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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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zero. hello there live from doha this is the al-jazeera news hour ahead in the next sixty minutes. again and a touch gun battles and explosions hit the east an afghan city. no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want any time they want. these now ready to talk to iran donald trump's sudden offer just nine days after threatening the country. reduced to rubble thousands left homeless by an indonesian quake aftershocks become a worry. and i'm tatiana funded with the day's boat. to.
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play the last. was always told from the. basketball superstar le bron james get back to his community by opening a school for elementary students. so we begin with a developing story out of afghanistan a gun fight and explosions in the eastern city of jalalabad. just a few hours ago and followed an early attack on a boss in far a province in the west where eight people died in the jalalabad attack shops and government offices have been targeted. between afghan security forces and the gunman at least three explosions have been heard child about us as live for us in kabul this gun battle appears to still be raging. what more do we know.
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sporadic gunfire is being heard and they sin city of jalalabad between afghan and special forces and an unknown number of attackers we do understand eight people have been wounded that's just coming out from the negev provincial government spokesperson eight people wounded but he doesn't believe that they were hurt by gunfire or explosions but rather in the if it's to seek safety this will start around ten am local time about four always ago three explosions were heard then gunfire and then the always that have passed the battle is right between the f.b.i. and special forces and these attack is we do understand the government directorate for refugees building quite a very an external to you in compounds the other side is a large hospital we do understand that some people have managed to escape from the stricture of refugees building but sporadic gunfire is still being who now jalalabad capsule of provence is becoming increasingly insecure security has
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deteriorated gear this year significantly we have learned in the last twenty four hours statistics which one hundred sixty civilians have been killed more than five hundred wounded in the last three months and thirty attacks by various groups you know the taliban is operating in a province eisel even the haqqani network there was an attack one hundred mi sits down the road from where we're seeing this attack today on sunday in a midwife training facility in that attack three people were killed three staff members at this midwife training facility and so we know that's that the situation there is very dangerous i still took responsibility for the that attack nobody has claimed responsibility for the tech today although the taliban has just released a twitter account that this is not their work and just briefly saw another secure area in afghanistan far off where we've seen. in this other attack happened
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happened today. you saw there happened earlier this morning we understand a passenger bus was targeted by a roadside bomb it is in a very remote province of. the west woods iran information is slow coming in on that although we do know around forty people were injured and eight people killed from that passenger bus ok many thanks for the update from kabul. now he's threatened and vowed to isolate it like no other now donald trump is suggesting talks with the russians present hasan rowhani with no conditions it would be the first with an iranian leader since one nine hundred seventy nine live to tell just a moment but first alan fischer has this report from washington d.c. . the u.s. president's surprise offer came during a news conference at the white house with italy's prime minister no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want. any time they want the u.s.
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spy lifted the deal is signed with iran and its international partners when president trump announced in may the u.s. was pulling out even though there was no indication iran was in breach this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made he don't get for months it was a terrible deal and vote to scrap it when he became president his offer to talk with iran's president well threw up many more questions and moakley conditions means that he's ready to sign on the dotted line so to speak with the iranians so will that be acceptable to the region to the powers in the region to the g.c.c. specifically saudi arabia and the us. i doubt we've been here before they will be met with fire and fury. north korea and its leader before agreeing to a meeting and earlier this month he met russian president vladimir putin in all sinking at a top level summit it'll be interesting to watch the reaction to donald trump's
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offer when barack obama was in the white house and said he'd be willing to meet the iranian president he was heavily criticized by republicans democrats and by many right wing commentators who know largely support donald trump. one additional problem might be who would broker a summit with iran south korea pave the way for the meeting with kim jong il in france might be an option president emanuel mccrone had arjan donald trump not to walk away from the iran deal during a state visit to washington is links with tehran and that might open up the necessary diplomatic channels there are voices senior people in this white house have been very critical of the iranian government and called for its removal but this is donald trump's white house if you want something to happen then it could and soon alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house but tom's own senior staff appear to contradict him u.s. secretary of state might pompei or says he's on board with meeting iran's president but that's a several requirements before it could go ahead. president wants to meet with folks
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to solve problems if the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's worthwhile to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them that's going to run in our correspondent zain. quite a turnaround what are we hearing from tehran in response to this offer of talks. yes absolutely this entire devolution of the nuclear deal has had. excuse me dramatic ups and downs and throughout the process anytime the united states has saber rattle or or verbal e attacked the iranian government what president rouhani and his administration have done time and again is begin leaning on the europeans and saying that it is
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now up to you that is signatories to this nuclear deal signed in two thousand and fifteen it is now your responsibility to make sure we can continue to rebuff economic benefits and that you ignore threats by the united states of sanctions and secondary sanctions and that's exactly what he's done this morning as well he received the credentials of the new british ambassador to iran rob macare and in that meeting he made two very important points he said that iran does not intend to interfere with persian gulf oil traffic as he said but he said that the government here maintains that it will continue to sell and export oil no matter what the trumpet ministration says and the fact that the new ambassador is a former oil executive with b.g. group a british oil and gas company is no small matter it sends a signal to iran that the british government is keen to continue working with them and it sends a signal as european governments have been sending to the trumpet ministration that
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the nuclear deal was a good deal that it continues to be the stipulations of the deal iran continues to meet them and so donald trump's government has really struggled to gain the support of the wider diplomatic community to go against iran and that's really what leaders here are hoping will pay off in the end again there is a clock on this august sixth is when american sanctions go back into effect against iran and so there is definitely a sense of urgency here for something to change and if we look at ordinary iranians that i mean they must be disappointed by the u.s. putting out this dale and especially after so much optimism when sanctions were lifted that they want the talks to take place. well that trust deficit that we talked about a little earlier really does extend to not just the leaders in iran but the iranian people as well the white house has hope that policies that it has put in place would create a groundswell of anti-government sentiment that could put pressure on iran's
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government but that's really not what's happened many iranians see things like the travel ban that was implemented by the trumpet ministration against majority muslim countries as a direct attack on them and their ability to travel to the united states so many iranians see a lot of what's been coming out of the trunk white houses directly targeting not just the government but them as well the economic sanctions the threat of economic sanctions are definitely something that have hit the most vulnerable members of iran's community the hardest the value of iranian currency the ryal has fallen by more than half in less than a year and that is directly affecting iranian people so while the people here are critical of their government for not seeing these moves by the trumpet ministration coming in advance while they are critical of their government they were participating in the gauche asians in the first place negotiating this deal that did not work out there for more critical of the trumpet ministration so it was
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really difficult to see how the rouhani government might be able to gain any sort of public support enough momentum so that it would be worth it for them to sit down with the trumpet ministration and carry on with more talks so at this stage in the current political climate in the country it's very difficult to see how any talks between iran and the united states could go forward ok zain many thanks for bringing us that view that from attack. well donald trump says he can do a deal with anyone and claims his tactics have brought america significant triumphs but i don't follow the normal rules of diplomacy now with north korea trump first threatens kim jong un with fire and fury and had neighboring countries fearing conflict on the korean peninsula but within weeks trump surprised everyone by announcing a meeting with kim in singapore where he called him very talented and talked of a very special bond it ended with a supposed pledge of completely clear a zation the deal came however with no details earlier this month
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a similar meeting with vladimir putin this time in helsinki trump accepted the russian leaders denial of any interference in two thousand and sixteen elections and later invited him to the white house now he wants to talk to iran's president hassan rouhani after vowing to squeeze the country's oil exports down to zero and threatening iran with consequences few in history have ever suffered tom brooks is a professor of law and government at durham university in the u.k. he joins us now live so tom we seeing a person here in trump's behavior when it comes to dealing with foreign issues foreign policy issues. well we definitely see a pattern of his talking up his this kind of very kind of goma's violent imagery of fire and brimstone all this kind of talk really playing up how his resistance and
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his integrity is a towards america's traditional enemies only to do this spectacular u. turn moments later when he finally meets can join an already meets putin or if he goes ahead with this meeting in tehran of what a wonderful friend they are oh the. perfect reassurance is evita is a spectacular turnaround so he's been doing this several times now and i think that we're all getting wise to the tough rhetoric on the one hand the pleasantries that will follow afterwards. not much it would seem following from that the big announcement tends to be that he will meet it all not that the meeting will produce something right ok i mean he says himself that he's the mosque of the deal but i wonder whether this kind of negotiating while it may have its place in business deals has any place and translates when it comes to global politics. yet know exactly right so he sees himself as the world's greatest filmmaker no one
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can do it better than him and that the problem certainly in ited states in his view is that the deals of all they by politicians who haven't lacked his business expertise or sufficient business background but at the moment there isn't really anything to show that trumps methods are working so for example he went to north korea that surprised a lot of people that he did that there's a lot of criticism about giving him but his providing a platform to the north korean dictator standing alongside him on an equal level but what is a virtue to parity this morning are reports from the united states that north korea's not only not getting rid of any of its nuclear weapons but it appears to be creating new missiles and a report that was just out in the last few minutes with putin in russia he's again played very strong on going to be tough on russia and so on and so forth but what happens i think today is a is
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a trial begins of one of trump's former election advisors in the mueller investigation or several of trump's associates have pleaded guilty to a number of charges already now we turn to iran these kind of tough talking rhetoric here but will it lead to any kind of big change or pause it would be great to see it happen i would warmly welcome it to take place but i suspect what we're really going to see the big news will be that the status quo will continue but trump will try to claim some type of last minute credit. for that happening that warm relations or some kind of new warm dialogue something like this will be the smokescreen but with very little changing on the ground very interesting indeed speak see tom thanks for joining us that from dowry. still ahead here on this news hour including most of syria from opposition fighters the government trains its eyes on the next battlefield. and calling it international help the battle
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against a wave of wildfires in the u.s. that showing no signs of less. and in sports it's time for. the plate for rail madrid. coming up. as about when's maybe getting a hint in the next few hours who will lead them into a new era electoral commission will soften out some results thirteen g.m.t. says it's absolutely sure no rigging nor cheating in the let's go straight to her she's in the capital harare sorry we're going to be hearing some results coming in around three hours tara how you're going to be released. well they'll be released fairly slowly in batches but right now the commission is saying things when they
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say they have had no reports of vote rigging they say it was a historic turnout more so than. in the last election what's happening now is that some results have been posted outside individual polling stations and people have been coming bit by bit to see how the candidates have done to see who could possibly win this election. this one is for local authorities told to local councillors and you have the m.d.c. alliance led by the main opposition leader nelson chamisa he had two hundred votes and visit polling station and the ruling party. has four hundred two votes one polling station this is the local authority result at one polling station in a suburb in harare i've attains that we've been to have shown zanu p.f. leading for example and the m.d.c. trailing behind but it's too early to tell who is going to win this election a lot of people showed up to votes on monday and a lot of people were saying the main issue they have in mind is the economy and
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they want jobs. it's the first photo. on the ballot in nearly four decades. the man who is now in charge president. promises the general elections period will be peaceful. peaceful. end. the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says he's confident of winning by more than sixty percent if the polls are free and think that people have spoken the people are speaking and it's clear that the vote is a vote for victory and one for freedom and one for democracy and one for a new zimbabwe robert mugabe voted in an opposition stronghold in harare the day before the election he says he would not. or the rulings on the party because they forced him to reside in of him by. the european union election observer mission
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says the elections were in some cases very smooth but in others totally disorganized. thinking something consistencies rich. able to make your judgment a final judgment that this was. all over all of the election officials say most polling stations open on time and that there were a few issues but things went relatively smoothly some people complained they didn't get to vote. you know they did in many to put their name on the bill found the vote counting is done manually election officials say the results will be announced five days if no candidate wins more than half the votes there will be a runoff as a. no no no the emotions are high some opposition supporters fear the vote is or has been tampered with and the ruling party will try and
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manipulate the vote. some analysts already saying the election results will likely be contested. so how. promising change but how difficult is it. well it's going to be very very difficult the main issue is the economy after nearly two decades of economic demise whoever takes over it's going to be really hard to rebuild things open close factories open businesses. have to be seen as credible and that maybe investors will come in and help jumpstart its economy people now anxious waiting for the official results. being played out more on social media twitter. supporters versus supporters on twitter accusing each other of. lying there's not a fake news on social media right now and telling people please wait for the
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official results coming in bit by bit three pm local time today that's. ok. the votes are coming results are coming in. now an attack in southern philippines has killed at least eleven people soldiers and civilians are among the casualties after a explosion at a checkpoint. that's just across from. decades of conflict between government forces and armed fighters vidual government is blaming the ice a linked. group. has more from. it happened early choose the morning when a van coming from the hinterlands of basilan drove and stopped at a checkpoint near an army detachment in basilan upon inspection according to the philippine army that's when the single passenger there to needed the bomb it left several members of the living forces of the military dead and their dependents
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according to the military the impact was felt as far as fifty meters this is actually one of the rare times when an attack has happened in basilan over the last few years there has been relative peace there since the former leader of the abu sayyaf group is the lone happy lone was forcibly pushed out of the sea land and he moved to morrow week to launch a war there against the philippine military however the philippine military now says this attack has been launched and led by another leader of the abu sayyaf group his name is fuji in my it remains to be seen how this will change the security landscape in brazil and in other surrounding islands but according to the military they said the pursuit of. other members of the abu sayyaf will be relentless. hundreds of hikers trapped on a mountain in indonesia to sunday's earthquake have been rescued. from johnny which blocked all escape routes six point four earthquake left at least sixteen people
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dead and injured hundreds more so reports from. the rescue operation wraps up for the last remaining hikers trapped on mt when johnny what in one thousand tourists from twenty six different countries have managed to come down of ok no since the powerful earthquake struck on sunday one indonesian man died maining hikers are now safe. the guides and porters were amazing they really helped us to find a safe spot huge blocks were falling it was really scary and there was a lot of dust. at the foot of the mountain evidence that there was little safe around here during the earthquake a group of hikers was staying and does stay on malaysian woman died. look for gas passports only to find a broken mobile phone and some clothes. the woman who died had just taken a shower and was still in a final debate probably sending a message to
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a family because she wanted to go home that morning in this very strong earthquake happened this mountain is more than just a tourist destination many people call this place home more than five thousand of them are now homeless the government has promised funds to rebuild thousand homes never before have they felt an earthquake this powerful at the foot of mount johnny and aftershocks are still happening that's why even though the homes are not that much most people here have decided to spend the night in tents the earthquake happened during the peak of the tourist season but for the time being one of indonesia's main attractions to country's second largest. will be close to hikers. al-jazeera at a food. the chief of malaysia's civil aviation. thirty has resigned after investigation showed lapses by air traffic controllers during the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy an independent report on monday's of the
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controllers failed to initiate emergency procedures. seven disappeared in two thousand and fourteen was flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with two hundred and thirty nine people on board and investigators say someone may have deliberately taken it off course. the number of people who lost their lives in last week's wildfires in greece has risen to ninety two hundreds of people attended a candlelit vigil for the victims near the greek parliament in athens the fire ripped through a seaside resort northeast of the capsule last monday damaging more than three thousand five hundred homes many people died in the fire one of those drowned at sea trying to flee. as trailer is expected to send one hundred eighty firefighters to the u.s. to help tackle wildfires in northern california at least six people have died and seven remain unaccounted for the fires have destroyed more than eight hundred homes in the space thousands of families. has more from reading. an
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entire neighborhood turned to ash and debris people no longer coming and going nobody checking their mailbox kids no longer playing in the front yard for the first time since a deadly fire ripped through syria the people of the city of reading gathered for a community meeting the question they all were asking what next eighty two year old . evacuated his house last week and hasn't been home since my home is still standing and. i'm safe. and that's what counts in shasta county were reading is located the fire destroyed over five hundred homes and wiped out entire communities it's still not contained the county going to come back oh yeah eventually. grow people just. ripped through this neighborhood this home was spared but their neighbors not so
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much the fire totally. this house. or the charred remains. but this is not a story about buildings that are lost it's about human suffering the people that once lived here that now have nothing else like for this woman ruth angel her home where she lived with her family for fifteen years burned down when you lose you see that your house is gone it's like ok my life my my my kids they grew you know grew up there the only thing keeping her going hugs of support from strangers we had so many people come to our. tried to support us and love us and we love them back. no appreciate
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people that say hey we got trucks. people up and we'll help you whatever you need to do in a city chart where lingering smoke from fires still blocks the sunset but not the hope of people to one day rebuild gabriel's oddo. redding california. now in just a few moments. with. still ahead here on out is there a building. in the boston red sox. behind explain how. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall when tuesday. has been a crushing summer for many parts of europe but not everywhere. complaining about
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the summer in general a lot of sunshine on the stormy weather has certainly had an impact upon the tourist industry towards the black sea region. if had storms pushing on through and really most days there's always some storm in that particular area and no change is really expected but what we are seeing in terms of changes is heat pushing up from the south once again over the next couple of days temperatures in madrid for instance will get the other side of forty degrees but is every possibility to get towards the weekends but across central and southern parts of portugal down into southwestern parts of spain the temperatures are going to go between forty five and fifty degrees celsius there's every chance we could see national records broken in both portugal and spain meanwhile further towards the north we've got still some pretty warm weather affecting parts of scandinavia and some stormy weather as well you see the metra station there extensive flooding after heavy rain but the
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temperatures up here are still crazy up to thirty two degrees seventy degrees north and certainly in this region looks very warm weather is set to continue for a few days yet. the weather. scope of the world of zero zero. the best films from across on the work of travel for the london zoo i'm allowed to do it but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move from. i. just zero. this time on it was.
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easier. with and for us. i don't any watching al-jazeera as a reminder of all top stories this gunman have stalled shops and government offices in the east and afghan city of jalalabad the second attack in four days a gun battle with security forces is ongoing several people are reported to have been injured in these three explosions of also been. present donald trump
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a surprise many with an announcement he'd be willing to meet the iranian president rouhani at any time without preconditions the two men have been locked in a war of words as trump withdrew the u.s. from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal. and zimbabweans make it a hint in the next few hours. who will lead them into a new post mugabe era electoral commission says it will start announcing results at thirteen g.m.t. mondays was the first election in early forty years without a governor on the ballots. united nations is calling on saudi arabia to release all peaceful activists including women who campaigned to lift the world's longest female driving ban the lifting of that ban in june was hailed as a major step forward for women's rights in the deeply conservative kingdom but a number of women who had been advocating for the change have since been arrested and human rights offices office said genuine reform appeared to be taking place but dissent was still not accepted you know with us now is modern column director of
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policy analysis. good to speak to you why do you think the united nations is making this call of saudi arabia well i think because of the seriousness of the charges against these ladies the saudi government is actually accusing them of forming so as to destabilize the country and threaten the national security of saudi arabia contacting foreign entities. being agents for for embassies trying to damage also the social fabric of the county if these charges are made against these do these that could actually send them to jail for more than twenty years this is why i believe at this particular stage the united nation is still being in trying to put some pressure on the saudi government in order to release them why such serious charges against activists who were fighting for something that mohamed was going to enact anyway absolutely i mean you are you are right but i think because muhammad is a man with a very much like to be seen as someone who is leading the reforms not being pushed
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to make that he forms and it seems also that he's taking a zero tolerance policy towards any sort of dissent especially political against political activists we have seen him actually over the past few months thought. not only women. i mean the liberals who are calling for more rights in the county but all saw the conservatives like for example senior religious. leaders have also been detained in saudi arabia so i mean this is either tolerance policy against any sort of dissent. is his approach actually and this is why we're seeing all these artists in the country how uncomfortable will these sort of calls from the international community especially from the united nations make. any of these i think i think it is very uncomfortable for him it would be very much. annoying because it damages his image because he tried to present himself as
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a before model of the past i mean since he became actually crown prince of saudi arabia last year so when the united nations actually steps in and makes these calls to the saudi government i think that damages his image very much especially in the west where he's trying actually to perform very much as an informal in the country and what about within saudi arabia how broadly viewed by people well i think that there is there is different opinions on how some people actually especially the younger generation might see him as a foremost because as you said he never did the ban on women for driving actually and he's introducing some far reaching reforms social reforms this is why i think it's very important to differentiate between social reforms which is he's willing very much actually to conduct political reforms this is something that he's not
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willing actually to do so i think he'll have a mixed opinion actually on mohamed bin so might in saudi arabia some people see him as a reformer specially when they are mainly concerned about social reforms this is the binion many of the liberals but on the other hand when it comes to big court rights he's said he's following. zero tolerance policy in the u.n. has recognized that some genuine reforms do seem to be being made and you say they're very much within the social sphere but even these reforms instruction center allowing women to drive must be really upset in certain segments of saudi society absolutely i guess the conservative segment of the society must not be very happy with their with the policies of mohammad this is why we have seen him as a said earlier detaining so many senior religious those in the conference who are boasting some sort of opposition against these policies so i believe that he's going to face more opposition in the coming months and years as he actually. has
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his approach towards more social reforms. thanks very much for coming and talking to us. now the syrian military build up is continuing around rebel held province activists are reporting shelling on just south of it lips city and the neighboring how much province a child has died at levels the only significant territory still held by the rebels but president bashar assad has said retaking the province is his top priority the u.n. special envoy to syria is planning talks with iran russia and turkey to finalize a body to draft a new constitution stuff and in a store hopes to hold the discussions in september latest round to try and end the conflict is taking place in the russian city of sochi. meetings behind closed doors continue throughout the first part of the day now according to one source within the opposition a deal on prisoners is about to be reached yesterday there was
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a session of the working group on that issue that group will meet again today now that is considered a confidence building measure which to guarantor countries meaning russia iran and turkey as well as the u.n. consider necessary to try to find some sort of common ground between the two parties now also according to the u.n. envoy to fundamental to or there will be a focus on the formation of the constitutional committee both the government delegation and the opposition that is here in sochi have put forward a list of twenty five names each now they're waiting for a similar list to represent civil society once there is an agreement that then they could be within the coming months talk about amending the constitution of two thousand and twelve or maybe changing that even that is even though that is a very complicated issue and both sides don't see eye to eye on it at this stage.
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the defense ministers from russia and japan and. a decades long territorial dispute both countries claim the current currents island chain which is currently a part of russia explains the issue. the focus of this dispute is so small it's hard to see on a map russia course of the self cure alls japan refers to them as the northern territories for small islands just to the west of. they were invaded by the then soviet union in one thousand nine hundred five and seventeen thousand japanese forcibly deported shortly after the end of the second world war two of the islands closest to japan and she could turn was supposed to return to japan once a permanent peace deal was signed the deal was never reached tied into possession of these islands of fish. access to future claims for undersea resources despite numerous japanese attempts to resolve the dispute russia has remained adamant the island stay in its control deploying antiship missiles to reinforce the point some
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thirty thousand russians now live and work on the islands some of which are only a few kilometers of the japanese coast a spokesman for molly's presence says. is substantially ahead in the presidential election but he's also said a runoff is still a possibility millions of people cast their ballots on sunday the results in about a week and cases hoping to win a second term. u.s. satellites have reportedly detected when news activity at one of north korea's main ballistic missile production sites u.s. intelligence officials told the washington post the country appeared to be building new intercontinental ballistic missiles at the. facility at the same site where the first missile capable of reaching the u.s. was produced top administration isn't commenting on the reports meanwhile military level talks between north and south korea have ended the two sides are meeting in the true spillage of panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone expected to discuss
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disarming the border and withdrawing troops from the area. following the story from the south korean capital seoul. this is the second round of high level military talks taking place between north and south korea since the landmark into korean summit of april they'll be looking at implementing some of the measures that were agreed then in particular trying to defuse tensions along the demilitarized zone and specifically trying to reduce the numbers of troops and also the weapons that they're armed with as they face off across the d.m.z. including of course the troops who face off famously opposite each other. self looking at between those blue huts it seems to be one of the most overt signs of the animosity that has existed between north and south korea which doesn't seem to fit with the current mood of goodwill specifically the two sides will also be
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looking at the western end of the de-militarized own and the disputed sea border between north and south korea which has been the scene of clashes in the past north korea doesn't recognize exactly where that sea border should be and it's hoped that they can have some agreement to prevent further clashes in the future u.s. presidents former campaign manager is due in court for in a few hours for the start of his trial for manifolds is facing allegations of bank fraud and tax evasion atika lane takes a look at what to expect this is not how the world is used to seeing paul man a fort looking somewhat haggard as he was booked into jail to await trial for decades man of four it was a well known lobbyist in washington he traveled among the ultra rich shopping at the most expensive stores on the planet only million dollar homes across the country in brooklyn the hamptons virginia and trump tower in manhattan.
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when f.b.i. agents searched his homes they took inventory of these luxury items thousand dollar suits a twenty one thousand dollars watch and now according to documents filed by the special counsel's office they plan to use this as evidence in his trial arguing in order to pay for them he used secret overseas bank accounts and filed false tax returns the government also says that it will call five yet to be named people to testify and granted immunity in court to force them to talk a somewhat unusual move you could draw that conclusion saying that their evidence without the immunity was so weak and fragile they needed to have something more so they had to give immunity that otherwise. without it wouldn't provide it with there would not be enough evidence on their own to convict because remember the standard in a criminal case is proved beyond a reasonable doubt this will be the first time the special counsel presents evidence in a courtroom in a case related to
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a trim confidant which means many will be watching for information not just about what metaphor might have done but his former boss as well patty called al-jazeera washington. but humanitarian groups are being accused of ignoring years of sexual abuse allegations against that stuff that's the conclusion of upon entry report reports. earlier this year the charity oxfam was rocked by an abuse scandal its deputy chief executive in britain resigned that was off the rocks found was accused of covering up allegations that staff used sex workers while delivering aid to haiti in twenty eleven now a report by the u.k. parliament says lessons a still not being learned by the sector we did reach the conclusion that it would appear that often reputation of the organization has been put it at the protection of the vulnerable that cannot be right that must stop. the report highlights four key areas where there's a clear need for improvement empowerment meaning everyone who receives
1:45 pm
a should know how to seek help if their rights are violated reporting with donor organizations actively seeking and responding to reports of abuse accountability including an independent women for victims and survivors if established channels have failed them and screening including a global register of aid workers to prevent known abuses from getting new jobs. the report also looks at reported abuse and exploitation by united nations peacekeepers including in the central african republic it says there's no single u.n. body trying to investigations and quote victims appear to be essentially forgotten campaigners say there needs to be a global push to prosecute and jail abuses wherever they work when i work for the red cross and balls in your i heard of rumors of the sexual exploitation of children in the bosnian war and we've now seen in the whistleblower movie that in fact many people and pound you in the nine hundred ninety s.
1:46 pm
that this was a problem early to thousands we've seen the food for six scandals and we saw this is a problem the difference is finally that people in britain are starting to realize and the people around the world a starting to realize this is not just a betrayal of the children and the women that are being raped this is a betrayal of taxpayer funds and this is a betrayal of the dinah's the u.k. charity commission is currently invest. gauging how save the children handled sexual harassment allegations against senior staff the charities suspended bidding for u.k. government funding so has oxfam and its also set up an independent whistleblowing hotline positive steps but real global change could take many many years. al-jazeera london. allegations of institutional anti semitism are being levelled at the u.k.'s labor party. members say the claims are being used as a distraction from another and all reports from london. for a few summer week says parliament is vacated britain's briggs it wos quieten if not
1:47 pm
entirely recede to reason may has escaped threats to her leadership with a stroll on the banks of lake garda in italy no such escape though for her opposite number jeremy corbyn the labor party leader branded in person an anti semite last week by a senior party m.p. a scandal involving allegations of institutional anti semitism has dogged labor for weeks and the political left for decades the summer recess seems only to have turned up the heat. on what this deal is and to some of this in manassas times as well as in all of our parties including my own hands what's been done is an honest attempt to make sure that we do make it clear that we will not tolerate anti semitism and for these were the front pages on thursday of the three biggest jewish newspapers in the u.k. joint editorials warning that a korban government would pose an existential threat to jewish life in the u.k.
1:48 pm
that came in on so to a decision by party officials not to include in its code of conduct the full internationally recognised definition of anti semitism they argue its provisions might rule out any legitimate criticism of israel but say some party members this is not really a story about anti semitism is there a problem of anti-semitism in the labor party yes we're half a million people you're not free of anti seen what is it the main problem confronting the labor party you know is labor party the main place frankly semitism no so why this intense focus on anti semitism the labor party or a couple of reasons one is supporters of israel don't want people in the labor party or anywhere else talking about palestinian rights there's a whole segment of the right wing of the labor party that has never are. self.
1:49 pm
just as. for us. the knives are out. with sympathy for the palestinian cause that is yet another definition of anti semitism. in the best interests of their country. from within their own.
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1:51 pm
ok all the sport now at his house yeah thank you very much laura n.b.a. superstar le bron james has opened a school in his hometown of akron ohio the i promise school as a joint venture between james's foundation and the local school district it will focus on the needs of underprivileged elementary school students the school will provide all supply of the males for the kids will also offer family services a full parent. it doesn't matter. you know as a kid growing up in inner city let me specifically grown up here and i can ohio. you know being under privilege and feeling that you could become a statistic by me being able to put something like this together i want people to know that these kids still have the same opportunity is everyone else well
1:52 pm
we spoke to the thing of black sports and entertainment profit little who said le bron the latest move could be part of a bigger plan for a career in politics. well yeah big he has the type well it's a little bit. tribal backing that type of charm in the type of drive which comes from being an athlete and that he will be very successful in public office i don't know if there's something that he would want to do because obviously politics is a reason or they call it politics a lot of. it is not as clean as you would want to do want to get into bed to clean it up a bit but i think he has a massive crossover appeal and i think the base that he's doing now is in the best career is lay and then foundation want to bet if it does want to go into politics or pretty much anything that he can see that he's more than just a guy out and he's not the one it's just going to shut up and he is someone that is
1:53 pm
willing to take a stand to put his money where his mouth is to put his time. and that's what people like to see a politician they want to see so one big debate can relate to that is going to fight for them and larger to show that he so want to fight for the causes that are boy do it. and he mary has made a successful comeback in his absence pulling out of wimbledon because of his fitness he won his first round match at the city i've been in washington but as reports winning didn't exactly come easy. and he marries journey back to the top is in full swing he took on american mckenzie mcdonald in his first match since dropping out of this year's wimbledon but the comeback which is the marquee missed most of last year due to a hip injury didn't get off the t.v. stuff. no grand slam the new year and coming off a surgery in january mari did show plenty of fight. but
1:54 pm
he also showed clear fans of ross dropping three service games in the opening set and losing it six three. it was a change of outfit but a second and a change of fortune sort of britain. was he started finding the composure that helped him win three grand slams and he managed to break mcdonald's the let's go was. that's the top margin take the second six paul was. the third that was a really close a fair and a severe test for any player that's not played hard core tennis for a year and a half but while mari started looking more confidence frustration started to get a hold of the american opponent was now making the basic errors like crossing his racquet over the net. despite the drop in the goals level mari didn't have an easy time finishing him off he needed seven much point
1:55 pm
opportunities but eventually sealed the decider seven five for the match. i was all the evidence of this display mari's still far from his best but by getting through this new three hour scratch the scot is that at least one step closer to where he wants to be so he'll merely al-jazeera. the football pre-season continues and the pressure is on gareth bale as he looks to try to fill the void left by christiana ronaldo who recently made a move to a tally and said he i thought i'd give vent to real madrid manager you look at take he is confident the wales forward can step up to the plate. million dollars so you bought a book about it you also asked me about dale and for all the others well we are delighted that they are staying with us and convinced that it will be a magnificent year i think he is an extraordinary player and we expect a lot from him and we are convinced that he will give us the based version of him
1:56 pm
dominant power asuncion on a back to winning ways off to beating outlets in madrid in a pre-season friendly in singapore on monday the french champions came into the match on the back of two defeats albeit in friendlies on the new boss thomas tuco. be his goal midway through the second half at p.s.g. to no op less occoquan back four minutes later when the spanish side put things level thanks to an own goal by peers to defend the net but the french side sealed victory in the second minute of extra time. and teenage apostle actually scored a stunning win a seal a three two victory and while to call was happy with his size performance he refused to comment on very minutes off potential new transfers. i do not talk about . it's not fair and i do not like it and do not like the other coaches do that to talk about situations of players who are playing for other clubs so so there is no common. alexander rossi has moved to second in the indy car
1:57 pm
standing up to winning at mid ohio rossi started the race on pole position and gamble would by being the only driver to opt for to stop strategy decision and paid off for the american if he claimed to second wind of the season new zealand scott dixon leads the championship with four races remaining. the boston red sox have gone a season high of six games ahead of their odds rivals the new york yankees by beating the philadelphia phillies on monday but i guess why hearts ground will r.b.i. double in the bottom of the first team ending person boston possibility after the game had been tied at one one since the fifth inning the red sox have now won nineteen of their last twenty three games in the american league east four with bill lawrence. thanks very much and that's it for me the oracle this news hour but you stay with us sammy will be here in just a moment with more of the day's news for you.
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august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to all the attacks even though they too a victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the six the buddhist al-jazeera will cover the developments from town rock in a free fall series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal
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human explode taishan system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have begun to do just communities you don't have one them for the future you have nineteen of them divided along sectarian lines the confessional system in lebanon has destroyed the only good gritty real more fiber and heavily influenced by regional allegiances and i would add one preventing the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that's a week out following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon on al-jazeera. al-jazeera with and for your.
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jalalabad under attack again gun battles and explosions hit the eastern afghan city . and sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want any time they were. ready to talk to iran on sub naafa just nine days after threatening the country. thousands left homeless by an indonesian earthquake now off to sharks to become a watery. and counting down to the big results are boy voters could have a.


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