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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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affirm to everyone it's findings have binding effect to all that's going to be the key question now is how are those decisions going to be implemented. or yes the sheer fact of the u.a.e. out of the four countries there impose the blockade upon qatar is the only one that's a signatory of this convention means that it is judy bound it is legally bound to uphold all of the details within that convention the judge went through point by point areas where the court believes the u.a.e. has erred from that now that does mean that legally going forward the u.a.e. could face other legal challenges other legal measures if it does not make changes if it does not implement what is advised by the court this is as i said the un's highest court what it says essentially goes there's no court higher
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than this and indeed they could well be ramifications in the long run if the u.a.e. decides not to go ahead in implementing these recommendations right now and i don't want to speculate here on what could happen next. looking at the rules shall we say in a situation like this where the international court of justice has made a ruling there is the possibility that this can then be indorsed or transferred to the security council if there is a feeling that this ruling is not being taken seriously at least in theory right. yes that's right this is of course a u.n. organ anything here could be subject also to to what goes on in new york at the u.n. security council as well the hope is that lease the court has made clear today is that it doesn't want to take anything any further than this hence perhaps the last point. that the presiding judge made was that there was
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a message now instructions now for both countries the u.a.e. and qatar to avoid anything that could lead to a further escalation of the political standoff anything that could worsen the relationship between the two countries want to soon is there for that anything that leads to a referral to the u.n. security council is something the court right now does not want to really get its head around or immediately feel that it needs to do it but most certainly what it's advising here is something that it wants to mediately to see played out on the ground. and the the question also begs itself what about the rights of. residents of qatar in other countries which are participating in this blockade. yeah it's a good question because obviously on a legal basis they are not signatories to the conventional the elimination of all
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forms of racial discrimination they're not legally bound to be following the same kind of stringent guidelines that the u.a.e. is but without doubt any ruling here the i.c.j. that affects the u.a.e. is also symbolically going to send messages to egypt to saudi arabia to bahrain clearly going to be looking at this with an awful lot of interest whether or not they will respond to where their ally in this blockades the ruling against their ally in this world we really have to wait and see. and getting a little bit analytical now looking at the provisional ruling that the source of points which we've both summarized about how the u.a.e. must stop separating families allow students to continue their education and give catteries access to a proper justice system if they feel their rights have been infringed upon that for that to now be enforced it's going to take a big chunk away from the blockade because that could go from you know your rights
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being infringed upon could cover everything from your ability to travel to your ability to do business between the two countries right you wonder how this sort of blockade can continue effectively if this order is put in place. yes of course exactly how this is all going to unfold is really unclear right now the blockade is complex it's detailed it targets a whole variety of different sectors whether it be businesses or whether we call me also the individual rights of categories who through a policy of being told to leave the country being forced to go elsewhere of course we expect it to have an impact on this shared policy all this blockade by the four countries on cattle. what the court did not give really is the time frame for all of this when it expected its judgments to be implemented as it were it be very
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interesting next to see exactly what that timeframe is and how much leeway potentially this court would give you a going forward. is a very important point thanks so much for sharing that of light analysis there stay with us naval coming back to me the moment the in just a recap now what's been happening for those viewers just joining us the international court of justice has ruled in favor of carter in the case brought against the u.a.e. the court ruled that the measures taken by the united arab emirates after the blockade against carter amount to racial discrimination the i.c.j. also ruled that the u.a.e. should allow for qatari families to be reunited students should be allowed to finish their education in the u.a.e. or elsewhere and that culture ease affected should be allowed access to courts and tribunals in the u.a.e.
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for address of course is one of the four countries that imposed an air land and sea blockade against carter more than a year ago it's become the worst political crisis in the gulf region for decades. by vote is the seventh. the united arab emirates is must ensure that one family's that includes qatari. separated by the measure is adopted by the united arab emirate is on five june twenty seven thousand unite to qatari student is affected by the measure is adopted by the united arab emirate on five june twenty seven thousand given the opportunity to complete their education in the united arab emirates or to op pain to creation are recorded if they wish
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to continue their studies else away and three qatar is affected by the measure is adopted by the united arab emirates on fire i doone twenty seven p. . allow with access to tribunals and other judicial organise of the united arab emirates. all right let's go back to our correspondent live for us at the hague in the needs we just crossed off of the hour few minutes ago so perhaps we should recap things for viewers who are just joining us we've had this ruling provisional ruling in by the international court of justice in the case taken by carter against the u.a.e. on the grounds of the convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination that the court kept referring to there by the acronym. pronouncing it right and we've basically got something of
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a provisional victory for recap for us the points once again. yes that's right well look what qatar has been able to achieve here is backing in something called provisional measures which is a temporary directive order by the un's highest court the i.c.j. to immediately demand that the u.a.e. introduces changes to the way it's going about the treatment of qatari nationals as a result of the now thirty month blockade on the country the courts have been looking into the alleged expulsion of tyree's from the u.a.e. . qatar always insisted that its nationals have been denied access to healthcare education to judicial services to their assets and as a result of that qatar said that there'd been a violation of human rights and the u.a.e.
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had failed to live up to its obligations under as you said there that key treaty the convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination so what the court has decided here is that there has indeed been causal evidence provided by cats are to now demand changes to the way things think the way things are taking place over there in the region those recommendations stop. firstly want to allow students to be able to do new their education or allow them to get hold of their certificates to study elsewhere secondly that any policy that contributes to the separation of families should be reversed thirdly that people should be allowed access to judicial services but fourthly and crucially also measures to both countries to avoid anything that could lead to an escalation in any tensions going forward or i neve barker there updating us on that original ruling from the international court of justice at the hague thanks so much. take you through some
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other international news and three gunmen have died after storming the kurdish regional government building in erbil in northern iraq. it follows a five hour standoff with security forces in the center of the city the group shot its way into the building in the early morning hours injuring at least two policemen one of the attackers blew itself up. let's go live now to iran karl in baghdad the dust to settle but have the details settled to on what exactly happened there. well it seems that the kurdish authorities are keeping mum on exactly what happened here's what we know at seven am this morning local time gunman burst into the gov building they injured two policemen then made their way to the third floor of the building where they started to open fire against kurdish security forces the kurdish security forces then cordoned off the entire area and then started to mount the operation going into the governorates and clearing each room
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room by room it was at that point about three four hours into the operation where the suicide bomber blew himself up iraqi s. orry snipers took out one of the silence killing him and injuring another that man later died in hospital there was also a hostage the hostage was released but there was a casualty as well a fifty five year old man but we don't know the details surrounding his death the kurdish authorities haven't released that but they haven't officially confirmed whether it was isolate and though some kurdish politicians are placing the blame squarely on shoulders saying that they were responsible for this attack certainly has all the hallmarks of a multiple gunmen suicide bombing budget bill has been sped much of the violence seen in the rest of the country indeed the last attack there was in two thousand and fifteen when there was a car bomb against the u.n. consulate so a lot of questions being asked particularly how were they able to get into one of
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the most defended buildings in the entire city of erbil. or a good software man. updating us on the situation in iraq. now the syrian government is condemning the evacuation of white helmets rescuers it's called it a criminal operation carried out by what it calls israel and its tools one hundred members of the rescue group and their families left southern syria through the israeli occupied golan heights on saturday night israel's military gave them safe passage to jordan after a un request the syrian government accused the group of being agents of foreign enemies and working with insurgents fighting president bashar al assad the syrian government and its allies russia have meanwhile stepped up their offensive against eisel controlled areas in the southwestern part of the country people in northern israel have reported hearing sirens. let's go live now to stephanie decker in the israeli occupied golan heights the last time we spoke with plumes of
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smoke how are things looking now. pretty much the same. more intensive shelling a couple of airstrikes the morning was much more airstrikes and less shelling what's been interesting is with our camera with zoom we were managed to see a small group of people sheltering close to the rocks by the fence the fence that divides israeli occupied golan heights from syria and then we saw some people two trucks just in the moment when we were zooming in moving towards the left in terms of geography the left side is where we've seen this government backed by the russians syrian forces offensive towards this area now we're hearing another plane . this is of course terrifying for the people the civilians when they hear this and they don't know where it's going to land but this area's under control of a group called been walid brigade it is affiliated with eisel so at the moment
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there is no sort of deal reconciliation deal in the offering here which is what the government has been doing across other sections of this area canapes are the latest army that's just north of here so pretty much this entire southwestern area is under government control now. just to clarify when an airstrike in here we can have a sound of across when you're saying people are coming up against the fence towards the left we're talking about civilians who are still trapped in that area and often the forgotten people in a conflict we may have seen some of the opposition fighters but clearly there's a lot of civilians to have any idea how many civilians are stuck there and what their condition is of trying to dodge the sort of sounds we're hearing. well from what we understood people managed to get out of this area about a week ago about four days ago we've just heard from a source that about three days ago the group that is in control here like i said
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had been worried stopped people from leaving now this is has been a tool a tactic in this war sami using civilians as human shields but again we did see now people getting into trucks and moving to the left we can only speculate whether they were going to wards the sort of regime held areas whether they were allowed out what i can tell you is that borders remain firmly shut you were mentioning the white helmets there earlier while the civilians you know whether also journalists and activists don't have that kind of luxury they will have to go the only way out of here to flee this war sami if they can get out is into regime government controlled areas and many people who have been living under opposition control for years are really scared about what potential sort of retaliation there may be by the government if you're seeing that there's heavy shelling again coming in they've been targeting that area very heavily for a while now you know when you see the plumes of smoke that we can only hope. those
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bombs are not landing on the heads of innocent civilians that aren't so much stephanie deck of everything else the live action there on the occupied golan heights and beyond. the u.s. and iranian presidents have been trading threats meanwhile the rhetoric said on sunday when iran's leader hassan rouhani warned the u.s. against playing with what he called the lion's tail well and i agree response trump warned against threatening the u.s. reports with television as their platform a ratcheting up of three between iran's president hassan rouhani and the trumpet ministration on sunday secretary of state mike pompei or spend a full twenty six minutes criticizing rouhani and his leadership the ayatollah are in on the act to. judging by their bass well they seem more concerned with riches than religion these hypocritical holy men advice all kinds of cricket's games to become some of the wealthiest men on earth while their people suffer if the u.s.
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administration is attacking iran from multiple angles in may president trump withdrew from the twenty fifteen nuclear court in august he will reimpose sanctions aimed at crippling iran's economy pump a are one tehran its exports will be squeezed in the coming months and is pressuring allies to stop importing iranian oil by november its biggest source of income and now the us administration is seizing on process in iran to begin a media campaign president rouhani referred to the strategy and three trump against turning his people against him but don't issue boys you're not going to change don't play with the lion's tail you will regret it forever you cannot carry out these measures it is out of your capability you cannot force during ins to act against their own country you have clearly shown you are against the iranian people . those comments got this response from president trump who tweeted in capital letters never ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences
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the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death be cautious . to tweet is a flashback to trump and north korean leader kim jong un kim was also at the wrong end of a new caps tirade last year for the two leaders came together at a summit in singapore in june. the difference with iran is protests the soaring cost of living has pushed iranians to the streets numbers not seen since twenty twelve but analysts say a media campaign to win them over will be received as u.s. propaganda i think it's quite clear that as much as they are frustrated and deeply frustrated with the government of iran they're not jumping onto trump side anytime soon from california to tehran the high stakes verbal sparring we watched by its target audience iranian people shallop ballasts al-jazeera and kimberly howard is
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there for us right now in washington d.c. kimberly help us to understand now when we saw the tweet there in all caps by the u.s. president is there any sense in washington d.c. as to whether that was just an impulsive tweet by the u.s. president or whether there really is some planning and thinking about taking some historically unprecedented action as donald trump indicated against iraq iran. certainly most of the president's tweets appear to be a lack of impulse control and after following him for more than a year very closely have the sort of opportunity to understand what motivates a lot of those tweets and it does seem to be impulsive versus strategic but when you pull back a little bit it isn't a surprise that donald trump is sending out these kinds of tweets certainly prompted in his view by the words coming out of iran but this is something that
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donald trump has essentially indicated was going to happen in terms of the heating up of rhetoric if you look at the statements on the campaign trail in two thousand and sixteen and sammy they certainly he made no mistake about it that he did not like the iran nuclear agreement that was negotiated with with you know world powers along with iran to limit its nuclear program the j. c.p.o. way he called it one of the worst agreements ever in may after sort of indicating that he would withdraw he finally did and at that time said that this would be the beginning of painful sanctions so what we're seeing here now is those sanctions set to be put in place so we've got the first bit of that happening in three weeks the first round of banking sanctions and we know in november some of the big major steps will take place where this is where the economic sanctions aimed at iran's oil market and essentially cutting it off will be taking place so these are the incremental steps moving forward we're seeing this rhetoric heating up as a result and certainly the united states as we saw there with the in the report by
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my colleague the statements from the secretary of state pail there seems to be this feeling now that there is some sort of opportunity to potentially even speak with iran's leaders but given the actions of the united states given the rhetoric of the president even embodied in that tweet we saw less than in the last twenty four hours it doesn't appear the united states is trying to come up with a better agreement or work with iran's leaders in fact the indications seem to be just the opposite. and so much can really help there. as recap our top story now on the international court of justice has issued an order in favor of qatar in the case it brought against the united arab emirates the i.c.j. says the measures taken by the u.a.e. after the blockade against gaza amount to racial discrimination the court also says the u.a.e. should allow qatari families to be rich reunited the u.a.e. is one of four countries that imposed an land and sea blockade against more than a year ago it's become the worst political crisis in the gulf region for decades
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toby cadman is an international human rights lawyer and the international court of justice expert he joins us on the phone line from the brow of nick in croatia good to have you with us first of all how much of a of a breakthrough of a victory is this for human rights in this dispute. thank you for having me on i think certainly it's a breakthrough curious. and it's very real surprise to may. very well i would be very surprised if they are of course this is just a very preliminary move on a request for provisional measures to. a full hearing but i think. it is a very important decision and i wish. the illegality of the book and the u.a.e. actually are in breach of an international convention which they signed up to. the
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rights protection it's a very important decision the court at the end of reminded everyone that its findings are binding. how will they be implemented now. that's a big question which has been all several times over the last couple of weeks that . the difficulty is if the state refuses to prevent the decision to call the i.c.j. the action a victim stated in this list situation come what they could to cause they would be advised to go to the un security council for failure to implement a decision of use article justice which they would be perfectly entitled to think that the diplomatic pressure that would be put on would be serving time just. a little bit while the pressure put on the u.a.e. would be so intense to perform to apologize yes on the u.a.e. i mean the diplomatic pressure the u.a.e. is already for for having such a disregard for human beings actual generally i think this is confirmation that the
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u.a.e. is in violation of its international treaty obligations so it would be forced to effect to be isolated diplomatically price later or implemented a social life in fact the reality is all over the other countries participating in the blockade may not be signatories of the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination do you think it will have implications for them to. yes almost circular the other issue for the other states is that they are not ratified a particular provision of the statute things or court of justice but the wires actually taken directly gave certain church which not only that are certainly my or group issued a report from egypt just this week talking about the fact that it's a member signed
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a number international treaties but it doesn't get implemented so i think that this is jerry to two additional pressure on saudi arabia on egypt and bahrain. for their own contribution to blockade and contribution to sure it's violations which are being committed in their own countries and against qatar nationals so it is almost certainly two way to dish an operational two to two powerful trom this course of action not very adopted thank you very much good to get your analysis on that one was toby cadman in the philippines president says his country's war on drugs is far from over for the bigger the tatay made the comment during his annual state of the nation address he also promised to sign a new law to help curb violence in the southern mindanao wage and wants to grant autonomy to indigenous morra muslims in a bid to dissolve the rebel group that's been fighting the government for decades.
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despite all that has been said or again the bones a model of learning little by all is said going on. i may be solemn commitment that this administration will never deny our muslim brothers and sisters the basic be. there on this within the on steel. frame or. and give me food. and. dog and has the latest from manila. the. organizer and the brand live with straight from the heart however the event overshadowed. all our life. and of course because
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of that even the. finding of the buncombe or a big. highlight of the. right outside in. and out. of the day. there will be no let up. will be killing. a funeral has been held for a palestinian teenager was shot dead by israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank the fifteen year old was shot in the chest it's a refugee camp near bethany hand during an israeli raid the israeli military says its troops fired after being attacked with rocks and grenades at least twenty five children have been killed by israeli forces in the first half of this year. french
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politicians of questioned interior minister. over what he knew about the president's former bodyguard beating up a protester exam the scene here to the right of a man you might call has been charged after a video of the assault appeared online. said he was told about the incident the day after it happened in may cross has not yet commented on the case david chaytor is in paris. the french interior minister is being grilled by the commission of the national assembly behind me he's revealed that he knew about this incident one day after it happened he also knew there was a video of the alleged assault and he decided that it wasn't up to the interior ministry to to go forward with this investigation he passed and all of the details to the french happened somebody in the french capital should have informed the public prosecutor that's the article of law here in france but instead what
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happened was the bodyguard was on suspension for two weeks without pay he then started working once again he was in the personal to curate for president. in and around. july the fourteenth and also of course the return of the victorious french football team from the world cup so serious questions are being asked about the transparency and integrity of president to ideals that he was elected on he was going to change the face the way politics worked in the least say so now instead of being called an affair about a bodyguard who's lost his job he was fired on friday and is now facing assault charges this is about the president doing this is his biggest crisis since being elected and he's now dropped to below forty percent to thirty nine percent in the polls so he has to get this right he has to start making statements on this but of
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course he'll be limited by the fact that our legal case is now ongoing. thousands of mayflies have swarmed across the city in bello who's. covered street light. certain roads in making it hard for drivers to see students say or scientists rather say this usually happens later in the summer when huge numbers ponds and rivers. and let's recap our headlines here now to syria now the international court of justice is issued an order in favor of qatar in the case it brought against the u.a.e. the i.c.j. says the measures taken by the us a after the blockade against carter amount to racial discrimination the court also says the u.a.e. should allow qatari families to be reunited in students to continue their education
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the u.a.e. is one of four countries that imposed an air land and sea blockade against carter more than a year ago it's become the worst political crisis in the region for decades. by eight voters to seven the united arab emirates must that one film released that include qatar. separated by the measure is adopted by the united arab emirate on five june twenty eighth seventeen. three gunmen have died after storming the kurdish regional government building in their bill in northern iraq. it follows a five hour standoff with security forces in the center of the city the group shot its way into the building in the early morning hours injuring at least two policeman. the syrian regime and its allies russia have stepped up their offensive against controlled areas in the southwestern part of the country strikes have
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continued to hit positions along the southern border. and syrian government has condemned the evacuation of white helmets rescuers it's called it a criminal operation carried out by what it calls israel and its tools one hundred members of the rescue group and their families left southern syria through the israeli occupied golan heights and saturday night israel's military gave them safe passage to jordan after a un request iran has condemned the tweet by u.s. president donald trump calling it a passive reaction to comments by iran's president trump warned house and rouhani of consequences if he threatened the u.s. it's in response to the threats by the iranian president or back at the top of the hour with us.
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to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al jazeera and. you can. see. they're all full to be around ten million catholics in china the majority worshipping in government approved churches like this one in beijing. but many others do so in secret in so-called underground churches which means they're often under surveillance and so never totally safe. they see themselves as the true followers of the catholic church in the official church the pope's authority is not recognized but that may be about to change.


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