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the best start by losing the opening set of the match against marin challenge of croatia but rafa showed just why he earned the right to be back at the top of the world rankings fighting back to wrap up the final two says the dolphin of russia's current catching up in the last four the last one a title of this level on a hardcore surface five years ago. greek teenage assessment of the past takes to the court in the next few minutes of his semifinal against south african kevin anderson last for unseated superfast pulled off his second big upset in as many days on friday after knocking out my five took a bit of the tournament but in toronto the nineteen year old beat second seed alexander's better of two sets to run. now in the women's draw while the number one simona halep has reached the final over in montreal the romanian beat australian ashley barty in straight sets six four six one was the score heineken looks to continue what has been a fine year for the remaining rising to the top of the w t a rankings and winning
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her first grand slam title member at the french open earlier this year. the defending montreal champion ilene officially you know was forced to come from behind to progress in the tournament after going down early in the first said turly the belgian he then for heart to take five sets seven five six three setting up the semifinal encounter the u.s. open champion sloane stephens. the world's top moto g.p. riders are in austria this weekend for the latest round in the world championships the second to moto two riders are at the red bull ring to japanese rider ten through ten like a shaman might have hoped he'd stayed on hi i'm after losing control around the bend he resembled a surfer more than a biker. meanwhile the championship moto g.p. overall standings leader mark marquez has taken pole position for the austrian graeme the underwriters third pole in for round italy's and their job is to also
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will start in second position with decanted teammate hot head that i'm so inferred . it was a will do. during all the practice and this is the most important looks like the water will be. about to be concentrated because they have a good base i mean. really going stand. with it before these the most important to morrow will be. the warm up but i have to understand and choose the best one for the race. england a family in control of the feck and a cricket test match against india or lord's in london although the indian bowlers paired to the home batsman back in the early exchanges on day three jonny bairstow and chris whites were put on a one hundred eighty nine run stand for the six wicket better had ninety three or exist on one hundred twenty not out of the close of play with england three hundred fifty seven for six and a lead of two hundred and fifty. that is over the ball for now more later.
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and that is it's from a for this news hour but stay with us with plenty more still ahead with barium the mozzie. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story news happened was in the truck didn't happen the boy told through the eyes of the world's journalists the images matter a lot international politics joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on
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the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most third if someone from the country who guides you who needs you to this story of the bottom line tells us who wrote been listening post on al-jazeera the nature of news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world to the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months. a firebrand that long do you think anyone will talking about passing people for women's liberation. plain victories for anybody sexual assault continued an iconic feminist and seminal right
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away for solution yes we need to do something while to waste on dear boy i'm not kidding with hot man he has sand goes head to head point you made in korea i can't do anything else on the al-jazeera. searching for any sign of his son who was on the bus full of school children hit by an as strike in yemen on thursday. hello i'm maryanne demasi and london you're with al jazeera also coming up
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thousands of israeli palestinians gather to protest against a new law they say makes them second post such as. the leaders of spain and germany meet to discuss their vision of how to accommodate migrants arriving in europe. and south and out in bucharest to protest against the romanian government twenty four hours after a similar rally was broken up by police. the un special envoy to yemen says talks between warring parties next month will focus on disarmament international criticism has been growing over and asked by the saudi m. rotty coalition which hit a bus full of school children in a northern province. has been following developments from neighboring djibouti abdulhakim is on a green mission his looking for the remains of his son who is on
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a boss targeted in a sodium strike in milf in yemen he climbs onto the wreckage of the boss in the rubble of the destroyed market buildings desperately such as four and his sons and then he bricks. the children water tony promised some accompt when they all talk happened. well i guess i just found some of what the child was wearing i didn't find any of his remains no his finger. no his skull nothing i looked through the remains in the hospital and i didn't see anything. video from both feet on television shows the children boarding the boss talking on the o.c. in hospital exile to. the charity save the children says yemen is the wost place in the world to be a child it's not hard to see why when you watch these pictures taken moments up to the ass strike body parts us to not injured children some with limbs missing lie in
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. it was the last children since humans put escalated in two thousand and fifteen according to unicef. in a cemetery inside the previous twenty nine child sized graves have been dug but the joint finra for the children has been ruled out due to security concerns her you hold the fighters say they feel at the gathering would be targeted by more estrus. the sodium an article coalition initially did night aiming at civilians and defended the incident as a legitimate military operation our response is sayed to a ballistic missile fired into so did it be on the previous day but i was late on the coalition promised an investigation only to fight to say that willing to call point in an inquiry in condemning the us hoch antonio will tell us the un secretary general also called for a swift and in some national investigation into its false words and the growing
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chorus of condemnation is instilling some hope in yemen is that the war in their country is finally getting some attention how about the world is it a djibouti. thousands of people in tel aviv of been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law the law officially affirms israel's jewish character but critics believe it removes rights from non jewish minorities a bill passed last month was designed to enshrine israel as the nation state of the jewish people in the country's basic law well the measure pushed through by prime minister benjamin netanyahu declares that the right to exercise national self-determination in israel is unique to the jewish people it also proclaims the language of the state to be the brew with arabic given special status previously they were both official languages and establishes jewish settlements as
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a national value that the state must encourage the one fifth of the population who are israeli palestinians the fear is that all this leaves them a second class citizens al-jazeera stephanie decker has more on this now from tel aviv the. delegate of the omar rodriguez. museum it's thank you nice by trade policy. of israel and there. for the file a shadow of the war there's. a lot of jewish saying that they are not the direction . of the message they are the is one of the rich. because we don't need this about the politics of this and you owe us netanyahu all this amazing this is. no i don't remember what i was. fighting for something and this is real there is
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a god i think the world people really global in the us and equality we have and take democratic moves taking place in many things. towards gays towards women. words secular and one exam and this is the fascist regime is turning into a fascist that is still not there but is going in a bad direction in which to stop it as well as soon as we can. they're trying to. force the leg of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and there is a big question whether they are. going to continue with the mantra becoming the are against their government immense and people do not only very recently the right wing from. a u.n. delegation is in gaza for meetings with hamas in a bid to lower the tensions with israel are expected to push for a more permanent cease fire and visit comes as funerals a health of three palestinians killed by israeli forces during friday protests at
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the gaza border it's the twentieth week the protests were held one of those killed was a medic since the protests started in march around one hundred sixty four palestinians have been killed charles stratford has more from gaza. a delegation representing the united nations special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicole i'm live nor has been here in gaza today meeting hamas officials in a desperate bid to choice and to establish some sort of last sting truce here between hamas and israel now those meetings very much behind closed doors as we've seen before this is not the first time that mr ludlow it has come on himself by himself or has been represented down here in gaza those efforts to try and forge that last thing truce continue the tension here highlighted by the fact that there were two israeli drone strikes against what israel describes as protesters trying to launch those incendiary cards and balloons that israel says of course so many
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crops and private so much private land to be burnt in israel meanwhile the protest was launched by the fishermen here in gaza as well a fisherman sailing their vessels are. thirty vessels to the gaza border they say that they are trying to highlight the kind of problems that they have been suffering during the twelve years of israel's land and sea blockade very important they say when after twenty weeks now these protests continue on a on a weekly basis and friday on the land borders so a tense day here in gaza but certainly at this stage it seems still that the truce seems to be holding. turkey's president has vowed to defy what he describes as u.s. attempts to undermine his country's economy. wrote an opinion piece in the new york times warning the u.s. must respect the sovereignty or their partnership could be in jeopardy he says his
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country will seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues u.s. president donald trump announced this week that he would double steel an aluminum tariffs on tacky yes. if you have dollars under your pillow take the thout if you have your eyes take these out if you have gold take these out i am talking to those who have them immediately give these to the bank and convert to turkish lira and by doing this we fight this war of independence in the future it's wrong to try to prevent turkey in line for a pastor i am once again calling on those in america it is a pity you choose a pastor of your strategic partner in nato. or egypt's security forces are saying that they have foiled an attempted suicide attack they say they stopped a man wearing an explosive vest from approaching a coptic christian church just outside of cairo state media says the man detonated the explosives about two hundred fifty meters from the church killing himself but
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now august. german chancellor angela merkel says no european union member can dodge the challenge that migration poses she made these comments while meeting with spain's prime minister petro sanchez as a migrant exchange deal between the two countries comes into effect so i reports. a city in southern spain may be an application for two european leaders to partner up over a divisive issue migration and agreement the german chancellor hopes will help quell the argument over the refugee crisis with the help of fellow member european union countries here and even more than. just a few kilometers from the african coast similar to multiple sicily so this is a challenge we must cope with together and no country can dodge this task. the aim to stop refugees and migrants using the border free schenkkan zone to travel to germany a country that has taken in already more than
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a million asylum seekers since two thousand and fifteen those who are already registered in spain will be refused entry at the german border and deported within forty eight hours. we want the solidarity of the e.u. and its members with this migration challenge that we're facing in our country but you also accept our responsibility regarding the control of secretary movements that are affecting in this case germany. if this bilateral agreement sounds familiar that's because it is it's based on the existing dublin agreement that was suspended by mrs buckland twenty fifteen as a result of the refugee problems that year the german government has portrayed the deal as a breakthrough in the current immigration crisis a similar pact is also being made with greece and there was never any doubt that this agreement with spain would go ahead with spain has recently become the new preferred route for asylum seekers attempting to reach europe and there are fears that it will be yet another transit point for migrants to reach germany germany is
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also working with italy to agree a similar deal a challenge given the immigration stance from politicians now in its government so a diagonal al-jazeera to lead for you on the program a quarter of a billion dollar ruling chemical giant one santo is forced to pay out over damage caused by its killer. and the green economy have been considers legalizing the export of cannabis for medical use. hello the heat wave gone for the most part swept away well quite viciously for some at least certainly scandinavia this streak of cloud here which is now a cold front is getting rid of bit more of it is given some decent rights and heavy rain in austria slovakia is running east was overnight and i think most of the
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daylight hours of sunday going fine fairly wet and windy weather i think will be a good phrase through sweden through denmark and back towards the british isles south of that not far south it's still warm twenty nine in paris the potential for big shasta exists in the out is not the right in value me to be other that you cannot risk comes back row tommy get into monday madrid thirty five reflects continued warmth in spain and portugal same is true through italy and much of eastern europe were hovering around the thirty rock and the sun is still the predominant type of weather as it is so out the magistrate i want to show has been showing up round subservient again but basically it's hot in fact showers in north africa are limited to algeria how being the last few days curiously still but if you jump south in so how are you still get big showers in the middle of chad and education lee says sudan ethiopia and further west and there have been some pretty big shots around recently there's no reason to suppose that shouldn't continue including in the air.
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denying citizenship. health care and education. force from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty al-jazeera wild investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the wild. silent abuse.
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a quick look at the top stories now the u.n. special envoy to yemen says talks between warring parties next month will focus on disarmament international criticism has been growing over an as strike by the saudi a morality coalition which hit a bus full of school children in a northern province thousands of people have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law law officially affirms israel's jewish character the critics believe it makes non jewish minority second class citizens. and says the u.s. has turned its back on turkey after president donald trump announced he was doubling . konami crisis as its currency hit an all time low. now the syrian army is threatening a major assault on the last major rebel held stronghold dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying as strikes bombing targeted parts of spilled over to areas in western aleppo the flips have been dropped warning people to accept
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government rule. in a village in aleppo province which has seen some of the heaviest strikes. a new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of copra in the western country side of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial rates during each of which four missiles have been launched in residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of them women and children the destruction is that as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering and culture. he's following the russian . meanwhile there's also been a big air raid in southern it lib and northern where dozens of people have lost
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their lives. antigovernment protesters are rallying for a second night in romania after more than four hundred demonstrators were injured in violence with police on friday many of the protesters in the capital the caressed are romanian migrants who have returned home to demonstrate against corruption police have denied that they used excessive force on friday when they deployed take gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters are joining me now is it a chance to is based in bucharest good to talk to you again kit thank you for joining us how would you say the protest today compares with the demonstration that we saw yesterday the very different protests by that major i mean last night's protests we had over a hundred thousand and from very early on there was tension there was at the barricades at the place there was a lot of pushing and people within the crowds trying to push back the barricades
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and even from around seven here which is very early they were deploying to get as you said later came water cannons and more extreme measures tonight protests were much karma and there was a sense that they were trying to keep things less tense there were people sitting down in the crowds from show less confrontational approach there were maybe fifty thousand people is the estimates i'm staying and the period of time the whole grow so now back on the government building as you know a show of defiance against the government and they were asked him to resign but also you know again it's not it's a non-confrontational way of protesting and of the what we saw last night that was i think the most important thing and what about the government's response any indication that they are willing to take steps to address the protesters concerns. not not yet so throughout today we've had statements from leading people in the government and from those on the mahdi themselves who have defended the actions of
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the of the riot police and saying that their actions last night and i was sent over four hundred people injured including about a dozen riot police but a lot of protests today injured a lot of tear gas and yet the police and the interior ministry and the prime minister come out and said that those actions were justified given given the nature of what it is that happened before and we have not seen any suggestion from any leading politician yet or from any of the polish political class that last night's protests or anything tonight will impact anything when it comes to legislative decisions or when it comes to anything any of the protests gravesites does grievances and if these protests are being driven mainly by romanians who live and work abroad who have returned home or presumably then they
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will reach a natural conclusion because those people don't actually live there they won't be there indefinitely. well last night protests were a continuation of the these protests have been on a not eighteen months now they started last in february two thousand and seventeen when the government try to pass legislation or did in fact pass a note it's the legislation that effectively decriminalise low level corruption now that people took to the streets then and the government backed down but since throughout the last eighteen months we've seen continual efforts by the government to to to do to change legislation in ways that many people fear will we can rule of law and so last night's protests as you said was has been it was billed as the protests of the diaspora which number about four million. the protests have been going on for a long time without those people keep being involved last night was just
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a chance for the people who remains living outside the country the whole also have their points so i think as you said those people will eventually go back to their the countries they now live in but i don't think that will have an impact on the numbers taking to the streets if the government continues to push through change a little place in that anger a significant percentage of the population so what does this mean the protests there likely then to continue. i think in the immediate short term the protests last night and the one again tonight we may see another couple of nights of protests getting a bit smaller each evening but no the protest movement in general will continue because the government is continuing to push the these measures that anger so many people and they were all something new to do that it looks like you know they show no sign of changing their policies and the protesters will continue to take to the streets so in the short term we will probably see
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a protest against more of nights and all maybe one or two more nights and then maybe it will stop for a little while but in a month or two months chances are tens of thousands will be back in the streets once more thank you very much really interesting to get your thoughts and appreciate it kit get it joining us there from the crest. well now to zimbabwe where the supreme court has two weeks several on a legal challenge against president amazon and electoral victory main opposition party insists its leader won last week's vote but the ruling party zanu p.f. supporters say that the election was free and fair time a tacit reports from harare. it's the first time in zimbabwe's history the inauguration of a president has had to be postponed the main opposition leader nelson chamisa filed a court application on friday challenging president was election victory the move
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to stop sunday swearing in ceremony from taking place well it basically means the country has to wait until it gets a president and that is dependent upon what the court says and takes a maximum of forty that is so that means of what has to it including the international community. leaders in the opposition m.d.c. alliance say the evidence they filed in court proves last month's vote the first since it was forced to resign as president was rigged they say nelson chamisa won we had an opportunity. to do things right. conduct and manage a free and credible election which is a very simple task but you have decided that it must not be a simple task by interfering in this a little process election officials deny allegations of voter fixing officials in the rulings on appear party say they are not worried about the court challenge they know they were there when. you committed serious so what's going to happen is going
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to be thrown out when it's thrown out what are they going to say oh the courts are biased that's a get out of jail card going to play which is quite unfortunate again because that will mean to want to easing of. western governments and investors will be closely watching to see how independent zimbabwe as you disagree will be this is where the inauguration was supposed to happen the national sports stadium if the constitutional court orders a fresh election that has to take place within sixty days the military is busy rehearsing for the annual defense forces day celebrations on tuesday a public holiday but everyone here is keen to know how strong the evidence by the opposition is and whether it could change the election result. either. a chemical giant has been ordered to pay more than a quarter of a billion dollars to a school grounds keeper in the united states a jury ruled that a wave killer made by monsanto contributed to the man's cancer it's the first
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lawsuit to go to trial alleging a link between the disease and by first sight the world's most widely used herbicide mike hanna has more on this from washington. claim of damages this was the first lawsuit concerning life os eight to go to trial and after a month of hearing evidence and three days of deliberation the jury decided that it had caused the wayne johnson's counsel did round up pro or ranger pro failed to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would have expected plenty used or misused in an intended or reasonably foreseeable way answer yes it was the round up pro or range of pro design a substantial factor in causing harm to mr chance in answer yes the size of the punitive damages awarded to the jury's belief that the company
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monsanto had acted with malice and had not responded to the plaintiff's concerns during the years to use the product as a groundskeeper. what amount of punitive damages if any do you award to mr johnson answer two hundred fifty million dollars signed by the presiding dated august tenth two thousand and eight the world health organization has found in the past that by phosphate probably causes cancer but the environmental protection agency has not ruled on the matter as yet on some toes says it will appeal the case and continues to maintain that its products are not carcinogenic but there are more than five thousand cases concerning the weed killer and it's a fix pending and following this decision the kong lumbered faces the possibility of more massive payouts to come by cannot al-jazeera. most of india's
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carolus day is on high alert after at least thirty four people died during one of the region's worst floods on record heavy rains are expected here in the monsoon season but this year's downpours ravaged farmlands and forced more than thirty one thousand people to evacuate. for the first time say authorities of open the gates of twenty five reservoirs to prevent any breaches. of stolen plane has crashed in washington state in the u.s. it's video shows the aircraft performing stunts in the air including an upside down loop fighter jets were scrambled after the unauthorized takeoff and chase the plane before it crashed it's believed the aircraft was stolen by a ground service agent at seattle tacoma international airport is condition is not yet known lebanon is the world's third largest producer of illicit marijuana and now it's preparing to legalize cultivation and export the drug for medical use in harder has more from beirut. it's illegal but cannabis is planted almost everywhere
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in lebanon's northern because in recent years the government stop destroying the crops because it couldn't provide the impoverished population with alternatives now it is considering legalizing cultivation for medical use but some farmers are concerned it could cut profits. the high supply means it's not. so if the cultivation its will have no value we have. the trade for twenty years and they were against it now they want to do this to gain political support from the people who are fed up with the politicians. it's a multimillion dollar industry which an international consulting firm says could help lebanon struggling economy it would first have to introduce new seedlings that have medical properties a draft bill has been proposed in parliament proponent say the people of the region will benefit. a proposal to help farmers they have been the victims
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they can't openly sell it because it's illegal so dealers benefit by imposing a price on the farmers selling the product for higher prices and those dealers have political cover if. it's not the first time the idea has been put forward and it may take months before parliament votes on the bill. farmers say they have little choice but to grow cannabis in order to survive people are poor and there are little economic opportunities they blame the authorities for neglecting their area the livelihoods of tens of thousands depend on this trade which is controlled by the region's powerful families growing cannabis is cheap and alternative crops can't survive the harsh climate here that is one reason why attempts to eradicate the cultivation after the civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. failed there are those who believe the government should support this industry.
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so it's very important for to cultivate such amounts of plant where you can get more than forty projects out of it. the best. you can just get it out of that. it's out of that the united nations says lebanon is one of the largest producers and.


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