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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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last night started around seven pm local time and according to the israeli military house used a group of around twenty children as cover for a sniper for a sniper attack against the israeli military saying that these children approached the feints the israeli military went down to investigate israeli soldiers and a sniper opened fire one israeli soldier was injured in that attack and the israeli military responded with attacking various hamas positions sri members of hamas is military wing the kasam brigades killed in those attacks israel also saying that around nine or nine projectiles were launched from gaza last night as well. most of them folding on empty ground at least one intercepted by israel's. very much she's blaming israel full this incident last night the situation here the
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smalling is very calm but tents now hamas released a statement around six am the small warning saying that israel will pay with their blood and a high price for these events and saying that it's full seas and full seas of other groups on high alert there was a statement last night also given by the group islamic jihad saying that they have every right to defend what they describe as their people so as i say there is. a worrying a worrying development last night but we have returns to what can only be described i suppose is as relative calm the smalling really want to happens between the two across the border is sort of having an in direct relationship and focus on the border crossing and whether vital supplies going into gaza when these incidents happen. that's right well karen. crossing was
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opened again for vital fuel resources and food and medicine on a case by case basis on tuesday the crossing remains open but of course as you say it is all dependent on there being this this calm remaining that crossing was closed by israel off the last. what was described as the worst escalation of violence between hamas and israel since the two thousand and fourteen war of course we saw that israeli soldier killed last week following protests on friday. apparently the small warning the israeli minister full security and strategic a phase. has told our radio station that we are being dragged into a wider operation with hamas and we are approaching with great strides yes the
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border remains open but it is very tense say in gaza this morning of course we're going into friday tomorrow when we expect more protests it's safe to say though that we have seen over the last week far fewer balloons launch those balloons carrying incendiary devices balloons and kites into israel but it's also vital to point out that israel has at least twice targeted what it says protesters trying to launch those balloons in the last few days we return to relative calm but a very tense situation in gaza this morning we leave the death of charles and of course to continue to monitor the day with you. as it progresses thank you. still ahead here all those are thousands waiting to be rescued following wednesday's down collapse in laos we have the latest on the other side of the break.
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hello there is still very hot for many of us across europe at the moment this to areas where we are seeing some wet weather there in the east we're seeing some scattered thunderstorms some of these are fairly violent though and they are bringing some very gusty winds and heavy downpours and then the other area where we're seeing some wet weather is out towards the northwest and this system is slowly going to be pushing in as we head through the next few days ahead of it there will be some thunderstorms developing but it's also going to be very hot so the far eastern policy of the u.k. will be very very hot there on friday we're also going to see the temperatures rise over parts of france through the low countries and into germany so generally speaking across europe the heat is still with us there's just a few areas where things are now a little bit more unsettled for the other side of the mediterranean largely fine and dry for us here the temperatures though have shot up again forcing chuen is so our maximum will be around thirty five or thirty six degrees as we head through the next few days the central belt of africa this is where all the wet weather is
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really we're seeing plenty of heavy showers through parts of sudan and then they rumble their way towards the west was in quite a few of them around nigeria at the moment to further north phoenicia seeing quite a few showers here on thursday as we all further west so for some of us in mali is also going to be a little bit wet times. when people think of cuba they think of revolution but ivana is undergoing a revolution and people problem. isn't the golden age we're here to discover if those changes are reflected on the plate but this is a few what is the queue in your. restaurant owner i'm trying to reach more leverage a.j. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching of his arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories those are still being counted in pakistan as a general election amid claims of vote rigging cricketer turned politician imran khan's of pakistan is leading the preliminary tally his opponents say they won't accept the results also a suspected firework device has exploded outside the u.s. embassy in beijing wounding a twenty six year old male suspect and no one else that's according to police in china the embassy in a separate statement described the device as a bomb. also israeli forces say they've targeted hamas military positions in the
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gaza strip killing at least three palestinians an army spokesman said its troops came under fire near the border with gaza didn't respond so it shelled several hamas posts. pro-government media in syria all reporting at least two hundred fifteen people have died and i still see his side bomb attacks they happened in the southern city of a way to close to the border with jordan syrian troops trying to clear one or held areas close to the israeli occupied golan heights from way stephanie decker reports a rare attack in the government held town of psuedo syrian state television says a suicide bomber blew himself up in the market and two more attackers were killed before they could detonate their explosives according to the reports. we heard the sounds in the early morning people started screaming there's an explosion stay away . i salute claimed responsibility for the attack it says it targeted government soldiers the group has lost huge swathes of territory over the last few years one
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of the last pockets of territory that i still controls is here behind us in the southern golan heights how the bombardment has also been very close to the fence where the israeli occupied golan heights has been intensive campaign underway by the syrian government and its russian ally to take it back he's really army is keeping a close eye on what is happening. russian jets roared through the sky before unloading their explosives we've seen syrian jets to one of which was downed on choose day by two israeli patriot missiles we heard the warning sirens go off we meters lee so this field on fire and we moved closer to find out what we could see. we weren't the only ones these israeli soldiers arrived soon after to inspect the ground. another field on fire and this one right opposite the offensive against eisel in the area where the jet went down. on wednesday both syrian and russian jets were back in the sky sources tell us that the syrian government is sending
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reinforcements to this area and one succeeds here it will be back in control of all of southwest syria stephanie decker al jazeera in the israeli occupied golan heights saudi arabia's that will temporarily stop transporting oil through the bar when the strait who the fighters of a tank to tank is carrying crude oil what is that to have been lightly damaged the straits located between yemen on the arabian peninsula djibouti they were trained in the horn of africa the coalition says it's trying to protect shipping routes such as the gulf of aden and the red sea which are used to bring middle east oil and goods from asia through the suez canal to europe roger schermerhorn is a research fellow at the lowry institute for international policy and a form australian army officer with extensive experience in the middle east he believes the saudis will resume shipments soon the fact that it targeted. and oil
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changes on the station the other. incidents very same hoody as you. lend to ship led by ship missiles have targeted military vessels and i think this is probably in order to calm the markets serry authorities have decided to temporarily put a halt to oil and oil tankers traveling through the belmondo but i think it will be a relatively short term proposition i don't think we're going to see a long term trend in rise in oil prices because i don't think that who. might be out a long term campaign of this type if there are any other coalition vessels who are targeted in this way you'll see a pretty swift response from those countries because freedom of navigation particularly net sensitive waterway is something that is really essential. to the
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maintenance of the economic lifelines in the coalition will take. take significant steps to ensure the debt occurs and we may well see as well additional force protection from. the maritime assets in the short term to ensure that there is freedom of navigation for those economically vital supply lines every thirty one people have diving greece after wildfires there athens rescue is also showing both the sea and of land as they try to track down missing people the barker reports from the two. well the relief effort here in matty and other places along this coastline is gathering pace the military has been drafted in to help distribute aid and the red cross have set up a command center in the town of rafa a bit further down the coast in terms of support well the prime minister alexis tsipras has offered short term financial aid for those worst affected but when it comes to this kind of damage where do you even begin this was
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a very very busy and very popular beach bar at this time of year would have been full of tourists both greek and foreign well in terms of the clear up operation that's also gathering pace as well this road only a day or so ago was completely choked with cars it is now at least clear but fears are now growing for those people who remain missing fire crews have been going from house to house searching the want to have to another there are still dozens of people in hospital some of them are in a critical condition when it comes to this area recovering well that road will be a very very long one at least twenty six people have been killed and more than one hundred are missing after a dam in laos collapsed on monday but the roads leading up to the damage damaged by floods and landslides about three thousand people are waiting to be rescued well thousands more lost their homes teams from thailand china and south korea are joining in the rescue operation louis has the latest employment penned in
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neighboring cambodia. rescue workers are still trying to reach thousands of people stranded in attitude province in laos after a dam that collapsed on monday this is now turned into an international effort with teams from thailand china and south korea assisting the lao government now and some of these people are hot difficult to reach because this is a very remote part of laos and the roads and bridges leading to these areas have been damaged and some people have been standing on the roofs of their homes because this is the only draw area they can find while they wait for help and rescue to arrive on the floodwaters are not only affecting laos but also neighboring cambodia as they start to flow downstream into the northern province of still trying in cambodia about two hundred kilometers from where the dam collapsed now and the cambodian authorities issued an alert on tuesday and started evacuating about a thousand two hundred families or about five thousand people on tuesday night it's
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not yet known how many more people will be affected cambodian authorities say this number could go up because very many people live along the river in this area having said that if the weather stays dry then it is very likely that the effects of the dam collapse in laos will be contained to just trying province in cambodia police and the rest of the man suspected of salt or at least follow follow the full spiles of people to through their homes communities are being threatened in the southern part of the state east of los angeles. homes have already been destroyed california is currently in the midst of a huge wave that spurred on the follows. now the last six members of a japanese culture responsible for a subway attack in the one nine hundred ninety s. have been executed thirteen people were killed and nearly six thousand people were injured after the group released poisonous sarin gas in tokyo subway in march one thousand nine hundred ninety five the group belonged to the old machine reiko
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doomsday cult its founder was executed earlier this month. south sudan's rival leaders have come to a new power sharing agreement three years after their previous deal collapsed salva kiir right where shar will sign the final accord of all was the fifth official news agency says care world lead the transitional government will return as vice president the two men are attempting to bring a political end to a four year civil war tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions of others have been forced out of their homes. zimbabweans are heading to the polls on monday to elect their president and members of parliament is the first election without robert mugabe at the helm but the opposition says the upcoming polls are already fraught with problems from the capital harare malcolm webb reports. just days to go until the bob ways
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presidential election. from school and opposition parties say the risk of regularities with the electoral process including problems with the ballot papers and i don't think it's sensible for elections to be described as they've raised them in a series of meetings with the electoral commission and all the parties the commission that led. display but there. again is. the representatives of the rulings and who p.f. the party of former president robert mugabe walked out of this meeting saying they'd been insulted the opposition represented in this ng to be implying that isn't impartial and that it is on the side of the only yes but they participated in selecting those commissioners and. it does not engage them people we only hear
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is political parties and those accusations are completely untrue. with no agreement reached opposition supporters came. to hear what their leader nelson chamisa had to say make sure that we the people stopped. the deception it wasn't stopped this is now. being instituted raise that we are going to you know our numbers and defeat them in fact we want to make sure that they will not steal this election. the opposition enjoys overwhelming support in the urban areas it is no longer backed by western government as it was during mugabe's tenure and short of money and it is the rulings only p.f. parties paraphernalia is much more visible here in the capital harare like this banner on the side of their party headquarters and the party has decades of experience of using violence and other tactics to win past elections that were
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widely seen to be unfree and unfair. but some things have changed since mccarthy was deposed in a coup last year under the watch of his successor and zanu p.f. presidential candidate. the campaigns haven't seen the widespread violence of the past he needs the polls to seem credible the opposition already say they're not. al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. you're watching their arms the whole robin a reminder of our top news stories hours after polling i didn't back a sales general election the country is still waiting for the official results votes are still being counted across all constituencies. but that hasn't stopped celebrations of supporters a ticket or turned politician imran khan's party which has been leading the projected to liberate tally his opponents of our story from the ruling p m l and is
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alleging blatant election rigging a charge the electoral commission has rejected. a suspected firework device exploded outside the u.s. embassy in beijing waiting a twenty six year old man. male suspect no one else that's according to the police in china the embassy in a separate statement described the device the ball state media said police took away a woman outside the embassy andrew brown has more from beijing the woman covered itself in gasoline attempted to two steps fired that was it an eleven am local time and then we got reports two hours later of an explosion outside the u.s. embassy so it's possible that we're talking about two incidents now if they are to him since then of course it raises the question over whether there's been you know a serious security not outside the u.s. embassy a short time ago the police here in beijing issued
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a statement saying that at around one o'clock a twenty six year old man from from inner mongolia detonated what they say was a device that looked like fireworks exploded and injured his hand israeli forces say they've talked with hamas military positions in the gaza strip killing at least three palestinians an army spokesman says its troops came under fire on the border with gaza and in response as shells several hamas positions it comes just days after hamas leaders agreed to a cease fire with israel to prevent hostilities from escalating. at least twenty six people are being killed and more than one hundred are missing after a dam in laos collapsed on monday when the roads leading up to the dam and damaged by floods and landslides about three thousand people are waiting to be rescued while thousands more lost their homes those were the headlines here on al-jazeera more news in half an hour next its inside story to stay with us.
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and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. german or turkish footballer mesut ozil his resignation from the german national team has triggered the debates on racism and integration so how will germany's and europe's multicultural society deal with the issue this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby racism and disrespect those were
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the reasons mesut ozil gave for quitting the german national team after being blamed for germany's shock defeat in the first round of this year's world cup he created a media storm after having his picture taken with the turkish president wretch up type one and may critics began to question his loyalty and they accused him of loving turkey more than germany was always born in germany to a turkish family the german football association has rejected a claim of racism they did however concede they could have done more to protect him will be discussing those issues with our panel in a moment but first dominic cain sets up today's discussion from berlin. his international career is over now club duties with arsenal have taken mesut ozil to the far east but in his absence the fallout from his retirement is reverberating around germany the newspapers have seized on his statement in which he pointed the finger at the german football association specifically and its president hein heart
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linda accusing him of having a racially discriminative background earth still has been in the spotlight for his off the field actions since this moment posing with the turkish president both alone and with other german players who have turkish roots red chip type area one is a divisive figure in germany as are the policies of his government but in the turkish community in berlin even among those who oppose aerotow on many support earth will . begin fighting racism begins with showing people where the limits are we've had enough someone needs to say that to the german football federation that all players with non german backgrounds are welcome and we will make sure that you feel well in germany if you have a second or third home that's ok but you're here and you're a part of our society some in the football world here remember what happened after france won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eight how that multicultural team acted as
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a catalyst for the then german hierarchy to change its thinking first of all they try more integration they tried to build up more schools and as you see it worked and whether you were twenty one in four thousand or nine and with or without a team in two thousand and fourteen in brazil. you know that if there are success nobody discusses where they come from. and yet after this summer's french victory in russia some did highlight the racial background of that team with one comedian describing the victory as africa winning the world cup something french officials angrily dismissed saying there is no hyphen in people's nationality they are french and only french. here in berlin mesut does have one very powerful ally angle americal says she values him as a great footballer who did a lot for the national team and in his career he wore the national jersey ninety two times scoring twenty three goals and helping his team to win the world cup but
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now he says the levels of racism and disrespect he's received mean he will never wear this again dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. ok let's bring in our guest joining us today here on inside story from ankara yousif cannily a turkish journalist and former the editor of the how to get daily news out of berlin we'll be talking to football commentator and radio host and in brussels julian to us french sports journalist and writer welcome to you all gentleman use of candy and korea first is he german or is he turkish of course he's a turkish gentleman like me i'm a turkish cypriot no one can deny my cypriot not so my turkishness their message is ill is german all turkish origin and is proud of being turk and being a gentleman and this is what he has been saying all along they have their whole thinking that his idea or ignoring his turkish big grant or deny his
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german identity would of course be a racist up roasted issue and that's why he was really serious with the treatment he received the very he will start since truly was a gentleman that he was a fool he was a turk the so-called unacceptable eric glasser in berlin can he really be both. well officially is a german citizen years played for the german national team and the. twenty one national team and his roots of course his parents and all his ancestors they are turkish and for sure he was raised in girls and kiran where many people from turkey are staying and living and i guess there when he was a young guy he was talking more turkish than a german language julian doing in brussels player of the year five times how do you
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go from being so incredibly naturally successful on the pitch to saying i've had enough i can't do this well in the end i think the political side of this affair has made in say he he can't do it anymore because you know a footballer is also a human being and is it as ill as a man of two cultures. can't understand why he's been such criticized by reprinting his roots and india and it can't like jew is job anymore in proper conditions you see in ankara what does this say about football in germany or perhaps about people who would describe themselves as being football fans in germany. course the kirksville probably seeing ozil in the german
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national league edition of team or his sack says his reports that arsenal are would hire hear me out when he's made big news in turkey now it is as though this course is for certain soccer is very important in turkey as well as it is in any other part of the cut the world. you know at his home town. state was named after him and now they are changing the photograph. previously it was only in the. german national team suited now one that is shaking hands with. it's of course important is a public figure. but if you love me i've been there and footballer posing with a political figure might not be the best thing to do but the criticizing him for debt or accusing of him being more torque or war whatever i can understand.
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discriminating him because of that is equally but eric last a football is posed with politicians all the time we saw the french president emmanuel macro wrapping himself up in the flag when he's his team did very very very well at the world cup this comes down to at some level surely the nature of mr de one because that's why the racist comments were made because it was a reaction to mr tough guy image. i mean everybody knew when and who is ill took this picture together that a couple weeks after that in turkey they had elections everyone knew it and i'm quite sure that ms would still new that also. i'd will not blame him for that because his roots are turkish no doubt about it but i will blame his advisors they took advantage of him for many years now they achieved his bank account and their
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own of course but this is advise they gave him to pose with ever gone for this big was wrong. in brussels are they a bigger social issues in play here dominic cain berlin correspondent there was talking about. the argument that the reason between france and a cable news network anchor who was talking about the world cup having been won by quotes africa and then you get into that whole territory of ownership who owns it where the people come from etc and then that plays into the multicultural debate well the situation is kind of complicated in france because issue take the victory at the walk of twenty years ago the players where. taken as examples of multicultural is he and they were given a role that isn't their role their role is actually to play football on the pitch
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and twenty years later the players just wanted to represent france they all so then says french players for example if you take the defender belgium indeed he answered to a tweet who. try to show all the origins of the french players by responding with twenty three french flags showing that all the players see themselves as french and they and so it's not really understandable in france that a brode some people no matter there are people from the streets of anchormen talk about the the victory of the african team also because in france this debate is history clee. extreme right wing debates when you speak about the african regions of some players. you and the extreme right wing game and that this is something we
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don't want we don't want to do anymore because it would actually just ruin the joy of winning the world cup or a glass or what's your reading of the german if a deal be handled this because they at one point said we need an explanation they already had an explanation but it didn't seem to get any traction with the. well the dia of beers made the mistake just before the world cup did start. after the pictures were published with the other one who. do not forget the other guy. there was a press meeting in preparation of the world cup and they asked the grand to talk to the press people of germany and he did it and never the less than that in the first match after that the people in the stadium there were shouting on going no on and there there didn't like his appearance now for germany who is ill didn't talk to the press he didn't talk at all until last sunday and that was
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a big mistake the idea of be there should have forced him to give at least the small statement why he has done this picture at this point of the year was missed they are the ground so they missed it and now they belong to the group of the losers ok let's pause for a second and take a closer look at how prevalent racism is in football in june after sweden's defeat at the world cup swedish player jimmy dumas was criticized for his performance and racially abused on social media earlier this year belgian me she but she we who was playing for the german club or us your daughter on during a europa league game in italy was subjected to racist monkey chants from atalanta fans in january jefferson the colombian central midfielder who plays for spain's levante says he was abused on the pitch by a still to be a good striker and leon balogun and both players for local german teams said they
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were abused by some fans during the warm up before a domestic game uses cannily in ankara how is this being not reported in turkey how how is this being perceived in turkey is there any question in turkey that this is racism. yes and by and large they are over as an acronym and. in all the end pro-government circles it media which is the government is getting this and this idea. this is the races who. acted in a manner defending it's not his national honor this is the general perception and. as i said it his own power to place the photograph over here to the street a day after him removed the. photograph it from the colors and instead put of what put down shaking hands. this has become
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a national sentiment but don't forget this decision or this move came immediately after the enter supriyo they are jailed money is it i mean even the chancellor merkel said i committed that there was a problem in germany regarding treatment ordered by dorothy's order for eight years eric last if we just broadness for a second we live in a time particularly in the context of europe of identity politics do we now have to face up to reality we live in a time as well of identity sports where people want to mislabel or relabel individual players and then say the worst things that you can say about somebody. well i think we have the same opinion about upcoming racism and the strong right wings in every almost every country in europe and that germany has the same
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problem ten years ago when there were guys like kid you are originally from to nisha who is ill from turkey or board whose father is from ghana there was not a problem you have idiots in the stadium everywhere when they see dark guys and they do not belong to their own team they shout on them and they do this monkey sound and something like that but is getting stronger now as in general in the society racism and the red wing are getting stronger everywhere in india is in brussels why is football getting more and more therefore politicised is it just that it's so incredibly popular and you've got that blend of lots of money and lots of good players you know finding their way around the world because they say come to europe on a good deal they get the passports but they don't deserve what this individual was
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on the receiving end of. that's actually a good question because it's quite paradoxal if you take the ultras in the stance they claim for non political football and as the clubs has become multi-national companies they also don't want football to be involved with politics i though is like any of us are values like fighting homophobia i have fighting racism fighting and system it isn't that the thing is. the players have become. products and they tend to to be to become more and more neutral and the fact that some political incidents occur at that time might reassure us that they are still humans and that football is still a human game and know no matter home home much money is involved you cannot take the feelings out of
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a human being and you cannot. yet also take a take of the. the fights he he he he wants to make in order to to represent his roots or to represent his personality and that's the same for everyone which is in involved in football every class of it has been along a long ongoing campaign get wrist kick racism out of football that's been the what ten fifteen years now if you're right and there's more racism in the game do we need to go back to basics on this because clearly the get racism out of the game campaign it's not working. well if you think of the world cup in russia many people before the world cup they said oh russia they have problems with home or for b. and something like that they don't like black people we didn't see that you're in the world cup so you can't say it was not successful but in many cities where you
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have social problems i mean paris is a good example berlin is another example. in many cities like that the people go to the stadium and they want to live out their emotions and if they read every day in the newspapers or watch television and they get anxious about the foreign people there they will let their emotions out then and the stadium and that's how racism works in the brains of the people you see in ankara is that how politics works in the brains of the people to pick up that phrase there from eric who you are because if one has engaged at all when. playing. that's not football ok there's a game going on on the pitch but it's also tribalism it's about loyalty it's about politics and it's it's always a dog whistle match. our fortune of this reality will live in their belongings or
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the identity of the people i mean how can you deny eight. how good how can he did night if a prisoner in our country in white suv or a cup of tea. in london. how can you say no if you are offered a photo portal to meet the president how can you say no will you like it or not it's difficult to say no particularly for our poll and our political soccer player how could he say no or if his program a. person of good is a dog because politics and the sports as you rightly said are in terror related politicians are very much aware of the importance. of football in everyday life and they exploited to the maximum to get votes and they are indeed the whole affair around is ill is
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a. poor fish for some a more populous city to get over even the embargoes. imposed on him in the european. and in us look the campaign. and he tried to read as much people as possible through thoughts political of the such deals i may dislike it yes but the. one tactical politics to exploit everything possible or to yours or to vote. the platform of you have to pass on the message erick we should perhaps just the sake of clarity restate what he said when this whole controversy blew up and he was on the receiving end of this racist abuse on various social media platforms he said look i went along out of respect for the office of the presidency not necessarily for the president himself he didn't go there out of respect or political support for the one his line is it was it was for the seal of
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the office eric if the german f.a. is to do something more to get round this issue or to destroy this issue because there is clearly question there are clearly questions to be asked here what can it do and would the german f.a. take him back. i know for sure not and i don't agree with the official opinion of me is that i mean he knew that he knew about the elections coming up in turkey and he knew of course that this picture would be public relations for ms they had a gram so never talk about just about the president we are talking about the president and ozil knew also that in germany many people don't like ms they are gone and his politics he was talking about the bring in turkey closer to europe in fact he did just the opposite thing so to the cows earth will i think
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he's gone he's gone for germany now he's gone for the national team and there will no come back ever be june do as. he'll never make a comeback will world football come back from this is world football heading into a dark time when it comes to those those relationships between individual players the relationships between individual countries but i think it's just the beginning of the long story which never going to end actually it's not the first case won't be the last one. and you have to make a difference between club football and nation of the team football which are two very different things i mean in the first case no matter where you come from no matter what you represent as long as you play correctly on the pitch for for the for the club when when it comes to the nation of the team. we're some
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players will always have a double identity and it all always depends of the people who they represent i mean here in western europe the fans are very attached to the to the shirts to to the crest and they're very keen on when they're represented tense to play for their country the country of the fans who cheer for them and in in that in that case. measure to zele and many other players all over the world we always have the rights to have two identities but they also have to understand then the fans don't understand when they gave their hearts like messages in said to two countries because for them there is only one team one shot one nation ok we will have to leave it there gentlemen thank you very much thanks to our guest use of kindly eric glass and julian to us and thank you to you too for your company the
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across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the six to bogost al-jazeera will have of the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal feelin exploitation system the laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust an al-jazeera. area. cricketer turned politician abroad kong leads the race in pakistan as votes are counted in the general election. cohen's little raman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here and also coming up an explosion is heard outside the u.s. embassy in beijing as police say a firework like device was used. also the death toll rises to two hundred fifteen
4:49 pm
in syria following wednesday's suicide attack in the southwestern city of plus. i'm a clock reporting from out in greenland a white sled dogs a fundamental part of inuit culture but the climbing in number. welcome to the program we begin in pakistan where votes are being counted in the general election. supporters of the cricketer turned politician imran khan already celebrating his party is leading in the projected preliminary tally calls opponents of the ruling p. and l. and alleging blatant election rigging charge the electoral commission has rejected some a binge of it as the latest from the hole. they came to cause their ballots against the law and. believes her vote is her strength. i
4:50 pm
thought it so our country can prosper i'm paralyzed but i came to because i love. to stop people from exercising that power a suicide attack happened outside a polling station the bomber was stopped as he tried to enter the busy area more than thirty people were killed. is an attempt to disrupt the political process but people will not be affected by this. and for the most part they were not millions came out to vote even for those convicted of corruption and serving jail time. for no as me forget the criticism our heart is with. the rights activists it brings concerns about people manipulation in these elections and internationally wanted to say not enough observers were there to bureaucratic delays and we have just a hundred and twenty. on the ground there working in teams over there in
4:51 pm
islamabad. and. not in place because of security reasons. as the votes were being counted supporters of iran fun came out to celebrate for them the result was pre-determined. this is the first time we've had a chance to defeat the two parties who've been in control taking turns of power. in an early morning news conference the muslim league said the election was rigged they claimed their party was targeted that voting was deliberately slowed down and results were manipulated. it's not about government or opposition it's about the future just going tree it's about the method of the people it's about you know darned well being are mostly to do it's a larger issue not just the pm and then but all major political parties apart from
4:52 pm
him. every ticked at the preliminary results on thursday they will decide what to do next but some bunch of old reporting from the whole world from islam about quite high to has more on the political developments so far. most of that have gone. as far as the polling is concerned. needing that good renard be a problem for them to form a government. and maybe even into. one province. have . a strong position and up one job and get that with the independent and smaller parties they have a simple majority even end up. with the strong family the political. thing. and that day may be planning some sort of agitation within the next few days should really be important because. one thing is
4:53 pm
clear that emraan is heading for. need to be the next prime minister of pakistan. or be important to see how the political opposition is going to react to their. political instability or are the politicians going to reconcile with the idea. major defeat that their traditional parties have been booted out and then the new party rejects promising accountability and change has been boarded by a watch majority of the electorate though there's been an incident sign the u.s. embassy in beijing the state media says the woman is trying to spark a fine ups and downs in itself and gasoline at least an hour later an explosion was heard outside the embassy followed by smoke rising the entry kate. to see you so moment we heard a loud bang up the time so everyone ran towards the front of the embassy i didn't
4:54 pm
see anyone get arrested we didn't know what was going on at the time so people just ran we thought it was firecrackers at first then we were told there was an explosion they threw brown is live with me now from beijing adrian you are at the scene of the. what seems to have happened and what seems to be happening now. well at the moment so here that you can see things are pretty relaxed behind me the embassy is up and running again once more that the visa section is open in fact the visa was section was opened less than an hour after this explosion happened now we have had a statement issued by beijing police who say that a twenty six year old man from one of china's northern provinces in a mongolia is the person they say who tried to set off what they say was a suspicious fireworks like device now they said this device injured his hands and he was taken to hospital the statements also been issued by the u.s.
4:55 pm
embassy here and they say that the device was an explosive of some sort so the embassy and the police very much issuing the same sort of narrative right now but the pictures that you would have seen and i would have seen on social media show a large plume of smoke hanging over the embassy that was at about one am local time and that seemed to suggest that it was a a large explosion we have spoken to and the c. employee and she told us that there was a very loud explosion and as a result embassy staff were evacuated to what she says were safe of the embassy and this operation was supervised by u.s. marines now we have had and really a report i can't substantiate but it's in the global times newspaper and it says that some two hours earlier a woman stood outside the embassy and sprayed herself with what appeared to be petrol of some sort and then tried to set herself on fire but as i say that report
4:56 pm
hasn't been confirmed if it was two incidents like this so close together it would speak of a major security lapse but i think that the fact the embassy is now open again that the visa section is open suggests that. the security risk has now dropped somewhat for the moment leave it there adrian and continue to monitor events with you through the day thank you. if you are being held for some of the more than two hundred victims of separate eisel suicide bomb attacks in southern syria the attacks happened on wednesday in the government held city of ours where close to the border with jordan a state media says a suicide bomber blew himself up in the market area another bombing reportedly took place in a separate district it comes as government troops continue their campaign to clear an i still held area that's close to the israeli occupied golan heights let's cross over to stephanie decker who's following events for us in the occupied golan heights mullard the news really coming out from the area where you are what's going
4:57 pm
on. the conflict behind us not swayed i'm assuming so just to show you there's been an intensive air campaign it's been going on for four days but what we've been watching this morning does seem to be a step up this is the last pocket of territory that i still controlled particularly in southwest syria the russians together with the syrians have been hitting it very hard today for the first time we've also seen outgoing rocket fire from syrian army positions towards eisel positions it's very very close to the fence or the israeli occupied golan heights and just yesterday in fact sort of late afternoon to miss isles arrant according to the israeli army they were targeted here but they were spillover let's say they basically flew over the airspace here and into the sea of galilee and now the israeli army responded by taking out the rocket launcher it
4:58 pm
says was responsible for that according to sources that was eisel so it just goes to show how close it is but certainly it is a very active campaign underway to try and push the group affiliated with i so out of this area we're also trying to understand where these guys will pockets in the area and sort of where the fighting seems to be focused. the you can probably hear that outgoing rocket fire i don't think our cameras going to be able to pick it up but the fighting is focused just behind me so this is the only pocket of opposition held territory that isis of controls and southwestern syria the syrian government has been making very fast headway here particularly making deals with rebels particularly in could nature that was the last deal step out of shot so you see some of it unfold no deal at the moment here are so hell being offered to this group which is affiliated with eisel so the government very
4:59 pm
keen to take it back so yes so this is what you're seeing unfold in front of you very very close to the fence for the israeli occupied golan heights we'll leave it there for now stuff things to be updated. still ahead here all over there is roll call result has strikes into gaza in response to rocket attacks from hamas. and why saudi arabia is holding oil shipments through a key waterway off the coast of yemen. and the sounds great. in the streets. the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there it's still very hot for many of us in the northern parts of europe some of the animals in the zoo were suffering a little bit like this gorilla trying to trump on some rather icy bits of cucumber there and it's going to need more cucumber over the next few days because the temperature if anything is going to get even higher for some of us in the northwest
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in parts of europe so it's up temperature probably of around thirty five in paris thirty two in london and then as we head through into friday ordered the temperatures here reading the same i think they'll be isolated spots where the temperature is a raven high in fact for parts of eastern england the temperature could get up to thirty seven degrees and it could end up being a record breaking july temperatures so incredibly hot at the moment and staying that way as we head through the next few days for the western part of the u.k. things are changing here thanks to this weather system that's working its way and that is bringing us a little bit of rain and some cloud and that will drag down the temperatures we're also seeing slightly less hot weather for the southeastern parts of europe and that flanks of them from the storms here there's a lot of moisture generally in the atmos.


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