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as you. go. zero. hello there this is i'm julie dalton this is news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes pakistani political groups rejects election results which see iraq iran comments prime minister almost nationwide protests two palestinians including a fourteen year old are killed in the latest protests along the gaza israel border and it is a key on disaster for iceland images that have prompted
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a renewed call for a complete ban on whaling. i'm dreading the day sports including a christian or an elder avoids jail in spain but he still has to pay a hefty fine for tax evasion. a very warm welcome to this hour of news a group of offices political parties have rejected the results of pakistan's general elections following allegations of vote rigging and army meddling well are they are the ruling party conceded defeat paving the way for cricketer some politician in rank on to become the next prime minister but the opposition alliance say they'll take to the streets until a new vote is held well this is how the results stand up so far khan's pakistan to rekey in the south of p.t.i. poncy is leading with one hundred sixteen seats his closest rival the ruling pm and of jailed former leader noah sharif has managed to get sixty three seats in the
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party of the assassinated former prime minister benazir bhutto the p.p.p. has got forty three with the smaller parties combined at forty five bob to form a government condit's coalition partners to get a majority of one hundred and thirty seven seats with hyder is in islamabad for us hi there kemal so officer figures have been speaking what are they saying. where. headed by. on the head of the right wing religious party the line known as the m.m.a. now the m.m.a. got together before the elections to form the lines for the second time hoping that they would be able to get many seats within the pakistani parliament a wave of deaf suffered a humiliating defeat. today called for an order party gone friends and.
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his party along with other opposition party they need to be going to all the opposition parties who have complained complaints about election to start a agitation. to make the election not lend war and even ted in their day we're. taking that many of parliament however within the opposition we have been able to be some divisions the progress on people's party headed by but at. the press conference his party leader. party conference gordon adi and he said they would be sitting in the open on the opposition benches. we'll be trying to bar. the people who believe in the parliamentary process also we're getting conflicting signals from now why should he have sparred because he's in jail why didn't leave regarding the party his son is saying that he'd
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really didn't the opposition benches and even trying to get the position to try and be to achieve minister of the province if he can get enough people on it. so indeed conflicting reports. opposition to launch nationwide agitation that of course could. prevent emraan con from coming in he's got a comfortable lead deal have the independent. on his site their screens are trained and bug it's gone and we've missed the party defections from muslim really was we may see defections from all the parties who do not believe in the good desean because that would bring the country to a bring calls a major crisis come on what are the implications of all this going forward quickly if you can i mean he's already got a herculean task on his plate as you know. however
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if these parties go for a boy court then the election commission apologist on real issue are no different gave the member who did not take part in the old taking care of many enough god that would mean by election it also mean that emraan khan was still marked really have to deliver he's already given one hundred day plan and the people will be watching to see read day he's going to live up to a strawman stage door to door he's gone for during the day to be able to do it but there is of course we need to stay cordray need does. as prime minister did reign his challenger in a great big game i'll hide there live with the latest from islamabad playing key. when you sieve is the associate vice president of. the u.s. institute of peace he joins me live now from washington d.c. star of a warm welcome to the program first of all your take on this alleged pull ringing and the opposition getting together. well look i mean i think it's clear that
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there were certain irregularities there's no question about it there's enough evidence of even being videos on social media and so that's done but as far as the opposition coming together and sort of dating and threatening protests i think quite frankly it's a bit of a storm in a teacup that is already a division as your reporter from islam said within the opposition buckets on history as being anybody that's boycotted the bottom and ultimately has lost out in the long run i don't think should have spotty is about to do that in fact they are probably going to try and you know form government in the punjab province which is pakistan's largest province population wise and they totally so i think nothing's going to stop iran contra forming government now he will have a very strong opposition people will challenge him and we must remember that this is it destroys his own medicine he has started the trend in the last elections of
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rejecting the results and then protesting on the streets for months as i said i don't think this opposition is about to do that but they're also not going to give him a boss on this so in parliament and otherwise i think they're going to continue pressuring him as much as they can it's not a good way to start for him run quite frankly with a cloud hanging over his head and what about the likely coalition partners what could a coalition look like. you know at this point as the numbers are adding up and we didn't think it was going to come to this iran actually does not need any of the other large parties to be on his side in the national assembly which is to become prime minister he's only short by about twenty seats which means that he can get the independent gun did it's in buckets and you have these candidates who don't run on a party ticket and after the elections are looking to join the government so that about thirty eight of them i believe so you can easily get twenty of them on your side
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and form a government i think is going to be fairly easy for iran to become prime minister at this point it's just that the other major parties if they do take up the challenge of threatening him with protests accept it's not going to be easy for him to govern in a country which is already at the brink of an economic crisis will use if they're joining me live from washington d.c. sir thank you two palestinians including a fourteen year old boy killed in the latest friday protests at the gaza israel border both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say and all the two hundred forty five people were injured step deca reports now from gaza they keep coming eighteen weeks into these protests and even though the numbers may be decreasing their demands remain the same lift the siege let us live like everyone else. we are suffering there is no electricity no water people are
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going hungry it's painful to keep standing we will come here to show the whole world we want our rights my brothers and bumbling and turns against ers a civilian people didn't does a strip we aren't people. god says yes this is god says look you know this is god's is. yes and this is a dream of ours this is military this is going to tell you to list all of the shots for you are going to this is under nobody from from the road from you can you get the director. of. israel's been using these drones to drop tear gas further back into the crowd and closer to the fence israeli snipers keep watch and sporadically open fire. there is a well established pattern now similar scenes playing out every friday what is different now however is the escalating tensions between israel and hamas and there
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been intensive diplomatic efforts underway by egypt and the united nations to try to find a solution for everyone we speak to says the same thing the only solution is to improve life for the people here israel's demanded that hamas put an end to the burning quite some balloons that were born out of these protests they've burned thousands of acres of land on the other side of the fence a mass says they are a legitimate form of resistance against a suffocating seach there's been less however over the past few weeks now as these fridays come and go a political solution that benefits the people of gaza remains elusive stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. the gates of the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem have been reopened it will close for three hours following clashes with palestinian or shippers. stun grenades and tear gas were used to disperse the crowds who gathered for friday prayers all entry into the mosque which
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is one of his mom's holiest sites was prevented under simmons's outside the mosque in occupied east jerusalem. this is one of the main approaches to the al aqsa mosque compound and it was closed along with four others a five hour standoff with the security forces in which they actually surrounded this entire area with barricades and when they were lifted this was the scene right here so many protesters who've been praying outside the mosque here to protest also and try to get past the cauldron is being managed by the israeli police it was a negotiated end to what had been a very tense atmosphere inside the compound there had been an attack as it was described by the custodians of this mosque complex that's wax on behalf of the jordanians they said it had been an invasion by the israeli security forces however
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if you go to forces were accusing some people of throwing rocks and throwing fireworks and that was the reason why backup was called and so many security forces opened fire or with sound grenades and also some tear gas at one point and people were told to evacuate evacuate the building evacuate the whole complex but many refuse not lead to a situation whereby for gates while not stopping people from getting in or getting out and there were twenty arrests of youths inside the complex it was a symbolic situation that upset so many palestinians because of the israelis asserting what they see as their all thoughts on this situation however at the situation now appears to be a very tense atmosphere but nevertheless the rights to pray back
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you're watching the al-jazeera news hour and there's much more to come on the program. put bread on the table the economy takes center stage. zimbabwe's first post will god big presidential. party supporters in yemen celebrate what they say was a drone strike on abu dhabi airport. and later in school formula one championship leader is amongst those struggling to stay on track during practice. u.s. president donald trump is denying that he knew about a meeting between his aides and a russian delegation that offered to help him win the twenty sixteen election times former lawyer michael cohen has claimed he was present when the president sell the son donald trump jr told his father about the meeting according to media reports in the us cohen is reportedly willing to tell the moon or investigation which is looking into alleged russian meddling in that election while white house
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correspondent kimberly how could joins us now from washington d.c. hi they can play so trump in fact something denies this kimberly is america buying his car an explanation. i think when it comes to issues involving the president in if you look at his poll numbers they really don't move very much people either love or dislike donald trump and those tashan is run pretty strong this seems to be no exception certainly the president putting forth a very forceful denial to the claim made by his long time a very one time very loyal personal lawyer michael cohen that in fact he knew anything about that trump tower meeting that is said to have taken place in june of two thousand and sixteen where a russian lawyer was present and it was there that supposedly there was the offer made of giving some sort of dirt on the then president or candidate. opponent hillary clinton the democratic presidential nominee now the reason that there is
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doubt perhaps about not just the president's claim but also of michael cohen's are plentiful in fact when it comes to the president the fact that he is denying he knew anything about this meeting can be suspect to according to many critics because the president had around that also boasted very publicly that there would be some negative information coming forth soon about hillary clinton and then that quietly disappeared and dissipated and that sort of big sort of promise for information never materialized and then when it comes to michael cohen this claim coming now is also suspect in terms of the timing because he did appear before two congressional committees and there were two reports put forward by those interviews one democrat one republican and neither one of those reports was there any mention about this claim that is now being made so certainly when it comes to your original question about how the american public is reacting well it depends on who you believe the story you believe in it often depends on where your political stripes
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whether or not those stories have any merit at all kimberly it seemed you know since the beginning of the year the cold continued to be loyal to trump and then as you point out in your and so things changed so what's the bigger picture there. well the bigger picture if you even look at the president today he's had tremendous economic news historic by some proportions in terms of the jobs created the number of unemployed in the united states something that really should be dominating the headlines but instead because of the president's own claims or counterclaims whether it be about this story whether it be about russian interference in the twenty six thousand u.s. election those are the stories that the media tends to be following that people on the street tend to be talking about not perhaps some of the successes of this presidency so when it comes to donald trump he often can step on his own good headlines and today seems to be another example of that as the president was wrapping up speaking in front of the media about these strong economic numbers the
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follow up question from reporters that was shot it was not about the economy and where was headed but instead it was about an invitation that has been extended to vladimir putin and vice versa from the president to vladimir putin and vice versa about whether to or visit the respective capitals so that issue of russian russian interference is what dogs the president even as he tries to distract with other headlines kimberly how could they live from washington d.c. kimberly thank you saudi u.s. coalition aircraft have launched air strikes on the yemeni city a full day death day to host a strategic importance seaport which is the main entry point for most of the country's food aid. well it's in response to thursday's attack by yemen's hooty web bills on abu dhabi airport despite amorality leaders denying the attack even took place who she supporters have been celebrating in the capital sana'a victoria has oh. the supporters on the streets of the yemeni capital sana'a federating what they
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say is a significant military strike against their amorality enemy the seller to go to sleep but he will be all missy's to the gris is that we have managed to hit abu dhabi airport the riyadh airport will be here next and we will go all night and many other places will follow you know jim you're doing it with what we say to all the aggressors and they call ition countries that will stand firm and will continue the development of our missile capabilities in our drones with the help of our brave men. u.a.e. leaders denied any attack at port manages tweeted that been what they called an incident involving a supply vehicle but flights in operations were unaffected. the abu dhabi reports follow the heat these attacking what they said was a saudi arabia navy for it on wednesday the saudis say to all tankers were targeted and it stopped oil shipments through the important bubble manned strait off the coast of yemen analysts say both incidents show
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a change in tactics by the few things. have developed military capabilities that are allowing them to shift their response from one of defense to attack in relation to the saudi alliance this is a significant development. the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are leading the coalition supporting yemen's internationally recognized government led by president abba dr even so heidi it's fighting against iranian backed toothy rebels who control large parts of the country yemen has had many many problems in the. us and the difference is the iranian and the yemenis have suffered three years in which thousands have died disease is widespread and famine is threatened the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden relies on the coalition's ask our telephone when are you the soldiers of the so-called legitimate forces do not move in yemen without permission
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from abu dhabi president robert mansour hadi is yesterday's man but we're willing to talk to him un mediator martin griffiths arrived on his latest visit to say now on wednesday in a war that gets more complicated by the day victoria is there. on monday zimbabweans are voting in a presidential election for the first time in nearly forty years robert mugabe's name won't be on the ballot but his legacy of an economy in ruins continues to dominate campaigning voters hope the results will help and years of economic isolation. harare for. dropped out of school when his parents died he's sixteen refute jobs in zimbabwe so he ends about eight dollars a day selling tomatoes and of the reason why i came here is to look for money so i
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can in a living and working for someone i get little money and i send most to make them my . informal traders only appeared here on the streets of the capital harare has the economy clapped into the rule of former president robert mugabe the cultural exports plummeted after his government seized white owned farms nearly twenty years ago mines and factories closed as investors pulled out foreign banks stopped lending the government blamed the economic sanctions it's now there's a chronic shortage of cash in circulation these people are queuing to withdraw money they're allowed twenty dollars each. flour made from imported wheat it's hard to get for this bakery because of the lack of foreign currency to buy it. the aging of a new car be replaced so they're continuously repaired. yeah we just bring that no
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good for dates in there maybe things will improve in begetting those will be getting a little things other figure we're going to need we've made so the new we it's also new so my me yes i've got all meteorites. and there's the presidential election campaigns draw to a close head of monday's poll vote. i want to hear more solutions the politicians have to offer. opposition leader no reason closing is a real bill the economy. afghan's is one of the same kinds of promises that they supported that was exactly the kind of message that in law was but the foreign investment and international finance to resume raw live about the election . clearance being revised i would probably go down to the low position of unready complained of serious irregularities and the campaign has been largely peaceful compared to the past we should you continue with the same spirit good to good to be election we're using those debate everybody was really into
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a city in the national plastered into a city that do they provide some bit of a comfort for capital to come to zimbabwe. even if capital starts to flow back into the banks and big business. before street traders like mission field a difference. the people here hope the election will provide a chance for things to turn around. malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe ugandan president yoweri museveni looks like you'll be able to run for six term thanks to a court ruling kandice currently need to be under the age of seventy five to run this then he is seventy three so would have been blocked from entering the next election due to be held in twenty twenty one but now a new bills been saying scrapping that age limit it's has the opposition accusing mess of any of the power grab. prime minister alexis tsipras says he takes full responsibility for devastating wildfires the broke out on monday he promised the
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government would work quickly to improve safety regulations follows accusations from opposition parties that the government failed to do enough to save lives and protects people like officials suspect the fires which killed more than eighty people were caused by arson. activists pushing to ban whale hunting in iceland industry is back under the spotlight after a cross between a fin well and a protected blue whale was killed across the shore for processing from reykjavik the clock explains. iceland has much to boast of when it comes to natural resources its dramatic scenery and geothermal springs draw tourists in their millions and there's the marine environment to tens of thousands of people go whale watching every year there's even a whale museum where you can immerse yourself in an ocean of life size whale replicas the one thing iceland tries not to publicize too much is the fact that whales is still killed commercially here which in rage is
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a big sector of society doing these they are going to steps backwards into the viking times and the whaling nowadays especially well not just in iceland but the whaling in iceland show that people is not doesn't have a low buzz they really think to show the world that they are so it's something of a p.r. disaster when photographs like this appear what is suggested to be a highly endangered and protected blue whale killed and brought back to shore for processing d.n.a. sampling has since shown the whale was in fact a rare hybrid between a fin well for its icelandic whalers do have a quota and the ben and blue whale kristen lawson he runs the company that killed the whale says his whalers acted in good faith their way is working for us they've been doing it for decades and to be sheep you went all the time here and when be approached him you see it is everywhere and when we leave you to look for in which . they went after news one i think on our own there is no question in my mind.
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nothing else than opinion when it was taken but turned out to be a hybrid these are images of a fin well being legally processed at the whaling station most of the products are exported to japan the killing of the hybrid well which is banned from export has led to more cools for the industry to be finally halted in iceland this hunting is very inaccurate they cannot know the difference between a hybrid bluefin wage and often which they cannot make a distinction that's what they say between the two so you know for their sake they should absolutely stop it so this is workable is to whaling ships come in from the ocean with a catch and take it up the field to the processing plant they hunt for about one hundred days a year between june and september and this year they have a quota of one hundred sixty one fin whales it's an activity that has drilling support among so icelanders ten years ago about seventy percent of the population
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were in favor of whaling today that figure is more like fifty fifty and as tourists seek out whales alive in the wild still there's a pressing issue what to do with several tons of hybrid whale caught up in a freezer with nowhere to go nick al-jazeera reykjavik iceland stay with us here on news that still to come on the program the jump administration fails to meet a deadline to reunite migrant children with their parents hundreds remain separated syrian families finally arning seven years on what happened to their missing relatives. no way back to the phone so we'll tell you why this form i feel for chief will have to sit out a ten year ban on the sport. the
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sun been blazing down again the wind directions brought dust to many sides of the rocky plains as a result it just gets hot you don't see much profitable a great day which does nothing to stop the ferocity of the heat and about the fifty mark not far away from kuwait just off into the southwest of iran and the middle of iraq baghdad's focus is a mere forty two really very far away and you get to forty eight quite happily for the west coast levant twenty nine in beirut very pleasant and the breeze has been quite dusty running does he go for recently circulate through the eastern side of saudi in bahrain and dusty skies in qatar as well the breeze is dying little bit temp has also dropped forty one but i would be and are hostile middle forty's in the middle of oman and still there you don't necessarily see it the cloud is bringing drizzle quite often easily daily to salalah beautiful green part of the world at this time of the year running through the biggest showers actuarial parts of africa to the dry winter months although just recently they haven't been there's
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been some more rain in cape town it's gone from the western cape a long way east even touching now the forecast sees no more than cloud and a fairly warm sixteen in cape town. they suspected money laundering operation but this time it was different. an accidental discovery the wharfs initial suspicion. and on rivals an unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption people in power investigates a racket of such magnitude that it threatens government agreed to find the rules of impunity. the carwash. on a jersey of. capturing a moment in time snapshots of the lives of the stories.
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providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to. be so. old. witness on al-jazeera. our mind our top stories here on al-jazeera pakistan's opposition molting policies conference has rejected the results of webb says election promise to rally for a new vote to more palestinians have been killed in the latest friday protests at
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the gaza israel border in separate incidents a forty three year old man and a fourteen year old boy were both shot in the head by israeli soldiers all chums denied claims from his former lawyer michael cohen that he knew about meeting between his aides and a russian delegation that offered to help him with the twenty sixteen election. the crowd was association of human rights says at least four hundred forty eight people have been killed in antigovernment protests over the past three months and also accuses security forces of detaining all opponents of president daniel ortega incandescent torture centers c. and human reports now from managua as nationwide protests reach the hundred day mark. it's been one hundred days since the winds began burying their loved ones killed in a conflict too reminiscent of the country's civil war in the one nine hundred seventy s. this week at least three more people were killed in the northern city of reportedly by pro-government paramilitary forces while in managua
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a brazilian medical student sympathetic to student protesters was gunned down by unidentified assailants. at a news conference nicaragua's association of human rights said it had tallied ninety seven killings in the last two weeks alone and four hundred and forty eight deaths since april. when i walked out. was seen operations outside of the framework of law by groups paramilitary in fogs who are carrying out detentions torture terrible selective assassinations as well as writing homes destroying private and public property motivated by political party and ideological fanaticism human rights leaders tell us that in these one hundred days in the rubble has become a part of the. state and seek to build the fence everywhere you can see on the problem for example it's only at this hour but it stopped traffic but instead if you have to see there are buses to get to before it gets dark. a small
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group of students nevertheless came out to mark the anniversary of the civil uprising curfew look at it and we say to the government that we aren't afraid they say they want peace but they are killing us you know the president daniel ortega blames the killings on alleged terrorists who want him out his wife and vice president. went further in a radio broadcast this one a little read. they are drug addicts and alcoholics linked to all sorts of delinquency the nigger one people know all that some have taken their own lives so they can blame the government. and rights organizations rich. the claims and accuse the government of setting up clandestine detention and torture centers. we are seeing monstrous repression with all the perverse methods that the state can resort to wartime even though the country isn't at war and it's using them against its own people president insists that the country is getting back to normal but the rising
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number of deaths and disappearances of opponents tell a different story before let's call a latin america is to see a new man in managua hi there lucy s. so so that statement there that the country is getting back to normal what are people telling you what's the atmosphere. you know an absolute atmosphere of fear. a lot of nervousness people are afraid and we know of hundreds and hundreds of people who have gone underground afraid that they're going to become part of what's being called operation cleanup and just a short while ago we heard reports that thirty five doctors from the university hospital of the city of leon which is nicaragua second largest city were fired and that's because these doctors some of them surgeons some of them are also teachers at this university hospital have been sympathetic to the student movement to help them out and in fact came to the aid of many of the injured students during the
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worst part of the uprising earlier this month and so this is what we're hearing now is going to happen that there are reprisals against doctors against the business part of the business community farmers as well who have shown some sympathy with the opposition and who are calling for early elections or for the resignation of president daniel ortega lucio when will this cycle of distrust the killings and the tensions subside what would have to have for that to be the case. what would have to happen is that there would have to be serious negotiations between the opposition and the government to reach some kind of. an agreement what opponents of the government are calling for is of course early elections anticipated elections president or take the says he will not resign he will not. allow this kind of virally election to take place as happened actually back in one
9:36 pm
nine hundred ninety when he did agree to exactly that same thing certainly he says he won't resign there had been talks bartered by the catholic church now the catholic church is being accused of being cool bonkers and so right now there really are not any valid interlocutors to allow this to happen and in the meantime there's a lot of fear that this cycle of violence and repression will just escalate further and further seamen knew in their life from. a u.s. federal judge is deciding whether the chunk administration is in contempt of court for missing that deadline to reunite hundreds of migrant families over two thousand five hundred children were separated from their parents at the us mexico border as part of the hard by an immigration policy and as of friday more than seven hundred remain separated or id jocasta joins us now from the town of macallan in texas hi there heidi so the government has firmly missed this target.
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that's right julie this deadline happened about twelve hours ago and the government failed to meet it it claims that it did reunite all of what the government calls eligible children who have been separated from their parents at the border but those children only are about sixty percent of the total of more than twenty five hundred children who have been taken from their parents and as for the remaining children their separation from their parents continues. alone and left behind despite thursday's court order deadline for the trump administration to return all of the children who've been taken from their parents at the border about seven hundred remain in government custody most of them have parents who've been deported and i should outrage in all of us that they did children five year old and many younger to live in the present with no plan whatsoever to reunite them never read what the government has labeled these children eligible for reunification they
9:38 pm
include children whose parents have been deported or who according to the government have criminal backgrounds that make them ineligible for reunification not knowing when they get to go or if they get to go is well written they will have developmental delays they will have long term chronic care problems they will have a question in their developmental status that morning everybody thank you for being here this morning the government says every deported parent had a willingly left their child behind but immigration attorneys insist that's false citing client after client who say they were forced to abandon their child that's a question that all parents could best be left when am i going to see my child again some fourteen hundred kids have already been returned to their parents there are emotional reunions taking place in detention centers airports and bus stations across the country. i was sad it was hard because i wasn't together with my father . thursday's court ordered deadline for the government to reunite all the children
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and parents separated at the border was a hard one victory for civil rights activists but this display of shoes left behind by migrants is a reminder of the many families who even now remain separated indefinitely i want to call to remember that this is not the end of the fight. now comes the challenge of tracking down the deported parents and giving them back their kids. and finding those parents in their home countries will be a difficult task the effort is being led by advocacy groups around the country who have contacts in latin america as well as the consulates but they say the challenges they face include trying to track down parents who return after they have left their homes thinking they would never come back they no longer have permanent addresses or phone numbers and then there are also people who were fearful and that's what had driven them from their home countries in the first
9:40 pm
place and now that they're back they feel vulnerable to political persecution or danger of violence from the games and coming back out of the woodwork to try to connect with the government to reclaim their children is another risk that they would have to take finally if these groups are managed to find the parents that alone is just the beginning it would take another few months according to these groups before the law just sticks of putting parent and child back together again can be carried out julie jocasta there live from macallan in texas heidi thank you . the main leader of lebanon's juice exists criticize the syrian government for failing to stop and i slipped on this community in the syrian city of so wait a while the general says for regime forces should have noticed finds us gathering for the assault suicide bombings and similar teeniest raids at least two hundred forty people were killed many of them were druze a community which spreads across syria lebanon and israel who heads the largest
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political party in lebanon is a strong critic of syrian president. after years of silence and uncertainty thousands of syrian families and i've been given official death certificates for their missing relatives but the government hasn't released their bodies or any proof of the cause of death many of them have been detained or forcibly disappeared in a hotel room. for years he knew nothing about her husband opposition activist best so hard to be until recently when the syrian government declared that he died in two thousand and fifteen he was among the more than eighty thousand people believed by rights groups to have been detained or forcibly disappeared since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven in recent weeks and after years of silence more and more families are being told their relatives are dead recently to start to the fate of their beloved ones. that cause they have
9:42 pm
written that this is for a heart attack. and this is. very hard because they and some way the bush family is to to agree that he was not killed. as he says so far there are four thousand names of detainees or those who disappeared now officially registered as deceased the dates go back years among them. a well known nonviolent opposition activist from. his family was recently informed that he got here and his brother mohamad had died in two thousand and thirteen while in detention relatives find out from civil registry offices or the military police families are being told what they long suspected they now want to know where the bodies are buried and the true cause of death. and yet. how their rights. to their
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international human rights groups have accused the syrian government of large scale torture and extrajudicial killing and its prisons the exact number of detainee deaths while in detention is not known some rights groups say thirty thousand died of torture and dire conditions since the conflict began seven years ago other rights. say the number is as high as sixty thousand and seventy or prison alone amnesty international estimated that thirteen thousand were killed in mass hanging's between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen. families of the detained who live in rebel areas are able to raise their voices but those in government territory have to remain silent the fear now is the government may be trying to cover up likely crimes against humanity and prevent families from seeking justice. they don't care about anything.
9:44 pm
because. then they want to close this file to finish it. the family say the case of the detainees and the disappeared needs to be dealt with in any post conflict settlement it seems the syrian government wants to avoid that by bury the file and along with it the troops. iraq's top shiite cleric has demanded that a government be formed as soon as possible to deal with corruption and poor basic services grand ayatollah ali al sistani is call echoes the demand of protesters across iraq demonstrations started in the oil rich city of basra in the south thousands of protesters there say the government is neglecting the region while exploiting its resources politicians are struggling to form a government after the election in may which was marred by allegations of fraud in one congressman at from baghdad. protests in iraq a failed to materialize in the kinds of numbers that we've seen in recent weeks in
9:45 pm
basra and here in baghdad also that despite a campaign a very active campaign on social media trying to encourage people to come out in the streets now why is that it's likely to be because the protesters demands have been listened to by the government the government has struck deals with its neighbor kuwait to supply electricity generators in kerosene to fuel those generators saying that will supply electricity for at least seventeen hours a day in the south and you'll remember that these protests were sparked when iran says it wasn't paid a billion and a half dollars in electricity bills by iraq and cut off the supply to the south and now the protests didn't blame iran for that they said this was government incompetence government corruption and simply that the government wasn't functioning now also on friday we had the hope by the sermon given by the spokesman of the high shia religious school for eighty now he's throwing his weight behind the protest movement he says that the government must be expedited the his words. and it must be formed mediately and it needs to take into consideration all of the
9:46 pm
protesters demands now the reason for that is that the shia clerics hey are very worried that the protest movement if it spreads not just in the south but across the country as well that they'll come in for criticism for not backing the protest movement so this will avoid the protest movement as well however it looks it feels like right now the protest movement is simply waiting and giving the government a chance to meet their demands stay with us on the news hour up next we look at what the reporting of china's faxing scandal tells us about the government's changing social media to find out why these green bay packers players and borrowing children's bicycles details in sport.
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9:48 pm
china's fake baby vaccine scandal has stirred a lively debate on social media in spite of strict censorship those state media were slow to report the story the government swung quickly into action so is the government decision making increasingly being led by social media our china correspondent adrian brian reports now from beijing china's social media users were unusually energized this week it's one of the few ways people here can let off steam. the hash tag chunk chunk of vaccine case was viewed more than four hundred and seventy million times chunk chunk is the name of the company that sold fake vaccines that were administered to more than two hundred and fifty thousand children. food is involved in
9:49 pm
a project that tracks censorship on china's social media he's based across the border in semi autonomous hong kong where laws governing freedom of speech are more relaxed in the vaccine scandal fu says the government is monitoring rather than listening in one way then. mourning the puppet at the same kind of their friend. polly media as well as the propaganda machine you tried to we add the rock to a different comment in the public eye on social media the vaccine scandal was being discussed on social media days before state controlled media were allowed to report on it that only began to happen after china's premier league had chung issued a statement just before midnight last sunday just five days earlier the premier had spoken out after another health issue had stirred debate on social media. it was
9:50 pm
prompted by a new film based on the true story about a cancer survivor who illegally imports drugs from india to help other sufferers who can't afford them. it's not clear if the premier saw the film but he called on the government to do more to help cancer patients. the two cases have struck a chord with the public. i believe what we say online play a big role in what the government does what people say oh internet is powerful. we're worried what we say will be censored him and some of the posts that have already been deleted and we don't know why it. this article now deleted by chinese sensors are captured by fu this team they try to work out the various ways users try to disguise their descent it's an endless cyberspace game of cat and mouse adrian brown al jazeera beijing let's get all the day's sports news die with
9:51 pm
joe julie thank you christiane or announcer has avoided jail time in spain instead the former realm of star a new you venters signing has been given a t.v. a suspended sentence for tax evasion and a hefty fine rinaldo will have to pay twenty two million dollars to settle a case with the tax authorities that figure includes a fine of back taxes and interest he was accused of irregularities related to his image rights between two thousand levon and two thousand and fourteen former fee for secretary general jerome valcke lost his appeal to have a ten year ban from football overturned the court of arbitration for sport valko was banned along with former fee for president sepp blatter for breaching the organizations code of ethics the frenchman was found to be involved in the irregular sale of world cup tickets among other violations the court said vulcan's ban and one hundred thousand dollars fine was wholly appropriate russ's the young
9:52 pm
stars took the country's team to the quarter finals of the world cup and it's worked well in their favor alexander golovin was a key member of the team and now the midfielder has scored a big move from c.s.k. in moscow to monaco on a five year contract has been linked to english premier league club chelsea but will instead go to france with the start of the league and season just two weeks away. brazil's two thousand and two well cup winning coach louis philippe scolari is back in the dugout at a team he's pretty familiar with brazilian couple made us have given scolari a contract until twenty twenty scolari was with the club when they were relegated in two thousand and twelve but he has a good overall pedigree winning the world cup with his country and also having taken portugal to the final of the european championships and the world cup semi finals in the past ferrari and red bull have dominated the timing sheets cheering friday's practice sessions ahead of the hungaroring grand prix sebastian vettel
9:53 pm
finished with the quickest time for the two sessions just ahead of red bulls max the stop undone your card well championship leader lewis hamilton was just one of many struggling for grip on the dusty track the drive is all too aware that they need to qualify well to have a chance of winning on sunday at a circuit that is known to be difficult to overtake on. more i think it was ok. so there's always a little bit you can do better i think it's been. so i think everybody was trying to get the tires to work so we'll see it into more of that over the weather's doing but it would be crucial to get them to work to get find that sweet spot i'm sure miss avies will find more tomorrow one lot ferrari already seem to see so i think now that they're probably the target that everyone's trying to chase but yeah i still think on one like today we didn't execute it but they believe i'm confident the silky tensing you know package. but yeah you know he i think even with
9:54 pm
a good race car which we have you know the long runs i think. the first row is what i want to qualify on no doubt but second row might soon be a disaster so why don't we on the third. finland is hosting the world rally championship this weekend is tony is our turner who leads off to stage nine the t. o. to drive a ford back to the top of the standings in the last two stages of the day to lead by just five point eight seconds from odds are. world championship leader noval struggled in his own di he sits tenth overall in saturday's final time trial and sunday's procession through paris is all that stands between gehring thomas and his first tour de france victory the team sky rider holds a two minute and five second lead over tom do malone going in saturday's thirty one kilometer long individual time trial which will decide the overall winner of this year's race defending champion chris froome slipped down to fourth in the standings after premier won the final mountain stage on friday to move into third julian alef
9:55 pm
a leap secured the king of the mountains title he just needs to safely make his way through to paris to see dominant team has been knocked out of the quarterfinals of the german open chile's nicolas yari took just under two hours to beat the world number eight in two close tie break sets but the twenty two year old had to come from behind in both sets of secure the biggest win. of the. potential world title fight awaits the winner of saturday's heavyweight boxing bout between joseph parker and dillion white the pair have each lost just once in their careers both being beaten by a unified champion anthony joshua new zealand's parker lost his w.b. zero belts to just one points in march and is promising a more aggressive approach against white. on the choices. you know there's no. other.
9:56 pm
punch bad intentions. i'm going to break him down i don't want to catch a plushy going to take a look i want you so much my purse we talk a little smoke and i think sometimes. the sign of down. may be a painful phase of the some schools in the blood you know and some technical stuff running a bit of what's in place going to go down it's going to jump off at some point you know i don't know the first ride for me was going to trade many of the trees i'm serious that at some point the new york yankees will be without star batter are in charge for at least three weeks he suffered a chip fracture in his wrist after being struck by a vicious fall sporting thursday's game against the kansas city royals sunday cory pitched five shutout innings as the yankees rouse comfortable win as seven to take . on the chicago cubs and maintain their position at the top of the standings in the national league anthony brazeau hitting a walk off home run in the night the inning as the cubs overturned a five one deficit to beat the arizona diamondbacks seven six just look at those
9:57 pm
celebrations. the new n.f.l. season doesn't kick off until september but the teams are already back in camp preparing and before things got too serious the green bay packers on a decades long franchise tradition it was the opening day of their training camp and children lined up their bicycles in the hope that one of their heroes would borrow their is to make his way to the training field now this tradition has been going on since nineteen forty six and the idea is to have the children walk or jog alongside their favorite players. all right that is all useful for now it is back to chile in london so fun q well of course you can head to our website al-jazeera dot com and find plenty of video on demand and fulfill our correspondence and contribute to the world that's it for this news hour but it will
9:58 pm
be with you just a sec but more of the day's news thanks as always for your company by. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to on the attacks even though they too a victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limbic schools a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s.
9:59 pm
sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth the bogost al-jazeera will cover the developments from town rock in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system the laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera what is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food and two thousand and eight al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could frost deep lines of division jewish history it includes should it together we go together be casual the people that love this we. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. for the first time since robert mugabe was forced from polyp by the army the people of zimbabwe will elect the next president but a struggling economy and frustration amongst many young voters means the result on
10:00 pm
the thirtieth of july is still hard to predict follow the election analysis there. opponents of former cricketer imran khan reject the election result in pakistan vowing protests and demanding new elections. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up two palestinians including a fourteen year old boy are killed in the latest protest along the gaza israel border the search for those missing after the laos dam disaster goes on as survivors ask why help took so long to come. and blood moon rising all eyes to the
10:01 pm
sky is the longest eclipse of the century gets underway.


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