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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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country is finally getting some attention. to. syria now where the army is threatening a major assault on the last remaining rebel held province dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying government airstrikes backed by russia the bombing targeted parts of and spilled over to areas in western aleppo leaflets have been dropped warning people to accept a government rule al-jazeera wasn't allowed featherless in a village in aleppo province which has seen some of the heaviest airstrikes recently let's. go now to new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of cobra in the western country side of aleppo. this village has seen for aerial raids during each of which four missiles have been launched in residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of them women and children the
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destruction is that massive as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering damage and casualties following the russian area meanwhile there's also been big air raids in southern and northern where dozens of people have lost their lives. iran's government says it's sewing the u.s. of a sanctions that target the say in an export of hand-woven persian rugs last year alone iran sold one hundred twenty six million dollars worth of the carpets to the american market we have a say it's not just an attempt to block an important revenue stream but also an attack on iranian culture the same bus lobby reports from. iran there is the same carpet weavers sacrifice their eyes for people's feet.
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making even the smallest carpet means patiently toiling for months using tools and techniques that have been passed down for generations who cut it at that moment that this is what my parents did to my grandparents who doing so i loved and now i'm in this career i love this not leaving i feel as if i'm sick the comp is just like a child i love it because this is an original passion for the women in this workshop artist employees they take classes to learn the basics and practice for months the best students get to work on the most intricate designs but there is something sad about this job the closer these women get to completing a carpet the less able they are to actually afford one of their own creations persian rugs sell for thousands of dollars and some of the carpets made in this very workshop sold for tens of thousands. and depending on the detail and materials
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used such as silk or even string spun from gold a persian rug can sell for millions it's no wonder that in the business world carpets are a valuable iranian export second only to oil. but they're also an important part of iran's cultural identity in the two thousand and eleven farsi language film gold and copper a dying woman weaves carpets to pay for medicine and keep her family together. the script writer says the persian carpet was the engine driving the story of any. iranian and global audiences recognize iranian carpet as a piece of art. it has been a little painful for me that the price of the iranian carpets has risen a lot and now it's on affordable to everyone in the past it was common for people to cover every corner of their houses in carpet. and especially sad irony for carpet dealers is that the united states is the largest market in the miracle
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piracy then america has put sanctions on iranian carpets but if you look at american buildings and family homes you see iranian carpets on the floor as i saw in a video i think even u.s. president donald trump's daughter has an iranian carpet in her room traditionally persian carpets are meant to portray the guardians of iranian see the latest sanctions early attack on the very fabric of iranian identity and an attempt by america to make trouble in paradise zain. kerridge we have plenty more ahead on the news all including by some maybe but people in iraq semi autonomous kurdish region find that economic recovery remains elusive. wife on this an eleventh and legal marijuana may end up costing them money. and chelsea are off to a flying start and the english premier league tatyana will be here with the details .
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of the protesters have been rallying for a second day and remaining after more than four hundred were injured in violence with police on friday thousands of people have gathered in bucharest to protest against the ruling social democrats many of remain ex-pats who returned home to demonstrate against corruption police have denied accusations that they used excessive force on friday but i've been speaking with valentino. who's a project coordinator at the romanian economic society and i ounce to how effective the current protests against the government will be. considering the fact that yesterday we saw such massive violence and i don't think the government itself was being such large scale reaction from people who were in the square and the amount of casualties so from this point of view i would say that it would
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be considered that's it look pressure however. we do know that. there are other groups who knew that. what would change this government's course because romania ranks as one of the e.u.'s most corrupt countries i mean how can this be addressed by the government especially when so many ministers have been indicted for corruption. well on its own here all of the complex the complication comes from the fact that the government see. the role of the government but actually the. core of these hidden selves as actually the. rest of the russian campaign which started in two thousand and five bits of the following this is
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a. relationship between the secret services and the antics roxanne is. saying this as one of their reasons we're acting is that she's mad they're saying that actually we're going to pick off the abuses and. also arguing that the who. may diligently should be in line with the european commission would there i mean you. have this look are you. close. does the government have a leg to stand on when you say that it sees itself as the victim given the amount of corruption in the mania and the number of politicians who have benefited from it to the detriment of ordinary people. yes i was saying that. they are very good at twisting these sorts of arguments they do
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have some arguments which are in their favor and they're using precisely isolate cases of. which school could be considered as uses in which were. clearly no such works of law there have been such cases but there you are using to using such examples there are many of them in such a way as to use ones to argument for large scale of growth which is not not that was about writing but in the sense. of remaining as of course no stranger to people power to mass protests that have toppled previous governments it is of course nearly thirty years since nicolae ceausescu government was toppled regime was toppled but do you think that the things that people are protesting about today
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of really that different from thirty years ago do different in the sense that people do feel more empowered to speak out and sued in that comes ability. that if we were thrown into the economy this week there had been protests book those who are severely depressed as as we know romanian suffered one of the most violent world. lucian's in making any money but if talk about similarities i would see that people see themselves as being against that old political class moved with the communists fruits which. continues to be the picture need its power and its uses. from his point of view people who feel emboldened also. commissions that. the very. last day.
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german chancellor angela merkel says no european union member can avoid the challenge of migration and she made the comments at a meeting with spain's prime minister pedro sanchez as a migrant exchange deal between the two countries comes into effect on your diet over ports. a city in southern spain may be an application for two european leaders to partner up over a divisive issue migration and agreement the german chancellor hopes will help quell the argument over the refugee crisis with the help of fellow member european union countries here. we are just a few kilometers from the african coast similar to multiple sicily so this is a challenge we must cope with together and no country can dodge this task. the aim to stop refugees and migrants using the border free schenkkan zone to travel to
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germany a country that has taken in already more than a million asylum seekers since two thousand and fifteen those who are already registered in spain will be refused entry at the german border and deported within forty eight hours. we want the solidarity of the e.u. and its members with this migration challenge that we're facing in our country also accept our responsibility regarding the control of secretary movements that are affecting in this case germany. if this bilateral agreement sounds familiar that's because it is it's based on the existing dublin agreement that was suspended by mrs merkel and twenty fifteen as a result of the refugee problems that year the german government has portrayed the deal as a breakthrough in the current immigration crisis a similar pact is also being made with greece and there was never any doubt that this agreement with spain would go ahead and spain has recently become. the new preferred route for asylum seekers attempting to reach europe and there are fears
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that it will be yet another transit point for migrants to reach germany germany is also working with its lee to agree a similar deal a challenge given the anti immigration stance from politicians now in its government so nick i echo. police in the u.s. capital are on edge ahead of a planned mobbed by the organizers of last year's deadly white supremacist valley and charlottesville virginia as many as four hundred right when protesters are expected to attend along with one thousand counter-demonstrators and a pocketful of the white house police say this time they plan to stop the science from interacting john hendren reports from washington. the year ago to the day liberal might not be old right now police in washington d.c. want to keep history from repeating itself. on the anniversary of the deadly white supremacist rally in charlottesville virginia that left
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a counter demonstrator dead when a car drove into a crowd as many as four hundred white supremacist marchers prepare to converge on lafayette square in front of the white house so do more than a thousand left wing marchers who call themselves anti folk or anti fascist jason kesler who organized that unite the right march is leading this one they say you hear around you that is a anti-white way. leaving many here fearing another round of violent confrontation and i think something serious could happen i think something terrible would happen let me just say i. shot israel kessler's charlottesville out richard spencer is not expected in washington so his ideas are. yes i mean america story please undoubtedly a white country we're headed in a very different direction what we're saying rings true what we're saying cuts right to the heart of the matter and that's why people are attracted to us that's
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why we're growing hundreds of city and u.s. park service police will line the streets with one simple goal well to make sure be to make sure that nobody is injured and nothing gets broken barricades will play a key role police say they've learned lessons from charlottesville and their main goal will be. to keep the two groups apart even as they converge by the hundreds in this relatively small space it's a colossal task counter-demonstrators are already filling the streets i think it's an absolute affront to human decency to. the white supremacists to come here and march in front of the white house on this song during a verse or e. a police force with perhaps more experience than any in the world in handling protests tries to well the march but not the mayor john hendren al-jazeera washington turkey's president has vowed to defy what he describes as u.s. attempts to undermine his country's economy. and the one was an opinion piece in
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the new york times warning the u.s. must respect the sovereignty of their partnership could be in jeopardy he says his country will seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues u.s. president donald trump announced this week that he would double and alimony and tariffs on turkey. if you have to. take these out if you have euros take days out if you have gold take these out i am talking to those who have immediately give these to the banks and convert to turkish lira and by doing this we fight this war of independence and the future it's wrong to try to bring turkey in line for a pasta i am once again calling on those in america it is a pity you choose a strategic partner in nato. still ahead on the news out on security in mali as the cost their ballots in sunday's presidential runoff. and booker prize winning author vs nye poll dies at the age of eighty five as life and legacy
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and his fourth well number one simona halep fine form continues the season progresses to the final and montreal's. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hello southwest china is a pretty wet place and them tick lee harvey now and this circulation here in the full cost of just persistence of rain not much has been reported yet but it's certainly for you know probably reach hong-kong the same time in the at your screen is a tropical depression all its way up to shanghai has got a name yaquis but it's not to develop very much more basically just a lot of right to run through shanghai the same time for the south this weakens come monday but by that time you've got one to three hundred millimeters of rain to
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spread out from the pearl river eastwards towards hong kong south of that is where the philippines now and in the forecast less so for vietnam you can see a sudden edges of the significant cloud north coming on town but. could see some more showers and same is true in slow i see south of that as increasing cloud in java and bali but possibly no more than that in this case maybe in singapore but most likely could be further north sea fund anything like that the monsoon rains have picked up again in order pradesh and around the pole pretty widespread throughout india nepal and further south towards sri lanka as the clouds suggest which is about right for this time of the year. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. al-jazeera follows the lives of people in the heart of immigrant communities. in six major cities across europe.
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the stories we don't often have told by the people who live them. a brand new documentary series this is year a coming soon on al-jazeera. where they're on line this isn't some abstract fish can eat a bit of their stops or if you join us on sacked rather than stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice i part of civil society i did but i never get listening to play those in the corridors of power joining the global conversation. on out to zero.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour and these are our top stories thousands of people have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law and central thought of the law officially affirms israel's jewish character and jewish settlements as a national value critics say the norm makes known jewish minorities second class citizens. the u.n. special on water yemen says talks between warring parties next month will focus on a transitional government and laying down arms international criticism has been growing all the airstrikes by the saudi and erotic coalition which had a bus full of school children. and anti-government protesters have been rallying for a second day in romania after more than four hundred were injured in violence with police on friday they are accusing the ruling social democrats of corruption and
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failing to provide opportunities. zimbabwe's supreme court has two weeks to rule on a legal challenge against president emerson my god was electoral victory the main opposition party insists its leader won last week's avoid supporters said the election was free and fair how to metasearch reports from her. it's the first time in zimbabwe's history the inauguration of a president has had to be postponed the main opposition leader nelson chamisa filed a court application on friday challenging president election victory the move to stop sunday swearing in ceremony from taking place well basically. the country has to return to the. president and that is dependent. and takes a maximum of fourteen days so that means of ridding the international community
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leaders in the opposition m.d.c. alliance say the evidence they filed in court proves last month's vote the first was for. asked to resign as president was rigged they say nelson chamisa one. of the i'm going to do. manage. incredible election which is a very simple task but decided that it must be a simple task. election officials deny allegations of voter fixing officials in the ruling party say they are not worried about the court challenge. you committed serious so what's going to happen is going to be thrown out when what are they going to say. that's. going to play which is quite unfortunate again because that will mean want to using. western governments and investors will be closely watching to see how independent judiciary will be this is will be
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inauguration was supposed to happen the national sports stadium if the constitutional court orders a first election that has to take place within sixty days the military is busy rehearsing for the annual defense forces day celebrations on tuesday a public holiday but everyone here is keen to know how strong the evidence by the opposition is and whether it could change the election result. now this life although one of the two thousand and one nobel prize for literature has died died in his london home he was eighty five. also one thousand nine hundred seventy one booker prize for his novel in a free state the author was born in trinidad and wrote dozens of books many dealing with colonialism and its legacy let's get more on this now we're joined by he's an indian poet and diplomat and he's joining us on skype from brasilia very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so he has been compared to you know greats like.
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conrad and tolstoy but what would you say now i pause contribution to twentieth century literature was. i think it was a night was singular contribution words the twentieth century literature is bringing out to the fore the suppressed histories are the various communities various peoples across the world and he was a writer who traveled across the continents and wrote about german history are. histories but not written. and obviously he had many fans a mention the nobel prize for literature the booker prize but he did have his critics to including other prominent office like say edward five who said that ny paul was celebrated in the west but he actually perpetuated negative stereotypes
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about the third world and was an apologist for colonialism i mean derek walcott who is a fellow cabbie and born writer and winner of the nine hundred ninety two novel prize for literature said my pulls prose was scarred by has repulsion for negroes i mean what do you make of those criticisms about him and nine well like any other human being or tonight or had he has drawbacks and. and and problems. but that does not. mean that his writings. can be rejected completely we must look at his light being in a holistic way in in a in a manner in which we give the great to him very does deal of course he had big issues he had issues with temperament and issues really. several
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. several other things but. no doubt he was a great writer and he's going to russia is important for us and just lastly you know what about his comments about the novel which he said at one point was a valid of the nineteenth century no longer able to capture the complexities of the contemporary world was he right there do you think. she said but continued writing in that. medium in it more most part of doing good century and the beginning of the twenty first century so i think we should take it we should go on not on you not by his words but what you did i do not believe man's an important medium today. thank you for your time on this that. joining us live from brasilia thank you thank you.
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now it's been six hundred days since al jazeera journalist mahmud hossain was arrested and jailed in egypt hussein is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail al-jazeera is demanding has for leaks but a bit unmanly reports. locked up in solitary confinement al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein is yet to have any formal charges brought against him the egyptian national was stopped questioned and detained in december two thousand and sixteen after traveling from doha where he was based to visit his family in cairo he's been held in the notorious tour a maximum security prison where he's complained of mistreatment hussein and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations against him that he broke last false news writing letters in the last. african union bring to the good offices.
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democracy in the country by his lot of people which include press freedom and freedom of expression egypt level similar charges against al-jazeera trio bonhomme hama mohamed fahmy i'm peter greste five years ago and as there are explore editor in chief ibrahim helal was sentenced to death and absentia two years ago. reporters without borders ranks egypt one hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty countries in this year's watch press freedom index it says at least thirty two journalists are being held in egyptian jails few have been put on trial most of been detained for months or years and over a being held on trumped up charges. those imprisoned included gyptian journalist mahmoud abbas say it known as shock and he's been locked up for five
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years reporting on the robbers square protests in cairo where hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured recently shall can be nominated for unesco is press freedom prize and multi award winning journalist well about us had its home raided a may and was arrested and detained. as egyptian authorities tom. what they describe as fake news new laws were passed in july to support the arrest of journalists they allow the state to block social media accounts and detain journalists who have more than five thousand followers and existing laws which are already being used to cost. us media freedom new laws wishes. many more. will be understood because they want to express their opinion supporters of president sisi say they will safeguard freedom of expression. but rights groups
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say it will give a legal basis for egypt to crackdown on criticism or dissent nor about manly al-jazeera. people in mali are preparing to vote in the presidential runoff on sunday. kate is expected to return to power for another five year term he's facing opposition leaders from ala say say who trailed behind him in the first round the vote will take place in the fears of ethnic violence and accusations of election fraud mohamed reports from the capital. that is also the first round two weeks ago gave forty one percent of the vote while his main rival got close to eighteen percent was accused of fraud by opposition leaders but really i mean. to get a low result in the election is indeed heartbreaking but you cannot accuse president being behind that figure it's the decision of the million people which
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reflects their judgment of you. meanwhile was repeating the claims. once again i am asking for your vote so that together we can achieve the dream and the destiny that i have for mali i don't need to remind you of the grave in multiple illegalities of the first round which amount to political banditry they were a criminal breach of the law and of human dignity one day the reality will be clear to all. and it will shame those who have dirty their hands with fraud and corruption. seceded borst of what he described as a major success in the first round he's the first opposition candidate in the democratic history of money to take a sitting president to on of what his hopes of a united front by the other opposition parties have been partly dashed by the refusal of many first round losing candidates to endorse him the government has also closed down a local radio station that supports sisi accusing it of inciting violence and hate speech she says supporters organize
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a rally on saturday to protest the alleged electoral violations and to warn against a repeat violence was reported in at least a fifth of the twenty three thousand polling stations on july twenty ninth no vote took place at all in three percent of those centers and four soldiers were killed in an ambush as their convoy carrying election material since then ethnic violence has worsened in the central region of mctee as dozens of learned herdsman have been killed by rival bonzo hunters the e.u. has expressed concern over security and the government to govern a free and fair enough for the leaders the focus now is on the vote but for millions there is a desire to see that democracy does not fall victim to power struggles president is trying to stay in power he has supporters and means but his opponents are preparing a fresh offensive and many are curious to see if mali is will for the first time
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manage to change their leaders through the ballot box. aid is still arriving on the end of the. three hundred eighty seven people died in last week's earthquake the air force has delivered ninety tons of aid including food medicine tents and blankets almost three hundred ninety thousand people that is ten percent of the box population and the homeless or displaced the indian state of carola is on high alert after at least thirty four people died during one of the region's worst floods on the record heavy rains are expected during the monsoon season but this year's downpour has destroyed farmlands and more than thirty thousand people from their homes and for the first time state authorities before water from twenty five dams because they had reached full capacity to iraq now where the economy in the semi autonomous kurdish
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region has been struggling since the battle to push out eisel began in two thousand and fourteen the area was once a booming with economic growth and there were high hopes for a surge in foreign investment but it's not going to have reports from arab people aren't happy about the pace of progress. the story of flight is one shared by many here creating a first regional airline in northern iraq became a dream deferred. the war to purge i saw grounded the airline then a political dispute with the federal government in baghdad brought more delays in june three years after the airline was registered it began flying passengers from erbil to cities in sweden germany and holland to me to be an. old internationally so people have more curiosity to visit and if you.


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