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this crossing too open it's also important to recognize that this crossing is obviously vital full gaza's exports we understand that exports will start from here tomorrow if all goes well. exports things like clothing fruits and vegetables and scrap metal we also understand that one of the reasons why the crossing is opened up is because it was from pressure from israeli companies that basically use gaza's labor they subcontract. and there is pressure on some of these companies because they goods obviously trans hearing. getting through so he's ready companies were losing money as well so as i say if all goes well and we continue to see this calm in a no violence between hamas and israel it's a good day for gaza but this crossing has reopened going talk about. there are talks going on between hamas and fatah is anything positive likely to come out of
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that. well there are talks going on to tears if you like we know that the geisha and delegation of other armed groups in gaza are already in cairo the first tier of these talks being mediated by the egyptians and the usa at least to try and maintain try and get some sort of sustainable ceasefire some sort of sustainable truce between hamas and israel we understand egypt is very key to try and get the palestinian authority involved in those talks because they understand that if a truce agreement is going to be made it's only going to be really sustainable with the palestinian authority involvement then on a second you've got those wider talks those vital talks that are trying to be mediated to try for reconciliation between hamas and fatah and now these talks are being going on for years they have failed time and time again we understand that
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the delegation will not be arriving in karo until thursday because there is a p.l.o. meeting in ramallah today but as i say there is a lot of pressure on hamas and fatah to come together because the understanding is that if there is reconciliation and an eventual unity government down here in gaza then that will obligate israel even further to further lift the restrictions to further lift this almost twelve year land air and sea blockade on gaza charles thank you. will the forty afghan police officers have been killed in an attack on a military base in the northern province of local leaders say nine police officers and thirty five soldiers died it's the latest assault on the security forces in afghanistan the afghan government says has made major gains in the city against me as the army battles the taliban at least four hundred people have been killed in the past week fighting continues on the city outskirts and villages nearby the
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military sent in one thousand extra soldiers on monday to clear the oem. people have no electricity and they're running out of food and water. still to come here on al-jazeera india's prime minister on bale's ambitious plans for the world's biggest public care system. allen has what appears to be a wall of much cooler across europe i would not say again but the difference between the temps is ahead of it and behind it means if you do some very big thunderstorms more recently over italy but over the next twenty four hours or just slowly across the ages it further south into was greece throughout the balkan so the rain line she's not one for the north heading east to put towards moscow actually had it quite warm behind it dropping about ten degrees and scandinavia as
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heat wave is gone but we offer the temperatures rising again in france in the british isles up to the high twenty's that's done and sorry sustainable we're back down to twenty day often so it's fluctuation but these are the end of i think being the story flash flooding is certainly a potential in this part of europe over the next day or so i think nothing much will happen to the south a shower or two will probably just clipped the northern shows a tunisia otherwise it's still quite warm not so much i have to say in robots it twenty four got most of the chinese shore is about thirty thirty seven in cairo and still we're seeing showers a long way north flow time of year right up into the the desert lad back on the sahara up in northern parts of chad needs share and they're going to continue least the next day i say. of struggles. with.
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full of pleasure. an intimate look at life in cuba today as a young one of. my q. on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder about top stories today the safety of major infrastructure across italy is now being questioned after the collapse of a motorway bridge in genoa rescue teams have pulled thirty seven bodies from the
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rubble of the two hundred meter span that crashed down on tuesday italy's transport minister has ordered an urgent check of bridges and tunnels. raise tariffs on some u.s. imports i'm just calling for a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in retaliation for a deliberate economic attack the us fall in by more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this year. one other story israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza the. crossing was closed on july ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says clothing fuel and construction material can now enter. a new report is accusing more than three hundred priests in the u.s. state of pennsylvania of sexual abuse it details allegations of assaults on children by those described as predator priests over a period of seventy years is christian salumi. the accusations are stunning in
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scale more than one thousand victims of more than three hundred roman catholic priests for decades they escaped justice because of a systematic cover up that included high ranking church officials and allegedly went all the way to the vatican. priests were raped raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they should at all for decades. the landmark report compiled by a secret grand jury in the state of pennsylvania took two years to compile many victims have been waiting decades for their voices to be heard and their pain to be acknowledged shawn daugherty says he was abused as a child by a priest at his school whom other children had complained about you know the school protect them and allowed man three my friends and i was very dear to help pakis belongings in the rectory pack up the car and go to the new parish and the new school and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being
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transferred for sexually abusing two brothers two priests have been charged and one has already pleaded guilty to molesting a seven year old boy as a result of the investigation many of the crimes outlined in the report however took place too long ago to be criminally prosecuted. the report places significant blame on a former bishop of the diocese of pittsburgh cardinal donald wuerl for what it describes as his role in covering up abuse worl now the head of the archdiocese of washington d.c. responded in a written statement saying that he acted with diligence with concern for the victims and to prevent future abuse in july pope francis accepted the resignation of archbishop theodore mccarrick from the college of cardinals one of the church's most powerful bodies amid allegations of molestation and sexual misconduct i believe the bishops if they give us the opportunity. to find that justice we made an apology isn't enough for sean daugherty and other victims who are calling on
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lawmakers to change the statute of limitations and force the catholic church to finally pay for its sins kristen salumi al-jazeera harrisburg. india's prime minister has revealed what's being billed as the world's largest government funded health scheme the plan will cover around half a billion poor people in the render a movie made the announcement during independence day celebrations in new delhi critics say there are huge shortages in the health system and the country doesn't have the services to look after its population well let's get more on this from andrew thomas our correspondent who's in goa hati how will this actually work do we think ender. but wait a moment the health care system in india is pretty terrible the country spends just one point five percent of its annual g.d.p. on health that is way down on the global average of about six percent and what that means in practice is that health care like this in hospitals it's hugely expensive for most that can't afford the private insurance so you get
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a bed when they become sick so most people either do without or have to borrow huge amounts of money from moneylenders if and when they get sick on their own dream ody says he wants to change that completely with as you say the world's largest publicly funded health system in a sense it is an insurance scheme that the government underwrites and it will give every poor indian five hundred million indians are covered under the skin about seven thousand u.s. dollars a year to spend on health care now it's wildly ambitious it sounds fantastic and very progressive but it's going to be very very expensive one point five billion u.s. dollars a year at least and then there is the concern that this country simply doesn't have the health infrastructure at the moment to provide for all the extra demand that will be created when this health scheme comes into effect at the end of september so there are lots of question marks over this but we're about six months away from an election from the renderer modi at the beginning of next year he will face the country and he wants this health policy to be front and center of his proposals he
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is a little of what he had to say about it in his independence day speech. you did get good he'd get to make the poor of the country will not have to struggle like they did not have to borrow from money lenders families but not to be destroyed. when you talk about infrastructure there and returns if the going to have something of a building boom when it comes to new state of the art hospitals and doctors surgeries as well. the could be certainly the private health system in this country is looking at this with the only because they see the potential boom. in this sector but whether that will actually come through whether the money will be there is going to involve an increase in taxes in india really that remains to be seen he talked as well in his speech about the healthy state of the economy as he sees it he says that india used to be known for electricity blackouts it's now known as a sleeping elephant that's beginning to wake up he said india used to be known as
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the country of red tape now it's the country of red carpets this was an inspirational speech to his nation on the seventy first anniversary of independence from british colonial rule and it also marked the moment the neurons remotely in effect launch his reelection campaign the health care policy will be front and center but so too will an ambition to get an indian manned space mission going by twenty twenty two making india just the fourth country off of the us russia and china to get a man into space that was the other big announcement in this speech so lots of aspiration lots of ambition but we'll see how much of it actually happens in practice under thank you very much thousands of brazilians are planning a mass run each of them on their choice a presidential candidate be allowed to run the former leader but he said if you alluded to silva is serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption here's daniel. it was here in the arid northeast of brazil. enjoyed strong supporters president with his
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social programs that helped alleviate poverty his imprisonment earlier this year for corruption as part of the huge khalwat scandal has left many voters disillusioned with their politicians and cynical about the political process now it's called there is no confidence in the electoral process brazilians don't trust politicians especially with all these corruption probe so i don't see anyone talking about the elections. as popularly known is still ahead in the opinion polls his supporters believe he is innocent and the country struggling to emerge from the session they remember that between two thousand and three and two thousand and ten the store a booming economy and they believe he can save them again and lula you know there is no other option. he's a political prisoner he wasn't condemned there is no proof against him and he was arrested for good and. it's unlikely however that the will be able to stand up to
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this has created a political void it's never been easy to represent a country so huge so ethnically diverse so rich and yet so poor but really have brazil's politicians involved in a huge corruption scandal often hiding in distant brasilia been so unrepresentative of the brazilian electorate. tapping into that disillusionment is the anti establishment white wing military man jay ableson are all his supporters growing especially in senses far from brasilia in the well to stop paolo in rio. from the delegates to come in when we talk about candidates we are hold people in general don't trust any of the candidates however i have kind of decided my candidate is going to be both so narrow. however opinion polls suggest that more than half the brazilian electorate don't know who to vote for or don't like any of the choices on offer and won't cost about that despite mounting being obligatory by the cup i think brazil is heading towards complete chaos that is my impression politicians
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are not governing it's a complete mess those same politicians are now faced with the challenge of convincing a disparate electorate in the country of more than two hundred million inhabitants that they have the solutions to brazil's many problems. brasilia. five e.u. countries have agreed to take in one hundred forty one migrants from a rescue ship malta says it will now allow the m.v. aquarius to dock it ends a four day standoff during which spain and malta all refused permission for its went to their waters they want the ship to head for libya or the nearby italian island of lampedusa the migrants will be taken to france germany luxembourg portugal and to spain. of course in turkey has freed two greek soldiers who'd been detained on spying charges they've been locked up since march to march accused of entering the country illegally and attempted a military espionage greasers these soldiers crossed into turkey by mistake while
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following the trail of refugees and migrants the cases feel tensions between the two neighboring nato allies the family of a u.s. journalist kidnapped six years ago in syria a calling for his safe release austin tice is believed to be one of at least thirty journalists who were covering the conflicts and who are now being held against their will mike hanna has the story and so you see this is the aliment of hope in his early photos right and then. he begins to come across things like death. a mother talks about the work of her son these pictures were taken by freelance journalist austin tice shortly before he was abducted by armed men at a road block near damascus six years ago and it was austin's deepest desire that they could have reform without any of these photos ever being taken and so i just want you to join him behind the camera and waited to get
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a feeling for his heart of why caprice why did austin go there he chast wanted to tell the story that was so young when he arrived the f.b.i. has posted a one billion dollar reward for information leading to the safe location recovery and return of austin tice renewing hopes that he's still alive it's believed that more than thirty abducted journalists are being held in syria but the exact figure is impossible to ascertain in many cases the abduction is not publicized pending the go see a sions for release what is known is that the kidnapped journalist come from a number of countries among them france spain lebannon mauritania jordan and the united states. when the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world and so at the fence like these that reason we had this final situation in that country in the journalistic western rides to cover that conflict for the
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american public for the international community is well that's really of vital importance and in this room be awareness to there are many other fathers and mothers in syria and beyond still hoping for the safe return of their loved ones. al-jazeera washington. and you get lots more news from if you want it on our website al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the safety of major infrastructure across italy is being questioned after the collapse of a motorway bridge in genoa rescue teams have pulled thirty seven bodies from the rubble of the two hundred meter span the crash down on tuesday italy's transport minister has ordered an urgent check of bridges and tunnels natasha has more now from genoa is just
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a pile of rubble and concrete and that is what is making this rescue operation so difficult because the emergency service workers are having to use large machinery to move some of the concrete to use their hands pickaxes really pick through the rubble with sniffer dogs trying to find any signs of life because as the hours passed of course it will become more and more difficult for any survivors to be pulled out alive. turkey has raise tariffs on more u.s. imports and is calling for a boycott of american electronic goods the government says it's in retaliation for the calls a deliberate economic attack that the euro has fallen by more than forty five percent against the u.s. dollar this shia. israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza because abu salim crossing was closed on july the ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says clothing fuel and construction material can now into. more than forty afghan police officers have been killed in an attack on
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a military base in the northern province of baghlan local leaders say nine police officers and thirty five soldiers died it's the latest assault on security forces in afghanistan the afghan government says has made major gains in the city of gas and as the army battles the taliban at least four hundred people have been killed in the past week the military sent in one thousand extra soldiers on monday clearly on the group people have no electricity and they're running out of food and water a new report suggests they could be thousands of victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania in the us it details allegations of assaults on children by those described as predator priests over a period of seventy years indian prime minister has revealed what's being billed as the world's largest government funded health scheme the plan will cover around half a billion poor people there and remote he made the announcement during independence day celebrations in new delhi those are your headlines so far today the news continues here on al-jazeera after our next program is inside story our season up.
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al jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world. have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. turkey crisis its currency has hit a record low the markets are nervous president there don't want to use outsiders of mounting an economic war but who's to blame and what are the implications at home and abroad this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the turkish lira is facing an unprecedented crash
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it has lost more than forty percent of its value against the dollar in recent days and its meltdown is rattling global markets turkey's central bank has stepped in with measures it hopes will reassure turks and financial markets and the finance ministry says it has an action plan in place turkish president rhetoric type everyone blames the crisis on what he calls economic terrorists but he's been criticized for his influence over the economy from istanbul cinema solo reports walking through a business street to people take nervous glances at the foreign exchange screens wondering how much less their money might now be worth. the dollar the prices of what she wants to buy overrun serb budget and give me a discount or leave. her request it's turned down turkish airways down at least thirty percent against a dollar in ten days this doesn't only hurt the buyers but the sellers too.
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including tibet's cartel he has run this shop for at least twenty years how far his products are imported is cost horizon tremendously. stronger more notice and we are almost at stagnation waiting for exchange rates to settle i purchase in dollars so my costs increased forty percent i'll have to reflect this in my prices however exporters are happy with the depreciating. our house owner who has run the silver wholesaler with his brothers for twenty years say's his profits have grown. to for the other although i import my products i explored them all we don't have a problem my profit margin is bigger now also we bring foreign exchange to our country but there certainty of worry seventy one the finance ministry says it has an action plan to help ease the markets concerns and turkey central bank has
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pledged to provide all the liquidity needed by the banks many economists say the markets demanded you trust to stop the us trouble but present ads on this financial team are totally against that dawn says this is just less of an attack against still there robbed by foreign countries and might continue. if it does experts fear it could have a spillover effect into europe where turkey's biggest lenders are seen on to solo al-jazeera a stumble the financial crisis comes as ties between turkey and the u.s. worsen president erda want to action against american goods days after the u.s. doubled tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum. boycotts american electronic products. all over our photo was so they had the i phone three samsung elsewhere. there are now in country we have a vested. german chancellor angela merkel has called on air to want to respect the
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central bank's independence movement about the thought hits a host of the german perspective is that no one has an interest in techies economic destabilization but everything must be done to ensure that there is an independent central bank that can learn them. all right let's bring in our panel joining us an encore a locus articularly director of the un corowa office of the german marshall fund of the united states and berlin dietrich von couch former german ambassador and permanent representative to the e.u. and in london egg said skin a senior political risk analyst at the firm i.h.s. market welcome to you all want to start with you today what can the government of turkey do to stop this slide well i mean they they should do first of all we should maybe look into i this crisis as. even before the fallout with the
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united states i could cite six reasons first of a high cost deficits second the private sector adept third political risk at home for geopolitical risks abroad fought for markets on friendly economic policies and now six fix fiscal normalization in the united states some of these that there's nothing that turkey can do about such as if you score normalization in the united states but there's still a lot that turkey can do for market friendly economic policy is decreasing political risk decreasing private sector depth and decreasing the current to const dificid this would require political reforms as well as economic reforms dietrich have any of the efforts by turkey central bank thus far to try and reverse this decline been effective are there see any signs that any of them are working. i don't i think they might get go in the right direction but it would probably be
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in all likelihood not be enough because what we are facing is a lack of confidence by investors by international markets in turkey and that has to do with the attitude of the president of rwanda and there is a lack of confidence and they have for the central bank would have from my point of view have to increase interest rate and take really firm measures which might not be very popular with the general public and therefore. the president hesitates to accept that. the markets know this so their select of confidence and as long as this will stay on it will be very difficult for turkey to recuperate again you heard each of their
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talk about the fact that president air to want to has resisted thus far raising interest rates why exactly is that. well for a long time the general consensus in the markets was that when i heard one insisted on his theory that high interest rates result in high inflation rather than the other way around that was largely for the purpose of playing to the crowd sort of speak for for the for the domestic audience however we saw in a meeting recently when dawn came to london to talk to international investors. the president repeated those claims and it was at that point that the markets started understanding that these were things which are gone genuinely believed and that was really a turning point in terms of perceptions of turkey and expectations of policy on there i do on. the president appears to have
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a deep seated fundamental opposition to interest and whether that's rooted in his religious beliefs or what it might be. the result is the same turkey has been avoiding. levels of interest which would be dictated by rational economic policy and the result is. the stabilized the turkish lira and rampant inflation and to act now and to follow what the market is saying now means that they have to do even more than what they would have had to do before because it's at this point it's very late and the results are as we can see all right let's take a step back for a moment turkey is one of the fastest growing economies and the sixth largest in europe but it's facing major challenges the inflation rate has reached fifteen percent this year the highest in fourteen years turkey's budget deficit rose by
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more than a half to thirteen billion dollars in two thousand and seventeen the value of turkey's imports is higher than exports leading to a negative trade balance of almost so. many seven billion dollars last year but on a positive note the economy grew by seven point four percent in the first three months of this year oscar let me ask you how much worse could this now get for turkey i mean could you envision a total financial collapse or meltdown in turkey. that is very unlikely because despite all the negative factors turkey's public sector is still strong turkey does have a high international debt but it's coming mainly from the private sector and the public finances are very sound and as a matter of fact they're among the soundest in europe as so i talk to the financial meltdown is very unlikely at this moment dietrich why specifically is what's happening in turkey affecting emerging markets the way that it is
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well but because emerging markets in certain ways in similar situations as turkey is it's a precarious situation you are trying to stimulate economies and there's always the risk that you war beyond. the limits but in turkey this has taken place do you want to the it it you or the president the therefore there is the risk that others through in order to be affected by the way . we are in europe very much into twined in particular germany with turkey. economy could leave and therefore there is also the risk that we by suffer to a certain extent by found not as much as turkey but to a certain extent we would we expect. at one to visit us in september eleventh
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serious discussions we are partners in nato with our partners if you have a customs union between the e.u. and turkey we have we have three million turks. popley but the turkish nation in the pot the with the property with both living in germany working here we have a vital interest in stable in a stable turkey they tended to go to emulate i'm sorry to interrupt but the interest i'm starting interrupt is just that since you're bringing up the ties between turkey and germany that leads me to a follow up question for you because on monday german chancellor angela merkel said that they want to make sure that you know that the central bank in turkey has its independence she said nobody has an interest in economically stabilization in turkey and everything must be done to ensure an independent yet central bank so my
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question for you is would germany be in a position to help now in some way. well i don't know we will give him. on the advice that our stability our arising out of the ashes of world war two was largely due or saw due to not only our efforts and support and free trade and so forth but also that me very run by in our monetary policy by an independent central bank and also the european central bank has the insisted on that is independent nor central bank that cannot act independently can pursue rational and reasonable monetary policies and if everyone doesn't understand this it may be almost hopeless to help turkey but if we should decide to see the light we might be able of course to head them because we
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have a vital interest in a stable turkey for all kinds of strategic economic reasons but also because turkey due to the three million turks in germany is part of our domestic policy scene again what are president are the ones options right now. well there are several options i mean the first obvious right thing to do would be to do what our other guest was suggesting to provide the central bank with the independence that it needs to fulfill its mandate but if out on continues with his in insistence to not allow this then the other options are one one of them of course going to the i.m.f. . there are many observers who are betting that this will end up being the case however of course there is a big issue with that and that is the fact that the government really invested
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a lot in its claim that it was under this government that turkey finally came out of these i.m.f. programs and subs it subjugation to policies imposed by international organizations for add on to go back to the i.m.f. would be a big embarrassment another option would be to seek support from the turn it allies which are known as already hinted he might do russia china qatar but again it's dubious the extent of the help which these governments me be willing to offer. and obviously releasing the pastor would be yet another option a very obvious solution to diffuse the economic strings and the problem there of course is the fact that with the sanctions having been imposed on turkey by
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president trump no one no longer has. a way to. come to a solution with the u.s. was also of saving face and not appearing like turkey is capitulating to it to the u.s. as threats and certainly to release the past they're under bunsen right. you know without any major concessions from the u.s. side would appear to be doing exactly that so hence the difficulty of the situation . you heard a their talk about the detained american pastor andrew bronson my question is how much of this confrontation now is basically a fight between u.s. president donald trump and turkish president. air to one i believe that it is the tip of the iceberg because particularly in the united states as a matter of fact sanctions towards turkey related to past in branson they're all
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going to be cooked in the congress so even if the president had not weighed in you would see sanctions coming from the u.s. congress vorse turkey so as a matter of fact it's divisible part of a much deeper and bigger problem between the two and between turkey and the united states it includes turkey's purchase of s. four hundred missiles from russia it includes well i mean it's includes differences between the united states and turkey when it comes to syria and actually the whole of the middle east it includes public opinion towards the united states in turkey and public opinion towards turkey in the united states so i would not call it a problem between the presidents idea trick is the u.s. turkey crisis beyond repair at this point or do you think that it can be mended whale to tripes special tides if you want to put it to egomaniacs getting at each other. squarely thing what i think about the two.
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that's always difficult in particular because they are both determined by. let's see the messy policy consideration in the united states for instance that they have in the elections. and the bible belt the parts store the bible bit is important the it's up in the united states as support for president trump and his party so we'll have this space and i would say that to the the parts store who is of the same. protestant could not take issue and christian connotation as the vice president of the united states plays a big role and we need to find a face saving mechanism to get this passed out of the fire
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line i think that is important yes there are other considerations and so on so like the game turkey plays by being room have in have out nato have with the with have with putin buying one material from the russians etc etc i think he is over stretching its limits and where he is vulnerable he has now been taught that there's no free lunch even not for it turkish president on the other hand the american president doesn't care too much about what's going on in europe including turkey. he has his own domestic agenda so we are in a very precarious situation and i as a german european i therefore think that not only germany but the european union
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heads to play a certain role in order to. get things calmed down and but for that we need also some flexibility from both sides including ords or the president of turkey again looked as though you were reacting to what dietrich was saying there did you want to add to what he had remarked upon well my reaction was one of agreements for the first time the turkish government finds itself with us counterparts where which doesn't really care what their turkey remains in the nato or not at least when we talk about trump and so it's not really one of his primary considerations that go into his decision making. until now turkey always used a current based on the assumption that the us side would not. risk losing turkey to russia and breaking the nato ranks and i think that was the source of the
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turkish government's miscalculation in what happened in the past couple of weeks. and the question now is based on what they have experienced whether the president mr i do want will go into a strategic reconsideration in how it deals with the us based on his realisation that the old tactics no longer work that's the optimistic scenario the pessimistic scenario is one in which we are seeing the beginnings of a permanent break between these decades a lot old allies. oh dear what do you think what are the strategic and geo political ramifications of all of this. for first of all i would like to express that although a diplomatic solution is possible it is also very difficult at this point because the president of the united states with this tweet sad statement says not only dig his heels into his current position but is also denied the president to go on and
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on the way out of this crisis so at the moment a unilateral. decision by president added on to release pastor bronson would make him appear weak domestically and also it initially and that is something that president added one would hate so the solution should be something in which pastor bronson is released in return for something that president add on japanese that to the turkish society as a success and do them if occasions i actually did it concerning i don't think that either president trump or present add one has any intention to see turkey outside of nato though maybe needed would care deeply our i believe that this crisis could trigger a dynamic at the end of which turkey is nato membership would be questionable in turkey as well as outside and even if it's not the intention of the turkish president actually events could drag turkey towards such as tradition i believe
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that a lot is that stage. and we should start acting today dietrich analysts have been saying that this financial crisis in turkey has been a long time in coming has this been a long time coming. of course it has but it has been now reinforced by american countermeasure because of this this. issue. which should not be underestimated i would like to repeat we germans as well as we europeans have no interest in letting turkey go down the drain so to speak economically we want a stable turkey in good relations in terms with the e.u. with nato. with all possibilities for turkey or to play
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a role in the middle east etc so we want to be partners. but they had one comes to visit us in berlin in september we will do our best to be of help whether that will be enough depends on the edge it you yes of the american president also but also of mr ed one i would like to remind you we were recently on the heavy threats from the american president on trade issues and the commission took a strong stand but also a flexible one and it came to a standstill and they are not on the goats uniting it is not impossible to bring a similar situation about. between turkey and the united states but it will require the head of. freds and pop most of turkey
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still economically strongly linked with turkey and on to domestic leaf through the three million turks in germany we will try to do our best whether it be big enough to have probably the help of the commission the e.u. commission. major pop those like france in the e.u. and people do our best that's all because i hope it depends also on the flexibility on all these participating in this all right we are out of time so we're going to leave there because. i want to be optimistic and go up to ms dietrich the dictation she made her god sorry to interrupt what we have run out of time thank you very much we're going to have to leave it there so thanks very much to all our guests osborne look at dietrich von cow and egg said chicken and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com
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forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from name how much i'm doing the whole team here i for now. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese fans. shows five different stories i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries and it was really great. but i was most importantly most with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has. the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world
4:47 pm
the asian games will host thousands of competing across a mix of traditional and the limbic sports follow us for the news and updates from jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera national bulletins could be based on migration is polarized to include too strident positions harkless a madness how do you define an indigenous person who they benefit isn't this more about living with difference and you in pieces and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world have the right to leave their country maybe his son goes head to head with a pool county on al-jazeera. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and
4:48 pm
start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. as native hawaiians family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. it's early orders an urgent check of bridges and tunnels nationwide as the questions begin of the genoa bridge collapse. m p to double your watch we'll see a lot from doha also ahead turkey's president imposes more sanctions on u.s. goods blaming washington for the slide in the lira. let the trucks rolling and
4:49 pm
israel reopens the only commercial crossing into gaza. and hundreds of predator priests thousands of victims investigations chronicled decades of sexual abuse in the u.s. state of pennsylvania. italy's transport minister has ordered a check of major infrastructure across the country after the collapse of a motorway bridge in genoa rescue teams have pulled thirty seven volts from the rubble of the span that came crashing down late on tuesday morning around thirty five cars and trucks were thought to have been on the bridge when the middle section gave way sending them tumbling down into a riverbed a railway and industrial buildings firefighters and search specialists from across italy have been called in to dig through the concrete and steel will go live to natasha in a moment but first here's her report on the search. from
4:50 pm
the scale of the devastation is clear a huge section of geno's marandi breaks simply gone. the bridge collapsed on tuesday morning during the storm sending vehicles on his motorway plunging to the ground. the oval office i heard a loud rumble and i went flying i flew about ten meters into the wall and that's it . hundreds of rescue workers sifted through the rubble in the hope of finding people alive. we think there are other people alive under the rubble and we've extracted people from the rubble and focusing on helping them it's the bridge spanned a river or railway and industrial area it had been busy with holiday traffic. italy's interior minister said an investigation has been opened and then moment
4:51 pm
other than that in that vein for them now is the time for the rescue operation for work for sweat and prayer but tonight will be the time to find out who is responsible the names and names of those who are guilty of an acceptable deaths. italian authorities say more casualties a likely they've declared two days of mourning but as the rescue operation continues through the night the focus is on the search for survivors and latasha joins us live from genuineness i'm sure they still hopeful that they may find somebody alive in the rubble. well there is still hope in fact i was just talking to one of the fire brigade chiefs who said to the emergency workers here and there are a few hundred will continue to work until they are sure that there is no one left alive they say that they want to search over the next few days because there is always hope because somebody can survive not just for hours actually days but of
4:52 pm
course as time passes that does become more and more difficult does diminish i just want to show you a little bit what it looks like behind me if i step out of the picture you can see the remains of the marandi bridge and i mean it's it's quite a spectacular site you can see some of the vehicles which were crossing the bridge at the time when it collapsed on tuesday morning still stuck there is people just left their vehicles and fled for their lives it looks as if time is sort of stood still behind me and there's a rescue helicopter there on the ground we just saw it fly in the chief of the police department told me that helicopter is there constantly on standby to try and ferry any survivors to hospital should they be found as you can imagine there of course people in the city are still trying to absorb porters happened this bridge carried the a ten motorway it's a major arterial routed the way that goes along the italian coast all the way to
4:53 pm
france it connects the city to the airport so of course the just very important people the city and everybody knows this bridge everybody's used it at some point so the fact that is collapsible of course is still incredibly shocking to those who live here those pictures in europe or just a little earlier the trash it looks almost like the scene of an earthquake the destruction is that big but looking at the bridge behind you for the search and rescue people is that. a delicate operation because clearly what's left of the bridge is far from secure they cannot trust that it will. that's right and it's interesting the use that parallel with an earthquake because some of the emergency service workers the same day using the same techniques that they would use in an earthquake in order to try and find any survivors under the rubble or having to use machinery to pick up heavy parts of concrete really they use sifting through the rubble with their hands with pickaxes they using sniffer
4:54 pm
dogs for any signs of life but of course this bridge and the height of it makes it a particularly precarious operation and on tuesday we saw rescue workers abseiling down parts of the bridge to try and reach cause which was still suspended so it's a stream a tricky extremely delicate operation but as i said the rescue teams here say they will continue until they are sure that there is no one left out there alive the tasha thank you. turkey is piling even more terrorists onto american goods as its currency crisis turns into a much bigger financial spot the president has now added new taxes of up to one hundred forty percent on tobacco alcohol and also on to cause he's already called for a boycott of u.s. electronic goods in retaliation for what he calls a deliberate economic attack the leader has started to creep back in value after a forty five percent drop this year here's a cynical sort of. merchants in
4:55 pm
a stumble gather outside foreign exchange offices urging customers to get rid of their u.s. dollars and barley or instead for those deaths to exchange their currency there is a gift in all of the pretty and tomatoes but also with many turks fearing they are now under economic siege president trajectory for john called for a boycott of american brands to protect the national kerensky and he sees a future without relying on the u.s. to show them the result we will produce every product we are importing from abroad with foreign currency here and we will be the ones exporting these products we will impose a boycott on us electronic products if they have i phones their samsung on the other side. the number of five four users in turkey has reached ten million in the last ten years which is worth seven billion dollars that's a sixteen point five per cent stake in the turkish smartphone market but some slim dominated with more than fifty two percent the government surging in dust free not
4:56 pm
to use u.s. products and is urging consumers to the same day pro why some excitement yes they sound very exciting but i do not think that it would have any material impact on imports from us. the turkish government has received messages of support from e.u. leaders who say turkey's stability is very important for them turkey's private sector relies heavily on european lenders support also comes from turkey's regional partners in syria russia and iran were suffering from u.s. sanctions. over use of the us dollar as a world reserve currency will lead to its own deterioration many other countries will choose to switch from trading in dollars to the national currencies turkish imports energy from both russia and iran and that cost constitutes almost half of us trade deficit that's why economics warn trading in national currencies with
4:57 pm
these countries is not feasible experts say market dynamics should be the priority what we need to do is that ok to say ok we are slowing down the economy and we are the one ready to get into a very recession in a very small period of five and we first of all hike rates and we fall problems with the with the u.s. but president are drawn as adamant raising interest rates is not the answer that he say's would only make the rich richer and the poor poorer seen on kosovo al-jazeera the stumble. and sin and joins us live from istanbul how much support is there across the country do we think for these new big tariffs. if there since this is actually a debate between the u.s. and turkey has been gone the politicians have the discourse that it was an attack to the national economy and considering the rising on the party against the united
4:58 pm
states since the iraq invasion in two thousand to say that the sentiment is on the rise that when you when you look at the cause of the turkish nation they criticize the u.s. citizen u.s. politicians politics in this region. that's why i can tell that this the signal was welcomed especially when you look at the social media since the tariffs have been intact they are happy about the senate at least since the vice president said that this is all reciprocal bases the turkish citizens believe that turkey has something in hand that they can retaliate against the united states so it was a psychological impact as turkey turkish citizens ultra are also trying to protect their currencies but of course on the economic side it is not sure how much this would have an impact on the violates rule trade or how much it would hurt the u.s. economy but at this i can say that this is a psychological rehab for the turkish people who have been worried about the loss
4:59 pm
in their currencies for the last ten days obviously the government doesn't want a run on the banks or people still pulling their money out of the cash machines however. peter since the government began taking measures through the central bank and through the finance ministry the turkish lira begin gaining value value against u.s. dollars and other currencies as well so right now one dollar has reached even reached down six point five current they even went down to six which is a good sign but the turkish banking sector was said to be by the president that it is stronger and they have firm stance for no everything went quiet there is no panic as it used to be a couple of days ago and the banking sector. has actually away from the spanish as well and we don't we're not hearing that so many people are going to their banks
5:00 pm
and trying to change their lead us to american dollars so right now the markets have cooled down and the psychology in the business world and among the turkish people is cool thank you. israel is reopening the only commercial crossing into gaza after a month long shut down the qur'an abu salim crossing was closed on july the ninth during heightened tensions between israelis and palestinians the defense minister says clothes fuel and construction material can now enter and israel's expanded the fishing zone off the shore of gaza let's go live now to charles stratford's who's in cairo. how many trucks are they expecting per day to make this crossing. well certainly according to the israeli media and some of the people we've spoken to here today it's expected that at least today we're looking at around eight hundred trucks potentially could be crossing as you can see these trucks are coming .


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