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since has to launch at his military campaign back in two thousand and fourteen more than one hundred thousand people have fled their homes after his forces took full control of the city in december last year but many here are still afraid to go back more than two hundred displaced families have lived here on this beach compellent for the past three years most of them lost their homes during the war. but now with the government's decision to evacuate this area many of them say they have to start from scratch others don't know what to do next many families have already left the compound during the last couple of months. those remaining say they also struggle with a complicated civil registry procedure that all women if we travel massively as we are now requested to leave the compound we don't have salaries we can't go to benghazi to kasher salaries and we can't get them here if we leave this compound we
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can't even afford to buy furniture. according to the u. n. estimates more than two hundred thousand people are internally displaced in libya most of them live in misrata and the capital tripoli over the last few years those from the have been voicing their demands but they say no one is listening and so far efforts by the united nations support to mission in libya have failed to end their suffering it appears for now a political solution might be the only way to take them back whole each more the jazeera misurata. jordan's government is coming in the fire for its controversial gas project which will see a ten billion dollars pipeline run through israel jordan says the pipeline will help to meet its growing energy needs but critics say it amounts to support for israel's occupation of palestine from amman zain ahold of reports. public
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opposition in jordan failed to stop this project work has begun on a sixty five kilometer pipeline which is supposed to start bringing gas from israel in early two thousand and twenty the jordanian government says the deal will save hundreds of millions of dollars a year critics disagree it's a waste of taxpayers' money to support terrorism. but there's ten billion dollars of taxpayers' money that can be invested in. a wide variety of. sources like solar energy stanley belongs to a movement called the enemies gaz is occupation which has been campaigning against the deal since it was signed in two thousand and sixteen for them it's not just about funding israel they don't want jordan to be linked to economically to a country they don't trust. we are hostages of the israeli enemy it makes us vulnerable at any time they can just stop providing us with gas the demand for
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energy is only growing in jordan already it imports up to ninety five percent of its needs some forty percent will now be provided by israel in the next fifteen years are enemies gas is occupation is one of many organizations involved in anti and normal isolation campaigns it's been over two decades since jordan signed a peace treaty with israel but that deal is still largely popular a significant portion of jordan's population many of whom are palestinian refugees continue to resist efforts to promote ties with israel. some of the biggest protests in the arab world were held in the jordanian capital after u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the kingdom rejected trump's decision and has been outspoken against what it calls israel's violations against holy sites in jerusalem this is part of the approach of the jordanian government they say we care about jerusalem then we sign
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because the. we need you know for sure. then the question is why don't you get. us got thirty. or goes from anywhere else the government however remains committed to the project despite criticism from the public and members of parliament who have still not seen the terms and conditions of the agreement jennifer their. man. well sport is just ahead here on the news. with the british open. and. the odd. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the work of travel
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with the soon to be boom but i'm a little bit fresh perspectives and new insights the to challenge and change the way we move. much. of this town on a edges. when diplomacy fields and. drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division. instead of by. being an obstacle to tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the news hour it's time to get all the latest sports news here is peter in go barbara thank you so much at seventy one's game in birmingham where england in india have close play on the food day of their first cricket test match ishant sharma blitz the english passing order at the start of the day to leave the home team struggling at lunch sam curran hit sixty three from a nice sixty five balls to help the home side reach one hundred eighty all out but india's bet's men did not have it all their own way as they set off in pursuit of the victory target of one hundred and ninety four here's a look at the school called at the close of play on the third day stuart broad has taken two wickets in india's second innings the top score so far as captain very out kohli who is unbeaten on forty three when play resumes in and will need five
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wickets the indians will need eighty four more runs and they'll be hoping captain kohli can lead them there oh yeah i think he's he's somebody you know he's someone who's always give you the positive energy and that's. really a big thing as a captain because you know he always wanted to do something special for the team and you know it's not you know is that everybody knows that hope of personal abuse so i think it's pretty good to have a. we need five work it's the same desire we need a fairly quickly otherwise they'll get the runs so. yeah so we're just going to. give it everything we've got in the morning for the first fifteen twenty overs leave nothing absolutely nothing just give it everything we've got there was an emotional win in washington for former world number one andy murray the scot is continuing his comeback off the hip surgery murray broke down in tears after beating remaining in madea's couple to reach the last eight of the washington open
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the thirty one year old came back from a sit down to eventually close out the match six seven six three seven six at three am local time that's his latest ever finish mary will play alex the minority of australia in the quarter finals he's first lost a tie since wimbledon twenty seven scene this is just these food tournament since he had surgery in january. younger brother alexander very of came out on top against older brother and defending champion missions very even washington to progress to the quarter finals the twenty one year old is seeded number one at the tournament winning six three seven five against these big bro. venus williams the highest remaining seed left in the silicon valley classic in san jose has progressed to the quarter finals of former world number one and seven time grand slam champion great britain's heather watson in three sets the thirty eight year old winning a six forced four six six love world under fourteen williams will go on to face
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greece's muddier sakari in the last eight. the second round of the w.d.c. invitational in akron ohio has teed off and already has a crowded leaderboard england ian poulter who was the overnight leader is tied for first place with countryman tommy fleetwood as well as american justin thomas rory mcilroy is further back after he second round failed to match his first round of five under par and fourteen time major champion tiger woods has also quietly gone about his business as he looks to move into contention ahead of the weekend and try and catch poulter and co i don't think the course played any different very light breeze out there is only half the club wind. and that's why you see in the scoring you're seeing guys a go in low i knew they would go low but obviously you know around was yesterday i just had to oversee you know personally red numbers on the borders like
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a. there was a satisfying hole in one for canada's brook henderson at the women's british open the ball bouncing high and slamming straight in the car is still far shots behind leader paghman on the part of thailand who's a shot clear on ten and with two rounds that. and a great goal to show you from the south american club football competition the copper suit americana now check out this one from brazilian club flamin in say junior. scoring directly from the corner to give them a two to win over defense or sporting of europe why in the first leg of the second round. loss to their first leg at home thanks to what looked like a fine strike from call lawns marty asked for it turned out to have taken a big deflection those self hollows prospects for the second leg in argentina were not helped by the sending off of substitute presented. for me we're now in red bull
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driver daniel ricardo is leaving the team to join renault next season straightens move comes as a surprise just before if one's august break he's currently fourth in the championship and has been with red bulls twenty three. danny pedrosa will say goodbye to motor g.p. at the end of the season having never been world champion but he could still edit to use tell you of race wins the spaniard was fastest in open practice at the czech grand prix and burn a victory in any of the last ten races will mean he's talked at least one podium in twelve consecutive seasons meanwhile moto three championship leader jorge martin is unlikely to race on sunday after fracturing his hand. the number one ranked players in both the men's and women's draw have been knocked out of the badminton the world championships in nanjing women's number one ties a unit lost for only the second time in thirty seven matches this year china has he
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been joe denying the taiwanese and sealing a first world semi of her career it is time is full for the final defeat in a row at this level. denmark's defending champion victor axel hsan last he's quarter final to chane long axel soon had defeated chinese player to win the crown last year no such luck of this time around a twenty one nineteen twenty one eleven defeat for the dane long going for his. title. the boston red sox have extended a season high game lead overall troubles the new york yankees in major league baseball boston in our six and a half games ahead in the american league east but they got there the hard way on tuesday coming from an early deficit they were down for nothing in the second inning but started a comeback in the third steve pearce hit three home runs and knocked in six r.b.i.'s to help take boston to an eventual fifty seven victory. and that's all the sport it's back to barbara in london peter thank you very much
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for that and that is all set for now i do check out our website everything when covering is there and of course our lead story there at the results of this is about with elections more in a few minutes. young rich and famous in. one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera. you
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stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have the one thousand you just communities you don't have one vision for the future you have nineteen of them divided along sectarian lines the confessional system in lebanon has destroyed the only real mark my word and heavily influenced by regional allegiances and i've only had one preventing open the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that said he kept following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon on al-jazeera every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on tone. is sweeping association of
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islam with the violence. in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice eviction on al-jazeera. is fraudulent illegal illegitimate you know that zimbabwe's opposition leader vows the challenging court the results of monday's presidential election about he says stole him from the. people. alone barbara sorry you're watching live from london thanks for joining us also
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coming up on the program opposition leader more years barred from returning home to the democratic republic of congo israeli soldiers should that a palestinian another friday of protests along the gaza israel border and the climate of fear in nicaragua milor that the u.n. says is being used to criminalize all opposition to the cup. and to begin in zimbabwe where the opposition is claiming fraud in monday's election the gaze president. just over fifty percent of the vote yes and shimmies us says the results were manipulated and he's promising to go to court over it when god why has struck a conciliatory tone he defended the election process saying it was credible and called for peace and unity has more now from harare. writes please disrupt
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a press conference about to be given by the bobbies main opposition leader nelson chamisa of the order that journalists leave saying they have no permission to gather time. on some zimbabweans say scenes like these reminded them of the days when robert mugabe was in power. when freedom of speech was stifled and media reporting was to stick to. the country's information minister eventually tells the police to leave. when allowed to speak to me so i didn't hold back on his words if. they. equally want yes of pretty. shortly afterwards the president elect a misdemeanor gaga himself for criticizing the police's heavy handedness but insisting the vote was free and fair to no solution is i want to see. your red cross all rolled up early in zimbabwe's president in his future.
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in this unfolding future. leaders called for peace slim unity you know well and harare is stoli getting back to normal after wednesday's violence but something here that tensions could rise if chamisa challenges the results in court . but then god will has vowed to be a president for all zimbabweans but many zimbabweans will need convincing he was robert mugabe's defense minister during the massacres when thousands were killed him at a billion and the fact that he's carrying a lot of. baggage skeletons was also some of the issues of this. it's. obvious but by and large its cross-sectional. supports him and also. supports. the president elect is promising
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a fresh start but changing decades of in change or patient in state institutions will take time. and when i go will have to persuade the international community that scenes like this and now a thing of the past so as to not derail as promise of political and economic reforms al-jazeera and i. was about one journalist regina godwin told me a little earlier that the opposition's appeal is unlikely to get them anywhere. i think it could still be turned if there were a successful challenge i think what should then happen is that we should go to a runoff with excluding the other twenty one candidates so it's just a straight race between the two men i feel that that won't be allowed to happen i think that if you take power in the way that this is happened that you're not likely to relinquish it but i think the other big thing we have to consider is the fact is is a muslim woman in control a lot of people are saying that they expect that general to anger is actually the person pulling the strings that he is the man of course who hundreds of women got
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with the power because he was leaders of the defense force is the time he's now vice president and the minister of defense is he perhaps the person calling out the army we don't know. is. in charge in which case it's his fault he is the one perpetrating this violence and of course we know he has form on this having ordered the massacre in mass must be the one nine hundred eighty s. or he has no control whatsoever both of very very bad bad scenarios. opposition leader muzhik autonomy has been barred from returning home to run in the democratic republic of congo's presidential elections it comes as another rival of president joseph kabila the former rebel leader and next vice president. also returned home to launch his own bid that's why has worn the story for. boys good to be arrived at the border between sandy and the democratic republic of congo the key supporters filming his journey with the r.c.
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government has denied many johnny success to the burberry out there to be managed to get to know minds mind the police screechy forced him back across the border into zambia. and we went into exile intent to sixteen after fooling out with president joseph kabila he was accused of trying to topple the government using foreign mass neris and later sentenced in his absence to three years in prison for real estate fraud government officials say he will be arrested if he manages to return tension is high in his strongholds. if the. election. and i will position figure on p.r. bemba is watching closely his history time and they live in years in the netherlands ten of them and piece of is he face trial at the international criminal court for the war crimes to his reason to quit on them but also has ambitions to be presidents situation very sad and i feel very sorry for.
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him to come back to his own country i think this period of time is very important for me everybody should be able to participate in the election is christian is not a government official. procedure to get into the country and he's just trying to cause trouble at this but he just wants to come to the capital kinshasa the face of the electoral commission presidential hopefuls have until wednesday to file the documents with a commission many congolese are concerned about how katun the supporters will react if the government continues to mount catherine. conciousness. one person has been killed during protests along the gaza israel border palestinian officials say fifty others were injured when these really military use the lives of fire against demonstrators tensions along the border have been growing was weekly advice overturned protests since march thirtieth more than one hundred fifty palestinians
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have been killed since the protests began stephanie decker has more now from gaza. it is the nineteenth week of protests and people still keep coming to the scene is really the same you can see now tear gas landing on the crowd the crowds are smaller probably even less than one percent of gaza's population but the message is the same they want their lives to improve and what is different this time is the political negotiations that are going on there is a senior delegation of how mass leaders including sali uprooted he is one of the main deputies chief deputy of hamas he's wanted by israel so him coming back here first time in eight years mean there are some kind of guarantees on the table that he won't be touched he comes from cairo they've been negotiations going on there extensively with the with the u.n. with egypt the bigger picture is this they're trying to establish a long term cease fire with israel they're trying to improve the situation for the
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people here water elektra's city power openings of borders the details are difficult or complicated but certainly it does seem like something is movement moving hamas is talking the israeli cabinet will be meeting on sunday to discuss this specific issue we've been hearing also from leaders here that these protests nineteen weeks of them have borne fruit so we'll have to wait and see if anything comes out of these talks. aid agencies are calling for a cease fire in yemen after an attack in the port city that killed fifty five people and injured one hundred seventy more the world health organization one said the liver half a million color a vaccine to the country's north where it's warning of another potential outbreak of the one hundred there has more now from neighboring djibouti that come to buy fish on the top doesn't swap killed that i cannot find out mr straw.
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we went to the hospital right away and found a disaster a criminal disaster there are twenty six people dead twenty six modded and we counted thirty five to forty wounded that's not even counting the many wounded we sent to private hospitals and we're still nursing the wounded and dealing with those killed a second to talk of the busy market. kushal to it's touching the rescue workers and . unaware that the night i was saving people in the second airstrike happened its impact and shrapnel hit my face my cunny plate a little i couldn't feel my hand because of the shrapnel. the fish market is just twenty meters from the gates of whole hospital the largest on one of just one full of medical facilities still open in the city of but they are both the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition as well as to the flights as did my cutting all the talks they happened as the un special envoy for human amal's he will hold talks between the government
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until the rebels in geneva on the sixth of september these consultations will provide the opportunity for the park use among other things to discuss the framework for negotiations. so we agree on relevant confidence building measures and specific plans for moving process forward next month's plump talks could come too late for some the walt health organization is warning yemen could be on the brink of a new color i put them in with even more deaths up to now the choice calling for ceasefire and often yemen to allow for bugs initial campaign to be carted off we have requested as the u.n. three days is tranquility associated with the first or color of vaccine campaign across fourth fifth and sixth in the north of the country you recall that we were able to start to see the campaigns in the south of the country previously
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but we've never before been able to do it in the north and we have planning with almost three thousand health workers to vaccinate more than five hundred thousand individuals of the age of one year the world's wast humanitarian crisis may be about to become dramatically was the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen is warning that any follow ups hocks in the day there could be coupled with the human toll extending far beyond the limits of the city although seventy five percent of food imports into yemen go through the ports of they that which is essential for imports such as fuel medicine and essential supplies mohamed atta while just djibouti. well the u.n. refugee agency has straight have a snapshot of just how bad things are in yemen right now more than twenty two million people in need of aid almost eighteen million without enough to eat it also mentions cholera more than one million suspected cases as as well.


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