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u.s. president donald china says he's willing to meet his iranian counterpart hassen rouhani at any time and without preconditions. again i'm fitter and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a high turnout at zimbabwe's first ever elections without former leader robert mugabe. india publishes a list that eventually a fact of restricts four million people of citizenship in the northern state of assam and firefighters battle against massive wildfires that have killed six people and destroyed hundreds of homes in the u.s. state of california.
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they've been locked in an escalating war of words ever since u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the landmark twenty fifty nuclear deal but it seems that the president has had a change of mind over iran saying he would be willing to meet his iranian counterpart hassen rouhani at any time and without preconditions trump made the surprisingly marks during a press conference with italian prime minister become today in washington d.c. it comes just a week after he warmed to her and not to threaten the u.s. or risk suffering consequences like few suffered in history before. so i believe in meeting i would certainly meet with the room if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now. but i ended the iran deal it was a ridiculous deal i do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm ready to meet any time they want to go into preconditions no they want to meet
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only any time they want any time they were good for the country good for them good for us and good for the world we've got reaction from this from both sides the united states and iran in a moment we'll speak to same bus ravi in the iranian capital tehran but presidents go to alan fischer who is the white house aisle and they say a week is a long time in politics the sort of rhetoric that president trump was saying is very different from what we've just heard. exactly that doesn't quite follow the path of what donald trump has been saying to be clear he has in the past said i would be anyone at any time he believes he is the great negotiator he can perhaps negotiate a brand new iran deal he's never been a fan of the international agreement that he himself breached when he pulled the united states out of it back in may when he was candidate trump said he was going to scrap it there's a suggestion that he's never actually read it but he simply didn't like it
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reflectively because it was negotiated by the obama white house and then in me since then we've seen the rhetoric that has been building up to what we saw a week ago he's been seeing that the iran regime is struggling that things are difficult for them that they're becoming more isolated this is a narrative that has been peddled by the white house whether it's true or not it's pretty difficult to see and then it culminated in a week ago him seeing that if you threaten the united states ever again you will face historic consequences so you would think that the lines there are pretty well drawn but then there's this surprise should we be surprised when donald trump surprises when he says i will meet without any preconditions it any point he believes perhaps he can negotiate a much better deal how that will be done while the real lot of walk scuse me in the background to be to be gone through first of all and is there someone who could start that grown what we know that when he threatened north korea as he did with
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fire and fury when he called the north korean leader a little rocket man that the south koreans were at least preparing the ground and had contacts with pyongyang at this point it looks as if the french would be the most likely to be any sort of mediator you remember the emanuel mccrone was at the white house earlier this year are doing donald trump not to pull out of the iran nuclear deal to stay inside what with the international community paris has links with tehran his story. cli there are probably of all the european allies have the best relationship with iran so might be able to do something to give donald trump what he wants which is another big summit when will that happen no time scale will the iranians be keen. we don't know will this others in the region you've been hearing the rhetoric from the saudi arabia also from the united arab emirates and israel saying iran is a big threat you can't deal with this regime i know suddenly donald trump is saying
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you know maybe we can that is going to set a lot of people on edge as well and now and i'm wondering if it's going to upset bears and dave you might be joining president trump in the building behind you those close to him how they're going to feel about him now putting out what looks like an olive branch. exactly we have might pompeo who's the secretary of state who's been calling for regime change and seeing the putting pressure on iran we've heard john bolton who in the past has talked about attacking iran and saying there is a legal case for that john bolton is the national security advisor they would be very reluctant to get involved in any discussions with iran particularly if there were no preconditions if they didn't see they were going to get something out of it but then what you have to remember is this is donald trump's white house all of these people work at the pleasure of the president they might well see while the
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president meant this or what we're not going to do unless iran does that if donald trump wants this summit to happen and the really and soon agreeable then this summit could happen as i see he's talked about this in the past but this was a real surprise given the rhetoric and it looks as if this is something he's actually considering just one very brief side note this many people see is classic donald trump the american media for the last few days has been obsessing about his talk about closing down the government over getting his border wall funding for his border wall and also attacking robert mueller who is of course carrying the investigation into alleged russian collusion they think it is classic donald trump to see yeah i don't mean talking about all this but look over here look at that let's talk about iran and that suddenly deflects the news agenda to something that is much better for donald trump to discuss rather than closing down the government and allegations of collusion well let's keep that in mind when we switch over to
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tehran now and speak to our correspondent at the same press ravi who has a reaction from there i mean it's not the first time that jumper's made such overtures a what's been the reaction with that before. well in the past we've heard iranian leaders say much the same that alan just said that a lot of what donald trump says is just rhetoric that cannot be trusted over and over again iranian leaders have said that they don't believe what is coming out of the trumpet ministration and just today the foreign minister of foreign ministry spokesman said that donald trump cannot be trusted and the things that he says don't really deserve a response so there's an enormous trust deficit between the trumpet ministration and leaders here in iran in the past they've said that this is the deal that was negotiated that all parties signed up to and it cannot be renegotiated and that is the position that they continue to maintain i sat across from
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a senior member of the national security establishment just a few days ago and i asked him that do you envision a time when yourself and your colleagues could sit across from president trump from his administration and talk about anything at all and he said that that could never happen that by pulling out of the nuclear deal donald trump signaled that he was not willing to respect the negotiation process we did have some reaction via a tweet from a political deputy in the president's office and he said that if the trumpet ministration wants to talk if it believes in the negotiation process then it has to respect the outcome of that negotiation process and to move forward now it must be said that the president's office is not suggesting that talks are possible but he said that to move forward on this rocky path with the united states can do is step away from hostile rhetoric step away from hostility towards iran and rejoin the nuclear deal and that really is the only way forward that iranians see their
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standing their ground their holding their position here they feel they have international consensus and support with regards to the nuclear deal and as sanctions come up again in august august sixth is when us. are expected to be reimposed on iran as the deadline approaches iran's leaders are hoping that they can turn to european partners they can turn to russia and china to help sustain themselves and protect themselves against unilateral u.s. sanctions very good to get your perspective on this same bus driver speaking to us live from tehran. there's been a high voter turnout in zimbabwe's first election without longtime leader robert mugabe seventy five percent came out to gas cast their ballots that's higher than the last vote in twenty thirteen counting is well underway across symbolic way but
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the result isn't expectation for several days with polls suggesting a tight race opposition candidate nelson chamisa is the main challenger to current president. he served for decades under mugabe well the poll hasn't passed completely without controversy has criticized the election commission for impeding the vote in some areas they use chief election observer has promised to look into the long voting delays. you have to see that in the election of the station itself which was in all the cases. so far we could check it until now we have got compared to notes with other delegations and have not an overview but we had two hundred forty people on the ground to visit to between seven and nine hundred election. polling stations but we have to see that in some cases i have seen it personally where people of eighty six hours because of bad.
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organization and to be have to find out whether this is the capability in certain police stations of the people who have done it of the local people or just has a certain pattern because we've seen that especially in poor neighborhoods that such things happened and hopefully that was only. inconsistencies in such neighborhoods and not draw a mechanism an overall in the country. webb has more from look upon a district in western zimbabwe. this polling station has now closed as have others all across the country after twelve hours of voting now in the counting has begun to clear plastic ballot boxes are emptied out and first the ballots are counted in the polling stations before that data is forwarded to the provincial tallying centers opposition say they deployed extra agents to observe this process carefully
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they've complained of a lack of transparency in the process of some it and irregularities but the electoral commission deny that anything on toward is going on meanwhile the chief european union observer said in some parts of the country the voting was very smooth in other parts of the country totally disorganized he said his teams had witnessed queues of young people waiting for up to six hours leaving in frustration when they were told they were in the wrong queue he said he also heard reports of people being passed from one district to another to vote in polling stations where they're not meant to possibly an electoral now practice but he said he didn't know to what extent these things that happened and if they were widespread or significant or not that's something that will come out when the e.u. write their reports on this election in the days ahead meanwhile it's going to take a few days before we get the results it won't come out till saturday fourth of august so zimbabweans now are waiting for them to find out who will be announced as the winner of this presidential election. around four million residents of
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a northern indian state are at risk of losing their citizenship the government has published a register of citizens and to be included people must prove they came to india by the twenty fourth of march one nine hundred seventy one that's two days before bangladesh declared independence which led to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to india many of them settling in some states officials there are telling the newly dubbed foreigners they won't be deported but security is being stepped up to prevent any violence against them paul charges reports. india has tightened security across the northern state of us some which borders bangladesh. thousands of bengali speaking muslims are worried about being sent to detention centers or deported. they sent me to jail without even listening to me. the state's new registry wants to identify people who entered india after the bangladesh pakistan war in one nine hundred seventy one the names of four million
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people from the state's thirty two million residents are missing from the new draft of a citizens' registry is regarded as very high cigar it is or it is very surprising it is unbelievable because there is noise muslim are all are you legal infiltrators in are some prime minister nuri and remote his government has pledged through move what it calls foreigners from us some state officials say people can appeal to have their names on the list how because you could claim every person whose name has not been included in the draft citizens' list will have many opportunities to object to make a claim on those whose names appeared on the revised registry are overjoyed and relieved at ten and felt really good saying that the names of my family members have been included in the national registry of citizens those whose names are not on the registry continue to worry that they fear if the uncertainty continues they might face deportation or risk becoming stateless culture dirge on al-jazeera. with
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plenty more still to come including a long awaited independent report published on the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy and the brazilian pharmacy believe they are being killed by the very products they are you. hello there is more mild air on its way to the south east of australia is one front after another is a bit of a change in the temperature regime you can see the next little cold front coming through which gives you fifteen degrees in adelaide just a bit of warmth being tucked in then the same is true for melbourne the cloud and rain might just stay offshore because we've got twenty one in sydney about perth well seventy hard to complain the rain is coming in to perth that's the forecast
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for wednesday but the rain has just skidded through tasmania and left adelaide in melbourne both in the middle teens very pleasant now to say tasmania usually gets the brunt of it and it goes across the tasman sea this active frontal systems already hit south island sound cloud and rain for an easy lives it's hardly a big surprise but again the air is tucked in there relatively warmer fourteen across church more or less the same up in oakland rain that's the case lisa choosey for wednesday rather less so it's still possibly there on the western coast of south island now we've seen the back of the tropical cycling that was briefly a typhoon is gone through japan was to circle just south of q shoe interestingly whilst the heat returns to pound this thing might head towards shanghai.
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struggles. of the mother he moved in with and with. the she lived with. full of pleasure. a virtue and i think you're going to go through an intimate look at life in cuba today. under my boss jaime where he. may hang. on al-jazeera. welcome back reminder all the top stories say on al-jazeera u.s. president says he's willing to meet iranian president hassan rouhani at any time
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and without preconditions there's been a seventy five percent turnout to zimbabwe's presidential election the count is on the way with a tank's race forecast and millions of undocumented muslims in the northern india. are at risk of losing their citizenship after being left off a new government register. syrian government forces are pressing ahead with their offensive in southwest syria despite threats from eisel to kill civilian residents syrian state t.v. says they're attacking eisel on two fronts close to the southern border with jordan it comes as another round of diplomatic talks to find a solution to syria's seven year civil war begins in the russian city of sochi how the abdel-hamid is that. it's a time of the year with the beaches of sochi a filled with holiday makers many seemingly oblivious that not too far away diplomatic efforts are underway to solve the bloodiest conflict in the twenty first
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century. this is the tenth round of the talks sponsored by russia iran and turkey u.n. special envoys to fund the mistura is also here much has changed underground in syria since the last round in mid may the government has made thirty three tauriel gains recently taking control of the border areas with jordan and israel and the escalation zones in their eyes and the homes region heading up the syrian delegation un ambassador bashar is jaafari looks like a guest of honor unlike his usual stomping grounds this is friendly territory talks of removing president assad or of a transitional government are not on the table here these talks are not only about syria but about solving the conflict while protecting the interests of the many different parties involved in this complicated. the battle for the northern province of it is looming it's where much of the armed opposition absent here in
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sochi has been retreating to this is a great concern for turkey which is likely to seek assurances that the fragile cease fire will continue to be respected by the regime and then there's russia it wants to discuss humanitarian issues such as the resettlement of millions of refugees. there are more elements of sapelo t.m.p. poor eager to return home large numbers a living in neighboring countries about one million in jordan more than a million in lebanon and three and a half million in turkey not to mention those in europe it's also in the interest of europe to help their resettlement by creating the conditions for that we understand the process is supposed to be on a volunteer basis but we must not prevent them from returning or part of a message russia is keen to put out the war in syria is coming to an end i think that depends who you are i mean for example has also said he is nearing
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a victory if you are an officer. group for example if you're a militant groups like islamic states or. partaking in peace talks or doesn't necessarily need to agree on any post conflict scenario then i think going to see some conflicts down the line even in the event that there is a formal transition between the political parties and actors the that are involved in the streets behind closed doors delegates are also focusing on finding common ground for constitutional reforms one of the many issues that have been elusive so far were doing the so-called standard talks or do you unsponsored words in geneva but at that hamid such. six people have died and seven are still unaccounted for as wildfires continue to sweep across the u.s. state of california officials say they've managed to contain about seventeen percent of the calf fire in northern california the largest and deadliest of ninety fires currently burning more than thirty eight thousand people have been forced to
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flee their homes. the death toll from last week's wildfire in greece has risen to ninety two after a body was recovered by coast guard divers hundreds of people attended a candlelight vigil for the victims in the capital athens the fire gutted seaside resorts both west and east of happens divers found the body while searching the coastal waters where residents fled to escape the flames. hundreds of hikers in indonesia are making their way down the mountain where they've been trapped since sunday's earthquake the tremors caused landslides on the mountain which then blocked all the escape routes the magnitude six point four earthquake killed sixteen people and destroyed more than a thousand homes on the tourist island of long walk from their bus and reports. tons of rocks and mud started falling and cracks appeared in mountain trails and the magnitude six point four earthquake struck some climbers prayed for their lives
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this is mobile phone footage filmed by a group of climbers who experienced a powerful earthquake at more than two thousand meters while climbing there in johnny volcano indonesia's mountain johnny is a popular tourist destination and more than one thousand three hundred people were on the hiking trails of the active focus you know when the earthquake happened most of them foreign tourists with their guides and porters among them a group of two hundred thirty nine people from thailand rescue workers and soldiers are dropping supplies to climbers who have been cut off because of landslides hundreds have already been evacuated one indonesian man died when he was hit by falling rocks president joe credo has visited the area yankee jenny as for him johnny the search and rescue agency a disaster mitigation agency and the military are working together hopefully it will be over saying that and each of us value of just how much nearly fifteen
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hundred houses have been destroyed and more than five thousand people on the island of lombok are now staying in temporary shelters the government has promised financial support for those who have lost their homes but i've got gotten i must. the people are still in trauma most of them dare go home that opted to stay in the temporary shelters because the earthquakes. or the strength of the quake has weakened the. machine the earthquake was strongly felt because it was very shallow and the epicenter was on the land they have been more than two hundred seventy aftershocks for now many people here say they are too afraid to go back to their homes step fasten al-jazeera lombok. the lead investigator of the missing malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy says he's not ruling out foul play the boeing airliner disappeared in twenty fourteen while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with two hundred thirty nine people on board the spy extensive sea searches
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the plane has never been found flown slower ports they were hoping for answers but walked away with nothing families of those on board m h three seventy the plane that disappeared on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing more than four years ago said they were frustrated that a newly released investigation report failed to shed any light on the incident. describing the status quo reno are leaning on. any of the first thing the malaysian government released the safety investigation report on monday but investigators have not been able to find out why the aircraft diverted from its flight path the report says the change in course was unlikely to have been caused by a system failure we cannot establish a craft for by any one. but we also cannot
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exclude the possibility that there is an unlawful interference by the party a search by the australian malaysian and chinese government has failed to locate the plane a second search carried out by a u.s. based exploration firm which ended this year has also been unable to pinpoint a location the plane is thought to be somewhere in the southern indian ocean scattered pieces of debris from m h three seventy have washed ashore on african beaches and indian ocean islands but no bodies have ever been recovered the malaysian government has said it's open to resuming a search if there's credible evidence of the plane's location florence italy al-jazeera. a resilient government commission has recommended easing restrictions on the use of pesticides to help the agricultural industry but families in rural areas cite past this size are already contaminating afeared and water causing death and disease dahlia schwimmer reports from northeastern brazil. the residents
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of lima way to the north sea in northeastern brazil lived by a greek culture but many of them were also killed by it these widows and their families have been fighting for years for compensation for recognition they say that their husbands died from diseases contracted or spring pesticides with inadequate protection lumineers hostin joins a die twelve years ago in be do promethea he asked me not to give up that i should keep fighting for justice that was his last request. brazil uses twenty percent of the pesticides produced markets it's difficult to avoid seeping into this local reservoir from neighboring soya fields it may look at the lake but extensive fumigation has poisoned this area that i'm breathing the water that the people here drink and the food that they grow a way of life poisoned by the big agricultural companies quest for short term profit for the side most commonly used in brazil abandon europe university
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studies found cancer rates here forty percent higher than the national average for we get worried hearing that so many people you'll but what can i do i need to keep working to pay my bills but cancer is not the only problem and tony is daughter suffers a congenital disease which doctors believe was caused by pesticides. even if we plan to vegetables or fruits in our yard we can't be sure that air or water aren't contaminated according to the studies it seems everything is contaminated here many others here including his daughter sophia suffer similar diseases. but doctors from c.r. university did research here they identified a chemical substance in my daughter's blood that was banned in the one nine hundred ninety s. . however a government commission is recommending a relaxation of existing regulations to allow the powerful agribusiness industry to spray more this is one of the best proposals for brazilian society we want to make
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sure the farmers provide the best food for the population this bill is for food safety. campaigners say laws of flouted monitoring is poor and what they're trying to do is to to remove or limit they'll for it to offer health and environment though it is in the process of reza pesticides and we think that's very dangerous that we don't think that this is. to modernize the system and it would take risk. we beg justice here slowly down the bureaucracy the fight to be heard the response of the powerful agri businesses and the distant government goes on showing there are two zero zero state brazil. the u.k.'s new foreign minister jeremy hunt is in beijing as britain seeks a post brett sit free trade with china but is meeting with the country's top diplomat one year didn't go as smoothly as planned after he tripped up over his own
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wife's nationality. my. son took over this month after his resignation of his predecessor boris johnson its second trip outside britain since assuming the role of foreign minister. let's give you another look at the top stories now in al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he's willing to meet iranian president hassan rouhani at any time and without preconditions maybe surprising remarks during a press conference with the italian prime minister just the contrary in washington d.c. it comes just a week after he wanted to threaten the u.s. or risk suffering consequences like few suffered in history before so i believe in meeting i would certainly meet with the rent if they wanted to meet i don't know
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that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now but i ended the deal it was a ridiculous deal i do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm ready to meet only time they want to go in no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want. indeed there were good for the country good for them good for us and good for the world there's been a seventy five percent turnout in zimbabwe's presidential election opposition candidate nelson chamisa is the main challenger to current president god were to serve for decades robert mugabe is poll suggesting a tight race six people have died and seven are still unaccounted for as wildfires continue to sweep across the usa to california officials say they've managed to contain about seventeen percent of the car fire in northern california the largest and deadliest of ninety fires concrete burning millions of undocumented muslims in
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the northern indian state of assam are risk of losing their citizenship the government says citizens must prove they came to india by the twenty fourth of march one thousand nine hundred eighty one which rules out the mass exodus of refugees who fled to india when bangladesh declared independence two days later another round of diplomatic talks to find a solution to syria's a seven year civil war is underway in the russian city of sochi representatives from russia turkey and iran will attend the summit those are the headlines that's it for me but do stay with this coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera thanks for watching.
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you. see.
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crimes against humanity by the international criminal. of the. he was sentenced to. prison. they conducted a reign of terror a rampage of looting and killing of civilians followed including the mass rape of hundreds of women. but a majority.


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