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on the other hand if you cannot pay for their rent we can support you. but the most important thing. is. we were very very very busy. to feed told us he'd mash over a thousand people lost. their foundation claims to have been supporting families long before the elections including running soup kitchens but his church didn't hurt his candidacy equally many voters just as willing to take advantage. of a policy will help. critics say lebanon's distinctive constitution inevitably lends itself to abuse and is the main reason why the country is often cited as one of the most corrupt in the middle
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east it's almost. always. takes time. to. name much well some show here albeit for the select few who are able to make the political system what to their advantage these impressive new skyscrapers are a good example a staggering eighty percent of lebanon's coast has been privatized but activists say much of this development is illegal civil society campaign and. takes us on a trip to explain why. i did. one of the most controversial developments is this resort and recently despite several legal rulings against it.
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yes. i'm not. so. the result is just one of many enterprises spreading along the coast. home with. ma ma government. tells us that to add insult to injury the resorts and restaurants routinely pump their waste into the sea the in. the like. the so what's wrong. name
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a kid then live. the twenty fifth. problem with waste management is not. corruption and greed which party has responsibility. here on the shoreline it's fishermen like now who are most affected he tells us he now struggles to earn a living from these contaminated. take us to a stretch of seems there's almost as much plastic. let
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the ladykillers really act a law behind. them and perhaps by the knesset. now we'll. know how did you not to vomit real i would like. it would be so. inevitably is boiling over. to send a message to the government to the fisherman hold a protest at one of the new coastal landfill sites. these were the government's response to the rubbish prices but the fishing community says that toxins leaking into the sea and now poisoning the well to. that is the one who got a piece of your book good look at you because we bought the lice and. got about the
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log book into maybe you guys are moving the whole google group. as it is being called clinton he's the most rule. of the old the police try to limit the protest come out of the you know the man as you well. know but the presence of the of the civil society candidate to win a seat in the recent elections and the any politician tarion to turn up gives them posts today they're asking for their rights to fish at least but instead of fishing all they're getting is garbage from this. is really about i'm thinking. of the outcome of the majority here hell yeah you know when i'm in the morning long the soldiers are on to something but they're not going to let the other gal march me and let me know no one is responsible they said one of them in the government on the same table and then when we go into the other he's responsible not me i would name every minister in this government and our name the president because they run
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the country. yet the question of who actually runs the country is a can to dispute and subject to geopolitics lebanon's position between more powerful neighbors has always made it fun to outside influences. you have israel on the once you have syria with a civil war you have. fighting proxy wars all over the middle east. and north of iraq also fighting because you have the u.s. and russia for acting for a piece of the party so it's a miracle but just. today the dominant external players in the country are iran which supports the shia muslim party hezbollah and its allies and saudi arabia which supports most sudanese and search and christian policies against hezbollah. things came to a head in new them by twenty seventeen when prime minister. was visiting saudi
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arabia and to the shock of his fellow citizens suddenly appeared on t.v. to make a statement for. most of. the year. or she had. or doing more wrong left. femur. what. many in lebanon believe that she was how the hostage by his saudi patrons and forced to resign because he was losing ground to hezbollah after international pressure had easy returned home and said he wasn't giving up office off to rule but he has yet to explain exactly what took place and we both know what happened when the president announced that our prime minister was a muslim in saudi arabia then the prime minister came back after a month he said ok i'm not resigning anymore and business as usual.
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lots that. this is this. it's not normally the people who are in charge of the country i'm not in charge of that and they are protecting iran or saudi arabia by sitting in the parliament with a stick when they are supposed to. distort the politics we tried repeatedly to get an interview with the prime minister for this film but our requests were declined his opponents to have their patrons and the leader of the hezbollah party say it. does not shy away from his reliance on iran not. much more. media fear. flows.
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hezbollah and its allies including the president michel long's party were the biggest winners in the recent elections we try to speak with has been mislead to ship but we're told that they too were not giving interviews even filming from a car in a hezbollah controlled area is problematic security is tight and outsiders all quickly spotted you know never let me. tell you. i was a. house member. never mind that there are. no muslim addressed right now because michael doesn't palestine. and to israel is one of hezbollah's defining characteristics the poles he did agree to show us the museum. close to the border with israel built on a former battleground the place is a showpiece of hezbollah's resistance to his radio tax. we
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are hearing sort of bunker. used by fighters or for that during the war in one thousand nine hundred ninety. they were the first. iranian funs we're told gave has the means to fight israel more effectively than the last equipped lebanese army. it's why for years now proposals that hezbollah has paramilitary wing should give up its weapons have devalued its base the government and public opinion for its supporters hezbollah is seen primarily as a resistance movement and. while. more but the existence of
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a separate force under one political party worries many in lebanon if hizbollah has missiles that can defend lebanon was to stay with his blog why not for these arms into the lebanese army just left my office handing over office today and leaving the political world where he has for the last nine years as a parliamentarian for the lebanese forces. a right wing christian party which gained in the elections the aspirations of the. shi'ite from iran to iraq to syria to lebanon is obvious. to the democratic system in the economy of this country this country cannot sustain if hezbollah maintains what they're doing they've had their impact directly and indirectly on the economy of lebanon and the proper governance of the system. i don't feel personally threatened by possible that's for sure but i know that my country is threatened by their presence and surprisingly hezbollah
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refutes such claims. well i mean. i don't know how him can lift asia and the doctors will love iran. on one. in the us. sense of affective states well for hezbollah like most other political parties office services to its supporters including providing food for the poor. man. was the kind of guy that would. peddle i'm an omniscient and feel nothing must be a big problem because a lot. over.
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not. one fifty. seven the f.b.i. got brought in for. banks to defer i don't think. anybody. in the middle east in general but the. economy the local economy. on this i don't know what contribution economy iran has done. given hezbollah's recent election successes it's made look like iran is winning the proxy war against saudi arabia. yet the history of lebanon is all about no one side ever becoming dominant. it's always going to be this balance. because whenever. you have civil war but maintaining this delicate librium lebanon is confession the system has long been seen here is both
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a blessing and curse. i mean you still have to just. want to live among you don't have one for the future you have nineteen of them while the power sharing that somebody age in the current constitution might have kept these different visions of life or at least prevented lebanon from returning to the dark days of sectarian conflict its critics say it's also led to stagnation clanton ism and corruption. the hands of an entrenched elite the government is stuck in gridlock the economy struggles and mismanaged public services failed to live a few places the pitch is the stagnation better than the country's once proud railway system which used to connect three continents lebanon strains stopped running during the civil war more than forty years ago and to party squabbles over responsibility and budget have stopped them moving ever since although ludicrously
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the strong rusting network is still officially in receipt of public funds in reality it's now just a relic of better times a victim like so much in lebanon of a system that does little more than keep rivals apart a political dynasty is in place. the micro-chip people of argentina have been marginalized and brought divert a culture for generations. using twenty first century tools one modified to reconnect to their heritage and share their culture with the next generation. viewfinder latin america discovers new filmmaking talent from around the globe.
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message for my daughter and i just see it on. every armed attack. creates fear and division amongst its citizens west stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with the violence is european muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice evict and on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes gunfire and rioting on the streets of hot out of amid claims the zimbabwe election has been stolen. a u.s. pastor held in turkey for two years over alleged political links now the white house imposes sanctions against turkish government officials. it will outbreak in democratic republic of congo the world health organization deploys staff and equipment to counter the virus. redefining emigration laws france reduces the time in which refugees are allowed to claim asylum. in zimbabwe three people have been killed in post-election violence in the capital harare soldiers have opened fire on opposition supporters protesting over the slow release of election results the party of president emerson among gaga has won two thirds of the seats in parliament but the result of the presidential vote is not
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yet known how do i toss a reports from. opposition supporters say they vote they are demanding transparency from the electoral commission official so the readings on the party has won a majority in parliament these people are convinced the results already. got yet. the police moved in to disperse them but when that fails the tickle of those who try to resist what down to. the. president has warned the opposition against causing trouble. and its leadership is forthwith to remove its violence of from the streets so peace returns to iraq and. you know asking them to take business at a step government is simply reminding them of their duties as the
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responsible political player was and is citizens the main opposition alliance say the army used unnecessary force the people killed. any this or that may be dealt with five a place who are best trained public old soldiers are trained to kill during war. we are seriously left to wonder what this means are we in a war are civilians the enemy of the state. the e.u. election observer mission says presidential election results should be released as soon as possible to avoid more violence but the longer it lasts to count the more. lack of credibility comes up with something real before therefore it's needed that it must be a trace abilities of the road down to the police station level. but opposition
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supporters say if the candidates doesn't win they want to accept as the results into is over they opposition supporters have been trying to get in but the police have been pushing them back so they've been burning tires and poet is they insist that their candidate the main opposition leader nelson chamisa has won this election there they are over there they are refusing to leave in protest. by law presidential results have to be announced by saturday most of our brains are anxious about what could happen if the elisa doesn't accept defeat. al jazeera. turkey has condemned the u.s. decision to impose sanctions on two of its senior ministers it's the latest effort by the trumpet ministration to get istanbul to release an american pastor brunson was detained in twenty sixteen accused of helping the group the turkish government says was behind a failed coup attempt alan fischer has the latest from washington d.c. . angry words have been exchanged between the u.s.
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and turkey over possible sanctions no the u.s. has decided to act at the president's direction the department of treasury is sanctioning turkey's minister of justice and minister of interior both of whom played a leading roles in the arrest and detention of pastor brunson the two ministers targeted a senior figures in the turkish government still a man so i loue is the interior minister abdul hamid gul is the justice minister the u.s. says they are involved in organizations responsible for the continued detention of this month american pastor andrew bronson the taxi he's a spy who was involved in the field twenty sixteen coup in turkey the americans insist he is simply a christian pastor who has been targeted because he met many people from different communities while in the country the u.s. sanctions says that any property or share in property the two men may have in the united states is no blocked and it says that any u.s. citizen business or entity should no longer carry or any transactions with the
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government ministers from talking president donald trump has tweeted his support for the pastor well vice president might pence has repeatedly called for his release the president. and the turkish government i have a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences. pastor brunson was recently released from prison and is mia but remains under house arrest . has yet been set for his trial alan fischer i'll just you know at the white house . well earlier turkish president of egypt to once said diplomatic ties would be tarnished by what he called washington's threatening action and language and it is . these threatening remarks against us will not benefit anyone we should the best solidarity with the united states and nato we have acted together with them in
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korea together we put up many fights such a threat against turkey a country that still fights together with the united states side by side and shows topknot solidarity in nato is not fitting for them and excuse us but we do not give credit for such threatening language or robot pearson's a former us ambassador to turkey he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time sir just give us some context first of all would you is this an argument over the u.s. posture or are the wider issues at stake here i think at the moment it's an argument over the kind of relationship that turkey in the us are going to have going forward there are three other u.s. employees of the our embassies in turkey and consulates who have been arrested and imprisoned for some time mr bronson was arrested two years ago and i have seen text of the evidence presented against him and it looks really very unbelievable
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and so i think this is the test of how these two countries are going to get along the two presidents talk the foreign ministers talk to a number of times and i'm sorry that they were not able to come to a solution but i think this is about the relationship i want to talk to you in a moment about the strategic them politically the military strategic element to this but let's talk about the sanctions first of all given the nature of the sanctions that we're learning. about at the moment do you think it's going to have any influence over how turkey reacts to this. i think turkey is angry and is going to be angry the u.s. feels very strongly that these charges against mr bronson are fabricated and so there's going to have to be some time and some additional conversation but i take from what has been said even in anger that both sides are ready to pursue a conversations and i hope they'll take place one of the things that i did notice
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was that allen was mentioning in his by his report earlier on that they were geared towards particularly any assets held in the u.s. by the two men the turkish justice minister goal i said he doesn't own any property all have any money outside tookey so how effective is that likely to be in that case well if he doesn't own anything outside the u.s. then there's nothing for the u.s. sanctions to apply to so as i said before more than focused on whether this is a punishment of two individuals these people certainly were heavily involved in the case against mr bronson this is about the relationship and it's about the two sides looking at each other with respect and working on their common problems that's why i think that may be true for the interior minister as well so that the idea is not what happens to these two individuals but this is a metaphor for something troubling in the relationship that needs to be settled and
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sorted out one points that president given was making of course that these are two nato members and they do have military ties the u.s. has a military base many each a presence at the turkish base for example where it's been running missions from how is that this argument likely to impinge on that strategic relationship do you think. well i think it's good that so far has not been mentioned in the talks that are going on between the u.s. and turkey over mine b. and other places along the border between syria and turkey have not been mentioned and that's another reason why i think there's still space to deal with there so those that shoe has not dropped yet and it would be good if it doesn't so that we could have those conversations and i would say at the moment the strategic relationship is there on paper and it needs to be reaffirmed in these to be reaffirmed quickly rob appears and former us ambassador to turkey thank you so much for your time sir my pleasure thank you the u.s.
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is planning to impose even higher tyrus on chinese imports upping the ante from ten percent to twenty five percent the proposed levy will cover two hundred billion dollars worth of goods civil ready being imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports president trump accuses china of unfair trade practices and is putting pressure on beijing to reform particular hain is joining us from washington d.c. patty give us some details of what you're hearing about these tariffs. well just to put it in some perspective remember when president donald trump was on the campaign trail he had one main pitches supporters that he was a great deal maker great negotiator and he promised them the trade wars could be easily won and quickly well now he has his trade war as you mentioned the thirty four billion dollars worth of tariffs and it is decimating his base china is targeting the very people that supported the president especially farmers and
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certain key industries and it is having a real life impact so much so that the trumpet ministration just came out and said their way to come up with a twelve billion dollars aid package to try and balance some of these farmers so now what this is is president trumpet his administration basically doubling down they had already said they were going to increase the tariffs the two hundred billion dollars of the goods at a ten percent level now they're saying they want to go to twenty five percent on those goods these are things like they are culture products had bags chemicals pretty much a long list of things that china imports into the united states that what they're trying to do is they're trying to basically force them to sit down and negotiate to make that deal that he promised to be so easy to make because right now they're not talking the chinese have a way of waiting him out they are able to manipulate and manipulate their currency to make it easier on their economy meanwhile the pressure is growing on this president so if he's trying to send this message that they want to sit down and negotiate exactly how far he's going to take this remains to be seen he does not
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have free rein here republicans in the house in the senate are getting very nervous about this remember the constitution very specifically says the congress should decide what sort of trade policies there are and they've already started to introduce bills that would try and strip some of the authority from the president republicans feel vulnerable going into the midterms less than one hundred days from now they are very worried about losing their jobs the only thing that they're paying their hopes on is a strong economy a trade war could take that away from them and it could mean pretty bad things for them come november so. there will be some pressure on the president not a done deal not supposed to go into effect until september but if i now thanks very much i want to bring in robert scott he's a senior international economist at the economic policy institute is joining us now on skype from get this bug in maryland thank you very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera as patty was saying this doesn't appear to be much of a surprise but do you think it's actually going to force the chinese to sit down and talk i think is some point it could probably is just so far
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trump has been deploying tactics without having much of a strategy for what he wants to get out of these tariffs sort of the straight war and how he plans to get there and so the costs are just going up and up but what we're really lacking here is any any any sign that there is a plan to deal with china and as as your reporter mentioned china is responding they have they have played their east in the hole by lowering the value of their currency about eight percent over the last three months that really offsets most of the terrorist put in place so far as patty was talking about of course the previous set of tariff increases meant that they government on to ultimately had to find twelve billion dollars to help bail out the farmers are we likely to see more of that kind of cash having to be injected into the american economy economy as these tablets go on. i think so you know i have to say that i look at these these are
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agricultural bailouts is merely a political political move to to help farmers who are complaining i think it's really more designed towards the elections and towards trying to address any any broad harm frankly i think the harm from these tariffs has been vastly overstated on both sides my best estimates are that we'll lose at most a few tens of thousands of jobs in an economy that's creating two hundred thousand jobs a month so i think the side effects of the fair are not the problem the problem is that the trade deficit is getting bigger every month and every year and so far the tariff policies are not addressing that problem as patty mentioned the chinese do have a past record of basically waiting out u.s. administrations not just the trumpet ministration but it's certainly done that in recent times if china doesn't capitulate in the way that donald trump would like it
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to what happens. well we can go one of two ways i think that trump is inclined to just continue to to impose greater and greater sanctions without ever coming up with a resolution to this problem the single best resolution to this problem is just step back and realize that we have a problem not just with china but with all of the large countries are in balancing we're distorting global trade flows to date and that includes countries like japan and the european union and korea and trump has mentioned some of these but again there is no overarching strategy and the single best thing that we can do to reduce the trade surpluses of all of those countries is to essentially force them to raise the value of their currencies you know that and that would be the most effective way to swart what china is doing now which is moving in the operator at opposite direction making its goods cheaper by lowering the value which currency good to get your thoughts on this robert scott thank you so much for your time thank you u.s.
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president donald trump has weighed in on the money laundering trial of his first campaign manager paul mana ford he tweeted looking back on history who was treated worst alphonse kept on a legendary mob boss killer and public enemy number one all paul money for a political operative and now setting son of a confinement although convicted of nothing where is the russian collusion meanwhile prosecutors had money for its money laundering trials say he failed to pay taxes on millions he made from his work for of the ukrainian political party with ties to russia one of four denies this as well as other accusations of lying to get loans when the cash stopped coming in charges have been brought by special counsel robot mode he's investigating links between russia and trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign. but more ahead on the news hour including. back among his people congolese opposition leader john pierre bamber returns home
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after a decade in jail. wildfires continue to rage in california but even before the flames are contained residents are experiencing poor air quality. and in sports india are spoiling the party in england's one thousand test match. democratic republic of congo's health ministry has confirmed four cases of a ball in the northeastern city of goma the ministry says there's no evidence linking these cases to the recent outbreak that killed thirty three people that outbreak was officially declared over last week dr ali khan is dean of the university of nebraska medical center college of public health he's joining us now on skype from omaha nebraska thank you very much for being with us how strong is the argument the medical teams may have actually relaxed
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a bit too much after declaring the last break officially over. none at all there's no reason to suspect that this outbreak in eastern congo which is twenty five hundred kilometers away from the last outbreak are related so i think the bigger issue is what are the systems in place to detect these outbreaks of ebola and you.


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