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you know thousands of pages of credible kling's have been sent to the united states to extra's it the leader of the defector organization the fatal bug you lent which is hosted in pennsylvania but the united states remains reluctant all these all these demands from the turkish side so when. we see that the tramp and some of his men they have been they began to use a tretton ink insulting and on fortunately unilateral aggressive language towards the the turkish administration which created the consolidation of a kind of national unity against the united states and it with a high anti-americanism in turkey you know just yesterday and today the leader of the leaders of the opposition party even. made some declarations made some
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act explanations against trump tweets and this unilateral and aggressive language policy discourse from the american side so unfortunately we just try to mask the real issues by considering this bronston issue as one of the main focal points between the two countries so. can you not read united says the american side has been hijacking the issue it unfortunately. oh well robert pearson i'd like to know if you think that the united states have been hijacking the issue but first you know the world unilateralist is something that president to one wrote in his opinion piece is something that other world leaders have complained about the current us administration is this something that is actually playing in favor of or do you as or do you think it's.
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old allies and friends around the world. i think that mr trump is a very aggressive president and he's taken very aggressive steps i don't think this problem is a global problem at all i think that this problem is bounded and i two or three things that are very important the united states has always condemn the p.k. k. and always work with turkey including intelligence cooperation against the p.k. k. the united states has never ever supported the p.k. k. when the when isis invaded syria it attacked the kurds the kurds did not attack isis and when the kurds asked for help turkey declined the us agreed to help and now isis has been largely defeated secondly this is actually about the relationship for years turkey has used the most abusive language about the united
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states and about its about its leaders president obama was accused of direct knowledge of the attempted coup in two thousand and sixteen the government in turkey has used the most abusive language against the united states and i think it's the united states that deserves a little respect here this is a bounded problem it can be solved it doesn't need to escalate beyond this and turkey and the united states have a lot of common interest in that region they could cooperate on if we can move past this point and a lot of that the fans upon the turkish willingness to put its economic common sense and its political flexibility ahead of nationalism. it does feel. if you look at events over the past twelve months and even before that that was sort of locked in that sort of tit for tat relationship between kara and washington
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you have as you said earlier it is too strong man and you get an idea that for both sides it's important to show that their opinion will prevail and it's also important portend for the stature of turkey in the region the u.s. in the rest of the world you know i mean i think what we need to acknowledge right now is that the u.s. turkey relationship is not the relationship that they had dropped when its entry yesterday was an important ally turkey continues to be a member of need now turkey actually the turkish military is the second largest armed forces pulling me down a though there is a new nato command that's going to be put into place in two years that will be under turkish command in turkey were proved by the united states and insert or fanatics rolls a nato airport at kabul so there are a number of areas where we already cooperate and i think that those things don't get the attention they should and they're wider interest with russia and iran and
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iraq that the u.s. and turkey where they could easily car i mean on the basis of if their will to do so either exist in the middle east the point that i was that i was making is that you know turkey is not only i mean a member but turkey to his scenes turkey is not a backwater anymore turkey's economy has grown it is a number of the g twenty if you know it when you actually take a look at the relationship between turkey and not it's the it's not between century turkey depended on u.s. aid to property economy that is no longer true the largest trading partner that turkey has today is the european union that trade is worth eighty four point seven billion dollars with the united states it's only nine dollars and if you're actually keeping a look at what we're turkey's interests lie. why is much more are we not only you got countries that have been pouring a lot of investments and business into turkey i totally agree that the united states and the mutually need each other turkey is in
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a very rough neighborhood it's in the backyard of russia if borders syria iran and iraq and i have to say here that the united states actually should really can reconsider what its policy and its strategy towards turkey yes right now i don't see the trumpet ministration having a coherent strategy not only to turkey but to the meet middle east in general we don't really know what the end goals are what what the trumpet ministration wants coming out out of syria or iran i mean we know that the top of ministration has has next the iran nuclear deal but what is going to replace that and i think that the united states can't continue the policies that it had when it was the sole superpower of the twentieth century so lutein as we don't know the end goal of the trump administration what is the end goal of turkey in this specific case i mean this crisis comes at
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a time where the economy is not doing very good the turkish lira has gone down it taken quite a rough beating inflation is up so at the sort of point it could play into that has a president eto and he could turn around and say to those complaining about the poor economy well it's all because we have foreign countries and meddling in our own affairs so what's the endgame here for turkey. unfortunately state and establish they all are accustomed to similar economic problems. so this is not the first economic crisis that turkey has been facing so before us yes that's true turkish economy nobody is quite vulnerable and the turkish political system. and the country is is quite stable so here we have a strong political leadership but a vulnerable economy and unfortunately when it comes to the latest issues for
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instance yesterday's trump tweet was a direct. intervention or economy intervention for political purposes so the problem is not really economy when it comes to the church american relations we know that trunk has been trying to instrumental eyes economy develop economy relations for political purposes so the endgame for turkey the majority of turkish people think that yes no it is the turkish state is in a trance eatery period turkey is political and domestic struggle domestic structure has been restructured redefined so they will remain intact behind the leadership of the one this is my expectation and the leader of your party merrill action at the leader of the c.h.p.
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the main opposition party they all meet explanations and they all blamed that from administration for the latest economic intervention so at the end yes turkey will face some problems and this crisis to me will force turkey to look force. some alternatives to increase its cooperation with china for instance with russia and with some other global and regional actors but it turned unfortunately. did the turkish people the intellectuals politicians even the ordinary man on the street they all explained that we will not forget what one of the. one of the turkish. has been trying to do against the church ish economy system ok so let me bring you robert pearson as latina saying.
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turkey has been a nato ally for six decades one gets a feeling that the world order as we have known it so far is shifting isn't there a risk by alan ating. key and president emerita one who is also a strong willed man that you will see turkey move more eastward still would russia china iran i mean for in a few days you will have a visit of the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov to ankara iran said that it will support turkey and help its neighbor as much as it can isn't that a risk for a washington. there is a risk in international affairs in all relationships with countries and since the end of the cold war countries have begun to act more independently and turkey has been on an independent track now for at least a decade so there isn't anything new about the strategic orientation of turkey
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trying to find its own place in the world and separating itself a bit from the united states and and from the european union as well but i think that the point that's really important to keep in mind here is there are two ways people look at problem one is it's a game they want to know what this guy's doing and that guy's doing in this than that and the other way to look at it is to think about the strategic interest the u.s. has no interest in a weak turkish economy turkey has run a trade deficit since nineteen stintz the one nine hundred seventy s. and in the last ten years that trade deficit has widened under this government turkey desperately needs fundamental economic reform the cause of these incidents is solely turkey's oppressed or without any evidence against him an economy that is descending into the pit without the reasonable measures that any country would an
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ordinarily take to save it so the u.s. is ready to be a partner with turkey but we have to get past this point and i've suggested a solution that gets us past this point so we can get on to those more important issues and there are just a yes or no question if pastor branson is released tomorrow do you think things would come down. it's very unlikely that kasparov's will be released but i don't mean i think you're western the relations are are broken to a point where the repair is going to be a considerable amount of time thank you very much we have reached the end of the show so thanks to our guests robert pearson with getting at that man and a. better astley and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by was visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from a hood up that had me and a whole team here in the half by for no. denying citizenship. health care and education. forced from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty. investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the
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wild. silent abuse. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. sentiments as i you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. this was wrong to take children away from their parents and hurt them into a school against their will there was no home mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after her so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that counted as dark secret on al-jazeera.
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zero. hello and welcome i am devika poland you're watching the news hour live from london good to have a year with us coming out. of his really palestinians gathered to protest against a new law they say makes them second class citizens. turkey's president warns the u.s. their alliance is how it's taken off to donald trump increases tariffs on chris and i'll admit him. we have a special report on the hundreds of families in south africa western cape illegally occupying private land. and ready to travel one hundred fifty million kilometers
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and brave temperatures of one thousand degrees we look at the probe that's flying into the face of the sun. and i'm totally honest with all of the day's sports as a child feast on the new english premier league season with a bang by hammering hard it's failed that and much more later in the program. thousands of people in tel aviv have been protesting against israel's controversial nation's state's law the law officially affirms israel's jewish character but critics believe it makes non jewish minorities second class citizens the bill passed last month was designed to enshrine israel as the nation state of the jewish people in the country's basic law the measure pushed through by prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares that the right to exercise national self-determination in israel is unique to the jewish people but also proclaims the language of the
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state to be hebrew with arabic given special status now previously they were both official languages and it establishments jewish settlements as a national value of the state must encourage for the one fifth of the population who are israeli palestinians the fear is that all this leaves them as second class citizens. all stephanie join us live from tel aviv stephanie the new law seems to have brought together a lot of just purge groups and protests what have you seen today. while earlier this square when robin square in tel aviv was packed with both israeli palestinian citizens and also a lot of jewish israelis coming together to protest against this little calling it project for it to be canceled altogether what they've done now they've marched down the road to the museum and it was pretty incredible we walked with them to see this sort of show of unity a lot of these really the jewish israelis we spoke to said that this was
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a representative of what they believed israel should be about even one man was eighty two years old he said i was born here before the establishment of the state of israel a jewish israeli said we live together side by side that inequality so this is the message coming out from here of course is really palestinians saying that they were here before the establishment of the state of abel that they should be equal that this is their land so this is the message and i think very interesting what was coming out with calling for the cancellation of the low but also very much against the prime minister people chanting bibi go bibi go bibi of course being the nickname of these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu so a lot of people here are saying that they believe this is the first time there's such a show of unity and a lot of people saying one man we spoke to saying that he didn't think that this would be sustainable such increasingly right wing policies said you know for ten fifteen years maybe but it cannot last because you cannot oppress so many people so i think a real incredible scenes everyone was speaking to really felt you know in the
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momentum of this event and i think the question now is whether the momentum of these protests are going to continue and become more against what many see as this government's increasingly right wing and alienating what many call apartheid policies stephany's record television for us thank you. our u.n. delegation ethen gaza from meetings with hamas in a bid to lower the tensions with israel they're expected to push for a more permanent cease far every that comes as funerals are held for three palestinians killed by israeli forces during friday protests at the gaza border it is the twentieth week that protests were held and one of those killed was a medic since the protest started in march around a hundred sixty four palestinians have been killed charles stratford has more for us from gaza. a delegation representing the united nations special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicole i'm live nor has been hearing gaza today meeting hamas officials in a desperate bid to choice and stablished some sort of last sting truce here between
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hamas and israel now all those meetings very much behind closed doors as we've seen before this is not the first time that mr madoff has come on him by himself or has been represented down here in gaza those efforts to try and forge that last truce continue the tension here highlighted by the fact that there were two israeli drone strikes against what israel describes as protesters trying to launch those incendiary carts and balloons that israel says of course so many crops and private so much private land to be burnt in israel meanwhile the protest was launched by the fishermen here in gaza as well the fishermen sailing their vessels around thirty vessels to the gaza border they say that they are trying to highlight the kind of problems that they have been suffering during the twelve years of israel's land air and sea blockade very important they say when after twenty weeks
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now these protests continue on a on a weekly basis and friday on the land borders so a tense day here in gaza but certainly at this stage it seems still that the truce seems to be holding. egypt's security forces say the foil is an attempted suicide attack they say they stopped a man wearing an explosive vest from approaching a coptic christian church just outside of cairo state media says the man detonated the explosives about two hundred fifty meters from the church killing himself but no others turkey's president has vowed to defy what he describes as u.s. attempts to undermine his country's economy of tire baritone and wrote an opinion piece in the new york times warning the u.s. must respect the sovereignty or their partnership could be in jeopardy he says his country will seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues u.s. president donald trump and the un's this week that he would double steel and alan many in tariffs on turkey yes. if you have dollars under your pillow take these
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out if you have euro's take these out if you have gold take these out i am talking to those who have them immediately give these to the banks and convert to turkish lira and by doing this we fought this war of independence in the future it's wrong to try to pretend he in law and for pasta and once again clearly on those in america it is a pity you choose a pasta over your strategic partner in. the syrian army is threatening an assault and it live the last major rebel held strongholds dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying airstrikes the bombing targets and parts of it live sitting and spilled over to areas in western aleppo leaflets have been dropped warning people to accept government's role as millet fidel is in a village and aleppo province which has seen some of the heaviest strikes.
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you know now the new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of copra in the western country side of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial rates during each of which four missiles have been launched in residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of them women and children the destruction it's a massive as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering damage and casualties following the russian. meanwhile there's also been big air raids in southern and northern mali where dozens of people have lost their lives all this plenty more still to come charlottesville a nervous he evades the first anniversary of white supremacy rally. the green
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economy lebanon considers legalizing the export of cannabis for medical use. and storms into the semifinals in toronto as he closes in on his first master's heart or title the five years. chemical giant has been ordered to pay more than a quarter of a billion dollars to school grounds keeper in the u.s. now a jury ruled that a weed killer made by monsanto contributed to the man's cancer it is the first lawsuit to go to trial alleging a link between the disease and apply for safe that's the world's most widely used herbicide i can has more from washington d.c. . claim of damages this was the first lawsuit concerning life os eight to go to trial and after a month of hearing evidence and three days of deliberation the jury decided that it
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had caused the wayne johnson's counsel did round up pro or ranger pro failed to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would have expected plenty used or misused in an intended or reasonably foreseeable way answer yes was the roundup pro or range of pro design a substantial factor in causing harm to mr charenton answer yes the size of the punitive damages awarded to the jury's belief that the company monsanto had acted with malice and had not responded to the plaintiff's concerns during the years to use the product as a groundskeeper what amount of punitive damages if any do you award to mr johnson answer two hundred fifty million dollars signed by the presiding
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dated august tenth two thousand and eight the world health organization has found in the past that by phosphate probably causes cancer but the environmental protection agency has not ruled on the matter as yet on some toes says it will appeal the case and continues to maintain that its products are not carcinogenic but there are more than five thousand cases concerning the weed killer and it's a fix pending and following this decision the congo faces the possibility of more massive payouts to come i cannot al-jazeera. one that i have us an ecologist an activist has been campaigning against monsanto and has taken it to court in india she says the california trials has a president as the case has global implications the e.p.a.'s shortly captive to the corporations that it should be regulating and the one central terminal was really to break the worst record on the table the kidney failure jets which is why
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sri lanka and round up which is why after the cases of ground up saying we'll phase it out in three years it's the public the sand the democracy and it's all that bad of a state of the word against one criminal corporation which now is owned by a buyer so it'll be interesting to see how this story unfolds. police have blocked off streets and mobilize hundreds of officers for the anniversary of a deadly white supremacist protest in the u.s. city of charlottesville the city the city is deeply scarred by the violence at last year's unite the right rally where a thirty two year old woman was run over by a far right protester yes president donald trump who was criticized for his initial response to the attack has tweeted saying he condemns all forms of racism and gallagher has more. it began with
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a fight to remove statues of confederate soldiers who fought for the right to keep slaves events in charlottesville last year turned violent white nationalist support running battles with counter protesters in scenes that shocked the world when one member of the so-called right drove his car into a crowd thirty two year old heather hyatt was killed i'm training the next generation of activist advocates in our eyes in the years since susan bro established a foundation in her daughter's name and remains committed to fighting racial intolerance so wish is that her daughter's sacrifice will not be forgotten i hope that i have for the future is that i see more people waking up i see more people taking a stand old and young not just young so often times change is driven by the young and the old don't buy into it. i'm seeing more cross generational awakening that gives me hope. over the last twelve months
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charlottesville has been through a lot of soul searching the confederate statues still stand and some here blame last year's tragic events on external forces others though say what happened is a reflection of a city still dealing with racism yeah it feels like i'm not included in the narrative of my town associate professor in black lives matter activist julian schmidt says charlottesville needs to address its past unknown up to persistent problems this was an extreme example you know physically violent example of the white supremacy which pervades every day you know as i mentioned you know we had problems with affordable housing with stop and frisk you know all these sorts of things so that the white supremacy is here and it's been here for a long time most of the reporters that charlottesville xl local newspaper covered last year's events night at a to mark newton says the only positive change is the damage done to the so-called right movement but it seems like there is a lot of disarray charlottesville did
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a lot of damage to their kind of credibility and their ability to form a year later the city is still reeling from events that tarnish its reputation is the happiest city in america dozens of officials resigned after last year a new leadership is in place but deep scars remain and they go across zero charlottesville virginia iran's government says that assuming the united states over sanctions that target the sale and export of hand and persian rugs last year alone iran sold one hundred twenty six million dollars worth of the carpets to the american market weaver say it's not just an attempt to block an important revenue stream but also an attack on iranian culture they miserably has this report from coverage. in iran there is a saying carpet weavers sacrifice their eyes for people's feet. making even the smallest carpet means patiently toiling for months using tools and techniques
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that have been passed down for generations to cut it at that moment that this is what my parents did to my grandparents who doing so i learnt from them and now i'm in this career i love this not leaving i feel as if i'm sick the comp is just like a child to me i love it because this is an original passion for the women in this workshop artist employees they take classes to learn the basics and practice for months the best students get to work on the most intricate designs but there is something sad about this job the closer these women get to completing a carpet the less able they are to actually afford one of their own creations persian rugs sell for thousands of dollars and some of the carpets made in this very workshop sold for tens of thousands. and depending on the detail and materials used such as silk or even string spun from gold a persian rug can sell for millions it's no wonder that in the business world
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carpets are a valuable iranian export second only to oil. but they're also an important part of iran's cultural identity in the two thousand and eleven farsi language film gold and copper a dying woman weaves carpets to pay for medicine and keep her family together. the script writer says the persian carpet was the engine driving the story of any. iranian and global audiences recognize the iranian carpet as a piece of art. it has been a little painful for me that the price of the iranian carpets has risen a lot and now it's on affordable to everyone in the past it was common for people to cover every corner of their houses in carpets. and especially sad irony for carpet dealers is that the united states is their largest market and then the little person and latin america has put sanctions on iranian carpets but if you look at american buildings and family homes you see iranian carpets on the floor as
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i saw in a video i think even u.s. president donald trump's daughter has an iranian carpet in her room traditionally persian carpets are meant to portray the gardens of heaven iranian say the latest sanctions earn attack on the very fabric of iranian identity and an attempt by america to make trouble in paradise zain bus ravi jazeera kerridge their own special envoy says talks between warring parties that slump will focus on disarmament international criticism has been growing over an airstrike by the saudi m.r. arctic oscillation which hit a boss full of school children in a northern province has been following developments from the neighboring djibouti and has this report of the hakim is on a grim mission he's looking for the remains of his son who was on a boss targeted in a sodium strike in milf in the yemen he climbs on to the wreckage of the bus in the
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rubble of the destroyed market buildings desperately he such as four and his sons and then he breaks. the children water tawny promised some a comp went out talk happened. well i guess i just found some of what the child was wearing i didn't find any of his remains no his finger. no his skull nothing i looked through the remains in the hospital and i didn't see anything. video from both iran television shows the children boarding the bastar and on their own seeing hospital exile to. the charity save the children says yemen is the wost place in the world to be a child it's not hard to see why when you watch these pictures taken moments of the the ass strike body parts us through not around injured children some with limbs missing lie in. it was the last children since humans put escalated in two
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thousand and fifteen according to unicef. in a cemetery inside the previous twenty nine child sized graves have been dug but the joint finra for the children has been ruled out due to security concerns her you are both a fighter say they feel at the gathering would be targeted by more strikes.


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