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robert mugabe says he will not vote for his successor in the samina naga and monday's election the ninety four year old held a surprise news conference he urged his supporters to vote against those who pushed him from power last year it was the first time he has spoken publicly since november iraq's prime minister has suspended the electricity minister after weeks of protests against power outages for public services and unemployment demonstrations continued on sunday in a number of southern cities. two days of torrential monsoon rains in india's most populous state have caused the deaths of nearly sixty people landslides neuter pradesh have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas of the state are flooded and more rain is in the forecast for at least the next two days. those are the headlines news continues and al-jazeera also shamus next.
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al jazeera. where ever you are. in two thousand and two the israeli palestinian conflict was further inflame as a contentious border was cast in concrete. the following film first aired five years after construction began and what it's about describes as a separation wall. or . not. another friday afternoon in the west bank village of bella ean and another demonstration against the israeli government that will take over half of the villages land. on our countdown.
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is one of the outgoing and familiar food of the. not going the fear and of the full knowledge all it matters little what the cold weather walls barriers or fences in tension is the same to redefine human relations into us their market. this is a story about division about the barriers that men erect in calculation or desperation to separate themselves from abo's for others from them when diplomacy and conciliation fail this is the alternative. well the name of the living. i call it
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a shame because a hundred thousand. are without jobs because of the. alps freedom of movement because of the world i without trees. and israel is. using to see the population all these or else. there is nothing new about so-called protective walls most ancient cities have them the ones we see today around jerusalem date from the sixteenth century. but the twenty first century wars not only look different they serve a different purpose. the war is just over seven hundred kilometers long so far it's costing two million dollars every kilometer. it began in
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two thousand and two and it goes deep into palestinian territory in the west bank and jerusalem splitting neighbors and in circling villages. it's the biggest construction project in israel. and one that its supporters claim is necessary to ensure israel's security. this fans is for security reason this fence is only for blocking the way of suicide bombers into israel. and yet plans for the division of israel and palestine predate the relatively modern phenomenon of suicide attacks. were decades in the making. of the wall really follows of israeli policies for the last hundred years. even before there was an israel essentially the problem is that zionism has claimed this country from the mediterranean to the jordan river
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exclusively for the jews there is no other people here for the for the israeli jews there is no a palestinians there is no other collectivity with other rights to this country this is our country exclusively period. the names of professor saw for the next prime minister sharon come up repeatedly in any discussion of the war. is the ideologues who first drew the maps for a construction of a wall in the one nine hundred eighty s. but it was the politician sharon who put the reality on the ground. the day he was elected second time with prime minister this very important evening he called me to bring him next day my met. with michael about the disengagement not to sit with him but to give him his because my name was that he and if you ask
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me how i did the map i would say ninety builds in big talk in my consideration demography to three percent holy sites and maybe seven a percentage only secure with my vision was that if we would like to keep. to which democratic state we cannot enjoy the luxury of having all of the star in very slowly because the mogul feel it's the most deterministic fact thought. at the moment. as the main political force behind the erection of the war it fell to israeli prime minister sharon to allay the fears of israel's backers good fences make good neighbors he told us president george w. bush astutely quoting american poet robert frost. good words can make.
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goes all over the world see the war between me and my. friends. but palestinians and israelis have never been good labors and the war is a physical reminder of the end tip of the on both sides. and even the very name of this divide is a contentious issue israel's official name for the wall is separation barrier to some it is a while to others it is a fence. only three percent of the barrier is wall ninety seven percent is fans everybody wants to show in television the wall but you have to remember that this well is it is against should think it's only in places where people live very close to the fence and they can shoot through then you had to put it there was ninety seven percent is just transparent fence. but though
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a fence may have less visual impact it takes up more ground. it's true that the majority of the structure is not like this the majority of the structure is electronic fans but only one component there is patrol roads that detection. trenches. razor wire it's a very wide expanse. this is why the israeli authorities use the term fence but in fact. part of the wall to me is actually worse than what you see here. the footprint is much wider you have. fifty or sixty or seventy metres plus a buffer zone and in terms of the damage it does to be environment in terms of all of trees uprooted irrigation systems because it's extreme much worse than the wall part here and in many cases the israelis have taken land that has been passed down
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through generations of palestinian families. spend all his life. but the arrival of the wall has brought disaster. relief. that both you look at the. moment is ahead it is about. the point is that the will of the children is at the whim of the. will from nasser was that the world will meet and with the destruction of the olive trees comes economic ruin as palestinians are left on able to work because they are forced to spend so long negotiating the divide. the bloody about. what i've been kidding with. bated. breath because. of being. in myself.
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with the look probably with the. blood but is it a little bit too. but it is an official's little. visit they wanted to have. this was that. it was it was. there's a particular. because of it but if you had to say to me you really mean is that. it is driving people to despair because the younger generation no there's no fear. a livelihood for peace because their agricultural villages if they're in a situation where only about two hundred people or three hundred people out of a population of ten thousand for example somebody says we've been to bernie two or three hundred people can get regularly to their land obviously you can't call this an agricultural village anymore. if you daughter did you
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did you need to show he doing on the. bus a lot of this sort of get out there is going to be a lot of the. community but being. a lot of the. many jewish. must over twenty. one a minute we have. a lot of work to me still to understand we've got about one hundred. to one on been done to do what i need you to do and do. you have died not on your model will be a bad mother i've gone up. and then i mean i don't know mommy daddy you. know model t. would i do. this job not sure you know it's pretty neat i know occupational but i don't want to know your model to weed out your genuine pinnacle saddam and all but one of them is out of a tough one which doesn't know how to. for as long as palestinians suffer economic
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hardship it's argued that there will never be peace. equality in the excess but in the course if the palestinians will live what israel is in the legal terms infrastructure for statehood legal cease. education and welfare and their own budgets and the only border will see is only part two feet it's what's inside the borders if there will be equality two states equal to the family of nations and not one occupying. this would make for good neighbors but good neighbor who are. not necessarily love. and yet it is argued that the wall exists to protect the economy or at least the israeli economy. form two thousand and one until two thousand employee is
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lost almost. four percent for its g.d.p. . in those years i mean no one goes to see even a movie and no one. was there. because of the security situation. and according to the walls architect the security of the israeli people comes first you see your stuff. and you give me a clear picture a very miserable picture about people who suffer from the war go back from the beginning why we did it. because. because of this because of one thousand draws. the people of that work in kindergarden in. israel so called separation barrier has provoked domestic unrest and attracted
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international criticism the route has been deemed by the international court of justice in the hague to be illegal and inhumane the issue of human rights that the international court of justice brings up is the issue of proportionality have a right to defend your population nobody is saying no but you can't be disproportionate you can't completely oppress and destroy another population for the sake of your own population that's really the issue if the war had been built along the green line which is the internationally recognized border between the west. israel has the right to build a. green line within its own territory there will be about fifty thousand palestinians on the israeli side of the wall when it's complete and this undermines the security argument. argues that the revulsion expressed by many around the world
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is sheer hypocrisy. we don't know if your in even your of the create they have acted wars they don't tell you but go for. the. million in morocco what they'll do in these bloody you will be in the bidding wars . and yet it is not just the international community that has condemned the war even within israel there are many who believe that it isn't serving any useful purpose it was minister of difference ya'll diane is deputy mayor of tel aviv but probably better known for being the daughter of moshe dyan the hero of the one nine hundred sixty seven war in which israel alec's the west bank this current war she argues is not the answer. it's not effective. because instead of being an obstacle to tell wastes it became another obstacle to
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peace in the sense that it is a provocation it's not a peaceful partition it became a political statement and it's a very bad to deep feelings of occupation and. a speaking it doesn't have legality from anybody in displaced. and. yet the israeli public went along with the idea of highly decorated army pilot believes they allowed themselves to be duped with catastrophic results. naive u.t. i am not using the war stupidity to signal everything to the people who are you know that eighty percent of the jews in israel are were working in the morning oh my god i want peace oh my god so much of the left in israel is praying for you
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who will give you his mother for the peace. oh my goodness. and stupid. little to build a fence and all our problems will be ok. the wall is redrawing the map some israeli commentators see it as an attempt to define in why and concrete a future two states solution by including within israel the land of the palestinian west bank which the illegal israeli settlements have been built but it is the settlers who stand to gain most from the. it's a kind of settlers wall because they have just the wall to the reality on the ground to what the reality. that the setlist have dictated which is of course the full support of the government for many years. so
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actually if you look at the map. of the wall what you see is that. the principle. was maximum settlers maximum settlements minimum are of. tribulation in israel so it it has also a demographic that mentions the meaning of the wall has nothing to do with security check the path yourselves see that it is only protecting settlements that it is build based on future plans for expanding ment of the settlement we are not the fence not even protecting current settlers it's going to protect future settlers and that's absurd. many palestinians to believe the real purpose of the war is. that we are going into two thousand and one to our own so i'm going to suppose that it was to put the demographic issue not know that to
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limit the feeling expansion because that is the freedom according to them that in the two thousand and twenty. would be sixty person so by the wall he said that he's going to assure that things will be fifty percent. the wall is basically. a deal. we don't want to see the palestinians it's a psychological barrier it's not only that. it's actually a two state solution but the way i want. to get rid of the. to get as many such in this inside. and to give the israelis the feeling that if the palestinians within. his own. expanding the future good life would be impossible and. there would no development so he was
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forced to leave i'm. determined to hang on. is surrounded by the war. why because it is right next to an israeli settlement. and he is adamant he won't be giving up. because if a. woman had.
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one of them. like all politicians israel's war both excludes and encloses the hardship which would cause the excluded palestinians was predictable. worries many israelis is what the war has done to the inclosed how it has created something which in historical terms is thinkable. we are building for ourselves you know where the ghetto is. they build a fence around us and what are we doing we are fencing ourselves we're putting ourself in a ghetto. we should live like that. all continues to grow and in the
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present political climate difficult to see a time when it will be dismantled those on the extremes feel that this is a good thing. i would like to see such a war even. you know the story i heard from a former general. who told me that he was sitting having coffee with a very old man old man. and he told. you know i've been here with the turks. the british and. always you. better all the others but you're there was. because you're the only
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one of the taking all that. is the settlements and. so. this is the host. since this film first aired in two thousand and seven israel has continued to expand the wall more than two hundred kilometers despite condemnation from the un and most recently. it's a measure of that's continued to cause. even from some of israel's own citizens among these protesters israelis. jonathan polak is an israeli activist who's part of the protest movement against the wall. i guess. like the vast majority of. the people who come here to come here. to a degree i think that they're right because we betray the notion that this place here is part of. that degree.
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betrayed. i don't like. nobody. then with jonathan is the founder of on a case against the wall. the minute i come here because i believe that it's wrong that israel boots this thing i think it's wrong and that it is really good at all and i think it's definitely wrong when israel believes it on people's lands jonathan activism often puts them in direct conflict with the israeli army which was. now michael. really the only thing. that's that's right larry so far so what if you want. to go from with him not to the government of president. obama for. president bush and the focus of the. mission.
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and the money that you. think i'm going to get when i think there should be so i talked about it. there should. i think i'm going to. you know the guy who i think government in the senate it became clear that the policing power of israel's border guards extends well beyond the wall even on land. as palestinians and it shows how it's not on the about preventing people from going to the outside it's also about controlling this site and how the army regards supports legal rights or even according to their own laws the army can do whatever. they. might be doing in this area. after the. government and the spectrum of time but out of the three i must get into.
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the zone. and they need to feel you know. for the first time since robert mugabe was forced from power by the army the people of zimbabwe will see the next president but a struggling economy and frustration amongst many young voters means the results on the july is still hard to predict follow this in bombay elections and outside. capturing a moment in time snapshots of all the lives of the stories. providing attempts into someone else's work out inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to. say. oh. witness on al-jazeera.
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volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill the way it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. us as native hawaiians family is always nice to us whether she thinks our home or not we accept this type of event. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens when stories of loss go on tone. is sweeping association of islam with the violence. in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized
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by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim coming soon on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and life from super fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha and welcome to the news grid i had it to mean is free and more determined to fight on the palestinian protest icon gets a hero's welcome after more than seven months and is really captivity we look at what time his release means for the palestinian resistance against is really occupation a votes in the saddo of violence polling has just ended in mali that's where people are hoping the new leader will put.


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