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this escalating feud between the president is full and his former aide just as that book is getting ready for release how damaging might the revelations be for the president. well certainly this is a divided nation when it comes to the president's approval rating and also when it comes to race relations and it certainly isn't helping improve the president's ratings when it comes to african-americans they were dismal when he was brought into office they have ticked up slightly according to some polls as a result of a lower unemployment rate among african-americans a historical low in fact some say but certainly given the fact that a year ago the president was criticized heavily for not coming out denouncing violence when it come came to the white nationalist protest in charlottesville instead blaming both sides now one year later there is this release upcoming release of a book it certainly has inflame tensions once again when many believe that there was an opportunity perhaps he'll say instead there is
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a doubling down on division thank you very much i want house correspondent kimberly halkett will the latest on that story you're with al-jazeera live from london much more still ahead zimbabwe's president makes his first public address since winning the disputed election again blaming the opposition for the violence. from argentinean president cristina to cochin is questioning course about alleged bribery and she was in office. hello again well take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western asia first of all certainly for these eastern areas where the conditions are looking fine tashkent inspectors down there thirty four degrees we've lost the showers around the southern side of the caspian sea saw looking fine here fairly brisk breeze blowing
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down through iraq and through kuwait into the gulf region so little bit of lift the dust is certainly on the current mediterranean all a good caucuses we've lost the showers here for the most part may just be wanted to popping up on wednesday but generally weather conditions are looking pretty good down into the arabian peninsula in the western side of the peninsula temperatures as you'd expect in the low forty's here on the eastern side of the wind is helping to keep the humidity down a major super lifted dust coming on the eastern side of the plane sure but otherwise weather conditions here in doha looking fine maximum of forty three as we head through wednesday into southern portions of africa good conditions here for most ten should be drawing bright moving through into wednesday again largely fine picture johannesburg and durban seeing highs of twenty two degrees into central parts of africa some big showers across parts of sudan and further towards the west for a chance. and certainly by mccomb ali will see some heavy downpours highs of twenty
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eight. ard.
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welcome back just a quick reminder of the top stories this hour turkey's central bank has eased the rules around how banks manage the lira and promised loans for any banks that need them it's to stop the current sea from falling any further after a decrease of more than forty percent against the dollar this year afghanistan's military is sending special forces to help defend the embattled city of gaza and from a taliban attack more than three hundred people have died in four days of fighting and funerals have been held in northern yemen for some of those who died in a saudi u.a.e. led coalition air strike which killed fifty three people forty of them were children many of whom were killed on board a school bus. now president elect is in the country to move on from last month's disputed election as it marks thirty eight years of independence. was supposed to be sworn in on sunday with a ceremony can only go ahead with the approval from the constitutional court. more now from harare. president elect innocent i got asked political leaders to remain
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calm it's his first public appearance since his inauguration was postponed after the main opposition alliance filed court papers on friday preventing it from going ahead zimbabwe is even more divided since last month's disputed election and post election violence we are of course. these are liars has heard violence post of me and there for let you see results. in the years of what you know since citizens made their souls where did all these armed men stood a commission of inquiry against the first great murder. it is not. the lives. we are hero's day is one of the most important national holidays is to remember those who fought in the civil war
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to end white minority rule in one nine hundred eighty some of those veterans are still in the government and on opposition supporters blame the ruling party for the violence the main opposition in the genocide released a statement on monday saying there is nothing to celebrate today he says his supporters are being systematically targeted by the ruling party he won last month's election. earlier this month six people were shot and killed when the army dispersed opposition supporters protesting against election results the international community has called for the military to use restraint zimbabwe is a liberal all people can do is wait the swearing in ceremony will only happen after constitutional judges give the ruling. of the. courts the only other implications of the decision. is final so politically it will
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be very interesting election. judges could declare the winner and he sworn into office within forty eight hours or they could order a recount or a fresh election within sixty days if political leaders refused to accept the court's decision that could create more political and economic instability. the former president of argentina has appeared in court for questioning over bribery allegations cristina kirchner denies allegations alleged payments from business executives to officials in her government and late husband nestor kucha who also served as president has the latest from when is iris. christina kirshner came early in the morning to this court house that you can see behind me she presented a manuscript and she also denying that being a leader of any decent organization that accepted millions of dollars in bribes what's different about this whole investigation is that it's mostly based on eight
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notable that were written by the driver of the planning ministry where he wrote during a period of ten years held millions of dollars in bribes were paid to members of kirshner's cabinet members and in case some details even explained how big bags of cash were taken to the presidential palace and to kirshner's rest and see cristina kirchner says that she's being politically persecuted by the administration of a precedent. but this a notebook investigation is one of the largest in argentina's history and many compare it to the carwash investigation corruption investigation that happened in brazil because it also involves not only politicians but also some of this country's most important business and. got better who is the cousin of the president. right now cannot be detained she's a senator and she has immunity but right now the fed that is debating on whether to
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allow the judge to search her residence is not totally one sided but also in southern argentina cristina kirchner continues to have support among argentinean society around thirty percent of the people say that they would vote for her and some say that she could be a candidate for the presidency in two thousand and nineteen. for pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif has appeared in court for the first of two remaining corruption cases against him and his family it's the first time sharif has been seen following his imprisonment in july he's serving a ten year prison sentence for corruption over the purchase of luxury flats in london in the one nine hundred ninety s. . now iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is spoken exclusively to al-jazeera about his country's relationship with the united states trumps decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal has further strain ties between washington and tehran so he says the u.s.
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has proved its not trustworthy. we have no problem with dialogue but is mr trump really serious about talks if he is serious about talks without preconditions well the secretary of state put some conditions for talks two hours after trump's comments impossible conditions the first question is if they themselves have reached an agreement inside the u.s. about talks with or without preconditions our policies in the region are totally clear it's the u.s. who needs to be accountable for policies in the region. well various comments come as iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali hum and i refused u.s. president donald trump's offer for direct talks harmonize says he's banned iranian leaders from meeting with president trump saying the u.s. never follow through on promises it makes during talks common i also ruled out the possibility of war with the u.s. same bus romney has more from town on. it has to be said there's nothing necessarily new in what the supreme leader of iran has said today but every time he
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speaks on any given issue with lends a certain amount of religious weight to the issue that he is discussing and so if you follow the arc of that logic now it is the islam law of the land of to not negotiate with the united states but as is the case with most of what officials in iran say there are it's the supreme leader later in that address said that if iran is in a position to resist economic pressure and if iran is strong enough to negotiate with the united states on more equal footing and if the united states becomes more human towards iran then then iran may enter back into negotiations with the united states so there is a subtle nuance there but he said as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned there is no way that iran will ever negotiate with the current white house and in asia the government says it will take a long time for people to rebuild their lives after this month's earthquake on the island of long buck at least four hundred thirty six people are now known to have
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died and the bill for damages risen to more than three hundred forty million dollars have a morgan reports. rescued alive from the rubble this boy is one of the lucky ones he's at least being treated for his injuries but his mother says even that was a struggle because the earthquake destroyed thousands of buildings including hospitals and medical centers at mabille and that were up at the hat i didn't know if my son had fractures or not and there was no facility and i was told to stay away from home remedies that's why i came to the military hospital where there are volunteers that have been up. more than a week after the six point nine quake struck the search for survivors is drawing to a close more than four hundred thirty bodies have been recovered but many more remain missing treating the injured has also been a major challenge as many parts of the island are almost impossible to access now.
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volunteers have been doing their best to find out and it's a route through the destruction of the other hundred patients with fractures come to us because we have five operation rooms and our doctors of volunteers who join the military team we have five operations day here but that's not enough for the thousands of people affected there still discovering people who haven't been reached for the assistance and at the same time they're delivering very basic emergency assistance food water medical care shelter the damage hasn't been assist so there's a lot of uncertainty about the future thousands of people remain displaced and afraid to go home because of the fear of more earthquakes and aftershocks they've already lost family friends in many cases their homes and most of their belongings they don't know how much more they can lose people morgan al-jazeera. north and south korea have agreed to hold a third round of talks between their two leaders in september this time in pyongyang a trip by the south's president into the north capital would be the first such
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visit for more than a decade both sides say they are committed to a foreign relations despite pyongyang's continuing dispute with the united states over the terms of its denuclearization deal well now china is denying un allegations that it's holding a million muslim we goes in internment camps united nations committee says it has credible reports of people being held in secret jails in northwestern jiang province the government says it's clamping down on what it calls terrorists in the semi autonomous region but denies targeting ethnic minorities rights groups say many weeks have been held without charge seventeen senior officials responsible for a multi-billion dollar project in kenya have been arrested for corruption the railway which was founded by china connects the capital nairobi with the port city of mombasa catherine soy has the details this is the latest corruption case involving the construction of
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a real line in kenya the biggest and most expensive infrastructure project in the country at the moment the heads of the national land commission the state trade we and other business people have pleaded not guilty to one thousand charges including fraud corruption and abuse of office they're accused of authorizing payments for compensation of land used in the construction of a section of the recently about three million dollars paid to people off the land that did not exist or that was already owned by the religious corporation this year the government has intensified its crackdown on corruption in a way kenyans have not seen in the meantime the hope for you think you will. no matter how much you think you know people in high position no matter how much money you have. large will not save you corruption has been a major concern. has been an artist in several public offices government officials politicians and powerful business people have been implicated have been brought to
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court i report by the auditor general's office shows that a bad of the country's budget is lost to corruption and mismanagement every part of where i'm optimistic is that for the first time it's not just the job of the director of public prosecutions or the and the corruption commission it's a multi agency so we're going at this with everything that we have. and in the spirit of the crackdown demolitions of buildings of drug reserves and retired inland say to have been acquired for me is ongoing so this is one of the buildings what millions of dollars that have been brought down by the government in the last few weeks if it's right next to an important stream the next one to go is all sense of that the owners have already started bringing down the path for demolition. this is president overlooking at his last time in office and he's promised more jobs through the manufacturing industry universal health care
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affordable housing and food security for that to happen he needs to deal decisively with corruption i think he understands that this is the only shows that he has. to basically break away from the past which is basically i break the law but i have friends in high places that make a phone call and this is going to go away many kenyans say they're happy with what they're saying they're however also calling for speedy trials convictions and the assets of those found guilty to be confiscated catherine saudi al jazeera arabic. and malaysia's prime minister is planning to cancel several multibillion dollar infrastructure. rejects with china my had to mohammed says he's only going to welcome foreign investments that benefit malaysia he made these comments ahead of an upcoming visit by two beijing ninety three year old leader wants to scrap twenty billion dollars worth of deal signed under the previous prime minister najib razak who has now been charged with corruption now stargazers in greece go to read treat
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when me she has street across the sky over the weekend a so-called pussy is meteor shower could be seen with the naked eye it appears around august time every year people living in the northern hemisphere and areas with light pollution have a better chance of seeing these gorgeous shooting stones and there's much more in everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com. just a quick reminder of the top stories this hour a turkish president has accused the united states of betraying its allies as the country's currency crisis deepens the u.s. imposed sanctions on turkey over its refusal to extradite an american preacher the sanctions calls market turmoil for the current sea which has lost more than forty
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percent against the dollar this year on monday the central bank ease the rules around how banks manage the layer and promised loans for any banks that might need them the announcement helped to pull back the layers from a record low but there are still grave concerns about the state of turkey's economy . sort of goes through. on the one hand you're a partner but on the other you shoot yourself in the foot so for example the united states is a strategic partner with us in afghanistan somalia you're one of our strategic partners in later years but then you go and stop your ally in the back is this acceptable. in our other top stories afghanistan is sending special forces to help defend the embattled city of gaza me from a taliban attack more than three hundred people have died in four days of fighting thirty of them civilians gazan is just one hundred fifty kilometers south of kabul on the highway connecting the capital and southern afghanistan huge crowds have
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gathered in northern yemen for the funerals of some fifty people killed in a saudi amorality ass strike last week forty of those killed in sabah province were children many of whom were on a school bus at the time authorities are struggling to identify the remains of all of those killed in the attack some parents are still looking for their children among the debris zimbabwe's president elect is in the country to unite and move on from last month's disputed election amazon gaga was speaking at an event marking the heroes day holiday he was due to be inaugurated on sunday but the swearing in ceremony has been postponed because of a legal challenge to the election results mounted by the opposition. and iran supremely to ayatollah ali home and i has refused u.s. president donald trump's off of a direct talks hamann ice says he's been iranian leaders from meeting with president trump saying the u.s. never follows through on its promises all those the headlines inside stories coming up next on al-jazeera and then i'll see if the news hour
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after that. some call it a sea others a lake for decades its status has been in dispute five countries want to share in the oil rich but landlocked caspian sea a deal is now been done but will it hold and will it lead to a new global energy and political alliance this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm jerome five countries have now agreed the caspian is neither see nor lake so what is it the nations who have longest fugitive status have agreed it has special status iran and four post soviet union countries have contested how it should be split for more than two decades now they've signed a deal to share the surface commonly and divide up the seabed the caspian coastline is shared by russia iran kazakhstan turkmenistan and azerbaijan the new agreement will open the way for oil and gas exploration rory chalons reports. with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of troubled waters could be receding into history the disputes over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union. in kazakstan four of the u.s.s.r. successor states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that because we have passed the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed
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naturally it opens a wide perspective for the type cooperation of the caspian states for solving economic and transport issues these questions will improve the living standards of our peoples have cheney and that he has some admonish and we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark that the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran. the dispute is centered on whether the largest inland body of water in the world is a lake or a sea defining it a lake would mean the caspian should be divided equally amongst the five countries but if it's a c. then each state gets a share in proportion to the length of its shoreline the new agreements is that it's not quite either not a lake because of its size and not a sea because it's not connected to the world's oceans so the surface will largely be open for joint use whereas the floor will be divided between russia iran
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turkmenistan azerbaijan and kazakstan though the exact size of each country's lot is still to be agreed. at stake are several trillion dollars worth of oil gas and pipelines for years the full economic potential of this has been blocked by the lack of a settlement the u.s. government estimates caspian gas could boost global production by twenty seven percent over the coming decade but it's not just about energy. which it which to security is very important and this is what underpins our agreement this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east this really affects the basic interests of our states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of terrorism and transponder criminality of this summit also makes the caspian sea a lockout zone these leaders don't want anyone else meddling in their waters no country that doesn't share the shoreline will be allowed
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a military presence there rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. before one thousand nine hundred one the caspian sea was considered a lake and shared between the u.s.s.r. and iran but after the fall of the soviet union the emergence of independent countries complicated the issue iran says the caspian is a lake according to old treaties signed with the soviet union in one thousand twenty one in one nine hundred forty three former soviet states as there by john turkmenistan and kazakhstan consider it a sea and that the seabed should be divided based on the coastline tehran had insisted the caspian be split into five equal parts were jointly develop all its resources none of its neighbors agreed let's bring in our panel joining us in moscow stanislav princeton an analyst at the russia and eurasia program at chatham house in tehran for it is out a professor of world studies at the university of tehran and in london will it give or again a country risk analyst at the firm i.h.s.
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market welcome to you all sound as well let me start with you the dispute over the caspian sea has been going on for decades what is the political calculus that led to this why is this happening now. i think it was enough time to finally agree the key principles and the mission isn't for cooperation in the region and especially in circumstances when the nuclear diri iran in the year is under question after withdrawal of the united states from these from these agreement it was extremely important to show for regional cooperation that iranian neighbors are ready to support this country in such difficult circumstances so we can see that this it was enough time for cut for negotiations and this is a good political time to to sign this agreement finally for what has to happen now
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i mean there's very few details as far as what this agreement will encompass ultimately so what has to happen next it's the lawyers that are really going to be involved right. yes both. obviously engineers there are going to be some environmental scientists that are going to be concerned about the environmental implications of having all types of pipelines going across the caspian sea. so they have to be careful with regard to the environment making sure that they don't. damage it. i agree that this was about time you know. caspian region sense of asia. has lots of energy potential. having a disagreement basically opens up the way of making sure that the countries of this region can benefit from natural resources that they exist and for you know and i
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can say that the prosperity of the other four countries is going to be prosperity because being part of a region that prosperous countries would generally benefit everybody that isn't around. security issues who portion of the segment dictates that no country outside the five that are bordering caskey and sea is going to be allowed to be present militarily in that area so that makes sure that certain that countries like the united states are going to be out of the caspian sea which is good news for you obviously we've mentioned this already but one of the issues at the heart of this dispute has been what is the definition of the caspian is it a sea or is it a lake i want to ask you specifically when it comes to maritime law what is the
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difference between the two as designations. well i think in the introductory segment this issue's been was covered quite well from the international law professor perspective if caspian sea is regarded as a sea than literal countries will have around twelve nautical miles of territorial waters and this will apply also to see bit from the. from the lake perspective earrings that has been insisting there will be shared use of to reach it so to speak i'm saying this as an old lawyer but this is the impression i've got following the years long discussions and negotiations on the caspian sea status stanislav russia had long objected to resolving this issue about the caspian so what has made them more agreeable now is that the same sions from
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from the us or is it the trade competition from china or is it both. i think that it was not just about issues which you mentioned this is mostly about the. to finish this long term process for russia this is important to have a clear and transparent legal environment in the south borders of russia to have their. pragmatic and transparent framework for cooperation and in security and fishing and shipping in this region and that is why russia was one of the countries we. are insisting each time and trying to to prove in these negotiation process so a breakthrough happened last december when there was a ministerial meeting in moscow in december two thousand two thousand and seventeen
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when mr lavrov after these negotiations of this meeting said that definitely a summit will happen in the first part of two thousand eight hundred so politically for russia this is a very important too to sign this convention not just for completion with china or in geopolitical struggle with the united states. you spoke a moment ago about the benefits that iran will reap from this convention but you know there are some that are saying that because iran has the smallest coastline of the countries on the caspian that it is potentially the biggest loser in this agreement what do you say to that. i don't think any. iran. is benefiting from the agreement because if there is no like them and then using whatever it has it's not going to be possible so having an exam
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and making sure that iran. is available iran actually accessing. resources that the caspian sea has for. the second point i think which is important is that iran has joint ventures that both talk of the sun and john with regard to. energy related in the. pipelines and different types of activities and iran's expertise in these areas given the fact that iran has been in business for many decades now much longer than the two other countries is going to benefit iran. i think the third point is the relationship that you're seeing between iran and russia. as you describe at the end of the day interested in the sacrement for some years they were not but now their interests. after the
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issue of the nuclear actually made after the u.s. sanctions and after the fact that the europeans are not really going to be able to do much with regard to them if it actually meant is looking towards you know is looking towards not russia and these other countries are for and i'm sorry for it i'm sorry interrupt you but let me let me let me just for it sorry to interrupt you but let me just pick up another point because after the agreement was reached iranian president rouhani called it a very important step but he also added that we should recognize there are more important issues that need to be addressed what specifically is he alluding to when he says that. i think you're talking about geopolitics the fact that. iran is. so your sanctions you don't need to make sure that its relations with its neighbors are normal and advancing. iran is looking at ways of going around the
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sanctions that are going to are designed to hurt it so making sure that iran has good relations with russia to talk about it does a region is going to be important for iran stopping these countries progress with regard to their legitimate rights that they have as independent countries is not going to be in iran's benefit it's going to be in iran's benefit to be friendly towards its neighbors especially given the fact that you don't have serious enemies and making sure that the resources that the caspian sea has is going to provide benefits for all countries that. is at the end of the day is going to be more important for to iran because there are countries back to the united states to choke the country and you know have a regime change so i'd end of the day i think iran is benefiting from this and
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the final resolution on exactly what percentage of. the caspian sea belongs to each country is not finalized the final draft is. sort of. providing some guidelines but the final percentage is not final a so if iran decides to. make a point out of the percentage issue later on you don't has the room to do so little that russia had previously objected to a natural gas pipeline being built across the caspian between turkmenistan and azerbaijan this would have allowed turkmen gas to bypass russia on its way to europe can we expect that this would potentially build be built now would russia allow it. well i'll go back to your previous question of whether we have a definite. resolution of the past is that this and i will start from there by
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saying no and the fact that the ukrainian side also mentioned that there has to be fed to negotiations about critical issues such as the limitation of seabeds also goes back to your question about pipelines there's also an article in the convention about the environmental concerns which again creased is the same loophole if any literal state is concerned about the environmentally implications of pipeline let me just stop you when you talk about some of the environmental concerns you're talking about the concerns about the sturgeon you're talking about the oil pollution what else might you be talking about. well exactly stage and a fishing business is quite important not least because of the renowned casting caviar they has been they have been incidents of. pollution from the already existing coal fields these are the main concerns when we talk about
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the environmental issues so they the convention to the last convention. keep in place the precondition then is that an environmental standards have to be met but at the same time there is a degree of vagueness i read the latest news as. no clarity when it comes to for example turkmen as a pipeline i think there loopholes are still there for for those countries as seen this this project commercially conflicting with their own economic interest to block the pipeline development there of course other issues as well such as infrastructure and capacity on the as a side or the general makeup of the energy markets and what's happening in europe
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in terms of demand so. i don't think that we're seeing. clarity in terms of business in terms of those projects that for example european union has been very much interested in and in diversifying it imports away from russian energy supplies so we and the fact that there will be another summit indicates that. critical issues have not been ironed out yet the stanislaw you heard that speak about this issue at length right now the fact the matter is there really is not much clarity at the moment the agreement or the aspects of the agreement that we've been told about is fairly vaguely worded at the moment i mean the devil is really in the details here is there any chance by which this would fall through. first of all i fully agree with the previous speaker about the bad economy of such kind of
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project because trans custom by plane will be very very expensive project and i don't know what will the cost of the gas which will be really delivered from took minister on through trans guston pipeline through or by john georgia turkey to the europe so it will be a cold guess returning to their legal framework. in the end of july it was agreed this special protocol regarding their big infrastructure projects such as trance guston pipeline the big shelf projects with production more than five hundred tonnes a year at a. refinery plant so all of these. objects all of these projects should be agreed by all sides by all parties and this protocol sets up very clear and transparent procedures how
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parties should do it for example as a regiment are convinced on are going to construct a trans custom pipeline they should give all information about this project about this characteristic about this capacity about. dredging storage or graphical tragic story after that all countries have will have right to request any additional measures to protect the environment and in three months all countries shoot. our guys within three months countries should organize a special session for consultation so it means that now russia and iran cannot. stop such kind of project but they will have all the information about about productions these. and we'll have rights to ask the participants of this
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project to improve for measures for protection and for my environment and this budget position is very close to the russian official line their main goal of russian russian position words transco spent by the end was environment these concerns about pollution about because this is a very special interest from the earthquake has them there i'm sorry to interrupt just where we're starting to run short on time and i want to i want to follow the point you were making with the with we're talking about the diplomacy around this there are diplomats that have called this a regional constitution that's what they're alluding to when they talk about this convention that was signed this agreement so i want to ask if you think that that's a correct interpretation and also does this set up a new regional alliance. it is an agreement the constitution refers to national intel no there's
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a stations and guidelines i think this is more of an agreement but i do agree that and this is one reason i was interested in this that creating iran being part of a region of setups it's going to be very important for iran in years to go on that's and if there is anyone wants to join. cooperation council them and their region. bodies that basically protect iran from oppression is that iran may be deceiving from the united states or other hostile powers because if you don't it's part of a bigger. region on a cord or agreement then the united states or whoever is having difficulties it iran has to deal with these other countries not just iran so this becomes a very important for iran and this was actually the main reason iran went along with the agreement so i do agree that this is going to be a. beginning
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a step for caspian regional cooperation among the countries that sound a little at what do you foresee this meaning for the global oil and gas market. i have to say that what we're seeing is just an increment imprisoned principle their number of factors that will determine the future of pipelines both gas and oil pipelines coming from central asia through the caspian sea. there are a number of factors and developments in no global energy markets will that would term in the commercial viability of these projects but above all since we're talking about the recent convention on caspian sea i will highlight the again that there's still
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a lot of questions unanswered there's still no clarity when it comes to dimension is of for example this beating a challenge from literal stayed there is still no clarity about the elimination of the. of the seabed so i would remain hesitant to make any comments about the contribution of. oil and gas to global markets from central asia via these pipelines i think it will take a while to see any of these protests projects to materialize stanislav very quickly because we just have about thirty seconds you were alluding to the environmental impact of all this a moment ago so just very quickly i want to ask you do you believe this convention will help when it comes to pollution or will ultimately hurt when it comes to pollution in the caspian so according to these conventions and according to the current practice of corporation countries
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now have experience to court the rate together to work with any pollution and where any accidents so i think now our custom five can protect the environment all together. all right we're going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests stanislaw. and. and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for which slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here bye for now.
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this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no room on their no father figures they put is the big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. counted as dark secret on al-jazeera. it looks ugly it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to
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mexico's on the wilds request i would use the site and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it first america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill . among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but willie event tonight will drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years and china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. al-jazeera follows the lives of people in the heart of
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immigrant communities. in six major cities across europe. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. a brand new documentary series this is year a coming soon on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's central bank swings into action to stop the lira from plunging but the fear has already spread world markets hit a one month. warnings of a humanitarian crisis in gaza me as
2:49 am
a taliban attack on the city enters its fourth day witnesses say dead bodies are littering the streets a mass funeral is held in yemen saga city for the victims of a saudi strike that killed fifty one people forty of them children. in sport brooks has won a second major goal title of the year kept holding off an inspired choice awards to win the u.s. p.g.a. championship. we begin in turkey where the central bank has intervened to stop the lira from weakening further the currency has lost more than forty percent against the dollar overall this year and the diplomatic dispute with the u.s. over a jailed pastor has only fueled the crisis on monday the central bank eased the rules around how banks manage their lira and promised loans for any banks that need them
2:50 am
the announcement helped pull the currency back from a record low but there is still grave concerns about the state of turkey's economy in particular the president's opposition to raising interest rates. but one is insisting that turkey is the target of an economic war in his latest comments he accused washington of betraying its allies sort of transfer to as you called revolution on the one hand you're a partner but on the other you shoot yourself in the foot so for example the united states is a strategic partner with us in afghanistan in somalia you're one of our strategic partners in nato but then you go and stab your ally in the back is this acceptable . within him cause he only has more now from istanbul. president don is very popular he gets fifty two percent in last june elections and people give support to
2:51 am
him that this decline into turkish the iraq is out of control and it has to has turned out to be politically motivated and people believe that people buy the discourse in a way and also it is this discourse is in a way and partially supported by the economists as well but everybody has to bring food to their home especially when you think about the manufacturers who are who are producing on important but aerials their costs have been higher but when you go to the market we haven't seen the reflections of this decline in the turkish lira when you're buying groceries or other things but probably the reflections will be seen following september this is what the economist warned turkish citizens people should support but there's also kind of a sentiment that people are not happy about that because they have been losing they have lost almost half of their savings against the american dollar especially within the last couple of days well i'm joined now in the studio by alphonso mommas
2:52 am
who is a research analyst at the economist intelligence unit thank you very much for coming in to social media so we know that turkey has had its fair share of economic problems for a while now they've been building up but what has caused it to tip over the edge like this as you see i mean problems have been building up over the past couple of years. an inadequate policy response to these economic problems tensions with some of its allies and higher interest rates in advanced economies of all come together. to create this market panic that we've seen in the last week so there's a combination of factors that you mentioned there but how much of that is under the control of the government or president to one well quite a bit there's a lot of speculation that the central bank is not raising rates more aggressively
2:53 am
especially given the high interest rate environment that we know that the currently has because of pressures from the president of the so. there is a we believe quite a bit that could be done to shore up the leader a this point so do you do you foresee that changing in any way because usually when a country faces these sort of challenges they would raise interest rates in order to support the currency and to control inflation clearly that is not happening why is president opposed to raising interest rates that's a fantastic question. arguably he is highly concerned of raising interest rates further from where they are now which is already quite high it's seventeen point seven five percent that's the mean policy rate. as that could severely dent
2:54 am
the economic momentum. nonetheless. at the end of the day if they want to get out of this situation one of the things they'll have to do is raise rates quite significantly from where they are right now so turkey's existing economic problems have been exacerbated by president to ones influence over the central bank his opposition to raising interest rates now my increasingly be a problem but how much of a catalyst is the deteriorating relationship with the united states would certainly part of it absolutely especially over the past six months. in recent weeks one of the big concerns was whether or not sanctions on certain government members could end up being something larger affecting the economy so of course in can combine nation with the other factors we've discussed that just doesn't create a very. healthy environment for investors and what is your assessment of
2:55 am
geopolitical risk air we know the president has made it clear he is not happy with the way the u.s. is is treating and made ally how will this impact turkey's relationship with western countries with europe and the u.s. . the relationship right now between the u.s. and turkey snowsuit mistreat anybody or not at their finest moment. we do not believe that they've gone past the point of no return we've seen over the past couple of months. in different areas the ability to agree on controversial topics. so it's not yet clear that all is broken. but the risk is there absolutely thank you very much alphonso of us good to mammas from the economist intelligence unit thank you very much for having me. when afghanistan's military is sending
2:56 am
special forces to help defend the embattled city of gaza knee from a taliban attack more than three hundred people have died in four days of fighting the president called an emergency meeting with police and military chiefs while the u.s. is carried out as strikes on taliban positions against me is just two hundred fifty kilometers south of kabul on the highway connecting the capital in southern afghanistan. the taliban has turned the ancient city of gosney into an urban battle field the assault is now in its fourth day with two hundred seventy thousand residents locked inside their homes casualties of the offensive list of the streets. those that reach the hospital find it overwhelms space and medicine rush and between soldiers and civilians they have so many from our cases and too little capacity. with into order
2:57 am
international humanitarian barbus and the u.n. we will try to bring in trial markets sample drugs and medical supplies as soon as possible. doesn't he became the front line of the war between the taliban and the afghan military on friday morning the taliban launch rockets at the police headquarters into chick points publishing tweets and videos declaring victory afghan special forces responded with u.s. support but the taliban bunkered down and residents' homes of p.r. war his followers the government is defiant gosney is under their control. chortles a jungle the storm of one hundred ninety four tell about fighters including pakistani and foreign fighters were killed i hold the taliban responsible for what has happened in the city all the destruction and torching of buildings. with phone lines cut only residents who've escaped can reveal the reality is faked is undecided. they were burning buildings and there were dead bodies everywhere in
2:58 am
gaza new city the fight was ongoing the situation was very bad and all the shops were closed. the taliban badly want to go they briefly held parts of the western city of foreign may and two years ago but neither are a significant is this gaza is a large provincial capital just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul it lies on the motorway that connects kabul with southern afghanistan if gosney falls kabul was cut off the government is trying to keep the road open despite frequent taliban ambushes. we have launched checkpoints for the safety of our people using the highway we're here to serve them day or night afghans are watching nervously they won't guarantees of safety demonstrators gathered outside the ministry of defense headquarters in kabul questioning what security their tax dollars provide. with upcoming elections president danny is looking to come concerns on sunday he had an
2:59 am
emergency meeting with military and police chiefs and tweeted he would see injury enforcements the red cross is sending reinforcements to dropping forty body bags bandages and medicine at the main hospital charlotte ballasts. huge crowds of gathered in northern yemen for the funerals of people killed in a saudi like coalition air strike last week more than fifty people died forty of them children many of whom were killed on board a school bus and i'm going to die reports now from neighboring djibouti. falzon sultan did the funerals a convoy of vehicles fitted to the bodies from the moment just nicking through the streets of the city the stronghold of the coffins draped in green or laid out of the square in the city portraits of the victims lined up on the ground head of a special prayer for the dead to get them. to the memories where is yes as the mourners shelter logans again so that every year and who they say is its biggest
3:00 am
ally and supply the united states these people have come from various parts of the country to give a proper sendoff to those who died in the latest sodium to coalition air strike. security was tight at the ceremony which was up tended by several high ranking officials the fin rolls was supposed to take place on saturday but while postponed due to security fears the children water tunning from a school summer camp but when their boss talked of the busy market it was targeted by airstrikes unicef has called the carnage the single biggest attack on children since the war in yemen escalated in two thousand and fifteen images of the children covered in blood and reeling from shock have provoked into mush more condemnation we request or parties to the conflict to end the attacks against civilians against children in particular against the infrastructure and we plea for them to enter
3:01 am
into a situation of hostilities to put an end to the.


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