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this is al jazeera. allow i'm not matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes in pakistan the tally isn't official but imran khan claims victory. and ask elation or maybe not yemen's who say they hit the abu dhabi airport with a drone the amorality say it didn't happen. the u.s. uses a conference promoting religious freedom to threaten turkey. and a day after washington and the e.u. call a truce in their trade war france's president says the agreement isn't good enough .
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pakistani cricketer turned politician imran khan has declared victory in the general elections promising to build a new pakistan both are still being counted in the official result won't be confirmed until friday but rival parties are already questioning the outcome of aid has more from lahore. pakistan. could be a victory even before results were announced. a decisive leader. has promised a lot for the people the huge number of votes the people gave him because he can do what others think. he should the leader he's probably says and he should do a lot for the masses he should deliver now otherwise he situation with the worse out of now we're sorry. he said. voted for change and after twenty two years in
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politics it finally worked for their leader. i'm thankful to god for the twenty two year struggle today god has given me the opportunity that i have dreamt of a dream for pakistan accountability will start with me then my ministers and then we will work our way down but the vote count has been controversial pakistan muslim league which won a majority and when he says their mandate was stolen from them there's also been criticism from put to be a religious correlation and others but the election commission denies there was any foul play and there's a guy by the complaints that we received procedural in nature and there's no complaint of misconduct in the elections so we are satisfied that the execution of the elections this free. kick. imran khan's one pledges of change and people in pakistan even those who did not vote for him want him to deliver by improving
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living conditions healing the economy and fighting corruption will be are you so you can take him out of the reach of a government comes it should do good for us we want water gas and electricity. obviously there are other problems as well they should be problems. in punjab province plans to form a coalition government but he has promised to fight tooth and nail to save their provincial influence the challenge for the cricketer turned politician is to create an inclusive government and then keep it running for five years so far all major political parties apart from the p.d.i. have reservations about the results they've called for an all parties conference in the federal capital islamabad it is going to be a numbers game to form a government and imran khan does not have those numbers alone the big question is who will he form an alliance with. others there are a lot jeremy irwin is a pakistani t.v.
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anchor and political analyst he says imran khan has been responding to those rigging claims in a novel way. well this is a very tricky situation because the same thing happened in the last elections when emraan said there was a lot of rigging and his ballot boxes weren't opened not today the opposition is saying exactly the same but here i think we got a breath of fresh air and he said in his speech that he's willing to see whatever allegations and whatever you know mismanagement has been taking place he's willing to basically investigate it but to here the situation is not that e.t.i. has won the situation is the fragility of the matter age which might take place between p m l n and the pox on people's party that is where the real crux lies yemen is who the rebels say they've attacked abu dhabi airport with a drone a u.a.e. official has denied their claim they airport tweeted earlier that there had been an incident involving a supply vehicle but said it had not affected flights or operations it's not clear
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if the tweet was referring to the same incident on wednesday the who he said that attacked a saudi arabian naval vessel but the saudis say they actually hit an oil tanker over the last three years the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have been leading a military coalition which is supporting yemen's government and its war against the who things in the past few months rebels have launched a number of missiles into saudi arabia and its capital riyadh well the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general stefan to judge says the latest events highlight the need for dialogue to end the crisis where all these events to underscore the need to put an end to this conflict and to find a political solution as if we still needed to be reminded after all these years after all the suffering of the yemeni people. this conflict is and has been has had regional implications when. commercial navigation
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is starting to get impacted the movement of goods from global trade to start to get impacted all these the continuance of this conflict has many many implications the most important one being the suffering of civilians in yemen well david roche is an associate professor at the near east south asia center at the national defense university he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time sir that appears to be a pattern here the who say they've launched an attack and either the saudis of the u.a.e. say either it didn't happen or they hit something else given your experience of this what do you think has happened here. well from what my experience tells me the first rule is that first reports in warfare are often wrong most likely wrong. i think that the these do tend to over exaggerate their reach and their prowess they're aiming for a strategic effect to cause unease in the u.a.e. and the saudi heartland which have been mostly not affected by the war in yemen
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they want to bring that war home but the second possibility is that they have been able to have some sort of minor impact and if that is in fact the case i wouldn't be surprised to hear the way i do it if i was a hoot the i'd have a drone attack i'd wait for the denial than i'd show footage but we just don't have enough to know right now if i understand it correctly that up until about early april of this year the majority of attacks that the who things were carrying out involved ballistic missiles then there seemed to be an uptick in the number of attacks that they were claiming were being carried out by drones are we seeing a change in the way that the who these are carrying out this conflict or is it an addition to the way they've been doing it before. i think it's in addition i mean the who these have surprised everybody with their ballistic missile capacity i believe that they are being resupplied by iran and the fact that they have been
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able to reach out towards riyadh so far they haven't been able to hit any targets in riyadh but that is disturbing for the saudis. the drones have been an ever present feature of the battlefield they've been providing reconnaissance and providing attacks for the who these and that's just the way of warfare now every modern battlefield now sees drones with the russians have had drone attacks in syria this is just the way it's going to be going forward for everybody if the claim is correct and they have used a drone to attack abu dhabi that specific target abu dhabi airport it seems to have been quite a sophisticated operation if it has come from yemen and it's traveled over i think saudi arabian territory in order to reach that specific target do you think that the who he's actually have the capability to be able to do something like that or has it been launched by somebody else from somewhere else. i don't think that it was launched from the huth the held parts of yemen i think that it's
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probable that if there was in fact a drone attack which we're still not sure of that they probably the launchers probably moved towards the u.a.e. or possibly could have launched it within the u.a.e. you know we drones can be very small they can be you know concealed in commercial cargo it's possible that say a truck just offloaded by the side of the road set the drone up with the preposition g.p.s. coordinates and off it goes so we just don't know whole lot here but one thing we do know is that that sort of a long distance would be that would be surprising it would be a stretch for the who the capabilities i know that you've examined some of the drones that the who these have used in the pasta in your assessment who is supplying these drones iran. their chinese commercial drones they come from iran. there's no doubt that iran is supplying off-road mines ballistic
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missiles drones and some small arms and that's been verified by a number of n.g.o.s let's widen out the context a little bit obviously there was the attack yesterday on either or a warship or a crude oil tanker depending on which side you talk to in the. strait given this attack that if it has happened as you say as you rightly say we don't yet know the full details but let's assume for the sake of argument that this has been some sort of attack by the who sees what kind of message do you think the who he's a sending by carrying out these types of attacks. yeah well first off it's very very common to mistake ships when you're when you're attacking them so i wouldn't be surprised if the who the narrative you know that they thought they were attacking a warship in his tanker but the impact of this is serious because this strikes at the juggler of saudi arabia in spite of the reforms under vision twenty thirty
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which i think everybody says is needed saudi arabia still very dependent on petroleum and so any it has to export that by ship so any threat against free navigation of commercial shipping is a threat not just to saudi arabia but to all the g.c.c. states to include cutter in the u.a.e. . obviously the battle mand is only saudis but this is something will be taken seriously not just by saudi arabia but also by the maritime countries recall the united states you know also took a missile attack and we attacked facilities on the ground in order to do that freedom of navigation is a very serious thing for the united states and for the united states navy to see a major commercial and military partner sees shipping through an area that's that's viewed as a challenge to the u.s. navy i think so this won't last for long without a response from both the saudis and probably from from the americans and other partners let me ask you about the other response we've seen already the way that
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the saudis have responded in relation to the incident that happened yesterday in this straight how do you think the u.a.e. is going to respond given the fact that this if it is proved that the who these have actually carried out this this attack and once again we should stress that we don't know whether or not that is the case but if it is proved the night is the case how do you think the u.a.e. is going to respond to that. it's hard to see to be honest i mean the u.a.e. is pretty much. fully committed into yemen there's not much more they can do that they can't do without incurring a great deal of damage to civilian infrastructure and the criticism from their security partners in the west. i think one possibility they might look at is bringing the fight to the iranian sponsors of the who thiis iran did not create the who thinks but iran does support the who these and his capitalizing off of them and so i think that it's possible you might see some sort of retaliatory measure
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against. vulnerable raney in facility or maybe shipping in the gulf something of that nature but in general the iranians have shown a great deal of forbearance and if they're saying there's no attack then it's logical there won't be any reaction to the attack that they say didn't exist good as always to get your response to this david roche thank you very much indeed but i'm going to station has set off a new diplomatic row with turkey over a u.s. citizen who's been in jail since twenty sixteen and as our state department correspondent rosalynn jordan reports the threat of sanctions against ankara came during a conference to promote religious freedom. u.s. vice president mike pence talked about persecution during the first ever state department conference on protecting religious freedom around the world hence highlighted the case of u.s. born minister andrew bronson jailed nearly two years ago in turkey on charges he was involved in the attempted coup against president recip tayyip erdogan on but no
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one expected pence to say this if turkey does not take immediate action to free this innocent man of faith and send him home to america. the united states will impose significant sanctions on turkey until pastor andrew bronson is free to nap after a tweet from president donald trump confirming the threat he is suffering greatly this innocent man of faith should be released immediately the turkish foreign minister immediately fired back also on twitter no one dictates to turkey we will never tolerate threats from anybody rule of law is for everyone no exception no i said i do this on you not to the fight over bronson's legal freedom has reignited what seemed to be a bit of reconciliation between the u.s. and turkey trump recently congratulated aired a one on winning reelection raising hopes the two could result disputes over
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turkey's plans to buy russian made missile defense systems and over u.s. support for courage fighters battling eisel in syria the sanctions threat against turkey has overshadowed what was supposed to be one of the trumpet ministrations foreign policy initiatives protecting human rights or more specifically protecting religious freedom the conference discussed how people's religious beliefs make them targets for everything from harassment to death and what the international community can do to protect them indeed the vice president's speech highlighted the abuse suffered by the real hinge of me and maher the use edis of iraq and syria to bouton buddhists at the hands of beijing and jews living in europe and the united states but two new programs that pends announced may do more to help small christian communities around the world than these other people's human rights groups say that's worrisome what was most troubling for me with the absence of any
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notion that people have the right not to practice the faith. and for national that people have the right not to have someone else's faith imposed upon them but this new call flick with turkey may end up overshadowing the u.s. efforts to protect people's right to worship as well as the oversight to ensure the u.s. doesn't impose its beliefs on other countries rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the state department an israeli and a palestinian man have died after a reported stabbing attack in the occupied west bank there's really was living in the illegal settlement of adam to this for them allah he died from stab wounds israeli soldiers shot and killed a palestinian they say carried out the attack two more israeli settlers have been injured the military wing of hamas in gaza says it's on high alert after three palestinians were killed by israeli attacks a commando for the al qassam brigades says israel will pay the price for the air
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strikes and tank fire israeli army spokesman says it responded after troops were shot at near the border with gaza hamas leaders agreed to a cease fire with israel a few days ago to prevent hostilities from escalating. but he more ahead on the news including chinese president xi jinping calls for a joint effort to fight trade protectionism at the brics meeting. but trade isn't the only thing on the bricks agenda we'll tell you why some entrepreneurs in brazil think technology may offer a solution to many of the group's shared problems. thank you and we hear from alex ferguson for the first time since the manchester united legendary manager underwent brain surgery that's a sport with joe. french president emanuel says he's opposed to a new trade deal between the e.u.
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and the united states in the comments during his first official visit to spain to meet the country's new socialist prime minister petro sanchez also said that europe and france never wanted a trade war with the united states by example on that for example in terms of access to the american public markets which are today primarily closed we need clear gestures from the united states we need signals of the escalations on the steel and i'll minium where illegal taxes have been applied by the united states and in my opinion that intervention in the subject matters before taking any further steps campbell is on is joining us now from washington d.c. gave donald trump and john close were very positive about the results of this deal that they say they've reached but it seems as though that might be a little short lived. yeah a little short lived but that sure hasn't stopped u.s. president donald trump from taking his message out to middle america that's where he was on thursday at
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a steel plant in the state of illinois it's the first time the president has visited this state since becoming president he took his message there and it was a message it was very clear it was a message of a great victory in the words of donald trump victory because he's framing this agreement with the you're paying commission chief that he struck here in washington as a victory not only for him but for his administration but also for steelworkers and other industries in the u.s. this was a very nationalistic speech that. gave this invitation only crowd at this steel plant in illinois this is a little bit more of what he had to say there we have reached a breakthrough agreement yesterday with the european union john manley referred to as europe. to begin lowering trade barriers and establishing
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a trade relationship that is fair and my favorite word receptor protocol receptor a call. what all the key trade divisions in the u.s. . well if trump wanted to see him he didn't have to look that far because they're right there in the state of illinois where he was today look at listen the billions of dollars in tariffs on goods from china that the trump administration has levied that has helped the steel industry in the u.s. the very people that trump was speaking to right there but also in the state of illinois it is the biggest producer of soybeans and soybean farmers as well as many are other farmers throughout the u.s. are hurting because of tariffs that have been reciprocity tariffs that have been put by china against u.s. agriculture industry such as soybeans so you get to really see the division cyrano a lot of the farmers and middle america's it's really called here are saying that
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they're simply losing patience with this tit for tat trade war whether it be with europe or with china because it has having some serious of facts on them we're seeing that particularly with farmers are saying that it's hurting them very badly and that's why also trump on thursday visited some farmers in iowa and basically his message was patience patience patience will get through this but we need to renegotiate these trade deals but clearly donald trump was a one man that said earlier this year he said that famously said that trade wars were good and easily won i think now it's pretty clear the u.s. president's finding that it's not quite as easy as perhaps he first thought bill thanks very much indeed. leaders of the brics bloc of emerging economies are calling for an open and inclusive trading system that comes in the wake of a number of protectionist tariffs introduced by u.s. president donald trump has more from the annual bric summit being held in
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johannesburg. leaders from five of the world's leading emerging markets say they are united when it comes to trade they say protectionism which is being pushed by u.s. president donald trump should be rejected. what is constant is the flare up of geopolitical conflicts and the escalation of protectionism an intellectual ism they directly affect emerging markets and developing countries. we must work together with the united nations the g twenty and the world trade organization to safeguard the rules based multilateral trading system liberalise and facilitate trade and investment and reject protection is it outright. it's the first time presidents from the brics trade bloc are meeting says donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on chinese imports economists say the trade could also hurt smaller countries some peer transplants will stifle global economic growth leaders at the bric summit say
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increasing global trade encourages economies of all countries to grow but emerging economies could be damaged if the u.s. imposes tariffs on certain goods. to impose tariffs have given brazil russia india china and south africa more reason to increase trade cooperation between them it's also force china the world they could not just economy after the united states to look for other markets to buy and sell its products china has been the most important trading partner with the u.s. so as u.s. to china on but now with those leading trade tension we care in certain bad in the next few years to trade between those two countries will be heard for a wad along with very volatile exchange rate market exchange market. for china to extend or to strengthen other relations are europe and africa as
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top choices because of the sheer shock sheer size of those markets brics leaders in south africa have suggested and never need to be held world players discuss the differences and perhaps prevent a global trade war for that to happen all parties have to agree to come to the table and try to find a balance between promoting national interests and those of the global community how to us al-jazeera janice burg. while at the big summit in south africa innovators and engineers from brazil are hoping that advances in their country's technology industry can help solve many of the development problems encountered by fellow emerging nations reports. brazil believes it has the solutions to many of the problem shared by its fellow brics members such as in medicine and aviation all major developing economies home to forty percent of the world's population with a vision that most would agree is straining to fulfil its potential the world is becoming less western white and less concentrated less homogeneous and it would be
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better even for the world to leave space for breaks countries to make this inference and even have more power and control this transition to a word that is less westernized all five brix members are looking to their strengths to see what they can best contribute to the growth of their alliance brazil has this technology hub outside. the valley believe that to have many benefits. explored. more deeply this is. an example of this surveillance balloon operated by one person the monitoring large spaces big events and to our surprise even our own interview with one of the project developers it is brings up a zillion produced and by no. games we have other olympic games that have a word gurps and a lot of evidence persisted when to terry. to do the survivor stuff to. with
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a bullet to skin it's also ideal for monitoring illegal deforestation and poaching while we were here it spotted the nearby fire its manufacturers believe it can thrive in south africa india or russia. brazil's technological future is here developing the technological innovations that they believe will be of interest to sell so they're partners in brics beyond. five bricks members have their problems brazil struggling to emerge from recession china trade with the us. when we start working together i think we can all grow together and the thing that i think i see brazil. is the talent and the flexibility and the open mind that brazil has now perhaps in the tenth bric summit. and embrace common interests. brazil still ahead on al-jazeera on wall street thursday facebook lost more money than any company has ever lost in
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a single day we'll tell you why. for the first time somalia prosecute someone for jail female genital mutilation following the death of a ten year old girl. manchester united and ac milan kick off their pre-season preparations with an epic shootouts joe's going to have all the action coming up later. welcome back let's look at weather conditions across the americas now as we look at north america we've still got a cord if you show hours long this weather front which extends all the from eastern parts of kind of down through into texas showers too across the florida panhandle we've got some heavy rain across parts of the west could see some showers certainly
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run colorado's looking wet and could be some flash flooding in places showers across the desert southwest became very warm weather for british columbia through into washington state seattle there temperatures into the thirty's so as we move that forecasting see how that front moves further towards the southeast during supper and weakens but this area across the west actually intensifies and extends down into parts of texas through into the caribbean the islands for the most part are looking fine few heavy showers for cuba through towards the bahamas but otherwise with him plenty of sunshine kingston jamaica the highs of thirty two chance of panama costa rican up towards nicaragua and a few showers still on the pacific coastline of mexico but mexico city itself expected to stay relatively dry and fine we have heavy showers across northern parts of south america but largely fine conditions further south the rain across the river plate region is clearing away the fourteen and what is areas but still rather chilly in santiago.
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young men join and she bad in the battle for somalia. many never return. to try to understand. from the north and with. every armed attack. creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. is sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim coming soon on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories at this hour former cricketer imran khan has declared victory in pakistan's elections around half of the votes have been counted the official result isn't likely to be confirmed until friday but he's leading a rival shahbaz sharif as rejected the outcome making allegations of vote rigging. yemen's who the rebels say they've attacked abu dhabi airport with a droll box the u.a.e. has denied the claim airports tweeted earlier that there had been an incident but said it had not affected flights or operations it's not clear if the tweet was
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referring to the same incident. french president emanuel mark kong has rejected any new trade deal between the e.u. and the united states. that europe and france never wanted a trade war and that the u.s. needs to make clear gestures and it's part of reducing the trade dispute facebook stock has taken a nosedive losing nineteen percent of its value in thursday's trading that wiped out one hundred and twenty billion dollars in market value that's the biggest single day loss for any publicly traded stock ever the plunge came after the social media giants earnings fell short of expectations and amid warnings about its future growth kristen salumi reports from new york. for facebook which has experienced exponential growth since its initial public offering in two thousand and twelve it was an uncharacteristic plunge in market value after an uncharacteristically bad quarterly report on thursday share prices tumbled sure profits were up thirty one
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percent over last year but for the first time since two thousand and fifteen they fell short of expectations to some extent this correction was expected i think the smart money had expected this. and when you are priced for perfection there's no margin of error a series of scandals seem to be catching up to the social media company founder mark zuckerberg was called to account by congress over russia's use of the platform to try to influence the two thousand and sixteen election we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry and the harvesting of user data through the political consulting firm cambridge analytical the company says increases in security spending are likely to continue eating into profits and tougher user protection laws in europe have already cost the company some three million users but there's some structural issues right now and they need to really work that out it's going to take some time but at the end at the end of the day at
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the very end of the day facebook is a good company facebook remains one of the most valuable publicly traded companies heading into the two thousand and eighteen midterm elections when its new security protocols will be put to the test mark zuckerberg is attempting to reassure investors saying that this time he's confident the social media company will get it right christine salumi al-jazeera new york. the deputy executive director i'm general counsel of the electronic freedom foundation is joining us now via skype from san francisco thanks very much indeed for being with us how much of this do you think is down to facebook running out of areas for growth and how much is done to the bad publicity that its side. well i think it's got to be a bit of i mean certainly facebook has billions of users and there is a lower number you know they can only grow so much they cannot double again unless a lot more people start getting onto the internet where the same time they are
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facing some challenges in the areas of privacy especially g.d.p. are that may impact their profitability but maybe that's all right maybe it's ok if they are a company that is slightly less profitable but more protective of the privacy of the users as we heard in kristen's report there one of the market on the santos was saying that to some extent this had been expected some sort of correction was in line and yet it seems the only one hundred twenty billion dollars to be wiped off the market value seems very significant was this is suspected in is that an overreaction. well it certainly is a very large amount but keep in mind that there's still a five hundred billion dollar company even after this correction so it's all it's all a matter of perspective when the cambridge analytical is came out there was a little bit of dip in there scott stock price then they are in some dips related to g.d.p. or compliance so all of this is part of an overall assessment but you know it maybe they should be satisfied with being a five hundred billion dollar company if they can do that and it gives more privacy
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to you that's just give us a quick piece of context here the g.d.p. that you're referring to describe that to us. g.d.p. are the general data protection regulation comes from the european union and it's a new set of rules designed to provide more user rights require more consent from users to protect their privacy and affects companies doing business in europe as facebook does as most of the major internet companies do the way facebook is structured if i understand it correctly this still means that mark zuckerberg is going to be in control pretty much whatever happens but of course that puts all the responsibility for fixing all of this on to him how much pressure is he going to be under from his fellow investors. well he's already under a lot of pressure being hauled in front of congress to give some testimony can certainly put a lot of pressure on a company and i'm hopeful that the pressure that he's facing from investors is one that's looking at more long term not trying to maximize short term profits that
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might lead to things that have been pressuring privacy for the users and look trying to make an ecosystem there that will respect privacy give user options and still be able to make a profitable company within those limitations if part of the problem is as facebook says it's essentially running out of humans it's reaching a kind of saturation point how can it change and develop to try to move forward as a company one of the things i see that facebook has been doing is trying to get more humans online there are a lot of places in the world where there's not good internet connections and i think facebook has already been active in bringing internet to those and that's an interesting social benefit that may come from their quest for more users who actually improving networking in certain areas of the world but nevertheless the other thing is to build a business that is not premised on maximizing growth but to to provide a good experience how people want to come back people have been leaving in part
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because they don't see what they like on the service and want to have one that is more protective of their privacy of their or their rights and so create an environment that people want to come back to cut off of electronic freedom foundation thank you very much thank you. a court ordered deadline for donald trump's government to reunite two thousand five hundred families that separated the us mexico border is just hours away but hundreds of undocumented families are still waiting to be reunited at least one thousand and twelve children have been successfully reunited with their parents but the government also says four hundred sixty three parents have already left the u.s. it's not known if they were forcibly deported several hundred others are still under review. it's also not known how long families will be given to decide whether to seek asylum the government's proposed a four day waiting period but the american civil liberties union says a full week is necessary the u.s.
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government is racing to meet a deadline thursday to reunite thousands of children with their parents after they were separated at the us mexico border hi joe castro has more from macallan texas. as the midnight deadline looms it appears almost certain that the u.s. government will not comply with the court order to reunify all of the three thousand some children who were separated from their parents at the border government attorneys say there are about a thousand children who they have deemed to be in eligible for family reunification in that category the government says these are children who belong to parents who may be in criminal proceedings who may have a communicable disease or who the government has simply lost track of that includes parents who are deployed foreign and out of the country without their children and now the question is what will happen to these children who were forced to be abandoned by their parents when the government to appoint them from this country it
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remains to be seen how the judge after midnight responding to the government's inability to live on border immigration attorneys say this is uncharted territory in immigration policy in the united states the first of a prosecution against female genital mutilation in somalia is being pursued by the government after the death of a ten year old girl f g m also known as female circumcision is intentionally altering or injuring female genital organs for known medical reasons there are activists working across the world to try to stop the practice and in somalia that appears to be momentum which could change the lives of many women and girls mohamad good the deputy prime minister of somalia says the case will be investigated and calls this a historic moment for the country. the prosecutor has no appointed and sort of you to eat fish to gate these things together with the criminal prosecution to. assist
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the day if you can seize collecting felician and decency in that defining moment for so much. more than seven hundred migrants have stormed a border fence in the spanish enclave of silt at least one hundred thirty people were injured by the barbed wire along the fence that separates the spanish city from morocco the hundreds of migrants that made it to spain and were taken to a short time immigrants center. united nations and nigerian officials are registering refugees crossing the border from cameroon they say people have been entering the country on a daily basis as they flee violence and separatists are reported on what is risky is in the nigerian the city of foreigners. this is the foster of registration is this center of more than four thousand five hundred people of issues are talking about new our eyeballs every day from across the border which by the way it's just a few kilometers away from where i'm standing now these people on cue will have to undergo all different processes of registration now in this room is where the
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details of every refugee is taken the biometrics will be taken and then they will be fully registered after the full registration exercise they'll be issued some form of identification and then a refugee is qualify for assistance for the time being only what is administering that assistance to these huge number of people who have crossed over into niger to treat because of the situation in campbell now this is a nigerian refugee agency as well as the united nations high commission for refugees now and i also on this side of the border on the nigerian side of the border are bracing for more influx of refugees ahead of the october first celebrations which is of course the day the separatism was only a movement towards us it's independence day it's all fear fears are there of clashes between the two parties the pro independent and the government troops and cameras so there is a lot of fear and feeling that there will be more people coming over across the
2:42 am
border some of them coming with just the clothes on their backs and nothing so they require food they need child and they're also required medicine protesters in argentina are demonstrating against the president's controversial proposal to reform the country's armed forces but it's your markley wants to remove a ban on military involvement in fighting crime angering human rights campaigners to the symbol is in but he says with more. government imo he still might be and now removing a ban on the military here in anti-drug trafficking operation anti-terrorist operations. internal affairs of the bank they will modify and decrease. the military. to get involved if the tax problem or even a sin they have parked long human rights again i say that if gathered in front of the ministry of defense to denounce what they face
2:43 am
a unilateral action by the government saying that argentina people were killed. and disappeared during the military dictatorship in this country back in the nineteenth seventy's and eighty's and that the military should never again be on the streets of argentina argentina military doctrine was endorsed after argentina returned to democracy and the nine hundred eighty and eighty four hits of the military from getting involved in internal affairs and people here are afraid that in times of social tension of economic troubles the military can be used to persecute those who oppose the current administration even though the minister of defense is saying that the military will be used. to persecute those who oppose the government of the people here are afraid to. remain on the streets and that they want. to debate the future of the armed forces in argentina. in sweden
2:44 am
their forces resorted to dropping bombs on the wildfires that are military shooting range to try to stop the flames from spreading fire fighters in the ground to keep a safe distance because of worries over unexploded munition fighter jets dropped the bombs to try to destroy devices which hadn't detonated and also to starve the fires of oxygen. more than eighty people have died in greece after wildfires devastated beach resorts near athens some people who are still searching for missing family members have blamed authorities for not responding sooner to the fires we've bought reports on the search for survivors in mati. recovery teams are going from house to house is in search of missing people. no official figures been released to the local authorities say at least one hundred unaccounted for. all along greece's charred coastline entire
2:45 am
neighborhoods are gone the village of marty was popular with retiree's and young families escaping the capital. muster for. pets dogs cats dark chickens. out of it was put up in the yard and you could not escape when the fire there was the very real possibility of finding people that may have died go to russia but i personally i believe that are there most of the missing guard in the city. police and search and rescue teams event to this property the woman who lived here is listed as missing she's also known to have had mobility problems to this is incredibly arduous task for these teams the house is empty no trace of the woman or two other people who live here the search must continue there were two people died there a couple harris's lived in the town of marty his whole life when the fire swept
2:46 am
through here he sealed himself inside his house surrounded homes were destroyed his is unscathed several of his neighbors were killed it was like. sea of fire and wave of fire approaching actually showed was burning everything that it was on the second floor or third floor. on buildings my house is only ground floor show it just passed over the head with passed over my house i felt like i'm set around it and protected from the buildings many of the settlements along this coast sprang up in the nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's houses were built without official permission fire safety was scarcely considered when people try to flee the fine they found escape routes to the sea blocked by locked gates or only accessible down narrow channels. this is where many of the fires started high in the hills above the seaside resorts that fringe the
2:47 am
aegean sea a few kilometers away from here several days after the inferno ripped through this area the ground still smolders in places it still haunts underfoot the fear is now that when rain does come it will lead to mudslides. storm clouds gather over athens the promise of a break in the weather to extinguish any remaining fires and cool the scorched. floodwater from monday's dam collapse in laos has forced thousands of villagers to evacuate in neighboring cambodia at least twenty seven people were killed in laos and one hundred thirty others a missing funds louis reports from the come boating capital pumpin. home then are just swept away farms rice paddy fields under water the torrents of water that can skated into areas around the collapsed. dam are slowly receding. rescue
2:48 am
workers are racing to reach those villages cut off by the floods in areas accessible only by boat or helicopter many are stranded on the roofs of their homes waiting for help to arrive. where. the most damage is in tsunami and the situation code is that they are displaced people who don't have shelter and we continue to search for the gate and missing people at the moment many roads are badly damaged by flooding or landslides hampering aid and rescue work more than three thousand people have been moved to safety many staying in temporary shelters like this one survivor say they barely had time to escape the fast rising water. i feel safe here but i worry for my husband and son who are still in the village but then we've lost all their position as motorbikes furniture animals cows and
2:49 am
pigs the floodwaters have now float downstream into neighboring cambodia five thousand people and trying province have moved to safety since tuesday the cambodian government has also issued a flood alert for crotty province which is south of still trying province the concern is floodwaters could continue to flow south and affect more areas we are in the middle of the monsoon season which brings heavy rains and tropical storms it's not known why the newly built dam collapsed the south korean company in charge of construction said a small part of the dam was washed away following unusually heavy rain florence louis al-jazeera phnom penh. still ahead on al-jazeera a premier league champions manchester city get their pre-season off to a losing stock at the hands of liverpool on the how much solid details in the sport .
2:50 am
2:51 am
as top of the sports here's joe. thanks very much mencia seen and his legendary former manager alex ferguson is making his comeback from a brain haemorrhage he's spoken publicly for the first time since surgery in may and he says he's looking forward to watching the club he won thirty eight trophies with him twenty six years old there's a quick message first of all to thank the medical staff michael's field sol for draw and i was under hospitals but we may with there was people who give me such
2:52 am
great care and i would not be sitting here today so thank you for me and my family thank you very much as made me feel so humble as all the messages i've had from all over the world was you me the best and the good wishes do resonate very very strongly with me so thank you for the support you have given me and was way i'll be back with a new season towards the team and i mean tamed all the best to jaws in the players thank you very much and this will help ferguson's recovery munch seen ited are back in winning form united and they see man played each other in the international champions cup on wednesday at the rose bowl in los angeles the english club took the lead before the italian side equalized and so it went to a penalty shootout to separate the teams between the two sides they missed nine out of twenty six penalties for man united triumph it's going. to engender
2:53 am
penalties for me means nothing to me and all those on the penalties means nothing but. i see it from all sides especially american football fans they. enjoy the penalty shootout and. it was good fun. also have also been in a penalty shootout thriller while most it is a watch from the bench days after quitting the german national team that had to go to trades goalkeeper was the hero of this one in singapore antonio added and saved three of also spoke cakes before flossing one home himself to seal a three one shootout victory. in a champions manchester city also played on wednesday euro sagna handed them the lead against liverpool but the reds came back to levels from homs and then me in the fourth minute of added time based on city and study of money a penalty for whitby the window. and all the people one can say maybe even this or
2:54 am
that i have no clue if you win something but to go for it that's it what with all we have we all look for excuses and if people say with their squad you have to that's that's really interesting other teams you see that messi played football of tonight and i think on monday eleven players come back. and city's going back then so they have their outstanding the strong united. chelsea they all and the other ones looks like it will. be of rubber thread and stuff like that so beat them all in a specific moment that's the plan and if it happens it's good if not then we have to work on the next game. romas pre-season woes continued just days after missing out on the signing of brazilian winger malcolm to barcelona they've been hammered by tottenham in san diego despite scoring the opener in the third minute spurs hit back with four goals of their own all in the first half and under let him take and lucas morris scoring two each in the four one when.
2:55 am
wayne rooney has been upstaged by another former english premier league footballer in his latest outing in major league soccer broadly right phillips has become the fastest player to score one hundred goals in the m.l.s. he struck after just two minutes for the new york red bulls. thirty three year old reaching the century mark in one hundred fifty nine games he then revealed a special shirts made for the occasion. rooney came on as a second half substitute but couldn't get an equaliser for d.c. united. aaron thomas has held on to his lead over tom do milan and defending champion chris froome after sage eighteen of the tour de france thomas finished in the pack as the race heads into the final mountain stage in time trial before finishing in paris on sunday thursday's one hundred seventy one kilometer stage to pose was won by frenchman on
2:56 am
a de mar who shrugged off allegations of cheating from rival sprinter andre greipel to beat christophe laporte in the final sprint greipel has since apologized and retracted his comments french open final is dominant team has reached his tenth quarterfinal of the tennis season the top seed east past australian john millman six two six two at the german open in hamburg a twenty four year old austrian will face chile's nicolas yari for a place in this thing. yes ido rajiv's the silk way rally in russia with two stages remaining the saudi driver won the six stage from a lister to astrakhan which had to be short. by race organizers of to trench will rain. second overall after coming third in thursday stage khana mcgregor has avoided prison in the united states out of pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in new york the mixed martial arts fighter who was arrested in
2:57 am
april as he and his entourage stole into the underground car park at the boquet center in brooklyn and smashed up a bus filled with fighters at the time of the brawl makarenko was angry at the sport's governing body for stripping him of his lightweight title instead of jail time he'll undergo anger management treatment and has to do five days community service. i just want to say i'm tankful to the d.a. and the judge for allow me to move forward i want to say to my friends my family my fans tell you for support and that is all useful for now i have more feel later and that's it for me rob matheson for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news including the latest on pakistan's elections the final results might not be in but imran khan's already claiming victory yemen's hoofy say they've hit abu dhabi airport with a drone attack but the u.a.e. says they didn't see in a couple minutes public. august
2:58 am
on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their
2:59 am
faith linked to all the attacks even though day two of victims of the violence the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games and get caught i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth the buddhist al-jazeera will cover the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. as armenia's velvet revolution has forced the ruling party to step down you have been to russia twice you've just got back from brussels how are you going to balance that relationship between russia and the west i mean his new prime minister told challenges era.
3:00 am
in pakistan the tally isn't official but imran khan claims victory. i'm about us and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up an escalation or maybe not yemen's who thinks a they've had i would be airport with a drone the amorality say it didn't happen. the u.s. uses a conference promoting religious freedom to threaten turkey. and day after washington and the e.u. call a truce.


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