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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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amen. amen amen amen . this is al-jazeera. hello there i'm a he'll of a comment this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes facebook says it has removed thirty two pages believed to be in set up to influence the u.s. mid-term elections. a passenger plane crashes just after takeoff in north mexico and early reports suggest that everyone has survived. and as i'm bob way away for
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the final result of the presidential election both leading parties remain confident of success. and firefighters in california say they've diverted wildfires away from one town but hundreds of other homes have been consumed by flames. and social media giant facebook says it's discovered a coordinated campaign to influence the u.s. mid-term elections it's removed thirty two accounts and pages it believes in authentic or linked to fake organizations aimed at creating divisions before november's vote almost three hundred thousand people have followed the suspended pages and fisher has more from washington d.c. . the founder of facebook mark zuckerberg went to capitol hill in april to admit his company hadn't done enough to form groups trying to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election we didn't take
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a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. now as part of its continuing investigation into election interference it discovered it's happening again and so it has suspended thirty two pages on the platform and instagram which it also means they are going to be a hair trigger alert for you know for the foreseeable future so any instances that crop up like this they're likely to take to take action and then be public about that action the company uses artificial intelligence and human investigators to flag up automated accounts. you know only deal with the face of social issues aimed at finding conflict and upset. one page called resisters created an event a counter protest to unite the right rally a white nationalist gathering in washington d.c. in august it was found to be a fake group and the page was disabled and the event deleted it says it can't
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definitively tie this is spending accounts to russia but suggests it was possibly involved american intelligence agencies have been warning for months russia's efforts to undermine american democracy are active under threat to november's elections at a cyber security summit in new york the homeland security secretary said the country is facing what she called a hard a can of threats let me also again take this opportunity to issue a warning as i have in other forums in speeches to any foreign power that would consider meddling in our networks or in the affairs of our democracy the united states will no longer tolerate or accept your interference you will be exposed and you will pay a high price facebook has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to stop outside interference in the twenty six thousand election it's determined that won't happen again and it says it continues to work with the f.b.i. to identify threats and remove them from its platforms. al-jazeera washington.
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that's speak to in a fried who is the chief technology correspondent at x u.s. joins us live now from san francisco thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera what do you make of these latest developments coming from facebook. in a free can you hear me this is from here from al-jazeera i think we've got a connection problem here but we will try and connect with in afraid shortly in the meantime let's see if we can move on to other news. wasn't president. and his main rival nelson chamisa both say they are confident of victory after sunday's election but observers say that it could be
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a tight race it was the first poll says robert mugabe was forced from office has more from harare. the wait to find out who has won zimbabwe's presidential election could be a long one parliamentary. but the presidential will only be announced when all results from the more than ten thousand polling stations have. to do is look at the individual results posted outside specific polling stations the final official result will only be announced in the coming days. with. some. of the. opposition supporters say they are worried about vote fixing and insist they are ready to defend a vote. to say they are not going to accept.
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this. and i went. to his supporters who say they have already tallied the votes the main opposition leader. has won. i want to turn yourself. in the. world. for. the first. year but. the official results can only be announced by the electoral commission we have marked. the action. for. civic organizations individuals and other interested groups. or predicted that they will announce was also with respect for the progress of the
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ladies and gentlemen sure no one wants to provoke. so into you. with both the rulings on it and the main opposition to see a license confident of victory the stakes are high there can be only one winner and should all be a window be in. zimbabwe as a country will be that world we now if everybody please their product well whoever wins must be magnanimous in victory and whoever loses must be gracious in defeat. in africa elections from the stakes are very high and nobody has a backup plan for loosing diplomats and observer groups say the race which saw a turnout of seventy five percent is too close to call. now this being a plane crash and the mexican city of durango they and on
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a from the national carrier aero mexico came down shortly after takeoff there are no reports of casualties and local reports say that many survivors have been found close to a nearby highway that's hasa to mexico city and speak to john heilemann john what more you're learning. well that was the story of the great escape the governor of durango state came out and said that there were no fatalities or that there were many injured took being taken by more than ten ambulances to local hospitals but just a few minutes ago the minister for transport and communication nationally came out on television and said that maybe it was a little bit early to call but he said that there were more than forty people still trapped in this plane and it was too early to say if there were no fatalities or not he did say that the the burning the flames coming out this plane had
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been contained by the local fire services but he said that at the moment they're still waiting for information on precisely why it crashed what's going to happen next in this do you know anything more about those that were found near the highway yeah we heard reports again local reporters that they're on the scene talking to people who actually managed to get out of the plane and those people the local reporters are saying told them that they had to walk but they managed to walk out of the plane and then to the local highway and it was there that they managed to get help from emergency services the local reporters said that they were a little bit nettled but that hope didn't write before but it's certainly coming now from all directions mets crews tends to handle situations in disasters like this fairly well so there's quite a force now descending on the airport to try to deal with this hate on how men lie france there in mexico city john thank you. now an attack on
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a government building has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen others in the east of afghanistan two gunmen set off explosions and stole the office for refugees in the city of jalalabad security forces fought for six hours to end the siege in a separate incident a bus hit a roadside bomb in the west of the country killing eleven passengers that us reports from kabul. jalalabad one of afghanistan's biggest cities and in a war zone as dorn is the department of refugee affairs for a conference on how to help displaced afghans they were targeted. explosions hit the compounds exterior following two gunman to get past the will. of others who have a hold of an argument i was sitting in my medical store when a gunman entered the refugee department right after that they started shooting and one of them blew himself up at the gate i saw two injured people come out of the
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building for several hours sporadic gunfire was heard across the neighborhood smoke billowing from the building as afghan special forces hunted the remaining gunman the building is next door to the city's main hospital ten people were treated with critical injuries. it's also just one hundred meters from the midwife training center that was attacked in the same way on saturday three staff members were killed and sixty seven trapped inside for hours. in the last three months there have been thirty attacks against civilians in this province that have killed one hundred sixty people and wounded nearly five hundred attacks in afghanistan extend to every border one at daybreak in western far province killed a live in passengers of a bus and wounded dozens drove over a roadside bomb on the main highway towards kabul. you know. i was taking one of my relatives daughters to the treatment bus was hit by
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a roadside bomb or highway i don't know what happened to the good. the government is blaming the taliban for the bus bombing but in the province the taliban has denied any involvement even as the primary suspects the area is a stronghold for both groups they're becoming more active with more complex attacks and increasingly it's civilians who are being killed or injured. let's go back to our leading story which is the news that facebook has removed thirty two pages which it says were part of a campaign to influence the u.s. maternal actions in a free it is chief technology correspondent axios she joins us live now from san francisco so you know how significant is this latest development coming from facebook i think it's very significant and for a couple reasons one that they found this attack they found it early and they notified the public early that's certainly
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a departure from the last election cycle and also that they said this attack appears to be more sophisticated and they can actually pinpoint exactly where it came from in the same way that they easily could tell it was from russia the last time around now some suggest that facebook could be making the separatist trying can take contain fake news obviously a much much wider issue for the network is this more of a p.r. recovery strategy that the network is trying to do right now or are they going to try and build more trust or is it pretty much going to the opposite for its uses. i mean i think certainly their efforts to be more forthcoming with the information is part of their efforts to rebuild trust you know i don't think the incident is made up i don't think they're exaggerating it or playing it up to get a p.r. boost but i think they are getting general applause so far for the way that they handled it for saying what they could say early on and also for acknowledging what it was that they don't know and then also deferring the issue of who is responsible
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to the u.s. government now this is just that she roughly thirty two accounts and they all had a total of two hundred ninety thousand followers is this just the tip of the iceberg it certainly could be i mean there's no reason to think that stopping here you know we've heard a lot of intelligence that there's a sustained credible campaign being targeted at the midterms so i would be surprised if this is the last of it to be honest i think this is what they were able to identify now and i think also just when you look at what was attacked this wasn't pro one candidate or another necessarily this is just sowing the seeds of discontent and to the degree that that's the target that's the way that they're doing it that would require a much broader campaign but his interest does. well i mean it's a little hard to say when these pages were generally about counter protests to the
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right so you have some people in the republican party saying look at the left so clearly russians or whoever is trying to aid the left i think that's a simplistic view i think the main goal here is to sow discontent so that could really be to benefit anyone who benefits from the destabilization of the u.s. that benefits from more divisiveness and political infighting so i think that's a much harder thing to pin but certainly you know it makes sense given what we know about the people that are looking to interfere with the u.s. elections right in a free thank you so much for your time. that's rafael cross over now to south africa where the president says that the ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans for the expropriation of land from white farmers without compensation cyril ramaphosa says the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom fighters they issue of land ownership is one of the most contentious in south africa with some pointing to neighboring zimbabwe's economic collapse after
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land reform then the intention of this proposed amendment is to promote redress advance economic development increase our going to cultural production and food security it will also transform the un just spatial realities in urban areas to accelerate the agrarian reform the sea has further directed government to urgently initiate far most of port programs in depressed areas before the first rains this year this should include supporting far most with two checks to fertilizers see extension services finance and access to key infrastructure will speak to mark charter who is the founder and principal of germ arkansas africa he joins us from skype in austin
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texas mark thank you so much for being with us this is quite a significant move coming from the south african president what do you think. this sure is a significant move and certainly the political context is general elections that are that are scheduled to be held in twenty nineteen the economy has underperformed and not met popular expectations since several months from a post was appointed president in february twenty eight hundred succeeding jacob zuma and so this expropriation without compensation is certainly a political ploy to ensure that the ruling african national congress has sufficient electoral support going into those crucial elections next year well this is part of the n c's mandates now around only ten percent of the land in white under set has been transferred to back on a since the end of apartheid and like you say elections are expected in twenty nineteen but how likely are they going to be able to pull this off that's
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a great question but the political pressure and the support within the ruling alliance the ruling african national congress and its support of parties has really escalated over the recent weeks and months to ensure or to press forward with the expropriation without compensation of not only government owned land not only private own land but the white owned land in south africa and you heard the statements by president ramaphosa these are identical statements that the government of something bob weigh in acted to ensure that they won their political base over the very difficult and challenging outcome economic conditions that that country faced and so while the elections are still more than six months away the pressure is on the run for the post administration and the and the economic african national congress to ensure that fees policy pronouncements are in acted sooner
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rather than later. could there be potential of serious for now two dimensions zimbabwe in that case did result in land grabs. absolutely you have seen already land grabs take place in multiple provinces across south africa but the followed certainly is already seen in confidence degrading in the in the roma posted ministration and the macro economy of south africa you have seen private domestic investors and foreign investors raise the requirements that they need in order to receive the returns that they expect in south africa right now but certainly this is this is this is a inflection point for the roman proles ramaphosa administration and for south africa but given the political imperatives of the african national congress going into next year it's something that you must do try to thank you very much thank you
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very much for having me. now firefighters in the u.s. out of california say they saved a populated area from wildfires that are sweeping across the north of the state's fire was diverted from the city of clearly into the national forest at least six people have died and seven mossel missing since the fires broke out more than a week ago they've destroyed more than eight hundred homes and displaced thousands of families. speak to cable and his entourage who is live for us in reading in northern california so kate just give us a sense of where you are at the moment and how bad is the destruction that. it's devastating and i think you can see a lot of it here behind me we are in the city of reading one of the areas that was hardest hit from this worst fire that they've seen here really in decades. the situation here is quite bad just did this fire which they're calling the car fire
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is the name of it eight hundred eight hundred different structures have burned to the ground this is just a subdivision with dozens of homes you can see there is nothing left it's been really reduced really just to ashes for the most part there are still more than three thousand firefighters here just on this fire and it's quickly becoming an international effort firefighters from australia and new zealand are expected to arrive in california on friday or saturday about two hundred of them to help with the efforts there more than seventeen major fires just burning here in the in the state of california and dozens more in the western united states it's what's shaping up to be one of the worst fire seasons in decades in the united states now with these fine is i just want to know how these firefighters are going to be dealing with the seventeen that they slowly to try to contain and there's also
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a she's about the equity as well. yeah the firefighters are working very long days in fact there have been two firefighters that have died in the state of california while fighting these fires it's been very difficult just here in reading half of the fire department the local fire department had to be evacuated from their own homes because they burned down or were almost burned down so it's hitting home for a lot of people here quickly on the air quality look behind me that's not fog you see behind me that smoke and the fires been out here for several days in this particular part of the city and and it's just after four pm local time the sun is out but the sun can't get through because the smoke is so thick quickly i'll just say there's a fire index that goes from zero to five hundred this is very important zero is the best air quality five hundred is the worst right now in the last past couple days the air quality is two hundred seventy three here and reading that's considered
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very dangerous to put that in perspective today that number is eighty three in the city of beijing one hundred thirteen in mumbai sixty in delhi so the air quality right here in reading is almost triple that of these other major cities that we think of a very bad air so we've talked to doctors here that said this is very dangerous there and it's and it's smoke that is just hanging over this city that's preventing even the sun from penetrating in here this is going to be a long time until this smoke clears and people can really breathe easy here the flames are gone but the health risks are not hands came from amazon or life ross in redding california thank you. now pomona for a money laundering trial has heard that a business partner rather than man for himself was responsible for tax evasion and bank fraud the former campaign chief for u.s.
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president donald trump denies all charges at his trial in virginia in his opening remarks manifolds lawyers said business partner richard gates was the one who had his hand in the cookie jar charges were brought by special counsel robert mueller who's investigating alleged collusion between russia and trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign shepparton see has more from the court in alexandria the prosecution accuses poor man of four of attempting to follow lifestyle with tens of millions of dollars that he had crude from his consulting work in ukraine which he put into show corporations in cyprus on the caribbean and then he also avoided paying tax on all this money form out of all says this is none of his doing the ukrainians wanted to sort of show corporations that wasn't his idea and anyway he wasn't even in a business dealings that was all the responsibility of britain says associate of his company and he was the one who was embezzling money from the so-called these
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are that's why he's now called working with. solution to try and save his own skin and still over this entire case is the question what does this have to do with the rush or investigation and there is that suspicion even explained by the judge himself but really this is all about robert mueller trying to put the squeeze on mount a for two so it's cooperating with russia investigation and u.s. satellites have reportedly detected renewed activity and one of north korea's main ballistic missile production sites a sudden dong facility is the same site where the fast missile capable of reaching the u.s. was produced the trumpet ministrations says and expects kim jong un to stand by his commitment to denuclearize. well choose day military leaders from north and south korea described their talks at the demilitarized zone as candid and productive the two sides met at the church and john they talked about disarming the
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border and withdrawing troops from the area it's the second military level meeting between saul and pyongyang since the historic into korean summit in april. sentences in the u.s. have been grilling officials on the treatment of migrant children who've been detained and separated from their parents there's been a major outcry since the top administration ordered young children including infants to be held in detention facilities after crossing the mexico border in may a senate judiciary committee is also looking into allegations of sexual and physical abuse that goes back to at least twenty fourteen this in ministration has elected to engage in the systematic separation of emigre immigrant children from their parents and without any plan to reunite them even now though we're now months into this crisis we still don't know the official number of children who have been
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separated from their parents to be clear this is a new issue some of the abuse dates back to at least twenty two well and seven several of the most horrific incidents that occurred in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen. now i don't say that to imply that this is all the obama administration's fault because it isn't but clearly there is a larger systemic issue that needs to be addressed. well how do you show castro has more from washington d.c. . u.s. government officials took a beating from a bipartisan panel of senators after having missed a court deadline to reunite all of the twenty seven hundred children who had been taken from their parents at the us mexico border some seven hundred remain in government custody despite the court order the majority of them belong to parents who have already been deported it's hard to imagine isn't it those states of
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america says really start separating kids forcibly from their parents we're not to set up a system of tracking those kids so we can find them or matching them back up with their parents we're just going to separate them twenty seven hundred children were separated and it's sooner or later you know there's a point to there are some very basic ways we could have kept track of the children and the parents in the siege of not only computers but plastic bracelets they didn't do it currently there exists no legal mechanism for reuniting the parents who have been deported with their children who were abandoned forcibly in the u.s. currently the government is working with advocacy groups in latin america to somehow make those reunifications eventually happen senators on the senate judicial committee are also investigating what they call very disturbing claims of abuse coming from children held at various detention centers in the u.s.
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most recently a federal judge ordered that children held in a submissive lety in texas be immediately removed except for emergency cases after it was argued in court that they were forcibly given psychotropic drugs that made them and depressed without their parents' consent. coming up on al-jazeera india attempts to contain the fallout from a decision that left four million people and legal limbo. and a u.s. open preparations for this former world number one take a major heads karl had the details in sport. still some flooding on the ground there were two states on the east of the u.s. and to be honest there's a flood risk increase in the next couple days this is
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a warm fees moist air temperature is something around the thirty mark plenty of potential for a big rain storms here or even hail but i think flooding is a more likely event and that goes back to the great lakes beyond that his warm sunny weather the most part we seen weren't too big showers certainly with the southwest monsoon running into arizona you're going to get something out there but nothing in california is still hot and dry with no significant wind introduced by the bigger picture there south of the u.s. we've seen the last few days big shots being produced in cuba occasionally jamaica or more especially yucatan see some significant hail showers in mexico recently and i think about see some mormon certainly in the forecast until the same is true although dancer panama significant rainfall in here and in colombia it's not a big surprise this time of the and it is easily repeatable in the next day or so showers also seem to fall over through bolivia possibly reaching the pass much of
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the rest east and south is dry only eleven degrees in buenos aires rain has left rio might just return. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture most adora jews are involved because they receive good while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry malady my mother was trying over to cable and brought them and come with a pole because of hubris crime who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development the old road doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for
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gringo i should do i should do many times this point having read my book yet how many might not really give us maybe his son goes head to head we've done be somewhere i've been accused of being crazy i'm not that crazy on al-jazeera. again you're watching out to see a mind of our top stories this hour facebook says it's found evidence all that tends to influence the upcoming u.s. midterm elections it says it's removed thirty two fake accounts that were being used to sway the outcome of the polls jus in november. and the plane carrying ninety seven passengers and four crew members has crashed in the mexican city of
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divonne go soon after takeoff the plane belonged to the national carrier aero mexico and there is no word yet on casualties and local reports say survivors have been found close to a nearby highway. an attack on a government building has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen others in the east of afghanistan two gunmen set off explosions and stormed the office of poor refugees in the city of jalalabad security forces fought for six hours to end the siege. but let's take you straight now to tampa florida where u.s. president donald trump is holding one of his make america great again bodies and he is campaigning for republicans ahead of the upcoming midterm elections let's listen from people that were never happy with their the body until we came along with a very. that's why they.
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know one of the pundits said. he's made a lot of promises and you won't believe it but he's actually kept far more promises that he made did you ever hear that one so. close you're probably be throwing him out of broad ghostly demar we've taken the toughest ever actions in response to john is abusive. and we're doing very well with china very well and i have a lot of respect for china and i have tremendous respect for president xi have china but this is been too many years of abuse five hundred billion dollars a year five hundred billion we've helped rebuild china we can't do that if we can't do that anymore and our farmers understand it and our workers understand it and frankly our companies understand i was with one of the greatest companies in the
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world the chief executive officer very short while ago and it really affects him he said you know what this does affect our company but mr president keep going you're doing the right thing i thought it was right. i thought oh ok great company one of the greatest. he said you doing the right thing and i said i appreciate it. i listened to u.s. president of all time pat living a speech at a rally in tampa florida where we just heard him talking about the economy and it's the u.s. relations with china in particular and their trade relationship let's cross over now to andy gallagher who's been listening to president tom speaking sandy what do you make of what he said. well i think it's what we expect the president has talked a lot about the economy here he's talked
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a lot about the supremes court nomination of the race something of a bigger picture if the president essentially is here to remind people that the midterm elections are coming up because florida is the biggest swing state in the united states he's also making sure that he backs up a couple of key people one being rhonda sanders who is running to replace florida's current governor he is someone backed by president trump and also the current governor is running for the senate so he's essentially here to talk to his base among republican voters in this state he has a ninety percent approval rating he's here essentially to remind them that midterm elections will be essential for his plans going forward and his message is really simple i don't forget about me if you want to see more of what i've been doing over the past couple of years then simply vote in november and vote in florida's primaries at the end of next month this talk to us about why florida is so important in the lead up to the primaries and the ten elections of my own look you'll often hear political analysts saying that all roads the white
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house lead through florida it is the biggest swing state in the country its vote to make up really represents the entire country so victory in florida is a reflection of what you can do across the rest of the country it's important also to remember that in a presidential election donald trump won the state of florida by a very thin margin and he knows that this is still a very important state for his plans going forward if you can get a governor he likes in place if you can get someone in the senate he likes to think of myself then. it makes these lines going for the more secure and the word from the white house is that the president wants to continue with these make again make america great again values get out on the street and bypass the media and talk to his base and really just told them if you want more of this and you have to get out the vote in the midterm elections you have to vote for the key figures in the senate i think you. have to get a life for us at that time for ali and tampa thank you andy. the iranian
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politicians have reacted with skepticism off the u.s. president offered to meet with iran's president without preconditions iran's deputy speaker parliament says it's not the right time and negotiations would be humiliating trump withdrew from a landmark nuclear chord with iran in may saying it was too generous he has vowed to impose sanctions on tehran the first of which comes into fact next week. the u.s. secretary of state has already backtracked on some of trump's comments might pumpin says that he's on board with meeting iran's president but he's listed several requirements before it could go ahead president wants to meet with folks to solve problems if the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's ha'p'orth while to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said
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he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. same pastrami has more details from. there's been a chorus of reaction from iranian leaders to donald trump's invitation for talks with iran and all of them are in agreement donald trump is the man who pulled the united states out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and has proven that he cannot be trusted so any future talks are simply a nonstarter now any time the trumpet ministration has thrown a curve ball like this to iran especially with regards to the nuclear deal president hassan rouhani iran's president has pretty much done the same thing over and over again he's turned to european partners other signatories to the deal and he said to them that it is now your turn to step in and make sure the deal survives we're doing our part and now you must do yours you must resist american economic threats you must exert resist american sanctions you must resist the you know unilateral sanctions against iran and help us to continue to try to realize any sort of economic merits that can still be gained from the nuclear deal and that's
2:40 am
what he did today at a meeting with rob macare the british ambassador to teheran from the united kingdom he said that there was a few points that had to be reiterated that iran has no intention of disrupting any sort of shipping lanes and the oil shipping lanes in the persian gulf as he said he also said that iran has no intention of refraining from the sale and export of its own oil and so that was a very clear message being sent to the european union that it's time for you guys to step in and help us out now rob macare is a former oil executive himself and for his part he said that he is glad to be into iran at such an important time and that he would do whatever he could in his power as ambassador to help iran at this time with very clear signal to iran that the fight is not over that we support the nuclear agreement as long as you stand by it and a clear message to the united states and the trumpet ministration that you do not have a global support for unilateral sanctions against iran and that europe will continue
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to deal with iran as it sees fit. now white house chief of staff john kerry has told senior aides the president trump has asked him to stay in his role and at least twenty twenty u.s. officials say kerry agreed to stay in his post through to the next presidential election the retired marine corps general was widely expected to be the next to leave the white house. and a u.s. judge has blocked the company from releasing the blueprints of a three d. printed gun eight u.s. states have filed a lawsuit against the tribe of illustration offered reached a settlement with the texas based defense distributed to publish the printing of the files online but the president has said that he opposes this in a tweet on tuesday saying he's spoken to the national rifle association suddenly there is going to be published on the internet the plans for making
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a god that can they the detection system in airports and seaports and all of these governmental buildings as well as some sports stadiums it just defies common sense. and yet this is what the trumpet ministration has done. now a court in israel has jailed and israeli palestinian poets for five months over a poem and comment she made during a wave of palestinian street attacks their entire tour of posted a video of palestinian youths throwing stones and firebombs that israeli soldiers with audio of herself reading out her poem on facebook and you tube in october twenty fifteen prosecutors said the video encouraged violence she says her video was a call for non violent resistance. i was expecting to go to prison and unfortunately i was sitting there it's not a surprise because this is an israeli court and in the israeli court when the
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defendant is palestinian there is no justice especially in a political case and my case was political from the start until now. the united nations is calling on saudi arabia to release all peaceful activists this includes women who campaigned to end the world's longest female driving ban the lifting of the ban in june was hailed as a major step forward for women's rights in the conservative kingdom but a number of women who have called for change have since been arrested the un human rights off the says genuine reform appears to be taking place but dissent is still not accepted since the fifteenth of may at least fifteen government critics were detained we understand that eight of them were later temporarily released until the completion of their procedural review in some cases their whereabouts are unknown and there is a serious lack of transparency in the processing of their cases the syrian army is
2:44 am
continuing its onslaught on rebel held it lib province activists are reporting shelling and just are sure this is in the south of it live city and also in the neighboring area of hama province it live is the only significant territory still held by the rebels president bashar al assad has said retaking the province is his top priority. the u.n. special envoy to syria says he wants agreements with iran russia and turkey on the formation of a body for drafting a new syrian constitution so far in the west or a says he hopes to finalize the plan in september he made the comments as the latest round of peace talks wrapped up in the russian city of sochi all parties to work towards the resettlement of syrian refugees as well as a pilot project for prisoner swaps between the government and opposition. has more from sochi. talks focused on three main issues the first one the formation of a constitutional committee under the auspices of the u.n.
2:45 am
both sides have actually put forward a list of twenty five names each but there is no committee yet what everyone has agreed upon is that the guarantor countries meaning russia turkey any iran will meet in geneva with the you and early september to talk again about how to form this committee now the big issue overshadowing this talks is the possibility of an offensive in the province that's where a lot of the armed rebels have retreated to and it's also home to three million civilians in the syrian ambassador to you to do u.n. who is heading the delegation here didn't directly tackle the issue but he certainly did underline that his government wants to extend its authority to the entire country was acute. when it comes to the suffering of the syrian government
2:46 am
there is no compromise according to the mutual agreement reached in a stone of a time frame for deescalation areas was just six months of creation of such an area and it was to test the level of trust we have in turkey however the opposition seemed much more alarmed that actually such an offensive could happen very soon and warned against it. i would like to point out that the agreements reached as part of the a stone of a not being observed by the syrian government recently there has been a threat of an assault on the lip from the syrian army i warn you if this does happen this will put a real obstacle towards a peaceful settlement and i urge the russian governments not to support the syrian national army in this russia said that the situation. was critical they didn't rule out the possibility of another round of hostilities between the two sides but it seemed to downplay the idea that that was going to happen in the short
2:47 am
term but should. we nevertheless hope that pretty moderate opposition and turkish partners who have the obligation to stabilize this region will manage to resolve the issue but unfortunately i have to say that again the threat that comes from this region is still very high and the third topic is when russia is keen to put forward the resettlement of refugees russia wants the international community to share the burden western powers are not. on board yet some say it's too soon others say that cannot happen without any serious move on the political front now if there is one could create achievement is that all parties have agreed to meet again before the end of the year. eleven talks. in the north east indian state of some four million
2:48 am
people have been asked to prove the citizenship the government has not included them on the national register citizens and our rights groups are worried that it could lead to discrimination and even deportation. details. the fallout from the release of india's national register of citizens filled the pages of newspapers in assam state along the border with bangladesh four million people have been left off of the list and are now worried they'll be deported or put in a detention center. we have been harassed a lot in the name of the national register of citizens so many muslims have not been registered we feel there is a lot of politics involved in making this list and that should not be the case. the register was the stablished in nine hundred fifty one to identify indian citizens at the time there were undocumented immigrants arriving from what is now bangladesh
2:49 am
. critics say the omission of millions in the latest register is designed to prevent muslims from voting the government is assuring people there is still time and a system in place to fix any mistakes. is there any mistakes that people can go to court or deferring his tribe it will be checked irrespective of cost trade and religion and whether he or she is muslim. there's concern the government hasn't provided adequate outreach especially to the poor and illiterate . so many are generally but they haven't received notice due to poor communication from the government but the one good thing is done foreigners and politics has been stopped. a some state has long struggled with anger over undocumented immigrants. the government should seal the border this is more important than the national register of citizens if the border remains open then that infiltrates has to be
2:50 am
always be that the government should look for the permanent solution. the four million people not listed as citizens want a permanent solution to their status as well for many india is their home and they fear being stateless natasha going to aim. now eisel says behind a bomb attack in the southern philippines at least eleven people were killed when a van exploded off a stopping at a checkpoint and city that's just across from mindanao island where there's been ongoing fighting between government forces and fighters for civilians including a mother and her child were killed in the blast. and coming up on al-jazeera all the sports including full strikes and you're out a new red card system comes into effect for misbehaving english football manager has.
2:51 am
2:52 am
his eye for sports now has far thanks very much start their one thousand test match on wednesday the game against the world's number one indian team is the first of a five match test series but england selection of spinner the rasheed is proving controversial paul that her work has more. england lost the first of a test match that was played back in eighteen seventy seven against australia by forty five runs just two tests were being played in that series the one starting on
2:53 am
wednesday will see five games played in the space of six weeks it's going to be hard says got some world class players throughout the team and we're going to have to be very consistent in performing a deal rashid has controversially been recalled to the team. the thirty year old last played a test them december twenty sixth thing and has previously said he didn't want to be considered for the test team in order to concentrate solely on the shorter forms of the game i think we've got to look at the positives of it we've got a slightly different style of english spinner with a little bit mistreated here and he's bowling really well and that should be what we should be excited about india haven't wanted to series in england in over a decade the red kohli may be the world's leading batsman but he struggled to perform in england scoring just one hundred thirty four runs until during the last two or four years ago i have no complaints whatsoever norden
2:54 am
a frame of mind to prove myself in any country i just want to perform for the team obviously i want to school runs for the team and i want to begin to go forward and that's my only move it's because then as far from a sell out for the historic match the midweek starts leaving thousands of tickets still to be sold for the opening days pulver and worth al-jazeera. they're going to big blows for organizers of the city open in washington the defending champion catarina makarova lost her first round match in straight sets while australian open champion caroline bazmee actually was forced to pull out of the tournament with a right leg injury shortly before her first round match it's a big fat back for the world number two was built up to the u.s. open it would have been her first match since losing in the second round at wimbledon. english football managers will now be shown yellow and red cards for sideline dissent of behavior that could result in a card include inappropriate language or gestures towards match officials sarcastic
2:55 am
clapping him throwing objects like water bottles or coats managers will get an automatic one game ban after their fourth warning referees will take the action during the f.a. cup second tier english football league and national league matches primarily bosses will get verbal warnings rather than a card and a superstar le bron james has made his first public appearance since signing for the l.a. lakers earlier in july and he says the decision to walk away from the cleveland cavaliers they go on was best for his family he opened his new i promise school for underprivileged children in his hometown of akron ohio the thirty three year old who has been highly critical of the us president says that donald trump is using sports to divide the country before time m.v.p. says he's open to running against trump in two thousand and twenty and was sounding political is a huge arrest the new students kids just want to know that we care about them they they have the dreams they have the aspirations they have everything that they can
2:56 am
actually get so whatever they want to get to a life they just want to know to someone to robert metallik is the c.e.o. of black sports and entertainment he says le bron would be well suited to a career in politics. ip key has the type of it's knowledge that the type of backing that type of harm in the type of drive which comes from being an athlete that he will be very successful in public office i don't know if there's something that he would want to do because obviously politics is a reason to call the politics a lot of. it is not as clean as you would want to be but maybe he wants to get into bed to clean it up a bit but i think he has massive crossover appeal and i think the base that he's doing now at the end abuse career is lay and then foundation one that if you does want to go into politics or pretty much he thinks that people see that he's more
2:57 am
than just a nap and he's not so worn it's just going to shut up and he is someone that is willing to take a stand to put his money where his mouth is to put its time where its mouth is and that's what people like to see a politician they want to see still want to. debate can relate to that is going to fight for them and the margin to show that he so want to fight for the causes that are important to him. and finally some stunning pictures to leave you with from the european paragliding championships one hundred and fifty competitors have been taking part in the event over the last week and a half men and women from twenty eight different countries competed alongside each other and a range of tasks pilots flew a total distance of five hundred and sixty seven kilometers across the mountains and valleys of north portugal. and that's all your support for now more later they're watching him home and back in a moment with another full bullets in
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a new saucy shortly. discover the world of zero zero. the best films from across on the network of travel for the in the series i'm allowed to be good but i'm not that old to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we look. at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks
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the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics. with no functioning local government for eighteen months. young rich and famous in china twenty one use goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera. all
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jews are just swear every jewels. a passenger plane crashes just off the takeoff and north mexico reports suggest that everyone has survived. hello i'm random home and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up facebook says it has removed thirty two pages believed to have been set to influence the u.s. mattel. and as i'm bob way away as a final result of the presidential election both leading parties remain confident
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of success. in south africa's government says it will move forward with plans to take over the farm land without compensate.


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