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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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this is al jazeera. alone well come on peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes just one week after warning iran about threatening the u.s. donald trump says he is willing to meet the iranian president without preconditions . i'm ready to meet any time they want to do no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want. for zimbabwe's presidential election but the opposition parties cry foul despite being endorsed by robert mugabe. another round of diplomatic talks to end the war in syria as bashar al assad steps up the offensive
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against isis. also ahead left in legal limbo four million people in as some states may lose their indian citizenship because they can't prove they arrived before nine hundred seventy one. ok let's get going the u.s. president on trump has surprised everyone by saying that he would be willing to meet the iranian president hassan rouhani at any time and without preconditions the two men have been locked in an escalating war of words ever since donald trump withdrew the u.s. from the landmark twenty fifty nuclear deal alan fischer as the story. the u.s. president's surprise offer came during a news conference at the white house with italy's prime minister no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want. any time they want the u.s.
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piloted the deal is signed with iran and its international partners when president trump announced in may the u.s. was pulling out even though there was no indication iran was in breach this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made he don't get for months it was a terrible deal and vote to scrap it when he became president his offer to talk with iran's president well threw up many more questions and moakley conditions means that he's ready to sign on the dotted line so to speak with the iranians so will that be acceptable to the region to the powers in the region to the g.c.c. specifically saudi arabia and the us. i doubt that we've been here before they will be met with fire and fury donald trump very north korea and its leader before agreeing to a meeting and earlier this month he met russian president vladimir putin in all sinking at a top level summit it'll be interesting to watch the reaction to donald trump's offer when barack obama was in the white house and said he'd be willing to meet the
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iranian president he was heavily criticized by republicans democrats and by many right wing commentators who know largely support donald trump. one additional problem might be who would broker a summit with iran south korea pave the way for the meeting with kim jong il in france might be an option president emanuel mccraw had arjan donald trump not to walk away from the iran deal during a state visit to washington is links with tehran and that might open up the necessary diplomatic channels that are voices senior people in this white house have been very critical of the iranian government and called for its removal but this is donald trump's white house if you want something to happen then it could and soon. well we got reaction from both the u.s. and iran in a moment we'll talk live to zain bus ravi in the iranian capital tehran but first let's go back to alan fischer side the white house so allan just to pick up in a point in your report there who helps the united states to make this happen.
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well the french would be the all various conduit for any sort of talks but they have historic links with tehran and iran they are probably the best placed of all the unit p. and allies to make this happen but there are difficulties for donald trump not least there are people in the white house who are surprised that he's gone out and said look we could do this without preconditions might pompeo is being reported as saying in the last third of course we've got preconditions we want to talk to them about human rights who want to talk to them about their malign influence in the region and we want to talk to them about their nuclear program and then we might get involved in talks the problem might pompeo highs is that if you make the president look bad you don't tend to hang around in the white house in the administration for very long after that the other thing to remember is that donald trump has said that he would meet the iranians before but the difference this time
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is just one week ago when there was a twitter exchange between president rouhani and donald trump he warned the iranians that if they ever threaten the united states again they would face consequences of historic proportions so it's quite a tongue round in just a week there's one other thing that we should really flag up here as well and that is that over the last few days donald trump has been under pressure in the american media because he says look i'm thinking about closing down the government if i don't get the funding for my border wall he's gone on twitter rampage against robert mueller the man who is conducting the inquiry into alleged collusion between the russians and the trump campaign so this could be classic trying to divert from all of those domestic issues that he suddenly says look look over here something shiny possible talks with the iranians but there would be a great deal of growing to cover before it could possibly happen not least of the
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iranians even. interested and as i mentioned in my report they've got to talk to the iranians the saudi arabian story the israelis the saudi arabians the united arab emirates all of those countries who have real problems with iran and believe that america has been a new bulwark against iranian influence to see donald trump suddenly say yes talks with no conditions is something that will put a lot of people in the region on edge alan thanks very much same bus ravi joins us live here on the news hour out of tehran says in any reaction where you are. yes absolutely now donald trump has said over and over again that he's america's man to negotiate a better deal with iran iranians have repeatedly said there is no reason to go shooting a nuclear deal that they signed three years ago and that is the point it was reiterated by a political deputy a lower level official in the president's office in a tweet tonight in which he basically made the point that if donald trump believes
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and talks if you believe the negotiations then he has to appreciate the process of negotiations as well and respect the outcome that's already happened his suggestion to move forward on what he called was a rocky path was for the united states to stop all of its hostile rhetoric towards iran and rejoin the twenty fifteen nuclear deal to join comprehensive plan of action now in daylight hours iranian leaders are expected to take a look at this term unconditional it's very different from the twelve points that was put out by the u.s. secretary of state might prompt a zero in may in which preconditions were laid out for any talks to restart or with iran and here it was viewed as tantamount to conditions of surrender so that is something very different and in terms of the north korea model the trump is trying to push there are a few reasons why it is unlikely to work with iran iran is a regional powerhouse and it is right now on the upswing with military successes in
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iraq and in syria and we can't forget that iran is it one of the largest oil producing nations in the world so it's not in the same position as north korea and it's also unlikely to see a photo opportunity with the united states with president trump as beneficial for itself domestically the fallout of this nuclear deal has been incredibly difficult for president hassan rouhani here in iran domestically he's been heavily criticized so even though the value of iran's currency has dropped more than half in the last year or so that may cause iranian leaders to want to come to the table but it's. very unlikely because there is an enormous trust deficit between tehran and washington at the moment zain thanks very much let's talk now to our rush is a national security and foreign policy analyst he joins us from san francisco good to talk to you again is the key word here on conditional
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apologies for that we have no sound coming from. san francisco we'll try and reestablish contact with you and come back in the next few minutes if we can there's been a big turnout in zimbabwe's first election with the longtime former leader robert mugabe seventy five percent of voters came to cast their ballots that's higher than the last poll back in twenty thirteen election observers say in some areas the voting went smoothly but in others it was disorganized as the story from harare counting has started in what some are calling zimbabwe's historic election is the first vote without robert mugabe on the ballot in nearly four decades. the man who is now in charge president. promises the general elections period will be peaceful . or doing today he's. oh no doubt the end of.
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the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says he's confident of winning by more than fifty percent if the polls are free and their people have spoken the people are speaking and it's clear that there is a void for victory for freedom of work for democracy and work for a new zimbabwe robert mugabe voted in an opposition stronghold in harare the day before the election he says he would not vote for or the party because they forced him to reside in november. the european union election observer mission says the elections were in some cases very smooth but in others totally disorganized i think something consistency is reached very me but. i have not been able to makes a judgment or final judgment that this was the pattern of the next election at all
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overall a zimbabwean election officials say most polling stations open on time and that there were a few issues but things went relatively smoothly some people complained they didn't get to vote. you know they did the many to put their name on the be found the vote counting is done manually election officials say final results will be announced in five days if no candidate wins more than half the votes there will be a runoff as a. no no no the emotions are high some opposition supporters fear the vote is or has been tampered with and the ruling party will try and manipulate the vote zomby of officials denied allegations some analysts already saying the election results would likely be contested. al-jazeera. a spokesman for the president says ibrahim is substantially ahead in the presidential
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election but the spokesman also said a runoff is still a possibility millions of people cast their ballots on sunday the results of june in about a week let's go back to that compelling story this broke in the past few hours donald trump the u.s. president saying he is prepared to have unconditional talks with the iranian leader rouhani we were talking a little earlier to arash she's a national security advisor joining us from the west coast iris technology is a wonderful thing we got you back here live here on the news out now unconditional talks how does that work. conditional that term itself is lost its meaning or maybe it never meant much to president trump can set down on equal adversaries unconditionally. whether it be right for the election or not the united states has a very special war in global affairs in the global order you can't just sit down with kim jong un up north korea without preconditions you can't just invite the
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iranians or another row regional and small power for that matter to the table and grant legitimacy gratin the sort of photo opportunity with the us president without any preconditions just to give you an example a few minutes ago to walk the post reported that u.s. intelligence agency are now confirming that north korea is that all of a war missiles that's what you get when he don't do preconditions and that's what you get we don't do your homework if you have a little understanding for the basic basic sort of rules of diplomatic means and norms or at the gate. to unpack for us arash with this developing story if you will the state department the fuel has to pump a zero what to your people as saying to the israelis and the saudis because this will be raising eyebrows a lot in jerusalem and in riyadh. well the career
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you know the career diplomats and also the actual staff it state department the or somebody finest young men and women in this country is that they're there they're they do their job in a nonpartisan way and i'm not talking about political appointees i'm not talking about the secretary and is at the systems and deputies and so on and so forth but on the want to hand. the i are allies be it nato or now in this case and so president trump's unconditional invitation that iranians are israelis in the saudis are baffled and some extent scared you can't know if he cannot go on not being able to count on the work and support and commitments of an american can president the president says what they that he's committed to nato now that he's not what the president says one day that you know he's going to have it on your on or he's going to bring fire and north korea next you know he's calling kim jong un a hero or he's him but the iranian president unconditional talks and that's very
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different just give you also another sort of footnote here moments ago might compel you stayed one on twitter and tweet it sort of an announced that the iranians have to meet a certain number of conditions for the american side to actually meet them so there are certain things that the u.s. is the matter so but at this point the reasonable adults i mean we're told by jim maddis we're talking about some extent at this point they're always on cleanup duty after the president in helsinki in singapore and now at the white house after the president said he would meet with your arms leader unconditionally conditionally so that the big boys are always following the president for cleanup duty and that's that's a sad state of fish ok very briefly what's the trumpet ministrations go to destination here could it be a nuclear deal you know the six plus one groups that would say we had a deal it was the nuclear deal it was perfectly ok and it was nudging in the right
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direction. i have no idea and i don't think the administration has any idea the president is not clear about policy the president is not clear about is all objectives the president is not clear about exactly what it was that you want inside to do and again if the north korea talks are a good example the president one how hands came back made some claims none of which are true and we see the exact opposite of those claims actually be true so what is the president's objective what are the administration's objective and what is the objective and will one what will be optimal throughout unfortunately are three different things but it's very very are almost impossible to say what is president from say again or what he wants to get out of get out of this because it is thought process also changes if not day by day you know at least week by week so it's almost impossible to state educated guess arash thanks very much.
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plus more still to come on the news of course here for you from al-jazeera from former campaign manager paul manifolds trial on bank on tax fraud begins later on tuesday and the stakes are high. a report by m.p.'s in the u.k. says hate groups of often fail to tackle sexual exploitation of those they're meant to help. and locals arrived in italy the portuguese football superstar christiana begins his new career with event this. syrian state t.v. is reporting government forces are attacking ice along two fronts in the basin region close to the southern border with jordan now they're pressing ahead with the offensive despite threats from eisel to kill civilians on weapons day i saw fighters killed dozens of people and abducted around eighteen more attacks in the province of so weta the armed group is now restricted to a few pockets of territory in the southwest. all this comes as another round of
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diplomatic talks to find a solution to syria's seven year long civil war begin in the russian city of sochi . is there. it's a time of the year when the beaches of sochi are filled with holiday makers many seemingly oblivious that not too far away diplomatic efforts are underway to solve the bloodiest conflict in the twenty first century. this is the tenth round of the talks sponsored by russia iran and turkey u.n. special envoys to fund the mistura is also here much has changed underground in syria since the last round in mid may the government has made thirty three tauriel gains recently taking control of the border areas with jordan and israel and the escalation zones in their eyes and the homes region heading up the syrian delegation un ambassador bashar is jaafari looks like a guest of unlike his usual stomping grounds this is friendly territory talks of
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removing president assad or of a transitional government are not on the table here these talks are not only about syria but about solving the conflict while protecting the interests of the many different parties involved in this complicated. the battle for the northern province of is looming is where much of the armed opposition absent here in sochi has been retreating to this is a great concern for turkey which is likely to seek assurances that the fragile cease fire will continue to be respected by the regime and then there's russia it wants to discuss humanitarian issues such as the resettlement of millions of refugees. there are more elements of sapelo t.m.p. poor eager to return home large numbers a living in neighboring countries but one million in jordan more than a million in lebanon three and a half million in turkey not to mention those in europe it's also in the interest
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of europe to help their resettlement by creating the conditions for that we understand the process is supposed to be on a volunteer basis but we must not prevent them from returning or part of a message russia is keen to put out the war in syria is coming to an end i think that depends who you are i mean aside for example has also said he is nearing a victory if you are an opposition. great for example if you're a militant groups like islamic states or. hasn't partaken in peace talks or doesn't necessarily need to agree on any post conflict scenario then i think going to see some conflicts down the line even in the event that there is a formal transition between the political parties and i trust that are involved in the peace talks behind closed doors delegates are also focusing on finding common ground for constitutional reforms one of the many issues that have been elusive so far where do during the so-called standard talks or do u.n.
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sponsored ones in geneva but at that hamid al jazeera sochi. the taliban say their officials secretly met a senior u.s. diplomat in cattle last week to discuss peace initiatives in afghanistan the official described the meeting with alice wells the u.s. top diplomat for her as a useful american officials have neither confirmed nor denied a meeting took place but the u.s. state department has said that wells was in cattle last week to meet quote government officials and talk about an afghan peace process well this isn't the first time u.s. officials have sat down with the taliban face to face in twenty thirteen direct talks in doha failed when the then afghan president hamid karzai denounced the taliban flying their flag outside their cattery office the taliban have long demanded more direct talks with washington saying any effort at peace would not have recognition so long as the us refused to accept them as a legitimate party recently in what they said was a push for peace the taliban declared a three day cease fire during the easter holiday last month direct talks without
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afghan officials present marks a turnaround in washington's policy as it seeks to end a seventeen year old conflict has become america's longest war the us invaded afghanistan in two thousand and one in the wake of nine eleven forcing the taliban from power roughly speaking fifteen thousand u.s. and nato troops are still in afghanistan let's talk now. saying is a treatment national security project political expert she joins us from washington bassam a good to have you on the show again what can they achieve at this point in this process. i think that this is the beginning of what potentially would be an extremely long process you know we saw the quick camera flashes of president trump's recent meeting in north korea with kim jong un and the question is whether or not this is just going to be something that makes the headlines or if it's really going to be the beginning of a longer process i'm hopeful and optimistic that it will be just that precisely
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because it was handled by an actual professional diplomat and because it has been predominantly mom in washington and people haven't been talking about it very much i see one u.s. official being quoted as saying we agree to meet again soon the result of the afghan conflict through dialogue i mean one wants to say well good luck with that one because it's been going on for so long it didn't work before why should it. i think that the trump administration is attempting to position itself as you know bigger and better than the obama administration and would very much like to claim a win their point when that the obama administration was unable to achieve and say that the trump administration was able to do it and there is a different dynamic now between the afghan government and the talabani government as you stated earlier in the program hamid karzai was very upset with it with the taleban you know. having their flag thrown flown in doha and that
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dynamic isn't why it is present except at the same time it's very important to understand that the afghan government is likely not going to be very happy that the united states is meeting with the taliban without them at the table at the same time i think it's unlikely that we would be able to bring both of the parties to the table from the get go so we're definitely going to have to warm relationships with the taliban before we can try to and devore any larger peace process but at the same time it's shocking to me that we're even discussing the thought of negotiating with the taliban when the bush administration first entered afghanistan you know it was with the intent to rid the nation of the taliban and now it seems that the trump administration is treating them as a very legitimate and formidable actor so there are some potentially alarming
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implications of and is a manifestation of what you've just outlined the reality of this which is that the u.s. seems to have given the time of a concession by saying ok we can have these talks about talks minus representation . it does seem that a concession is made with out forcing the afghans to be a without forcing the point that the afghans need to be at the table at the same time but it's also like i said i'm realistic that you would be able to bring the two parties together without at least doing some preliminary talks with the taliban at first but again the trump administration seems to lack an understanding that the sheer meeting of the united states federal government is the most powerful government in the world the sheer meeting with some of these rogue and titties is a huge concession huge win for those organizations and so we can't be making these diplomatic choices oblivious to the fact that they're able to go back and spread
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propaganda and that it's a huge power move on there and whether it's trump meeting with putin in private whether it's meeting with kim jong loon whether it's an administration official meeting with the taleban these are all wins that these organizations and cities countries can claim and so i think i'm a little bit confused as we know president trump says you know he's the captain of the art of the deal and so on and so forth it's not clear yet what exactly the united states is getting out of any of these interactions and so as a proud american i'm hopeful that it's the beginning of a longer process and that ultimately we will get some kind of reward back for these option actions but at the same time i'm skeptical the that there will in fact be a positive outcome thank you. millions of people in the northeastern indian state of assam are at risk of losing their citizenship now the government wants people to prove they came to india before march the twenty fourth one nine hundred seventy
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one that date is significant because it's two days before separatists in what is not bangladesh declared independence from pakistan assam state officials are telling the four million newly stateless people they won't be deported but security has been stepped up as a precaution has polled. india's tightened security across the northern state of us some which borders bangladesh thousands of bengali speaking muslims are worried about being sent to detention centers or deported when will. they send me to jail without even listening to. the state's new registry wants to identify people who entered india after the bangladesh pakistan war in one nine hundred seventy one the names of four million people from the state's thirty two million residents are missing from the new draft of a citizens' registry is regarded as very high if you've got it is there it is very surprising it is unbelievable because they are his nose muslim are you legal
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infiltrators in our prime minister nouri and remote his government has pledged to remove what it calls foreigners from us some state officials say people can appeal to have their names on the list hard because you could claim every person whose name has not been included in the draft citizens' list will have many opportunities to object to make a claim on those whose names appeared on the revised registry are overjoyed and relieved at seneca felt really good saying that the names of my family members have been included in the national registry of citizens those whose names are not on the registry continue to worry they fear if the uncertainty continues they might face deportation or risk becoming stateless culture dirge on al-jazeera. human rights groups in the usa almost four hundred fifty people have been killed since the salt for its us against the president will take his government demonstrators a cupra accuse pro-government paramilitary groups of kidnapping and murdering
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people to incite fear in america to the sea and human joins us live now from the capital what's the government saying about these accusations and so you. hello peter well first of all president daniel ortega who until just a few days ago said that they were less than fifty people who had been killed in the disturbances that began more than three months ago now says that there are one hundred and ninety five people who have been dead he claims that the four hundred and fifty plus figure is inflated although i have seen the report from one of nicaragua's top human rights organizations that has the names the dates a very very detailed account of who has been killed during this conflict as well as more than one hundred one thousand five hundred people injured he also says of course that this is all the fault of terrorists who mongers who are being incited and paid by the united states and other foreign powers and to heal and he adds that
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the paramilitary groups that have been widely photographed and accused of carrying out atrocities are actually quote volunteer policeman but peter we went to the city of mass which is where some of the worst come from violence took place when the government took back or took control rather of that city and we saw that these paramilitary groups are massed police are still there they have no identification and they're still terrifying people. masaya the nicaraguan city that put up the fiercest resistance during three months of anti-government protests looks almost empty. the only large group on this normally overcrowded street is part of the latest funeral procession it's been nine days since thirty one year old buyout of the hard again was buried a baker with two small children and a third one on the way who was taken from his home during with the government called the cleanup campaign in. all three men with beauty shirts olive green
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pants and black masks kicked down the door they grabbed him and said you're coming with us his wife cried out he hasn't done anything he hasn't done anything. this is the only family member who did speak to us on condition of anonymity the grass in this empty lot has just been cut but it's here that the highly decomposed body of by you out of the heart again was found hidden among the tall brush three days after he disappeared the body was taken to the morgue in the capital where the coroner confirmed that he had been killed shortly after he had been taken from his home. when we got the call that they had a party by you had characteristics. when we went to an identifying him the doctor said he had here and here. heavily armed
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paramilitary operatives continue to comb the streets of the neighborhood relatives of scores of civilians allegedly killed by pro-government forces say they've been threatened with reprisals if they speak out many have left the country hundreds of activists who manned trenches wanted to oust populus president daniel ortega have gone underground alex had none this is one of them. the lists have been distributed to the paramilitaries we train safe houses every night but it's only temporary they don't understand is that the more they try to intimidate us the more people they kill disappear or imprison the angrier and more determined we become. perhaps but there's also a great deal of fear into american commission of human rights warns that a third phase of repression is now under way with selective arrests disappearances and the criminalize ation of those who oppose a president whom they see as
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a dictator and see it is it your sense that the dialogue the talks may start again . peter i don't see any sign of that the church hasn't said that it's going to do it anytime soon and the president has been quoted as saying that he is willing to restart a dialogue if the conditions are right those conditions according to him means a complete pacification of the country so there it is really not very clear that he is anxious to go back to that table and in fact a lot of the people that were part of that dialogue have been imprisoned two of them have in fact of being accused of murder of having murdered four policemen so many of gone into exile it's not too certain at this point who's going to dare to take part in that kind of a conversation peter to see a great structure thanks very much. still to come here on the news out.
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china struggles to contain the anger over a fake vaccine given to tens of thousands of babies. in school for you to short lives the members of pussy riot when they get the pitch during the world cup final . hello the eastern states are in for a fair amount of rain the next day or so although a cold front has gone through the general idea is rather warm and humid weather now is problems big storms the discrete giant ones in the in the plains states and down towards texas and you see one to them and i think the concentration is going to be down here thirty ish degrees lower humidity is the trigger now we've got hot weather up in northern california too running up towards seattle to yours because nothing in the weather scenario is going to help at all was containing the fires
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that all the rain is further east right the way down to the southern states and florida and beyond and we there for a couple of days some big dimples likely out of that i think the next and beyond florida into the bahamas and cuba and if you're lucky in jamaica and haiti and i think in the yucatan as he rather more showers as they have been the last twenty four so in the next twenty four hours mexico's joining into was some fairly big shows there is a bit of a gap you see one of two running through the crowd here in costa rica and panama and we've seen some big poles in colombia recently causing some flash flooding that's a repeatable event rain is shown itself up again in rio that is there for choose to have i think by wednesday is probably mostly gone. corrupt officials have been ousted. and the activists of the chinese villager who
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can take center stage in on the president are drug collections. in the last of a remarkable series filmed of the five years al-jazeera documents from back of a new village committing. rebels to politician pot wanna boot camp china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one tone. is sweeping association of islam with violence leaves erupt in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live and love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim on al-jazeera.
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updating its up stories so far today here on the al-jazeera news donald trump says he is willing to meet the iranian president hassan rouhani at any time without preconditions the two men have been locked in an escalating war of words ever since trump withdrew the u.s. from a landmark twenty fifty nuclear deal. has been a massive turnout of voters in zimbabwe's first election without steele long time leader robert mugabe seventy five percent of voters cast a ballot that's higher than the last poll in twenty thirteen the opposition candidate nelson chamisa is the main challenger to the current president imus and. another round of talks to find a solution to syria's seven year civil war is underway in the russian city of sochi representatives from russia turkey and iran are there in attendance earlier this
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month syrian rebels said they would boycott the talks but there are reports some factions have changed their minds. at least six people have died and seven remain unaccounted for as wildfires continue to sweep across the north of the u.s. state of california officials say they have managed to contain almost twenty percent of the fire which is the largest and deadliest of ninety fires currently burning seven fires in all is charged charred an area the size of detroit's forcing more than thirty eight thousand people to fall under an evacuation order cable elizondo has more now from shasta county. the good news is firefighters say they're finally getting the upper hand on this fire but now people are really starting to see how bad it was this electricity pole you see behind me is almost horizontal it just shows how fast this fire was moving how hot it was and how strong the winds were but to really see it look at this this used to be somebodies home and this is
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all that remains of it it's been reduced entirely to ashes that right there that you're looking at first probably the kitchen and really nothing exists anymore and we've seen scenes like this all over this county that we're in right now this was a devastating fire and it was most people were just able to evacuate on very short notice with only what they had on them and what they could grab in a few minutes and run out at this particular fire luckily only six people were killed but firefighters say it's a miracle that more people did not lose their lives this is one of seventeen major fires that's burning right now just in the state of california fire officials say that this is shaping up to be one of the worst fire seasons in decades not only
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in the state of california but in the entire western united states doldrums former campaign manager paul manifold is due in court on tuesday for the start of his trial now he's facing allegations of bank fraud and tax evasion petty cool hain takes a look of what to expect. this is not how the world is used to seeing paul man a fort looking somewhat haggard as he was booked into jail to await trial for decades man afore it was a well known lobbyist in washington he traveled among the ultra rich shopping at the most expensive stores on the planet only million dollar homes across the country in brooklyn the hamptons virginia and trump tower in manhattan when f.b.i. agents searched his homes they took inventory of these luxury items thousand dollar suits a twenty one thousand dollars watch and now according to documents filed by the special counsel's office they plan to use this as evidence in his trial arguing in
2:41 am
order to pay for them he used secret overseas bank accounts and filed false tax returns the government also says that it will call five yet to be named people to testify and granted immunity in court to force them to talk a somewhat unusual move you could draw that conclusion saying that their evidence without the immunity was so weak and fragile they needed to have something more so they had to give immunity that otherwise. without it wouldn't provide it with there would not be enough evidence on their own to convict because remember the standard in a criminal case is proved beyond a reasonable doubt this will be the first time the special counsel presents evidence in a courtroom in a case related to a trunk confidant which means many will be watching for information not just about what metaphor might have done but his former boss as well patty called al-jazeera washington humanitarian groups have been aware of but they haven't acted on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by their own staff for years that's
2:42 am
according to a report by the british parliament recently the u.k. based aid group oxfam saw several resignations after a scandal involving its stuff in haiti is not in bob. earlier this year the charity oxfam was rocked by an abuse scandal its deputy chief executive in britain resigned that was after all found was accused of covering up allegations that staff used sex workers while delivering aid to haiti in twenty eleven now a report by the u.k. parliament says lessons a still not being learned by the eight sector we did reach the conclusion that it would appear that often reputation of the organization has been put it at the protection of the vulnerable that cannot be right that must stop. the report highlights four key areas where there's a clear need for improvement empowerment meaning everyone who receives a should know how to seek help if their rights are violated reporting with donor organizations actively seeking and responding to reports of abuse accountability
2:43 am
including an independent women for victims and survivors if established channels have failed them and screening including a global register of aid workers to prevent known abusers from getting new jobs. the report also looks at reported abuse and exploitation by united nations peacekeepers including in the central african republic it says there's no single un body driving investigations and quote victims appear to be essentially forgotten campaigners say there needs to be a global push to prosecute and jail abuses wherever they work when i work for the red cross and balls in your i heard of rumors of the sexual exploitation of children in the bosnian war and we've now seen in the whistleblower movie that in fact many people and pound you in the nine hundred ninety s. that this was a problem early to thousands we've seen the food for six scandals and we saw this is a problem the difference is finally the people in britain are starting to realize and
2:44 am
the people around the world a starting to realize this is not just a betrayal of the children and the women that are being raped this is a betrayal of taxpayer funds and this is a betrayal of the dinah's. the u.k.'s charity commission is currently investigating how save the children handled sexual harassment allegations against senior staff the charity suspended bidding for u.k. government funding so has oxfam and its also set up an independent whistleblowing hotline positive steps but real global change could take many many years nadine barber al-jazeera london. eritrea and somalia have signed an agreement to establish diplomatic relations the latest thaw in the horn of africa after ethiopia and eritrea ended their state of war somalia and eritrea were once close with somali dictator side barry backing eritrea and its long fight for independence from ethiopia but when war broke out between eritrea and ethiopia somalia in effect became the site of a proxy war in recent years eritrea has backed the armed group al-shabaab which has
2:45 am
launched attacks throughout somalia with the aim of overthrowing the government now eritrea has pledged to support somalia's sovereignty and the government's efforts to restore the country's rightful stature quotes the somali president has been in the eritrean capital as mara since saturday during a banquet with his somali counterpart the eritrean president said an epoch of crises conflict and instability was coming to an end according to matt bryden chairman of the political think tank covering the horn of africa this could also be a result of somalia's worsening relationship with the united arab emirates relations are essentially suspended since earlier confiscated almost ten million dollars. funding was a stance of the for its own sure and for the payment of troops and the u.a.e. suspended its military operation program with. only seeing my mood issue as being a country road or government or the regional or federal member states. who
2:46 am
are to be at odds with the federal government. or a protest has taken place china's holds a ministry to demand action on fake vaccines they're angry that hundreds of thousands of children have been given low quality medication it was revealed last week that a drug maker forged data and sold substandard vaccines adrian brown has the latest from beijing where protests like this are rare but not necessarily unusual in china it seems these protesters were not directly criticizing the leadership or indeed china's communist party we can't verify these images or indeed say when they were taken but according to reports from chinese social media this protest seems to have taken place outside beijing's health ministry on monday morning the protesters were carrying placards one called for basically
2:47 am
a complete overhaul of china's pharmaceutical industry another said that there needs to be new legislation to tighten up existing laws governing pharmaceuticals in china another said that those responsible for this latest vaccine scandal have to be punished also on monday the authorities confirmed that fifteen members of staff of the company at the center of the scandal including its chairwoman were now under investigation for quotes unspecified crimes now they're accused sensually of falsifying test results for a rabies vaccine which was released into the market but anger mounted last week when it was disclosed that other vaccines substandard vaccines were given to some two hundred fifty thousand children military talks are about to be held between north and south korea the two sides will meet at the truce village of panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone they're expected to discuss the disarmament of the
2:48 am
border zone and withdrawing troops from the area. people are still missing after last week's collapse of. at least twenty seven people so far but the numbers are expected to rise the hydroelectric dam was under construction at the time the collapse cause flooding swept away several homes still to come the sports news making history in the mountains the south african motorcyclist has become the youngest of the trails of the cup.
2:49 am
2:50 am
thanks very much christiane i'm an old oh has arrived in italy the portuguese superstar his began his career with his new club eventis touchdown in turin with his family on sunday the thirty three year old then went through a medical check on monday as the mount some of his new teammates the italian giants find the striker from spanish club around madrid for a hundred and thirty one million dollars the thirty three year old is expected to make his syria debut in the season opener against in mid august paris asian men are back to winning ways after beating athletico madrid in a pre-season friendly in singapore on monday the french champions came into the match on the back of to defeat some new boss thomas to. go midway through the second half put p.s.g. to nil up at logical pulled one back four minutes later and the spanish side put things level thanks to an own goal by p.s.g. defender and burnett but the french side feel victory in the second minute of extra
2:51 am
time when teenager pasta lackey scored a stunning winner to seal a three two victory and want to hell was happy with his performance he refused to comment on bremer's a potential new transfer. i cannot talk about. it's not fair and. that both situations were blown for the. so there is no common. the north carolina courage of beaten tom european champions league to win the first international champions cup women's final either o'reilly scoring the only goal of the match in the tenth minute we'll have six of the ten players shortlisted for fetus player of the year award dominated the second half but couldn't convert any of their chance. andy murray's preparations for the u.s. open are underway the former world number one is returning to action for the first time since pulling out of wimbledon earlier this month the scot is using this
2:52 am
week's washington open as a warm up event the thirty one year old hasn't played on hard courts since march last year and is seen as world ranking dropped to eight hundred and thirty two he had hip surgery in january and says it feels though he's starting his career all over again. yeah there's i mean it's. not where i'd want to be ranking wise but. you know the good thing is that when you're up at the top of the game and it's not easy just to move out one spot. like i want to compliment you see you know about three hundred four hundred spots in a week which is which is nice so hopefully over there can get back up there quickly but it sort of feels like i'm kind of starting from scratch again he'll harmon is a former tennis correspondent at the times in daily mail he says it's unlikely we'll see murray return to his old four. it's very difficult i think for him to be right back where he was when he won the u.s. open the first u.s. open in two thousand and twelve and then followed it up obviously with two two
2:53 am
wimbledon titles and getting to number one in the world as you say eight hundred thirty is a long way from one but is and he was quite right and if he does well in these next two or three. months leading up to the u.s. open then he could actually get back to it to a fine level but whether he can actually ever go back to the andy murray of three or four years ago i tend to worry a little bit about that there was there were murmurings wimbledon time as to whether he would he would ever play again let alone be able to compete at the highest level well he's clearly he's playing again as you say he's got a wildcard into washington but it's a long long way back for him to be able to challenge the likes of djokovic in the dollar at the very top of the game well i think whenever you take the very best out of any competition you're going to you're going to struggle in the the supporters won't believe they are seeing the very best in the game that said djokovic is performance that wimbledon i think showed that he is more than three quarters of
2:54 am
the way back to the the great joke of it a couple of years ago when he was coached by boris becker was winning grand slams for fun and the dollars he won paris for the eleventh time six weeks ago so he's he's he's right there and that's something final with talk of the wimbledon was it was absolutely two players at their prime federer while he was very close at wimbledon again but just came up a little short and mari back as you say if those four can be at the top of their game if they can challenge together and i still think we've got three or four years of great tennis out of potentially out of all of them at the same time the men's game needs new faces and that's what we're looking for next we want to see the new challenges coming through. italian discus thrower daisy a sock away need surgery to remove an egg shell from her eye after she was salted and a possible racially motivated attack a sock away who was born in italy to nigeria and parents believes she was mistaken
2:55 am
for an african prostitute working the streets she was crossing the twenty two year old says the hardline anti immigrant stance by some politicians in the country is having a major influence on people's views. unfortunately if the politicians who have the power to influence the media and with television continue to criticize and blame a minority for every problem the people will start thinking that they are right and that is true but it's the minority vote in this way hatred and bias grow and will generate. before members of pussy riot who invaded the page during the world cup final have been rearrested moments after they left jail they reap initially looked happy when they walked free after being sentenced to fifteen days detention for their actions during the second half and final they could now face another ten days behind bars as they were charged with the organization and holding a public events without prior written notice. alexander rossi is moved to second in
2:56 am
the indy car standings after winning at mid ohio rossi started the race from pole position and gambled by being the only driver to free to stop strategy that decision paid off for the american as he claimed his second win of the season these ilands scott dixon leads a championship with four races remaining. south africa's wade young has become the youngest ever winner of one of the world's toughest off road motorcycle races the twenty two year old came to the final day of the four day world indoor super series competition with a four minute advantage germany's manual or one the days of racing but couldn't make up enough time on young who ended up winning by two minutes the race which was created in two thousand and four runs annually and the car paty in mountains in romania. that's a big right. and you're going to. take me.
2:57 am
just like this you're going to be bad and that's all your sport for now more later . u.k.'s new foreign minister jeremy hunt is in beijing as britain seeks a post brix it free trade deal with china but his meeting with the top chinese diplomat didn't go as smoothly as planned after he tripped up over his own wife's nationality. this. is my. third son took over this month following the resignation of boris johnson it's on the his second trip outside the u.k. since assuming his new job. more news on the web site al jazeera dot com is the address you need you can tweet us with your back i'm at peace until the one i will have thirty minutes of al-jazeera will use for you when we come back in two minutes i'll see that.
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i wasn't where they were twenty one years based on false allegations that just made in the last couple of years there's been a number of high profile exonerations of the wrongfully convicted based on police and prosecutorial misconduct you can check me for gunpowder check much rather i don't really buy i don't have any going to do nothing if the prosecutor is going to seek convictions for the sake of seeking convictions prosecutors dangerous exploring the dockside of american justice the system with joburg on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull for worst in the world for sexual violence
2:59 am
many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called lateral drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. and the vanguard of one hundred seventy a struggle with the new zealand crown. a maori leader. and q.'s diff terrorism. filmed over seven years. his quest for justice becomes a blueprint for national reconciliation. witness and this and warrior
3:00 am
on al-jazeera. just a week after warning iran about threatening the u.s. donald trump says he's willing to meet the iranian president without precondition. i'm ready to meet anytime they want to update no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want. logan pieces here in doha you're watching all to see are also coming up a high turnout for zimbabwe's presidential election but opposition parties cry foul despite being endorsed by robert mugabe.


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