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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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may impose tariffs on a further sixty billion dollars worth of american goods and its foreign ministry says the new levies will go into force if the u.s. follows through on its threat as more tests of its own yes accuses china of unfair trading practices as using tariff suppression china to reform the u.s. has already imposed a twenty five percent duty on chinese goods for thirty four billion dollars it's maybe talks in industrial goods china has responded with its own twenty five percent levy on the same amount of items it's imports from the u.s. which of them is facing is now preparing to up the ante with a twenty five percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods us says chinese from steel technology and benefit from one fact government subsidies that scott is a senior international economist at the economic policy institute and he says china can limit the impact of u.s. tariffs china does hold the ace in the hole in this case it does control its own currency and the currency moves we've seen to date will offset not just the
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tariff so trump has already imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of imports but on all two hundred billion dollars worth of goods that he's threatening to put tariffs on so. currency movements can overwhelm the effect would be having these very broad tariffs and that's the core problem and that's the issue which we should be addressing what is the appropriate level of china's currency it's falling when in fact the value of china's currency needs to increase by twenty five or thirty percent that would make imports more expensive and that would hurt but we would also get the benefit of increased exports not just to china but to every other country where we compete with china and so we're getting all of the pain but none of the gain and that's the problem. the u.s. is pushing for further sanctions on north korea it's also the u.n. security council to add a north korean bank executive and a company to a blacklist that enforces travel bans and freezes assets united states also wants
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a russian bank and a chinese company hit with sanctions for allegedly dealing with north korea the u.n. has kept sanctions pressure on young even their leader kim jong un says he will work towards denuclearize ation yes actually of state might compare has called on all nations to keep up the diplomatic and economic pressure. it's worth remembering this isn't just an american security goal it is clear our partners and allies within us know how important the denuclearization both agree is for their own security i called on them to strictly enforce our sanctions including the complete shutdown of the leadership to ship transfers of petroleum destined for north korea we have seen reports that russia is allowing for joint ventures with north korean firms and granting new work permits to north korean guest workers if these reports prove accurate and we have every reason to believe that they are that would be in variation of u.n. security council resolution twenty three seventy five. still ahead on al-jazeera
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britain's prime minister on a charm offensive in france will she be able to bring emmanuel macron around to her way of doing breck set. and why opposition leader the term the has been barred from returning hainsey democratic republic of congo. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. has been a very welcome reporter of rain on the caspian coast of iran you can even see the clouds doing so it's going to mean virtually nothing drought is still a problem in iran you're not alone there but there's going to be nothing to change except on that coastline tehran's thirty eight indicating forty or more through most of iran nearing the fifty mark of not seen in the last day or so down the
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southwest same is true for afghanistan tempers a bit lower and it's dry right back to measure any in case you can see the breeze direction determining really who gets the hottest weather is coming out of the plains of iraq and he's going south downs or cue right that's reason cited saudi at such a strength that it is bringing some sand with it getting traction too with the edge of the mall the monsoon the southwest monsoon which means for a man the possibility of thunderstorms exists as a continuous cloud and drizzle very welcome and very regular it also increases in the central part of society in yemen and that's come sunday that indicates again the possibility of showers or think is rather likely bit more rain for the western cape seems likely caters for cost seventeen just below it is the green that will run through the east as well interesting a bit of rain this time of year still mostly is dry. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. once considered
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a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of congo. after his conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague jump talks to al-jazeera. again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour a day agencies are demanding a cease fire in yemen a day off to as strikes in the port city of data killed at least fifty five people
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and i say she wants to deliver half a million color of vaccines to the north of the country was warning of another potential outbreak. china is poised to impose more tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of american goods in the levees will go into force if the u.s. follows through on its threat to impose more types of its own u.s. accuses china of unfair trade practices is using tariffs to pressure china to reform. and zimbabwe's opposition leader has rejected the results of monday's election and says he's ready his posse is ready to form a government says the results were fortunate and illegal and he accused the government of intimidation. opposition leader. has been barred from returning to their home to the democratic republic of congo to run in presidential elections comes as another rival of president joseph kabila the former rebel leader and vice president. also returned to launch his own presidential bid government soit has
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more from. the boys got to be arrived at the border between sandy and the democratic republic of congo the key supporters filming his journey the government has denied many journalists access to the border area that to be managed to get to no man's land a police quickly forced him back across the border into zambia. and we went into exile in ten to sixteen after fooling out with president joseph kabila he was accused of trying to topple the government using foreign mass neris and later sentenced in his absence to three years in prison for real estate fraud government officials say he will be arrested if he manages to return tension is high in his strongholds. if. there will be no election sure there's. a novel position figure on p.r. bemba is watching closely his history timed they live in years in the netherlands
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ten of them in prison as he faced trial at the international criminal court for war crimes after his recent acquittal ben but also has ambitions to be president. very sad and i feel very sorry for. him to come back to his own country i think this period of time is very important for for me everybody should be able to participate in the election is christian is not to the government official that noise a. procedure to get into the country and he's just trying to cause trouble that's only insists that he just wants to come to the capitol hill and meet him face the electoral commission presidential hopefuls have until wednesday to file the documents with a commission may congolese are concerned about how could the supporters will react if the government continues to kick him out catherine al-jazeera kinshasa the british prime minister tourism has met the french president in
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a bid to soften his resistance breck's its plan laid. that summer residence may has being of course facing growing pressure to win allies in europe two of her senior ministers resigned last month in protest at her latest backset proposal or france is seen as taking a hard line and back to negotiations as david chase her explains. it's very very clear from french officials and from briefings of recording new lease say that a man your macro is one perhaps of the hardest line leaders out of the twenty seven members of the e.u. on the on the other side of the channel now he has made europe his ideal he campaigned for it he got elected on it and he's very very clear that the united kingdom will not get a back door deal what they're calling here somebody attached deal where they will get a customs union but have none of the obligations that are at the heart of the european
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union also he's very clear that the negotiations will not be handled between political leaders it's michel barnier a main negotiator for the european commission who will deal with this macro is very clear he does not want to undermine him. now police in denmark have issued their first fine under a new law banning face coverings and public hundreds of people marched to copenhagen on wednesday when the band came into effect on friday a woman wearing the cap headscarf was fined around one hundred fifty dollars was involved in a scuffle with another woman who tried to tear her scarf off pete offenders could face up to six months in jail. fighting in the libyan city of benghazi has forced hundreds of families who already rely on government assistance out of their homes but now there's a financial crisis hitting the country and the support they're get is starting to disappear but what are the what he'd reports from misrata. it's time for people who
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fled the water but was he three years ago to leave this compound in misrata this man like many others here is worried if he shows his face supporters of the warlord have to might go after his relatives in. the compound owners have recently demanded the government to return the property because it hasn't been paying its bills jan mahmoudi says her house in it was destroyed by the war she and her husband have been living here with the help of a charity's notion we were asleep in the street if they don't find a solution for us what can we do we've got only ten days ultimatum to leave. since have to launch at his military campaign back in two thousand and fourteen more than one hundred thousand people have fled their homes after his forces took full control of the city in december last year but many here are still afraid to go
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back more than two hundred displaced families have lived here on this beach compellent for the past three years most of them lost their homes during the war in benghazi but now with the government's decision to evacuate this area many of them say they have to start from scratch others don't know what to do next many families have already left the compound during the last couple of months. those remaining say they also struggle with a complicated civil registry procedure that all women if we have been massively as we are now requested to leave the compound we don't have salaries we can't go to benghazi. kashrus salaries and we can't get them here if we leave this compound we can't even afford to buy furniture. according to the u.n. estimates more than two hundred thousand people are internally displaced in libya most of them live in misrata and the capital tripoli over the last few years those
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from have been voicing their demands but they say no one is listening and so far efforts by the united nations support to mission in libya have failed to end their suffering it appears for now a political solution might be the only way to take them back home. more than. misrata. arguments in the u.s. courts over who should be responsible for reuniting families separated under the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance immigration policy around four hundred parents have already been sent back to their home countries without their children court documents appear to show the government wants the american civil liberties union to be in charge but the a.c.l.u. says the government should be responsible mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the federal judge was essential to hearing a report back from the justice department the trumpet ministration as well as the
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american civil liberties union on the progress made in reuniting hundreds of children with their parents now what the judge heard is that the administration so far as succeeded in locating the parents of only thirteen of the children nearly six hundred children remain in custody in the united states and in the court papers the administration contended that it was up to the a.c.l.u. to leave the process in terms of reuniting the children with their parents this outrage the judge he described this as completely unacceptable insisting that it was the trumpet ministrations actions that led to the separation in the first place and therefore it is the trumpet ministrations duty to ensure that the reunification does take place now all of this against a backdrop that the judge originally set a deadline of july the twenty sixth for the reunification of all to happen this clearly not happening the judge very very critical of the trumpet ministration he
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has now given another week for the administration to come up with a clear coherent plan for the reunification of all the children with all the parents mexican police have discovered eleven dead bodies in the city of juarez near the u.s. border and believe they are victims of clashes between criminal drug gangs president elect andres manuel lopez obrador is due to visit the region for a series of forums seeking to stem the violence in the country gang related crime has killed thousands and we sent here's where high as being one of mexico's most dangerous cities. nasa has announced the first nine astronauts who will head into space on rockets built by aerospace companies boeing and space x. had told the next year to take the course to the international space station will restore the u.s. is ability to send its own astronauts into space for the past seven years nasa has had to buy flights to the i assess on the russian soyuz spacecraft together we're
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delivering on the critical task of providing a capability to fly our crews on a u.s. built rocket and spacecraft from u.s. soil on florida's space coast to the international space station so we no longer have to rely on our russian partners to get our crews to space nasa boeing and space x. have pulled expertise from across the nation in the development of the c s t one hundred starliner and crew dragon systems spring innovation and economic growth and expanding u.s. leadership in space. as an astro journalists and managing as space dot com he says the partnership with cheaper private space companies will take will help take that will help nasa reduce its reliance on other nations. nasa has been dependent on russia's so used base craft to launch its own astronauts to the international space station and the space agency has some big plans to trump administration here
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has directed nasa to you know not only splash rest of the space station which are reach farther to the moon and to do that they need the ability to launch their own astronauts into space instead of paying you know tens of millions of dollars to russia per seat to fly these these missions one of the the core missions that nasa wants these these vehicles to do is to fly those astronauts to and when it's time for them to fly has to pay for them to fly on the the ropes and stories as well so they want to be able to fulfill those obligations with their own spacecraft in addition to these companies could be open to using these vehicles once they're proven for their own means now boeing's chris ferguson a former nasa astronaut who will be on that first starliner test flight is a corporate action and a private astronaut if you will now. and you can see they could use these vehicles for space tourism for commercial space station missions boeing has been working
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with a private space station manufacturer and a big ole aerospace for that type of meanwhile nasa hopes to build another vehicle orion to go into deep space and so there could be a lot of versatility for these missions and penton more can be found on our website than on the news updated twenty four hours and day and take a look at al-jazeera dot com. so without top stories and asians he's a demanding a ceasefire and yemen a day off to astronauts in the port city of data killed at least fifty five people about health organization wants to deliver a half a million color of vaccines to the north of the country it says there's a risk of another outbreak of the disease. zimbabwe's opposition leader is rejecting the results of monday's election nelson chamisa says his party is ready to form a government he says the vote has been fortunate and illegal. china says it
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may introduce tariffs on a further sixty billion dollars worth of american goods the new levies will go into force if the if the u.s. follows through on its threats to impose more tariffs of its own in the u.s. accuses china of unfair trading practices. the u.s. is pushing for further sanctions on north korea has asked the u.n. security council to a north korean bank executive and company to a blacklist that in forces travel bans and freeze assets the united states also wants a russian bank and a chinese company hit with sanctions for allegedly dealing with north korea. reason denmark over issued their first fine under a new law banning face coverings in public hundreds of people marched through copenhagen on wednesday when the ban came into effect on friday a woman wearing a kneecap headscarf was fined around one hundred and fifty dollars she was involved in a scuffle with another woman who tried to tear her scarf off repeat offenders could
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face up to six months in jail. u.s. government and advocacy groups don't appear to have a clear plan on how to reunite families separated under the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance immigration policy around four hundred parents have already been sent back to their home countries without their children court documents appear to show the government is shifting the responsibility of reuniting the families on to the american civil liberties union. nasa has announced the first nine astronauts who will head into space on rockets built by aerospace companies boeing and space x. the flights for next year take the crews to the international space station and will restore the u.s. is ability to send its own astronauts into space for the past seven years nasa has had to buy flights of the i s s on russian soyuz spacecraft. you know with all the headlines i'll be back with more news after talk to
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al-jazeera. this is known for its history and food today a new generation is shaking things up for root is my everything five thousand six hundred years it's all different so this is all these cultures i'm now on top of each other. we're here to see how the a taking culture and business forward. a.g.t. on al-jazeera. and. you. will. see. the landmark conviction of. crimes and crimes against humanity by the international criminal court in the hague has now been overturned and mr bevan that can not feel it helps criminally responsible under article twenty eight for the crimes committed
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by troops during the car operation. the former rebel leader and vice president of the democratic republic of congo has spent nearly a decade behind bars. he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison up to sending his militia to the central african republic to help put down a coup attempt they conducted a reign of terror a rampage of looting and killing of civilians followed including the mass rape of hundreds of women. but a majority of the judges ruled on his appeal he could not be held responsible for the actions of his fighters his lawyers ah good successfully the fighters were no longer on the his kemang after they crossed the international border his militia known as the movement for the liberation of congo has now been transformed into a political party opposing the rule of president joseph kabila. he has called an
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election which is due to take place in december i'm david chaytor in belgium the country that was the former colonial ruler of the democratic republic of congo ever since again his independence in one nine hundred sixty there's never been a peaceful transfer of power in that country the senator is returning from belgium to his homeland to register as a candidate in the presidential election. john pierre bemba talks to al jazeera. should be about thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera thank you i'd like to start with perhaps the hardest question for you during those ten years inside you. you were didn't have criminal responsibility for the atrocities committed by your militia you were convinced always you were going to come out an innocent man but
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during those ten years that you have any feelings about your moral responsibility for what happened i think that of course i have a lot of sympathy for all the people in the in the central africa in general but. the my brothers sisters and of course any victim. supporting i mean or do to be in but as you say you have been acquitted by a professional judge but experience judge on this the judge. does what i can see that all the judges have been seated and when when you head back are you going to have a special message are you going to actually say. that you feel sorry for what happened that you have sympathy for the victims and you want to start on a clean slate of course have a lot of sympathy for victim whatever written it isn't meant to say that i'm going back to congo or going to central africa and as a congress as you know i'm a senator in congo and the former vice president so is the chairman of my political
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party and the next candidate for my political party i'm going to take part of the. political before you were arrested you spoke to one of my colleagues in al jazeera and you were in portugal you feared for the safety of yourself and your family surely you must fear for your own safety on your return what you feel about that no i think that i remember one of your colleague or ten years ago it was in portugal and i talked to him and. he says that. i have nothing to to to to fear because my conscience was clean the true as been stated and of the deed to just it has been said do you think that president joseph kabila will hold the elections in december really i never heard. from him said that he will hold the election but i've never heard also that he will not hold election i just heard that
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he will respect the constitution so is the government of the constitution are we to hope that he will make respect the constitution looking at your time in prison. were you devastated by what continue to happen. i'm very sad because it's a disaster human therea disaster it's an economic disaster the final disaster i mean . look at the problem or we had. the massacre media to come with. attack in the binnie. temple new must occur in need to remember in the two thousand and one in the marsh restore the peace and security in the tory so i know very well this problem a need to start to gain a few months ago the promise of the idiot we are to the a.d.f. in the two thousand and one when i was in the binnie saw really i feel sorry that
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all these all the insecurities but now in congo the latest unicef report that i saw beginning of this year said there's something like eight hundred thousand children who don't have homes anymore they don't have education about health what are you going to do to give them a future i think as you live we have it on the children we ever saw more than six million refugees or around the country surrounded the sea so we should find the best way to bring them back. and that's what they see the problem is the security that's why one of my priority my program is to restore peace and security with all peace and security that will come back and i saw the same problem with the children to be have assistance in a different way to go in school and not to be in a refugee come or industry to so very very very concerned about of this project yes . how are you going to do that there's been so many promises to try and solve the
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situation in the democratic republic of congo but there's still a huge amount of interethnic violence but it's one of the reason when i am a candidate for the second time remember that i was so committed to does and six so after being a vice president in congo i know more than anybody that kind of problem that we are in the opposition i see the kind of problem that we face in congo so all this crazy . humanitarian problem we have to create that when it is a problem of political will if we focus if a government tomorrow say we're going to take care and solve this problem and put to the means to solve the problem and to fix this problem we'll be able to do it but today i don't and never hear any action from the government today to try to find a solution just to bring the refugee back to congo i never heard about it just to to to to face this problem of the children the unicef focus on it under the
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thousand children you know without family that is a problem of a political will so i have to put it on the table for government but that's what i say i'm fighting to for a new government to be helpful to morrow to have a new government through the election. since the sea gained its independence in one thousand sixty there has never be a peaceful transfer of power do you think there will be this time i hope so i still hope so even if i know that the major problem that we have to serve is the electoral commission the problem of the machine of returning voter machine that that something is never been used anywhere in the word we don't understand why it should be test in congo even though the test the mid to machine in the assembly national assembly and in the electoral commission was a disaster the settlement problem we have is this ten million elector we have
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seen with. no fingerprint saw this problem have to be silva because you go to the election otherwise what is the sense of an election where the day after divorce will be contest for what i think need the stability asian and stability to restart always a peaceful electoral process do you think that president kabila will be worried that you will focus the opposition forces and change the corruption change everything about the d r c do you think he really opposes determined to make sure that you don't succeed. not very surreal i mean in the politic i think that the most important for me is what the people of congo want. and if i'm doing politic is to force solve a problem for the people of congo that is what i'm the most interesting so of
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course i'm understanding that some people may be worry about but this shouldn't mean just someone trying to find solution for his country that's all and for the people of the country were my brother and sister but you're going to register as a candidate by the deadline and already the government is saying that you're not. you're not going to be able to be registered that it's illegitimate you to be registered counted that's surely the first problem you've got better are you surprised that the government in place say that i'm not able to be surprise i think that. those people in the. measurability of the government not the right people are able to talk about it after ten years in a criminal limbo. did you feel that you made
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a mistake that you should have been there during those ten years what did you feel about those ten years where they wasted years or did you like nelson mandela concentrate your thoughts on what you were going to do when you got out or tell you frankly that these ten years help me to sing deeply about not just myself but then so my country. of course you're not the same person after ten years you can go exchange to africa and change are the words chain so you have to adapt yourself and sinker for differently of course ten years more make you be another man or so but it's true that a user or that opportunity time a to think about congo and how to solve a lot of problem congo i wrote a program for a vision for congo that will very soon give it to the public. so yes ten years can make you be another man give me some idea of what that vision
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is what sort of measures i think that. the court edition we have in common that it's a very wealthy country very wealthy country that we have but look at the poverty of the people so it is a big contradiction so why do we have all these wells in the ground and the people living in this country are so poor. the main target is to say look let's make this well is that we have be use for the good of the people. to improve the life of the people to give hope to the people to make them smile again is there any way the international community can help of course. you were in the section in the in the congo it is huge and help a lot of people in security but today manu the un were not dale. probably the
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national army would have certain problem to stop at this question of india and all these militias more than eighty militia exist in congo so i think the international community to help in congo and i hope that they will continue helping congo why is it like it is to us so that congo and no one derail comalies government must be able to solve this problem and so why is the country is so often the case it has bountiful natural resources they turn out to be a curse you can see that a lot of the production is there but the result of the revenue is not coming back to the the treasury of the country and that is where is the problem where is it going forward. and one of the action to put is to take back all this revenue back to the treasury of the country and you see it from this treasury that we can develop the country and by restoring the security people will be able investor from foreign investor national investor will be able to come back to congo
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in a given problem and invest get their profit and then i think how can we be developed to model join your ten years inside the political scene has changed so dramatically apps most of all with president trump. what's what's your opinion of the president of the united states of america i think that is the decision the made by the primary can people. i cannot give my view the do well and it's ok what would like to see because i've not yet see what the view of present truth for the r.c. how far and how fast will you start reforming the system in the country are you going to just rely on your own party or are you going to reach across and try to get a unified government this country so huge it is meeting people we have more than four hundred political party i don't see that order four on that are really the main but
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we're never less than ten the main political party and i think that we have to work to everybody and my target is to work for united government do you intend to be the main opposition candidate or will you step aside for somebody else bose solution i represent my program my plan with the others and if i'm not the best one i will back someone else and i'm sure i will make him win what message would you have for president kabila just to respect the constitution make sure that we keep the stability of the country the peace in the country and make everything be possible to have a smooth transition in this the r.c. for the next election when you reform the security forces how are you going to pull it together what is your plan for that how do we stop the terror that so many children and so many people in your country are feeling right now most of the the
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people are appointed to because of tribal tribal reason. i think is wrong for a country i think i would have pointed people because of their professionalism. and the capacity and it will be another mentality. completely change in the vision of what should be an army of police i tested during five years during the rebellion i told all the soldiers you will be friend of the people you are you to secure them you most fear the people not the people to feel you so what would you say to the children in the east of the congo now who haven't got a i'm going to help them get education what's your message to them right now that they should have still. all that something may change before the end of this year and the new governments in u.k. should be free for me from the primary school and to the secondary school and the
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government must be able to give and to provide to the children free education absolutely that is one of the purity to put more than ten percent of the. the good in the education is not a luxury what are going to do about the judiciary and do you think that there should be any charges brought against your predecessors just to should be independent and the term of independence is very important because it is an institution and it can it cannot be lead by the government it should be complete in a body completely independent must have the means to see the law independently that is really for me what is the most important why because you cannot even invest so common in congo or investor inside congo if you don't provide a trust but i just this just is for everybody this is not the case today. for the princess we see that the. immunity is
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a. former president and it is pretty he's protected by the constitution but you're a successful businessman yourself do you think you can get the inward investment into the country that's needed with such an unstable security situation that's what i've been telling you that one of my first target is to restore security and peace in congo because nowhere in any country not you serious investor will come if there are no peace and security in the country what do you love most about your country what have you missed most about the country i was in a contact with the people. the fact that i was. in i.c.c. you couldn't a little me to go and meet and be with the people so in that case when you get back are you going to go on a tour of the whole country not just moment we're not yet in the electoral process but of course keep contact with the people be wisdom been touch with them has been
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contact with them talk with them face to face what's your first priority then when you land. you know that i lost my father many years ago i couldn't bury him so my first duty is to see his grave the second thing is to go to the electoral commission and they give my my paper to be able to be can be did for the electoral process what actually would you take if they refused to accept your candidacy i mean all my best just never happen because it will be arbitrary and it will be another arbitrary decision what can we do if they reject your application there's a danger of violence once again isn't there i hope not i hope not because it will be arbitrary and the people we see the arbitrary so i don't know the react on the reaction of the people i don't know and if you do make it through as a president do you think that you can withstand the pressures that every other president has had in the congo it's such
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a powerful position so much to do do you think you will be overwhelmed how do you think that you'll be able to cope with the pressures of that position i know that we not be easy but the experience that i have read said that i try to go through. dialogue and i hope. determination will make us succeed i hope so how much will you draw on other african leaders to help you in that task if you do make it through the elections africa is a one body. one body in this says that we share. one border riza different country in the in the central africa and i think that is very important that we keep a good relationship with all these border first of all all our neighbor because of what we have the same kind of problem cannot leave my house and. i think the future
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of congo is to be open to first the neighbor above the neighbor. notes and so the south when the center of africa i'm looking looking over at the european union as you must have read during your time in prison there are a lot of pressures on the european union but you think the european union can help you as well help the democratic with the help of the help or the republic of congo they continue helping i know it is difficult for them today because of the government we're stopping them to help but i think they're really willing to help and they will not stop helping to go but to get to england and america and so. big support they're giving big support in different. humanitarian and so on through the energy you i know there are a lot about this one and probably they can do more he for more openness or two to european union and two or the organization what about the united nations they have
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a huge peacekeeping contingent in there will you cheer when they finally leave because you would have solved the situation surely it's a mark of dishonor to have so many members of the peacekeeping call that you know there are so many why there's so many because i think that the governor are not taking seriously. the consideration the offer the problem that we're facing and the people of color are facing that's why they are there they are there to help the congo and of course if the. doing a lot of job and work and duty that should be made by the the company's government and. we have to work with them closely and see now how does a government new government i hope tomorrow will be able to under or decide to action during your time as vice president what do you think the most important critical lessons were that you learned that. as a big potential. and really we. a strong
1:44 pm
government turned on the way that we should help the people i'm a program to help people discovery in the five years can be another picture completely another picture infortunately. the government are the one responsible of insecurity and the violence could really make things much easier for everybody the security system security system is it is the may just to to oppress the people and that is wrong and it immediately the people are so yes that is really wrong and finally looking back looking back are on the in satchel criminal court in the hague do you have any sense of bitterness about what happened really. good idea. that no impunity i mean in the
1:45 pm
world for the most crime but. you saw probably since going to be improved in term of the management but i wouldn't like to answer at the moment at the moment on this aspect prefer to keep it like this jumpy about but thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera thank you. the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have the right team you just communities you don't have one vision for the future you have nineteen of them divided along sectarian lines the confessional system in lebanon has destroyed the only real more fiber and heavily influenced by regional allegiances never to have one prevailing over the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that said he kept following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon on al-jazeera.
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1:47 pm
lead their lives that. it created the modern world. this is late trade language geography and the very fabric of human civilization upon it were built the great western palace and was constructed and hierarchy of races but how did it come about and what became of it. the slavery is coming soon on al-jazeera every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. a sweeping association of islam with the violence. in muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice
1:48 pm
a victory on al-jazeera. mean the stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the world health organization calls for a cease fire in yemen to help it stop another cholera outbreak. and i'm laura kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up about ways opposition leader nelson says he does not accept. election victory.
1:49 pm
china says it's ready to impose sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on the u.s. in an escalating trade war. and shepherds in spain resort to traditional methods to try to avoid forest fires. aid agencies are demanding a cease fire in yemen a day off to as strikes in the port city of data killed at least fifty five people while health organization wants to deliver half a million cholera vaccines to the north of the country as says there's a risk of another outbreak has more from neighboring djibouti. that come to buy fish and then the warplanes. doesn't that i cannot have. the strength i saw back we went to the hospital right away and found a disaster a criminal disaster there are twenty six people dead twenty six martyred and we counted thirty five to forty wounded that's not even counting the many wounded we
1:50 pm
sent to private hospitals and we're still nursing the wounded and dealing with those killed. a second strike at the busy market. his rescue workers. conducting the night i was saving people in the second airstrike happened its impact and shrapnel hit my face my cunny plate a little i couldn't feel my hand because of the shrapnel. the fish market was just twenty meters from the gates of the hospital the largest on one of just one full of medical facilities still open in the city of but they both the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition as well as who the flights as did my cutting all the talks they happen does the un special envoy for human and miles to host talks between the government and hold the rebels in geneva on the sixth of september these consultations will provide the opportunity for the park use among other things to discuss the framework for negotiations. so we agree on relevant confidence building
1:51 pm
measures and specific plans for moving process forward next month's planned talks could come too late for some the world health organization is warning yemen could be on the brink of a new color i put them in with even more deaths up to now the w a choice calling for. the yemen to allow for bugs initial campaign to be carted off we have requested as the un three days is tranquility associated with the first oral color of vaccine campaign across fourth fifth and sixth in the north of the country you recall that we were able to start a cv campaigns in the south of the country previously but we've never before been able to do it in the north and we are planning with almost three thousand health workers to vaccinate more than five hundred thousand individuals by the age of one year the world's worst humanitarian crisis may be about to become dramatically was
1:52 pm
the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen is swarming but any attacks in her day that could be coupled with the human toll extending far beyond the limits of the city although seventy five percent of food imports into yemen go through the ports of they that which is essential for imports such as fuel medicine and essential supplies. to boot. but as far as a senior fellow at the middle east institute in washington d.c. he says previous talks on a cease fire failed because of the complexity of what's happening in yemen. well you know last row only had united nations a couple of years ago the un has been pressuring the parties to come to a cease fire the attacks today to fifty five wounded one hundred forty four coming on a war that has killed ten thousand people in our fifty thousand children have died of disease and starvation is putting a lot of pressure when the united arab emirates and the saudi launch their
1:53 pm
attack on a data base over confidently predicted they would be able to out who they say outnumbered is it hasn't worked out that way and the problem that you have is that the impasse in which they do these steps which each interest in holding up they've been accused to go for it supplies that are intended for civilians on the other hand the saudis and the and the u.a.e. are finding the fighting much tougher to go and i think that the problem with you have is the one that we have which is that you have parties with different interests and driven by very emotional reasons the fighting and how data has become so bad that thousands of people of playing every day say if the children estimates three hundred fifty thousand have left in the past few weeks it has also believes three thousand children leave the area every day trying to make it to safer regions the situation today that is already quite dire. medical services are scarce in fact
1:54 pm
actually i was in for a day into the fold hospital a few days ago and at that time they also complained that they had been an air attack a strike that was about two hundred mi to south to the hospital and that had created some damage in the doctor's residence and the truck and went into the hospital they were very concerned at the time they were saying that actually people were scared. one person has been killed during protests along the gaza israel border palestinian officials say one hundred twenty other people have been injured as israeli soldiers fired live ammunition at demonstrators since march thirtieth been protests against israel every friday or than one hundred fifty palestinians have been killed since the protests began. at least twenty five people have been killed in an attack on a shia mosque in afghanistan police say two suicide bombers targeted worshipers join friday prayers in god is south of the capital kabul and fire inside the mosque
1:55 pm
before blowing themselves up more than eighty other people were injured challenged ballots has more from kabul. president danny has come out he issued a statement a very really does sent after bombings and attacks but this time with it being a shia mosque he has come out condemning the attack saying afghanistan will not be divided sunni shia we stand together and we're unified against attacks of this nature now taleban has said this is not they work eisel is suspected they have targeted she many times especially over the last year there were two attacks here in kabul in march thirty nine people killed both suicide attacks last year there were four quite significant attacks all in kabul suicide attacks and more than one hundred people died in those again i say took responsibility parliamentary and district elections are coming up on october twentieth security is a big issue the presidential elections are announced for april next year and it is only everyone's mind not just day to day attacks we've had
1:56 pm
a couple of attacks on civilians and then. its operations there and as you put if you text between the taliban and i saw this so this is attacks across the country and civilians really taking the hit and being in the crossfire on those attacks in recent months and of course prison gone it's mind he's he's really concerned about the setting up to the elections to the point that he seemed in the national army to afghanistan's fifth biggest city in jalalabad to take control from the police to try and sure up security for civilians leaders and bob ways main opposition party says there's been fraud in the election on monday in which president. for just over fifty percent of the vote. says the results were manipulated he's promising to go to court over it and says the election is credible and he's calling for peace and unity. from harare everyone. rights police
1:57 pm
disrupt a press conference about to be given by the bobbies main opposition leader nelson chamisa the order the journey. is to leave saying they have no permission to gather at the hotel. you can look back on some zimbabwe and say scenes like these reminded them of the days when robert mugabe was the power of the boys and that was one thing when freedom of speech was stifled and media reporting was to stick to it the country's information minister eventually tells the police to leave. when allowed to speak to me so i didn't hold back on his words if you wanted a shitty. one yes of. if you want a long and that's it. shortly afterwards the president elect gaga himself spark criticizing the police's heavy handedness but insisting the vote was free and fair to no citizen is a wife to see. her records all rolled up early in zimbabwe's four isn't.
1:58 pm
settled in khrushchev. called for peace slim unity you know island harare is getting back to normal after wednesday's violence but something that tensions could rise challenges the results in court. but then god will have to be a president for all zimbabweans but many zimbabweans will need convincing he was robert mugabe's defense minister during the massacres when thousands were killed and the fact that. some of the issues of. its perception of.
1:59 pm
the president is promising a fresh start but changing decades of in chancer patient in state institutions. will take time. and when i go will have to persuade the international community that seems like this and now a thing of the past so as to not to promise a political economic performance how do we toss al-jazeera. china says it may impose tariffs on a further sixty billion dollars worth of american goods as foreign ministry says the new levies will go into force if the u.s. follows through on its threats to impose more tariffs on his own u.s. accuses china of unfair trade practices and using tariffs to pressure china to reform. the u.s. is already in place a twenty five percent duty on chinese goods where thirty four billion dollars its main detoxing industrial goods china's responded with its own twenty five percent levy on the same amount of items it imports from the u.s. the top ministration is now preparing to up the ante with a twenty five percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods
2:00 pm
the u.s. says chinese steel technology and benefit from unfair government subsidies scott as a senior international economist at the economic policy institute he says china can limit the impact of u.s. tariffs china does hold the ace in the hole in this case it does control its own currency and the currency moves that we've seen to date will offset not just the tariffs the troposphere already imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of imports but on all two hundred billion dollars worth of goods that he's threatening to put tariffs on so. currency movements can overwhelm the effect would be having these very broad tariffs and that's the core problem and that's the issue which we should be addressing what is the appropriate level of china's currency it's falling when in fact the value of china's currency needs to increase by twenty five or thirty percent.


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