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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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city of nebraska medical center college of public health he's joining us now on skype from omaha nebraska thank you very much for being with us how strong is the argument that medical teams may have actually relaxed a bit too much after declaring the last break officially over. none at all there's no reason to suspect that this outbreak in eastern congo which is twenty five hundred kilometers away from the last outbreak are related so i think the bigger issue is what are the systems in place to detect these outbreaks of ebola in your estimation are there systems in place to be able to contain these recent outbreaks. so in this case we have these twenty six cases twenty deaths including two health care workers and there's a suspicion that these cases at least have been going on since july so that suggests that a month has gone by before this outbreak was contained what we saw in the last outbreak we hope to see in this outbreak which is
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a really active response vaccination of contacts and hopefully hopefully shut the outbreak down very quickly unfortunately this outbreak is in an active conflict zone on the border rwanda and uganda which is very different from the location of the last outbreak and that's going to pose a challenge itself in the response what kind of challenges are you going to face as you rightly say there is fighting going on between the armed groups there but also of course it is on the border between rwanda and uganda and people are passing across the border all the time how great are the risks as well from the conflict as you mentioned but also from people actually passing the virus across the border into the neighboring countries absolutely spot on so with the ball essentially you need one case to serve as an ember for a large epidemic and that's exactly what happened in west africa where they had over eleven thousand deaths so hopefully this outbreak will be contained very quickly but if it's not a single individual gets out potentially to
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a health care facility in a different country and is very infectious that they could lead to a large amount of spread or to a large metropolitan area if i decided correctly one of the things that counted the previous break and led to it being declared officially over was the fight the medical teams were bringing in experimental vaccines in order to be able to deal with it are we likely to see a repetition of that now that it appears to have worked in the previous case. absolutely and not are we likely we're hoping that's exactly what happens so prevent so getting these outbreaks to shut down is a function of finding sick individuals and moving them to treatment centers where they can't infect anybody else including health care workers finding individuals who have died and make sure they have safe burials and a critical component of finding contacts and vaccinating them against ebola and we now have lots of data that vaccinating people against these contacts against paula
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brands additional infections one of the issues if i understand it correctly from the previous outbreak and in fact from our breaks prior to that one was the lack of information the lack of understanding of how this the virus spreads how this illness can spread is that still the case and is there a wider issue about how about the education surrounding ball in the country so there's no lack of information from a scientific standpoint we know exactly what happens the disease is natural in bats and people get infected directly from bats or from eating infected bushmeat and then if there can be a large amount of person to person spread during a funeral or potentially during a how key are in a health care setting so we know the science of ebola but what's missing is the education of communities to help them understand that sometimes in the midst of all these people who have fever and getting sick and dying there's potentially cases of
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a bolo that are very contagious and can infect others within the community so that's where the education needs to happen and to make sure that such individuals are quickly moved to health care centers to ensure that there aren't these funerals where you keep touching people and infecting others and within how care settings to ensure there's good infection control practices dr ali khan thank you so much for your time and thanks for joining us and all just here thank you for the opportunity . opposition leader and former rebel commander banda has returned to democratic republic of congo to a hero's welcome after ten years in prison for war crimes bamba flew back from the netherlands after a successful appeal at the international criminal court in the hague is already said he wants to run in december's presidential elections catherine sawyer was with the cheering crowds in the capital kinshasa. when john pair bambara marched from the airport in the democratic republic of congo's capital kinshasa thousands of his
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supporters went into a frenzy oh i love you the current many of them say they never thought they'd be back home any time soon. i have a contingent of police escorted his convoy who is not allowed to make any stops to address the many people who lined the streets to catch a glimpse of him his first order of business was a meeting at his party headquarters he's expected to submit his documents to the electoral commission in the coming days so he can run for the presidency john cabin back in august we know all the while he had what he's been waving i bet and raise the kids here and think that in feet he's praising and saying that he all you want you can provide a change of the leadership of this country or even bring the opposition together to support one candidate. was arrested in belgium for crimes against humanity a decade ago he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison by the international
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criminal court in twenty sixteen the judges held him criminally responsible for militias of his former rebel group convicting him of political killing raping and pillaging in the neighboring central african republic between two thousand and two and two thousand and three he appealed and in june the conviction was overturned he supporters say the trial was politically instigated it was unhappy because ben busby. vindicated by the same court that convicted him now he's here and we're just glad to see him was we are suffering in this country children are not going to school things are not moving his return gives us hope then but faces some had in his bid for presidency the low ses a candidate has to be in the country yeah before contesting an election the fact that ben the has been away for ten years and still has a pending witness tampering case at the international criminal court could hartis
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chances katz was on al-jazeera kinshasa. opposition candidates in mali are pressuring the government to give details of the number of people who couldn't vote in sunday's election they say the vote was rigged and that they've secured enough votes to take the presidential election to a second round mollies electoral commission will release the results on friday. the french national assembly has approved a new immigration law that gives refugees only six months to claim asylum instead of the current eleven months it's aimed at speeding up the deportation of those denied asylum and the processing of those who are accepted they were cheated has more from paris the number of refugees in the suburbs of paris maybe as high as four hundred thousand according to a parliamentary report the city authorities are struggling to cope the conditions in the parks and streets are becoming intolerable in the middle of the heat wave
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raids by riot police have cleared a large tent camps where many of them found temporary refuge but the tough new laws just passed by the national assembly will cut the time period during which they can claim asylum. the claim is rejected that only have fifteen days to lodge an appeal and the time they can be kept potentially waiting for deportation has been doubled to ninety days now via a sale voted against the bill she believes fran should take in more refugees and be less scared influx collishaw but once people have left their home there it's a whole deal and we cannot just send them back i believe we have to look at the situation differently you can't just say we don't want that it's a way of closing your eyes that is meaningless it's a way to deny reality their original here. charity workers have described the situation as explosive the refugees are being forced to share the streets with drug addicts and dealers in crack cocaine public bars are being closed and fights are
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breaking out to find supplies of water it's been estimated a total of five hundred refugees are arriving in paris every week the government say the new reforms i meant to make a much more efficient system for asylum seekers through to actually try and sift out those who are genuine refugees and those who are economic migrants. we found william and his wife begging for food they have a four year old child their skate violence in ivory coast but never applied for asylum here they now face deportation the police are constantly moving them on the food waters zeph to follow them you must understand them attribute an arche for everybody starts to sleep on the streets everywhere sometimes i don't know where to sleep i sit on the bench i chip my little wife by my side i hope we pray and we keep. the deputies of the national assembly will not have heard of william he has a master of arts and philosophy he's passionate about french culture and literature
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but it's no life for him on the streets here and he's already lost everything in his homeland there are tens of thousands more like him to be cheated. al-jazeera house. still ahead on al-jazeera oh yeah the. calls for land reform in south africa the president indicates he will push ahead with plans to expropriate property from white farmers. i'm saying in the south of tehran where iran's water crisis is making it more difficult to beat the summer heat. time coming up in the sport a massive melt down from this french tennis player find out why with peta. hello and welcome back looking pretty warm across many parts of north america the
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flow coming up all the way from the south are also with twenty eight degrees but still some really heavy rain across parts of the eastern seaboard easterling still down into florida behind that system warm air for dallas texas there temperatures in mid thirty's fine across many parts of canada too with temperatures looking quite good certainly cooler conditions though for seattle in washington state just nineteen degrees slightly high that is in san francisco that eighteen generally losing the showers across the desert southwest still wanted to go popping up again during the course of friday heading down into central america and we've got some heavy showers across southern portions of the isthmus certainly across panama costa rica nicaragua further north make spike really some heavy showers likely on the pacific coastline of mexico in particular as for the islands weather conditions gerri not looking too bad for much of the time the heavier showers largely confined to more western parts of cuba and maybe towards the bahamas so it should be a nice thing kingston jamaica heavy showers across northern parts of south america
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indeed showers starting to stand down through parts of peru and into bolivia further towards a says quite to conditions here for the moment but heading through friday will find rain developing and extending into parts of paraguay. cut. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to on the attacks even though they too of victims of the bandits the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods
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across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth book against al jazeera will cover the developments from time wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal feelin exploitation system then laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. you're watching our visitor a reminder of our top stories this hour soldiers in zimbabwe have opened fire on hundreds of opposition demonstrators in the capital harare protesters are angry about alleged vote rigging in the country's election the party of president emerson along god one has won two thirds of the seats in parliament but the result of the
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presidential vote is not yet known. turkey has condemned the u.s. decision to impose sanctions on two of its senior ministers it's the latest effort by the trump administration to get istanbul to release an american pastor under brunson is accused of helping a group the turks. government says was behind a failed coup attempt. democratic republic of congo's health ministry has confirmed four cases of a bola in the northeastern city of goma the ministry says there is no evidence linking these cases to the recent outbreak that killed thirty three people. caught it was main stock benchmark has recovered all losses since a blockade was imposed in the gulf state by four arab nations almost fourteen months ago the q index rose one point five percent of the close of trading on wednesday which in levels not seen since may twenty seventeen saudi arabia the united arab emirates back rain and egypt seven economic and diplomatic ties of
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qatar in june twenty seventeen accusing it of funding terrorism qatar has rejected the allegations yemen's who theoretical say they'll stop attacks in the red sea for two weeks to support peace efforts saudi arabia stopped moving oil through the affected area last week saying who things had attacked two of its tankers a groups are warning that fighting over the port city of hadera could cause massive suffering well how about the reports from djibouti on the opposite side of the red sea. this is the impact of more than three years of war the city of sardar stronghold for both fighters was most known as yemen's bread basket much of it is now destroyed people are desperate and on the brink of wealth. roads and bridges have been spared by limiting the supply of vital supplies of food and fuel to a population already so free. is at an all time high at
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a teen shack that now serves as a temporary health center acutely children are that high protein based food. hadn't yet the women are scared to death every hour we see a plane i'm not exaggerating at all we wish for peace peace and safety. but the prospect of peace in yemen remains of a more distant relentless efforts by the u.n. to broker a peace have failed on one side other who think rebels trying hard to keep control of huge swathes of the control on the other pro-government militias buck by the sooty u.a.e. coalition. in recent days they have intensified their outcomes to wrestle control of the vital part of the data from both the fight is the city has been heavily militarized forcing half of its population to flee controlling the day that is important to both sides it's the main and two point four much needed aid and most
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imports into yemen this is with from australia more than anything else the yemeni people now desperately need peace with peace and stability we can start to get people back on their feet start to rebuild their livelihoods their fears any escalation in the fighting could cause a shock tunneled of white told put holes in poverty bus station in what is already the world's last two monetary in crisis some twenty two million people in the yemen need many of the war displaced have no way of surviving without food hundreds on their fears to over outbreak of diseases strikes have destroyed yemen's water and sanitation facilities something that's already call from outbreak of cholera the u.n. now say the complete could be one asked like a wave form of the fatal disease how many other wild aziza djibouti.
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syrian government forces have regained control of all the land along the border with the israeli occupied golan heights i said linked fighters gave up their last pocket of territory in the area after a six week military campaign according to russian media pro iranian forces withdrew to eighty five kilometers from israeli held territory israel had us from moscow supports to help keep back pro iranian troops turkey says it supports drafting a new constitution for syria after the un special envoy said he's looking to finalize a plan in september seventh made the comment as the latest round of talks brokered by russia iran and turkey wrapped up in sochi and choose day turkey which has been battling kurdish armed groups within syria rejects any attempt to turn the country into a federal state the afghan army says it's taking control of the eastern city of jalalabad after a series of attacks that have killed dozens of people the government decided to
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replace police with the military after an attack on a government refugee office and tuesday fifteen people were killed in the past three months one hundred sixty civilians have been killed in the province by eisel or taliban attacks and the afghan army says more than one hundred fifty eisel fighters have surrendered on tuesday after a heavy gun battle between eisel and the taliban in the northern jones sun province the government says more than one hundred fifty us all fighters were killed and one hundred were wounded california's governor is pledging to spend whatever it takes to contain the wildfires sweeping the u.s. state eight people have been killed in the past week and tens of thousands of had to leave the home.


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