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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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afghanistan but they say two suicide bombers targeted worshipers during friday prayers in gardez of the capital kabul they opened fire inside the mosque before blowing themselves up more than eighty other people were injured sean is in kabul. prison ghani has come out he issued a statement he very rarely does that after bombings and attacks but this time with it being a shia mosque he has come out condemning the attack saying afghanistan will not be divided sunni shia we stand together and we're unified against attacks of this nature now taleban has said this is not their work eisel is suspected they have targeted shia many times especially over the last year there were two attacks here in kabul in march thirty nine people killed both suicide attacks last year there were four quite significant attacks all in kabul suicide attacks and more than one hundred people died in those again i say took responsibility parliamentary and district elections are coming up on october the twentieth security is
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a big issue the presidential elections are announced for april next year and it is only everyone's mind not just day to day attacks we've had a couple of attacks on civilians and then province. its operations there and then she put a few attacks between the taliban and i saw this so this is attacks across the country and civilians really taking the hit and being in the crossfire on those attacks in recent months and of course prison gone it's mind he's he's really concerned about the suiting up to the elections to the point that he seems in the national army to afghanistan's fifth biggest city in jalalabad to take control from the police to try and sure up security for civilians. you're watching al-jazeera coming to you live from london and still ahead on the program britain's prime minister is on a charm offensive in france will she be able to bring emmanuel not crawl around to
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her way of doing drugs it. and jordan's government comes under fire for its ten billion dollars pipeline project which will bring gas from israel. had the reports of the drought situation in iran a pretty widespread not it's not a big surprise and usually it is a hot dry summer we've just seen fewer showers the normal recently there back in the caucasus is a hint maybe on the southern coast of the caspian otherwise it's dry and iran of course i strong afghanistan to kabul's at thirty six degrees it's also dry back on the coast beirut thirty one just shows warm sunshine and of course it's hot it's still in the middle of iraq and that hot breeze sometimes dusty keep flowing sighs haven't seen fifty recently in this area but it was around
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a share as we saw fifty recently in iran forty three in die hard the breeze of a lighter during saturday and deeds sunday and the cloud which shows itself in amman and then later in southern saudi yemen it's always a suggestion the might be enough cloud to produce the occasional thunderstorm so all is more reliably wet there was just this is the time the air for the hardy to keep blood is the edge of the monsoon in southern africa cold nights well quite frust of the most part dry and sunny days is the picture not a satellite picture did you spot any cloud very difficult to see there's a hint of some certainly even a hint of some rain returns the western cape in durban we're up to twenty six by day. corrupt officials have been ousted. and the activists of the chinese village of all cam take center stage in on the president and local elections. in the last of
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a remarkable series filmed over five years al-jazeera documented by village committee. rebels to politician. china's democracy experiment on magazine. welcome back here's a quick look at our top stories zimbabwe's opposition leader nelson chamisa has rejected emerson minong god was presidential election victory calling it a vote stolen from the people earlier three truckloads of riot police tried to disrupt his press conference in harare. the u.n.
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is warning of a new outbreak of cholera in yemen and has called for a cease fire in the north of the country to allow for a vaccination campaign. and at least thirty nine people have been killed and eighty injured in a suicide attack on a shia mosque in afghanistan people say two suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up during friday prayers. british prime minister to resign may is meeting french president emanuel to try to soften his resistance to her briggs it plan the leaders are holding talks at this summer residence in bragg on seoul may needs to win allies in europe after her briggs blueprint ran into opposition at home with two senior ministers resigning in protest last month. david chaytor is in paris for us watching as best he can what's going on in the summer residence david is to reason may be going to come away with some sort of endorsement from the french president for her brags that plan. john i very
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much doubt it but it's a lovely spot for the alfresco meeting between two reason may and emanuel mackerel out in the out in the garden of the fort on the french riviera it certainly should be the place where most political talks are held it's it is very conducive to creating the right atmosphere but it's very very clear from french officials and from briefings of record in the least say that a man your macro is one perhaps of the hardest line leaders out of the twenty seven members of the e.u. on the on the other side of the channel now he has made europe his ideal he campaigned for it he got elected on it and he's very very clear that the united kingdom will not get a back door deal what they're calling here a semi detached deal where they will get
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a customs union but have none of the obligations that are at the heart of the european union also he's very clear journo that the negotiations will not be handled between political leaders it's the michel barnier a main negotiator for the european commission who will deal with this macro is very clear he does not want to undermine him or david as you say if nothing else those views of the mediterranean will feel to resume a long way from westminster where the sort of noises off as you all know are all about the increasing likelihood of a no deal brags that britain crashing out of the e.u. without a formal trade arrangement and relationship with the e.u. it's big news here i wonder how much to the french how much does president macro care about a no deal breaker. he does care about it but he actually sees an opportunity for france and for europe in in a in a in
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a hard brags that with no deal because that would mean essentially that many companies many firms will have to relocate to paris he hopes and a lot of finance beyond the eiffel tower behind me and he thinks that in some way this will help build the new economy for france will give it another kick start for the future but on the other side it must be said that many bankers many companies are saying that the german firms and many other french firms will find it very hard to operate to get the amount of money they need for their own investment without the city of london and operating across the channel on the other side outside the e.u. it's going to be very difficult for them to find the financing they need for their future david thank you david turner live for us there in paris how one
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person has been killed during protests along the gaza israel border palestinian officials say fifty others were injured when the israeli military used live fire against demonstrators tensions along the border have been growing with weekly friday protests taking place against israel since march thirtieth or the one hundred fifty palestinians have been killed since the protests began. jordan's government is coming under fire for its controversial gas project which will see a ten billion dollars pipeline run through israel jordan says the pipeline will help to meet its growing energy needs but critics say it amounts to support for israel's occupation of palestine well from among the center holder reports. public opposition in jordan failed to stop this project work has begun on a sixty five kilometer pipeline which is supposed to start bringing gas from israel in early two thousand and twenty the jordanian government says the deal will save hundreds of millions of dollars a year critics disagree it's
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a waste of taxpayers' money to support terrorism. but there's ten billion dollars of taxpayers' money that can be invested in. a wide variety of. sources like solar energy. and he belongs to a movement called the enemies gaz is occupation which has been campaigning against the deal since it was signed in two thousand and sixteen for them it's not just about funding israel they don't want jordan to be linked to economically to a country they don't trust. we are hostages of the israeli enemy it makes us vulnerable at any time they can just stop providing us with gas the demand for energy is only growing in jordan already it imports up to ninety five percent of its needs some forty percent will now be provided by israel in the next fifteen years are enemies gas is occupation is one of many organizations involved in
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anti-gay normalizes campaigns it's been over two decades since jordan signed a peace treaty with israel but that deal is still largely popular a significant portion of jordan's population many of whom are palestinian refugees continue to resist efforts to promote ties with israel some of the biggest protests in the arab world were held in the jordanian capital after u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the kingdom rejected trump's decision and has been outspoken against what it calls israel's violations against holy sites in jerusalem this is part of the approach of the jordanian government they say we care about jerusalem then we sign because the. we need. you know for sure. then the question is why don't you get. got thirty.
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or get from anywhere else the government however remains committed to the project despite criticism from the public and members of parliament who have still not seen the terms and conditions of the agreement. a man turkey's president says tensions with the united states will not impact on their joint roadmap for the northern syrian city of man beach it comes two days after washington imposed sanctions on two turkish ministers over the trial of the u.s. pastor accused of backing terrorism turkey's foreign minister told his u.s. counterpart secretary of state mike pompei oh the threats and sanctions would not work opponents of nicaragua's president daniel ortega say his government is taking unprecedented action in order to crush a nationwide uprising a new antiterrorism law targets students and demonstrators who take part in street protests latin america editor lucien newman has more now from london goer.
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until a few weeks ago twenty year old lester was a familiar face on the streets of managua at massive anti-government protests. as a student leader he took part in a short lived national dialogue with president daniel ortega mediated by the catholic church there today he's almost a fugitive implicated under a new anti-terrorism law and he says afraid for his life. by peers under investigation for financing the supposed takeover of the city of messiah which the lie to pose a system of injustice kidnapping killings and paramilitary groups on the streets does not make you a terrorist. please stand behind of the law and his wife are among the scores of activists arrested and charged under the new law. the un high commission for human rights calls this
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a mechanism to criminalize opposition to the government the antiterrorism law contemplates up to twenty years in prison and or confiscation of property for those found guilty the terms are vague and broad even those who have given food medicine or water to protest hers or who encourage street protests calling for a nation could be implicated that includes her take his former comrade in arms. today a fierce opponent who preferred to speak to us via skype because she says she's received countless death threats apparently and. that's the reality we're living kidnapping assassinations persecution. or takers former deputy foreign minister who's also being linked to terrorism says it won't work as long as. we're.
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in this county. the lack of guarantees of due process is more worrisome than the law itself says a nicaraguan constitutional expert in north one the courts don't act in accordance with legal constitutional principles that govern a state of law but rather in accordance with the political interests of those who decide what happens in the karada that's daniel ortega and his wife and they don't hide it. or take an apologetic accuses the u.n. of being an accomplice to terrorists to criticizing a law that could soon see nicaragua's prisons overflow you see in human al-jazeera one. now forecasters say the temperature record for europe could be broken this weekend in spain and portugal the current record of forty eight degree celsius was set in the greek capital athens forty one years ago well call penholder reports from montoro in southern spain on how it's coping with the weather. by
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a bend in the river spain's hottest town. it's only mid-morning in the temperature in montoro is already above thirty celsius . ninety two year old olive farmer area sure that every year the summer months a getting hotter. if it carries on like this i think the earth could catch fire and the world would come to an end this corner of spain is on heat wave alert but the local police chief is confident they can handle it. there's no alarm here people are smart the old folk have passed down the know how from generation to generation like a secret recipe. this is one of those recipes. traditional gas but show tomato olive oil vinegar and garlic. that was in there with an image of
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a demeanor this is essential it has a lot of vitamins and when it served fresh it revives your body the pharmacy thermometer marks a high of forty one degrees well shy of last year's spanish record of forty seven point three celsius. down the street the rodriguez sisters sell air conditioning the higher the heat the bigger the fan of you i mean the only one here they don't equal in the past there was even a secret language with the fans depending on how woman lived have found she would send a message. next door basket weaver. blames plastic and the younger generations for the demise of old fashioned natural fibers that he uses for everything from window blinds to food hampers. you don't need a fridge you put your food is somewhere just in here to keep them fresh just closed elite. narrow streets white walls and cobbles all designed to keep
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montoro as cool as possible the spanish formula for staying safe seems quite simple stay off the street stay inside and take a siesta a little response by the fountain as evening temperatures dip but the heat wave is set to continue culp in all al-jazeera spain and the searing heat is hampering efforts to contain forest fires in spain for five years of working through forty degree heat of a sudden spanish promise of well over twenty one planes and helicopters are also involved in the effort to contain the fires near san cristobal natural park. before we go a quick look at our headlines again zimbabwe's opposition leader has rejected the
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results of monday's election and says his party is ready to form a government nelson chamisa says the results which gave victory to zanu p.f. . were fraudulent and illegal he's also accused the government of ongoing intimidation and of orchestrating wednesday's clashes which left six people dead when i got well meanwhile says he and to me need to work together to nelson chamisa i want to see. you again rip to soar or to bully in zimbabwe as president and it's. unfolding. there as both call for peace in the unity you know i learned. the un is warning of a new outbreak of cholera in yemen and has called for a cease fire in the north of the country to allow for a vaccination campaign the world health organization wants to deliver half a million cholera vaccines to the country's north over the next three days where
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dozens were killed by an airstrike strike on thursday. an opposition leader has been barred from returning home to run in democratic republic of congo's presidential elections noisey could be a wealthy businessman and former governor of a tangled province has instead been charged with offenses against state security. at least thirty nine people have been killed in an attack on a shia mosque in afghanistan police say two suicide bombers targeted worshipers during friday prayers in gardez south of the capital kabul they opened fire inside the mosque before blowing themselves up more than eighty other people were injured . british prime minister to resume a meeting french president emanuel macron to try to soften his resistance to her brakes of plan may's been facing growing pressure to win allies in europe after her brakes in blueprint prompted to see a ministers to resign in protest last month. those were the headlines
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don't go away though inside stories up next. is there any way to stop guns printed in three d. metal detectors can't spot these plastic weapons they don't have serial numbers and background checks can be bypassed anyone with a three d. printer can produce the firearms at home and that's all of us gets a lot easier this is inside store.
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and i welcome to the program my name's peter a u.s. court has bought a self described crypto and a kiss from publishing the software blueprints for three d. printed guns that information is already out there on the internet but if publication had gone ahead it would have immediately become a lot easier to download the plans for the weapons and with the quality of three d. printers rapidly rising and their cost falling equally as fast that worries a lot of people not just gun control activists despite this week's court decision it's a problem that isn't going away bro brunell's in los angeles begins our coverage. this is the computer generated weapon that's causing the uproar a crude single shot plastic pistol the united states of america will be the biggest exporter of terror. if we fail to stop these goals gun
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specifications for the gun were developed by cody wilson a self-styled anarchist as long as you have the right to keep and bear arms you have the right to make them in june the trump administration abruptly gave up on a years long legal battle to prevent him from putting the gun plans on line wilson's diagrams allow a variety of firearms models to be made by anyone including convicted criminals mentally disturbed people or children this means that more people who are dangerous will have guns and they will hurt more people with them in three d. printer technology machines extrude minuscule layers of plastic or resin that gradually build up three dimensional objects using computerized patterns we asked professional three d. printer peterman adi to make one for us consumer printers are available for as low as three hundred dollars so anybody that has three hundred dollars can essentially print one the designs have already appeared online and have been downloaded
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thousands of times three d. printed guns have no serial numbers so there are untraceable they don't require permits or background checks so anybody can have one and because they're plastic they can go through any metal detector law enforcement officials are opposed and president donald trump questioned the action of his own administration tweeting that the idea of three d. printed guns quote doesn't seem to make much sense but the guns may be less dangerous to the public then to the person wielding them in tests by the government firearms oversight agency three d. printed guns often exploded when fired they are not as strong or precisely machined as metal guns it could explode on you you could lose a finger you could use a hand. it could catch fire there is so many things that can go wrong which is why printing it is one thing using it is an entirely separate thing democratic. lawmakers are calling on trump to overturn his administration's decision and are
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introducing legislation to ban the weapons but you know last minute decision a federal judge granted a temporary injunction blocking wilson from distributing his blueprints online the ruling came after nine states and the district of columbia brought the matter to court the legal fight will continue robert oulds al jazeera los angeles well the national rifle association of america and a had this to say on three d. printed guns many anti gun politicians and members of the media have wrongly claimed that three d. printing technology will allow the production and widespread proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms regardless of what a person may be able to publish on the internet undetectable plastic guns have been illegal for thirty years federal laws passed in one nine hundred eighty eight crafted with the n.r.a. support make it unlawful to manufacture import sell ship deliver possess
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transfer or receive an undetectable firearms. there we are here we go let's bring in our guests today joining us from new york paul barrett the author of glock the rise of america's gun be a skype from dulles in greece is ian overton the executive director of action on violence and in washington richard feldman he's a former regional political director for the n.r.a. welcome to you all paul barrett in new york is this the criminals new best friend no i doubt it will be the criminals best friend i think it's more realistic to assume that criminals will continue to get ordinary firearms the way they get them which is to say on the black market i'm not in favor of three d. printed guns i think it's an invitation to mischief but i don't think it's going to affect the way criminals arm themselves in ovitz and how long until the mischief until the printing of weapons goes mainstream. well maybe speaking from an
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american perspective where it's very. far off united states globally many laws prohibit the ownership of guns and it's very rare and hard to get around on of handgun for instance in the united kingdom recently there's been a spate of people using i don't see. the want of a better way to get. used to criminal lands so currently the principle of three dollars is probably not suspect so they're used to being used widespread criminal activities but i do think in countries where gun control is of three d. printing guns may be an attractive revolver locks are all criminals in the future richard feldman in washington the trumpet ministration notoriously is gun friendly it's n.r.a. friendly can you run me through the trump reaction to this well i don't always
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understand everything that the trumpet ministration is doing but you know when you have an internet and you have a public library system all the information that we're talking about is available already in books online it may not all be in the same spot it may not all bees are easily available but it's out there so you know when we start talking about banning parts of the internet really folks this is what it's come to you can't ban technology you can go after the people who misuse it but to think about banning it is just to force aaron so rigid does that mean that you if you were president would you ban three d. printed guns or not i wouldn't ban them they're already out there and unless you plan on banning three d. printers or banning the internet banning computers banning libraries i mean let's focus on where the problem is. not on where there might be some problem at some
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point in the future and to the degree that three d. printed guns blow up in the hands of those who are misusing them well bully for them what a great way to stop criminals paul barrett in new york you can't stop the flow of information that's what richard feldman is saying out of washington if you can't stop the flow of information is the question not if but when. well i think that's true i think people are now capable of using this technology to produce firearm alike instruments and as i said at the top i think that is an invitation to mischief i think it's important to emphasize as you did in your setup piece that undetectable guns are already illegal in the united states so that people who are making undetectable plastic guns if they go out and use them in any way would be breaking a law already so again my view of this is this is an invitation to trouble
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and i think the obama administration has the right view of it but i wouldn't set my hair on fire and assume that overnight criminals and terrorists are going to be flocking to three d. printed guns you know it's an increase of three d. printers three hundred four hundred dollars apiece just just unpack the risks for us here if you want to get a three d. printer and you've got the right kind of plastic how potentially dangerous is what you're doing in your basement in your backyard well i think currently the technology isn't seuss crafters always saying it could blow up in your hands of course there is this. might be in the u.s. government's interest to say these things are dangerous because then it might stop using them i've seen plenty of you tube videos where people are using them without them blowing up furthermore i have one of our all information that certainly
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intelligence agencies are perforating forms the blueprints of the will then call the guns. that's the saudis let's fast forward five ten years if three d. printer technology really did take a leave illusionary step forward yes these things may be readily downloadable and readily principle now the n.r.a. is argument you. we have these nineteenth century twentieth century books out there how to make a firearm of course people have enough to make firearms in their back gardens years but the point is you need a certain amount of technical know out so make one if you can just print one of it suddenly creates a sort of universal it is a nation of capacity and then labels you. obviously in the united states where guns are two a penny you won't have to print one of if you want to call you know go and shoot somebody because you can go and buy one out the back end of someone's car and guns
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they are without any background checks so i think it's appalling but let's look at europe where handguns are quite difficult going to hand out yes it could be a real problem the truth of the matter is it is our control i mean lesson in europe and elsewhere that actually will be the prince of fact or you may be our principal through the gun but if you can't get the ammo out of fence that which is what criminals in britain are fighting at the moment and that you wrap selling snake around the route and use them in criminal activity then you're going to have a hiding to nothing so yes you may get to print them in the future but we also need to discuss the availability and the access down there soon as well including just briefly push on one point the you raised there not wishing to get you to reveal your sources which bit of the security apparatus in the united states is deliberately putting out bad printing plans online as we speak. well i'm not saying it's the united states and it's that you know i've heard from
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a reliable source in the european ancestry that they actually got an answer that led to to insert accounts that blueprint into the mechanism this was a number of years ago actually this was five years ago when the blueprints first. there was one of it's three so that was that was there are what i don't know the extent to which that's been downloaded but certainly you can see there's there will be a real attention paid to these three d. principle. blueprints are out in the wider world now the n.r.a. the argument there that you can't start banning means that well you know we did bad things before the iranians that you can't download chart pornography so i didn't i don't see a fundamental problem it's that the ownership of three d. printed blueprints for guns in the united kingdom where handguns are legal could be
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seen as the cause for prosecution so nobody's talking about this just yet because the technology is not there but if the technology does get there then why i can't really predict it a blueprint be seen with as much why would you need one if you won't want to print one out in other words coming to you just in terms of the internet i want to knock a hole in time to richard feldman in washington richard in was talking there he used the word universalize ation if you universalizing to create a new adverb if you universalizing access to guns two bullets that leave a chamber and rip through bone tissue and flesh you're there for universalizing the ability for people to have a new way to kill other people well or to the degree that someone outside the united states had difficulty obtaining guns for our criminal misuse. yeah i guess it would potentially make it easier but there's
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a reverse side to that there are people all over this planet that would love to have guns to protect themselves from governments and from other people when no one comes to their aid how is it any relatives of this day those are the people how is that relevant to this debate that because they don't because if they don't have access to the guns now perhaps they'll have access to them with three d. printers online ok i mean if i don't write raise if i feel right and i know how to realizing and saying you're right or wrong but if you are right in that context explain for our viewers the n.r.a. reaction which was on a par to cop killer bullets you know armor piercing bullets that's specifically designed and used to kill policemen wearing body armor you're smiling but if you're the widow of a policeman who's being killed by a cop killing bullet it's not a laughing matter so given what you've just said about defending yourself which is the n.r.a. is full back position of if you want to get the better of
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a bad guy go bad go buy a gun and kill a bad guy somebody ought to fill you in somebody's got a thorough un on the facts there is never been a police officer in the united states of america shot with a let alone killed by an armor piercing round so how could you speak to a widow of a police officer that wasn't shot at or killed by one of these make believe rounds so your facts are really suspect in fact they're in accurate incomplete and frankly just wrong right from the onset i saw the correction on the order to put. on some my question about the n.r.a. his reaction to three d. printed guns in the context of what you just said about people wanting to defend themselves. you know i don't represent the actual rifle association so many years ago that i did but i represent a different group the independent firearm owners so ca ssion and there are groups
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all around the world that are under threat from their own governments perhaps it will do some good if they can fight back when they need to do it universalize is as you said the ability to use deadly force is it always going to be used well will government certainly aren't used to always using their power very well when it comes to the governmental of the citizens i generally tend to trust the citizens over any government anywhere in the world paul barrett would you trust a citizen or somebody who works for the government to get to grips with the issue of three d. printed gums as as i've said a couple of times i think allowing the production of firearms in this manner without the serial numbers and so forth is a is generally a bad idea and so the decision by the government to try to slow it down or stop
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it i think would be a good one at the same time i'm not sure these things are a massive threat. today or anytime soon richard feldman doesn't pull back completely eliminate one hundred percent the issue with principle guns as far as the n.r.a. is concerned and it's this it's not the technology the issue is traceability because if people can trace guns they can trace the people who fired the gun and killed people say in a school shooting only sometimes can they do that. well one time and that's the never being it is into the guys have guns. look you know we went through the issue of plastic guns in this country thirty years ago the glock was a called the plastic undetectable gun and it turned out to be a buncha hooey and sooner or later technology will find a way when you talk about going through airport security while it's true that
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a polymer won't set off the magnetometer it certainly will be seen by the x. ray machine so it's not all one way or the other. and we'll come up with a way to detect them we always do we always will this is the in effect. a plastic interpretation of and i'm not being cynical or lighthearted about this it's like a plastic interpretation of the bond movie the man with the golden gun you print it you make it you load it then you take it into bits you scatter it through your luggage potentially you reassemble it say that's the frankenstein scenario you reassemble it on board a plane and then you do go worst on board a plane i got that right all wrong well and there is the issue that you would need the ammunition with this nomination generally speaking without to be. methyl to be those thing otherwise you're just not plastic bullets but yes that there are there ethical elements that that is you could sneak it through but i think that's going
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to a very a wind up toy and about the exportation of this there are ideology of the righteousness of the second amendment in america now i believe that's what american skulls the rights and wrongs of the second amendment but other european i don't want that ideology to be brewed using technology that there are threatens the safety and security of citizens outside the united states now the second amendment is already seeing a huge amount of guns going south to mexico going all to canada the second amendment that lets a foreign policy by the united states setting a million guns to iraq and afghanistan in terms of let's let's export democracy down the barrel of a gun and yet again what we have now is less than a year after the last biggest mass in america loosening not i don't mean gun laws and you know what europe looks at all slack jawed a very few groups of people in europe think this is
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a good idea the majority don't why would you want a prince of a three d. gun anyway and that could too though that we have so many terrorist attacks in the end europe in recent years it will be terrorists are going themselves in the future of these things become viable it will not be sensors that citizens in europe do not do that they terrorists will. do whatever they tried to kill richard feldman got a point there surely your freedoms as in trying to new constitution do not and should never be built on your right to kill someone else with either a gun that you bought at some and are a comic con type get together or that you've printed off in the basement well that all depends on what you're using the gun for if it's a self-defense shooting i might very well be using a gun to kill someone coming at me with a knife but if i'm the aggressor clearly i'm in the wrong it's not the gun that's
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the issue the issue in america and everywhere else in the world is never the gun per se but always in whose hands are the guns and for what purpose they're being used and if we focused on more attention in the media on that aspect of the problem and less than the particular gun being used how it was manufactured for what purpose it was made we'd be going a lot further and having a safer world ok the very very very briefly richard because we are running out of time it's talking there about guns being used to stop bad people in effect whether they are armed or not i don't have i don't have the gun discussion again but the reality is in the united states of america you are three times more likely to lose your life to gun crime than any place else on the planet and also picking up on what you know britain in greece was saying you know scotland for example the u.k. has very strict handgun legislation that was put on the statute books after the
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dunblane massacre when a lot of school kids were killed yes i was there. yes so you were saying you know if you go to places where dumb guns aren't develop will it's not surprising that done guns aren't misused they're not used they're not misused if you go you know if you live in a landlocked country very few people die in the oceans in landlocked countries. because there's no war of course if you go to a country where there are lots of guns and by the way brazil has a higher violent crime rate with guns than the united states of america does and sit out like but the the issue you're conflating different parts of this problem it's not the number of guns it's who's using them and for what purpose if they don't exist no one can use them or misuse them that's obvious but they do exist
2:44 am
they are out there and governments all over the world have guns and their stolen often buy goods from the government they are in the united states the police lose a lot of guns in this country ok tremendous amount of theft i'm going to interrupt you there because the clock is ticking in new york bring us back to the focus of our discussion please paul what happens in say the united states when one person loses the law youths to either being shot by a three d. printed gun or perhaps the person who's printed it loses their life because something goes wrong with the weapon i think that would accelerate action on capitol hill to ban three d. printed guns altogether if there were a high visibility case like that. in overton in greece last word to you same question to you what happens when this goes wrong say there's another sandy hook school shooting and one child has lost its life because as well as being told up
2:45 am
with all the usual semiautomatic weapon re the killer has a plastic gun that say was put into the school ahead of time and that killer knew where to get it but i'm not speaking from greece i think it might be out to bring that out of the tail of pandora who for all of us is in the world in one box and hoped it would never be opened but it was opened and the senate is all up for it and i think this is what's happened the revolution will not be televised downloaded. three d. printers it becomes ubiquitous it's really printers become ubiquitous we do not know where technology will end i could've told you a year ago that somebody would be run over by a self driving car and i will tell you that somebody will be shot by a three d. printed gun and that is the responsibility of the united states with a love affair with the second amendment not a european love affair gars not
2:46 am
a global love affair with guns but an american love affair with guns that has become toxic and poisonous gentlemen we have to leave it there thank you very much for your company thanks to our guests they were paul barrett in new york in overton joined us from bollocks in greece and in washington we were joined by richard feldman a thank you to you two for your company you can see the show again any time with the web site al-jazeera dot com check out our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also tweet us will tweet you back at a.j. inside story on my twitter handle at peter don't be one for me peter dhabi and the team here in doha thanks for watching i'll see you soon bye.
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the first batch of u.s. sanctions against iran go into effect on august sixth. as iranians brace for the impact will be into wrong. covering the story from their perspective looking at what sanctions mean for iran's economy and its people a special coverage on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. welcome to the program good to have you with us i'm jonah how this is the news hour live from london coming up. fraudulent.
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zimbabwe's opposition leader dismisses the election results while president appeals for peace and unity. calls for a temporary ceasefire in yemen amid fears the country could be on the brink of a new more deadly cholera outbreak. thirty nine dead in eastern afghanistan after a suicide attack at a shia mosque during friday prayers. and spain and portugal swelter as temperatures soar to near record highs and forest fires blaze all. and i'm here with all the day's sport as england and india play out a thrilling food day of their first test match in birmingham later in the program. here we go we begin with zimbabwe where opposition leader nelson chamisa has
2:50 am
rejected monday's election result as quote a vote stolen from the people three truckloads of riot police tried to disrupt his press conference in harare where he promised to challenge the result in court and insisted his party was ready to form a government well there's been a subdued reaction to amasa minim god was when with just over fifty percent of the vote the closely watched election began peacefully but turned deadly forty eight hours later when the military fired at protesters in harare killing six people. there's been an attempt to try and link them this hour live to the disturbances that happened in in the cities and we have nothing to do with that we deplore violent this is why we have encouraged citizens and we are encouraging citizens to make sure that you are calm to make sure that you i'm intending piss barred to do many vigilant to protect your votes as far as we're concerned this election is
2:51 am
a prisoner your result is fraudulent illegal illegitimate and got ticked at our eyes by a serious credibility gap and some seriously you may see issues well going on go meanwhile responded soon afterwards with a conciliatory tone he called for peace and unity and promised an independent investigation into the killing of six people by soldiers on wednesday to nelson's genocide i want to see you rip crucial role to play in zimbabwe was present and it's. unfolding. because both call for peace and unity you know i learned. well let's cross now to malcolm webb who is standing by in the capital harare for a smell so men and god were calling for peace and unity which says it's all a fraud under the circumstances peace and unity would seem like a little bit of
2:52 am
a stretch what do you think. well there's peace we'll find out in the coming coming days but unity certainly the opposition's position doesn't sound like it they said before this result was announced that the election was being rigged throughout the counting process and after the result was announced they said it's rigged as well they said there. nelson chamisa as the clear winner so they're disputing these results and they said they're going to fight them in court by any means necessary but we're waiting to see if they will call for demonstrations and it was when there were people on the streets on wednesday we saw the army come in and six people were shot others were injured so we're waiting to find out if the opposition are going to call people to the streets and what kind of response that might get from the security forces. meanwhile the protests have quietened people going about their business on friday it has also been
2:53 am
a sort of reaction to was. there a sense in zimbabwe i wonder of resignation the great change that so many people thought was coming is going to be put off for a while longer. well in the capitol certainly opposition supporters will be awaiting instruction from their leaders although the events of wednesday certainly might shape some people's enthusiasm for whether they want to get back onto the streets or not given that people were killed when they when the army was deployed then the opposition said they're also going to fight this in the courts as we were very skeptical about the result as are many people here in the capital more than two thirds of the electorate here voted for the opposition and it's been the same in in past elections here as well if you look on social media when you speak to people on the street they very skeptical a lot of mistrust of the electoral commission as well people something that the
2:54 am
international observers of commented on as well but whether they make any ground either in court or with demonstrations yet to be seen we don't know but for the president in the ruling party they seem fairly secure in their claim a victory they're probably not going anywhere soon malcolm webb live for us in harare thank you to yemen now and the u.n. has expressed alarm over thursday's deadly strike on the fish market in central hard data which killed twenty six people earlier a large crowd of who threw supporters gathered in the capital sanaa to protest against the deaths demonstrators expressed their solidarity for people in the port city and called for an end to the violence tens of thousands of civilians have fled hyundai just since the saudi led coalition began its offensive against two of the rebels there in june of the coalition denies involvement in the attack it says there's evidence it was actually
2:55 am
a mortar strike carried out by who threw rebels. based on what we have seen on who he media we have evidence that hippies are involved in this cowardly attack against civilians these are pictures from the master channel the show more to show us if we also look at the destruction it's not the kind of damage caused by air strikes this is based on what was aired by the media itself this shows what the source of the attack is not coalition airstrikes but mortar shells fired from a central security camp in what died. well the u.n. is also warning of a new outbreak of cholera in yemen and has called for a cease fire to allow for a vaccination campaign yemen saw more than a million suspected cholera cases from two thousand and sixteen right up until earlier this year when the outbreak finally slowed down the disease was made more deadly by malnutrition more than eight million people in the country are at risk of
2:56 am
starvation and war has blocked aid supplies and damaged hospitals especially in her data where health workers plan to vaccinate more than half a million people in the next three days well let's talk more about the health situation in yemen joining us now is jonathan kennedy he's a global health electra at queen mary university of london with a focus on health issues in areas affected by civil war thanks very much john for joining us good evening again yemen facing a cholera outbreak is there a simple answer as to why is it just the war well first of all we have to remember that cholera is a very very easy disease to prevent people contract cholera when they have been vaccinated and when they. either eat food or drink water that has been contaminated with the feces of an infected person so where you have a basic health care system that can vaccinate people you don't have outbreaks of cholera where you have sanitation and access to clean water people don't contract
2:57 am
cholera so this is the result of a total collapse of health care systems sanitation systems and water systems brought about by the war so it's a politically created problem so clearly over the the sort of symptoms of war would always be happy breeding ground for diseases like cholera and we've seen that in many countries before but is there a sense in yemen that there is a more sort of deliberate program of trying to create a situation situations that invite these sorts of issues in as a way of attacking the civilian populace well if you look at the way the war's been conducted by the side of their license over the past two three years they've certainly targeted with bombs a variety of civilian infrastructure including hospitals but also including our water systems and sanitation systems they've also consistently. interfered with
2:58 am
humanitarian access and with the flask humanitarian goods through ports and via via and so this has made the situation much much worse it's created a humanitarian crisis where as you say an enormous number of people are suffering from malnutrition an enormous number of people that has a have access to basic health care and to clean water and sanitation and now the call goes out for sure the windows of opportunity to go in and and do give the care that's necessary the vaccination programs and so on what happens do you think if those windows are not available or are not observed well i think we saw quite clearly last year when that wasn't an effort to vaccinate people and you had one million people. contracting contracting cholera and so if we don't take steps to prevent that's not situation happening again it will it will occur again and this is a country in which. the conditions are obviously ripe for the vast and quick spread of a disease like caller yes yes exactly especially coming into the season now it's right
2:59 am
for for an outbreak again ok john thank you very much john kennedy the speak to us about the cholera outbreak in yemen. and coming up all on this news from london. health experts say the d.r. sees new abode break was triggered by the unsafe burial of a sixty five year old woman. the syrian government is accused of faking the cause of death of thousands of prisoners. and emotional win for former tennis world number one andy murray as he comes for the first step down to pull off a big win in washington. at least thirty nine people have been killed in an attack on a shia mosque in afghanistan police say two suicide bombers targeted worshipers during friday prayers in gardez of the cow. to kabul they opened fire inside the
3:00 am
mosque before blowing themselves up more than eighty other people were wounded. more from kabul. prison ghani has come out he issued a statement he very rarely does that after bombings and attacks but this time with it being a shia mosque he has come out condemning the attack saying afghanistan will not be divided sunni shia we stand together and we're unified against attacks of this nature now taliban has said this is not they work eisel is suspected they have targeted shia many times especially over the last year there were two attacks here in kabul in march thirty nine people killed both suicide attacks last year there were four quite significant attacks all in kabul suicide attacks and more than one hundred people died in those again i say took responsibility parliamentary and district elections are coming up on october the twentieth security is a big issue the presidential elections are announced for april next year and it is
3:01 am
only everyone's mind not just day to day attacks we've had a couple of attacks on civilians and then the province.


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