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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 215  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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police temple how does the law and his wife are among the scores of activists arrested and charged under the new law. the u.n. high commission for human rights calls this a mechanism to criminalize opposition to the government the antiterrorism law contemplates up to twenty years in prison and or confiscation of property found guilty the terms are vague and broad even those who have given food medicine or water to protest hers or encourage street protests calling for a nation could be implicated that includes her take his former comrade in arms. today a fierce opponent who preferred to speak to us via skype because she says she's received countless death threats are going. that's the reality we're living kidnapping fascinations persecution. ortega's former
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deputy foreign minister who's also being linked to terrorism says it won't work as long as. the lack of guarantees of due process is more worrisome than the law itself says a nicaraguan constitutional expert in. the courts don't act in accordance with legal constitutional principles that govern a state of law but rather in accordance with the political interests of those who decide what happens in the karada that's daniel ortega and his wife they don't hide it. but ortega is unapologetic accuses the u.n. of being an accomplice to terrorists to criticizing a law that could soon see nicaragua's prisons overflow. you see in human al-jazeera . in sweden the prosecutor investigating the fatal shooting of a twenty year old disabled man say several police officers opened fire eric toro
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who had down's syndrome was shot on thursday in stockholm after waving a toy gun police say they judge the situation as threatening to roles a mother has described her son as the most lovable person and says the toy had been a present for his fifth birthday. you're going to get over on them should three go to just pull faction i waved goodbye to him just after leavin pm if you lived in the special van that he uses for his disability not because of his disability he has been classified as having the mental capacity of a three year old so he rides in the special then all the time he's got more possibility to look after the cell he's completely depleted on people around him to be taken care of him waved goodbye to the band and the a few hours later someone was knocking on the front door and two police officers appeared before i found out about all of this. i was totally devastated i couldn't over hear it it was true that could i still cannot believe that all children don't fall for them in the. british prime minister through surveys meeting french
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president emanuel macron to try to soften his resistance to her breaks of plan the leaders are holding talks at micron summer residence in the bergen seoul may needs to win the allies in europe after her breaks it blueprint ran into opposition at home with two senior ministers resigning in protest last month france is seen as taking a hard line in bricks and negotiations especially of the financial services david chaytor has more from paris. very very clear from french officials and from briefings of record in the least say that a man your macro is one perhaps of the hardest line leaders out of the twenty seven members of the e.u. on the on the other side of the channel now he has made europe his ideal he campaigned for it he got elected on it and he's very very clear that the united
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kingdom will not get a backdoor deal what they're calling here a semi-detached deal where they will get a customs union but have none of the obligations that are at the heart of the european union also he's very clear journo that the negotiations will not be handled between political leaders it's the michel barnier a main negotiator for the european commission who will deal with this macro is very clear he does not want to undermine him to government has condemned one of the country's top medical universities for its systematic descriptor discrimination against female students tokio medical university is accused of deliberately slashing the entrance exam scores of female applicants japanese newspaper says the school wanted to keep female numbers down because it believed women quit being doctors after starting a family or the school has now launched an investigation it began to use your voice
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service entrance exams that unfairly discriminate against women are absolutely unacceptable i am waiting to hear a report from tokyo medical university upon taking the necessary measures. still ahead this news hour including building tension in major league baseball is the boston red sox extend their. rivals the yankees that's coming up in a moment. he has. a hand.
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he has.
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problems with the sport. gena thank you so much it's anyone's game in birmingham where england and india have closed play on the third day of their first test match ishant sharma blitz the english batting order at the start of the day to leave the home team struggling at lunch sam curran hit sixty three from only sixty five balls to help the home side reach one hundred eighty all out but india's batsmen did not have all their own way as they set off in pursuit of the victory target of one hundred and ninety four. here's a look at the scorecard at the close of play on the third day stuart broad has taken two wickets in india second innings the top score so far is captain vinod kohli who is unbeaten in forty three when play resumes the indians will need eighty four more runs england will need five wickets it was an emotional win in washington for former world number one andy murray the scot is continuing his comeback after hip surgery murray broke down in tears after beating
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a romanian virus couple to reach the last eight of the washington open the thirty one year old came back from the set down to eventually close out the match six seven six three seven six at three am local time at his latest ever finish by rule play alex them in or of australia in the quarter finals he's first lost a tie since wimbledon twenty seventeen this is just his third tournament since he had surgery in january. there was also an upset on thursday second see john isner was defeated by a wild card entry fellow american no ruben is no one their only previous meeting that was in this year's french open but on this occasion he lost in straight sets to ruben six four seven six the score and you can see just how much went into the wind. hoping to completely fall apart you'll hopefully get a new pair in time for the. younger brother alexander very of came out on top against older brother and defending champion measures there in washington to
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progress to the quarter finals the twenty one year old is seeded number one after tournaments winning six three seven five against these big brother. venus wins the highest remaining sealift in the silicon valley classic in san jose has progressed to the quarter finals the former world number one and seven time grand slam champion beat great britain's heather watson in straight sets three sets that is the thirty eight year old winning at six four four six six love will then before tina williams will go on to face greece's marius a card in the last. the second round of the w.d.c. invitation in akron ohio has teed off and already is a crowded leaderboard england's ian poulter who was the overnight leader while he's tied for first place with countryman tommy fleetwood and american justin thomas rory mcilroy are still in the early stages of the second round but the northern irishman has lots of work to do as he trails the leaders by five and fourteen time
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major champion tiger woods has also only teed off in the last hour he is a further two strokes behind at that stage. and a great goal to show you from the south american club football competition the couple sued amerikana check out this one from brazilian club fluminense a junior seau miles or scoring directly from a corner to give them a to know when of a defense or sporting of europe why in the first leg of the second round. elsewhere in the competition sao paolo lost the first leg at home thanks to what looked to be a fine strike from call on a split slope it did turn out to have taken a big deflection though. so far as prospects for the second leg in argentina were not helped by the sending off of substitute printed. formula one now and red bull driver daniel ricciardo is leaving the team stray and will need
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a new set of wheels for next season red bull say they're for carter has chosen to leave his current be fourth in the championship and has been linked with a move to run. the boston red sox have extended their season high game lead over arch rivals the new york yankees in major league baseball boston an hour six and a half games ahead in the american league east but they got their behold way on thursday coming from an early deficit they were down for nothing in the second inning but started a comeback in the third steve pearce hit three home runs and knocked in six r.b.i.'s to help take boston to an eventual fifty seven victory. the number one ranked players in both the men's and women's draw have been knocked out of the badminton world championships in nanjing denmark's defending champion victor axelsson last quarter final two chain long of china women's number one time i saw last for only the second time in thirty seven matches this year china is even joe
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denying the taiwanese and sealing a first world semi of a career that has ties for. the final defeat in a row this novel. now many people outside north america may only know the game of dodge ball from the hollywood movie of the same name but it's now a grueling international sport in fact the second dodgeball will come up is taking place at madison square garden here in new york earlier we spoke to tom hicks and the president of the will dodgeball association he said the school's ambitions were stretching as far as the i'm limping game it's. obviously we are growing a sport that he's becoming much more serious in the sense that we have sixty two national federations nova sixty seven point five million people. us they don't fall in weekly competition on a local grassroots level all national or international competition at a high performance level but what we saw will come in body we embrace
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the movie as if they've got us how to significant really raise the profile of this bolt it's grown significantly we when we started the world dodgeball association back in october two thousand and thirteen we brought together thirty five countries across three continents and since then in a very short period of time in just over four hot years we've grown to sixty two national federations across six continents are already embedded within the olympic movement program one of our objectives within not just suit completes international in committee recognition but the next two years and then along with so much for a chemise to be included within the olympic and paralympic summit games programme by twenty twenty eight or twenty thirty two cycle and that's all the support from us from now we'll have another up in the game later that spec to jonah in london.
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feta thank you very much and don't forget as over as the websites take a look at w w w dot zero dot com all our top stories there you might like it and that is it from me in the news out next up it's barbara sarah and some news another four bulletin of the day's news stay with us. corrupt officials have been ousted. and activists of the chinese village of all can take center stage and on the president of local elections. in the last of
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a remarkable series filmed of the five years al-jazeera documents from back of a new village committing. rebels to politician hot wanna be china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. i'm. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it didn't come to heart and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. holding them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. and
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the vanguard of one hundred seventy s. struggle with the new zealand crown. a maori leda. accused of terrorism. filmed of a seven years. his quest for justice becomes a blueprint for national reconciliation. witness and innocent warrior on al-jazeera. is fraudulent illegal illegitimate. zimbabwe's opposition leader vows to challenge in court the results of monday's presidential election a vote he says stolen from the people.
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below him barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program opposition leader or more is it good to be is barred from returning home to the democratic republic of congo thirty nine days in eastern afghanistan after a suicide attack at a shia mosque during friday prayers and a climate of fear in nicaragua the new law that the u.n. says is being used to criminalize all opposition to the gulf. hello thank you for joining us we begin in zimbabwe where the opposition is claiming fraud in monday's election that gave president and missile just over fifty percent of the vote lessened chemises says the results were manipulated and he's promising to go to court over it should result most didn't get to hold this press conference on friday three truck loads of police showed up and tried to chase away the journalists who had gathered the coverage after
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a short delay the press conference state go ahead which pouring scorn on the electoral commission's numbers and the naing his party encouraged to violence. there's been an attempt to try and link them to do the disturbances that happened in the cities and we have nothing to do with that we deplore violent this is why we have encouraged citizens and we are encouraging citizens to make sure that you are calm to make sure that you're maintaining peace but today many vigilant to protect your vote as far as we're concerned this election is a prisoner your result is fraudulent illegal illegitimate and got ticked at our eyes by serious credibility gap and some serious legitimacy issues oh my god what has responded and the tone was conciliatory he called for peace and unity and promised an independent investigation into the killing of six people by
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soldiers on wednesday two notions. i want to see. to believe but was present and it is. unfolding. because both call for peace in the unity you know a lot of. well let's cross now to malcolm webb who is in the capital harare saw a lot of tension perhaps not a huge surprise i mean it was clear that when the results were going to be announced the opposition was going to comment then on them inside and some way for them go their way out how would you describe the mood in iraq right now and what do you think is going to happen next. well the opposition was saying that this election was rigged even days before the results were announced they say the rigging began during the counting process which took several days and after that result came nelson chamisa as we just heard him saying there again the electoral
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commission's electoral commission's results said they were rigged so he's rejecting them and his supporters projecting them to him here in the capital is where the opposition has a key support base at least two thirds of the electorate here voted for the opposition in this election and in previous elections and if you look on social media if you speak to people on the street you definitely get a strong sense of mistrust in the electoral commission here but following wednesday's events when the army was deployed onto the streets of harare to break up crowds of opposition supporters that's when six people were killed and others were injured so following those events even if the opposition do call their people onto the streets that might be enough to put some people off. the wall was questions as you say from the very beginning of this election a lot of observers sent to zimbabwe and often the feeling was well it's probably not going to be completely free and fair but better than than previous ones would
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you say the mood is in zimbabwe over the election itself is there a sense of disappointment about this. from the observers there's been some criticism so far we are waiting to hear their final report about the polling in the coming days but one thing the president. has repeatedly said since he took over in november here is that zimbabwe's open for business and what they really needed the ruling party to get international finance and foreign investment coming back in is at least a semblance of credibility to these elections now according to the opposition they have no credibility at all and given that we've seen violence on the streets it's certainly not the kind of look that they would have wanted but they're waiting to see what international observers have to say about that and if the foreign investors will consider this a credible enough election or legitimate enough government to start bringing money back in but certainly for many zimbabweans definitely here in the capital and other
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urban areas they're skeptical about it they didn't trust the electoral commission and they didn't trust the outcome of this election either. with the latest from. opposition leader more to be has been barred from returning home to run the democratic republic of congo's presidential elections it comes as another rival of president joseph kabila the former rebel leader. also returned home to launch his own bid catherine soit has more now from kinshasa. voice go to me arrived at the border between sandy and the democratic republic of congo the key supporters filming. the d r c government has denied many johnny success to the burnt out every out there to be managed to get to know my mind the police quickly forced him back across the border into zambia. and we went into exile in ten to sixteen after for
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ling out with president joseph kabila he was accused of trying to topple the government using foreign mass neris and later sentenced in his absence to three years in prison for real estate fraud government officials say he will be arrested if he manages to return tension is high in his strongholds another position figure . is watching closely his just free time and they live in years in the netherlands ten of them and piece of is he face trial at the international criminal court for the war crimes to his reason to quit on them but also has ambitions to be presidents situation a very sad and i feel very sorry for mr khatami and with a daughter i know him to come back to his own country. i think this period of time is very important for for me everybody should be able to participate in the election is cruisin is not good a government official said that annoyed at a. procedure to get into the country and he's just trying to cause trouble i think
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he insists that he just wants to come to the capital kinshasa and meet him face the electoral commission presidential hopefuls have until wednesday to file the documents with a commission many companies are concerned about how to be supporters react to the government continues to mount catherine. kinshasa. aid agencies are demanding a cease fire in yemen a day after an attack in the port city of data killed fifty five people and injured one hundred seventy more the world health organization wants to deliver half a million color of vaccines to the country's north where it's warning of another potential outbreak of the disease has more now. that come to buy fish on the top and dozens were killed that i cannot i missed the straw thorax we went to the hospital right away and found a disaster a criminal disaster there are twenty six people dead twenty six martyred and we
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counted thirty five to forty wounded that's not even counting the many wounded we sent to private hospitals and we're still nursing the wounded and dealing with those killed over a second to talk of the busy market. kushal times touching rescue workers and. unaware of the night i was saving people when the second strike happened its impact and shrapnel hit my face my cunny plate a little i couldn't feel my hand because of the shrapnel. the fish market is just twenty meters from the whole hospital the largest on one of just full of medical facilities still open in the city of the data both the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition as well as who the flight as did my cutting all the talks they happen does the un special envoy for human and miles who will host talks between the government until the rebels in geneva on the sixth of september these consultations will provide the opportunity for the park use among other things to discuss the
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framework for negotiations. to agree on relevant confidence building measures and specific plans for moving process forward next months plan talks could come too late for some the world health organization is warning yemen could be on the brink of a new color i put them in with even more up to now the choice calling for ceasefire north and yemen to allow for bugs initial campaign to be carted off we have requested as the un three days is tranquility associated with the first oral color of vaccine campaign across fourth fifth and sixth in the north of the country you recall that we were able to start a cv campaigns in the south of the country previously but we've never before been able to do it in the north and we are planning with almost three thousand health workers to vaccinate more than five hundred thousand individuals by the age of one
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year the world's wost humanitarian crisis may be about to become dramatically was the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen is warning that any attacks in her day that could be coupled with the human toll extending far beyond the limits of the city although seventy five percent of food imports into yemen go through the ports of they that which is essential for imports such as fuel medicine essential supplies. djibouti. where of the saudi led coalition the nie is involvement in the attack it says there is evidence it was actually a mortar strike carried out by who the rebels. based on what we have seen on the media we have evidence that hippies are involved in this cowardly attack against civilians these are pictures from the channel the show more to show us if we also look at the destruction it's not the kind of damage caused by strikes
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this is based on what was said by the media itself this shows what the source of the attack is not coalition airstrikes but mortar shells fired from a central security camp in her died. at least thirty nine people have been killed in an attack on a shia mosque in afghanistan police say two suicide bombers targeted worshipers during friday prayers in days which is south of the capital kabul they opened fire inside the mosque before blowing themselves up more than eighty other people were injured. more now from kabul. prison danny has come out he issued a statement he very rarely does that after bombings and attacks but this time with it being a shia mosque he has come out condemning the attack saying afghanistan will not be divided sunni shia we stand together and we unified against attacks of this nature now taleban has said this is not their work i saw it is suspected they have targeted shia many times especially over the last year there were two attacks here
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in kabul and.


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