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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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indians to protest again on friday the seventeenth week in a row. that al-jazeera gaza. syrian state media is reporting that ten government buses have entered the southern province to transfer rebels to it lip it follows more government and strikes on opposition held territory in the area the syrian government has retaken large areas of could have a spot of a months long military offensive our correspondent. reports now from the occupied golan heights. as the syrian forces continue waging fierce attacks on the north and south of. an attempt to regain control of the areas that fell into the hands of the armed opposition four years ago there is an increasing number of displaced syrian people taking refuge in the areas near the occupied syrian border by the ceasefire line the one at the hub we're talking about thousands of displaced syrian people in the last few weeks where the well had been
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this is one of the camps near the town of a brick and beat a job in the north of can it tra. we're talking about tens of similar camps there spreading alongside the cease fire border in the occupied syrian golan particularly the un point there are terrible humanitarian conditions inside these camps. and thousands of syrians from two northwestern towns besieged by rebels have been moved to government controlled territory rebels smashed the windows of the buses that have been taking people from the shia dominated towns of four and cafe are being moved to aleppo province under a deal with the government hundreds of rebel prisoners will be released in return. we'll get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then we'll take a look at the challenges that lie ahead for mali is president as he seeks a new term in office. from the mountains of utah the u.s. green party sets its sights on changing attitudes and politics.
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hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across europe we've got pretty unsettled conditions all the way from both warsaw eastward so some severe storms likely some longish periods of rain temperatures are average not much better than not this central area down through much of germany and then through austria towards the balkans is looking good. plenty of sunshine high temperatures further towards the west with the high temperatures also a very severe storm risk for ticket cross parts of france western areas and then gerry's ahead into the weekend that risk further towards the east and extending across the alpine region to u.k. looking fine twenty six in london should be fine in madrid there temperatures in the low thirty's as you move into north africa we've got fine conditions here for
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the most part the mediterranean breeze keeping temperatures in cart a very pleasant thirty six degrees so pretty warming chuma so on friday thirty seven but we're late pick up a wind from the desert so the sort of the chance we could see temperatures get up as high as forty five degrees here during the course of the weekend move towards central parts of africa is looking pretty life in west africa a long way north senegal seeing some heavy showers even i think as you move up into mauritania a chance of seeing one or two big thunderstorms here. arts
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. again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president tom will trump has asked his administration to revive invite russian leader vladimir putin to washington later this year earlier trump rejected moscow's demand to question u.s. citizens in return for access to twelve russians i said on charges of electoral interference. critics are condemning israel's new nation state law saying it threatens the future peace with palestinians on thursday the knesset passed
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a bill defining israel as the homeland of the jewish people prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised this as a defining moment for zionist. syrian state media says that ten government buses vented the southern connecticut province to transfer rebels to the syrian government has retaken large areas of collateral as part of the months long military offensive. egypt's president is in sudan to try to smooth tensions over water security and disputed border regions relations have been strained between the two countries particularly over the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the nile river the turia gating the reports. this is president abdel fattah el-sisi fifth visit to sadat since he came to power four years ago analysts say it was hastily arranged his next trip to khartoum had been shed jeweled full oct hours before c.c.s. arrival the sudanese government banned international media from covering the two
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day visit it said it was mirroring action taken by the egyptian government during president omar al bashir his visit to cairo in monch the talks will focus on the controversial grand renee sounds dam project in ethiopia egypt fear is it will significantly reduce the amount of water flowing downstream in the river nile but the she has been a supporter of the project. we have to have complete coordination between ourselves in order to support any joint strategic projects or policies in any sphere political economic and cultural. there's also tension over a border territory known as the how to yap triangle the oil a mineral rich area is claimed by both sides and sedan wants egypt to hand over control its demanding united nations mediation. this visit god willing will be very useful we have wasted many years but now we need to move forward in a different way. egypt is one of four countries that have cut diplomatic ties with
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cattle both sides have been courting support from african states mr. approach might say that something. some see. difficulties being more sinister is being. planned for cattle because at the same time the emeritus foreign minister's visit ethiopia the soldiers were in kuwait yesterday for agreements with something is being cooked i think sudan has remained neutral during the g.c.c. diplomatic crisis analysts say visit may be part of a coordinated plan with other blockading nations victoria gate and be al jazeera there are fears of violence in mali ahead of a presidential election at the end of this month attacks by armed groups have become more frequent in recent years despite international efforts to drive out i saw an al-qaeda affiliates but security is not the only thing that voters are
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worried about zeros mohamad vall reports from bamako. presidential candidates looking for votes in bamako election campaigns launched a week ago are in full swing the current president. is appealing to his supporters for a second term as he's widely known was elected in a landslide majority five years ago on promises to restore peace defeat armed groups and improve the economy critics accuse him of failure to deliver on any of those promises as well as incompetence and lack of vision ereka has twenty three alive for his forty year lection led by this former prime minister so while a sissy is seen as the president's main rival having lost two previous presidential bids he's managed to rally a large support with promises to fix molly's problems and end poverty for voters there was no end to the list of the months for any leader but i think that. we will
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the next president to run the country efficiently and not think of obamacare only but also remote poor villages we need a solution to high prices and the shortage of food supplies in mali has great potential with rich natural resources on the niger river as well as being africa's third largest gold producer molly has large reserves of iron ore mine going east and you're a name despite its natural riches mollies ranked among the poorest countries in the world landlocked and drought stricken in its a vast northern regions mali and struggle with foreign that's government mismanagement political disunity and ethnic fighting mileage g.d.p. grew up around five percent last year not bad compared to many other developing countries but i mean even distribution of wealth especially of the african population and the internationally recognized poverty like many in mali don't care
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about statistics they simply want jobs and social services in a secure and stable environment around. my lands are suffering because of low income and high cost of living we pray to god to give us a good leadership that would make the country better but the leaders in general don't keep their promises and they only think of their past no interest some have dubbed it the election of all the challenges and all the high stakes others doubted the election could be organized in time because of the rising number of attacks by armed groups no matter who wins this presidential race everyone here is worried about the future of mali and few deny the need for change one hundred five and dizzier by mccall of course in south korea sentence the former president park geun hay to an additional eighty years in prison it relates to the embezzlement of almost three million dollars of state funds that interfering in the selection of candidates for the twenty sixteen parliamentary election time is to be served in
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addition to a twenty four year old twenty four year term sorry handed down in april for other corruption charges the south korean government has been ordered to pay two hundred million dollars in compensation to the families of people killed in the twenty fourteen seawall ferry disaster more than three hundred people died many of them schoolchildren when the ship capsized but a court ruling hasn't been welcomed by everyone as florence louis reports from seoul. the say well disaster caused months of mourning the ferry was on a routine voyage off the southwest coast of south korea when it capsized four years ago three hundred four people mostly students on a school trip were killed grief turned to anger when investigators found the vessel was structurally unsound overloaded and capsized because it was speeding as it changed course for the first time a court in seoul acknowledged the government's liability and ordered the state and
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the ferry operator to pay around two hundred ten thousand dollars to each family relatives say the judge's ruling doesn't go far enough. we are not pleased that the court has acknowledged liability we take it as a matter of course we wanted the court to explicitly state what this country had done wrong and to what extent the company should be responsible for their actions not whether or not they were guilty the civil lawsuit was brought by the relatives of one hundred eighteen victims they had rejected the government's earlier author of compensation because they wanted a legal ruling on the government's liability. lawsuits advice on evidence and we had difficulty providing liability with information we could gather such a simple media reports so we needed further objective evidence from the relevant institutions such as a special investigation committee the say was sinking caused whitebread outrage not just over poor safety standards but also to the president at the time parked in hay
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for his slow response that provoked the largest ever protests in south korea which eventually led to him pietschmann last year lawrence louis al-jazeera. at least eleven people died when a tourist boat capsized and sank in the u.s. state of missouri thirty one people were on board when the amphibious vehicle overturned during a storm on table rock lake divers are searching for the other passengers seven people were taken to hospital the green party in the u.s. is hoping to capitalize from the current political impasse at november's midterm elections the party believes that it can take advantage of anger at the trumpet ministration and frustration with the democratic party around two hundred candidates and their supporters are holding their annual meeting in the state of utah of zero as kristen salumi reports in salt lake city utah against a backdrop of beautiful local scenery and national political turmoil the green
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party is holding its annual national meeting. these left leaning green candidates are hoping to capitalize on american voters frustration with an increasingly polarized two party system and make a mark in the upcoming midterm elections i'm here to represent a better way forward i'm here to represent. policies built on empathy built on the idea of the things that we do to our impact all of us green site studies that show sixty percent of americans want a third party option whether it's protecting the environment social justice or immigration the greens insist that they not democrats are the truly progressive party and unlike democrats and republicans they are free from the influence of corporate money. to. just sign ran for president on the green party ticket in two thousand and sixteen she got less than one percent of the vote nationwide but some democrats blame her for hillary clinton's loss cues stein of siphoning democratic
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votes in states like michigan and wisconsin that clinton narrowly lost to donald trump many believe greens would have more impact if they worked with democrats to unite under the banner of the democratic party to essentially fight for the soul of the democratic party i think is a smart strategy for people on the left who need a place not only where they can feel at home but where they can more importantly where they can have an effect on our country right now. shereen bhan e agrees she shares a lot of the greens frustrations. but decided to run for congress as a democrat i think third party politics has risen to give people that sort of sense that they could have a voice unfortunately as the system works we're going to have more success if we can get in line behind one of these two major parties and really start talking about the issues that matter to everyday people but the green say democrats aren't doing enough the democrats have traditionally not been able to stand up they've
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offered no solutions and in fact being also corporate backed they will always choose their corporate donors and the elite over what the people in the planet meet it may be small in numbers but greens are fired up. setting their sights on the midterm elections hoping to change not only the direction of the. and policy but the election system itself kristen salumi al-jazeera salt lake city utah. satanical criminals catholic bishops and the u.s. three targets blamed by nicaragua's president for the wave of unrest that swept his country that he looked dressed crowds on the thirty ninth out of a serie of the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution against dictator somoza the brought him to power ortega called on protesters to end what he described as their attempts to destabilize the correct well maybe three hundred people have been killed in antigovernment protests over the past three months to zero as sanchez has
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been speaking to or take as supporters at the rally. now let. me. let me live. next. to him now the a. it's been a painful battle because we have confronted an obgyn spirity financed by internal forces that we know and external forces that we have identified as well. they are not. here in the morning. they were. present. in the area certainly not. caring.
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if i'm happy after three months of have spent by the eve of some as of this nation i celebrate the years of revolution that often is give us. any moment here you have protests there's. more of my little. monster tearing up. given back the right to retire to children we've given education to all the family to all nicaraguan. crisis as the mighty family. has turned into a dictator himself other people the support of. a lot. to thank him and that he said two thousand and twenty one.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian fit here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has asked his administration to invite russian leader vladimir putin to washington later this year it follows criticism of his summit in helsinki with putin early this week. rejected moscow's to man to question u.s. citizens in return for access to twelve russians indicted on charges of electoral interference. critics are condemning israel's new nation state law saying it threatens the future peace with palestinians on thursday the knesset passed a bill to fighting israel as the homeland of the jewish people prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised it as a defining moment for zionism. hungary's prime minister viktor orban has visited jerusalem's western wall during his first official trip to israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu called him a true friend of israel despite allegations of anti semitism jewish groups criticized obama last year when he praised hungary's world war two leader who had
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collaborated with the nazis. at the summit ism is been the scourge of the jewish people for thousands of years. it claimed horrible. tragedies committed in the greatest tragedy of them all the holocaust in the twentieth century it must be fought continuously relentlessly unambiguous slipped. into laws on the response word the statement in the u.n.h.c.r. condemning on to some it is in march you are not doing to the renovated synagogue is bucca you said it was quote a moral duty to the jews live without fear and practice religion freely at least eleven people died when a tourist boat capsized and sank in the us state of missouri thirty one people were on board when the amphibious vehicle of a during a storm on table rock lake divers are searching for the remaining passengers seven
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people were taken to hospital. and that is the headlines will have more news here here on al-jazeera after today's inside story next. they are in sick when he's worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living god's one to one east investigates the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen i don't. doubt his era. israel legalizing apartheid and peace pass and your logic there in israel as a nation state of the jewish people israeli policy is denounced by the prime minister polls and historic moment as dangerous and racist what does the future hold for them and what will be the regional reaction this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program hashem the controversial jewish nation state bill has been in the making for years facing strong opposition all the way despite excluding twenty percent of the population that's almost turned million israeli palestinians and other minorities the bill was now really passed into law the new basic law defines israel as the nation state of the jewish people given them the soul wired to self determination the law promotes and encourages jewish settlement as a national interest despite settlements in the occupied palestinian territories being illegal under international law and arabic is downgraded from being an official language hero is now the only one the law also reiterate jerusalem whole and united as israel's capital stefana deca has more from west jerusalem i its
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official israel is a state exclusively for jews that's the essence of the controversial nation state bill passed by the knesset on thursday after hours of heated debate the measure became rule by though to sixty to fifty families with tips tensions for years the language of the bill divided political opinion between the ruling parties and the opposition are members of the knesset say the new legalizes discrimination. this is a bill from a government that has an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime it turns israel into a fascist state. most controversial clause in the bill a provision calling for jewish only communities was replaced at the last minute the original legislation would have allowed the state to establish separate communities on the basis of religion and nationality the replacement provision says the state sees developing jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage advance and implement this
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interest. illegal settlements for jews are already being built in breach of international law and u.n. demands another controversy is the status of the arabic language the new law says hebrew will be israel's only official language demoting arabic from second. deputy attorney general says the law also allows the construction of synagogues and ritual baths but not mosques. the israeli president says the legislation could harm jewish people and israel's enemies could use it as a weapon protesters against the all march to tell of even saturday. nowell of invading the housings of israelis came today to protest against the nation state law which is a racist and fascist law that is trying to turn israel from a democracy into something else therefore we are here to block this drift towards dictatorship and fascism could i came today to say that the arab citizens of israel are not inferior to the nation state law will discriminate against them as the
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israeli government has been doing for many years arabic is an official language and they deserve equal rights. the government led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists that it's important to establish that israel is the historical homeland of the jewish people who have the sole right to national self-determination palestinians say they see the move as legitimizing apartheid turning what is already an act of policy of discrimination against them into stephanie decker al-jazeera. let's bring in our gas from tel aviv by sky emmanuelle number one lecturer in international relations of the television diversity from gaza is a. professor of political science at all as i university and from was to asylum is jim hoffman chief political correspondent of the jerusalem post thank you all for
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joining us eman well the more defines the country as an exclusive feed jewish state netanyahu says this is a defining moment the policy and say this is apartheid regime and racism how do you respond to this first of all the world or not but it is as an exclusive no jewish the sunni second wave. below. translates into a wall the fact that israel is the nations of the jewish people five percent of the world's countries or nation states including twenty seven out of twenty eight member of the european union and what the lower debt is simply translates into neagle sure because unfortunately israel still does not have a written constitution it only their basic was it has basic laws on the separation of powers it has basic laws on the protection of rights of individuals of
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minorities but it doesn't have a basic low only a get the country which most european countries do have so israel just completed its complete yes but you talk in concert just. imagine where with all due respect you're talking about totoo totally different contexts here and now they have been referring to the european union by the ear something the palestinian israeli conflict is something which is quite different. you've heard what it meant when no one has been saying basically which is this is not discrimination this is a legitimate is rarely right to do so. well let me start by saying we the palestinians do not really have a problem whatever it is where it would like to call itself without they want to call it the nation state of the jewish people or whatever they want to but as long that infringes on the original rights of the palestinian people who are the or original inhabitants of this land that's why the palestinians are calling this
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a bill as a racial and of racist legalisation by the state of israel and i could say this for a number of reasons first of all this new bill does not recognize the right of the art of palestinians in the state of israel which constitute about twenty percent of the population of israel second. this building fairly to the other palestinians as none jews it even does not even recognize them as as a minority in the state of israel it it refers to them as non jews and third this bill speaks about the right of any jew i mean where in the word to how divide to come back to the state of israel live in the state of israel and without giving the right of the palestinian refugees even to come back to their own land a number of other violations will talk in my sky i can go. with them back to those things later. ok jill i mean you've seen the concerns voiced by the policy is
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basically they saying that the new basic law does not mention the right of equality to the policy as their language has been downgraded and they're facing more uncertainty about their future. well first of all the there are eighteen arabs in the israeli parliament right now and there are probably going to be just as many in the next parliament this bill doesn't change that. their language has not been downgraded it hasn't affected the language at all in fact i have the bill in front of me right now and it says that the arab language is going to be protected and regarding equality that already was. i'm sorry and didn't have to be in this fell it is saying that their language is going to be protected by the further into their language as a special status languages instead of an official language that is a double speak here right in israel will continue
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to have. as the official language of israel as it's been for seventy years and now arabic received this. special status officially none of this was codify before basically israel had twelve basic laws before the talked about israel's democratic state this is the first basic law that will explain what it means to be a jewish state and there can be a jewish state there if there are fifty seven muslim states twenty two arab states there's nothing wrong with there being one jewish state now or trying to figure out what it is. usually basic laws and constitutions of the four inclusiveness not for segregation and this is i think one of the ideas that people are here talking about is that this basic law does not show any clear indication that is there to reach out to the minorities in israel. and you've got
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to understand you spoke about the basic issue of the we know that the we know that israel does not have a constitution it is having a basic law which ultimately will become in shrine as a constitution in the new future. but that's what i'm trying to explain to you we have a series of basic while this one is one of we also have a basic law that is called human dignity and freedom that talks about the rights of minorities we had well already we have different basic law but until today we never had a basic law that spoke about the identity of the state as which is always always part of our constitution you know hoffman just mentioned a labor truck sample the french constitution in its second article says the french is the official language of the republic and article twenty seven of twenty five sorry of the french don't recognize local dialects ask all of the french national
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heritage but they're not official languages but this so this law has a specific or post but it is added to all the basic clothes some of which are total and protect the rights of minorities including the arab minority of israel was named which is recognized and protected who are equal citizens who sit in the problem and supreme court. why do you think the law will come into effect now what does this and yahoo gain from this of this particular moment. well i think this is first of all a very good question i believe that netanyahu is trying to make use of the. of the existence of a u.s. administration led by a president don't ultron who is very much in support of israel and ignoring the right of the palestinian people and i believe also is fine is where it is also
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trying to make use of the. collapse of the so-called out of beijing system as a result of the internet and chaos in a number of out of countries like syria. yemen iraq libya so forth and it also is where it is also trying to make use of the and didn't divide among the palestinian people and at the fairly out of the palestinian being factions fatah and hamas to put an end to their internal divide and come up with. an initiative that will unify the palestinian people i believe that netanyahu is also trying to avoid the internal the internal the internal problems that we all know that netanyahu and the right wing coalition in israel are. accused of corruption charges especially against the prime minister netanyahu and his wife and i think netanyahu is trying to escape those corruption charges by portraying
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himself as a new king of israel by trying to pass this low which is as we spoke earlier does not even mention anything about the palestinian or the palestinian right of statehood let me just add one thing that i should have mentioned in the beginning that as i mentioned the palestinians do not really care what what israel is trying to do court itself but this should come as a final settlement between the palestinians and israelis ok so let's long as as israel does not look ignores the right of the palestinian people to save the to diminish and statehood the palestinian will own was old gypped to calling israel itself as the nation state of the jewish people. still words trump a fact a key factor here in the implementation all new law given the fact that he has moved the embassy embassy to jerusalem and number two has been saying that he's there for the ultimate deal between these rallies and the policy is that could happen anytime soon there was
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a report to that effect on israel radio yesterday that the reason why mitt decided to move this ball forward is exactly as the professor from gaza says because of donald trump that there were attempts to move very similar bill forward during the obama administration and obama blocked it from happening it threatened israel if it moved that bill forward i personally checked with several ministers and politicians that are close to it to meow last night when they were sitting there voting it had nothing better to do and then answer text messages from reporters at one o'clock in the morning and none of them could confirm it so i actually don't know if it's true even after checking with with six or seven people very close to the prime minister it it's also internal israeli politics at everything is global and it's in the out has a reputation among some israelis as not being someone who gets things done this is something you can point to and show these not all talk emmanuelle. basic laws or
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constitution is usually an expression of a consensus within a nation you have the left the white the center coming together and crafting the shape of the fusion of a country in a constitution in israel is a different case we have a right wing governing coalition that pushes for lol but what about the other voices within israel. well let me explain to you that in a democracy. already that first of all it's really israel it's everywhere else and there was a majority in the knesset. or was how democracy is working out in the jordan valley many. if it's a regular lawyer can be overrun by the old in many countries which is often the case in israel but like in every country in the world those are passed by a majority and if it were to happen i think the same what would be next for the palestinians well first of all let me just respond to what mr to what eman when
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just mentioned that israel is a democracy and usually in democracies our nose and bills are passed by the majority but it made in mind to him that when the imagine it is in contradiction with international law and it's in contradiction with the universe of the clinician of a human rights and that doesn't mean that a majority can pass laws which are and discrimination of the minority of it of its own people now what the will going back to question what what's next for the palestinians are odd little i put it to you this way the palestinian people for the past seventy years have been under israeli occupation have been under is way to persecution and the continuation of palestinian struggle again is this is way to keep ition and this is where the siege against the gaza strip will continue the palestinian people have no other choice but to continue their struggle to continue their fight against israel until it is very put an end to its occupation put an end
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to its admission against the palestinian people and allow the palestinians to live in peace and dignity as. much as the other missions of of the international community. to what is going to leave these rarely palestinian conflict now after this new law. this law of all effect is really past and conflict at all whatsoever what's going to affect the israeli palestinian conflict is that very soon donald trump's administration is going to reveal a peace plan and israel has already said it would come to the table and talk about it if that house and leadership will decide to come to the table talk about it can help the palestinian people i hope they decide to come and not sit and wait for there to be a different government in america. where you've been talking about. israel as a genuine democracy what we're buffel baffles me here is two things first of all when the law talks about jurors of them as a whole and united cup it's
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a law of. israel you know that this is this is something that israelis cannot decide this is up there for negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians two you seem to forget that these are conflicts which has been going on for quite some time between these rallies and the policy is and sometimes you won't be able to set into still rules and till you tackle some of those issues with the people with whom you have some problems or are i mean if you. as your guest from gaza said there were warnings. well let me start by saying that this new basic law in israel has created a lot of not just discussion a lot of division even within the state of israel let me just remind your of participants that this new law was just passed with only sixty two seats in the israeli knesset which is made of one hundred twenty seats which is
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a very slim majority is speaking of democracy and majority of the one and second did that this in you know is our basic law is definitely in contradiction with international law it's in contradiction with the also the peace agreement and let me just remind our you will get a standard of yours that. the close with regard to the jerusalem as determined and undivided capital of the state of israel is in contradiction with the partition plan of one thousand nine hundred forty seven which basically are classified jerusalem under international species and also it is in contradiction with many united nations security council resolutions ok starting from resolution two forty two in one thousand sixty seven and ending with the resolution two three three four which was passed in december of two thousand and sixteen all of this u.n. security council resolutions classified joe's and him as an occupied territory and
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then of israel has no right to declare that all of joe was in him is the eternal and undivided capital of israel jill don't you think that by pushing for a new law the israeli government puts president mahmoud abbas in such an uncomfortable situation where he might not be willing to move forward in any political talks in the near future. abbas is under pressure from saudi arabia egypt and jordan and the united arab emirates to be coming to the negotiating table they had all those countries have been working closely with shared questioner on the plan and telling them you're not going to get what you received from a olmert ten years ago when he was the prime minister of israel and offered abbas one hundred percent of the west bank with land swaps and that's not going to happen anymore and it really would serve abbas to come to the table he ten years from now whatever palestinian leader they'll be won't get what he would get right now and
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he's not well it could very well be that they'll be chaos after he dies he's eighty three and it's been chain smoking for sixty five years i hope for the good of the palestinian people that he will come to the table and talk to israel emmanuelle do you think the chances for a peace deal between the israelis and the policy is of the it has nothing to do or is there israel's internal domestic legislation the question of all the question because this is a separate question we're talking about israeli legislation the conflict between your ovaries and go into going on for over a century there are many reasons for it in many failed attempts but that's a completely different question oh these are non-issues that's that's that's the way you lead into things which i do respect but these are not totally separate things you know that they're not contentious. but ticket is the issue of the. jerusalem the right of the return for the palestinian refugees and this is not
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something that one can decide on his own this is this explains why we're asking these questions israel is a sovereign territory and a shopper intentionally has a right to legislation this legislation contrary to what has been said during his program is perfectly ok it's perfectly. suitable tension national i does not contradict international law at all to define yourself as a nation state otherwise twenty seven members of the union already legal. this is ridiculous israel has the right to define ok as a nation this perfectly compatible with international law and has nothing to do with the palestinian israeli policy conflict or case you appoint him any less than thirty seconds who can from the palestinians in the near future come to the negotiating table negotiate a settlement knowing that us a limb want to be part is to resume in particular want to be part of the of the palestinian state well let me say that the palestinians over the past are quarter
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of a century have made our big concessions with regard to making peace with israel with me just remind you of august on the viewers that the per the piano are accepted the to secede illusion in the p. and c. of the p.l.o. in nineteen eighty eight and one of the oslo agreement was signed in nineteen ninety three between the p.l.o. one israel are the mitt president of the palestinian the us on a thought he could not as the right of israel to thank live in peace and security and its is one who is not willing to make the good the enough concessions. to move forward toward the front to tease out the month with the promise we're running out of time hi melissa damon when the bone chill hoffman thank you very much indeed for your time for your contribution to the program looking forward to talking to you in the near future.
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4:46 pm
where were you when this idea popped into it whether on line it's undoubtedly chief cold all over again inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like for you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers first say join the colobus conversation on out his era the world's primary curtained producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs i'm talking about serious organized crime as
4:47 pm
a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry both of whom of this business will go on for ever if i'm a change all of the global policies of the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. are fluent in world news bit of a strange day to start. we just heard today to city of aleppo has fallen.
4:48 pm
or should we say liberated. one two or four astonishing stories tode and their own wides how did you know who to trust and who not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera. well the next summit in washington trump invites putin to the us despite the fallout from that meeting in helsinki earlier this week. hello i'm adrian for the good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more
4:49 pm
divided than ever we visit jerusalem's old city to see how palestinians will be affected by israel's new jewish state will be a young one sort of given and yet we have palestinians but there is racism between arabs and jews and it's obvious when jews see us wearing the he job they think we're going to hit them. all protests expected in gaza palestinians demand an end to the siege of the territory. and no comment from the french president tricky eighty's film of beating up a protest. the u.s. president's donald trump has asked his administration to invite russian leader vladimir putin to washington later this year it follows criticism of his summit in helsinki with personality of this week however trump has backed away from putin's offer of a joint investigation into alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen election his all
4:50 pm
white house correspondent kimberly hell could. after days of doubt about his allegiance to his own country u.s. president donald trump delivered some of his toughest talk yet and a threat to russia's president vladimir putin about their relationship will be the worst enemies ever had the worst he's ever had but for days trump has signaled a willingness to work with food despite overwhelming evidence of russia's interference in u.s. affairs their return to capitol hill the controversy continues oh yes. sir you're right. democrats pressuring their republican colleagues. they want more money to protect u.s. elections for future russian meddling republicans voted it down democrats also want the translator president monday's closed door trump meeting to testify on capitol hill and there are new concerns about putin's request to question americans are
4:51 pm
with me in finland putin said the kremlin should be able to interrogate one of his most vocal critics u.s. born businessman bill browder in exchange for the u.s. questioning twelve russian hackers indicted for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election the russians also want to question former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul it wasn't until thursday four days after putin raised the proposal with trump the president weighed in through his press secretary who stated president trump disagrees with it the resolutions agreed to on thursday the u.s. senate passed a unanimous resolution to protect any diplomat from extradition meantime further proof trump is acting unilaterally his top intelligence chief caught by surprise by a white house invitation lattimer putin is coming to the white house in the fall.
4:52 pm
you know. via an imprudent comes i hear you yeah. ok. the colts reaction is further proof the white house is still reeling from donald trump's public relations disaster in finland and is working to repair the damage caused by trump at the helsinki summit can really help at al-jazeera the white house karen greenberg is the director of the center on national security at the fordham university school of law she says the trumpet ministrations credibility is in question. it's very significant that there doesn't seem to be an out of an injury agency conversation going on in this white house normally when you're talking about the national security council or national security there are a number of agencies that are violent opposition what we've learned here is a child and donald trump and maybe one or two advisers and that's it and in that
4:53 pm
particular meeting there was really no one except that the two translators well it's also about transparency there's a lot of distrust of this white house and this president who seems to be privileging the desires and aides of a lot of it over into the get in the seat of his own constituency and the five hundred eight as with his hesitation about whether or not he turned consider turning over in a basket or mike mccaul to the russians so there's a worry about what he's saying and there's enough allegations of you know betraying some tried and true. diplomacy and a state grat that is more condemnation of israel's new nation state law with critics saying that it threatens future peace with palestinians on thursday the knesset passed a bill defining israel as the homeland of the jewish people prime minister benjamin
4:54 pm
netanyahu praised it as a defining moment for zionism but opponents fear that it will further marginalize israel's minorities have a jump jhoom reports now from western recent. moments after israel's parliament passed the controversial new law defining the country as the nation state of the jewish people. and other arab members of the knesset ripped up copies of it hours after the bill became law and in this far more serene setting was no less enraged this that is saying it fixes it. arab citizens you are not equal and you are maybe just and we are not we are the owner of this then we have a right not in this land but only. we are the indigenous the legislation adopted by sixty two votes to fifty five makes hebrew the only official national language and defines the establishment of jewish communities as being in
4:55 pm
the national interest it also stipulates that israel is the historic homeland of the jewish people and adds that they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it the law is controversial among israelis many have joined in the protests against the legislation saying it legitimizes discrimination palestinian political analysts say the law gives license to segregation is that a is attending the will of this is going to be in terms of geography and they're not going to use over into the jewish exclusive jewish take it or leave it but you know with aside what would happen on this land we will never ever recognize anybody before us we will never accept anybody after us many palestinians fear the new law will further marginalize their already marginalized population that that that want to now when i think so if we are talking about citizenship then you have to give all citizens the same rights regardless of their religion or political affiliations
4:56 pm
or their social or economic background if they give rights only to jews then palestinians will be considered second class citizens this will be really bad. to mum is an israeli palestinian who says she's dealt with discrimination her whole life and i guess the best the fia and un sort of given at least we have palestinians but there is racism between arabs and jews and it's obvious when jews see us wearing the he job they think we're going to hit them palestinian rights groups say the new law also features elements of apartheid making it illegal under international law while condemnation from palestinian leaders has been constant since the law was first proposed many palestinians we spoke with today said they also want to see and hear the international community speak out forcefully against this new legislation which they say will only make their lives more difficult how much improvement does either west jerusalem and israeli airstrike has killed a palestinian man in gaza suspected of flying burning kites across the border fence twenty two year old abdul karim round one was
4:57 pm
a member of hamas mortars were fired into southern israel immediately after the strike the israeli army has reportedly been ordered to prepare for a military offensive in gaza if burning balloons and kites continue to be launched from the area. hamas and other palestinian political factions are calling for more protests on friday along gaza's border with israel strafford reports. the skies over gaza have turned black with smoke from burning tires every friday for months now israeli army snipers and all the troops have killed around one hundred forty palestinians since the weekly protest started in march thousands of others have been injured protests to say they'll continue to fly a kite symbol loons carrying petrol bombs and burning ranks across the border until israel lifts its twelve years siege of gaza israel says fires started by the protesters have destroyed flown to areas of farmland and crops this protester who
4:58 pm
insisted we hide his identity says life in gaza has become so unbearable he and his friends are determined to force change. our aim is to end the siege completely the situation in gaza is unbearable often no electricity no enough medicine and no good life employment there's no future for young people here for you simple materials like the brilliance to protest this is the palestinian way. so what would it take for israel to begin to lift the siege on gaza and potentially and the protests some experts say the solution has a lot to do with ending rivalry between palestinian political factions israel began its land and sea blockade on gaza in two thousand and seven when hamas took control now there are some analysts say that unless there is reconciliation between hamas and fatah and a unity government useful then israel c. and the violence between hamas and israel will continue. repeated egyptian efforts
4:59 pm
to broker a reconciliation deal between hamas and fatah have failed. the refusal by hand to hand control of gaza's internal security to the facts dominated palestinian authority is a main sticking point another involves paying the salaries of twenty thousand of us employees hamas has reportedly accepted the latest to gyptian proposal and he's waiting for fatah to respond we need to talk about cease fire but it's to nicholas emission election within the ballista society making political fundament that what it's going to form intelligent how mass to be a part of the legitimate palestinian political system this is how we fight with a finalist status settlement and isn't this. some israeli politicians have called for a full blown military offensive against hamas to stop the kites and balloons houses
5:00 pm
young palestinians have every right to protest against the blockade using what it calls peaceful means a committee representing all political factions in gaza has called on palestinians to protest again on friday the seventeenth week in a row. that al-jazeera gaza syrian state media is reporting that ten government buses events at the southern connector a province to transfer rebels to it follows more government airstrikes on opposition held territory in the area the syrian government has retaken large areas of can i trust a spasm of a months long military offensive correspondent reports from the occupied golan heights. as the syrian forces continue waging fierce attacks on north and south of kony an attempt to regain control of the areas that fell into the hands of the armed opposition four years ago.


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