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it is across the world. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. out is iraq. this is al jazeera. hello again piece it over here in doha you are watching the news hour sixty minutes of news and comment today a ruling to reunite families a court order against the united arab emirates over the dispute with cats are this kept the relatives apart. a war of words the language gets more heat as u.s. and iranian leaders trade threats. the deadliest blaze to greece in more than a decade now it's turning to europe for help to fight the flames. if just i'm
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a firm time many children have been born trees afraid that look at her now forty years on the medical marvel who was the world's first i.v.s. baby. the un's highest court has described measures taken by the united arab emirates against cats are as racial discrimination it's issued an order in favor of the gulf state over a move that saw families kept apart the u.a.e. is one of four countries that imposed an air land and sea blockade against cata fourteen months ago but the international court of justice says families must be reunited need from the hague. qatar's legal battle with the united arab emirates has dealt a defining blow the international court of justice says the measures taken by the u.a.e. after the blockade of qatar amount to racial discrimination according to. the u.a.e.
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has failed to respect the obligation is the i.c. j.s ordered the u.a.e. immediately to allow qatari families expelled from the country to be reunited students to finish their studies and those qatari affected access to courts and tribunals the order said the i.c.j. president is compulsory the core fairness that this all of that is. and that article forty one of these that. effect. and there's a international legal obligation is for any part to her the provisional measure is that it's last june the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt sever diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and air blockade accusing catarrh of funding extremism and accusations
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it denies qatar says its citizens were either illegally expelled or denied access to the u.a.e. separating families and denying people access to health care education their properties in assets of course the u.a.e. is the only one of the four countries to have imposed a blockade on cattle but it's the only one out of the four to be brought here before the international court of justice why because it's the only country out of the four that signed up to the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination but bahrain egypt and saudi arabia will be watching this case closely and drawing their own conclusions this is a statement that there is a likelihood of discrimination so one would think that the other states in the region would say that means something again likely that this is a violation in earlier hearings the u.a.e. denied any policy of expulsion saying it's measures were designed to have the least possible impact on ordinary citizens it said his argument was with the qatari
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government not the qatari people but the u.a.e. must comply with the court or face further legal action qatar could go to the u.n. security council and demand an informant order this is one of a string of legal challenges mounted by qatar to try and end the blockade a ruling the country will welcome but whether it will help end the blockade now in its fourteenth month is less certain nieve back at al-jazeera the hague. let's talk now to colonial just xan he's executive director of the arab sense of washington he joins us from fairfax virginia xan does this ruling to us this imply perhaps that the blockade is one step closer towards coming to a close. one would hope so this is certainly a victory and breakthrough for a couple that i think i thought ought to be going to lead to team the legal team to
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represented it under the leadership of my friend dr mohamad binocular as he said he did an excellent job presenting their case before the court and convincing convinced that to take this professional who doesn't necessarily imply that but it's certainly points to the illegality of the blockade in terms of human rights violation this at the moment just applies to the u.a.e. because there are other countries involved of course as well how might they react to this. they should react with concern although of course as you well know u.a.e. . was confronted first because it's a signatory to the search which is the convention the international convention for the limitation of all forms of racial discrimination the other parties i'm not a signatory to that neither is saudi arabia nor about rain nor egypt so they cannot
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be held responsible for something they did not sign in the past however the implication is universal as we heard from the judge there is a binding nature to. this decision and it should be respected by all countries. members of the united nations has this ongoing situation irretrievably damage the g.c.c. . i think the blockade has definitely the g.c.c. today is not the same g.c.c. we knew fourteen months ago by choice i think the blockading parties. they are responsible for that and they seem to be willing to destroy the most successful experienced if you will in a cooperation council within the world for rather some some fish reasons some of them individual states seeking to control and intrude on the sovereignty of
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others would any involvement from external actors end up on the plus side of this equation i mean there was a point about six or seven months ago when the emir of kuwait was involved because he had crossed generational cross border loyalties people he'd been run the diplomatic block more than once or twice in his life and people said yes if there's a solution it might come from him nothing came of it could they perhaps go back to someone like him or maybe even us the united states to get involved well i would like to respond by saying yes those efforts as worthy as they might have been did not produce the intended results but not for lack of goodwill. from the kuwaitis it was mostly the countries doing the blockade that refused to cooperate. with kuwait. that they act think the decision of the court proves
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something very important it proves that the blockade has that serious impact it's a form of racial discrimination it is real in terms of any impact on the lives of people in the region and it is a kind of long lasting impact and it's harmful and i hope that that work would propel other countries beyond if you will wait and maybe beyond the region to impose if you will there with it well at this time knowing that this is the decision of the court which is the world court it's the highest court for the international community. just chant thank you. the iranian foreign minister has released a tweet mocking donald trump's late night threats the u.s. president warned the republic of consequences never seen before and he says he isn't concerned that he may be heightening tension she has returned see reports.
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the iranian foreign minister's tweet mimics of the all caps late night tweet from the u.s. president color us unimpressed it said the world heard even harsher bluster a few months ago and iranians have heard them albeit more civilized ones for forty years we've been around for millennia and seen full of empires including our own which lasted more than the life of some countries be cautious exclamation mark be cautious is how donald trump's tweet ended as well thanks at the white house donald trump was asked if he had any concerns about provoking tensions with iran this was his response. things have changed in the administration every day we're now those around on from who've long advocated for violent regime change in iran notably national security advisor john bolton he released the following statement if iran does anything at all to the negative they will pay a price like few countries have paid before but white house press secretary sara saunders argued that the administration's approach to iran has been consistent the
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ultimate goal and the focus of the president is making sure that we keep nuclear weapon weapons out of their hands and that we focus on the protection of american presidents tweet came a time though when much of the international community is arguing that withdrawing from the iranian nuclear deal has made everyone less safe not more diplomatically i think a lot of countries are very resentful of the united states they think the u.s. pulled out of a perfectly fine nuclear deal that iran was complying with i think they're diplomatically maybe iran feels like it's with europe and russia and china saying that the u.s. is overdoing it here world has become sunday secretary of state mike said the u.s. would attempt to stir unrest in iran by beaming antigovernment broadcast into the country but beyond that it's still unclear what the long term strategy of the trumpet ministrations is almost three months since the u.s. withdrew from the iranian nuclear deal she had her town see out zero washington's. same bus ravis in tehran for us he's been following reaction there from the iranian
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government. a late night tweet from the american commander in chief to the iranian president was a textbook example of donald trump's twitter diplomacy a warning in all caps the u.s. president is angry never threaten america again he said or else. now give me husseini is a senior iranian national security official and says trump is really angry at himself. americans have been trying for two to three years now to convince other countries to confront iran instead of cooperating with iran but they haven't succeeded even that commercial partners like the europeans and china they caney announce they won't go with the sanctions naturally russia won't cooperate nor will other countries in our opinion america is angry because it is an isolated itself and it feels that it remains a loan against iran. at the center of this latest escalation in the war of words is
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trumps a vow to block the sale of iranian oil the country's biggest money maker earlier this month rouhani threatened to respond by disrupting international shipping lanes in the strait of hormuz an important part of the region's oil supply chain in or. is it wise that we have all these shores under our control we will not be able to export oil and other countries will this is not smart. in a speech on sunday u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o took aim at iran's leaders the level of corruption wealth among are a leader shows that iran is run by something that resembles the mafia more than a government it has to be said that many iranians would be just as critical of their own government the wealth gap is getting bigger and complaints of corruption are caught but for every anti-government protest by nature or by design there have been bigger pro-government route some people specifically mentioned general qassam so the money is a senior revolutionary guard commander who many here consider
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a national hero he's been part of iran's campaign against immortalized in this twenty seventeen animated film it depicts a military victory against u.s. naval forces with leading the charge. for many iranians this is the inevitable conclusion of american hostility towards their country and even peacemakers here agree the closer these two sides come to open conflict. the harder it will be to walk down. the old a zero. the death toll is rising as wildfires fueled by strong winds get closer to the greek capital a government spokesman says twenty people have now died a state of emergency has been declared in two areas kathy lopez has the story. smoke spreads across the greek capital carrying fear of what the summer may bring around athens fires having got several towns homes have burned to the ground the hillsides no match for the raging flames thousands of people have evacuated many
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who managed to escape are still in shock if the course of any thought i think it becomes invalid so i think thankfully the sea was right there and we went in the flames were chasing us all the way to the water it started burning our back so we dove into the water yes the fires led greek prime minister alexis tsipras to cut short an official visit to bosnia. just there with but it's i want to believe that despite the adverse weather conditions we will do whatever is humanly possible to get a fire under control in spite of this i'm still concerned by the parallel outbreaks in the east and west of africa this is for everybody but one of the owners of the firefighters the coast guard and army are teaming up to respond to the state of emergency the fires are burning in several areas including the small resort town of kmita about fifty kilometers from athens northeast of the capital the area is also
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affected as well as the southern island of crete the low visibility has led to flight delays the closure of roads and a main highway. in the village of monte charred cars cover the streets greece is now asking the european union for help not to make honest grace has submitted a request through the european civil protection mechanism the international ground and air assistance. you know still fresh in the country's memory are the devastating two thousand and seven wildfires. more than eighty people died as fires burned for days across greece over a decade later firefighters know it's a race against time with unforgiving flames destroying everything in their way. now dizzier plenty more still to come here on the news hour for you including syria's not happy why it's condemning as criminal the evacuation of white helmet
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rescuers and their families. top french politicians under scrutiny for his handling of the crisis over a presidential bodyguard filmed beating a protester. in sport the backlash from this photo op which prompted one of the world's top footballers to quit his national team. well the campaigning has now ended now one hundred million voters in pakistan have a day to decide who will lead the country the party of the former cricket captain imran khan is tipped to turn the tables on his back and veteran political rivals some of the from lahore. from the rooftop to the seats arranged below political workers gathered in their hundreds charged by the anthems of change they believe the twenty eighteen election will turn the tables on the tradition of
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venice. it will be a one sided contest from the rule belts we will sweep the pakistan muslim league nawaz party we will also win from urban areas this is the last time they can express this confidence before the july twenty fifth election campaign activities have been suspended by the election commission twenty four hours before paul's open it's the last day of campaigning and crowds have been gathering at various rallies being held by the box they can solve this is the party being led by forget to turn politician in wrong khan who according to polls has been leading in the race two words the pakistani parliament handles the importance of punjab the heartland of pakistani politics the province holds one hundred forty eight out of the two hundred seventy two geographically constituencies which make up the national assembly. god really gives the nation this chance to change their fate these corrupt politicians have been ruling the punjab since ninety five even their children are billionaires. but it's not going to be an easy fight for imran khan
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a crowd of now jailed former prime minister in the musharraf is also fired up we often have a shitty because he's done a tremendous job in making projects like the actual rules of the train that's why we'll only support him the numbers the is now led by his brother three who has been criticised by his opponents for not being a crowd puller. insists that his sport is among the masses who have benefited from his development projects and people in his party's constituency seem convinced waters of the muslim league see their leadership and party has been targeted unfairly by the judiciary and the military establishment. but if. people will vote for the lion because they have performed in the past five years whether it's the china code or a network of roads buses and trains education and health a sectors where they did a great job. instead of
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a single large rally all major parties finished their campaigns but smaller political gatherings marred by some incidents of violence campaigning is ended now votes will decide which political party succeeded in getting their message across the sound of a job a down to zero. the white house says president could revoke the security clearances of six former intelligence officials who criticized him over the russia inquiry among them as a former f.b.i. director james comey mr trump fired last year accuses them of influencing agencies that are supposed to remain a political call was deputy national intelligence officer for international threats of the national intelligence council he joins us from boston massachusetts going call two of these six people don't have any security clearance anyway so what's the point of the white house kind of marching its troops up to the top of the hill on this well i think it's consistent with trump's modus operandi which is threaten
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and make afraid and try to punish anyone who challenges him on any point of any sort be it substance or political or personal so it's a gratuitous act but it's much more serious than that it's never been even suggested before in american history that a president would so openly use the levers of power to punish someone simply for having criticized if he goes ahead and does this with the of the for two points point number one can he actually do it on his own can he unilaterally pull the plug on their clearances and point number two i mean would it silence them anyway. i believe that the president does have executive authority to grant or or deny clearances i think the answer to that is yes in my experience i didn't deal directly with the president with or for my clearance but it's always the superior who. your superior who has the decision there might be some review process but one
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would be unlikely to challenge the president we would have an effect on sounds and know it's a practical significance for people who are lower down less senior than the six individuals cited because a clearance is. essential to continue working after you are with the federal government in a national security position he's gentle and one lady don't need to do that probably but so want to silence them but it is a chilling political gesture and warning do you think for donald trump and his white house this particular administration it fuels the for us or against us mindset that they apparently have because his critics might say if this is about talking when you shouldn't talk if this is about giving information when you shouldn't give information you know mr trump gave code would level security
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information to the russian foreign minister and compromised people's lawyer was when he took them into a private session off the oval office i think that happened about a year ago on top of which he had this closed door private conversation with let me put in we may never know what was said in that discussion. right i think it wasn't simply he jeopardize their pretty place their risk their lives i think he may have cost i don't know that for a fact but i think there was an israeli source that was revealed and if that source were ever caught or death quite painfully and slowly think but it's surely well of course that the error that the journalists make pundits make in the public makes with regard to trump is to try to find some rhyme reasons of the to the actions in fact trump is quite simple he will say or do anything that he thinks
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momentarily will protect him or attack an enemy that's the only motivation he has he's not interested in policy or public welfare particularly unless it coincides with his own news that's yet so that's why he did this because he has been seized for historic levels of corruption incompetence and frankly probably treason glenn call in boston thank you and your time. the nicaraguan president has denied responsibility for months of violent protests saying he doesn't control the paramilitary groups blamed for most of the deaths more than three hundred people have been killed since the protests against done that will take his government began in april demonstrators want to take it to call early elections in a rare interview with u.s. television will take a has refused to step down saying moving the vote would increase instability he told fox news the elections will go ahead as planned in twenty twenty one. the
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syrian government has condemned the evacuation of white helmet rescue workers calling it a criminal smuggling operation four hundred twenty two volunteers and their families were ferried through the israeli occupied golan heights into jordan and a top secret international mission evacuation had the backing of the u.n. the u.s. and the u.k. the assad government has repeatedly accused the white helmets of being a front group for rebel fighters the syrian government and its russian ally have stepped up their offensive in eisel controlled areas in the southwest stephanie tekken has more from the israeli occupied golan heights. we've been witnessing an intense air campaign throughout the day also heavy shelling on this area behind us which is essentially the only opposition held area left in southwestern syria is controlled by a group affiliated with ice so there is no negotiations on the table for them certainly at the moment we've seen small groups of people trying to seek shelter
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close to rocks close to the fence the fence that demarcates these really occupied golan heights with the syrian side the war is very close here and it really does look like the syrians together with the russians are really pushing this campaign forward now trying retake the entire area of southwest syria the israeli army here more and more alert certain that we've seen in the past couple of weeks more soldiers monitoring the area taking pictures earlier on monday morning rocket sarin were heard here is that gives you an indication of just how close the fighting is. in iraq kurdish security forces have killed three suspected i saw fighters who attacked the governor's building in erbil. gunman fired at guards before entering the building and taking hostages later the security forces around the building were targeted by a suicide bomber
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a government employee was killed and two policemen were wounded bill is the seat of the kurdish regional government in a controversial move the u.k. government has decided not to object to the u.s. seeking the death penalty for two suspected british members of ice or alexander and should feel sheik are accused of executing several captives including journalists while part of i saw in syria human rights groups of criticized the move because britain abolished the death penalty more than fifty years ago matthew main is a former prosecutor and author of the execution as told he says the u.k.'s decision flies in the face of a long standing position. well it looks as though it's legal hypocrisy i mean you're either in favor of the death penalty or you're not in favor of the death penalty you can't begin after fifty years of. steadfastly being opposed to the death penalty to start to carve out exceptions to that even if it is
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for purposes of terrorism i still think it's a departure from a long standing and often much looked upon among other european countries as a a strong steadfast position the united states has a mechanism to pursue the death penalty in appropriate cases the federal government has a death penalty statute it hasn't been used quite frankly much over the last twenty thirty years but the statute does exist that's if we if the united states was what was going to try these cases in a civil criminal courtroom there's other options as well these individuals could be transferred to guantanamo bay where they can be held without being charged italy's foreign minister says migrants rescued from the mediterranean will be allowed to come ashore while e.u. nations tackle the issue of migration it's these new government has taken
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a hard line on migration and has turned away rescue ships carrying migrants and refugees over the next five weeks e.u. countries will discuss how those rescued at sea can be distributed across the e.u. forty people well they remain stranded on a supply of a soul just off the china sea in khost they left libya on july the eleventh they were rescued several days later the ship in the silver aust was refused permission to dock and it's only france and malta. french politicians have questioned the interior minister about what he knew of an incident involving the president former bodyguard he was filmed beating up a protester the president himself has not yet commented on the case which has turned into a major political crisis david chase and from paris always in the thick of the political fray with emanuel macron before and after his successful bid for the presidency alexandra banal or clearly had the trust of the new occupants of the
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lease a palace but that very close n'est now threatens to overwhelm the man he was sworn to protect how much did the president know was there a cover up when arlo was filmed at the may day protests in paris this year wearing a police armband and carrying a police radio he was supposed to be just an observer but mobile phone footage later showed him wearing a riot police armisen visor tackling a demonstrator. suspended for just two routes he was back on the security detail when the french football team returned in triumph to paris with the world cup. french deputies of the national assembly on monday cross-examined interior minister gerard calame why did it take two and a half months before a prosecution was brought against the bodyguard because he sounded like he was passing the buck. the office of the president and the police professor i think only syria information to take action i considered the facts that were flagged were
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being dead too easy appropriate clever so i did not get involved further in this issue when president was elected last year he promised to bring a new face to the least say with accountability and transparency but opposition m.p.'s saying he's proving the opposite. the hearing of the interior minister that lasted two and a half hours confirmed the worst suspicions we had namely that there is in fact a parallel structure in our country which would fall under the presidency of the republic. banal or had just been assigned a luxury flat on the banks of the senate reserved for employees of the elisei as well as a chauffeur driven car before finding himself in police custody as for president mackerel ready accused of being elitist by his enemies and out of touch with ordinary people he's seen his popularity ratings drop to just thirty nine percent they may have further to fall david chaytor al jazeera terrorists. political ground
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still to come on the news hour including parliamentary chaos and a new file on his drugs war after the philippines president turns up late. and it doesn't matter what type of rugby it is new zealand always comes out on top do so in sports news in fifteen minutes. you just told. me today the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there some tin is still causing us problems in the southern parts of china three look at the satellite picture we can see this massive cloud haven it's within that that we're seeing all storm it's gradually working its way northward very very slowly and easing as it makes its way over land but it's got a lot of moisture to give so for the southern parts of china and eventually into
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the northern parts of vietnam we're going to see a lot of heavy rains over the next few days and that is likely to give us more problems with flooding we're also seeing some very heavy downpours a bit further south as well a force in the philippines we've already got flooding and we've got plenty more cloud with us at the moment that cloud is going to stick around so for many of us across lose on it is looking wet for tuesday and wednesday as well so the flooding here is likely to get worse before it gets better towards the south as more breaks in the cloud here and some dry slots as well and as you head down through parts of borneo should be fine and settle for many of us as it should be across jobs and into bali so plenty of sunshine to be found here as we head across towards india a lot of cloud with us at the moment that stretches across into parts of nepal and you could also see some cloud every part of pakistan as well so these regions all seeing plenty of wet weather at the moment which is that a typical for this time of year because if this little circulation here we're seeing enhanced rains and the potential of flooding. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. where were you when this idea to been me. well there are on
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line it's undoubtedly chief call of poverty inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers for change join the conversation on our. when people need to be heard. right he's been there a few jomo still in his life it's not a normal life. and the story needs to be told we do stories that have an impact also sacked by testifying in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind backs al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online.
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welcome back this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha these are your headlines the un's highest court has ruled in favor of qatar in the case that brought against the u.a.e. the united arab emirates the international court of justice says the measures taken by the u.a.e. after the blockade against cats are amount to racial discrimination. iran's foreign minister is warning the u.s. president to quote be cautious after donald trump threatened iran with severe consequences on twitter tension between the two countries has escalated since the u.s. withdrew from iran's nuclear deal in may to reimpose economic sanctions. on the twenty people have died in two wildfires close to the greek capital of athens strong winds
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are hampering efforts to fight the blaze. he's in a state of emergency has been declared. let's get more now on the ongoing gulf crisis the emir of qatar is now in the u.k. there he's seeking international support in the face of the blockade. was with shaikh tamim bin hamad al thani during his first stop at a top london university. qatar's leader began his u.k. visit at a robotics lab at london's imperial college set i mean been hammered than eve dan had a meeting with business leaders in the city it's all part of a push by qatar to rally international support the countries under a land sea and air blockade imposed by saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt the operation relationship between us is quite extensive cross a whole variety of fields from. its curity defense investments and today of course
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focusing on health and health issues where we work together so it's a good visit and we encourage all our friends in the gulf to resolve their differences and we hope that can be done but since the start of the g.c.c. crisis qatar has not only ramped up its missile capability is but has also expanded its security and political operation with key allies such as the us france and the u.k. and this is quite crucial for qatar at a time when it continues to face a blockade imposed on it by its neighbors the blockading countries have dismissed international mediation they say qatar must first stop funding extremism close a turkish military base downgrade its ties with iran and shut down the al-jazeera news network qatar has strongly denied the accusations and called the demands a violation of its sovereignty despite the crisis it has signed major arms deals
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including the purchase of twenty four typhoon combat aircraft from the u.k. as part of the deal pilots from the two countries will protect the skies above qatar when the arab nation hosts the twenty twenty two football world cup since the crisis there qatar instead of being cut off from the rest of the world actually engage the world even more than they have. so why they're being cut off regionally they've actually expanded their reach into the west and the united states they've built partnerships that are more resilient in many ways. the u.s. has called on its allies in the region to set aside their differences washington fears a prolonged crisis could lead to more instability. london. the funeral of a palestinian teenager killed by israeli soldiers has been held in the occupied west bank fifteen year old. was shot in the chest at
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a refugee camp near bethlehem the israeli military says its troops opened fire after being attacked with rocks and grenades. the philippines president says his controversial war on drugs is far from over during his state of the nation address . so the campaign will be as relentless and chilling as the day began. reports from manila. his government promised president really good attorney does third state of the nation address will be his best it was meant to highlight his administration's achievement over the past two years but it ended up becoming one of the most chaotic national events in recent times the president was an hour and a half late that's because of a political drama that played out in congress before his address factions within allies in the house of representatives launched a leadership challenge former president gloria macapagal arroyo who is
5:39 am
a congresswoman now moved to unseat the house speaker this prevented the ratification of a peace agreement between the government and the more islamic liberation front rebel group. plan to sign it into law on monday it was supposed to be an important part of the president's state of the nation address still the terror to manage to deliver his speech the war against illegal drugs is far from over despite public outrage. wardle will not. name. and surely. if you will. a. gun or improve relations with turnover must not mean. men will be very honest in the west philippines.
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as deter to spoke inside there were protests outside this is the biggest anti-government protest since president roh the good the director was sworn in two years ago and there is no shortage of anger and frustration here activists say his government is zero press and they want him to resign. these protesters say this state of the nation speech is an attempt by the government to conceal grave violations against the filipino people these women admit they do not understand some of the issues mentioned in the speech they say security is a concern but they are more worried about the rising cost of food and other basic goods. i hope that the prices of goods will be lowered especially rice i hope that promise will happen because the poor are getting poorer the state of the nation
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address is meant to be a showcase of the government's achievements but the political drama inside congress overshadow the speech and what it revealed instead are the cracks in detect his leadership. and al-jazeera manila. the police in china have launched a criminal investigation after it emerged hundreds of thousands of children may have been given faulty thanks seems the health regulators found a drug maker violated safety standards in the second scandal to hit the company in a week. from beijing. it is a worrying time for parents across china outside beijing's top children's hospital we found many still absorbing the fact that china's second largest pharmaceutical company has been producing vaccines for babies that are fake you know your god you know the people who made this fabricated vaccine should be executed right away without any hesitation they did it to babies not adults he added this mother is
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especially concerned her one year old son was inoculated for rabies last month he has a fever and the scandal has heightened her anxiety my son was born very weak he always has fevers now his dad and i don't know if it's related to the fake vaccines in china or vaccinations to prevent diseases like tetanus hooping cough and rabies are free but now some parents no longer trust the made in china versions. calumny to me at least three chinese vaccines cannot meet correct safety standards i would have to think about buying imported vaccine so far there have been no reports of children harmed by the vaccine or having contracted rabies. the trunk shroom biotechnology company in northeast china produced the fake vaccines executives have now admitted falsifying test results for its rabies vaccine production is halted all vaccines are being recalled were still just last thursday this same company was
5:43 am
fined over its substandard production of other vaccines so a tiny she at the end after we found out that the company forged the records of production and production inspections and modified technical parameters and equipment at will the actions seriously violated their relevance to belay sions of chinese law this scandal broke four days ago but it wasn't until sunday night the china's premier league chiang spoke out urging severe punishment but all those responsible now the government says that all companies that produce vaccines in china will be subject to unannounced inspections this industry was already in trouble just two years ago another pharmaceutical company was found to have improperly stored tens of millions of dollars worth of vaccines many of them had expired but in unusually open coverage china's state controlled media have called for an overhaul of an industry which one newspaper editorial said had been contaminated by scandals adrian brown al jazeera beijing. ten people have been
5:44 am
arrested over the rape of at least sixteen girls by staff at a government funded shelter in northern india police in the city of mazar poor are also searching for a body after one of the victims said another girl was beaten to death and buried within the complex she was reportedly killed after a disagreement with workers at the shelter. prosecutors in chile say they're investigating more than one hundred fifty members of the roman catholic church for sexual abuse they have been complaints for more than two hundred sixty people most were children when the alleged abuse took place earlier this year pope francis publicly apologized for what he called a culture of abuse and cover up within chile's catholic church you can lessen. the national prosecutor has ordered me to deeply investigate all the cases related to sexual crimes committed by priests or people related to the church again boys and girls teenagers and adults. as an american leaders well they're meeting in mexico
5:45 am
in the hopes of reestablishing trade and economic ties after recent elections in colombia mexico and chile mexico is trying to integrate with the economies of south america and make itself less dependent upon the u.s. the thirteenth pacific alliance summit comes ahead of more talks over the future of the nafta trade deal between mexico the u.s. and canada john holmes has more from the summit import of outer. this loose coalition of chile peru mexico and colombia has been meeting for the last seven years and it is important this is a coalition that between them the countries have about a third of the g.d.p. of latin america that's attracted quite a lot of observer countries more than fifty including australia canada and the united states that want in some way to participate in these summits but this year in particular in this summit it does seem to be a little bit more buzz perhaps
5:46 am
a little bit more momentum and that analysts say is perhaps being caused by president trumps of ministration in the united states who have adopted a much more protectionist tone since he came to power and they say there is an opportunity here for these countries to sort of take the reins to bruce to provide some sort of trading and economic energy for this region and really make themselves the center of that now how optimistic that is believed to be seeing especially as we're also in a period of change at the moment the presidents of colombia and mexico about outgoing and those presidents incoming there is specially the new president elect of mexico andres manuel lopez obrador seems to be concentrating more on the neighbors to the north united states and canada just on sunday he had his foreign minister read aloud a letter that he was sending to president trump praising him talking about the things that they have in common and saying that he hopes the renegotiations of
5:47 am
master the free trade agreement that the united states canada or mexico share can be concluded swiftly those negotiations are going to be happening later in the week so this is an important week for trading and the economy here in the americas. electricity unions in venezuela holding an indefinite strike in protest against low wages and poor working conditions they joined the nurses they've been staging dust . election for the past four weeks looking after only emergency cases the nurses a calling for more supplies for hospitals and better salaries. it's forty years since the world's first baby was born through i.v.'s louise brown was conceived in a lab in the u.k. since then more than six million babies have been born using i.v.'s worldwide is katherine stands. i know christina and martina mccarthy have their hands full. their children zoe and santina are two energetic happy and healthy
5:48 am
toddlers but they and their husbands would never have been able to experience the joys of parenthood if it weren't for the development of in vitro fertilisation all i've put us is to cause a very. yeah it was my only my only chance of conceiving if it wasn't for the treatment being if i did he wouldn't be here i think it's amazing that through this miracle of medical intervention we were able to have a beautiful healthy daughter it all began with louise brown she was conceived in a british laboratory in november one nine hundred seventy seven after robert edwards patrick steptoe and jean purdy spent nearly a decade trying to fertilize a human egg outside the body and was just shy of her fortieth birthday louise a celebrated at london science museum she's the focus of an i.d.f. exhibit which features the very desiccate or where her embryo was developed it's just amazing how many children have been born through the process. jaime lights in
5:49 am
families is created and hope and joy is just. a mind prices be the first i.v.'s may be commonplace now but there was a lot of controversy when we as brown was born many religious leaders denounced the use of any kind of medical intervention and other critics said i.v.'s could pave the way for so-called franken babies louisa's family received many letters of support but they also received hate mail including letters splattered with fake blood not only has the perception of i.v.'s changed so has the availability it grew from one small clinic in the u.k. to a multi-billion dollar global industry i gave has changed the landscape of humor production eight is talking about six min. i believe that is much more because i.
5:50 am
saw. that predicted that. four hundred million baby. christina and martina pioneering technology gave them families they would otherwise never have had. still to come. along.
5:51 am
5:52 am
claim to sport is far. thanks very much the german football association have rejected mesut ozil is claims of racism claims which prompted the arsenal star to quit the national team they did however can see they could have done more to protect him dominic cain has more from berlin. his international career is over now club duty's with arsenal have taken mesut ozil to the far east but in his absence the fallout from his retirement is reverberating around germany the newspapers have seized on his statement in which he pointed the finger at the german football association specifically and its president hein heart because linda accusing him of having a racially discriminative background as ill has been in the spotlight for his off the field actions since this moment posing with the turkish president both alone and with other german players who have turkish roots red chip type area one is
5:53 am
a divisive figure in germany as are the policies of his government but in the turkish community in berlin even among those who oppose aerotow on many support earth will and i think. begin fighting racism begins with showing people where the limits are we've had enough someone needs to say that to the german football federation that all players with non german backgrounds are welcome and we will make sure that you feel well in germany if you have a second or third home that's ok but you're here and you're a part of our society some in the football world here remember what happened after france won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eight how that multicultural team acted as a catalyst for then german hierarchy to change its thinking first of all they tried more integration they tried to build of more schools and as you see it worked in whether you were twenty one in four thousand or nine and whether with the team in two thousand and fourteen in brazil. you know that if there are success
5:54 am
nobody discusses where they come from. and yet after this summer's french victory in russia some did highlight the racial background of that team with one comedian describing the victory as africa winning the world cup something french officials angrily dismissed saying there is no hyphen in people's nationality they are french and only french. here in berlin mesut ozil does have one very powerful ally angle americal says she values him as a great footballer who did a lot for the national team and in his career he wore the national jersey ninety two times scoring twenty three goals and helping his team to win the world cup but now he says the levels of racism and disrespect he's received mean he will never wear this again dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. well earlier i spoke to paddy hague's age generalists from one football based in berlin and i
5:55 am
asked him if there was a chance as all could ever return to the national team. i actually think this is probably the end and as it was on the german national team there's been so much water go under the bridge now since before the world cup and so much has happened after some much more of words if you will that i really don't see this relationship to extend itself at all unfortunately because it does mean of course that germany lose one of the most talented players ever probably the most talented player of this generation and i don't mean the end of his career with the german national team at the relatively early age of twenty nine a couple of years ago before the euros are telling him something of you know. a race that sort of as you know he's born here in germany but has his roots elsewhere he was the target of the eye of the right wing party here in germany and and the day after you came out very very strongly in defense of paula tang so it's quite
5:56 am
interesting that they were to do so at that point i think those who has mentioned that as well and he does mention the difference between what he feels the way that they they did protect at that point but did not protect him in this case. american swimmer ryan lochte he has been suspended for fourteen months for a doping violation the u.s. anti-doping agency slapped the thirty three year old with the ban for an intravenous infusion the six time olympic champion had posted a picture of himself on social media receiving an i.v. which led to an investigation authorities discovered the substance exceeded permissible levels. his cricket team have sealed their first test series victory over south africa since two thousand and six they won the series two know by winning the second test in colombo by one hundred and ninety nine runs after setting south africa a mammoth victory target of four hundred and ninety. six wickets in the second innings including the winning wicket as they dismissed south africa for two hundred
5:57 am
ninety runs to wrap up the win. new zealand has continued to show its rugby dominance up to winning both the men's and women's world cup sevens titles in san francisco the all blacks sevens ran in five tries in their thirty three to twelve win over england in a repeat of the twenty thirteen final result means that new zealand are now men's and women's world cup holders in both the traditional fifteen a side game as well as the sevens. and stage three of the silk way rally was cut short bad weather meant drivers had to wade through muddy conditions overnight leader nasser t.-l. lost the out right lead england's harry had now leads the event by twenty minutes and fifty seconds the rally runs from the russian city astrakhan to the capital moscow. and that's all your support for now more later. but for me please it'll be the news team laura will keep you company in the coming hours i
5:58 am
will see you very soon. every. creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one told. a sweeping association of islam with violence. in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim coming soon on al-jazeera a new perspective can change the world. to launch an indian began as a home he has grown into a passion own way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country
5:59 am
a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is here on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months.
6:00 am
the characters. get their families back together the un's highest court rules against the un's blockade of castle which is keeping relatives of honks. out of their armored car while this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead. the language grows increasingly heated as u.s. and iranian leaders trade threats. long hot weeks ahead greece struggles to contain wildfires as the death toll climbs and villages all evacuated.


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