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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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global powers ogust on al-jazeera. home after more than seven months in an israeli jail the palestinian teenager locked away for slapping a soldier tells her story and calls for unity. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead. cambodia's ruling party claims victory the prime minister who's left for thirty three years as back from war. he won't be back in his old party a day before a zimbabwe votes former leader wopper mugabe makes a surprise intervention. monsoon rains bring death and devastation to india's most populous state and more heavy falls are coming in the days ahead.
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the palestinian teenager who became a global symbol of resistance after being thrown in jail is now back in the home where her story the gad i had some amy has in the past hour held a news conference in the village of nabi sala where she was arrested back in december she called for palestinian unity and spoken for the need for education she was still sixteen when she was taken away after slapping an israeli soldier who entered her family's property go live to andrew symonds in a moment first the day of our unions and thanks ben was released from a jail term looks much the same as hundreds served by young palestinians every year but the case of a head to me is profoundly different tasting freedom with a man who shared jail time with her greeted by her father she's already being revered by palestinians as an icon of resistance to the occupation. back in the good of the law of no. nationalism isn't apartheid law it's racist and racism it's
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apartheid in my message as i had to mean me to everyone is that the national and social conflicts are connected to each other and we need to isolate israel because of the war crimes it has committed and it has been always committee she went to jail because of this slapping an israeli soldier filmed by her mother and the video went viral on the internet then head was arrested and her mother was also detained legally i had to mimi is still a child her seventeenth birthday came during her time in jail her father who spent most of his life as an activist with several prison terms says he's proud and sad i had lost her childhood must have been a she can't live a normal i thin i think some guilty because we can't in the basin and it's become of the do it and that is wanted to watch and her father is probably right
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when he talks about his daughter's life changing for good at the heart of it all is social media the battle over imagery and symbolism. here the conversation is about how i had to mimi who promote the palestinian cool's she's known nothing beyond israeli soldiers entering her community in her home as they like and she is empowered i wouldn't say hero but she is definitely empowered in a sense that she was forced to become older and a lot more brave than her age necessitates and other communities around the world palestinians on the israeli security forces keeping a constant watch on this small village all expect more defiance from had to me her jail sentence is more likely the beginning not the end of the protest. andrew symonds isn't in the village and obvious sol in the occupied west bank and
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here i think it bears repeating it bears reminding people how young she is she's been thrust into this situation and then so much has been thrust upon her shoulders a lot of pressure but she's very young she's still only seventeen years old can you speak to that put that in some sort of perspective considering the kind of day she's also had to only be a teenager. well yes she was sixteen far as the law was concerned a child when she went into jail she had a birthday while she was in jail she's come out at age seventeen rather different person in the words of her father there is really has to say a lot of. a burgeoning build of support for her whether that will last whether this is a flash in the pan is unclear but you have to remember that everyone is jumping on this bandwagon in terms of palestinian politicians in terms of interests here because they see in it a means of symbolizing the struggle against occupation president mahmoud abbas who
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was amongst those meeting her on this day she certainly moved around a lot she got to see the grave of yasser arafat she met various palestinian dignitaries she also went to the place of inside this village the home of a man who was killed by israeli forces in a in a clash and a whole host of other things now it's all quiet because they're taking a rest she's with her family having some quiet private time but to give you an idea about this symbolism you take a look at this this is what's left behind this is where the news conference took place and you see the sling shot there and the pain behind it mark of the education effort that's being made by this young lady and making references in the news conference to how much work she did getting through her high school finals while
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she was in the jail and how other children other youngsters were also campaigning with her to get the rights of finishing off their final exams that baccalaureate exams so education one issue another issue support what across the board for all interested parties it wasn't just the issue of. children's rights in jail she touched upon a whole range of things such as gaza and her need to connect with people and support in solidarity the struggle so where do we move on from here well it's polarized obviously because the imagery against the occupation is one thing on one side on the other side israel there is really fury over what is happening in this respect in many areas and this was the opinion given by an israeli minister. i think israel acts too mercifully with these types of terrorists and others israel
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should treat harshly those who hit its soldiers we can't have a situation where there is no deterrence deterrence leads to that reality we see now you can change that we must change that and so really there you have another very extreme viewpoint and varying at odds with what's happening here obviously but what is happening is certainly this is not a case where someone is a victim she is a campaigner it would seem it is on clear about where this goes next but certainly she's riding on a high right now and a lot of people are saying that popular resistance is the way forward well it remains to be seen if this can make any difference in terms of the palestinian cause it also remains to be seen what if anything will happen in terms of reaction from the israeli side if she should start to engage in resistance in any form politically or otherwise with the israelis so unclear as to what happens next all
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right enter simmons' live for us an obvious thank you. but loaded with aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy in the past half hour and is now being escorted to. the boat was part of a float tell attempting to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt set off from palermo in italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens this is just the latest attempt by the pro palestinian activists to try to reach gaza from the sea and two thousand and ten events turned deadly when israeli soldiers stormed the mavi marmara ship ten turkish activists were killed israel later apologized for what it called operational mistakes in two thousand and fifteen the military directed four boats bound for gaza to the israeli port of ashdod while in two thousand and eight two boats carrying forty people from all over the world successfully reached israel's foreign ministry said it provided permission for it
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is in the port city of ashdod so there have been developments since we last spoke charles get us up to speed. that's right yeah the israeli military putting out a statement saying that city into city a ship the departed from europe in order to violate the legal naval blockade that is imposed on the gaza strip that statement going on to say the. israeli navy had melted into set cheat that boat in accordance with international law that said that the activity ended without exceptional incident and that any humanitarian assistance that that boat they are would allow that was carrying could be delivered to gaza via the port here in our store we know that the boat was carrying around fifty thousand dollars worth of medical equipment. around twenty twenty three people from around sixteen different nationalities now the organization put
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out a statement demanding that. the governments of all those nationalities those people on board took immediate action including the norwegian government. we understand that all communication from the boat has been lost since the israeli navy corpsman did control of it it's important. to say that the organization was expecting this to happen there when a zation put a statement out saying that the freedom flotilla expected the israeli military to take control of them but it was doing this as a symbolic means of drawing international attention to the plight of one point eight million people living in gaza under that siege right cal stratford i fest in austin thank you. hundreds of syrian refugees have begun to return home from lebanon as part of a russian brokered plan three buses take refugees back to syria through the border
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crossing around thirty buses had been deployed to transport then president michel says the russian initiative aimed to return nearly nine hundred thousand syrians. if the rebels in yemen say they have been attacked by dozens of airstrikes by the saudi coalition the targets include the capital sana in this or t.j. port city of. follower has the attack on saudi vessels in the red sea and an alleged drone strike on the airport. cambodia's ruling party has claimed victory and in general election that rights groups say was neither free nor fair the party had been predicting a landslide victory for prime minister when sen but he was always expected to win because the main opposition party was abandoned its leaders jailed or exiled and he reports on phnom penh. this could have been a day of political change for cambodia instead voters lined up knowing there was little chance of that the choice was vote for
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a continuation of prime minister hussein's thirty three year rule back one of nineteen small opposition parties most of which can't be called truly independent or stay away but. i came to vote because it's my right and my obligation every five years i want to see my country develop mall at this polling station in the capital phnom penh was still on the voter list he's the leader of the band cambodian national rescue party which called for people to boycott the votes this is where kim would have cast his vote if he went off in jail awaiting trial on treason charges this could have been a day all big celebrations for him and his party given they almost won the last election five years ago the assumption is they became too popular so had to be removed by a government determined to stay in power c n n p. c it's a party so we don't want to raise about this matter we want to see what cambodia
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can do for the future of democracy. across town the prime minister voted early in an election that's been dismissed as illegitimate by many even longtime supporter japan refused to send election monitors. among cambodians choosing to stay away was couldn't beat out who want to seat in local elections last year only to lose it when his party was dissolved he now drives for a living and hopes one day he can reenter politics. i will never give up and i strongly hope that in the future my party can be revived to come bowden's voting for it and i believe that come bowden's will provide justice for the c.n.n. r.p. with fingers stained purple for those who voted there will be no hiding for those who didn't and may now fear repercussions the government including the prime minister tried to intimidate people into voting even though it's optional another sign say critics of his increasingly all thora tyrian rule that seems set to continue wane hey al-jazeera phnom penh sam rainsy is the former leader of the
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cambodian national rescue party he says it's becoming increasingly isolated in the international community. the united nations has already set. up at. any u.s. european union head. to text sections how did it so. it gains that mr hu and his family and kearney i expect those of us actions will get there if i was there in the groups at once that you cards or you can't eat us actually and if not a lower jaw. and. it will be minister the. way out there was only of from the rest of that letter and only the part of china sole owns and now insult has
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only it is a part of china but that is a not enough eventually. we lent one sat down. still ahead on al-jazeera i. was angry at iraq weeks of protests over living conditions forced the electricity minister al. i didn't realize how much. my home to me burning and broken more people are playing it wildfires in california show no rest. most of the rain in china is hanging around south of the moment we're still getting occasional showers in sichuan or in the middle and by for example not as heavy as
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they were twenty four hours ago but some tuna beach is a decent diamond pool but to say majority is further south and running into north vietnam is creeping up the coast of china will probably get towards hong kong well time we get to tuesday and that cloud band then is on the western side of china but it's sort of it's the worst case scenario from the mature monsoon which is now right up beyond the development plateau to be us there's all the cloud the heaviest rain has been in northern india but using a fair amount in bangladesh and in myanmar all of which of course have suffered flooding which is to be expected it's just quite bad in places this year come west of that in size and the rain is rather more spartan that a lot of clouds to accumulates twenty nine degrees in mumbai but it's not especially when the rain be to say north and that of the dries and with the exception of twenty seven degrees cloudy interestedly we're talking about a breezy dusty if it's quite hot and cold it up to forty four again in dire her as
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well but there's not really a cloud in the sky that is what you can see it's a sky it's awful a fairly dusty picture at the moment. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division external to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or tool you know we used it to became another hopes to quarter two peas in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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and rushing al-jazeera and these are the top stories this hour for a palestinian teenager i had maybe is urging palestinians to keep persisting israeli occupation the seventeen year olds now back in her home village in the occupied west bank after spending nearly eight months in jail for slapping an israeli soldier. israel's navy has intercepted a boat loaded with aid for gaza and as a sporting add to the port of ashdod it was part of a flotilla attempting to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt set off from palermo in italy a week ago. and already has brylin party has claimed victory in a general election the rights group said was neither free nor fair or minister who was always expected to win because the main opposition party was banned and its leaders jailed or exiled. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe says he will
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not vote for his successor emmerson managua and monday's election the ninety four old held a surprise news conference any urged his supporters to vote against those who pushed him from power last year press conference was rambling it lasted more than an hour it was the first time he's spoken publicly since november. just you know. when. the.
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army tosses in harare robert mugabe says he's not going to vote for the people who to make him the people who removed him from office in november he also said he's not going to vote for the rulings on a pay party or for president. he insisted he's going to prefer to vote for nelson chamisa the main opposition party he also cygnus planning to resign in december last year at the zanu p.f. congress and hand over to sit by the former defense minister he implied that it wasn't god or was never going to be his preferred candidate to lead to this country so what does this mean we're not people listen to mugabe but choose not to vote for the rulings aren't here party opinions are mixed some people feel he is ninety four years old and he's no longer relevant in politics but i would say remember there is speculation that the ratings are a party and some people in the army do support which suggest they are fractures within the ruling party and the army those people could listen to regard and vote
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for the main opposition leader nelson chamisa what is clear is that monday's election is going to be very very interesting opposition leader nelson can be so how the news conference after he says monday's vote is about the former president. please leave me alone mr when and why and your zambia people deal with your old man you know you have disappointed him is so disappointing please make your way name your amends with him i have nothing to do with what president mugabe would want to say as a voter is a citizen it is not my duty as a candidate to going to choose voters we're not going to this election to choose what kind it is we are going to be chosen so if someone says they are likely to have a favorable disposition in my favor we're mine to deny that extra vote that will make the fundamental win that we want well might. our ox prime minister has
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suspended the electricity minister after weeks of protests against power outages poor public services and unemployment and. the demonstrations continued on sunday in a number of southern cities after awadi impose curfews and cut off internet access in some areas human rights watch has accused iraqi special forces of using lethal force against the protesters. and the question is are still underway to form a governing coalition in iraq a party won a majority in may's national election and the result isn't yet confirmed because a manual recount was called over allegations of vote rigging the parties trying to lead iraq have major differences on their attitudes towards the u.s. and iran as iran can report some back that. the big winner in iraq is contested election is expected to be this man looked at also that who confidently expects his party to lead the next government once the revised result has been confirmed by the supreme court there's no date for when the supreme court will issue its ruling but
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it's likely the shia cleric will form a coalition he's a self-proclaimed nationalist suspicious of both iran and the us of the shia parties far from united behind him shia islam is the predominant sect particularly in southern iraq so there's large election win means his party they say don't lie and will choose the next pm to do so will need to make deals with other parties one of the largest is the victory alliance led by the current prime minister hydrilla body the victory alliance a body is the only choice also that has for prime minister if there is a better candidate we are open to any but the candidate however i personally think he is in the right place and the situation. we are in that i please choose somebody who we know and i would like to see him in power. but also that he's
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looking beyond just a shia base for coalition partners because of his nationalist starts the communist party of iraq has joined forces with him this card or for alliance metry communist . movement is probably surprising to many. but they didn't come as a surprise it was an hour of calm off common activity that come on participation in the protest movement over the years two thousand and seventeen but the smaller parties may not give all southern the influence he so desires over government now his supporters all getting angry so he'll be looking at exactly who can help him to fill his agenda. protests in the south of the demanding energy and economic reform concern also that because many of his supporters are involved with that in mind he said all talks about forming a coalition must be suspended until the protesters do. his cool has been popular
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political observers who have a believe that iraq is headed to once again for a period of political instability that could be dangerous. over the next government is not formed soon then that will have implications the first one will be the own going economic crisis the second one is the potential reemergence of i sell and other affiliated terrorist groups around baghdad and anbar this is all happening in the midst of the rising tensions between iran and the u.s. and this impacts the iraqi political scene. the u.s. and iran are both big players in iraqi politics blocs allied to one or the other any government will have to balance its relationship with the americans and the iranians to try and stop iraq from becoming a political battlefield by proxy as well as managing the demands of the iraqi people imran khan al jazeera baghdad. then asian governments are urging calm on the island of lombok as aftershocks continue in the wake of a deadly earthquake that killed at least fourteen people and injured many more the
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magnitude six point four tremor damaged hundreds of homes and triggered landslides more than one hundred aftershocks have been causing more panic on both neighboring bali today monsoon rains and india's most populous state of cause of death of nearly sixty people landslides there are protests have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas of the state are flooded and reports. seemingly endless to rental rains have flooded streets and the day luzhin the northern state of which are proud has triggered landslides. we've recorded dozens of injuries and deaths since friday night a large number of houses of also being damaged animals have been reported dead. six members of one family including children were killed when their home collapsed in our home of the famous taj mahal rescue operations are underway and emergency crews
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are trying to clear roads and provide relief. all of our civil servants are in the field visiting those affected keeping an eye on the situation we are working together with residents and local officials using floating flood pumps to remove some of the water and doing whatever is possible. the monsoon rains between july and september provide much needed water for farmers across india but the n. you'll rainy season is also responsible for the loss of life and property weather forecasters say more days of heavy rain are on the way culture dirge on al-jazeera . a very different weather extreme in the u.s. will wildfires are sweeping through neighborhoods in northern california at least five people have been killed seventeen others are missing in the city of reading every elizondo has more. tornado like puddles of fire ash and combustible gas residents say was unlike anything they've seen before just like in oklahoma you see like on the wizard of oz it also uses points like
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a wall for ames and then there are sheets of metal flying around like two hundred feet near. fueled by steep terrain hot weather and dry brush what was left the smoldering remnants after an out of control wildfire that scorched northern california in zero five hundred structures burned to the ground including hundreds of homes the fast moving flames burned entire neighborhoods and in at least one case destroyed an entire small town it's not over the fire is only five percent contained at times firefighters had to switch from defending property to hoping people escape more than forty thousand people have been ordered out of harm's way the unstoppable flames even jumped a river under normal circumstances the overnight hours provide a reprieve lowering the heat and allowing firefighters to gain an upper hand on the
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blaze but this is no ordinary fire after sunset the winds have picked up and made a fire increase in size overnight this is highly unusual next expected to get worse with temperatures expected to be over forty two degrees celsius in the coming days there are more than a dozen fires burning in california putting property but more importantly people at risk. they didn't realize how much my. my home is me. in central california yosemite national park home to four million visitors a year remains closed because of another nearby fire it's the first time since one thousand nine hundred the park closed because of fire the wildfire aspect has intensified over the years so we need to experience more and more damage the wildfires it's like throwing gas in. these type of fires they wrapped and they
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spread so fast the national guard has been called in to try to help a state that is burning. ready california. we got the headlines on al-jazeera for a palestinian teenager i had to mimi is urging palestinians to keep resisting israeli occupation the seventeen year old is now back in her home village in the occupied west bank after spending nearly eight months in jail for slapping an israeli soldier. back in the good of the law of nationalism is an apartheid law it's racist and racism it's apartheid in my message as i had to mean me to everyone is not the national and social conflicts are connected to each other and we need to isolate israel because of the war crimes it has committed and it has been always commits in israel's navy has intercepted a boat loaded with a for gaza and as
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a scorching it to the port of. i was part of a flotilla attempting to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from palermo in italy we could go cambodia's the ruling party has claimed victory in a general election the rights group said it was neither free nor fair the prime minister who was always expected to win because the main opposition party was banned and its leaders jailed or exiled because the rebels in yemen say they've been attacked by dozens of air strikes by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition the targets include the capital sana in the port city of who data follower who at the attack on saudi vessels in the red sea and also an alleged drone strike on the airport in operates oppy zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe says he will not vote for his successor and were samina naga and monday selection the ninety four year old held a surprise news conference he urged his supporters to vote against those who pushed
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him from power last year it was the first time he has spoken publicly since november. iraq's prime minister has suspended the electricity minister after weeks of protests against power outages for public services and unemployment demonstrations continued on sunday in a number of southern cities. two days of torrential monsoon rains in india's most populous state have caused the deaths of nearly sixty people landslides near tar pradesh have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas of the state are flooded and more rain is in the forecast for at least the next two days those are the headlines news continues and al jazeera also shamus next. al-jazeera. where ever you were.
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in two thousand and two the israeli palestinian conflict was further inflamed as a contentious border was cast in concrete. the following film first aired five years after construction began on what israel describes as a separation wall. leading up to. friday off to loon in the west bank village. and a novel a demonstration against the israeli government that will take a hofner of the villages. on how.


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