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when his country hosts the next world cup it was well this is the world this is. mills this is us. then the discussion shifted to politics the g.c.c. crisis and bilateral relations is one of the biggest investors in the u.k. and a major buyer of british military hardware. last year when saudi arabia bahrain and egypt sever ties with qatar and imposed a blockade doha twenty four typhoon fighter jets from the u.k. . during a ceremony. parade in central london the president of the flag over a joint squadron of qatari and british pilots who will protect the world cup in qatar t.v. read we're building strong military cooperation based on a model approach you'll see more joint operations in the future including squadron
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twelve which you'll see operating soon and through the coming years that's a first step there will be more cooperation in the future rick. britton has called on all the parties involved in the gulf diplomatic crisis to set aside their differences. the u.k. is very sad about the blockade a little bit really what lies between behind the blockade there doesn't seem any logical reason for the action but the u.k. must maintain good relations with all our states and that's why we are suggesting that kuwait is best placed to be the broker. qatar's charm offensive has been in full swing since the start of the gulf crisis it's become crucial at a time when the country continues to face and in bad. cuts was
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a huge financial investment around the world along with its agreements to apply help to the spots in the within to nuss little by little heavyweights and this is important for the gulf nation as the locating counties. that use these equalizes. says the are a whole scars essential long been and it simmers the london casting agency advertise for access ahead of their mirrors visit to play the will with people protesting against qatar on monday the agency extra people sent out an e-mail on behalf of a climb seeking a large group of people to fill space outside downing street during the visit of the president of cuts are lonely and went on this is an anti cuts our event will not have to do or say anything they just want you to fill space but after publicity on twitter and in the u.k. media agency withdrew the appeal saying as soon as we as a company became aware of what the job involved and why we withdrew our in for rent
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. you're watching live from london still to come on the program feeling the heat deaths in japan wildfires across europe what's turning up the temperatures across the northern hemisphere plus. i'm daniel shriner in northeastern brazil in a community does fighting to protect his land from hungry speculators who will stop at nothing. to get their hands on it. out of the temperatures have managed to make the teens in melbourne for the most a loss of four or five days the latest little winter trough that winter you think you dropped some snow on the heights and it probably did in the southeast of australia but melbourne still ends up with thirteen degrees in the sunshine following tasmania breezy about the clouds gone through effect sunshine prevails
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through most of the concert with temps has been on the low side but it's warming up slowly in perth ahead of the next rain on its way in sunshine seems likely in sydney and melbourne but another front is developing in the bite is heading towards adelaide where you get that after thursday through new zealand the picture is usually that's collected what went through southern australia well it's on its way that's to show you probably going to few hours but it looks like it's going to be a cloudy and increasingly wet day down the northern side of science island all the western side trust churches at nine degrees thirteen in oakland in what looks like a fairly sunny day brought one by the time we get to up through the arlen's in the west and south of the pacific it is right of the fine heavy rain there is still falling in the northeast of china and beyond that's the remains of a tropical cyclon yes he's got this phone calls but the heat wave prevails in japan .
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when people think of cuba they think revolution but a bonus is undergoing a revolution he told them let's go to the gym where it's and. we're here to discover if those changes are reflected on the plea that this is a few of these day if you include. russia i don't know i'm trying to read more to believe me. it's on belgians or. could remind of our top stories here on al-jazeera the seventy six people have been
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killed and almost two hundred injured by fierce wildfires to the greek capital athens rescuers fear they may find more bodies in coastal areas devastated by those fires hundreds of people are missing in laos after a partially build down gave way the collapse and flash close to a nearby villages killing an unknown number of people. israel shot down a syrian jet it says entered its airspace killing the pilot syrian military says the jet was flying over its holding territory. sixteenth and this is of quick nigeria's willing party in a major blow to president mohamed biharis bid for reelection so this makes the old progressives congress of the a.p.c. a minority party in the senate fourteen of the sixteen left have defected to the opposition people's democratic party thirty two members of the lower house of representatives also left the a.p.c. joined the p.d.p. last week another faction of the a.p.c. said it no longer supported biharis government presidential elections meanwhile are
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expected to take place in february twenty ninth. united states government has announced a multi-billion dollar aid package for his farm rice is to protect them from any potential trade war resulting from president tom's protectionists. white house correspondent kimberly how it is more. in many rural parts of the united states fears of an escalating trade war are real a lot of producers might not survive. in early july the u.s. slapped twenty five percent tariffs on hundreds of chinese goods imported into the united states china responded with its own measures targeting u.s. products china's one of the primary markets for us poor kids being an american farmers have been hit hard by the tit for tat tariffs we actually redirected shipments to from. china to other countries to alternate markets. with an increasing number of americans suffering the consequences of global trade tensions
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us president donald trump on tuesday began to lure in rural states to try and sell his trade war releasing twelve billion in aid to reassure farmers hurt by the retaliatory tariffs farmers will be the biggest beneficiary. we're opening up markets you watch what's going to. be a little patient but it's not just china the united states has also attacked other allies like the european union with tariffs on steel and aluminum and is threatening even more aggressive trade action if trade deals aren't renegotiated or said you have to change they didn't want to change or said ok good we're going to tariff your cars they send millions of cars mercedes. all of b.m.w. . as part of the new relief package the u.s. government will buy up excess supply in an attempt to stabilise america's
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agricultural economy but president trump will also need farmers to go to the voting booth an upcoming november midterm elections that will determine the future control of the u.s. congress and the critics are already calling this a payout to ensure he has their support for months democrats have slammed trump accusing him of abusing his trade authority given the mounting evidence farm states are being hammered by trump's america first trade agenda still the troubled ministration is ask leading its fight in addition to tariffs already in place white house is preparing to impose tariffs on billions more chinese goods kimberly help al-jazeera washington the scientists say climate change is fueling heat waves across the globe figures from muscle shoals that last month was tied as the third warmest in one hundred and thirty years of more than record keeping so there's been a heat wave in japan that's killed eighty people and it's been declared
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a natural disaster in some parts of the country temperatures have exceeded forty degrees celsius firefighters from across europe and now in sweden where so far this month there have been fifty forest fires the heat wave in the scandinavian region has seen temperatures top thirty degrees and that's been in the arctic circle last week all jerry recorded the hottest temperature ever reliably registered in africa fifty one point three degrees in the sahara desert we're seeing a climate scientist brenda it were still says human induced climate change is a strong influence and she says it's the new normal. unfortunately what we're seeing today is that events such as a stream heat wave that was extremely rare in the past is now more frequent due to the burning of coal oil gas and forests it is the new normal that unfortunately our public health procedures and our human infrastructure are not
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yet adapted to the amount of change that we already have brought upon the globe so for example researchers in tokyo studied a prior heat wave and found that the most dangerous part is that you have successive days of extreme heat with little relief in the nighttime summer temperatures. figures released by the campaigning organization for witness show that two hundred seven environmental activists were murdered around the world last year it's a new report said the killers often work from mining and logging companies and big agricultural businesses well as dangerous country as it has been for the past few years is brazil where fifty seven activists were killed then yes one reports from northeastern our highest state. i know you see here lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked our home she knows who ordered the attack and why we're going to develop
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on the communities land first as if you know we can't let them intimidate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us she's from can go on our lives in what's known as a community founded in the sixteenth century by a scape slaves it's brazil's oldest and his residents say they're more vulnerable than ever on drug government that's been going back environmental and human rights legislation. since i'm a player only don't know where to go for help we feel like we're in a close circle the federal government doesn't help us the local authorities don't care about us a mistake of mine try to bribe us with fifteen million dollars. from brazil is among the most concentrated on the call in the world those who ordered intimidation the murders a really brought to justice this road and the bridge i'm standing on cut right
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through the middle of the king or more community there was no consultation no negotiation no compensation the authorities simply came and they built evil but it will feel was killed in by. getting mad and yell and use a cloud or a bear or a mary or do a spiritual standoff in. brazil is consistently. the most dangerous country for environmental activists and these were just some of the nearly five hundred in the way murdered since two thousand and two trying to protect their land from big business. it seems that those who run the country are construction companies mining companies and the are group business when you have landis beats in brazil these economic groups define how the government reacts to cases of murder and threats and lucy is his her people have preserved this land they don't pollute the forest but when short term profit is put before sustainable development it's the most vulnerable the already marginalized who are most at risk than usual in their
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disease by your state brazil e.u. member states could soon receive seven thousand dollars for each migrant they rescued from the mediterranean sea the european commission is reporting the payment to help deal with the migrant crisis after italy's new government closed the country's borders to rescue vessels would also offer financial support to member states to set up so-called control centers italy is interior minister taylor has already rejected that idea. well the one hundred million people eligible to vote in wednesday's parliamentary elections in pakistan will choose candidates from three main parties in what some are describing as the dirtiest election the country has ever seen some of the debate is in the city of lahore and he sent us this report. on election day pakistan's military will make its presence felt it will be responsible for security
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a polling stations across the country on the request of the election commission the fucker stands more than three hundred seventy thousand troops are involved in the operation. in this election campaign was more bitter than most and some say the dirtiest ever in pakistan because of just a division. is full of hate largely they're defeated in the elections. they can be totally leggo if given what full particularly led not before the election is something that has happened to stand. for those of a week ago a colleague very close we managed the election. in iran hands the front runner his promises of change of been clouded by the inclusion of so-called electable politicians who previously won seats for other parties opponents draw parallels between him and members of his party when he criticizes the musharraf family for having children and assets abroad imran khan's
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also been accused of being the favored candidate of the powerful military establishment an allegation he denies. why can't the international media say there will be a new pakistan after july twenty fifth. the party of nigel former prime minister has been struggling to country its image of corruption since the panama papers investigation the russian his brother shahbaz has taken charge but he's also under investigation mailed money and used to be me me and my daughter maria are in prison because we started this movement to bring dignity. your fault no prime minister has ever completed a five year term in the last seventy years of his son but this is the second time a democratically elected civilian government is completing its tenure and the difference is clear when elected politicians went back to ask for votes in the areas where they didn't deliver returns and behind that. the third largest national
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force is the pakistan people's party led by bill often put to the diary but the son of the youth. has had to defend the bad state of affairs in sindh province his party has been in power for decades. for the first time people in the tribal areas can vote as part of the federation old alliances have been broken and new ones have emerged in baluchistan in the provinces nationally the ballots have been distributed and boxes are in place for one hundred six million pakistanis to vote political leaders the attempts of people rigging can only be defeated if people come out and water numbers some of those here are lahore. democratic republic of congo's health minister says the latest outbreak of the deadly ebola virus is over there fifty four cases and thirty three deaths in the outbreak that was declared in may health officials say a quick international response of the vaccination of more than three thousand people helped to contain the outbreak it was the country's ninth week since the
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virus was first identified back in one nine hundred seventy six meanwhile in the u.k. five doctors have handled handed back medals given to them by the government three years ago for their work on the a ball a crisis in west africa doctors are unhappy at the tightening of the rules in the u.k. national health service which means undocumented migrants have to pay for treatment here find out much more about the stories we're following at the al-jazeera website that's at w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. remind our top stories here on al-jazeera rescuers in greece and fear they may find more bodies to wildfires swept through coastal areas near the capital athens at least seventy six people have been killed and almost two hundred injured by the fires which broke out on monday afternoon many are still burning and were spreading through school plan parched by summer heat wave barker has more from the coastal
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village of massi where twenty six bodies have been found well as knowing drew is seeing you suddenly realize what the real impact of these fall is these on people's lives here they have no electricity they have no water the lights that we're using are being powered by generators but there's noise we also noted a few fires still flickering in some of the ruined buildings may now being slowly put out by the or thirty's it is a very weird very strange duck to juxtaposition because only a few meters down the road you've got the aegean sea but i'm no student what is in many places a child. hundreds of people are missing in lives after the partial collapse of a dam in the countryside ceased the collapse of the dam in the absence of provence and flash floods through nearby villages and on more number of people were killed local media are reporting when a six and a half thousand people have been left in the us. the israeli military shot down a syrian jet that it says entered its airspace killing the pilot the syrian
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government says the jet was fired on as it was taking part in operations against rebels on syrian territory qatar's amir is in london for talks with the british prime minister he met to resume a downing street where the pair discussed defense and security cooperation as well as doing work for the twenty twenty two football world cup in qatar. sixteen senators of quick nigeria's ruling party in a major blow to president mohamed do biharis bid for reelection next year the exodus makes the all progressives congress or a.p.c. a minority party in the senate fourteen of the sixteen who have left have defected to the opposition japan's record breaking heat wave has now been classified as a natural disaster officials say at least sixty five people have died in the unprecedented temperatures over the past week you're up to date those are your headlines a.j. eats is next and you can keep up to date at al-jazeera dot com see very soon but by
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. twelve boys in their football coach go missing deep in a cave in northern timer with rising floodwaters rescuers are running out of time and want to unease the inside story of time and extraordinary case on al-jazeera. havana the capital of communist cuba with this revolutionary past the city's often spoken often still frozen in time and associate it with toxic objects but the father is the throes of a revolution the relaxation of state control is transforming the economy people's ability to make money but that their access to. food a myriad of society it brings us together traces of divergent histories and open
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some new futurists. i'm on a journey to meet food lovers around the world and get the inside track of their cities through the food they love. the people who. are living in the moment of opportunity. since president raul castro introduced a new set of reforms in twenty love and tourism is growing and private enterprise is becoming easier. one outcome has been a boon impala doris the name given to small restaurants owned by individuals. carlos crystal ball marcus ball does open his restaurant some crystal ball in his home the way the moose taught.
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seems plain sad you have to be able to tell the objects recession this and. he. never told any of it or nor banned the moving water policy favorite around for if we had to be in the months. he. won the game a little game and if you can get around if they want to. train those on your wanting to and your a good deal they will. only mommy and gary want. so how does this. differ from.
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the internet. and it.
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gives them an influx of tourism. and setting up websites from the country. within cuba people don't have easy access. to. public. many people connect with. free. than ever before. the aim of the revolution was to ensure equality and most cubans work for the state
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and in about twenty dollars a month across the board. how cubans live on that as a recurring part of their story. today i need to allow. the author of the blog a taste of cuba which chronicles the food of his country. allotted. really good to meet you hello. thank you you've got the clothing memo yes we are full blower so we're used to uniform know what i know right. here is a market oh ok. to show you this first mark. goldman support mark all right so there is
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a big difference mark with market they have done the alders right you will see the other one big difference it's quite small actually yes that's the problem this is not a free market you know this is not offer and demand market so they have. less problems . you would see next so if a cuban came every day is it the same thinks it does it change. what it is when the season you know all. the supply guys will call me. if you find that you need get it you are not true to more and you will have it right here we have the basics right basics but you don't go hungry you know what is this is that was placed and what do you make with it. we haven't heard of this or will we call. you miss this is the slice of this wallop it was she's.
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really nice i remember this is one of my memories since i was a boy in this. line took me to a commercial market nearby so i could see the difference. what is considered cheap affordable this is cheap. there's a special kind of paper what we call it. this is very important to make. and you make of being soup this in q one you are not doing. a real human being to disagree. because we use it. and it means maybe. what.
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it means for you. to the. africa. you now become the cuba right. this is more expensive here. the woman market it's like it's the market you come why the last crisis. so the market is quite experienced with that. cuba is the. big. queue and your truth is that people will naturally. who. saw for me.
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the way. people. through. my blog. to vote. for me. now. i'm trying. to route. back to the people who put in a route. that we've experienced the internet in this country. for such limited knowledge so we have more. easily. you.
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can treat a foreign someone building a solid business providing for a cuban. these places. regular basis with a food similar to whom. you did. one of the moon smells good burial runs a one woman show dinah from the cozy apartment in. how long you been cooking for the people around here when all jojo was in on what i thought that i thought i'll do that as. i think. they got boiled pretty the.
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model you could see and i had a muddy. field a little see i'm a go look at all simply that one long name. on the ah you pull you out of the i said of the eye you go in my mental boy dumped on the already i'm alone with. your customers. and i may also. look at us a little problem that i. see. it all always about. all the mailrooms that you are the demise of. the phone rings continually with some for delivery of this to reserve a meal you do charges just over a dollar for a complete lunch. like that i don't.


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