will see and i'm looking forward to with renewed energy vigor and the i'm looking at the detail of all of that says michelle has told us the clock is
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ticking and so i'm looking forward to intensifying heating up the negotiations and making sure we're in the best position to get the best deal british detectives are reported to have identify those responsible for poisoning a former russian spy and his daughter the press association says police have attained security camera video of suspects thought to be russian and planting a nerve agent sergei and you'll yes cripple were poisoned with a nerve agent novacek in seoul spree in march the russian government has denied involvement. and still ahead this news hour. business
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. china's premier league chant has called for cancer medication to be made cheaper and after the release of a low budget film it shines a spotlight on the issue dying to survive has been a huge box office hit and ran reports from beijing well this is a film that's really struck a chord here in china and this is one of the many cinemas in beijing that is now showing dying to survive some reviewers say that it's tested to become china's movie of the year it is based on the real life story of a chinese shopkeeper who imports drugs from india to sell at
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a profit to leukemia patients here in china who can't afford to buy those drugs in china at first he's in it for the money but gradually compassion creeps in as he realizes all the lives that could be saved so what impact has this film had on people who've seen it. i cried many times the feel me is very a list it is shows many problems about the medical care system in china. many ordinary people cannot afford expensive medicine i can feel their desperation this is a sensitive subject because cancer it's estimated claims the lives of some four million people a year in china it is the country's biggest killer and some medical experts attribute some of those cancers to the sort of pollution we have in beijing today pollution that also afflicts other towns and cities across china dying to survive has now caught the attention of china's premier league who has said more has to be done to
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improve treatment for cancer patients in china it is an acknowledgment that inequality exists in china's health care system the issue has now started a big debate online but for now the censors appear to be holding off. ok let's get the day's sport with tatiana. thank you very much american kevin tests now will take a one shot lead into day two all of the open championship after carding a five on the par round of think the thick. meanwhile there were an carding finds for tiger woods as he made his return to the tournament for the fact three of the fourteen time major winner got off to a flying thought batting tissue of the fast for home after reaching the turn in for three buddies on the back nine for him fine and for a level par out of seventy one. so looks like she's up and under par today would be good i got
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a great start number one and thirty four and i was right there and you know i had an eight iron to six and i looked like i could you know really do something here. i didn't quite turn out that way but you know part of this actually in a way of i was one of the lower rounds. to broader what the for chess is a bit of a still frame but you know we'll see tomorrow and shows off course we'll see if a touch just by being in the morning and the switches guys have to do national good and speed to the left with a lot to do to defend his title after a good good on the american dropped four shots over the final four holes and how to trip into the water on the eighteenth tenth is round one of the possible. because you know the last few holes it was just it was execution and one decision in the execution swing that it didn't quite hold up for me but that's ok it's it's what i'm working on and i did it i did a pretty good job for most of the day just wish i got one or two more breaks to come in the two or three hundred but it is what it is. twenty fourteen open
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champion rory mcilroy has also had a mixed day of fortunes the northern irishman who's looking for his first major for almost four years improved over the back nine to enter the club passed on to the pollock you know it wasn't it wasn't pretty also t. but i got it done and i took it back to just unfortunate. you know i would have taken sixty nine started a. level have confirmed they've signed roma and brazil goalkeeper allison on a long term contract the english premier league are believed to have paid eighty seven and a half million dollars for the twenty five year old that's a new world record for a keeper alison has made thirty seven appearance is for roma in two years he also played for brazil in the world cup in russia there and thomas made a two stage wins in two days at the tour de france on thursday to retain the yellow jersey the welshman took stage twelve to extend his late in the overall standings defending champion chris froome was fourth he's one minute and thirty nine seconds
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behind thomas in the overall cost of a cation. four time formula one world champion lewis hamilton will race from his eighties for at least another two years the britain has agreed a new contract with the team thought to be worth fifty two million dollars a year the sadie's of won four consecutive drivers and constructors championships with hamas and winning three of them the thirty three year old currently trails for obvious about the investment by eight points in the a title race heading into sunday's german grand prix. basketball chiefs have come down hard on both the philippines and australia for their involvement in a brawl during a world cup qualifying game earlier on this month the sport's governing body fever has suspended thirteen players and two coaches from both teams for a huge fight in manila the philippines had ten players and two officials banned from a total of thirty nine games and will have to play the next time game behind closed doors they've also been fined almost two hundred fifty thousand dollars for an
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unsportsmanlike behavior while basketball australia has also been fined one hundred thousand dollars. and a lympics medal winning a figure skater has died at the age of twenty five after being attacked with a knife in his native kazakhstan then has turned one bronze of the sort she gains in twenty fourteen and also competed at the olympics earlier this year police say a ten was stabbed in the thigh as he tried to stop two men from stealing his car mirrors he later died of his injuries in hospital. olympic champion gymnast alley raised and stole the show at this year's f.b.i. awards in los angeles but it's not for her acumen in the sport instead she and other victims delivered a scathing attack on those who protected a u.s. team doctor who abused them he does some reports on how ray's men and her fellow sisters survivors were on edge for their coverage. be on you
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a speedy awards recognize excellence in sports performance and this year's ceremony in los angeles had a female host for the first time racing driver danica patrick an appropriate choice given what was to come the authoress courage award is given to sports stars who are deemed to possess strength in the face of adversity courage in the face of peril and the willingness to stand up for their beliefs no matter what but cost this year's winners were the survivors of one of the biggest sexual abuse scandals in schools victims of a former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasser olympic gold medalist gymnast alleyways and sent a strong message to anyone who had protected message for so many years all we needed was one adult to have the integrity to stand between us and larry nasser just one i don't have to listen is believed
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and acted the people standing before you on this stage would have never met him first thirty years people at the united states olympic committee usa gymnastics and michigan state university all placed money and medals above the safety of a child's life. now serving a sentence of up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually abusing athletes and patients for decades. often abusers and enablers perpetuate suffering by making survivors feel that their truth doesn't matter to all the survivors out there don't let anyone rewrite your story here truth does matter you matter and you are not alone. the women who spoke out against nasa or can look to be cool so still survives on the nasa scandal as an aid to other sports around
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the world to examine the relationship between coaches and it's here to stay but i'll just leave. here's a look at the other winners on the night the houston astros were named best team of the year after winning baseball's world series sloane stephens took home the best women's tennis player off to victory at the u.s. open while roger federer won the men's award and the award for best female athlete went to the youngest woman to win and a lympics snowboarding meto play with them alexander ovechkin of the washington capitals won the award for best male athlete. and that is all the sport for now andi back to defeat in london thanks for that now they idea of a flying whale might sound like the stuff of fantasy but it became reality in the skies over france earlier this year air bus transport plane nicknamed the beluga x.l. for its distinctive shape or so on its maiden flight from toulouse its can carry fifty three tons of cargo over
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a distance of more than four thousand kilometers five belugas will eventually be built and used to transport plane parts. and that's it for this newest news hour but i'll be back in to have a lot more news. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is selling out china's complex put on the pieces of things which leaked out from those information. sending out of the church cardinal joseph zahn talks town jazeera.
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newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the love of chess. after years behind bars he has to be strategic to stay out of prison with his friend and chess master he's planning his next move to give back to society and share the cafe that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe if you find latin american jazz private lessons which is easy. when people think of cuba they think of revolution but havana is undergoing a new revolution in the lives of the last of the three of you were it's none of
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those we're here to discover if those changes are reflected on the plea because this is a queue of is the queue. do. you really only going. to believe me. when belgians are. president trump rejects flatly refused his proposal that russia be allowed to question u.s. citizens but invites him to washington later this year. alone welcome it's good to have you here with us i'm difficult pollen you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up.
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fury in the knesset as israel passes a law making itself an exclusively jewish nation. the sound of gunfire as russian troops drive through a village in armenia the prime minister tells al-jazeera it's a provocation. and french president emanuel backcross on under fire after one of his top aides is filmed to take a protester. the white house says president has asked his national security adviser to invite putin to washington this autumn this after he rejected putin's proposal that russia interrogate americans in exchange for access to twelve russians indicted by the u.s. at the joint press conference donald trump held with the russian leader off to their meeting in helsinki on monday he described it as an incredible offer but on thursday as the u.s. senate met to vote on the issue the white house gave its statement rejecting the
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russian proposal the senate went on to unanimously votes against russia being allowed to question u.s. officials. ok let's get more from she have a tansey in washington so put in the invited to washington has that going down at the white house well the white house tweeted the offer a short time ago that trumpet also has national security adviser john bolton to invite vladimir putin to the white house this or some of those negotiations are underway what was interesting though was as that tweet was released doldrums director of national intelligence was being interviewed by a journalist at a forum in aspen he had already just talked about how he still three days since the helsinki summit he still didn't know what donald trump and about him or putin had discussed what potential agreements may have been made and so on and then just as he finished saying that this news broke this the tweet was released that reputed
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invited to the white house in the autumn and this was the white house's director of national intelligence response say we have some breaking news the white house has announced on twitter that that america is coming to the white house in the fall. again i. use. that imprudent i mean i hear you. ok. that's going to be special i. somehow those tweets always elicit that kind of reaction let's talk about transfer jack should have put into proposal that was once incredible and now what's. and the rejected value of putin apparently offering donald trump the prospect of cooperation with the robot special investigator and special counsel's investigation into alleged russian meddling he
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said look we will allow american investigators to come to russia and interview the russians who've been indicted as a result of the special counsel's investigation if you will our russian investigators to come to the u.s. to interview several americans the russians were led to a part of a tax evasion scheme including a former u.s. ambassador to moscow welcomes the prospect least the proposal on monday was actively considering it with his advisors over the last few days but on thursday we got the announcement that he would not to be accepting that often not before huge uproar from various quarters in washington including that senate vote that you mentioned unanimous vote republicans and democrats saying that there's no way that that should happen that vote however did come just off to the white house finally rejected that possibility but quite carry on the part of a lot of uprooting because obviously he can now call him cry hypocrisy you can say look you want us to cooperate with your investigations but you're not cooperating
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with our investigations cheriton say in washington thank you. israel has passed a controversial law that defines the country as the nation state of the jewish people and makes her the only official language downgrading arabic and giving it special status critics say the law legalizes discrimination in marginalizing israeli palestinians who make up twenty percent of the population have a job jim has this report from west. moments after israel's parliament passed the controversial new law defining the country is the nation state of the jewish people . and other arab members of the knesset ripped up copies of it. hours after the bill became law and in this far more serene setting was no less enraged the state is saying to its citizens. citizens you are not equal
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and you are may be just and we are not we are the owner of the stand we have a right not in this land but only in this land we are the indigenous the legislation adopted by sixty two votes to fifty five makes hebrew the only official national language and defines the establishment of jewish communities as being in the national interest it also stipulates that israel is the historic homeland of the jewish people and adds that they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it the law is controversial among israelis many have joined in the protests against the legislation saying it legitimizes discrimination palestinian political analysts say the law gives license to segregation is that in his offending the will of this is going to be in terms of geography they're not going to use over into the jewish exclusive jewish take it or leave it but i know
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with aside what would happen on this land we will never recognize anybody before us we will never accept anybody after us many palestinians fear the new law will further marginalize their already marginalized population that that was the now you know so if we're talking about citizenship then you have to give all citizens the same rights regardless of their religion or political affiliations or their social or economic background if they give rights only to jews and palestinians will be considered second class citizens this would be really bad. her mum is an israeli palestinian who says she's dealt with discrimination her whole life and i guess the that's the fear and on sort of given that we who we are palestinians but there is racism between arabs and jews and it's obvious when jews see us wearing the he job they think we're going to hit them in the. palestinian rights groups say the new law also features elements of apartheid making it illegal under international law
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while condemnation from palestinian leaders has been constant since the law was first proposed many protestants we spoke with today say they also want to see and hear the international community speak out forcefully against this new legislation which they say will only make their lives more difficult. west jerusalem gaza's health ministry says one person has been killed after the israeli army fired on palestinians flying burning kites and billions of cross the border protestors have been sending kites carrying petrol bombs over the border fence for nearly four months now israel has threatened military action if it doesn't stop but as charles shackford reports from gaza palestinian political factions have called for further mass protests on friday. the skies over gaza have turned black with smoke from burning tires every friday for months now israeli army snipers and all the troops have killed around one hundred forty palestinians since the complete protest started in march thousands of others have been injured protests to say they'll
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continue to fly kites and balloons carrying petrol bombs and burning ranks across the border until israel lifts its twelve years siege of gaza israel says fires started by the protesters have destroyed the areas of farmland and crops this protester who insisted we hide his identity says life in gaza has become so one bearable he and his friends are determined to force change nothing will get them. our aim is to end the siege completely the situation in gaza is unbearable often no electricity no enough medicine and no good life employment there is no future for young people here for you simple materials like the brilliance to protest this is the palestinian. so what would it take for israel to begin to lift the siege on gaza and potentially and the protests some experts say the solution has a lot to do with ending rivalry between palestinian political factions israel began
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its land and sea blockade on gaza in two thousand and seven when hamas took control here now there are some analysts say that unless there is reconciliation between hamas and fatah and a unity government useful then israel c. and the violence between hamas and israel will continue. repeated egyptian efforts to broker a reconciliation deal between from os and fatah failed. the refusal by hand to hand control of gaza's internal security to the fact that dominated the palestinian authority is a main sticking point another involves paying the salaries of twenty thousand of us employees promises reportedly accepted the latest egyptian proposal and he's waiting for fatah to respond we need to talk about cease fire but it still requires simulation election within the society making political fundament that would go to for intelligent hamas to be
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a part of the legitimate palestinian political system this is how we fight with a finalist status. and is this. some israeli politicians have called for a full blown military offensive against hamas to stop the kites and balloons houses young palestinians have every right to protest against the blockade using what it calls peaceful means the committee representing all political factions in gaza has called on palestinians to protest again on friday the seventeenth week in a row. that al-jazeera gaza. syrian state television is reporting that ten buses have entered a village and connect province to begin ferrying rebel fighters to the north earlier the government planes carried out war air strikes in the province despite the opposition agreeing to evacuate the area has been the focus of an intense aerial bombardment over the past few days natura sensitive territory because of its
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proximity to the israeli occupied golan heights. hundreds of iraqis have stormed an employment center the southern city of basra and then attempt to register for work officials say they received more than sixty thousand applications for jobs since opening the center three days ago all of which city has seen more than a week of protests over poor basic services and high unemployment shia cleric with how there are other whose political block one of the may elections it's called on politicians to delay forming a new government until the demands of the protesters are met and uncut has more from baghdad. whose political bloc won big in the may twelfth elections has weighed in on the protestors debate here in iraq in a tweet he said the winning political parties in the election have to suspend all political dialogues for forming coalitions until they meet the protesters.


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