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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 226  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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i don't care what bad things you might have done in your life for one i know it was a whole lot because your current purged. they were respected that. they were completely race. but what you don't hear about is what happens to adult people when their kids are ripped away. and those kids come back broken but they come back broken to two adults that are insane and that's the other half so nobody is ok. but.
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i'm. a bank and ask for the survivors to stand up for a moment to be here with us survivors we stand. with children in the grandchildren or survivors we stand up to where things began to change when the survivors of the residential school experience went to court beginning in the one nine hundred eighty s. but not really successful until the mid one nine hundred ninety s. when the courts finally ruled that they could sue the government for the abuses it went on in schools and the churches as well the root of the t r c as in survivors
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themselves survivors said we demand attention and we demand recognition for what it is and why is that we experience in the residential schools i had a problem. i had a hearing problem. i want teeth i would not. put it on she. was for it so that it. is this is for me to be still. we were the recipient of their most private moments in their life often and we as listeners had to be there for them because we weren't just representing the commission we were actually representing
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a hearing of the entire country. well as the commissioner for the truth and reconciliation commission listening to the stories of residential school survivors it was difficult emotionally very challenging but there's no doubt that when they cried often we did as commissioners we always made it a point to repeat back to the survivors what it was that they had told us because we wanted them to know that we had heard them and that we believed them. to be where anything it took me. to publish. to my bubbly for what i put the children. i could i could tell my grandchildren like
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look what a great privilege of north the evil of the but. i can't it hurts it's certainly the think but. what i missed. it was a very emotional. very emotional time because the more you got into it the more the more things started to come up about residential school that you would start to remember that you'd listen to everybody and. it was a very very difficult time so i was involved right from that right from when the lawsuit started so the truth reconciliation commission of canada was asked to assist the survivors to move from an air of being victims of the residential school experience to becoming. involved in a process of establishing
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a better relationship with the government or with the church as the story of the truth of residential schools in this country is a story about the resilience of children they have supported me in this work but at great loss to the relationships we could have had and which we will now try to recapture. were. residential schools there's. a real week in canada. this is not. only about.
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resilience there's a whole lot of truth that to has been shared. it's also about reconciliation and there's not going to be any truth conciliation in my telling or in new york. it's going to take. two or three or four generations. to work all this o.t. to get is the history books and have become commonplace that the guy next door knows where that in the future of canada will students and be told that this is not an integral part. of everything we are as a country everything we are as canadians that is a promise we knew for here all stood up for our.
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it was the closing ceremonies of the truth and reconciliation commission had a five kilometer walk from gatineau quebec to the city hall inaudible was approximately seven thousand people participating. many natives many non-natives there was different church groups civic groups people just bringing their families out to participate and support the native americans. by the time the commission's work ended. almost seven years later that we had established the credibility of the commission not only in the eyes of survivors but in the eyes of the country and the truth and reconciliation commission has brought an image of canada forward that now includes this history.
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the national center for truth and reconciliation was created by the truth and reconciliation commission in order to preserve all of the materials that were collected under the mandate to the t r c but more than just preserving these materials and survivors right across the country have asked us to ensure that their statements and the other material that was collected finds their way into the hands of educators into the hands of researchers so we have a very important and critical role in continuing to expose the truth and should canadians understand the truth of what's happened in this country and for the contribute ongoing understanding healing and reconciliation in this country. canadians no longer have an excuse though which i think is one of the most critical things about this process of truth or reconciliation. the i
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don't know or i didn't know really is no longer defensible. let's. go. with the. you see though on. the theory they. need in many interviews and. i'm very hopeful i'm still a bit scared as to what's happening and what could continue to happen i want to see
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action i want less talk and more action so we all know that something is changing in terms of healing for the native folk and for white and brown and yellow canada. well. the problem. with the full of nothing. resembling your. character. and. if.
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everyone there is unique in their expressing their. their culture and. good and genuine things about it. the color of the old sits for. the dances the songs.
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when every residential school survivor is healed i'll be. going nuts that's how it went for me. and i'm until they're healed i will be and i'll keep harking to anybody who would listen. there's always hope without hope we're done. and now the house has to be hope. and when i look at my grandchildren i think there's a lot of hope. i see positive things for i don't.
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full of struggles up and down on the island with not only the balmy. little that i'm walking about on the mountain full of pleasure. i don't mind i'm getting with it i'm not. going to an intimate look at life in cuba today as it was an alarm clock on that i had done i don't want daniel i get a buzz about my cube on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west
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africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to from dr eve of bands like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. how there's been a yet more flooding in the northeast of the u.s. this circulation of various heavy downpours just hasn't gone away they see a streak of cloud of shores tails off in to florida and you can see here were hints at being big shadows of the plains states which is topping up a what's been a dry summer so far that's where you should seize showers to be honest so it's nice to say things are drawing out at least the most of the northeast corridor although parts of those in new york state and beyond in certain eastern canada the rain is
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still there and that picture will see. the sun return for the most part of this let this lot is waiting to come across the appalachians we roll more rain to the northeast where us further west apart from some decent showers in southern california and arizona maybe bits of southern utah there's not much going on but a hint of increased cloud in the northern california which might just might be good news to the south of all this typical caribbean daily showers well there are not many investors until east we see some nice big white caps for me over his span yola same street cuber in jamaica and sherry picture that you can follow the winds towards the coast of costa rica and panama for brazil well the pacific coast looks wet but further east knots are. desir travels to the fine this reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors
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who are providing knife saving care to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we charge the dramas and in nights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the on to zero news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. a bridge in italy collapses sending vehicles tumbling to the ground and killing at least twenty five people. turkey's
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president calls for a boycott on u.s. electronics products even as the lyric studies. decades of sexual abuse by priests revealed in the u.s. state of pennsylvania investigators believe the victims could be in the finals. and police in london investigating a suspected terrorist incident after a car drives into pedestrians outside politics. rescue workers in italy are searching for survivors in the wreckage of a highway bridge that collapsed in the city of genoa at least twenty five people were killed and many others injured when the marandi bridge came down during heavy rains sending vehicles plunging to the ground it's in an industrial area on a main highway that connects italy to france but it was at the scene and sent us this report. from the air the scale of the devastation is
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clear a huge section of geno's marandi bridge simply government. the bridge collapsed on tuesday morning during a storm sending vehicles on his motorway plunging to the ground. oval office i heard a loud rumble and i went flying i flew about ten metres into the wall and that's it . hundreds of rescue workers sifted through the rubble in the hope of finding people alive. we think there were other people alive under the rubble and we've extracted people from the rubble and focusing on helping them. the bridge spanned a river a railway and industrial area it had been busy with holiday traffic it's unclear why the bridge collapsed but italian media have been reporting that two years ago when the bridge was being renovated several people including an m.p. an engineer had warned that the structure was unsafe that it was an accident
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waiting to happen italy's interior minister said an investigation has been and then momento that should intervene for them now is the time for the rescue operation for work for sweat and prayer but tonight will be the time to find out who is responsible the names and names of those who are guilty of an acceptable deaths. italian authorities say more casualties are likely they've declared two days of mourning but as the rescue operation continues through the night the focus is on the search for survivors the al-jazeera genoa italy where medication is an associate professor of structural mechanics of the university of southampton he thinks several factors could have contributed to the collapse. there are a number of reasons that might cause a brace collapse so obviously this bridge was first built back u.t.s. ago as we all know that the destruction of the man's beach are the lifeblood due to
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traffic been increasing over the years since this bridge was cut product that so normally bridgend junia twenty years they looked at the capacity of the bridge. with the current loading of the structure but this is not the only scenario so police bridges that they ate so they start having some busy ration. so some of the one problem could that could cause a bridge collapse is is it's a ration due to messire regime combined with other factors such as traffic loading or it can be air play or it can be over the yes dynamic loading cycle dark cyclic dynamic duty truck and put it on a building which is resulting in fat of the material. after days of heavy losses the turkish lira recovered some ground on tuesday but the route between turkey and the us seems to be escalating president russia type one has now called for
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a boycott of american electronic products in response to what he says is an economic attack on his country on friday washington impose new sanctions over the detention of an american pastor from istanbul some caution that sent this report. the merchants in a stumble gather outside foreign exchange offices urging customers to get food off their u.s. dollars and barley re-instated for those deaths to exchange their currency if there is a gift and all of the free tea and tomatoes but also with many turks fearing they are now under economic siege president trajectory for john called for a boycott of american brands to protect the national kerensky and he sees a feature without relying on the u.s. to show them the result we will produce every product we are importing from abroad with foreign currency here and we will be the ones exporting these products we will impose a boycott on u.s. electronic products if they have i phones there is samsung on the other side the number of five four users in turkey has reached ten million in the last ten years
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which is worth seven billion dollars that's a sixteen point five per cent stake in the turkish smartphone market but some soon dominated with more than fifty two percent of the government surging in dust free not to use u.s. products and is urging consumers to the same day why some excitement yes they sound very exciting but i do not think that it would have any material impact on imports from us. the turkish government has received messages of support from e.u. leaders who say turkey's stability is very important for them turkey's private sector relies heavily on european lenders support also comes from turkey's regional partners in syria russia and iran who are also suffering from u.s. sanctions. over use of the us dollar as a world reserve currency will lead to its own deterioration many other countries
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will choose to switch from trading in dollars to the national currencies turkey imports energy from both russia and iran and that cost constitutes almost half of its freight deficit that's why economics warn trading in national currencies with these countries is not feasible experts say market dynamics should be the priority what we need to do is that ok to say ok we are slowing down the economy and we are the one ready to get into a very recession in a very small period of time and we first of all hike rates whole problems with the with the u.s. but president our daughter is adamant raising interest rates is not the answer that he say's would only make the rich richer and the poor poorer seen on kosovo al-jazeera istanbul. well the crisis in turkey is spreading to other emerging markets like india argentina and south africa on tuesday the indian rupee hit an all time low against the us dollar the south african ran down the argentinian peso
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have also seen big drops in recent days many fear the crisis in turkey could damage the global financial system should have a chance to reports. we've seen this all before in the run up to previous global crises notably the asian financial crisis of the late ninety's and that's why investors are concerned turkey and gorged itself with cheap foreign loans many held in u.s. dollars when interest rates were low in the us and elsewhere foreign capital flows also poured in to take advantage of relatively higher interest rates in turkey a financial bubble expanded as the cash flow dim but now global economic conditions have changed u.s. interest rates have risen making the us an attractive investment destination the u.s. dollar has strengthened making it more expensive to pay back the dollar denominated loans with the turkish lira and amid several political tussles donald trump appears determined to use the u.s. is economic clout to stop what he feels is washington supremacies of rancorous when
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the markets the global markets were flooded. dollars everybody got excited particularly across imagine fun to markets and we'd see a win lash of the taliban dollar and i let it libretto by design president says he will not raise interest rates to stabilize the turkish lira so with the lira plunging it's unclear whether turkey can meet its debt payments that may potentially be disastrous for the global financial system european banks for example are owed tens of billions of dollars in debt u.s. investors have massive exposure to turkish bonds and stocks some investors are making a fortune betting against turkey others however are panicking and that's where the global risk of contagion rises global emerging markets hold two point seven trillion dollars of u.s. dollar denominated debt that needs to be paid off or refinanced by twenty twenty five but they often face the same economic conditions as turkey investors already
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beginning to flee other emerging economies that isn't clear how deep the contagion will spread some of personalizing the prospect. of widespread economic turmoil as the fault of two strawman however others say this is mistaken there are always special considerations no always special facts but when you have just saying i am a capitalist crisis responded to by a set of policies that they bring the next crisis in the plate you'll sure are late i have to wise up and realize this is a systemic problem yet politicians and bankers remain unwilling to address the cycle of boom and bust that characterizes global capitalism and that arguably has helped the rise of such strong men in the first place she ever turns the olders there are. plenty more still to come here on the news hour including a city under siege people struggle to food and medicines as the fighting rages on for the fifth day in afghanistan's gushing city. thousands of displaced as terentia
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rains flood parts of the philippines. and in a sport one of cricket's biggest aims walks free from court and back into his national team that's all still to come. now an explosive new report accuses more than three hundred catholic priests in the u.s. state of pennsylvania of section abuse details allegations of assaults on children by those described as predator priests and suggest there could be thousands of victims spanning a seventy year period more nothing kristensen of. the accusations are stunning in scale more than one thousand victims of more than three hundred roman catholic priests for decades they escaped justice because of a systematic cover up that included high ranking church officials and allegedly went all the way to the vatican. priests were raped raping little boys and girls
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and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they should all for decades. the landmark report compiled by a secret grand jury of the state of pennsylvania took two years to compile as many victims have been waiting decades for their voices to be heard and their pain to be acknowledged sean dougherty says he was abused as a child by a priest at his school whom other children had complained about you know the school protect them and allowed man three of my friends and i it's very dear to help pakis belongings in the rectory pack up the car and go to the new parish and the new school and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being transferred for sexually abusing two brothers two priests have been charged and one has already pleaded guilty to molesting a seven year old boy as a result of the investigation many of the crimes outlined in the report however took place too long ago to be criminally process.


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