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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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democracy is complicated. to have a six part series but five years we can do chinese democracy experiment announces new. banking on the u.s. dollars power donald trump wants other countries against trading with iran after he really imposes sanctions. i'm sam is eight and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up new charges against malaysia's former prime minister another court date for najib razak in a corruption case. colombia's new leading man the divided country celebrates the swearing in of its
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youngest president. i. confronting a passionate community mexico's new leader takes the fight against drugs to a town once known as the world's most capital. trumps talking up the toughness of new sanctions against iran and warning the world must follow suit this just months after he remained on the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal trump tweeted the sanctions were the most biting ever imposed and he says anyone not doing any one doing business rather with iran will not be doing business with the u.s. adding i'm asking for world peace nothing less despite trump's threats the european union is encouraging member countries to keep doing business with iran the white
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house is counting on the power of its dollar though to keep companies in line. and reports from washington d.c. . the u.s. plan when it comes to iran hurt the economy hurt the people forced the government to agree to change much of its foreign policy the policy is not regime change but we definitely want to put maximum pressure on the government and it's not just to come back to discuss fixing a deal that's basically not fixable dealing with the nuclear weapons aspect we want to see a much broader retreat by iran from their support for international terrorism their belligerent military activity in the middle east and their ballistic missile nuclear related programs all things around is unlikely to agree to still as the partners in the nuclear deal are urging dialogue we really just encouraging united states to start talking. in order to be able to find a route forward the european union is trying to protect its companies taking the
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unusual step of issuing a blocking statement that says european companies should ignore u.s. sanctions but still car companies drug manufacturers and many other big names are leaving iran the reason if a company does business in the united states and then chooses to do business in iran well the u.s. government can basically cut them out of the u.s. market that is a much more important economic one government officials here say they will be watching closely and they plan to aggressively enforce the sanctions that have been put in place. still the u.s. is going this alone unlike last time the other major economies like china are vowing to continue to do business with iran and even though they technically will not be able to use the u.s. dollar the world's currency former state department official jared blank says they will find a way to work around that and that will hurt the u.s. in the long term the world's banking system is like a sewer and all of the plumbing runs to new york there's new laws of physics
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there's new laws that says that has to be true it's just the way things have developed since world war two right now you've got. the e.u. which is their economy is as large as ours you've got china growing to the point that they will soon be larger than us and if we abuse the power that we get from that central role if we could preciously apply sanctions without taking into account the national security concerns of our closest allies and partners we're going to lose that position. literally ministrations bet in the power of the u.s. dollar is key to our economic growth all around the world around hoping that by the u.s. going it alone that will no longer be the case al-jazeera washington iraq's prime minister says he's against the sanctions on neighboring iran but he'll respect them . we consider the sanctions on iran a strategic mistake and incorrect but we will abide by them to protect the interests of our people we would not interact with them all support them but we
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will abide by them or another of trumps battlefronts the us has announced the final list of chinese made products to be hit by sixteen billion dollars worth of new tariffs will take effect in fifteen days' time twenty five percent tariff will be applied to items from electronics to chemicals and railway equipment the us president has now placed duties on the around fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods in the growing trade war china is vowing to match washington's moves and malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been granted bail on new money laundering charges he denies allegations that he transferred public money from a state investment fund into his personal account last month he pleaded not guilty to abuse of power charges florence slowly has more from kuala lumpur. not yet president has been charged with three additional charges of receiving proceeds from illegal activities under an anti money laundering anti terrorism financing act this
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is in addition to charges for criminal breach of trust and abuse of power all in relation to him allegedly having received ten in the hof million dollars into his personal bank account between the months of december two thousand and fourteen and february two thousand and fifteen from a company called s r c international a former unit of the state investment fund one m d b that not yet set up when he was prime minister of malaysia and his associates also alleged to have stolen a misappropriated four and a half billion dollars from this state investment fund and the new administration of malaysia that took power following a general election in may has moved very swiftly to uncover that's corruption scandal that's one m d b it's not only brought an action against. it's also done an audit on one m d b it's trying to recover assets that they believe were bought with money stolen from one end. yvonne duke
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a has been sworn in as colombia's youngest president for forty two year old won the presidential runoff in june he's promising to revive the peace accords with or revise rather the peace accords with foch rebels defuse tension with venezuela and cope cocaine production. reports from bogota. millions of colombians celebrated the swearing in of a new president. several foreign leaders including modise your marquee about indiana and believe you attended the event. speaking to a crowd of supporters president event called for unity from all of colombia's political parties. i want to govern colombia with unbreakable values and principles overcoming left right division overcoming the sort of social dialogue that fractures. society i want to govern colombia with the spirit of building and never destroying. the duke is rice the presidency comes at
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a critical time for colombia in the country's most rural areas and other illicit crops are being produced at record levels. the national economy has yet to fully recover from the global financial recession but. there's also the question of in a swelling the ongoing political crisis there has pushed thousands of venezuelan refugees into colombia overwhelming the country's public services. in a rally was held by opposition supporters were members of the revolutionary armed forces of colombia or fark were in attendance and the future of a historic peace deal between the colombian government and the fark is uncertain and critics of president worry that he won't honor the agreement i've read and i know there's pessimism and there's concern over the new president because his government is extremely right wing he's been opposed to the peace process president santos and some in the party have said they want to destroy the peace deal and
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activists also called for attention to an increase in assassinations of civil society leaders more than three hundred social activists have been killed in the last two years. but this demonstration is to say we are against assassinations of leaders this is something we can no longer accept we have to protect our leaders and our human rights defenders this cannot continue in colombia. it's clear the new president has many challenges ahead as he presides over a country only recently climbing out more than half a century of war perhaps the most difficult challenge will face as he begins his presidency will be finding a way to bridge a politically divided country in finding a way to make all colombians feel included in the building of a lasting peace. mexico's new president is launching national forums and town hall talks to discuss ways to tackle drug violence the
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country is experiencing its most violent year on record john nolan has more from sea that hired us. this was the first of a series of town hall meetings cool but the incoming mix can government to us victims and community leaders a simple question how can we bring peace it was emotionally charged hypes inevitably in ciudad juarez a town once known as the world's murder capital jose luis castillo in particular was desperate to talk to the president elect about a disappeared daughter that never leaves his mind and they are you know nine years two months and three hours she's been missing her name is as morale dick a steel ring call to him what's needed is political will not just storage use the violence but to find the tens of thousands of people who have disappeared this on my way on us for nine years i've been literally fighting with authorities to get them to help me to find her to help me find my as. the new government has promised
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it would be different and i'm not sorry we know this is a country of disappeared people but it's full of mass graves of morgues with unidentified bodies until now they haven't been anywhere near enough resources dedicated to finding them we need a national commission to find a dissipated with the highest scientific standards and enough personnel to cope with one of the most painful situations in our recent history they also want to radically old to the security strategy offering social programs and even amnesty for some of the young and poor drawn into organized crime the details have yet to be agreed on but they're hoping that these forums with academics victims businesspeople politicians and others will help this is a first baiting town hall events that are going to take place across the country and also be meetings for migrants and even for prisoners what the incoming administration say is that they want a mix can publicly to help them define their security strategy that is president
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elect and that his money. has promised to lead from the front. personally taking charge of security. every day from six am i meet with the head of the army navy interior minister and security minister to get the latest security reports and make decisions the question is how capable his government will be of turning new ideas into reality once they take power john home and i'll just see it out. venezuela's president has blamed two leading opposition figures for saturday's explosion that is labeled an assassination attempt nicolas maduro appeared in a televised address on tuesday demanding the extradition of opposition leader julio board jazz of all jazz immediately rejected the accusation saying the attack was a farce. still ahead on al-jazeera google issues a warning about one hundred fifty apps on its place store that could infect
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computers thirty years on from the events that brought on song suchi to the spotlights me and miles lead to faces questions about her commitment to human rights. welcome back let's start by looking at whether across the levant and western parts of asia for the most part is fine we've got a few shows on the southern side of the caspian sea but i think should generally be quite sunny in tehran fairly brisk breeze blowing down through iraq and down through the gulf region so forty three in baghdad but further south looking hotter than not and sunny some lifted dust around we've also got showers around the caucuses and those are going to continue as we head on through into thursday so some thunderstorms are likely we could see a few showers around the eastern side of the black sea generally but the eastern side of the mediterranean is all looking fine there with temperatures of thirty one
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expected in beirut is also looking fine across the arabian peninsula temperatures the most part in the low forty's are on the western side of the peninsula on the eastern side still of the breeze to keep that humidity quite low but the humidity will begin to creep up on thursday as we start to lose the breeze also notice temperature twenty eight there's a lot no man with quite a bit of cloud running the chance of the old spot of drizzle as we head into southern portions of africa certainly for wednesday weather conditions looking much as you'd expect dry and fine but there's a convergence zone taking place across parts of south africa which could result in some heavy rain developing during the course of thursday and even across higher parts of the sotto the chance of some snow. every armed attack. creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one tone. is sweeping association of islam with violence
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leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim on al-jazeera. and watching out zero time to recap our headlines now iran is back under u.s. sanctions after donald trump ruinated on the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal the president is warning the international community to must severed ties with terror on trump tweeted the sanctions were the most biting ever imposed by lasers
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former prime minister najib razak has been granted veil on new money laundering charges he denies allegations he transferred public money from state vestment funded to his personal account last month he pleaded not guilty to abuse of power charges. and duke a is being sworn in as colombia's new president he's the youngest leader to be elected there to k. as promised to revise the piece of board with fog rebels defuse tensions with venezuela and curb the production of cocaine. rescuers in indonesia say the chances of pulling more survivors from the rubble alone because they don't have the right equipment sunday's earthquake killed at least one hundred five people and injured hundreds more entire villages have collapsed leaving more than eighty thousand people displaced emergency crews are struggling to get to some of the worst hit areas that bassam has more from lombok. it's a third morning after the powerful earthquake. quite
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a big part of this island and people are waking up and trying to cope still with the disaster and especially coping with their fear and trauma that they have suffered from two powerful earthquakes in just one week and let me show you how they are spending the night three nights in a row already they've been spending the night in improvised hands basically this is what they have built themselves nobody has visited this area yet no government officials have attending these evacuees some of them have lost their houses some of them are simply too afraid to stay at their homes and they're just been telling me that they need everything. out of everything basically food water medication some of them are here with small children some of them also pregnant and worried that they have to deliver babies up in the hills that's where they are right now there in the hills more than eighty thousand people are left homeless after this second powerful quake and they need help as soon as possible more than four hundred migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean sea on the way to spain the spanish
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coast guard found nine boats making the crossing from morocco on tuesday spain is experiencing an increase of migrant arrivals with twenty three thousand people coming ashore so far it's overtaken italy is the main destination for migration all through a joint crackdown with libya it's at least interior minister has defended his tough anti migrant stance saying its impact is clear. more than seven hundred thousand people have arrived in italy across the mediterranean sea alone we cannot continue this way this helps neither italy nor africa therefore i wanted to stop such action such as human trafficking which could be tied to terrorism or to drug or arms trade finally after italy took action europe woke up and made the decision to invest in africa so far more than half a billion dollars is being committed it is too little and we will ask for more. a highly anticipated ranks for a seat in the u.s. congress is too close to call just under one percent of votes separate the
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democratic and republican candidates for the seats in ohio the election is being seen as a test of donald trump's presidency he won the district resoundingly in two thousand and sixteen the results could offer close to november's national mid-term elections john hendren has more from columbus ohio the vote count showed republican troy balders in ahead by nearly a percentage point but democrat danny o'connor came out smiling he says this is a tie and ball game and he did not concede i am so grateful i am so grateful for all of your support you believed in us in a race that the pundits said we had no chance even being in you proved them wrong. this was really just a warm up race in a heavily republican district that's because whoever wins here is only going to continue their term until january there will be a new election in november and these same two candidates will be up for reelection
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bid o'connor run a hard race and i look forward to campaigning against him again this fall o'connor was running in a district that was literally carved to favor republicans by republican state legislators who redrew the district in two thousand and eleven donald trump won this district by eleven percentage points and he came here on saturday to back truly boehner said he has already taken credit for bulger's and lead in the end this race will go on in november and danny o'connor says he now can perform boulder's there will be plenty of money thrown into this race as there are already has been you can expect much more in the coming months. saudi arabia is to remove patients receiving medical treatment from hospitals in canada and transfer them out the country it's the latest move in a diplomatic round more than fifteen thousand saudi students in canada have been ordered to return home that could be difficult as the saudi national carrier is
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canceling flights between judd and toronto it's unclear how the dispute will affect existing trade worth four billion dollars canada mainly imports oil from saudi arabia with cars and defense equipment going the other way around also questions over a thirteen billion dollar contract to supply the saudis with nine hundred armored vehicles kristen salumi has more from toronto. canada is a country that prides itself on promoting human rights at home and overseas now one country is determined to pay a steep price for that principle saudi arabia is suspending direct flights to canada demanding fifteen thousand saudi students and their families in the country leave and it's killing off the hopes of future trade deals it's all for speaking out on twitter against saudi arabia's arrest of two women's rights activists on unspecified charges one sam of the dow he is the sister of raif but dowie another imprisoned activists whose wife is now
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a canadian citizen i think saudi arabia has very aggressive reaction demonstrates how sensitive they are to this kind of criticism how much it matters to them and so this really should be viewed by other governments as an important opening an opportunity to build up pressure but if canada was expecting the european union or the united states to come to its defense we have discussed it with the government of saudi arabia and it's up for saudi arabia and the canadians to work this matter out what it got from the saudi trading partners was lukewarm backing at best the dispute has given the government of prime minister justin trudeau a boost at home over support for women's rights but critics say canada has little to gain by putting the saudis on the defensive the big question is what is done in a thoughtful ineffective way would it have been more productive to have you quiet diplomacy rather than a formal public shaming and west can of the prepared for the fallout trade between the two countries amounts to about four billion dollars
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a year much of it coming from the sale of canadian armored vehicles canada hasn't backed down from its position but now reportedly is talking to allies with influence for how and pursuing quiet diplomacy after such an explosive spat presence salumi al-jazeera toronto. funerals have been held for two hamas members killed by israeli tank fire in the gaza strip they were part of the all costs. brigades the military wing of hamas the israeli army says it was retaliating after its soldiers were fired on the un in egypt trying to mediate a long term truce between israel and hamas to end four months of violence along the israel gaza border anderson and says more from gaza. shortly after the funeral of the two dead fighters in an online briefing from brigades the military wing of hamas it was said that this was a military parade down the shooting was part of it now in the video published by
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the military spokesman for the israelis you can clearly see the shooting and also the return fire from a tank which was a direct hit now the israeli spokesman claims that this was definitely an attack so how massive responded by saying the israeli occupation can't impose a new reality by targeting the resistance security sites are members without paying a price and the palestinian resistance has the capability to repulse that aggression will there be some sort of retaliation unclear the egyptian part of the talks for a longer term ceasefire is actively putting effort into keeping some sort of truce together right now and in the talks between hamas and other factions and also fatah there is now some progress it would seem although the israeli offer for whatever it is doesn't appear to be accepted right now they're all traveling to cairo and they
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will be more talks on tuesday the largest wildfire in california is history is the expected to continue to burn until at least the end of the month nearly four thousand people are battling the blaze which is being fanned by high temperature and strong winds it's burned an area almost the size of the city of all sanjay lease in this forced thousands of people from their homes. high winds have whipped up a wildfire in portugal's algarve a region the blaze was almost brought under control on monday but is now threatening the town of six thousand residents sixteen aircraft are helping fight the flames using water from swimming pools climate change is being blamed for the extreme heat that's fueling the fires across the northern hemisphere. test as chief executive is planning to buy out the electric car maker and end public trading of the company it on musk says on twitter he secured finance to buy all its stocks at four hundred twenty dollars
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a share at that price the buyout would cost seventy two billion dollars the announcement follows a financial times report saying saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund has bought a large stake google has removed more than one hundred applications from its app store after they were found to carry software that attacks computers it says one hundred forty five apps on google's play store were loaded with a virus that would then be stored on an android phone device while the virus wouldn't affect the phone itself could attack a computer's windows platform once the smart phone was plugged in the virus would then be able to track personal information revealing credit card numbers and passwords mike street is a digital strategist he says app uses need to do their homework before downloading . i think what you need to do as a consumer and as a user. is really read the comments before you download and make sure that
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nobody else who is out there has had any kind of issues or any kind of problem with that so really take the time you know even though it says it's a free app you know make sure that you are actually going through the comments meticulously and saying like you know is anyone having any kind of issues where you know that it crashed a month phone or that someone noticed something weird happened you know so just like review sites like yelp you know that i tunes stores and also entering stores how extensive review are commenting systems and make sure that your actions taking notes on siri that section and same does anyone else out any kind of issue that's going to be suspicious and that may harm my phone. i mean miles leaders facing questions about how commitment to democracy is thirty years since aung sang suu kyi game prominence during nationwide protests for political freedom when she finally entered parliament in two thousand and sixteen but a sense come under heavy criticism scott high the reports.
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it was an early august thirty years ago the protesters took to the streets of burma as it was called then taking their stand for democracy after decades of military control the movement became known as eight eighty eight the date of a nationwide general strike august eighth one nine hundred eighty eight a year before the country was renamed me in march thousands marched in there then capital rangoon and in cities in towns across the nation in its crackdown the military opened fire but the demonstrations continued and grew in the weeks to come three thousand protesters were killed another three thousand jailed and ten thousand fled the country. from these protests a leader for the movement emerged. and this was the really beginning of the growth of you know the image of aung san suu kyi as the great democracy and human rights icon and since that beginning thirty years ago she won the nobel peace prize while under house arrest and her political party went on to win
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a general elections three years ago but even with that she does not run the country the military has control over the civilian government is guaranteed in the constitution. doña park preacher is a professor of southeast asia politics at thailand's thomas art university. we need to understand the nature of democracy in myanmar today. it was. to follow. me and. then look at the transition look at the consolation i think. we even though the nation is finding its feet as a new democracy many feel that since taking office unsung suchi has ignored human rights and freedoms when she should be speaking out and fighting for them like she did thirty years ago the idea that she was going to be a human rights defender for in the leadership of the government has now really been dashed because you know as she said i'm not you know i'm not
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a human rights activist i'm a politician. and so unfortunate those words of proved to be prophetic because you know she has become the kind of politician that an earlier version of her male railed against you was a movement that brought on song suchi to where she is today is celebrated the time when she or another democratically elected civilian leader actually lead the country is still in the distance it's got harder al-jazeera. let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now iran is back on the u.s. sanctions after dawn renee go on the nuclear deal the president says warn the international community it too must sever ties with iran trump tweeted the sanctions were the most biting ever imposed and he adds and the on doing business with iran will not be doing business with the united states malaysia's former prime
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minister najib razak has been granted bail on new money laundering charges he denies allegations he transferred public money from a state investment fund into his personal account last month he pleaded not guilty to abuse of power charges if i do. kerry's been sworn in as colombia's new president he's the youngest leader to be elected there in a popular vote u.k. is promising to revise peace accords with fart rebels defuse tensions with venezuela and curb the production of cocaine. today colombia confronts enormous challenges we receive a country in which more than three hundred social activists have been assassinated in the last two years illegal crops have expanded and they have done so exponentially criminal gangs increased their capacity yearly in various regions of the country and promises and commitments have been made with social organizations
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without making sure they are financed what colombians expect are solutions and not aggression. venezuela's president has blamed two leading opposition figures forty calls and assassination attempt on saturday drones exploded in the air while nicolas maduro was speaking at a military parade in caracas where dura appeared on television to demand the extradition of opposition leader julio bought highest. immediately rejected the accusation saying the attack was a farce rescuers in indonesia say the chance of pulling more survivors from the rubble is low because they don't have the heavy equipment they need sunday's earthquake killed at least one hundred and five people injured hundreds more as your headlines the news continues here now to syria after the walls of shame. it's a story of survival. it's a story about how people learned to live in such
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a remote land by putting cheek to the way. to the g. and how that instinct to help them recover from the financial crash i will continue as long as i can stand. this is a story about iceland. a.g.t. on al-jazeera. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the good friday agreement was signed brokering a peace deal between republicans and unionists in northern ireland. nearly a decade later al-jazeera visited belfast to explore ongoing divisions in the city . the film you're about to see was first broadcast in two thousand and seven.


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