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this video taken from on high some distance away shows the car seeming to drive normally before swerving violently across the road and then veering again through the security barriers and coming to a stop two police officers had to jump clear to avoid being hit. as he crossed lanes on accelerated to point his car parliament the driver plowed through a group of cyclists at least one was injured though not seriously. by now the full security operates agree there were no weapons in the path of the incident was soon treated as terrorist related the driver's refusing to answer questions from the police and they didn't know anything about him a priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect and establish his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperating with the morning war on it became clear there was no further threats though the government's full counterterrorism unit met to discuss what they didn't know about the man if the aim
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of this was to repeat last year's attack on westminster bridge that it was more or less a complete failure but if the point was to prove that it is still possible to hit an emblematic targets by the houses of parliament then clearly it succeeded space was of the same time not a major incident but something that the security services are taking very seriously indeed. of course through strong reasons for the security services to be worried last year a car attack on westminster killed six people including a police officer and injured fifty what this was isn't yet clear but it is at least a reminder that no security can protect everything lawrence lee al jazeera london. still ahead on al-jazeera a city under siege people struggle for food and medicine as fighting rages on for the fifth day in afghanistan's as the city people in sierra leone remember the victims of a devastating mudslide that killed
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a thousand all. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. and i want to tell you about the weather across iran it's hot very hot on the southwest and there's nothing in the sky to stop with even the showers around the caspian disappearing slowly north into took many stan and beyond the pictures as you might expect for mid to late summer it's hotter down the plains of iraq forty three at baghdad the breeze still blows quite stormy for science and there's nothing in the sky as far west as cyprus and possibly beyond that so dry and dusty and hot of course and that's true dancy society a society of forty three at doha suggests it's fairly dry and dusty not humid which is again unusual this time of the year similar stories the case in the u.a.e. but there is a hint of clashing this always suggests the potential at least fish as we've got
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some big thunderstorms in the last we could see in the mountains of amman it's a possibility to repeat the how the fall will keep blowing in salalah as it should do at this time of the year showers elsewhere right now are unlikely event but not completely to be ruled out in southern africa particularly south africa having seen a bit of rain recently in the west and eastern cape the still cloud not far away i suspect the super tuesday cloud stream news beautiful to watch from the satellite picture have a look online will disappear as the windies over the next days or. the weather sponsored by cattle market place. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one on one east investigates on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where ever you. are going back time to recap our headlines now at least twenty five people have been killed and many more injured after a highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa it came down during heavy rains sending vehicles plunging around one hundred meters to the ground. turkey has just increased tariffs on some u.s. imports and its president called for a boycott of u.s. electronic products of title to one says it's in retaliation for an economic attack on his country friday washington impose new sanctions in response to the detention
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of u.s. pastor in turkey the turkish lira has fallen more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this year. a new report suggests there could be thousands of victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania in the u.s. it's the largest and most comprehensive report into abuse by catholic priests in the state it details allegations of assaults on minors why so-called predator priests over a seventy year period. of the u.s. state of nebraska has carried out its first. exit usually more than twenty years using a controversial combination of drugs for the lethal injection carried in moore was convicted of killing two men in one nine hundred seventy nine the opioid ferrets or was part of a four drug combination that's never been used in exit q sions in the u.s. a german company that makes two of the drugs tried to sue nebraska saying the state lived to get the drugs because they're usually not solved to prisons. it's
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believed at least thirty or abducted journalists are being held in syria among them is american freelance journalist austin tice he was kidnapped six years ago his family friends and colleagues have been gathering in washington to mark the anniversary of his disappearance they're calling for the safe release of tyson dozens of other reporters have gone missing while covering the conflict in syria michaela reports and so you see there is this aliment of hope in his early photos right and then he begins to come across things like they're a mother talks about the work of her son these pictures were taken by freelance journalist austin tice shortly before he was abducted by armed men at a roadblock near damascus six years ago and it was aston's deepest desire
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that they could have reform without any of these photos ever being taken and so i just want you to join him behind the camera and i needed to get a feeling for his heart of why computer why did austin go there he chairs twenty had to charge a story that was so young when he arrived. the f.b.i. has posted a one billion dollar reward for information leading to the safe location recovery and return of austin tice renewing hopes that he's still alive it's believed that more than thirty abducted journalists are being held in syria but the exact figure is impossible to ascertain in many cases the abduction is not publicized pending negotiations for release what is known is that the kidnapped journalists come from a number of countries among them france spain lebanon mauritania jordan and the united states. one the most dangerous countries for journalists in the
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world and so that events like these that reason we miss on the situation in that country in the journalistic western lives to cover that conflict for the american public for the international community is well that's really of vital importance and in this room be a windows two there are many other fathers and mothers in syria and beyond still hoping for the safe return of their loved ones mike hanna al-jazeera washington. turkey and russia say they want to find a solution to stop the fighting in syria province the foreign ministers from both countries met in ankara turkey opposes the syrian government's offensive to recapture that's the opposition's last major stronghold. says the whole province should not be targeted russia and turkey support opposing sides in the syrian war. these areas of deescalation was set up under certain strict conditions first of all
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there was agreement that the ceasefire arrangements do not apply to terrorists all the territory they occupy this agreement is about all the areas of deescalation but it lib is much more complicated because of the dominance of the newsroom in the area which is defined as a terrorist organization by the un. afghans living in the city of ours they are running out of food and water as battle the battle between the taliban and military continues for the fifth day residents say the taliban of captured more than half the city at least four hundred people have been killed shallop ballasts reports. residents of gaza a flee from afghanistan's new frontline in the war between the taliban and the military. the taliban was stationed at the building inside gaza city near the office of the provincial reconstruction team and government forces were firing mortars towards them but the mortars were hitting the residential houses. the
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assault started with a taliban attack on the police headquarters early friday morning over five days it is morphed into a city under siege a well stocked taliban against the afghan military which has us is supporting two hundred seventy thousand people shelter in their homes running out of food and water without power or communications. dan rather see the government is not able to transfer the dead bodies some of them have swollen up i want the government to transfer the dead and move the injured to a safer place. the people of gaza me are largely on there are in the un has no presence in the city the main hospital is overwhelmed and running out of supplies the red cross is ferrying fuel body bags and bandages to its doctors our focus has been a local hospital as as well. as of today we get also trying to help to get their view to our colleague strong via the constant red crescent to collect. by the use
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and to transport them back to the. residents say the taliban controls more than half the city they are well equipped with trucks guns and rocket launchers the taliban post victories on the twitter account of chick points over iran and soldiers killed on monday the military deployed one thousand more troops to gaza and. the government is defiant that it's still under their control with every day comes a new declaration of victory but. it with the measures that have been taken by the government i can say with courage that within twenty four hours there will be a remarkable change to the situation in gaza a province of the heart on. but another day has come in gaza nice people report no change other than diminishing rations of food and water both sides are entrenched disparate to are in the city. gaza is just one hundred fifty kilometers from kabul lies on the motorway connecting the capital to southern afghanistan it's
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a high value as it were thousands of afghans trapped inside charlotte dallas al-jazeera people in sierra leone have been remembering victims of a devastating mudslide on the outskirts of the capital freetown a year ago they were killed after a tarantula downpour sent modern rocks hotelling down a mountain crushing surrounding villages. reports from freetown. it was a solemn but emotional event for many survivors one year later and blessing musharraf is in concert. she survived last year's disaster because the torrential rains kept her away from her home the night before. on the morning of august fourteenth two thousand and seventeen she arrived at the family compound seventeen members of our family including her husband of all the seven months were all gone and. i can't do anything they died sometimes i cry all day so on this day we gather to
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pray for them and for god to give me the strength to continue but it is not easy. she and a few hundred others are here to remember the dead and to offer prayers they never had the chance to offer last year. this is the first time many of the survivors of this close to the scene or disaster in two thousand and seventeen on the faces of some is a fresh they needed after hundreds of people in france still unaccounted for it's hard for many to have. the united nations and environmentalists have long want of disasters like the market slide in a country where the environment is degraded i don't fast rate president julius my to be or said sorry leon is the world's third most vulnerable nation when it comes to the adverse effect of climate change related disasters and he said his government plans to come down hard on people helping to accelerate that change.
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this. is. this. you. and leave the. whole morning. to the. environmentalist bray mccormack says in freetown alone there are thirty six different sites where this disaster can happen and the reasons are obvious over the years. really been degraded i mean and been degraded being been deforested years i mean since when. does the first and the first let's get the meat. and tasty continues. back
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at the site of the disaster new tree seedlings are being planted and the government plans to build a monument to remember the victims i few meters from here president by the bureau and others lay wreaths as a mark of. the survivors say they want to see more done before they find closure and to get back on their feet for now it looks like it could take much longer to realize that i might increase. more tommy two high ranking military officers have been arrested in venezuela following an alleged attack on president nicolas maduro two drones exploded near a valley he was addressing in the capital caracas last week has blamed opposition politicians the u.s. and neighboring colombia for the attack fourteen others were arrested previously. thousands of brazilians are planning a mass rally to demand their controversial choice of presidential election
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candidate be allowed to run former leader louise and i saluted a silver is serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption that's left many other brazilian voters disillusioned or disinterested in the reports. it was here in the arid northeast of brazil. enjoyed strong supporters president with his social programs that helped alleviate poverty his imprisonment earlier this year for corruption as part of the huge car wash scandal has left many voters disillusioned with their politicians and cynical about the political process now it's called there is no confidence in the electoral process brazilians don't trust politicians especially with all these corruption probe so i don't see anyone talking about the elections. as popularly known is still ahead in the opinion polls his supporters believe he is innocent and the country struggling to emerge from recession they remember that between two thousand and three and two thousand and ten the store
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a booming economy and they believe he can save them again and lula you know there is no other option. he's a political prisoner he wasn't condemned there is no proof against him and he was arrested for good and i am it's unlikely however that the will be able to stand up to this is creating the political it's never been easy to represent a country so huge so ethnically diverse so rich and yet so poor but really have brazil's politicians involved in a huge corruption scandal often hiding in distant brasilia been so unrepresentative of the brazilian electorate. tapping into that disillusionment is the anti establishment when military man. his support is growing especially in senses far from brasilia in the wealth of our own real going to double the a third of its economy when we talk about candidates we are on hold people in general don't trust any of the candidates however i have kind of decided my
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candidate is going to be both so narrow. however opinion polls suggest that more than half the brazilian electorate don't know who to vote for or don't like any of the choices on offer and won't pass the ballot despite voting being obligatory by the cup i think brazil is heading towards complete chaos that is my impression politicians are not governing it's a complete mess the same politicians are now faced with the challenge of convincing a disparate electorate in a country of more than two hundred million inhabitants they have the solutions to brazil's many problems. and their al-jazeera brasilia. time to recap the headlines now at least twenty five people have been killed and many more injured after a highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa it came down during heavy rains sending vehicles plunging around one hundred meters to the ground rescue
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workers are still searching for survivors so he has just increased tariffs on some u.s. imports and its president has called for a boycott of u.s. electronic products roger tired of the one says it sirrah tally ation for an economic attack on his country on friday washington impose new sanctions in response to the detention of a u.s. pastor in turkey the turkish lira has fallen more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this year the crisis in turkey is spreading to other emerging markets in india the rupee is fall into a record low hitting seventy against the u.s. dollar for the first time ever currencies in argentina south africa and back soko have also be hit a new report suggests there could be thousands of victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania in the u.s. it's the largest and most comprehensive report into abuse by catholic priests in the state it details allegations of assaults on minors by so-called predator
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priests over a seventy year period. ok church officials routinely purposefully described the abuse as first place and wrestling and inappropriate contact it was none of those things it was child sexual abuse including a great. comedic quite grown man priests against children. above all else. they protected their institution at all cost police in london treating a crash outside the british parliament as a terror incident three people were injured when a man drove through pedestrians and cyclists before ramming into security barriers the suspect is a twenty nine year old british citizen but as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream so do stay with us. as
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protests in nicaragua against the president continue and the number of those killed rises. someone throws them so they will no matter what they have to crash into the ball of reality that usually gets. sent here america's ortega's former vice president talks to al jazeera. i have the ok and you're in the stream today we examine the growing sexual abuse scandal within the catholic church in chile i really could be allowed to ask whether the church is doing enough to ensure survivors get justice and how it can prevent future cases of mistreatment during the conversation via twitter and our you tube shop. the catholic church is mired in a sexual abuse scandal that is now under the lens of special prosecutor is just
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a few hours ago authorities raided the headquarters of the chilean bishops conference it's part of an investigation into at least thirty eight cases of abuse allegedly committed by catholic clergy members survivors say the church sought to actively cover up the report and in some cases simply moved alleged offenders to different diocese activists within the lay community have responded angrily to the church's handling of the allegations in one case a protest to storm santiago cathedral to demand the resignation of archbishop ricardo exactly he's on the investigation for allegedly covering up reports of abuse and he's going to testify in court next week earlier this month chilean bishops pleaded for forgiveness for their handling of the abuse allegations the president of the bishops conference pledged to cooperate with investigators have a look. we would like to humbly recognize that we have failed and i would priests for not listening believing tending to and supporting the victims of these
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grave sins and injustices committed by priests and other religious authorities. but beyond apologies how can the church reform itself to combat sexual abuse by the clergy for more on this we're joined from santiago chile by jose and. he is director of the un's our foundation for trust the group provides help and support to survivors of sexual abuse from dublin we have marty colleen she is chief executive of the money collins foundation which works to support children who suffered sexual abuse online she's also a former member of the pontiff a core commission for the protection of minus augustine what it is a jesuit priests and he joins us from santiago and in brussels we have sound as she is a professor of theology at the catholic university of chile hello everybody money when people look at this story they may well be thinking of the scandal in the catholic
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church this time in chile way what different about this one mari. the different pope this one are think because the pope. after a visit to the country made some very derogatory and scathing remarks about the victims. and then had to apologize. it really brought the attention of the world on chile. quote has happened is in chile is horrific but my belief is that we have the same thing in so many of the country if we look at what is happening in chile. victims coveralls abusers being protected it's a passion that repeats and repeats and repeats and the apologies repeat and repeat listening to the apology there in chile reminded me of apologies that i heard here in ireland. twenty years ago and we heard them in america we heard them in
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australia we've heard them in country after country but the situation in chile is really an example all of what is happening in so many countries but it is such a clear example and i think the fact that the police are going in that. you know the local authorities are taking action that has to happen more because if the church are not going to do it properly with this abuse of vulnerable adults and children then the state whatever state maybe has to step in and do it because it's come to the point now where we can't trust the church to do it tomorrow i shipping talking i've been saying songs i know they sound or what's behind that knowledge. well i think that's. the question our. institutional structure is working is that is the biggest point that is behind i
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mean there is a kind of. relationships that are a significant ones that are being made in this crisis year. are are creating this peace and direct for the future do. to increase i mean it's a kind of relationship that are being in crisis right at this moment in my opinion . but the fact that the pope is being taken on this chilean case in his sole hands. has to do with two thinks on the one hand that the chilean church are on the team and authorities. where are unable simply unable to to take. issue. and to solve the problem and to really care about what what was going on. and on
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the other hand if. it is telling us about how centralized the church become church were why if if it's being right at this moment if the parent doesn't care about what is happening in all the local churches the problem maybe will never be in the soul. jose i'm wondering what you think at this point in the conversation because we got this tweet from someone name monica she says her son no is a small and quiet city where bishop was appointed despite accusations of him covering up sexual abuse there were big protests and she says the pope called no and habitants fools though that it's not an exact quote she says it was sad though to see how the pope allowed to deeply divide the city where i grew up jose can you
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relate to what she's saying here. i'm part of the group who accused. the. of a priest named father because he my very powerful. very powerful priest in t.v. who was in. quest protected by by different the authorities and especially of he was protected by the couple the church in i.o.t. and we started up a struggle against not only against. a father who abused be group of teenagers but especially we accused the church of cover cover up this case and when when we started this when we started this. fight against
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a culture of abuse and cover up in the church. the pope came to t.v. and. the pope told us it was it was of very a very hit the maybe heavy word against us against us is enough that we were lawyers. about this case and the case of covering up and protecting the kind of. part of one another important. bishop called bottles who was to be shipped in this field or so to know it were this person telling the pope divided them you know so not telling them that they were. left wing and friendly. to the people and after after those war to the polls i don't know. the problem yes the pub realized that
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he he was committed i missed a very big mistake and he invited us to talk to him. and to here is that not only to get to two to give. us forgiveness but to hear from our part some suggestions no we spend one week in the house with him talking about some recommendations i'm talking about this culture of abuse sexual abuse especially. this i know this. is the first time but but but we we tried to highlight the concept of cover up so cover up is us serious. harm. harmful is.
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the abuse itself right and so on. has a my come back changed in just a moment because i want to bring in the father into the conversation father you in santiago and i want to show our viewers this scene from santiago in july when protesters took over the cathedral i want you to actually look at this video have a look right now i don't see must resign we must redeem many sins and he is a high official the church is consecrated staff have much more responsibility before god but also before the people of chile and before the crimes that have been committed with the chills you'll give it you're going to. but i'm just wondering what it's like to be a catholic priest a jesuit priest in chile right now what is the mood like. i think we're going through one of the divas crisis in the chilean history of o two
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and it's not easy to be a priest today and many of us feel deep sorrow and deep pain especially for what victims have suffered i feel people like. this will be your current on and. it will be interesting who will scoff i feel they have been many many of us many priests feel they have been real heroes because they have gone through a great struggle to to be heard and to to be believed and one of the greatest sins we have listened to specially day in our bishops is that they were not able to listen to him and it was a press which listened to them and maybe this possible that truth came out
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so i think they have done us a great a great contribution if it and we feel very very ashamed of what as a church what we have done and i think we're going through this deep crisis which after a very prestigious church during the dictatorship we had in the seventy's hundred seventy three july one thousand nine hundred eighty nine we had an dictatorship in which the church had a great and fearless struggle in trying to to defend the human rights and then has gone down very fast because it hasn't been able to to keep up here with a bit. surgeries are on the list i just because some pick up some of something you said you spoke about the the spin of the church leadership the bishops not being
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able to deal with the situation but surely that's not really reflective of a plus that was happening it wasn't and that they were not able to if they weren't willing to do this and this is what's happening around the world there are a bishops church leaders who are not willing to deal with abuses in the proper way and by protecting an abuser you facilitate their further abuse because they can continue abusing if you don't stop them and what is that in the call i'd like to ask you a question what is the culture of the church structure of the church that causes these men in these hierarchy to a position to to be able to do this when it's all previous to everybody that what is happening is that crying and crying that they're colluding with it's not their sinning they are actually colluding with the crime and then there's
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a whole difference there between. not being able to do something and nothing will do it. i would like to say something. in my life. a little complicated i have. been. i have i have been a priest a very empathic. priest. i think there east a kind of a struggle within the church. there's a culture of abuse of coverup. in in in that period and i think people know are within but but but but but they have their might make of things that you are very good with this and what we think from from from is from the church why you are not taking the control of the church you the good people the
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good priest where you are not taken the control. you are not taken away but it bishops' under but priests who are abusing and corrupt as a marine you asked to amazing questions father i'm going to give you a chance to actually respond to both of those go ahead. well first of all the way you're straining report. on one abused their occupation and what i see what happened in history is similar as what has happened in chile and other countries it has taken a very very long suffering time to realize that it child abuse it's not a sin it's a crime it's taken a very long time for him and it's on on another side also it's important to realize that the bishops we actually have. it up be ships that were
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looked at by rome and were there many of them with a profile up with a very common genius profile or very conservative people of their strip with a very strict on liturgy and moral and central mormon but no not really possible leaders so i think that there is a responsibility in the election of these bishops in which a lot of laypeople have not been listens many communities have not been listen and and and the attention of people is that i feel many of them didn't have the abilities for leadership of a parish and many of those incurred in interviews a power i let something possible. i agree with with you. i would also like.
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point out that when it comes to the education the theological impossible. for the future minister it's very secure like like you are what is related with the power the. the power in the church. the way they are going to be all we we we are man we have a child etc now so in this way i think. they started me off making a kind all. professional ethics all for their leadership in the church under you know and. also you know. off of them because as they are not all of the bishops passed i mean we are talking about the priest i mean internet our minister
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a city there she's under i agree agree with you and i and i do pull personally. to to change or to ask. or to question to question the way to understand the power the way to understand women the role of the women in in the church because they think that the sexual abuse child sexual abuse in church is abuse of power and you cannot understand the sexual abuse without understanding to understand the use the pathological use of power in the church was a i was i want to jump in here because a i mean i know you're right in that and i think our community agrees with you and it's something that that idea really is permeating beyond just as i want to bring in here i want to bring in our online community because they're watching the same want to be part of this conversation as well so this is
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a hashtag that was brought to our tension this is church too in this really just goes to show that this is beyond chili. as i mentioned this is a global conversation this hash tag in particular is gaining traction after eight mother jones for porter here in the u.s. opens up about sexual abuse the chief face within an evangelical church and more people are going sharing their stories but there are members of our community it's wow who say within the last two weeks this is bubbled up and lots of places around the world have a listen to ten lennon recently we seen in chile were the civil society the police's church offices we've seen that also going to michigan we also are seeing in the state of pennsylvania. the report of the grand jury which examined six diocese which showed three hundred predator priests and systematic and historic cover up by church authorities in pennsylvania we find we can't rely on
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the church. that we need civil society to examine that children need to be protected. and church officials are more interested in their reputations and protecting children. so mari ten here is the president of an organization called survivors network of those abused by priests and he's also a survivor of clergy sexual abuse from south but what i want you to pick up on is he says we can't rely on the church anymore we have to rely on civil society and you were a former member of a papal a group looking into this and you're not anymore what do you make of his comments and i would like to mention here that i am a survivor also. and that's the reason that i got involved in the whole issue in the first place because in my own case my abuser protected. we don't longer can trust because the church has shown it has had nearly three decades since this issue first came to the fore in countries came here in ireland
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in the ninety's nine hundred ninety s. in america in the early two thousand we've had report after report showing all saying the same thing concluding the same thing that the church protected its reputation before it protected children had the chance to change that and do something about it i was three years on the pontifical commission active in the minors which was there to advise pope francis on what he could do to change things to protect children better look after survivors and we recommended and accountability tribunals which would bring bishops to those bishops that did not protect children who covered up for abuse. they would be brought before this trial properly disciplined sanctioned for their behavior on the crimes and the pope francis approved stuff but when it went to the congregation for the doctrine
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of faith which is like a civil service they were out to implement this put this into operation they refused. and we produced guidelines a policy document which used to be global every church in the world was all of which protect children better and they didn't either then if you're. not in saudi let me ask you this then because this is interesting what's happening in chile which is civil law is taking place right now so we have a very well known prosecutor and obvious case of investigating these cover ups of sexual abuse by the catholic church in chile this is what he says as he's been doing his investigation have a look nor will i can concrete only refer to a specific thing or document or seizure but we found evidence of the destruction of documents and that aside from being circumstantial evidence of a cover up itself that's also a crime that could be a crime of concealment or of destruction of information from us
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a father could this announcement exactly i'll i hear that and we see this on the news every day there's a headline right now about the catholic church an abuse cases that is not in chile not about chile but father the idea of. catholic priests either covering up or being accused and found guilty of abuse then going to prison is that a possibility that that's civil law not canon law are you comfortable that of course is. guilty and there are. some priests that have gone have gone to jail are actually in jail and i think also that the bishops. are there. to to. to to face this is the law in this. mary i would like to ask you something. you know where i mean
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since you are a farmer. we have less than one minute left to make this quick i really fast yeah fast as you can the question the question is that if you can clear about the credibility of the church. i think in my opinion one of the question sanjay i was going to be at the end of the show if there was the question is that the question of course that it would help tanami of the catholic church will work still to in the in the case at all to work it will only work if those of the top. characters in is killing the church and if those at the top will only agree that this is an issue they must deal with that they cannot rely on power prestige and position anymore they have to behave as thank you mari. thank you jose thank you father and reading appreciate you being part of this program today we continue always online at a.j. stream on twitter take everybody. yes
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thank you to the best. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would think what it is you know is that it tends to but it is but together because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. that
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they set sail for gold. but discover their resorts worth more than its wants him and be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charge the birth and rise of the african slave trade nothing in history that the streets of humanity. for all the gold in the world want to just go. with every. national bulletins the debate on migration is polarized to include too strident positions harkless and headless how do you define an indigenous person who they benefit isn't this more about living with
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difference and you and pieces that and who do they contain people don't have the right to live anywhere in the world have every right to leave their country maybe his son goes head to head with a pool county on al-jazeera. thousands die and vehicles tumbled to the ground when a bridge collapses in italy. i'm sami's a down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up turkey increases tariffs and calls for a boycott of some u.s.
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products as the lira steadies decades of sexual abuse by priests revealed in the u.s. investigators believe the victims could be in the thousands and behold the grail of shipwrecks at the center of a dispute between colombia's government and treasure hunters. rescue workers in italy are searching for survivors in the wreckage of a highway bridge that collapsed in the city of genoa at least twenty five people were killed and many others injured when the miranda bridge came down these are live pictures from the scene the accident happened during heavy rains sending vehicles plunging to the ground it's an industrial area on a main highway that connects italy to france reports. from the air the scale of the devastation is clear a huge section of geno's marandi bridge simply government. where.
1:50 pm
the bridge collapsed on tuesday morning during a storm sending vehicles on his motorway plunging to the ground. oval office i heard a loud rumble and i went flying i flew about ten metres into the wall and that's it . hundreds of rescue workers sifted through the rubble in the hope of finding people alive. we think there are other people alive under the rubble and we've extracted people from the rubble and focusing on helping them get the bridge spanned a river or railway and industrial area it had been busy with holiday traffic it's unclear why the bridge collapsed but italian media have been reporting that two years ago when the bridge was being renovated several people including an m.p. an engineer had warned that the structure was unsafe that it was an accident
1:51 pm
waiting to happen italy's interior minister said an investigation has been opened and the moment of the letter that should intervene for them now is the time for the rescue operation for work for sweat and prayer but tonight will be the time to find out who is responsible the names and names of those who are guilty of an acceptable deaths. italian authorities say more casualties are likely they've declared two days of mourning but as the rescue operation continues through the night the focus is on the search for survivors the al-jazeera genoa italy and i think a shiny is associate professor of structural mechanics at the university of southampton he says many factors could have combined to result in the collapse. there are a number of reasons that might cause a brace collapse so obviously this bridge was first built but he as ago as we all know that the destruction of the man's beach are the lifeblood to the traffic has
1:52 pm
been increasing over the years since this bridge was cut struck that so normally bridge and union already yes they looked at the capacity of the bridge. with the current loading of the structure but this is not the only scenario so police bridges as they age so they start having some deterioration. so some of the one problem could that could cause a bridge collapse is iteration due to messire rating combined with other factors such as traffic loading or it can be airth weight or it can be over the yes the dynamic loading cycle dark cyclic dynamic due to track and put it on a building which is resulting in fit of the material. turkey has just increased tariffs on some u.s. imports and its president is calling for a boycott of u.s. electronic products roger talk about a divine says it's in retaliation for an economic attack on this country on friday
1:53 pm
washington impose new sanctions in response to the detention of a u.s. pastor in turkey the turkish lira has fallen more than forty five percent against the dollar this year from istanbul said of course although has this report. merchants in a stumble gather outside foreign exchange offices urging customers to get food off their u.s. dollars and by lior instead for those deaths to exchange their currency if there is a gift and all of the pretty and tomatoes. with many turks fearing they are now under economic siege present trajectory for john called for a boycott of american brands to protect the national kerensky and he sees a feature without relying on the u.s. to show the result we will produce every product we are importing from abroad with foreign currency here and we will be the ones exporting these products we will impose a boycott on u.s. electronic products if they have i phones there is samsung on the other side the
1:54 pm
number of five four users in turkey has reached ten million in the last ten years which is worth seven billion dollars that's a sixteen point five per cent stake in the turkish smartphone market but some dominated with more than fifty two percent of the government surging in dust free not to use u.s. products and is urging consumers to the same day why some excitement yes they sound very exciting but i do not think that it would have any material impact on imports from us. the turkish government has received messages of support from e.u. leaders who say turkey's stability is very important for them turkey's private sector relies heavily on european lenders support also comes from turkey's regional partners in syria russia and iran who are also suffering from u.s. sanctions. over use of the us dollar as a world reserve currency will lead to its own deterioration many other countries
1:55 pm
will choose to switch from trading in dollars to the national currencies turkey imports energy from both russia and iran and that cost constitutes almost half of its trade deficit that's why economics warn trading in national currencies with these countries is not feasible experts say market dynamics should be the priority what we need to do is that ok to say ok we are slowing down the economy and we are the one ready to get into a very recession in a very small period of time and we first of all hike rates and we saw all problems with the with the u.s. but president our don is adamant raising interest rates is not the answer that he say's would only make the rich richer and the poor poorer seen on kosovo's al-jazeera the stumble. the crisis in turkey is spreading to other emerging markets now like india argentina and south africa on tuesday the indian rupee hit an all
1:56 pm
time low against the us dollar the south african rand and the argentinean also being seen big drops in recent days that's causing concern about the global financial system being undermined shavar tansley reports. we've seen this all before in the run up to previous global crises notably the asian financial crisis of the late ninety's and that's why investors are concerned turkey and gorged itself with cheap foreign loans many held in u.s. dollars when interest rates were low in the us and elsewhere foreign capital flows also poured in to take advantage of relatively higher interest rates in turkey a financial bubble expanded as the cash flow dim but now global economic conditions have changed u.s. interest rates have risen making the us an attractive investment destination the u.s. dollar has strengthened making it more expensive to pay back the dollar denominated loans with the turkish lira and amid several political tussles donald trump appears
1:57 pm
determined to use the u.s. is economic clout to stop what he feels is washington supremacies of rancorous when the markets the global markets were flooded. dollars everybody got excited particularly across imagine fun to markets and we'd see a win lash of the china yeah dollar weaponized libretto by design president says he will not raise interest rates to stabilize the turkish lira so with the lira plunging it's unclear whether turkey can meet its debt payments that may potentially be disastrous for the global financial system european banks for example are owed tens of billions of dollars in debt u.s. investors have massive exposure to turkish bonds and stocks some investors are making a fortune betting against tech and others however are panicking and that's where the global risk of contagion rises global emerging markets hold two point seven trillion dollars of u.s. dollar denominated debt that needs to be paid off for refinanced by twenty twenty
1:58 pm
five but they often face the same economic conditions as turkey investors already beginning to flee other emerging economies it isn't clear how deep the contagion will spread some of personalizing the prospect. of widespread economic turmoil as the fault of two strong men however others say this is mistaken there are always special considerations no always special facts but when you have the same average of capitalist crisis responded to by a set of policies that may bring the next crisis in the play you'll sure are already going to have to wise up and realize this is a systemic problem yet politicians and bankers remain unwilling to address the cycle of boom and bust that characterizes global capitalism and that arguably has helped the rise of such strong men in the first place she ever turned. an explosive new report has accused more than three hundred catholic priests in the u.s.
1:59 pm
state of pennsylvania of sexual abuse details allegations of assaults on minors by those described as predator priests it also suggests that could be thousands of victims spanning a seventy year period christine salumi has more the accusations are stunning in scale more than one thousand victims of more than three hundred roman catholic priests for decades they escaped justice because of a systematic cover up that included high ranking church officials and allegedly went all the way to the vatican. the priests were raped raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they hit it off for decades. the landmark report compiled by a secret grand jury in the state of pennsylvania took two years to compile so many victims have been waiting decades for their voices to be heard and their pain to be acknowledged sean daugherty says he was abused as a child by
2:00 pm
a priest at his school whom other children had complained about you know the school protected them and allowed me and three of my friends and i was very dear to help pakis belongings in the rectory pack up the car and go to the new parish and the new school and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being transferred for sexually abusing two brothers two priests have been charged and one has already pleaded guilty to molesting a seven year old boy as a result of the investigation many of the crimes outlined in the report however took place too long ago to be criminally prosecuted. the report places significant blame on a former bishop of the diocese of pittsburgh cardinal donald wuerl for what it describes as his role in covering up abuse worl now the head of the archdiocese of washington d.c. responded in a written statement saying that he acted with diligence with concern for the victims and to.


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