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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 23, 2018 10:00am-10:17am +03

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well again this is al-jazeera our top stories this hour to cover stormed the building of the kurdish regional government an appeal in northern iraq one security officer has been wounded the deputy governor said security forces have entered the building and are looking for the attackers u.s. president donald trump has warned his iranian counterpart in a tweet to never ever threaten the united states or you will suffer the consequences like never before that's in response to a speech on sunday in which her son rouhani said that war with iran is the mother of all wars but hundreds of thousands of chinese babies as young as three months
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old may have been given substandard vaccines premier league to china has called for an investigation and says that anyone who's connected will be severely punished. the united nation's highest court is ready to rule on a dispute that split gulf neighbors cuse is the u.a.e. are violating international law by expelling thousands of cancerous since the start of the g.c.c. crisis rationale battle reports. qatar is stepping up its legal battle against the u.a.e. accusing it of human rights violations the two members of the gulf cooperation council the regional body created to boost corporation and referees bats among its members has been quick polled by a diplomatic dispute so is turning instead to the international court of justice. last june u.a.e.
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saudi arabia behind. and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and blockade qatar alleges that its citizens were either illegally expelled or denied access to the u.a.e. where they have families own property i think it's highly likely that these which court justice will accept are stiction and so what qatar is seeking at this stage is is more of a cease and desist order so to prevent any further violations and to remedy compensate those that have suffered. the blockading countries accuse qatar of funding extremism accusations strongly dismissed by doha the u.s. fears a prolonged crisis would undermine its push to contain iran's growing influence and defeat eisel i think it continues to be fractured and and
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dangerous i mean the amount of weaponry that's been poured into the region. basis the language is escalating particularly given john bolton's push against iran e. this legal action is made possible because of the four blockade in countries u.a.e. is the only one to have signed up to the nineteen sixty five international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination mike and lawyers representing the u.a.e. challenge the case and ask the court to dismiss it. says it remains determined to pursue all legal means to and the blockade. the course case was by qatar against the u.a.e. is another sign of the ongoing tension triggered by the g.c.c. kweisi it's been fourteen months since the brocade was imposed and people feel more
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instability and uncertainty if differences cannot be set aside to and the worst political crisis the reason has ever seen us about al-jazeera doha a new life far away from war beckons for members of the syrian rescue group the white helmets and their families they arrived in jordan on sunday after being smuggled out in an international mission israel's military helped transport four hundred twenty two people across the occupied golan heights after a request from the un and several western leaders to serious stuff the deca reports . under the cover of darkness hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan it was a top secret multinational effort helped along by the un their acts it was facilitated by israel requests from the u.s. canada and others its army issued a statement saying it was an exceptional humanitarian gesture canada the u.k.
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and germany have agreed to resettle them the white helmets were founded in two thousand and fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the group has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries there was a fear what would happen to them once their area fell under government control but such a deal doesn't apply to the tens of thousands of civilians who fled the fighting and who remain behind closed borders their areas under opposition control for years now back in the hands of the syrian government and one of the latest deals rebels in syria's southwest region of connecticut are we should deal with the government on friday buses have been leaving from can answer to northern syria where two are seeing actually in my opinion is bought off the engine mounts with have been agreed between. them to mush out dollars in order to clear. the area for any presence that's is not that might not be happy with the syrian government has now
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taken back most of this southwestern part of the country. the only area left under opposition control is the area behind me and it's controlled by a group affiliated with ice so there is no deal in the offering for them now we've been seeing multiple airstrikes is also seen jets in the sky it seems the government's final battle for southern syria is underway stephanie decker al-jazeera in the israeli occupied golan heights. campaigning for what's expected to be one of the most contentious pakistani general elections has been hit by more violence a candidate for the tariq insaaf party which is led by the former cricketer imran khan was killed in an attack in khan in the northwest of the country the candidate died of his injuries after his car was targeted by a suicide bomber he was a former agriculture minister three other people were injured and pakistani media
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reporting that twenty people have been hit been injured rather in a great attack at the. party's election office in question on sunday it's the second attack on the party in the past ten days security forces are searching for the attacker has been a sama is a journalist and filmmaker focusing on pakistan she says the attacks are meant to scare away voters. pakistan's elections are often been punctuated by violence the previous elections we had to present routine were also preceded by a lot of violence there's a lot of attempts to keep people from participating in the democratic political process and yet people to are not in record numbers in the in the previous two elections to vote this this by threats of that violence. this time i think the violence is i don't know the numbers but we had similar violence in the
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previous polls as well and i think the b. idea is the focus of a fellow by. that claim such attacks and they seem to not want or they clearly do not want pakistan to move towards democracy well democracy as you know has been pointed out time and again is not an event it's a process and in order for this process to be successful you have to have elections not once but multiple times with governments having being allowed to complete that in new york which as you know has never really happened in pakistan except in the last decade the first time was when the government of two thousand and eight election in two thousand and eight handed over power to the government elected in two thousand and thirteen which was that of the man behind bars gardley nawaz sharif. so this process is only just barely begun it's a very nascent process in buckets and in non-con actually has not really participated in this process except because he boycotted the two thousand and eight elections so the first time he actually participated was in the two thousand and thirteen election there now but the second time he's participating now president of
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an evil mccrone of france has ordered a reshuffle of his staff after a video showing his former bodyguard assaulting a protester on exam on allah seen his the rights of mccrum has been charged with gang violence after he was identified beating a protester he's now under investigation for interfering in public service and wearing a police badge illegally president mccrum sacked on friday after the video of the assault went viral. a tiny coastal village in greenland has been on edge for more than a week now after an eleven million ton ice bug drifted next to the settlement if it breaks up people feel the waves could wipe out their community does their ethnic clock reports now from the remote if you have village. helicopters in these parts of the lifeline for small innuit communities they provide all services especially in times of crisis.
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but those thousands of icebergs the result of the outflow of nearby class is draining the greenland ice sheet. then the iceberg in question it is huge one hundred meters by three hundred white behind it you can make out the settlement of in our suits spooled off a hillside. on the ground a community of around one hundred seventy people there are families there are children there bread is on the war says they fish and hunt and they used to icebergs drifting by but never this close and never this big. but by me double normally icebergs are not that high their low white but this one is very high which made it frightening. this video shows chunks of ice cascading into the water causing life threatening waves to crash into the shoreline several homes had to be evacuated there was concern for the villages power generator and
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fuel tanks and boats were dragged up the hillside. the major route towards the iceberg that has now shifted away from the harbor entrance not as dangerous as it was but still presenting a threat it could cause at any time fisherman couldn't it isn't has never seen it but this big so close. you can get on it actually came pretty fast in front of the village they saw the danger and so they evacuated some houses and prepared for what could happen between now and then there was a big wind and it blew it outside here like it's hate the iceberg will now slowly head out to sea nudged along by wind and current evacuated residents are back in their homes life is beginning to return to normal making the most of the short summer a quiet time for the dog's head of a winter of sledge pulling they think about how dangerous it is to be here when there's a big iceberg in front of them. and they cannot really sleep because they're kind
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of expecting that he's going to calvin a minute or an hour or so of course they're like they cannot really rest but they won't change their lives for nothing and they want to stay here because of the fishing on foot to movies and hunting over the unities all year round so what to make of all this there's no way that you can attribute this iceberg to climate change specifically there's no doubt that there's a growing incidence of ice bread production here in greenland over the last one hundred years and occurrences and threats like this one may continue as time goes on. and add to that the changing sea ice conditions these communities are witnessing it is very apparent that things are shifting here in the arctic where global temperature change is more keenly felt than anywhere else. al jazeera in a suit green. another shock for german football just weeks after the country was dumped
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out of the world cup in the first round midfielder mesut ozil says that he won't be playing for his country anymore after facing months of criticism from media and politicians that followed a meeting between those ill and turkey's president over one shortly before the turkish election prompted outrage in germany as well says that he faced racism and disrespect due to his turkish roots. take a look at this thousands of mayflies have swarmed across a city in belarus. as you can see they covered street lights and roads in vitebsk making it hard for drivers to see where they were going scientists say that this usually does happen but later in summer when huge numbers hatch in palms and rivers.
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it is good to have you with us adrian finnegan here at the how the top stories this hour on al-jazeera to government of stormed the building of the kurdish regional government in erbil in northern iraq one security officer has been wounded the deputy governor said that security forces have now entered the building are looking for the attackers. u.s. president donald trump has warned his iranian counterpart in a tweet to never ever threaten the united states or you will suffer the consequences like never before that's in response to a speech on sunday in which our son rouhani said the war with iran is the mother of all wars. but as you know when you don't play with the lion's tail you will regret it for ever you cannot carry out these measures it is out of your capability you cannot force your a needs to act against their own country you have clearly shown you are against the iranian people and u.s. secretary of state mike compare his competitor ron to
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a criminal organization the ayatollah are in on the act too judging by their bass well they say i'm more concerned with riches than religion these hypocritical holy men advice all kinds of cricket's games to become some of the wealthiest men on earth while there are people suffer hundreds of thousands of chinese babies may have been given sub standard bank scenes health regulators found the drug maker violated safety standards china's premier league has called for an investigation and says that anyone connected will be severely punished. the president of the philippines rodrigo to is due to deliver his annual state of the nation address shortly he's expected to sign a new law that grants or ptolemy to the indigenous moderate muslims it's part of the government's bid to end decades of rebellion and violence on the southern island of mindanao. those are the headlines more you see here on just the right after today's inside story next. whenever i see something that has happened in the
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news my first reaction is to please god don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gate keepers of the parole system you're asking us for a second chance right what's important to me is on the other side of friends in colorado to the other side of phones. prison exploring the dockside of the american justice system with job on al-jazeera. pakistanis will go to the polls for a general election this week the outcomes would need for the second peaceful transfer of civilian power in the country's history but what role is the military playing and how powerful is it this is inside story.
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hello there and welcome to the program i'm laura kyle tens of millions of voters and pakistan will head to the polls this week to choose a new government is going to amount to a few weeks for the country of nearly two hundred million people.


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