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as it was. a neighbor had a friend who was a driver who gave him a series of notebooks which described how corruption operated in the previous administration and he was supposed to reveal them only if something happened to his friend. carried out the best but did not publish the findings instead he took the notebooks to a state prosecutor so he could initiate an official investigation silence was crucial now tony for the case to move forward but also for his own safety. i held back publishing because i believed much more needed to happen i only published it when the investigation was on and those involved were being questioned what it shows is that the history of corruption in public works is not unique to the previous administration but it did happen and it is this that brought christie again to court. on monday she tweeted that this is a regional strategy to prescribe leaders of movements some political forces that have increased people rights and allowed thousands to leave poverty behind for many
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the corruption investigation is the biggest in a country that has failed to prosecute white collar crime over the years you know. the reality is bigger than what we imagined we all knew that there was corruption but not that it was systemic like the notebook's revealed it is a difficult case to put on trial because it involves so many things it forces us to rethink the whole judicial process the former president her aides an important businessman for the prosecutors say all part of the same plot that shows for the first time the vicious cycle of corruption between private companies and the state . on august fourteenth five years ago hundreds of people were killed by security forces and robot square in egypt's capital human rights watch describes as one of the worst the world's largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history the group are protesting against the coup which to
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posting to look radically elected president of the north sea. ports. wizened and you'll sit in warms the voice from egypt's ministry of interior. everyone wants to avoid any bloodshed. but by now hundreds of people had already been killed by the country's security forces as they moved in and the last of the major protests by supporters of president mohamed morsy had been deposed in a military coup for forty seven days they'd occupied a square outside rob. rob someone from you know us just secured ours just secure our prison does most of that. for legitimacy this is only going to fuel that's why no killing because. this is this is moot. this is mostly
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you know are they out and they are not in the war. most of the protestors had little to defend themselves with the security forces said that some of them were probably big trouble yes yes look look. everyone in the square including journalists covering the protest came under a hail of apparently indiscriminate gun fun this was a team from al-jazeera was five years later more than seven hundred people arrested at rabaa a standing trial together the cases of seventy five of them have been referred to egypt's top religious or party to decide whether they should be sentenced to death i among those on trial is photojournalist mahmoud known a shower he was arrested for taking pictures of the security forces as they broke up the protest. god willing the trial is fair with no injustice he's a man who's been wronged at the end of the day journalism isn't an insult or
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a crime. more than a thousand people were likely killed on august fourteenth two thousand and thirteen that's according to human rights watch. no one from the egyptian security forces has ever been charged with any offenses relating to the massacre. al-jazeera . a community radio station in france says providing practical solutions to recently arrived refugees their show connection is run by volunteers in several languages about reports the chance for migrants to share their stories is becoming more important. at a studio in paris recording begins for a weekly radio show aimed at helping refugees in france hello and welcome to sunday night connection to the stunning grad connection was created two years ago by a group of volunteers refugees who named it after an area of the city where migrants have been living in the street broadcast online it offers practical
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information on issues like applying for asylum or finding housing. your city our aim is to inform but it's also a way of documentary how in france and europe refugees are not being welcomed our listeners are refugees asylum seekers and anyone with an interest in migration. and if the shows recorded in several languages including arabic in english to attract the widest number of listeners or most asylum seekers ses it's very hard to get used to a new place you're far away from home this radio station not only gives people a voice it's an opportunity to be heard. someone cute his son is from the afghan hazaar a community in pakistan he left for europe in twenty fifteen and has applied for asylum in france he's radio segment is a chance for him to explain to listeners why he left home i have suffered a lot in quota so my purpose was to make it known to different
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people of french people that yes why these ethnic group the people belonging to these ethnic group be seekers island when his son arrived in paris two years ago he ended up sleeping in this park today he comes here to pass time and wait for the outcome of his asylum application i do not expect that. there are the rules the laws for immigration. they will be so hard when i even get interviewed a student after two hours the show is finished and ready to be uploaded online with france recently tightening its immigration law services like this one say these volunteers are more important than ever to help refugees as they try to create a new life far from their homes but actually butler i'll just say are paris. just ahead and they will be ahead with sports stories like this the bigger target the
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man sent home on the world cup and russia details in just a bit. i'm
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for a sport with andy thank you so much for show well england cricket so ben stark's has been found not guilty of a fry the trial is the consequence of a fights outside a nightclub in bristol. the jury accepting that stokes acted in self defense during an incident that left unconscious the twenty seven year old said it intervened to defend two men who he claimed were the target of homophobic abuse bristol police
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released this footage of stark says arrest during the trial. i'll explain to you why even if they didn't know. it because this guy. was covered in blood and i've been told that you punch them. a little bit any source will lighten their own. will just took nearly three hours to accept that the all rounder was defending himself and others during a sustained outbreak of violence two other men were also found not guilty and stokes is just being called up now for england's test match against india which starts on saturday. serena williams has hit back from the worst loss of her career the twenty three time grand slam champion dropping just three games in the first round of the cincinnati open for more than the one beating australia dario gover lova just two weeks ago rangers beattie six one six loved by john a concert in san jose. like williams fellow american madison keys is building up to the u.s. open at the end of the month she was the runner up in new york last year he's
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beating bethany matic sands in her opener in cincinnati. in the men's draw another djokovic she's advanced in surround to the women than champion beating steve johnson in a stunning straight sets six four seven six and now face adrian marino joke of it she's never won this tournament despite reaching the final on five occasions. and the memories come back from injury suffering a further setback murray was taking part in just his fall for votes after close to a year out with a hip injury the former world number one base and here in three sets by luca poor he. used to take a bit of time. you know i mean. consistency on the tennis court and right now having to balance. you know the week's work when i'm off playing i'm still spending. seventy percent of my time you know working on physical. rehab and
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a lot worse on the turn and hopefully as the year goes on the flips the other way now gone are nigeria may miss out on next year's africa cup of nations if the threat of a fee for baron comes into force before next month's qualifying matches faith has confirmed it's notified both the gun and a nigerian football associations they could be banned from playing unless the country's governments end their intervention in football matters for garner it comes after the government sort production against the f.a. following allegations of corruption pfieffer rules do not allow government's involvement in football my jiri of been told there women's team can continue playing at the on going under twenty world cup that's despite their deadline to comply coming up next week people want the nigerian government to stop occupying f.a. offices in a period nigeria's under twenty's have reached the quarterfinals in front strongly against china here on monday. for the money miscreations runs the world cup final after being sense hung from russia resets
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a play for his new team athletic or madrid in the european super cup they click our niche was introduced by the roper league winners at let's go before wednesday's game against champions league holders round madrid he was sent home after a few seem to come on as a substitute in croatia group stage when ivan argyria in june. creation for it merriman so you can choose just announce he's retiring from international football the thirty two year old scored in the world cup final defeat against france another player retiring from national gizzi is spanish and feel that david silva the man just a city player won the two thousand and ten world cup and european championships with his country thirty two year old silver played one hundred twenty five times for spain he met his debut back in two thousand and six a cycle woods's resurgence in golds major championships has made him hard to ignore for the ryder cup team according to u.s. captain jim fear it is already known playing a vice captain for next month's showdown against europe his second place at the p.g.a. championship means he's being heavily sit to be given
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a wild card entry into the american scene. what is important is how well tiger's played six place at the open championship. a second place at the p.g.a. his game i think the word he used was trending his games trending so it's great to see him playing well really well we want to talk about there was the top two players i realized the story i realize he's playing very well and i'm excited to see that. the new york mets hit five home runs to beat the new york yankees on monday that's the most hard runs given up by the yankees this season mets pitcher jacob to graunt struck out twelve and missed eight five when the last drop of the yankees ten games behind the division leading boston red sox. the detroit tigers to fade to the chicago white sox wreckless castillo on us had a career high five hits the twenty six sheltered a two run home run in the seventh inning helping his side to a nine five. ok at mosport throughout the day but that is it for now
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from. thank you very much thank you for joining they were shall carry for the news hour but to keep it here there is much more news that al-jazeera on the other side of the break. our jazeera follows the lives of people in the heart of immigrant communities. in six major cities across europe. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. a brand new documentary series this is year a coming soon on al-jazeera. tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate
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goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but really a friend to unite or drive a wedge between the villages fracture as part three of a six part series filmed over five years to conk china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents living brings the stories they tell. are fluent in world news. travels to the fun this reaches of thailand
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to follow young local doctors who are providing life saving care to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we charge the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house. on al-jazeera. a busy motorway bridge collapses in northern italy causing vehicles to plunge about a hundred meters killing at least twenty two. and richelle carey this is al jazeera life and oh. also coming up more violence in yemen as a roadside explosion in aden targets the governor of thais province
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a ripple effect from the turkish lira crisis n.d.s. south africa and argentina all feeling the pinch. of the end to the fighting in gaza where the afghan military sends reinforcements to the city under attack by the taliban and. rescue teams in italy are scrambling through massive chunks of concrete rubble after a motorway bridge collapsed twenty two people have died in the structure came down in an industrial area of the city of genoa this is during a stormy weather about noon local time you can see video of this horrific thing at least ten vehicles were on the bridge when it collapsed sending them plunging more than one hundred meters into a riverbed railway and buildings below and the hayward is monitoring the developments for us from london so even just since we last spoke that that horrible number it was eleven now we know that at least twenty two people have been killed
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what else are you learning. yes it is italy's deputy transport minister ministers saying at least twenty two people are now on to now known to have died in this tragedy and you really get a sense of the scale of this e.p. you get a chance to see the aerial pictures there is a huge gold where this bridge used to be when it collapsed one of the suspension towers came down and there were at least twenty cars and trucks on the bridge when the collapse happened so we know there were likely to be many more people injured too and also when you look at the pictures as well you can see the firefighters literally scrambling up huge sections of concrete there are many many twisted cars and vehicles other trucks as well which have literally been destroyed by the weight of the bridge what else do we know about this the location of this bridge how busy this bridge is things such as that but we know the bridge was built back in the one
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nine hundred sixty s. that work was being carried out on it when this collapse happened there was also a storm at the time and so we don't know exactly the cause of this tragedy but we do know that this is an extremely busy bridge this is one of the main highways if not the main highway that links italy and france and tomorrow is the start of a major italian holiday so this is a busy road anyway but a lot of people will be setting off on their travels a day early and obviously some of them may have been caught up in this awful accident. and they were thank you very much for that update out out a little bit more context on this aires and italian journalist based in milan he has a bit more to say about just how busy this stretch of road is in italy there are all . that god. will be lying. to the lions is leading to the bold that'll be sunday
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but on. the council to one of the main gate of. everybody everybody that has been the general driving a car that is being boss could be the highway although i must that this must be bad enough i mean the next. has been her jingo pulled back because the poor well my arguing about physical fights on phone couple of we have for go that was one thing about the from. a lot of that that would be kind of the talk because they balk at this but he just said something that's all good so they will have to be with the investigator the more the in the next. professional governor in yemen has escaped a roadside bomb attack ties governor i mean mahmoud survived the blast in
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a new province several others were injured attacks and shootings happen escalating in that area in recent days at least twenty three people have been killed in ecuador and a bus crash in the capital quito a klingon registered bus overturned and hit a van on the highway to katyn an area known as dead mans curve fourteen people were injured. turkey's president is taking new action as a currency slide starts to infect other parts of the world but it's not economic measures it is retaliation for what russia typer to one says is an economic attack has announced a boycott of electronic products from the u.s. which he blames for the slide or one has again denied that the national currency is even in crisis even as it continues to slip against the dollar lira has dropped to forty five percent this year but the central bank has already said it is easing bank restrictions to stabilize the currency so has more from istanbul. turkish government has taken some measures in order to stop to develop ration of the
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turkish care and still iraq the central bank increase the liquidity for the banking sector yesterday on the other hand today the industrial ministry announced that they activated one point two billion dollars for the turkish industrialists production along with some other measures taken by the finance ministry however the business world in turkey warns that immediate actions should be taken without getting late without being late and one of the steps that is the demanded by the markets and international markets is the hike is the increase of the interest rates by the turkish central bank however according to the school of thought that the present hour don and his economic team represents this is impossible for turkey because they see it as a pressure by the international markets by foreign powers and turkey and they wouldn't bow down however to latest decline in the turkish lira had some impacts on the european countries as well along with some other markets the turkish private sector has a depth of at these two hundred twenty one billion dollars and most of those debts
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are low and are actually to the european countries like how forfeits belongs to the european countries so a slight in the turkish economy and instead will it into turkish economic could also harm the european countries as well that's why european politicians including until america have shown some support to turkey along with the russian president and iranian president and the prime minister of iraq however turkish president don still sees it as an economic waged against the turkish. against turkish economy and he says a firm political stance is needed in order to deal with it but there is problems have caused a ripple in many a merging markets from south africa to india the indian rupee hit a record low on tuesday morning it now costs seventy rupees to buy one u.s. dollar and its currency has fallen around nine percent this year amid higher oil prices and widening trade deficits. afghans living in the city of gaza are running out of food and water as
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a battle between the taliban and military continues now in its fifth day residents say the taliban has control of more than half the city at least four hundred people have been killed in the fighting charla bellus reports. residents of gaza a flee from afghanistan's new frontline in the war between the taliban and the military. and the taliban was stationed at the building inside goes in the city near the office of the provincial reconstruction team and government forces were firing mortars towards them but the mortars were hitting the residential houses. the assault started with a taliban attack on the police headquarters early friday morning over five days it is morphed into a city under siege a well stocked taliban against the afghan military which has us is support two hundred seventy thousand people shelter in their homes running out of food and water without power or communications. dan rather see the government is
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not able to transfer the dead bodies some of them have swollen up i want the government to transfer the dead and move the injured to a safer place. the people of gaza me a largely on their own the un has no presence in the city the main hospital is overwhelmed and running out of supplies the red cross is fearing fuel body bags and bandages to its doctors our focus has been the local hospital as well as as of today we had also trying to help to to get their view to our colleagues strong d. of a constant red crescent to collect. bodies and to transport them back to their families . residents say the taliban controls more than half the city they're well equipped with trucks guns and rocket launches the taliban post victories on the twitter account of chick points of iran and soldiers killed on monday the military deployed one thousand more troops to gaza and. the government is defiant that it's still under their control with every day comes
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a new declaration of victory but. if the hearts are the with the measures that have been taken by the government i can say with courage that within twenty four hours there will be a remarkable change to the situation in gaza a province. but another day has come and go people report nor change other than diminishing russians of food and water both sides are entrenched disparate to are in the city. is just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul lies on the motorway connecting the capital to southern afghanistan it's a high value assets with thousands of afghans trapped inside a shell of dallas. police in london are treating a crash outside the british parliament as a terrorist said it to people were injured when a mantra of a car through a group of cyclists and pedestrians before crashing into security barriers largely reports. the palace of westminster is a sleepy place in august as the politicians are on holiday here during rush hour
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this was the scene as heavily armed police swooped on a car which had apparently been driven deliberately into the crash barriers surrounding the parliament the force of the collision clearly seemed to have crumpled the whole front of the small car its only occupant showing no resistance as officers calmly took him out and led him away the question is who is he and what was his motivation in my opinion it was deliberate it was and it was no over dinner for me if it was a direct hit. as he crossed lanes on accelerated to point his car parliament the driver plowed through a group of cyclists at least one was injured though not seriously. by now the full security operates in there were no weapons in the car but the incident was soon treated as a terrorist related the driver was refusing to answer questions from the police and they didn't know anything about him a priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect and establish
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his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperating with the morning more on it became clear there was no further threats though the government's full counterterrorism unit met to discuss what they didn't know about the matter if the aim of this was to repeat last year's attack on westminster bridge that it was more or less a complete failure but if the point was to prove that it is still possible to hit an emblematic targets like the houses of parliament then clearly it succeeded space was of the same time not a major incident but something that the security services are taking very seriously indeed. of course are strong reasons for the security services to be worried last year a car attack on westminster killed six people including a police officer and injured.


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