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tv   Warriors From The North  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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i'm rob matheson in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera pakistani cricketer turned politician in non-con has a clear victory in the general elections promising to build a new pakistan votes are still being counted in the official results won't be confirmed until friday but rival parties are already questioning the outcome of some a binge of aid has more from the hor. supporters of pakistan tehreek e insaf party celebrated their victory even before results were announced initial vote tallies gave him a decisive leads on honiara i'm getting a full hold on has promised a lot for the people the huge number of votes the people gave him because he can do what others tell you to do he should the labor he's probably said he should do a lot for the masses he should deliver now otherwise he situation where the worse
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off now we're sorry. his supporters voted for change and after twenty two years in politics it finally worked for their leader. i'm thankful to god for the twenty two year struggle today god has given me the opportunity that i've dreamt of a dream for pakistan accountability will start with me then my ministers and then we will work our way down. but the vote count has been controversial pakistan muslim league which won a majority in twenty thousand says their mandate was stolen from them there's also been criticism from put to be a religious correlation and others but the election commission denies there was any foul play and how many years ago i hear the complaints that we received procedural in nature and there's no complaints of misconduct in the elections so we are satisfied that the execution of the elections this free and fair. hons
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one pledges of change and people in pakistan even those who did not vote for him want him to deliver by improving living conditions healing the. to me in fighting corruption you'll be a human blood so you can take your money. comes it should do good for us we want water gas and electricity. obviously there are other problems as well they should be problems. in punjab province plans to form a coalition government but has promised to fight tooth and nail to save their provincial influence the challenge for the cricketer turned politician is to create an inclusive government and then keep it running for five years so far all major political parties apart from the p.d.i. have reservations about the results they've called for an all parties conference in the federal capital islamabad it is going to be a numbers game to form a government and imran khan does not have those numbers alone the big question is
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who will he form an alliance with osama bin. yemen's hoofy rebels say they've attacked abu dhabi airport with a drone but the u.a.e. is denying their claim the airport tweeted earlier that there had been an incident but said it had not affected flights or operations it's not clear if the tweet was referring to the same incident the head of the special forces of iran's revolutionary guard has warned donald trump not to start a war major general. says if the u.s. begins a conflict iran will destroy all its possesses is joining many iranian leaders who reacted to a tweet by donald trump that warned iran would suffer dire consequences if it continued to threaten the u.s. but on the administration has set off a new diplomatic row with turkey over a us minister who's been in jail since twenty sixteen vice president mike pence threatened sanctions against ankara if andrew bronson is not released. the u.s.
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government says it's freed more than eighteen hundred migrant children from immigration detention facilities you know when it comes just hours ahead of a court order deadline the government says it's reunited more than fourteen hundred children with their parents but at least seven hundred children are still separated as they are not eligible for reunification. french president emanuel macron has rejected any new trade deal between the e.u. and the united states said europe and france never wanted a trade war he said the u.s. needs to make clear gestures about reducing the trade dispute those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera in about twenty five minutes after witness life and.
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oh. i know why you call me into digging now you know how many mean mother cause i'm assuming something huh but i would you not yet on the loose you know melissa does the son of the son of a muslim guy mel aso did out. of the house. mohammed though couldn't commit and if so why yes q i. got into how to get a for some of. that's gone or how i into does i would. do the. above it only showed yes and then left to do and i would in the end.
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but i wanted. to see how they are. to. put it to every detail. yeah i find that in. fact a lot of head good ideas on after i think about it will. be funny and i may have been known that. this teacher who got very good at school it's all. good citizens goes well for you for a town hall. guy like ed to get solo at something as
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a receptive and. see i'm in the ground would up about it then at. least be some of the so zombies prelim s.-o. for a book that is go forward. dolly for us has been awesome to. because not all ma auditing in the damn off thorough. is now gone quiet on the siegel but fat is no i'm inventing a goldman of us from the law school t.v. studios not on. syllabi we headed off on the mimosa many schizo shown on the. story does i'm sorry i haven't. seen.
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a nun foods believe. there are legal. in w.v. me a mirror so use. butyl . and a flocking in a can of some of this to loose. of a tell me come to forgo as. income. is sure. has told me no. only many start in the true in the senate actions. at the american or.
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by in some cases little. for the first time since robert mugabe was forced from power by the army the people of zimbabwe will inlets the next president but a struggling economy and frustration amongst many other voters means the result on the twentieth of july is still hard to predict as follow this in bombay elections and i was there. china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the wrong turn plan of china to secure its resources for the future the i.m.f. said sub-saharan region as a whole now is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera the most memorable
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moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to welcome. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. of struggle regardless of the number he will then with the time this is you done with he she blew in with the. full of pleasure me. and i gave our bond film an intimate look at life in cuba today mean for us on the top of course i remember asking me when i came out of a sort of the middle i may hang my cuba on al-jazeera.
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i wrote matheson in doha with the stories on all jazeera former cricketer him wrong khan has declared victory in pakistan's elections around half of the votes have been counted although the official result is not likely to be confirmed until friday but his leading rival shahbaz sharif has rejected the outcome following allegations that the vote was rigged. yemen's who the rebels say they've attacked abu dhabi airport with a drone but the u.a.e. is denying that claim airport tweeted earlier that there had been an incident but said it had not affected flights or operations it's not clear if the tweet was referring to the same incident an israeli and a palestinian man have died after being what's being described as a stabbing itzhak in the occupied west bank israeli was living in the illegal
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settlement of adam to the south of ramallah he died from stab wounds israeli soldiers shot and killed a palestinian they say carried out the attack two more israeli settlers have been injured the head of the special forces of iran's revolutionary guard has warned donald trump not to start a war major general hossam sort of money says if the u.s. does begin a conflict iran will destroy all it possesses is joining many iranian leaders who are reacting to a tweet by donald trump that warned iran would suffer dire consequences if it continued to threaten the u.s. to trump administration has set off a new diplomatic row with turkey over a u.s. minister who's been in jail since twenty sixteen vice president mike pence threatened sanctions against ankara if andrew bronson is not released a russian delegation is in lebanon to discuss plans to repatriate syrian refugees the groups holding talks with lebanese prime minister saad hariri there are almost
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a million registered syrians living in lebanon and the u.s. government says it's released more than eighteen hundred migrant children from immigration detention facilities in and some comes just hours ahead of a court ordered deadline the government also says it's reunited more than fourteen hundred children with their parents but at least seven hundred children are still separated as they are not eligible for reunification. french president emanuel macron has rejected any new trade deal between the e.u. and the united states and said that europe and france never wanted a trade war and the u.s. needs to make clear gestures about reducing the trade dispute those are the headlines now it's witness.
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effort on getting all of those who were in the middle of the. you know into. the how much do all the little into the. house and get it. getting a look at him in a little chorus so. i joined the show out because out of fear and because they befriended me i first gave me a way to restart mission and life here in africa because i had
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nothing else to do nothing left for the. future and the time. i was just like any of these kids. whose family. is the other thing but at the age of sixty i got into trouble with the police i went to. prison. and from prison is where i do find the links to the militant group. being in jail in india and is suppressed by the police they were so on. when i had that the trinity to then the buck is gone someone in prison and gave me the number and someone to contact and that's how i got through which. and that's how i became part of them the.
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notion that you probably. teaches and i will release it. to see if the film will be she's a nice easy target was you know is this these mind suited. you know these mind it doesn't. the peace in the cities and he must be told he doesn't reach a spanish easily deceived. sleezy de france full of jesus or is it he will do so. it's all going to divide. the he'll do this a million. commit true. for this then they're getting upset that
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because. of this christian the can be. a muslim. without deal has an amount of like it's true for them by the by come to force it was it a man of upper setting i for them what about jihad and comment on islam all customs invoke a deal that. been avoided by so many. it's good to. slip again. up to the house and the bahamas began nobody's mama come from a coffin. but for stopping the men in this line. who should. endeavor i am supporting the set and. the never tell its secrets
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is as to what mr eames. said it. as in the busto death of then that i still call middling a. saying else school like the old school but in the but to. be part of. the mist in the victims in the. home wasn't somebody from a. look. it was to just going to. give us a bay to some. degree gets us to be clear. any it could really be a could known before should be new to an. event deceased. yet
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piolo wilkie's mention. lock us election hall you know was allowed to stand. up. well yeah. cool. now i'm going to. the left of london my. son. and i want to get your roast a little scared of him to tell you it is i'm going with.
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him on a scene i'm a job to put gun. to go to see i'm. comforted by that i mean i suppose just maybe. coming from one school. and interest to go back to. describe topological. misogyny go stupid one. minute or still. some go has a no mob in the book isn't. defocus used to going in so to. the good had those in the middle of a good. doing his fist for the new live in mogadishu. today. i'm still here from first if i could. to defend for.
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even in more stuff at that moment the amount the sin was actually. shocked to go as i'm. coming with skin to run that they'd like to my guess. is that he'll come odds it will. mean venice learned measurement. in stores comedies and goes into. a digital media quick hordes of ascent. today to give you just don't just make no up to stop this image actually run though is a sick dog. story of. the first of the scenarios.
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and i was when i was recruited into a show and i didn't see civilians going into night and what i saw was them you know a goal a mission that they have been is to. you know proclaim something which is. to some people's mind all today eyes a bit insane at the time i did not think about any people's families or how they would feel off their suicide bomb happens. i used to think what he is will be that he you know he read these so-called with a suicide note he's through the snow in the midst of the ten thousand troops it was a ph and to i got to sit in the level of the no one is so that was room in this in this not just a few movies when i saw more civilians dying than actual soldiers here in the smadi
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of this when i spoke to a strong irish is this something i can do still believe these other kids i'm getting pulled by this you know we are but who you know he should do to them just in these jeans. and jeans. i mean i'm very sorry and i'm not happy for anyone to go through that time but now look. at what. made the miniature stop just the most bombed. doesn't. diminish the. actual. up to two if and for.
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has a vic. mine on the k. if i open. since i came here i've been here three years and in that three years i've taken. things that are not accepted in low. institutions so i don't know if i'll be teaching back there or not but if i was to have that the trinity i would not that in. my finances will really to train stay alive because i know i shall be trying to kill me for. if you're rich if you are created and you leave instantly you
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will be killed i just hope that i can maintain a lie and make the knife without him trying. this van. so you can lose it soon from dog i mean. into knowing how to haul a dog. what i. hope close will be a sort. of these. because. of the wallow.
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with the mother. the do do. will it. will be in a villa move on. and where her son who will is another louis. was too good for us in the actual wish and the. girl. in the lovely. in our no one noticing me. inadmissible in the new kid on inky can who have you. know should be. a lot of fun i would then be led the. other would have been i was one.
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of. the mel when i met. with them but they'll have. the skill and i develop. my own cousin the new one rather. than getting a life. but give it. single moms in the did you think or do i go in and end. it. mongan. sticking on some things.
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that. could mean. the. story on. the heap of born. all measurable be among the pretty. and so many of you seem a man. may. be i mean on school. when i'm a elephant dealing with a newborn. son is owning. up to you as an itty. optimist minsky. almost.
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dying. father that is could be. a new. man. you're looking for day to day. of a commandment. and. divinity. and the vanguard of one hundred seventy s. drug. when the new zealand crown. a maori leader. and she used of terrorism. filmed of his seven yes. his quest for
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justice becomes a blueprint a national reconciliation. witness and. an al-jazeera. a suspected money laundering operation but this time it was different. an accidental discovery the wharfs and mitchell suspicions. unravel unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption people in power investigates a racket of such magnitude that it threatening the government and redefining the rules of impunity. carwash. on
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a. welcome back last look at weather conditions across the americas as we look at north america we've still got a cord if you show hours long this weather front which extends all that from eastern parts of kind of down through into texas showers too across the florida panhandle we've got some heavy rain across parts of the west could see some showers certainly run colorado's looking wet and could be some flash flooding in places showers across the desert southwest again very warm weather for british columbia through into washington state seattle there temperatures into the thirty's so as we move that forecasting see how that front moves further towards the southeast during saturday and weakens but this area across the west actually intensifies and extends down into parts of texas through into the caribbean the islands for the most part are looking fine few heavy showers for cuba through towards the bahamas but
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otherwise with him plenty of sunshine kingston jamaica the highs of thirty two chance of panama costa rican up towards nicaragua and a few showers still on the pacific coastline of mexico but mexico city itself expected to stay relatively dry and fine we have heavy showers across northern parts of south america but largely fine conditions further south the rain across the river plate region is clearing away the fourteen and what is aries but still rather chilly in santiago. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. misses a court deadline to reunite all immigrant children who were separated from their parents. in pakistan the official tally from the elections isn't official yet but imran khan claims victory. and escalation or maybe not yemen's who sees say they hit the abu dhabi airport with a drone the iraqis say that didn't happen. the u.s. uses a conference promoting religious.


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