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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 28  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2018 7:32am-8:02am +03

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it's not important it's not enough to this because it's really the consequences if you test this from the start they often downsize themselves on terms when someone disagrees and come they're not says in different time to start on us. when does assume we're going to just put enough to. decide it's interest in me i want you to get to sleep in office items and i don't get so much. as a post. yeah i just one last in class and i want to point to it as a huge debt bomb in this book so this. hard to understand beautifully almost and that helps a additional. friend i ever say to. go on should i lay down the recent fuels or two just for the game to start on their future with a good interview yeah i think if the wall between the hood can fit fine it's just a bunch of fighting and throwing dust and. that's where not to put the mark to me i
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was tough to figure out this afternoon to be funny coffey. it's an invented yankees event and the talking us responsible come to. their dignity doesn't it i'm done it's hard not to blow up the dismissive of shots in childhood reflection on the one form the believe in i'm gonna try and ideally there's a dozen in these are no indeed. and one does go to so i'm done in scheme most and went into fun easy meat and the other to the country. the plans for the mansion for can order the visit what's your one and there they did not have known that it will fund the honest finger on somebody and i was not the first image makers government to be furnished unger's and helps wisconsin keep the current. done in case of a lot of hard and emotional on d.s. and some time to feel as brilliant columnist for the family as they can document here just in november and determine. nine. eleven dillard's introduced into the
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system must run in washington tries to free him into passion because it's not good at least illegal to be an industrious but. those who were uncertain as light in us in arkansas and found ended doubletalk the definition of us are finished because. isn't a wooden indian cinema it's either direct or finished it so entirely as it went on for i'm going to change tiny cup appears of this apprentice when if we can get a ticket in and flabby if a. display healthy for cooling man want to stick to some slang. i'm fielden from fifteen on ft six in december the sales known go up as him leave burger from a to warn me but took some of them visits in the dust and free of the void and justice of the rest of the visor finished the tree hadn't the mood to go on and jumped on those of us who. have to put into on record as richmond high
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traffic a farm on that leaked and frightened govt. just one done far too hard to come undone often hidden a spokesman tried to shut. amended use of from fifteen thousand from from the indian visa years and. beyond and found with what a button from from the front to take a bus from went from fifty minutes senior medical to hit so does he i was for one from about the supposed to fence off the shelf again so i'm dr she did me against me in this image tied to give me a pass and. let's end it on enough for me to introduce and thousand under take it on the hoof. just a bit as
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a mom boyden if i'm for no to the sex or not it doesn't even want to. just be it as a woman this biters all the time. the problem doing and undergoes. buying up high long bischof to. their machines in fact if money resource. thus ends up if you haven't formed. all from the to motley crew this could be machines in the form of it's. a bit of a myth be shifty. such as the octomom with some summons will set some of these says she know to at least. one smith death him if he can be calm and decent up in all a little mock d.c. evan on soul and done v e d c should have simply.
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it in a concept or not the traditional. because in this. with the guys it felt safe of the tolls and on the incentives in items are finished and that some insight in the sponsors device and since the safety seats are tight and so visible. since the two foot ins been. see. that's. someone's easiest easy to feel easy to see only. the ones you need to leave the bush leaves issue most of the problem it on is not just a month before said. america can challenge. once it is most profound. question. but only consults on life and fond of it but i should and ultimately.
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to get this con should. have been in itself is a map model we hadn't done for you to pull the names of the puzzle holes on the form of white because one on something could have been that sold and so i feel to impose it he told it to see posing as his fag life on it because it's all intelligent tyler pulls the news and names you on the title is apart from one show in vegas to folks live in the one on ones is tiger going to possums on and but i think that's part of the title for the show also but action and mouth molly and d.m.z. off the title seasons which i'm struck of also does wouldn't be i would tell you to debug it so as it's a minimal teeth on the sets and then another one time in the tide it's on. it's gone we're doing anything i enclose tells in and from tie ins on videos and thousands of phone calls a bit space so it wouldn't have tied up in the news and he's opposed to warner for log decisive teef funding most of it sounds at some point been losing those open
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d.m. under title which in under give over its still videos here will be trying this kinda stuff it's. kind of nice to see. denzel going to some good ties and body an appreciation of what he said in tokyo. the help then and click and the sure did it should be getting used to so she. offered an explanation given folks a wolf or and then gotten folks at the all school board of what the boss. untroubled and best spent he'd get gave me and help it i'm just four hundred up bills and because that's the shit i know four inch off or and for god to four inch of things or via tables are all mine told so i get them it's a huge guy off. a bit of a shame that he got a particular conflicts but since i am not an addition from palooka tapes years old
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and owned by him from within feet of pointed these a machine good speech to i'll see it gets he has got to achieve bisht thus these are with a human that try to shut up and in fact the speech snohomish skiffle and been. biased up with them just to prove it doesn't get tough he will smile no need to push. him into a fake tits that see the. lawyer the whole stephon be a formula one folks are to find a deal mind of one does and often up to us but then one suffer father and god it is because. we haven't come by those ashore and i defy ta they. all speak old man but this will take its hear them go up the school push god in the double edged sword into a. moment
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and i end up in order for us that in the by a skip to the sins of a father the bottom of the sea at sea aboard for when he at all. tells a billboard often isn't a chanel four and some say you know all schiphol not cool but then down that fish kind of this is smoke that should be an issue and a complete. infield getting outside to give a consequence of a comment to get the higher than fear from steve from the. emmitt smith knock of business he take once it's that's not hard is. this and often single thing on articles and. sizes but. i rationalize it's food at a cost of get leaked concerts or the step outside he gets convicted he. is the.
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site of any good t.v. tony's you can dish an upset but i think it's cannot send the get much try and topic may have taken everybody on. the go to to push. in complex skin with wounds and because if you sit for a good even though forty teeth for missy it's. because you go unlogged both good. muscle but the. these a few in theon doesn't upset you can tell he's you and. your can focus on the spot in ma he. doesn't own sort of a consequence of which might cause some fuss seen in the. films it's of national polls a momentum and you're going to focus on see him fall will the pick up is. false i'm court. if it is astonishing to mention.
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it isn't much money to be much more. to talk to just you know you don't know you misquote say and all that much you told. him he came. if i'm in the fog lifted us up maybe you want and for nine this is a shift to do it to on friday of about a frantic the two of. us one of us and us is the hope of meeting the shits and like the skin knows who once was even human just for some software across dicta to a flick of struck by that and if you can he does eames who had to get a two for me from. one does most of the second of my story at least. once the smoothest you mentioned his position is patricia i'm from the smith dolls and so not done knocked off debts are tied up a piano piece of standing as much at least one should out of twenty go of papyri of
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the least puts us in the search for gains so that hardly should be sufficient it. comes when their golden star give it to us give it a day or come most. will
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. on counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran by iranians and companies doing business. with climate change plus stamping out colombia's cocaine addiction counting the cost on . the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian games will host thousands of competing across
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a mix of traditional and the limbic sports follow us for the news and updates from jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera it looks ugly and sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wild side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it if you listen to america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat touch camera traps have identified
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a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. this is zero. zero and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha the the parana coming up in the next sixty minutes. thousands of people in the u.s. capital demonstrate against
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a white nationalist rally on the first anniversary of racially charged violence in charlottesville. near the lake normalcy a five nation agreement sets terms on how the caspian's of resources will be shared . a tense run off in mali the opposition alleges ballot stuffing in favor of president. taking ballet to the masses a graceful treat for motorists stuck in traffic in the mexican capital. it is the first anniversary of the violent protests in charlottesville that brought long running racial tensions in the u.s. out in the open far right groups and counter protesters have been holding separate rallies outside the white house thousands of anti fascist demonstrators and members of the group black lives matter have turned out to oppose what was dubbed
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a white civil rights rally mohamed el baradei see reports. escorted by police through the streets of washington d.c. so-called right protesters marched all the way to the white house carrying the rally here to the day when the right protest in charlottesville left one person dead after being denied a permit to rally in trouble to build this year they marched in washington to make a statement about what they see as a need to safeguard the right white americans are going to be. him. why people are coming forward to your face feel discrimination on twitter so. people might be seen to be controversial and. turn out but all right groups was much lower this year after organizing decent kesler had a fall out with other groups over security in last year's rally now people are scared to stand up for their rights people who are pro-life people who are serving
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people who are trying so you're just in favor of free speech here particularly if you fail to. over twenty left wing activist groups have gathered for the shutting down d.c. counter protest at the president's front door they're here to oppose all right protests unite the right to in washington d.c. or groups like and and black lives matter say they're here to take white supremacy and fascism out of the district police have created a decontamination zone what they're calling a decontamination zone in the middle to separate the two the two groups what they're trying to do is make sure what happened in charlottesville last year doesn't have water today they're not welcome in washington d.c. they're not welcome anywhere their message and their sentiment is not supported by the vast majority of people in the united states you can see from the people that are here today at the counter demonstration at the answer coalition rally that people across all social divisions people from l.g.b. g.q.
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community people from the arab community people from the muslim community people internationally are totally opposed to these messages of hate. those opposed to the so-called right say they are prepared to pursue the white nationals wherever they march mohammed omar d.c. al-jazeera washington. let's go live now talk osp on it alan fischer he's joining us from the counter demonstration in washington d.c. and most if not all of the action actually happening way you've been out. exactly and if you look at the park behind me with the white house just over pennsylvania avenue you can see the most people have no actually gone home the heavy rain that we've seen over the last couple of hours played a part in the there was a thunderstorm but also what played a part was the fact that there were thousands and thousands of anti right wing protesters here gathered in the square to make sure that their voices were heard that the drone doat right the white supremacists would go
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a permit to protest up till eight o'clock but left after probably no more than a noble joining me know life here is an eye on who is one of the organizers with b. y. p. one hundred and i would you consider this a victory for you the fact that there were so few white supremacists who turned up probably no more than a couple of dozen and didn't stay that long yes yes i think that it was a victory not because there was so many few white supremacists but that thousands of people continue the tradition of eighty two which was when the k.k.k. came to d.c. and thousands of black brown indigenous folks gathered together in a white coalition to show that we will not tolerate hate we will not tolerate bigotry and will not tolerate white supremacy so i think it was successful because people came out people came in their full selves people were joyful people were celebrating life and liberation and justice and coalition and cross movement building i mean so that drowned out the noise that. the john at the noise in which
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the police m.t.d. and all the other park police and all these other policing institutions were complicit too. i think is something to point out that it wasn't just about the nazis as a black woman as a black woman it wasn't just about the nazis who were rattling but about what about the police who escorted the nazis in vans and protect them right so it's really important to know who do they protect and who they serve when thousands and thousands and thousands of community members are coming out to the streets and saying we don't want this in our town we. i don't want this in our city and yet the state the mayor the police department still continue to support and be complicit to what i call violence just their appearance them coming is violence they're trying to continue a long legacy of oppression against people who look like me and so i think it's important that we show solidarity and that this will not be tolerated and that we are stronger together and collectively we. see that. the right to free speech is
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protected under the constitution did a load to be here you might know like what they're seeing but the very right to do what they were doing right and i believe in justice and i think that the constitution was not written necessarily for people like me slavery has been legal prisons or legal detention camps currently are legal and so as a lawyer i'm a lawyer and i understand that the law oftentimes is not on the right side of history and so i don't think that white supremacy should have a right to violate and purvey violence because what it is is violence and i think we need to name that is violence that there are people who are calling for the eradication of people who look like me that's violence and so yes people have legal rights whether or not those legal rights extensive black folks who are going out and protesting police violence or protesting the lack of resources in their communities are protesting all types of sorts whether or not we get that level of protection and support from the state there is a wide contrast between the ways in which fifteen white supremacist were protected
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today and how we are protected every day when we are fighting for things that communities deserve which is housing jobs transportation education they were about to have private trains for people who who are wanting to purge two to two percent violence towards us while people who live in the city don't have access to transportation right so we have to draw these contrast of who the state is protecting and who they're not and so we can get into the legality of the constitution but i know. that the just i believe in justice and so i believe in what is right and what is right is not hate not white supremacy and not bigotry and i would be one for a long time to time the new even of a long day thank you very much indeed for joining us live here on al-jazeera knows a city many of the protesters have gone home and as an iowa seeing it we also saw the white supremacists the old right who were here the two have gone they were taken by a police convoy and taken towards the train station and beyond to get the motive
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here into the vehicles and take them away from an area i think the police will be pleased that that there were very few confrontations i saw one where a couple of people seem to get detached from the protests that were hand heading to the were white supremacists they were attacked with people throwing water at them water bottles even spray painting that here at one point but the were taken away by the police as well but given that was the real fear that this would be a flashpoint i think the police will be pleased with the way things have eventually turned out here in washington thank you very much for that for now that is alan fischer live in washington d.c. thank you. john hendren was at the rally but quiet by white supremacists and washington d.c. . the leader of the white nationalist movement was drowned out not just by the rain but by the sheer numbers of the left jason castro came escorted by police on
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a virginia subway and he ended up here in washington d.c. escorted all the way with perhaps dozens of people with police surrounding him kept away the entire time from the left wing demonstrators who would arrive here in the thousands now kessler said the reason there were so many fewer people on his side was that he had invited fewer people he said being a free speech absolutist that he had invited a number of groups to the charlottesville incident the disastrous incident one year ago that he didn't. not invite this time he apologized and he said he wanted to offer a more reasonable message his concern was that the country was becoming that whites in this country would be coming a minority and that he was concerned about that but that was the message that was completely drowned out by sheer numbers and by the volume of the other crowd here. the unite the right demonstrators are marching under police protection there are very few of them dozens are only making this march they are vastly outnumbered by
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the police around them and who are vastly outnumbered by the left wing counter-demonstrators all over washington they filed for permits for twenty five hundred of those are wrong writers night the right gentleman they filed for four hundred. charlottesville has become a symbol of america's deepening racial divisions and the trump era a year ago a woman who was at a protest against a white nationalist rally was killed when a suspected neo nazi sympathizer crashed a car into a crowd in the aftermath president trump was widely condemned for saying there's blame on both sides and the gallagher reports from charlottesville. yet. a year after the eyes of the world focused on charlottesville there's still anger many of those who took to the streets are upset about the massive security operation that's virtually locked the city down others a keen to send a message of peace and reconciliation were called to or not called the hate there
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is nowhere. in my. scriptures where we're called to hate so that's what i'm done here it's starkly different from what happened twelve months ago when white nationalists and counter protesters clashed fifty two year old had to here was killed charlottesville became a flashpoint over the fate of statues of soldiers who fought for slavery activists say racism still exists here the community is pulling together local organizers continue to come together to find ways to protect each other because we know that the city and these institutions are here for us in our first and so what i've seen is an amazing resilience from the community who is standing up and speaking up and showing up for things like city after a year of reflection some things have changed in charlottesville the city's under new leadership but challenges remain the confederate statues a spot last year's trouble still stands and many here say deep rooted racism is
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still a problem and a guy called a zero charlottesville virginia. let's move on to other news now in five countries on the shores of the world's largest and land body of water have finally decided on how to divide its vast resources the agreement between russia. and azerbaijan but open the way for exploration of the caspian sea vast gas and oil resources roy chalons reports. with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of troubled waters could be receding into history the disputes over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union in fact aoun kazakstan four of the u.s.s.r. successor states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that because you have passed the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed naturally it opens it why.


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