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tv   Prince Zeid Raad Al Hussein  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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controversial writer pen more than thirty fiction and nonfiction books reports. that let you know these are hard to trace us through the. press odd night paul was born into an indian family in trinidad in the west indies in one nine hundred thirty two he was the son of a civil servant and want to scholarship to study english literature oxford university. naipaul's early work focused on the caribbean he traveled the world and chronicled the histories of people whose stories had not been written he also focused on the themes of migration displacement exile and rootlessness i think we should remember in full swatches just lists i think what an exceptional writer he was in my opinion the greatest writer of english prose of the second half of the twentieth century one of the things that happen to people who get the nobel prize is that they also get a lot of media attention naipaul received the nobel prize for literature in two
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thousand and one the swedish academy praised him as a philosopher who chronicled the stories of the vanquished to be right about that too. to do a series of books. to have by the middle of the book for the show fans flocked to read his self reflexive books and enjoy his unique voice which used the tools and the art of short stories to compose books that address themes like the human condition the trauma of colonialism and the struggles of people in the developing world nine ball like any other human being or a writer had his drawbacks and. and and problems. but that does mark. mean that his writing. can be rejected completely. all those writing was widely praised for its compassion his critics called him offensive bigoted and
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message mystic he was accused of being racist when portraying african societies and for talking islam most critics agree that night paul wasn't afraid to be offensive or eccentric and that he dared to write about his most unpleasant thoughts and present them to the public with honesty and a unique gift for storytelling he died at his home in london age eighty five. one of nasa's most ambitious space missions has just blasted off. two point zero lift off the parker sun a probe will fly closer to the sun than any previous craft it's designed to brave extremes temperatures of more than a thousand degrees the mission will last seven years. francisco diego is an astronomer at university college london he says knowledge gained from the mission will be priceless this spacecraft is going to fly into the inner part of the solar corona this sort of caught on is the sterile atmosphere of the sun we see charged
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with energetic particles magnetic fields is very thin kind of plus much but it interacts with the earth the sun and the air interact through the solar corona and we get all these kind of radiation particles super tommy particles so magnetic fields distort us is really magnetic storms that can affect our satellites and they probably are the disable some of our satellites around the earth they can produce enormous damage through. our power distribution networks here on the grids of the earth can produce a massive black holes that has happened several times in the past when we have very powerful magnetic storms in the sun so we need to learn more about all these things and this is the mission of the spacecraft. there is not cost discounting best meant by the majority of the cost of the spacecraft goes into the salaries of the scientists and technologies that are building it. they have the spacecraft itself
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is not that expensive these days is the people that build it so the technology which is being developed for example in this case we are developing very high resistance resistant refractory materials like carbon carbon components like ceramics which are on both of these spacecraft are protected that classifications here on earth and we must remember that we will have space travel man missions to the moon and mars that will be subject to the solar storms and the more we learn about it the more we learn about how to mitigate the effect of this on the on the health of the astronauts talk about a short break and come back at all the sports agree teenager smashes his ways for the top players so long to touch on a level that's. so. al-jazeera follows the lives of people in the heart of immigrant communities. in six major
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cities across europe. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there. and a brand new documentary series this is year a coming soon on al-jazeera. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia. those still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of past oppression. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. about
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topples water thanks very much to darren tiger woods is in the hunt the fourteen time major winner has found himself in contention going into the final round of the page a championship in missouri he's four shots behind only to park capped at this stage saturday for him and all the players having to race to complete turnaround because of a rain delay on friday jonna guys are off to report. under an lightning cut short the second round but as the sunshine returned so too did the hot shots worry mcelroy was one of those who had to finish two rounds on saturday. that chip in to help the four time major champion in a tie forty fifth's. speaking of champions mcelroy is playing partner tiger woods
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has been waiting ten years to add to his fourteen major titles. but over the last three months he's inched closer to or turn to some of his best gold brought on by the crowd tiger shot third round of sixty six to sit at eight under par and just a little shocked hates to modernise and i'm not just myself i'm going to show lawrence it's softest gettable and. we can't go out there and just make a bunch of pars it's going to have to thank make somebody. just five players stand between woods and the top of the leaderboard. was the man to beat is two time u.s. open champion brooks kept he made a hot start and despite dropping shots late in the round kept police by to you from adam scott. i feel like if i do what i'm supposed to i should win it off tournaments yeah there's a lot of star power in and there should be it's a major championship you should see the best players in the world come to the top
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and and that's what you have and that's what's going to make this man. very exciting to watch. even with all that star power the shots of the day came from englishman matt wallace who faced the sixteen the world number seventy five was catapulted to five under par five and a tie for twenty first in his first weekend to parents at a major was joining us roscoe just. now that final round has already taped off although none of the leaders are out bad just yet as it stands kept the leads from adam scott rickie fowler is still searching for his first major title haye three shots behind in a tie for third. english champions manchester thirty kick off the defense of a title later on the funding of their away at off will leave a pole a three no off against west ham at anfield and imbali are also on the field right now if no no that he. now the spanish football season kicks off on sunday when the
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league champions the baath alone to face couples all right runners up the via in the super cop the traditional season opener is being played over just one leg for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty two another change to the fixture is that it's being staged in the moroccan city of tangier buffalo in a row wary of the via who could be more much fear after playing in the early rounds of the europa league you think. they have the advantage over the radio play doing the last two or three weeks they may feel at a later stage the tightness of play too many games but right now they have the advantage of having that competitive tone even though some of the games they played as difficult as regular ones. are a super team and specialists at winning finals the stats prove that they can count on many of the best players in the world and that is often decisive but i always say that the only sport in which a theoretically inferior team can beat
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a superior one or at least one of the few is football that's what's great about it and we know that we will have our chances. then and i'll be back with posing himself firmly in the frame for three lection by newcomer encourage tyrant theodore with the africa cup of nations qualifier starting in next month pay scored twice the defending champions porto opened the portuguese season against each other back or is already a cameroon legend after getting the winner in the cup of nations final against egypt last year a strong supporter this one would have got on i getting on the scoresheet as well in a five no when. the men's raja's cup final takes place in a few hours time with greek teenagers stephanus it suppose defying the odds as the un seeded tame has stormed his way to a showdown against well number one a rough on the dow the nineteen year old getting they're off to beating about african kevin anderson in straight sets on saturday in toronto says the. assays
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ranked twenty seven in the world is guaranteed to break into the top twenty after his blistering performance fourteen seems to be on his side he's already knocked out dominic tate novak djokovic and alexander is about out of the win iran doesn't make him the youngest tennis player to beat four top ten stars on the rise and twenty eight is. amazing i mean going to achieve anything better than one tournament being all players thing amazing to news and. i mean i'm pretty sure the crowd in expect that i personally didn't expect that so it's going up pretty well so far and i'm pretty psyched for the final tomorrow while standing in his way those seventeen time grand slam champion nidal the spaniard be cutting catching over russia in the second semifinal on saturday to advance the da will be hoping for more fireworks on sunday as he goes for his thirty third at moscow's one thousand title. the women's world number one simona halep had
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a little trouble picking her place in the final irony it's her third final at the w.c. the event remain in winning her semi final clash against number fifteen seed australia's ashley barty a comfortable six four six one. and that saw parade play of the french open final as hollow before played the woman she believed for the title in paris the u.s. open champion flame stephen the american ended early and especially in his title defense in straight sets. now the highest scoring tame in major league baseball this season the boston red sox have kept the winds coming in a series that is pretty humiliating for their part as baltimore the orioles dropped so if it ends of a double header to boston on saturday this weekend theory so baltimore officially become the foster team in more than fifty years to be eliminated from contention for a divisional title they did take a two nothing lead in fact today the late game night by. out to harm runs from j.t.
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matthew knows the boston wind six to four and go eleven a games ahead of the yankees in the al eighth out followed of five nothing orioles lost in game one the two teams play again on sunday. england's cricketers the moving towards a two and mil theory of lead against india bought what weather is interfering with their plans i layer on day four of the bakken to test at lord's the english declared on three hundred ninety six with seven with chris why hitting one hundred thirty seven not out off to another wet weather delay the play at the back on the failed demands than is struck twice with india on thirty eight four three. and finally more than eighty thousand people have taken part in the world's largest a farm run sydney thirty to thirty five take compared to desire for a fourteen kilometer course from the cities of the world famous bondi beach has been going for forty seven years and this is when i was australian benson lara the double olympian competing the course in just forty one minutes and thirty five
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seconds. of a little finale thank you very much indeed well that's it for me daryn jordan for the news hour but don't go away i'll be back in a moment with much more of the day's news stay with us here on. travel off to. my tranquil. forests broadly. ochs of knowledge. that means scott. venture. scout. as far away places that's. going to get his cattle i always. full of struggles with the heat up on the island with not only the bombing all along all the time
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walking up on them up to full of pleasure they go on and on the getting where it all phenomena in but i'm not going to have an intimate look at life in cuba today as it was an warning. that i had done no more than you know i've never been as able to mind cuba on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to on the attacks even though they two of victims of the violence the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods
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across europe a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. bang. up to twenty two years of talks an agreement has been signed which could settle a territorial dispute over the caspian sea. well on down jordan assad of syria live from doha also coming up a photo. fighting in the afghan city of ghastly as government forces battle the taliban. it's doing state but the people that leave.
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entitled to be equal to us because the more. people protest against israel's nation state law but israeli prime minister says the measure will remain. and one year after violent protests in the u.s. state of virginia there's concern about commemorative march is set to take place in the country. mali and have started voting in a runoff presidential election president abraham boubacar what the first round with forty one percent of the vote but opposition candidates cusins him a fraud the first round vote was marred by violence as mali struggles against groups i met via reports in the capital bamako. that is also the
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first round two weeks ago gave forty one percent of the vote while his main rival got close to eighteen percent was accused of fraud by opposition leaders but really when you know we need. to get a low result in the election is indeed heartbreaking but you cannot accuse president being behind that figure it's the decision of the molly and people which reflects their judgment of you. meanwhile was repeating the claims. once again i am asking for your vote so that together we can achieve the dream and the destiny that i have for mali i don't need to remind you of the grave in multiple illegalities of the first round which amount to political banditry they were a criminal breach of the law and of human dignity one day the reality will be clear to all and it will shame those who have dirty their hands with fraud and corruption . seceded borst of what he described as a major success in the first round is the first opposition candidate in the
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democratic history of mali to take a sitting president to on of what his hopes of a united front by the other opposition parties have been partly dashed by the refusal of many first round losing candidates to endorse him the government has also closed down a local radio station that support sisi accusing it of inciting violence and hate speach. she says supporters organize a rally on saturday to protest the alleged electoral violations and to warn against a repeat violence was reported in at least a fifth of the twenty three thousand polling stations on july twenty ninth no vote took place at all in three percent of those centers and four soldiers were killed in an ambush as their convoy carrying election material since then ethnic violence has worsened in the central region of mctee as dozens of herdsman have been killed by rival gangs or hunters the e.u. has expressed concern over security and the government to govern
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a free and fair enough for the leaders the focus now is on the vote but for millions there is a desire to see that democracy does not fall victim to power struggles. now after twenty two years of talks an agreement has been signed which will settle a territorial dispute over the caspian sea the leaders of russia kazakhstan iran turkmenistan and azerbaijan which border the caspian have met in the cars at port city of a towel on the convention on the legal status of the sea but so far we've yet to hear exactly how that will work it's all about how much of the caspian each country can claim as their as the russian president vladimir putin said an agreement was crucial to regional security and beyond. bizarre brussels to the un security is very important and this is what underpins our agreements in this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east so this really affects the basic interests states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of terrorism and
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trans boundary criminality you know iran's president said support from the caspian sea countries for the iran nuclear deal was a good sign for an agreement on sharing the areas natural resources here for isn't as bad a drum borne of honor the five countries efforts to support the iran nuclear deal is a good step towards expanding regional cooperation and the betterment of relations between us the natural resources of the caspian sea belong to the five countries bordering it so to prevent any dispute in the areas we have not negotiated we must avoid any unilateral exploration of the natural resources in this area. well challenge them following the story from moscow rory so we know that the leaders have signed a deal but what exactly are they signed up to well what they've done is taken a big step forward in resolving this decades old territorial dispute it's essentially about what's the caspian sea is as the largest inland body of water in
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the world does it constitute a sea or is it a lake now the conclusion that they seem to reach an actor is that it's not really one it's not a lake because it's too big to be a lake and it's not really a sea because it's not actually connected to the world's oceans so it has aspects of one and aspects of the other and therefore it deserves its own special classification so what they have decided is to essentially have the surface of this body of water open for access for all of the five countries where as the bed of this body of water the floor needs to have further negotiations to divvy it up properly amongst these five countries at stake are more than a trillion several trillion dollars worth of energy oil and gas and pipelines to take it to lucrative markets around the world now the united states
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expects that if the caspian sea is full reserves of gas can be exploited then that will over the next ten years boost global production by twenty seven percent that's huge i mean that's that's going to have large ramifications for global energy markets which shows a kind of how important this whole thing is we're not there yet we haven't reached a final conclusion of a final situation but we have taken a big step today yeah and really the fact that the bordering countries haven't seen conflict over rights is surely a blessing but as you say they all want to slice of the natural resources. yeah they do i mean it's it's not just about resources it's about security as well and vladimir putin we heard a few minutes ago talking about that this is a harbor of trade and commerce that affects these five countries but also the wider
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region and it's a transit point for drugs it's a transit point for human trafficking that sort of thing so these sorts of agreements can go some way towards tackling problems like that they also have an interest these five countries on essentially making the caspian sea an exclusive zone a lockout zone they don't want anybody else meddling in these waters so one other thing that they have decided in act out is to prohibit any other country any country that doesn't have a part of the shoreline there from having any military presence on the sea so that's pretty significant it's taken them a long time to get the this is been going on since the collapse of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred two when there were only two states that really had an interest in in the caspian sea there was the u.s.s.r. and there was a wrong but of course when the u.s.s.r. dissolved there were several successive states so it's those successive states
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russia kazakhstan azerbaijan tech minister on hand iran that have been trying ever since to get this deal done rory thank you our little turn now to that presidential election in algiers mohammed volage joins us live now from the capital bamako mohamed so a second round of voting after what was an initial violent first round what's the status on security has it been tightened. yes daryn the government says it has increased the number of security personnel to guide this election to make it safe are from thirty thousand in the first found on july twenty ninth to thirty six thousand now and they either have been managing or trying to spread those i asked security personnel across the country to be able to reach all the polling stations and make the voting process has a fire under fire i don't know about the problems in this country the problem problem is that the government doesn't have a strong presence in many areas particularly in the center and the central region
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of matthew and also in the rough. times in fact he has spread out of control and killings ethnic killings have been taken on. on an increase during the last several months and also in the north i am groups have been mounting attacks more attacks even even despite the presence of armies and twenty three african countries this is mission in that area is very out of control and the government has been trying to you know reassure the population that you know this time around we will not see those discussions and i smile asians are the security breaches that happened there but there are no guarantees we need to talk about other aspects of this election of this event today is mr gray. there president of the patriotic front it's an association that he's acknowledged to send irises a head of the opposition was running against the president mr goble the great tell me about today as well do you think it's going to be more fiery and free than the
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one that took place on the july twenty ninth. thank you to everybody who will oh we think that. election is very particular. on the political aspect and the security aspect and the american culture and today is the million people have to know that i. i'll do you regret it is we resigned on the first part of that elections the. smell as she decided the responsibility to go to re-election and then eying the first saying that we are very liberal it is the kind thing about the references and the secretary do you think they will be different she yes i think really will be different because i want. to survive because they million people know that they are only three million people voting on
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the first part and then we have a pedestal of eight million and these other five million will be to make a difference you think that and i to be better today why are people going to be normalized so they are more i think just like the guy when there is a lot of laughs among the opposition during the first round trying to expect the first like i said that they knew they had to because like afraid they would like to . to react badly new action and the time is in africa in general and the first class level people yellow stand back stand alone and with this woman tired to go to make the different exactly the size of the things is so big the size of a thing such a position is not mobilize now that we know that this is the final stand with the president. that she is ok you know this but we have seen today that the turnout is very light.


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