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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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vice president al jazeera. months of speculation and in the democratic republic of congo joseph kabila won't run for president in upcoming elections. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the red cross says sunday's deadly earthquake in indonesia was exceptionally destructive more than one hundred fifty thousand have been left homeless. desperate for water in new south wales australia declares the entire state in drought last. message from democrats to republicans in ohio one of the latest on the special election that's too close to call.
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begin in the democratic republic of congo where the government has announced president joseph kabila will not be standing in december's election below was due to step down from his position in twenty sixteen but the election to replace him has been repeatedly delayed triggering violent protests which dozens were killed it was once spread speculation that he would try to seek a third term instead he's backing his former interior minister emanuel dari who's on the european union sanctions for alleged human rights abuses and we're going live to catherine sawyer in kinshasa the capital as soon as we can establish contact with her. when one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by the earthquake in the indonesian island of long book the red cross has described the magnitude seven quake as exceptionally destructive at least one hundred thirty
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one people have been killed and that number is expected to rise as rescuers struggle to reach all those in need step back reports from the rote remote village of battle in the west are on book where many are still waiting for help to arrive. the road to the remote village of ike is impassable by car a bill hafiz has come down from the hills to look for help. he shows us destruction that government officials have yet to see. along with what i see now is that all the help is focused in the north of lombok but here in this remote area away from the main road we also need help. on the third day after a powerful quake struck the island so vive us are growing increasingly impatient. they are hungry and thirsty. for us living in the mountains it's very difficult to find clean water and it's impossible for us to take the sick to
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a doctor says food is also hard to find because we're not earning any money everyone is still in shock this is. how dad doing and provide he had only just moved into their new home after getting married a month ago it took more than seven years to build their house while going into the mountains to share extend of the damage of sunday's earthquake becomes clear in isolated villages like this one away from the epicenter many have been left homeless as well while aid is now entering the island of long book many here fear they'd be forgotten. while many people in the room areas are still waiting for help some aid is arriving had improvised shelters further down the mountain and officials say most donated goods have yet to be distributed. there's only very little aid but if we distribute it now it won't be enough for everyone so we're gathering it first and then we'll hand it out. but people can't wait much
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longer the little food they had this running out fast and many are in need of medical treatment they feel they're being ignored step fasten al-jazeera up with ike but west. let's get more on the sanaa joining us live from the book is a very cautious spokesperson who's nice thank you very much for being with us and we kind of an indication there from that report of the scale of the issue and your organization has described it as an exceptionally destructive quake just a bit about there the work you're trying to do on the ground thanks lauren we're worried about the people no one has reached so far the international red cross at the all hearing a lot of reports of villages in remote areas cut off from the out that role in sunday's earthquake and they have no help at all that we hear they need food water clothing and also a tarpaulin to sleep under the we've been able to reach in some areas but the far
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out this is the main talent in sunday. during the earthquake we experienced a lot of destruction including community houses local police and also some connecting bridges to remove including all the dumb local and like you mentioned the access issue what to what kind of says supreme we can't get to some of these areas by road to have how are you going to get there we can get something that we can get to some religious but we can't really bring relief items such as a safe water through our truck because the truck the quite big to parse through the main route the routes are really quite. close by the debris of earthquake and that been quite a challenge for a lot of organisation that are trying to help to reach more people in rural areas
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and is it still as far as you concerned a recovery efforts you mean it could it's still possible people want to be alive under the rubble and in these places. well the government had gone been that the. one hundred thirty one people died in the author although there are also a bag that the number are going to increase in next. the government all through the porting requiring are there proof of the earthquake in the path three days thank you very much for your thoughts on the subject there's me from the red cross thank you. let's return to the democratic republic of congo in the news that joseph kabila will not be running for president he's backing the former interior minister emanuel amazon he should bury instead we talked to catherine sawyer who's in kinshasa for us does this name come as a surprise catherine and what are his politics. are in
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charge of the reed deal and why the electoral commission. bitly be here. we seem to have a bit of an issue with a sound with catherine sawyer unfortunately will try to get it back to tell us more about the events in d r c as soon as we can now straight is most populous state new south wales has been declared entirely in drought farm reservoirs have dried up crops are failing and farmers are facing ruin the government has released a one hundred forty million dollars aid package for farmers and it's giving them permission to shoot kangaroos that are competing with livestock response pasture catch anniversary on with force. it's an overwhelming drought these cattle swarm around a water truck in new south wales looking for relief from the devastating join us
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the ground has become too bear for grass to grow and the weather too extreme to predict farmers in eastern australia say the drought has taken over turning one's fertile lands into dust bowls chemical live long i don't know if they got found in a very long. when we got healed or. to keep cattle alive some farmers have been forced to ship in hay and grain from other parts of the country that is expensive the national government is pledging nearly one hundred fifty million additional dollars to help offset the cost this winter as they particularly cool you have to go back to sixty five to see another winter like this one and you've got to remember that some of those haven't really recovered from the last without some farms are doing better than others but stories of desperation of repeated across new south wales nearly eighty thousand people in the state depend on the agriculture industry contributing more than ten billion dollars to its
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annual economy but the drought is affecting more than forming the government says it's concerned about farmers mental health and the isolation of those who live in remote areas i find droughts a little bit like cancer a sort of aid so why aren't you it just gets drier and drier and more severe and more severe and impacting on your life a lot worse. a dry spell with no signs of ending with entire farming communities welcoming support from local leaders but hoping for help from mother nature cuts a low post adriaan al-jazeera. zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court they aim to see alliance says they have quote mammoth evidence of electoral fraud president amisom and i'm going to be really don't sunday after emerging as the winner of last monday's vote but the opposition says he can't be sworn in while facing this legal challenge. a photojournalist detained in bangladesh is back in police custody after
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being given the all clear in a medical examination show he. alleges that he was tortured in jail where he's been held since sunday and i'm was taken into police custody hours after doing an interview with al jazeera about demonstrations against the government human rights watch is calling for an investigation into allegations he was abused. saudi arabia has stopped all medical treatment programs in canada and says it will transfer all saudi patients from hospitals there is the nation's move by the kingdom after a diplomatic spat broke out between the two countries on sunday it's already frozen all new trade investment and educational agreements riyadh says it could take further measures up to canada call for the release of jailed civil society activists but john is there live from london still to come on the program argentine women running for rights to have abortions and men to paralyzed vote in parliament . and georgia marks ten years since the war with russia which left the country
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dismembered to its states occupied. hello there there's plenty of rain in the forecast for the southern parts of china at the moment there's not a great deal of cloud there are tour but watch out for this a bore but down towards the south that's a developing feature and it's we're actually working its way northward also announcing the rains over the philippines so force in lose on lots of heavy rain over the next couple of days could be some flooding here and then as that system nudges its way northward we're going to see the wet weather across the southern parts of china same many of us here can expect to see some very wet weather on friday including for us in hong kong now out towards the west and for some of us here there's been some very lively downpours too particularly over parts of india
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but also in parts of pakistan it's been pretty wet as well is them about has reported to sixty two millimeters of rain in the last day looks i will see a couple more showers there as we head through thursday they'll also be plenty more wet weather across parts of nepal and this central belt of india is looking wet once more the showers here really do look quite lively they could be more in the way of flooding out of this as we head through the next few days here in doha the air is actually being quite dry over the past couple of days but things are now beginning to change thanks to a change in the wind direction that we draw any more from an easterly direction so expect things to get rather more sticky and rather more humid. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories. providing into someone else's well. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers
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everybody's going to know about will be. sacrifices that. is going to be so miss the. boat. on al-jazeera. we're going to remind our top stories here on out is there a manual. under european union sanctions for alleged human rights abuses will stand in december's presidential election in the democratic republic of congo it comes after the government announced president joseph kabila will not enter the ballots. the red cross says describe sunday's earthquake on the indonesian island of lombok
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as exceptionally destructive more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless and the death toll has risen to one hundred thirty one. astray as most populous states new south wales has been declared declared entirely in drought farm reservoirs have dried up crops are failing and farm as a facing ruin. georgia is marking ten years since a war with russia that left the country dismembered twenty percent of the country remains effectively under moscow's control a decade after the week long war in two thousand and eight when a whole is live for us in the capital tbilisi georgia what's the significance of this day. well it marks as you said a decade since georgia forty two brief but in many ways devastating war with russia it was fought over territory of course hundreds died tens of thousands were made homeless but it also shook the security foundations of a number of former so the soviet republics who had perhaps you earned for closer
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ties with europe closer economic ties with the european union and the protection of nato but who had suddenly here been given a very graphic illustration of the lengths to which russia was prepared to go to prevent that. at a military cemetery outside tbilisi. needs it has come to remember some of those who fought and died ten years ago she and her family lost their home in georgia's brief war with russia in august two thousand and eight. to marry now lives in a settlement built to house twenty thousand i.d.p.'s or internally displaced people their homes and villages was swallowed up by a forty five boundary separating georgia from the russian backed breakaway regions of south of setia and up cars here. some of the i.d.p.'s preferred to forget what happened children are not taught their family's history of floor and
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occupation forgetting the syncs is unbelievable to me. many georgians refuse to forget outside the building that was the russian embassy until the two countries severed diplomatic ties off to the war they demand that russia end what they call its occupation. it's our history we are at european country and it will be part of you i want russians to go all the time. but russia shows no sign of withdrawing thousands of its troops stationed in the breakaway regions despite being required to do so under the e.u. brokered deal that ended the war and there's good reason for that. war is russia far more a loss of diplomatic ties with its former soviet republic far more. diplomatic protest is in the east with expansion of nato taking in georgia as a member and bringing that western alliance right up to russia's doorstep. nato has
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promised to georgia in early two thousand and eight of a fast track to membership little fuse that made war inevitable. this week as georgia and nato hold joint military exercises russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev has warned of a quote horrible new conflict. i spoke to a former georgian foreign minister if we stand where we stand today we will always be vulnerable and we will always be russia so the only way is to head to join europe to join nato and to be protected democracy like other eastern europeans. there were fears that the war ten years ago would pick russia and nato against one another over georgia and that remains an alarming possibility. all those comments by prime minister dmitri medvedev in russia he was the president of course
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at the time of the water and years ago clearly calculated in their timing but not surprising though they do have the effect here of course of raising the temperature a bit russia has made it explicitly clear on many occasions that it views the nato alliance as a direct threat and he's quite willing to counter any efforts aimed at its eastward expansion that war then here in georgia ten years ago not forgotten on any side but nor can anyone be sure that it won't happen again. thank you very much. let's return to the democratic republic of congo and news that the computer will not be running for president is backing former interior minister a man your. diary instead we've managed to reconnect. in kinshasa and tell us about this man and his politics and whether it is a surprise that he's standing. alone but are you still in. commission of the filing on to. the porch of mainly all the
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yard the ruling on. the that the body belongs to the ruling in the ruling coalition on yet another to be here till he comes out and this really his name really is a surprise to many people here told me he wouldn't. have been a several names floated around in the last twenty four hours but i've only seen his name just moments today all that government spokesperson that mental health he's a principal for and talking about he's nomination as you mentioned he's a former interior minister as a. governor. then this is the president province as well as very loyal to the president of the law agrees very much to the my thinking it he doesn't become president he's just going to continue in line with the policies of the president and he's also told that to pull to the military because
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this province when it comes from is also a province where several he and powell a general de long as well he also told compromise candidate within the logic. of the president met with what little he does they signed off on him so a lot of people are really saying that the good thing that the president has stepped down and it's going to deescalate the tensions that have been around the country because president joseph kabila spent a lot of time many many months really keep. the country getting on what his intentions are and how the opposition party isn't congolese more generally reacting to this news. well done opposition of the doesn't have. they that this is a huge step for democracy and congratulated by the congolese people for as they say pushing and pasturing that down and not allowing him to run for us that. we
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have also seen a statement from the catholic church that has been very critical against president joseph kabila also saying that this is a significant and a good step the president laurent has been under a lot of pressure from the international community who you know sanctioned a several of these advices including show diary he's been under a lot of pressure back home with a lot of fun believe then that in the last years of his presidency he hadn't really believed that the economy's not doing too well the q e three is a big problem in this country a lot of people called the keys high unemployment rate quite high as well to people saying that they need a leader whether they pleaded whether this president is going to come from the ruling coalition all of the opposition they need someone who's going to elevate this country who's going to bring development to this country and it's just going to bring back the dignity of the people he added up and to what about present can
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really himself his son again what will happen to him next. well i think it's not over for him as i mentioned before. the diary is very loyal to president of the like he shares in his policies so i think if he does become president president each of that you don't become president could be like you very much going to be involved maybe advisory capacity i was very much involved in the implementation of some of these policies as well as in sourcing to much indeed. senators in argentina debating a bill that would legalize abortions during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy if passed the d.p. catholic nation would become the third country in latin america to legalize abortion on north america editor and human joins us live from what is ours which way does the boat look like it's going. on are why we're here
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are now on a street that ends up in the senate of the congregational building right behind me about four blocks from here it is filling up with people dressed in green wearing green kerchiefs green faces green wigs everything you can think of that is the color of the pro-abortion rights movement and there are thousands and thousands of them out here hoping to influence that vote but it looks unfortunately for them like it's going to go against them we know that thirty seven out of the seventy two senators have already publicly expressed their intention of voting against this bill and that means that they have at least two votes more than what they need unless there is a last minute change of heart lauren and most of the want to significance across latin america. this is extremely important and it's a real it's a wave across the region this is probably the one of the last regions certainly in the western hemisphere that where feminism has taken hold it's
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a male chauvinist pig region as we all know and femicide have gone up dramatically in the last couple of decades and along with social networks women especially younger women have become far more active and much more aggressive about demanding their rights and among those rights of course is the right to abortion in argentina alone there are almost half a million women who carry out illegal or clandestine abortions every year and many of them die and so this is what the movement is about is the right to choose as happens as we. see in so many parts of the world mission human thank you very much indeed. israel's parliament has debated a controversial law which declares the country a jewish state the nation state nor which passed last month also makes hebrew the country's so language they've been widespread protests since legislation which critics say renders minority communities as second class citizens stephanie decker
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has more from west jerusalem. the debate happening inside the knesset inside the israeli parliament isn't going to change anything to the law today but it highlights the controversy that this law has caused debate going on inside the knesset heated debate we heard from my t.v. he's a palace soon israeli member of knesset saying that this is an apartheid move this is what m.k. said voted for he said that this is a policy that has been inherent over the years when it comes to treating the palestinian citizens of israel and others but it is now ingrained in its lord he said only by standing together jewish people and the arabs wouldn't be able to be overturned it highlights the concern not only from within here from within the citizens of israel also jews have said that this is a is a threat to what israel says is its democratic and equal basis of the establishment of the state it is also called prompted a lot of criticism when it comes to the international community and we've also seen
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tens of thousands of people come to the streets last saturday tens of thousands of citizens of druze also israelis packed would be in square in tel aviv we are expecting similar size this saturday in tel aviv called for by israeli citizens palestinian citizens of israel and also many others israelis we've been speaking to say that this is a law that is discriminatory and they do not agree with it. turkey has pledged to continue buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the united states iran's foreign minister has also warned the sanctions will not stop his country from exporting oil saying it's impossible to cut iran off on tuesday president donald trump warned the world against doing business with iran after imposing what he called the most biting sanctions ever. any of state of ohio democrats are fighting at the heels of their republican rivals in a special election for the house of representatives is usually a safe republican seat but the party's candidate and he has a small lead and absentee and provisional ballots still to be counted john
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hinderaker what's. the election wasn't even supposed to be close but after a long election night it was too close to call republican troy boulders and held the narrowest of leads over democrat danny o'connor in a special election for ohio's twelfth congressional district i'm going to promise to you but i'm going to work relentlessly really let mostly for this well congressional district. i mean there are good on the right path and we're going to keep it going about well . in this heavily republican district o'connor and his party called it a win of sorts a way with his campaign claiming provisional in absentee ballots could still make the difference it was anything but a concession speech can you believe how close this is. we
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are in a tight ball game and you made this possible the grass roots individuals who've been knocking on doors fighting for the future of our country. in this sprawling landscape of ohio farmland in suburbs just one democrat has won here since one thousand nine hundred thirty nine. republican state legislators in ohio redrew his district to make it more republican in two thousand and eleven so democrats say even a modest loss is a harbinger of a coming democratic wave in the november midterm elections this should have been a slam dunk for republicans the fact that it's not is already saying that again. president donald trump won here by eleven percentage points in two thousand and sixteen when polls show democrat danny o'connor in a dead heat with republican troy boulders in this year trump took notice and took to the road troy boulder said he is the guy is the guy that's going to do things so
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i got to work right side groups poured millions of dollars into the race most for pro balders in ads but shows that we have a grassroots enthusiasm about our campaign we have folks across our district who are excited my opponent needs washington d.c. to come in and bail him out in a way that we don't democrats need twenty three seats to take over the house of representatives and each side has one more chance to win this district the winner only holds office until january now the two candidates return to the campaign trail to face each other again in the november midterm elections john hendren westerville ohio a state legislator in michigan could become the first muslim woman to be elected to congress after winning the democratic nomination for the seat or she did today but will run unopposed in november's midterm elections she takes over from john conyers who stepped down last year citing health reasons he was charged with sexual
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harassment claim whose palestinian descent has been an outspoken critic of u.s. president. thank you. top stories and i was there the government in the democratic republic of congo has announced joseph kabila won't stand for reelection ending months of speculation about whether he would defy term limits and stay in power instead kabila will back his former interior minister in money i remember diary who's under european union sanctions for alleged human rights abuses was due to step down in twenty sixteen but the election to replace him was repeatedly delayed. more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by sunday's earthquake in the indonesian island of lombok at least one hundred thirty one people have been killed rescuers are struggling to reach all those in need and residents in remote areas have told on jazeera they're running
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out of food and medicine the red cross described magnitude seven quake as exceptionally destructive. already about the people no one has reached so far the indonesian red cross it's the all hearing a lot of reports of delayed use in remote areas caught up from the alt that role in the quake and they had no help at all though we hear they need food water clothing and also tarpaulin to sleep under so we've been able to reach in some areas but so far the main telent in sunday australia's most populous state has declared a major drought it's the driest spell in new south wales in more than fifty years affecting all eight hundred thousand square kilometers of the province farm reservoirs have dried up and crops are failing the government has announced a one hundred forty million dollars aid package for farmers. zimbabwe's main
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opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court the m.d.c. alliance says they have mammoth evidence of electoral fraud president. had on sunday afternoon already winning last monday's vote a photo journalist detained in bangladesh is back in police custody after being given the all clear in a medical examination to alarm alleges that he was tortured in jail where he's been held since sunday and i'm was taken into police custody during an interview with al jazeera about demonstrations against the government. as the top stories stay with us witness is up next on morning.
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