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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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iran's president accuses america of psychological warfare as the u.s. reimpose is the first round of sanctions. and this is al jazeera live from dell also coming up the diplomatic route between canada and saudi arabia intensifies now the saudi national airline stops all flights to toronto. survivor is pulled out of the rubble as search and rescue continues in indonesia's lombok province after sunday's earthquake plus. below in the mountains of southwestern colombia were illicit crop cultivations like
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this marijuana plantation is just one of many problems needing to be addressed by incoming colombian president. the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will come into force in the next hour it's now ninety days since president donald trump formally withdrew the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal which was agreed with world powers in two thousand and fifteen iran's president has accused washington of waging psychological warfare the sanctions are likely to weaken iran's currency which has been in freefall since trump's decision also blocking iran from getting access to american dollars and the u.s. will stop imports from iran including food cars and carpets the sanctions will also limits iran's ability to buy raw materials like steel and coal as well as precious
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metals and then at the start of november more sanctions will kick in bailing clude measures specifically targeting the oil sector foreign banks that do business with iran will be targeted too kimberly hallock a reports from washington. the united states says iran is a threat and it wants to punish the country's government by isolating it from the global financial system starting tuesday u.s. sanctions will be reimposed to target a range of sectors blocking iran from purchasing u.s. banknotes and trading in gold in metal like aluminum steel it will also limit iran's access to software and automotive sectors will blocking its ability to purchase commercial aircraft or trade in food and other goods this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made the snapback sanctions are part. of a promise made by u.s. president donald trump when he withdrew the united states in may from the twenty
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fifteen agreement known as the j c p o a close u.s. allies like france's president emmanuel mccraw and germany's chancellor angela merkel remain committed to the agreement aimed at limiting tehran's nuclear program but the u.s. argues it didn't work as it didn't go far enough. the u.s. also argues the profits made from the lifting of sanctions is being used to purchase and export weapons in places like syria lebanon and gaza to support proxy militias and the state financing of terrorism the sanctions come as protests continue in iran against deteriorating economic conditions but the united states denies the sanctions are timed to force regime change instead it says it hopes to modify the iranian government's behavior despite longstanding u.s. policy of no formal diplomatic relations with iran president donald trump has even
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indicated he's willing to sit down for talks with iran's leaders no preconditions no they want to meet anytime they want heightening tensions top european foreign policy chiefs are implementing something called a blocking statute to protect e.u. firms still intent on doing business with iran in spite of the u.s. sanctions prompting this stern warning from a senior republican senator. under these sanctions you have to pick between the american economy in the iranian economy you can no longer do business with choose wisely this nap back sanctions are also just the beginning in ninety days and now there are round of even more punishing sanctions targeting iran's massive oil industry will come in to a fact can really help get al-jazeera the white house or mike hanna joins us now
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live from washington d.c. so mike the domestic political situation quite polarized in the u.s. how is this issue playing out there well it certainly is polarized as it has been throughout the times the trump administration and in fact before and predictably the division is along partisan lines among members of congress republicans largely support president transaction they were deeply unhappy with the nuclear deal in the first place back in twenty fifteen when there was a democratic controlled house however they now back president trump in what he's doing not so the democrats they have expressed deep concern about to president transaction in terms of reneging on that two thousand and fifteen deal in particular many argue that he has created a conflict where there was in the past resolution implying that by taking this action president trump is bringing back the possibility of iranian nuclear development into the international arena something that they contend the twenty
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fifteen agreement had removed. is there much domestic concern about the u.s. feeling some diplomatic isolation though over this. yes that is also something that one is hearing from the democrats in particular this is the latest in a series of decisions to pull out of international organizations but importantly for this twenty fifteen agreement that was done with traditional allies with germany france the european union these are bodies who have traditionally been very strong and very close to the united states by walking away from this deal many critics of president trump contend he is further isolating the united states at a time when it doesn't need isolation he's further alienating allies who have been strong in the past allies such as i mentioned germany the united kingdom european union france so certainly there is a great deal of concern among president trump's critics in particular that what we
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are seeing here is a process of increasing isolation of the u.s. from the international arena so what these critics contend is that the decision to walk away from the nuclear deal along with the decision to walk away from other international agreements that president trump has decided to do is creating problems future problems for the united states both politically as well as economically or on my account there from washington d.c. when iran is putting on a brave face president hassan rouhani says he can rely on russia and china to help the oil and banking sectors he has more from to her on. if you were to construct a word cloud of president house and rouhani these comments then the word china would no doubt appear as one of the most prominent the iranian leader repeated the name of this important strategic economic ally in the region several times no doubt an indication that iran intends on relying on its relationship with china more and
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more as it continues to face american sanctions and economic pressure in weeks and months to come president hassan rouhani also address the idea of new negotiations with the united states with the with the administration of u.s. president donald trump the person who was abandoned because the asians is trump and his government and he is doing something which is against the iranian people against the interests of iran. is there was honesty iran would come to. the u.s. sanctions contradict any intention to negotiate how can we be honest about wanting to negotiate if you are putting sanctions against children and sick people. in terms of practical steps that the iranian government intends to take to combat ongoing american economic pressure dealing with china and russia as trade partners as economic allies as one thing he also applauded the european union for issuing
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blocking regulations to help resist the pressure of ongoing american sanctions against iran he thanked people for their ongoing patience with regards to their financial hardship and he said that things were going to get better but effectively asked frustrated iranian people many of whom who have been taking to the streets in protest for a little more time to help course correct the country's economy. saudi arabia state airline is suspending flights to and from toronto in an intensifying diplomatic row with canada on monday riyadh froze new trade and investment and expelled the canadian ambassador the move was in retaliation for countless call to free saudi civil society activists have been arrested the saudis accuse the canadian government of interfering in their affairs. the canadian foreign minister is refusing to back down we will always speak up for human rights we will always speak
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up for women's rights around the world. and i do also want to say when it comes to the big dowie family. and stuff haidar is a canadian citizen and she and her family therefore. merit special attention from the government of canada and a lot of canadian civil society has been speaking up for her it's something that we do we stand up for canadians and their families around the world. poll china jan has more. candid is a bastard saudi arabia is on his way home the saudis say dennis is no longer welcome and they're accusing the canadian government of interfering in the kingdom's internal affairs as well as spreading misinformation at the lot was that the head of the so diminished studio for enough first has expressed disbelief like this negative a phone dot com which was not based on any accurate or true information. the
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diplomatic dispute was triggered by the canadian embassy in riyadh tweeting its concern about the arrest of civil society and women's rights activists including some are but dawa the tweets urges saudi authorities to release them women's suffrage political activists some are but he was honored in two thousand and twelve by then u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama but though he was jailed after suing the kingdom for the right to choose her own husband very devoted person. free her brother writes but we was sentenced to ten years and one thousand lashes in two thousand and fourteen for insulting islam through a blogging website for public debate others arrested by saudi police have pressed for the rights of women and the rights of shia muslim minority another woman was taken into custody because she's married to an islamic law scholar is absolutely ridiculous that the saudi authorities can and no one had come through with some sun
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limited reforms like the left and the driving bad but on the other hand over rest of their e same women who helped to bring about this reform since may we've seen more than a dozen women's rights activists arrested in what is an unprecedented black crackdown the kingdom has just allowed women to drive for the first time and to attend sporting events and cinemas have opened after being banned saudi arabia is a major trading partner supplying ten percent of canadian crude oil imports canada listed saudi arabia as the second largest buyer of canadian arms after the us the two countries signed a twelve billion dollar arms deal four years ago china there was. an important part spend all their armor and also. the source of revenue for a number of universities. the rest is just critics say canada. allies must help in taking
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a stand to pressure the kingdom to stop its crackdown on activists calling for change. on al-jazeera. rescue workers in indonesia have pulled a survivor from a mosque that collapsed in sunday's earthquake and they've been using heavy machinery to clear the rubble the mosque is one of thousands of buildings that collapsed the six point nine quake killed at least ninety eight people emergency crews are yet to reach some of the worst hit areas. and joins us now from. london i understand your in a hospital right now how a medical service is coping with the casualties. yes that's correct i'm here at the field hospital an improvised little hospital here. it's a small provincial town here on long block and you can see actually patients are being treated outdoors as we've seen around long nobody d.s.
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to use these hospitals anymore many have serious damage or they have cracks and they're still aftershocks being felt throughout the night so doctors and patients have all moved outdoors they are expecting more patients to come here there was also a small operation earlier because from the very hardest hit area hospitals are so full. so they're basically spreading the patients around the island right now to see where there's any places where patients can still be treated the survivor pulled from the mosque that you were showing earlier basically that's the first and only rescue operation we have the equipment has been used a lot of our areas where mosques also collapsed on top of worship because that happened the earthquake happened during the evening prayers no rescue operation has happened so far there is a serious lack of equipment on the island and rescue workers are basically struggling there's still some locations last night when i was. at the mosque
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they're still saying as some voices can be heard but of course it's now more than fourteen hours after the earthquake struck so how funny is people might be far too late all right thanks so much. still to come on al-jazeera the star witness in the trial of his former campaign manager takes to the stand plus this is their opinion people these are. controversial talk show host to council president compass of fine that is back and online. how the rating went from the eastern side of the u.s. zen it was heartwarming sticky for a while sufficient a bit of an advisory heat advisory analysis coming your way or if we got well for
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new york probably a fine looking day and that it turned shall be by the end of tuesday thirty one humid degrees not line extends down to the valley then disappears into the plain states well into big showers potentially here leaving the midwest a little dry southeast corner just waiting for what's going to happen now the desert southwest and beyond where of course we think you issues and decent showers it disappeared for a while and is up to thirty five but the day after they returned she was in decent wetness running up through to sudden arizona by that time at the same time midwest is going dry the showers a pretty rare now evening nearing there but still thirty one in effect humid new york. the big shots we saw of the last few days in cuba in jamaica in haiti they did briefly show themselves i don't think they're going to be repeated because much of the energy is as much this side of the caribbean as the pacific side of mexico's couple of tropical storms. it will be wet as a result but that's disappearing so i think we'll see once again the concentration
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of showers in places like guatemala and honduras. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to know. me. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will come into force in the coming hour it's now ninety days since president donald trump granade on the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal france president is accusing washington of waging psychological warfare. rescue workers in indonesia have pulled a survivor from a mosque that collapsed in sunday's earthquake on long island they have been using heavy machinery to clear the rubble the magnitude six point nine quake killed at least ninety eight people. saudi arabia state airline is suspending flights to and from toronto made and tense a fine diplomatic route with canada on sunday riyadh froze new trade and investment and expelled the canadian ambassador it was in retaliation to counter urging saudi arabia to free human rights activists. stephen chase is
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a journalist the globe and mail newspaper in auto and he says canada's education industry could be hit hard by the disagreement. if you're talking about the relationship the saudi can a relationship you know we're talking about a four billion dollar you know two way trade training relationship be here i think saudi arabia would rank for instance twenty fourth or twenty fifth among our trading partners so we are not major trading partners. the real the real impact though is you know these you know the saying all politics are local the prospect of the saudis withdrawing fifteen thousand saudi students from canadian universities is i would say having a major impact it's concerning people greatly we're talking about hundreds of millions of not more billion billions of dollars of revenue that they stand to lose and i think people are quite concerned about that here in canada i think ordinary canadians tend to see saudi arabia as
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a repressive. you know authoritarian regime and they're a bit surprised to see the saudis. getting angry at them and not only that they're a bit surprised to see this twitter campaign which is taking aim at some of canada's. troubled human rights record especially when it concerns the treatment of indigenous people. ethiopia's federal government has taken over the administration of the eastern somali region to restore law and order the regional president resigned and agreed to hand over power after fifty people were killed in the regional capital jigger on saturday the violence began after the government deployed troops sparking tension with local paramilitary forces i'm a dad has more from the neighboring djibouti. the ethiopian federal government say that can these rare step to issue a security is brought back to the somali region a statement from the prime minister's office hinted at the local administration.
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being on the verge of announcing the suppression of the region from the rest of the country the government communication minister spoke on national television saying the federal government was now in charge of security analysts ocean off the somali region of ethiopia and that federal troops and policemen have been deployed he also said that the commission of inquiry has been appointed to look into what caused the clashes on saturday that left fifty people dead the minister also said that the government is going to ensure in the coming days to appointment of a political leadership for the region. ivory coast france didn't alexander ouattara has issued an amnesty for the wife of former leader laurent gbagbo simone bibo is one of eight hundred citizens what are said he had pardoned during the state address in two thousand and fifteen she was convicted of offenses against the state
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during a brief two thousand and eleven civil war simone was sentenced to twenty years in prison. but as well as for us and nicholas modood has failed to appear at a rally in caracas thousands of people had turned out to support what was expected to speak on saturday he escaped what the government called an assassination attempt drones exploded while he was speaking at a military parade doura was unharmed and has accused colombia's president and u.s. finances of being behind the incident colombia's president one man was santos rejects murderers allegations. yesterday i phone there was an even stranger accusation that i am with american intelligence with the venezuelan right setting up plots to assassinate the president of venezuela for god sakes to the venezuelan president i see this on saturday i was
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doing more important things i was at my granddaughter's baptism. colombia's youngest president will be inaugurated on tuesday he's pledged to permanently eradicate cocoa cultivation in a country often known as the cocaine capital of the world or the un office on drugs and crime estimates that eight hundred sixty six tons of cocaine was produced in labs across colombia in two thousand and sixteen cocoa crops cover one hundred forty six thousand hectares of land mostly in isolated regions where is the government control the u.n. believes one hundred six thousand families live off of cocoa production as their main source of income demand for the drug comes primarily from the u.s. and europe al-jazeera as many well are a part of has more from toribio colombia. in the mountains of western colombia plantations of illicit crops checker the landscape. for individuals harvesting
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cocoa or marijuana as in the case of where you live there is no legal crop that will bring in as much money and was put on. we had expecting to make between eleven and fourteen thousand dollars if the price is in our favor the price is unpredictable like the weather. over the last three years cultivation of illicit crops has skyrocketed in this region. many believe that the issue has already grown out of the control of the national government colombian president event who can't has called illicit crop cultivations like this marijuana field with some around two thousand plants on it in existential threat and has. to increase eradication efforts including a crop substitution program for rural farmers i the new president has also announced a policy that includes the deployment of unmanned drones. to spray illicit crops with a chemical herbicide life is
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a little they are either naive or they think we are all just stupid enough to believe that drones will defeat the phenomenon of drug trafficking this is alex and that he's a colombian senator and a critic of the proposed eradication efforts. the only way to stop drug trafficking is for farmers and people in these regions where illicit crops are grown to be aided by the government and for the government to have their backs. tell us like to exist at the fringe of the government's control business owners like when goggles say without government support marijuana cultivation has become an important part of the communities. by cultivating in commercializing because now money then one way or another moves the local economy that's the impact i've seen marijuana farmers like over the say they're concerned about the future worried that the new government will send soldiers to destroy their plants removing their only source of income and up
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a little dizzy to be. a new wildfire is broken out in california burning hundreds of thousands of scrub in a matter of hours planes and helicopters a battling the flames in orange county the army is sending troops to help emergency crews who are battling more than one hundred twenty five's across the west and us now the chief executive of one of the world's biggest food and beverage companies is stepping down indra nooyi has led pepsi co for the past twelve years and will remain as the chairwoman until early next year the sixty two year old from india was the company's first foreign born c. . the x. business partner of paul manifolds has taken the stand against him forces the former donald trump presidential campaign manager he denies bank and fraud charges rick gates is already in testified that he stole money from four and helped him
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file false tax returns. he has more from outside the court in alexandria virginia. brigades was unequivocal he for he said knowingly conspired to deceive the u.s. government falsely under reporting the amount of income paul manifold was receiving and not declaring several foreign bank accounts all about illegal however gates also had to admit that he was embezzling money from poor man or for hundreds of thousands of dollars from those foreign bank accounts and that's key to the defense they say this is an unreliable man a man doing what he can to save his own skin and he is being pressured in order to say what the special counsel one simple to indict to indict paul mount a for to get him out of fort to begin cooperating with the special counsel on russia. some social media platforms in the u.s. have banned the talk show hosts for promoting hate speech info wars host alex jones
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has a huge online audience and pushes many conspiracy theories including a claim that the sandy hook school massacre in connecticut was a staged event alan fisher has the details this is their plan people these are demons we know as a national radio show more than two million year to prescribe and a website called info wars that's made him a wealthy man but alex jones is facing an increasing number of platforms who will no longer publish his content in the last few days he's been removed from facebook i tunes and the also you chip with his video rants wreck up millions of hits first demonize him for wars lie about us build a straw man then sue us to add credibility to that then have a few fake strikes on you tube and facebook with nebulous terms like bullying children and islamophobia jones is a controversial figure he claims the sandy hook school massacre was staged by crisis actors as a way to change gun laws in the us one of the families is now suing him for libel
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the first hearings in the case have been held near his texas b s. he believes the nine eleven attacks were organized and carried out by the u.s. government and the government kills people by controlling the weather president donald trump is a fan he appeared on his radio show saying his reputation was amazing and he wouldn't let him down and a pioneer and an explorer. i know human and this one analyst rejects the idea george's removal has freedom of speech implications first amendment does not give you a right to have a presence on a website personal only limits governments from censoring you so what facebook and twitter are doing is not censorship it's private companies making decisions just like newspapers have always made decisions about who they will bring into their forms apple has dropped his podcasts as have other online streaming services
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facebook removed four pages linked to his in four wars website in a statement the company says upon review we've taken it down for glorifying violence and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender muslims and immigrants which violates a hate speech policy in his recent child custody case joins us lawyer insisted he was simply playing a character and though he'll be doing that to a much smaller audience on fewer platforms. alan fischer obviously or washington. and time to have a look at the headlines here now to syria now the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will come into force in less than an hour it's now ninety days since president on trying to formally withdrew the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal iran's president is accusing washington of waging psychological warfare saudi arabia state airline is suspending flights to and from
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toronto in an intensifying diplomatic route with calendar on sunday riyadh froze new trade and investment and expelled the canadian ambassador it was in retaliation for canada urging saudi arabia to free human rights activists. rescue workers in indonesia have pulled a survivor from a mosque that collapsed in sunday's earthquake. and they've been using heavy machinery to clear the rubble the magnitude six point nine quake killed at least ninety eight people still haven't reached some of the. more from outside the hospital and. patients are being treated outdoors as we've seen around nobody to. many serious damage or cracks and they're still being felt throughout the night so doctors and patients have all moved outdoors they are expecting more patients to come here there was
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also a small operation earlier because from the very hardest hit area hospitals are so full of. the island right now to see where. patients can still be treated. to merge to become the largest blaze in california's history firefighters say the blaze at mendocino is still growing further south in orange county a new fire is burning swarms of land people have been told to leave their homes as a precaution yami you're sending troops to help emergency crews battling more than one hundred twenty five. it's witness now stay with us. mean mars commercial capital yang gone is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their whole inside this cycle of debt when east on al-jazeera.
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