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canada's dark secret on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. law and has this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes was going to shut down nationwide anger the internet's cut in bangladesh a student protest ignited by a road safety rao enter a second week. rioting looting and dozens of deaths the growing unrest in ethiopia's east and some ali region as federal government troops try to take control. rushing to protect their leader panic at a military parade in venezuela in what president maduro is calling an assassination
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attempt. and a show of force how russia's biggest rock festival is mixing music with military might. and i'm far as small with the sport including all the buildup as at forty zero as manchester city face chelsea with the first piece and silverware the new english football season on the line. below growing student protests in bangladesh are taking another dangerous turn in the past few hours police have fired tear gas to try to break up student demonstrations in the capital dhaka activists say at least four people have been injured on the eighth straight day of protests paul cheddar john reports. student protesters have blocked streets and for the past week they're demanding government action to improve row. it's safety to young students were knocked down and killed
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by a bus last week traffic accidents kill at least seven thousand bangladeshis every year even though the net i'm going on what we've been protesting on the roads for a few days with some of that amounts with demanding justice for those students of the college killed by a bus and we want safe roads. over the weekend the peaceful protests became violent when police tried to break up the crowds rubber bullets and tear gas or fired at demonstrators the government ordered schools and bus services to shut down bus driver say they were attacked. we stopped running our buses the students attacked and damaged our vehicles we cannot go on the roads as students who don't drive was sort of a good move by. the government trying to quell the violence by cutting internet services to cripple social media and censoring both bangladeshi and international media pro-government student groups are being accused of attacking protesters i'm
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not sitting on a subway i'm wondering what that's actually i mean all are feeling threatened we wanted a peaceful protest we don't want any trouble occurring around here you can grab a bullet was shot on our brothers at murtha neighborhood they were dispersed we don't one told us that they thought that the demonstrators were further incensed by a government minister who questioned why there was uproar about two deaths in bangladesh and the like of anger about thirty three dead in a bus crash in india the previous day government leaders say they're going to implement the students' demands for improved road safety but more protests are feared as both the ruling in opposition party's campaign for elections due in december paul chowder john al-jazeera. well let's look at why road safety is such a sensitive issue in bangladesh more than twenty five thousand people have been killed on its roads in the past three and a half years that's twenty people a day dying and more than sixty two thousand have been injured on the roads but
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joining us now via skype from darker is shade dollar alum he is a photographer and social activists so as we've been saying these protests were sparked by two teens who were killed in a road accident but is this all about road safety or is there something larger going on here very much larger this has been going on for very very long time it's not an elected government so they're not really a mandate rule but the big thing on my group was the looting of the banks you know the media you mentioned just now move out into the at this point these are if we start. to do issue you lose the disappearances the need to get protection money at all levels rivalry or all levels were actually in education it's a never ending list it's been huge. so it really is not and now and then and actually emotion and anger that will lose this particular incident. that
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is really the follow allowed to go through. very recently there was another very big protest about that both because the system is rigged in such a way that only be too close to the party in power. to get up and job and there is a disproportionate amount of junk going to then so death is stuck with very brutal . under pressure the prime minister reforms but then renee there's this don that's the part of the report this done by the student protests. went to a situation where they cannot control it and the prime minister had from it. to their mom. she has no credibility he's made promises before it's not.
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so now they don't do it but i think what we need to look at is what's happening in the streets today. help from the. to come back and students think they rode out ridiculous if not today i was in the streets there are. chasing students and the standing by watching it happen in some cases they are actually helping it out i mean i've been this morning there was a gassing and i saw the police going gang up trying to catch these on. where is these are going now will the students still miss us are walking past. their standard night so where do you think things are going to go from here because these these protests appear to have spread across the country. quite spontaneously and without any kind of central leadership here that this is part of
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the challenge that the government is is dealing with in that this is this is so so grassroots in in in the way that it has spread well i think the government has miscalculated it certainly felt that it was in not repression would have been there now but i think you know not in a timely fashion in this manner and they of course are approaching elections so near it yes the elections are more centered if they are they know that there is that. they will lose but they haven't got an exit plan because they've lived through for so long that they do lose they will be all apart so they have to hang on by elites and that's exactly what they're doing they're thinking on using their own might or the system plus. this. good to speak with. joining us there from. war correspondent tanveer chadri joins us now
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from the time to update us with what's happening there at the moment. well a very volatile and tense situation in the city right now we have reports of clashes in farmgate in. procession of students were coming from down monday towards that place called elephant road now they were stopped by the police and were confronted by the supporters of the ruling party this was last about like fifteen minutes ago now there was a clash in the area between police and the pro-government supporters at least five journalists right in your day were big and among them were eight before the journalists and others were from the local media now even on yesterday during the clash at least six journalists were beaten up including a female journalist from the leading english daily the daily star she was even more or less that according to the newspaper report this is making the journalists very
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scared you know because they're there to do their job and they're getting beaten up in front of the police by what they say is the ruling party supporter we have no way to confirm that and i spoke to some ruling party supporters who brought out a procession in the dr university campus one of their leader told me that look we when i've got one who attacked us yesterday it was not just students who attacked our office and we just confronted them and he said many of the things you are seeing in the first media photo shop i had and was there more than that so they had their own version of course there are some items there are possibly big question in the social media but the city right now what was a social movement against traffic safety is more and more turning out to be a political taking a political dimension rather you know and situation in some part of the city as of now it's still tense you can see behind me a very busy road there's hardly that much traffic people are not getting out and there is a sort of
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a critical view in the street i talked to some people that said these are kids that they shouldn't have been not by police or the pro-government supporters because they weren't doing anything that was political they didn't make any political slogan or anything like that even though the government said that it was again politicized by the opposition party and they were manipulating the movement. tanveer thank you tanveer chadri in the uk of course now venezuela's president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of finance years in the us of attempting to assassinate him we do know we're speaking at a military parade in the capital caracas when an explosion interrupted the event he was not hurt but seven security people were mike hanna reports there's a live broadcast of the ceremony on national television the camera begins to shake and president maduro looks into the air as explosions sound before the feed is cut soldiers who had been on parade are seeing the in panic number reported to be
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injured in the blasts though as there are only investigation as evidence that shows those who had entered the constitution the figo are doing his will in the public. a group calling itself the last day for and their last claimed responsibility in a series of tweets this one with the phrase time is running out a few hours after the attack president maduro addressed the nation saying right wing groups within the country were responsible but also accusing the colombian president one manual son course of involvement in looking for a mark and i have to inform you that some of those who carried out the attack against me today have already been apprehended and they are now being processed in not doing all the they tried to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and let the name of one manuel santos is behind this attempt of president maduro playing to victory in the elections earlier this year but his political
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opponents insisted the process was rigged many venezuelans hold him accountable for a major economic collapse that could see the inflation rate hit one million percent by the end of the year. mike hanna zero. three soldiers serving with the nato force in afghanistan have been killed in a suicide attack one u.s. and two afghan soldiers have also been injured the attackers struck in part of one province north of kabul mashallah ballasts is live for us now from kabul so shallow what more do we know about what happened here. with so much attack happened around six o'clock this morning and i can tell you that there is still a lot of action many hours later we've seen just in the last five minutes standing here at a dozen helicopters leaving from the u.s. u.s. space here in kabul going up to bed which is about sixty kilometers north which is right where near this attack happened blackhawks chinooks heading up the air to
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assist now we understand that three nato soldiers were killed one u.s. soldier who was wounded and two afghan soldiers who were wounded in a suicide bombing they were doing a foot patrol around sunrise just outside of the provincial capital known as cherry when the suicide bomber struck the taliban put out a release about this earlier this morning claiming responsibility saying it happened around six it was their guy and then they coast and u.s. casualties we made calls on this at the time but there was some skepticism around it because the taliban has been spamming through the through the website through twitter to media putting out statements in the last forty eight hour was claiming a lot of attacks against nato and u.s. soldiers in western herat province and we saw the attack happen today in pa one province saying that they were causing casualties every time we call nature on this they seem to know it's simply not true this is propaganda and to this morning's
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attack location i don't know if you can hear the helicopter behind me but then the location of bag room is the biggest military base in afghanistan with the u.s. and the seven within ten kilometers all that this morning nato has wound down its combat operations here it did so in twenty four tane but the still sixteen thousand troops in the country helping afghan soldiers mentoring them supporting them that's what they were doing this morning and it with these nato troops are here on a combat mission and support mission they still suffering casualties we've had three this year and the last time three nato soldiers were killed was in june. continues to be a very volatile situation there for the money shot of dallas live for us in kabul. we got plenty more ahead on this news out a plan syrian government assault on the country's last a rebel held province is put on hold. how the unrest in nicaragua is creating a refugee crisis in neighboring countries. and later in sport tiger woods falls
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behind in ohio all the details coming up. so all are still ahead but first an israeli drone strike has targeted palestinians launching incendiary balloons into israel from the north of gaza gaza's ministry of health says four palestinians have been injured and we were israel's cabinet is meeting in west jerusalem to talk about the controversial nation state law the druze community led a huge rally against the law on saturday and many are angry that it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language and the calling for the bill to be revoked reaching a deal with the hamas leadership in gaza is also high on the agenda anderson is joins me live now from west jerusalem so andrew first of all any response yet from
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the cabinet to last night's demonstrations. no word yet from his cabinet but there was a statement from benjamin netanyahu ahead of the cabinet session starting a couple of hours ago in which he stated that really without the national law would be possible to impossible to insure for decades the future of israel as a jewish state now he said that many times before but then he gets on to the druze issue and that was a really big demonstration it surprised a lot of people and when you see it from above you realize that tens of thousands possibly more than tens of thousands crowding out that square all around he said this about the druze we will establish today a special ministerial committee the vance's the relationship and the commitments what does that mean well no one knows has been
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a haze put over any possible concessions from the government to minority communities and the druze are probably the most angry right now because they serve in the military as a matter of mandatory responsibility that is some say their own fault because they agreed to it unlike palestinian israelis they have to serve in the military and they are there's a growing number who are resisting it so the question now is will these protests get bigger that's remains to be seen there will be another one next week and there will be demonstrations apparently outside the knesset when members resume from their summer recess of effectively an emergency basis to discuss this whole issue they can't make decisions in that session though according to the parliamentary law so where do we go from here it's wait and watch and on the other story that we
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mentioned there will that will the cabinet discuss the negotiations for a long term cease fire deal with hamas in gaza. no what we're going to get is as a security cabinet that's going to convene later on sunday to discuss this a long term deal you mention of course the united nations special envoy in nicholai and lot of has been really busy trying to get some momentum on these talks with with hamas and also with the egyptians involved now what is on the table isn't confirmed we've got a number of issues being speculated over but there is has to be said on the garza side and the egyptian side some optimism it seems that this deal could be a go or so a lot of optimism there whether the israelis see it that way we may hear later on sunday when this security cabinet finishes andrew thanks very much now
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unrest is continuing in ethiopia where government forces moved in to arrest regional leaders in the somali region located in the east of the country federal troops took control of the capital of that region jigger after being met with resistance by paramilitary forces loyal to the local government reports of looting rioting and the burning of churches in the province has been plagued by violence for thirty years after a bid for session in the region mohammed atta is in djibouti. there is a tense standoff in the city of to kick up a couple of the somali region of ethiopia federal troops continue to our lives some of them by planes and friday residents of the city was surprised to see federal troops rolling into the city with tongues and at this point the
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local or special police exchanged fire with the federal troops and these created some confusion in which. began something that's so the entire market of your looted to churches and up to fifty people losing their lives the government in a disservice by justifying why it sends the troops saying that there was a rift between the regional administration and the federal government and that there were plans by the regional administration to announce a separation. from the rest of ethiopia something that course outrightly denied by the regional president mahmoud. now european aircraft manufacturers are rushing to deliver airliners to iran before u.s. sanctions are reimposed on monday thirteen of the twenty a.t.r. planes bought from the franco italian company have landed in iran iranian leaders
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say the sanctions are endangering lives by blocking new aircraft as well as spare parts for its aging fleet iran signed a five hundred thirty six million dollars deal with a.t.r. airbus and boeing of already pulled out of iran during the ninety day wind down period after donald trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal iran air was planning to buy thirty eight billion dollars worth of new jets from them joins us now from tehran so zain how significant was this delivery given that it's now one day before this pullout to the u.s. and the same sions go into place. well anytime something like this happens it is a it is a cause for celebration in iran it's certainly a positive step that these five new planes have been delivered today there were
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officials on the tarmac to greet these planes they flew in with millions of dollars in spare parts no doubt officials preparing for the worst expecting that they may not be able to get cars to keep these planes in the air as u.s. sanctions move forward so it is a positive step but it's a baby step in the grand scheme of things these five planes bring the total a.t.r. is delivered to thirteen out of twenty planes that had been that the deal had had signed for when iranian officials here signed up to buy planes from me and in the broader scope where you spoke about that deal with airbus and boeing thirty nine billion dollars for two hundred plus planes out of those airbus has only been able to deliver three so a drop in the bucket towards what iranian officials were hoping to do to modernize civilian air travel in this country after the twenty fifty nuclear deal and the reason they wanted to do that is pretty simple air travel in iran is dangerous the fleets are old since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and u.s.
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sanctions have been going on since then. air and other airlines here big and small have been unable to purchase aircraft to modernize their fleet so we've seen hundreds of people dying in accidents over the decades and the other aspect of it was it was a way for the sanctions the benefit of this deal that the government had had said was the light at the end of the tunnel for the people economically and in terms of their lives it was a tangible and visible way to bring change via the nuclear deal directly to civilian people to iranians by modernizing civilian air travel and that simply has not happened and so that's just another nagging complaint that the iranian people have of the government have of the impact of u.s. sanctions same. our leading syrian scientist reportedly involved in missile development has been killed in an explosion as easy as a spear and his driver died in the blast near outside hanna in two thousand and
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twelve an armed group killed another senior scientist in damascus israel and western intelligence agencies work used of involvement in the islamic state of iraq and the levant as executed a druze teenager from the syrian village of shockey that's according to local media it's in the southwestern province of psuedo mohammad model was one of thirty six people mostly women and children kidnapped by i saw last month the nineteen year old was killed on thursday after negotiations to release the hostages failed a turkey and russia seem to have come to an agreement to stop the syrian government from carrying out a military offensive on it any more fighting there would trigger a humanitarian crisis of need to the collapse of the so-called a start up process zain a hoarder reports. president bashar assad says it loop is the syrian army's next target the opposition controlled northwestern province is home to almost three
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million people at least half displaced from other rebel areas after so-called surrender deals. but the syrian government's ally russia appears to be giving turkey a chance to what it called stabilize the problems turkey is being asked to fulfill agreed commitments in the so-called fast enough process. accepting responsibility for the situation. expected to fight terrorists. russia says turkey was supposed to expel or dissolved the heat a sham the group formerly known as el nostra as well as what our city in the syrian branch of al qaida those fighters are designated as terrorists by the international community they are powerful and they have in the past we checked with ultimatums to disband. lenders all turkey wants to avoid military action so
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it's using the threat of military action to force will start to disband the announcement that see a rebel groups are united under one command is an example. part of it live lies on the border with turkey which wants to avoid any military offensive that would cause human suffering further displacement and the collapse of the ass and a process. front war especially in the syria area so i. started. for months now members of the so-called radical groups have been targeted in unclaimed attacks that some link to a campaign to eliminate the province from foreign fighters disagreements over at liberty turkey and russia were evident during talks on syria and such the province was not mentioned in the final statement it live was mentioned in a separate statement issued by turkey's foreign ministry emphasizing that the
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province's status as a deescalation zone must be preserved. turkey's military presence won't deter campaigns on the fringes of it live that are aimed at opening highways linking government controlled cities and preventing attacks on the russian and syrian military. that is likely what syria and boy meant when he said there are no plans for a large scale assault on for now russia and turkey still need each other but this time around government leaders and given limited time to deliver. explains why. a military offensive in it lip would be a pivotal moment in the seven year conflict one that may have grave humanitarian and regional consequences the syrian opposition stronghold is one of the four deescalation zones which included eastern ghouta part of homes and areas in the
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southwestern provinces of there are and. the deed was negotiated last year to stop violence and protect civilians but since january this year the syrian regime in plate in violation of that agreement has captured three of them but no leaves this last significant enclave of armed opposition that goes up against president bashar assad's regime capturing it live would put almost seventy five percent of the country under government control but government forces would have to fight a coalition of key rebel factions with reportedly an estimated seventy thousand fighters in order to achieve that goal it live is also strategically important it shares a border with the government stronghold like archaea home to the biggest russian military airbase in the country and the m five highway which is the country's main north south artery collecting turkey syria and jordan runs flight through the province it look also shares
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a border with turkey which is called any offensive there a red line turkey has encircled the province with twelve points along the front lines a military escalation it live would be catastrophic for its population within half of which are internally displaced making the biggest cluster of the statement counts in the world or in a few moments we'll have the weather with richard but still ahead on al-jazeera. tension in indian administered kashmir a day before a court judgment could alter the region's special status. plus he might be in prison but one of brazil's most popular former presidents lula da silva has been nominated to run for office again. and later in sport the young guns take over the tennis tour in washington details coming up.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the french autumn breeze in the city of los. heat wave conditions continue across japan and the korean peninsula these shots come from pyongyang wave temperatures as high as thirty four degrees celsius of course in recent days both north korea and south korea have set all time national records and both pyongyang and soul of set their own all time records well the situation here at the moment is going to change to some extent soon across japan it will do because we've got another typhoon or the last break we had in the japanese heat wave it came when john dari went across honshu well this particular storm shannon shannon is going to make a very close approach to tokyo about zero g. on thursday but then going to take a very different track it will get very close and then we think it's going to be turned by the jet stream into the pacific says going to be a bit touch and go certainly some pretty bad weather for tokyo but it will result
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in a significant drop in temperatures again tokyo look at highs around about thirty four degrees or so there we are being see further north ready a weather front bringing cooler air across the region as a move the forecast on general generally more mobility in the situation we've got this frontal zone close to tokyo which is playing its part general freshen a win ahead of the typhoon itself and so we should see temperatures at least temporarily falling away. the weather catarrh. full of struggles at the mouth and i mean on them when they're there without any same human to me. full of pleasure. an intimate look at life in cuba today if you don't mind i don't know where to get us a lesson with the president or whether the new my leave. my cuba. to
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train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists just people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company to spend the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from so weapon that was supplied by the us government and off being pointed at us soldiers we pick it up let's move. to america's secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera. and again you're watching as you know a reminder of our top stories this hour police in bangladesh have fired tear gas
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and students on the eighth day of their protests to demand road safety improvements the government's cut internet services to try and quell the growing anger after two students were killed by a speeding bus. on its way as president is accusing neighboring colombia and finances in the u.s. of attempting to assassinate him nicolas maduro wasn't hurt when explosions interrupted a military parade he was viewing in caracas. rest is continuing ethiopian government force. was moved into a rest regional leaders in the somali region in the east of the country federal troops took control of the capital of that region off the being met with resistance by paramilitary forces loyal to the government let's get more on that story now joining us via skype from frankfurt is said dolly lemma she is editor in chief of the standard an online news magazine thanks very much for being with us this is
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this is quite a complicated story isn't it just to set the scene for us. of what happened yesterday and what's behind it. thanks for having me yes indeed this is a very complicated history and story but what happened yesterday. the events that led to yesterday's intervention by the federal government police force and an army force begun actually unfolding on wednesday and thursday when so much i mean every time a state government and police force the paramilitary police force what we call them came to drain to another neighboring city to disrupt meeting by elders who have been denouncing the human rights abuses of the region not government. in what we call the presidents and so they have sent to disrupt this meeting to do a demo and that led to an increase in military activity in that region by the
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federal police also leading to the bridge to a city administration which is a chartered city to declare. military command post to protect the meeting and also the city so that events start unfolding on wednesday and thursday leading into the military the federal military to be deployed in and around yesterday. and it's uncertain of the moment as to how the situation may develop in the next few years next few days rather but what does the deployment of the of the ethiopian military in that region mean. well you know if you talk to the civilians on the ground those who are not to the region government i. think they pretty much went the protection of the federal government army because that the paramilitary discretion paramilitary force that was unconstitutional he established in two thousand and eight and was you know handed over to the region that the government there are very
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much known for the way to spread human rights abuses so people are not feeling safe under the released bad sections of these paramilitary so the civilians particularly from other ethnic groups very much welcome the intervention of the federal government this of course when you look at it persecution only people are decrying that this is against the constitution and trespasses the fiddle arrangement of the constitution so it is a very delicate balance that the federal government has to do in negotiating peace peace for settlement out of these crimes mike what i've seen what options at this point does does the government in at this abba have to contain the situation. well there is no other option you know discouraging the military confrontation we're hearing now that the president of the original state has been surrounded since system day and he said presidential palace first cry of the federal army and no
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overnight they have forcibly and clearly he has been deploying he's ordered early start me so this might potentially lead into and this is very confrontational so i think the federal government has to resort into negotiations bring all stakeholders including the or end their lives if they're all going to national liberation front which has a huge stake in peace and security issues and that's region and also you know the regional government despite the president being abused i sort accused of human right abuses they have to negotiate with the regional administration with people who are willing to peaceful a sense of the situation you know the federal government cannot continue confronting militarily and cannot bring in a military solution to this very delicate situation certainly is and we appreciate you sharing lights on it for us said ali joining us there in frankfurt thanks so much for being with us thanks for. our courts in zimbabwe have denied bail to
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twenty three opposition supporters accused of inciting violence a protest against vote rigging six people were killed when the army opened far demonstrations on wednesday the opposition says the charges are politically motivated the british government describes the response to the protests by security forces as disproportionate of the health ministry in the democratic republic of congo says three more people have now died from the latest outbreak of the bowl of virus number of confirmed cases risen to thirteen the world health organization says this outbreak poses new problems because it's in north kivu province several groups are fighting there. now indian administered kashmir has come to a standstill as the supremes court considers a challenge to a constitutional provision that gives the region special status article thirty five a gives the area autonomy and prevents outsiders from settling their locals fear
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the ruling b j p party is trying to undermine that autonomy and pave the way for mass migration separatist leaders have called for a two day shutdown across the state fintan monahan has more. activists in indian administered kashmir are really going to put they see as a threat to their future article thirty five the indian constitution prevents outsiders from settling or owning property and what they call djoko today but that big challenge in the courts. india's ruling party says article thirty five a in trenches divisions and prevents the region from integrating. it won. and sense the symbolism among some of the. kashmir is claimed by both india and pakistan india has been fighting separatist their project. and those seeking independence changing article thirty five eight as part of
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a plot to solidify india control. for a long time they have been trying to. dilute the kashmir dispute by giving to bush and that the question we do people need to be assimilated in india culturally religiously linguistically and this is an effort towards that the un resolution the video clear that it has to be a plebiscite in jammu and kashmir and they want to change the demographic population graph of jubilant because it is a muslim majority state and what they want is that you know that if the laws are chain and state subject laws are changed you could easily send people from india to live in. india has a population of more than one point three billion people well indeed administered kashmir has only twelve million to some the threat is economic as it is political will lose everything everything by everything i mean that others will be. anything here and there how they will be entitled to do business off everything
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whether it is. industry then they can explore. the utilization of minerals so we will not be left with anything for the post these others fear changing article thirty five they have a direct impact on their livelihood so the textile factory he says an influx of newcomers would kill his business eventually i may have to shut down my business because the people from other parts of the country invest in here and my brother will become cheap. article thirty five a preserve the projects to use quo in indian administered kashmir separatist say protests and strikes will escalate if the court decides to intervene. into monohan al-jazeera a rival rallies in nicaragua have shown how divided the country is thousands of
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people turned out for marches on saturday either in support for or against president ortega rights groups say more than three hundred people have been killed since april in clashes with pro-government forces take it has accused his critics of trying of seeking a coup against him or the crisis is spilling over into other countries in the sea and newman reports now from san jose. the lemon says park in costa rica's capital is the first point of call to nicaraguans newly arrived with just the clothes on their back. when you say they walked two days using clandestine border crossings to avoid the nicaraguan army. they've come from all over their troubled torn country. to paramilitary started going door to door and since my son is part of the freedom movement they sacked our house when they couldn't find us so we skate and cross the border at three am. we left with nothing because i was born there were going to cut
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my son's throat i said son we have to leave right now most of the younger men cover their faces was president has labeled them terrorists this twenty one year old student shows us his bullet. they took part in massive roadblocks and confronted police and paramilitary forces until they were forced they say to flee for their lives. we haven't lost the war we are just resting to recharge our strength we tell daniel ortega we had to leave but will return and he'll be the one to go some stay with friends but the majority are now penniless and homeless surviving on the generosity of compatriots already living here in costa rica this is one of several makeshift shelters for the nicaraguans that are here in san jose those who don't fit here are going to some private homes but more and more people are coming every day and we're told that the resources of the local the community are being stretched to the limit. immigration authorities tell us so
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far twenty three thousand nicaraguans have applied for asylum. but this well student leader is not one of them. we're not asking for political asylum because their objective is to return to nicaragua that's where our workers first i need help to shore up international support for our cause but former costa rican president and nobel peace prize laureate. doesn't believe the solution to the crisis is near. it's very evident that ortega won't bring order lections i don't think dying or takers willing to hold them because he is going. that there is no way that he can win an election if it's clean and transparent. and as the crisis enters its fourteenth's week the refugees keep coming and they keep covering their faces afraid they say that even here the long arm of ortega's paramilitary groups could reach them. you see in human al-jazeera some corsica
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story of the brazilian workers party has endorsed former president luis. de silva as its candid it for october's election but he remains in jail for corruption and money laundering daniel shriner reports from sao paolo on why many want lula back. will make brazil happy again that's the party slogan but his supporters believe despite him serving a twelve year prison sentence they say they'll keep backing him until all options to release him are exhausted he's a political. prisoner right now because the there is not in our view even a. defeat of proof that. we think that the his judgment has a strong political tone and we consider that he has not. he's not
1:46 pm
a guilty even if it is allowed out in the actual court must decide if he's eligible to stand if leura seems like he does not run in october's elections he's going to be a difficult man to replace one of the other twelve candidates even comes close no them getting more than fifteen percent in the opinion polls and many of them far less than not. gaining support and attracting controversy is the military man. he tells his audience what they want to hear a lot of that while others are outraged he's expressed his admiration for donald trump and some have compared him to the u.s. president will say. to schools i know the discomfort i have caused to what we call the establishment or the machine the system we know that i am the ugly duckling in the story but i'm sure we will soon be beautiful. a key figure in that establishment the sure i'll do i'll claim wall at the other end of the political spectrum and splitting the left wing vote for an ally of the jailed leader gomez
1:47 pm
and the former environment minister in loose government but in silver is still that love on me i'm running for the third time as a candidate in a very delicate situation i believe my political integrity will prevail and resilient people should no longer be left out of the traditional political structure. the finance minister in the current government. hardly registers an indication of the deep unpopularity of president. but perhaps the greatest statement in the country where voting is obligatory is that more than half the electorate either doesn't know who it will vote or even. a rock music festival in russia has lots of heavy metal show and it's not just on stage tens of thousands of fans flock to see their favorite bands and some of russia's latest weapons. it's
1:48 pm
a summer staple for many russians being is the largest rock festival some also call it russia's woodstock a yearly appointment with the finest of the country's music scene. which. hasn't missed for the past three seasons it's amazing. you can hear your favorite musicians all your favorite musicians in one place the festival started two decades ago after the fall of the soviet union but recently it also became an exhibit ground for the most unlikely of institutions the russian ministry of defense its presence felt from the air with the performance of the russian knights aerobatic team to do the light of myth. is that we think it's not just a pride professor the whole country the presence of the ministry of defense is not
1:49 pm
sponsorship or some kind of special agreement that's a story which came to life because people are interested in taking part in a dump by the ministry over the past five years the ministry expanded its presence from air shows to a full on display of power it might be surprising to have a military exhibit at a rock festival but these days in russia there's a great sense of national pride and ask anyone here they will credit that feeling to the army. some of the new is equipment and weapons are shown here like this armored personnel vehicle already in use by the infantry division here such piece of modern hardware has a different purpose. we want to show people and young men in particular what kind of equipment we have and what our army is capable of when people want to see this up close patriotism increases when you see them you get some kind of pride for your country for your fatherland and you are confident in
1:50 pm
tomorrow. some artist did pull out in protest but many big names like the. lead singer of men one of the most famous russian bands indorse the festival nothing like that happens at the european festivals but because because the russian society some of the tryst were so fond of our victory parades and like we can never escape it's so basically i decided for myself just accepted at this festival. it's not clear whether this marriage of music and military is a spontaneous one or it was in pose but it's a detail that many here don't seem to care about the depth of how many al jazeera. festival all right still ahead on al-jazeera all the sports and gareth bale is helping ease the pain for brown madrid fans after now those departure details coming up.
1:51 pm
august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their fates linked to on the attacks even though they too the victims of the bombing the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host after the tempi to a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a ring. brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth of august al-jazeera will cover the developments from time wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human explode taishan system then laid the foundation of today's global powers august on al-jazeera the young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese firewall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera.
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writes get all this for now as far as and thank you so much the first part of silverware of the english football season is on the line on sunday premier league champions manchester city take on f.a. cup holders chelsea for the community shield at wembley stadium pep guardiola city side go into the new season having had an impressive campaign the last time round in addition to their e.p.l. title triumph they also won the league cup as for chelsea it's a new dawn for them they have a new manager where it seems sorry i will be looking this season to improve on their fifth place finish in the league i want to win. because it's very
1:53 pm
important to have the immediately throw feet. but i think in this moment this season is very important to the performance we have to improve of gods and so i hope. to see from my team not just the four. of course we were we knew the five. short term. view would we have gone another. chance he would be who would we have to do. believe the final who will we need. you around madrid coach elaine lopate he has said that he expects gareth bale to step up following the departure of christian or an old oh and it looks like the welsh forward is doing just that
1:54 pm
bale scored a stunner in a pre-season friendly with eventis ironically the team were naldo left to rail for winning this game three one but bale himself has a lot of work to do to emulate her knowledge of who did play on saturday while smith scored twenty one goals in thirty nine appearances across all competitions last season while bernardo had forty four in forty four. runs football authorities could be heading towards a dispute with carlos heroes who is contract as national team coach expired last week the iranian football federation is unable to pay the portuguese who guided them to the twenty eighteen world cup the federations say they owe him seven hundred thousand dollars but are on able to transfer the money carroll says said to be eyeing other jobs and is one of the favorites to be named the coach of south korea african football champions cameroon have named clarence sader for as their new coach the dutchman joins the indomitable lions with his former international teammate patrick cole verite assistant form around madrid ac milan striker say
1:55 pm
dorff will be tasked with leading cameroon in the defense of their africa cup of nations crown they are due to host the competition next june sedar has previously managed to mel and charisma all sedar for arrives during a stormy period cameroon won the africa cup of nations last year but they are. but they then failed to qualify for the world cup in russia and their hosting of the continental championships next summer is in doubt after a negative inspection reports the. work is going on at the stadium of sixty thousand capacity and with fifty thousand seats in the set of spec three men the next half inspection simply consolidate the willingness of cameroon to succeed in organizing the cup of nations and twenty nineteen if any champion alexander is a rival face australia's alex dimon are in the final list of the city open in
1:56 pm
washington twenty one year olds of rev east past teenager. surpassed greece in the semifinal of the german world number three advancing to the final with a six three six four when it's arrives for east win of the year making him the first player on the world tour to achieve this. just and thomas is a soul leader heading into the final round of golf invitational in akron ohio the american had five birdies and nine holes to end the day on three under par sixty seven three shots behind her warrior malcolm roy and ian poulter tiger woods and eight time champion at firestone battle two with seventy three american fellow eleven strokes and you just have to see what the greens are like you know later in the day they're obviously going to be firmer than they are in the morning they were still sticking a little bit but they definitely got a little firmer today you know i had some some really caught our shots that were landing about where we won and then they were kind of skipping past where is the last couple days they were so that's something that we just it is the round went on
1:57 pm
and it will have to look at it anymore. everything i didn't warm up very well most didn't hit the ball crisp or clean. you know the first or. the difference as i made everything the first. today and didn't make anything andre devinsky oh so a sealed pole position for the czech moto g.p. they did cut a rider lead fellow italian valentino rossi by two hundred sixty seven the second championship leader marc marc has will start sunday's race from start. to have been really happy because i didn't expect i feel good but not like this when i started. feeling really good support from the bike was able to break really hot and that's all your sport for now more later it's back to great stuff thanks very much for a look forward to that and that's it for me has him speak up for this news hour more news in two minutes with beat adult.
1:58 pm
court. the first batch of u.s. sanctions against iran go into effect on august sixth. as iranians brace for the
1:59 pm
impact will be into iran. covering the story from their perspective looking at what sanctions mean for iran's economy and its people a special coverage on al-jazeera. is abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the trauma lives on. witness on is the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering resolve for an official apology for this morning chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where and for your.
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police fired tear gas as they struggle to contain nationwide anger protests ignited by road safety rob and for a second week in bangladesh. alone welcome i'm peter told me you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead rioting looting and dozens of deaths in eastern you see opium as federal troops try to control the state someone joined with somalia plus. it's george state of the not the jewel shall we us of the government and the or the name but then both the knesset good delete all these good.


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