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motoring a new book alleging trump is unfit to be president kimberly help get al-jazeera the white house when karl is an ex cia official says it's not unusual for former intelligence officers to have security clearance. the only reason security car clearances would be revoked is for national security which meaning is that someone has mishandled classified information or is found to be a security threat to the nation the security threat to the nation amply documented actually sitting in the oval office in the white house you don't remove ok it never happens secure you never revoke security clearances for political differences in fact the foundation of the united states and of a democracy is on free speech and there are two hundred forty years of history in the united states that seek to protect speech that one hates not speech that one likes that's what her speech is and this protected so this is
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a purely political and dangerous for democracy step taken right out of the white house clearances don't expire at the end of one's function they they're on a schedule they last from five to ten years normally at the end of which time one is reinvestigated and then the clearance is granted again if there is a need or it simply expires now the reason that john brennan or someone of a senior position like john had as director of cia or director of another intelligence agency in the u.s. community would want to have or or it would be good to have the security clearance is because they are frequently called back on wise men panels to consult and offer their perspective the objective being to provide different points of view and not only that of the institution as it is currently constituted so it's a useful thing for the government and for the country that former officers senior
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serves have their clearances still and routine. malaysian judge is expected to decide if there is enough evidence to try two women charged with the murder of the a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong il the two women one indonesian and the other vietnamese were scored into a malaysian court a few hours ago in february of last year they were seen on c.c.t.v. smearing the nerve agent v.x. on the face of kempe at kuala lumpur's airport the women said they thought they were participating in a television prank. still ahead on al-jazeera let the trucks roll again a major development at the only car marshall crossing into gaza plus. arching for the rights of prisoners thousands of nicaragua take to the streets with a message for a battle president and ortega. china
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is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the wrong line of china to secure its resources for the future of the. region as a whole dollars expect to grow we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. this was wrong to teach children away from their appearance and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put his in the big clearing and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. kind of his dark secret.
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al-jazeera. where every. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from all that dungy and this and that this is a plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera.
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and watching al-jazeera let's pick up the top stories for you turkey's foreign minister says his country is willing to talk with the u.s. to try and resolve a diplomatic dispute as long as there are no threats washington impose sanctions on ankara last week over the detention of an american pastor turkey responded in kind but not before its currency the lira plummeted. a suicide attack on an education center and afghanistan's capital kabul has killed more than fifty two people most of them students that happened in the mainly shia neighborhood no group has claimed responsibility so far. the party of brazil's and present former president ways and
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i'll say a little bit to silva has registered him as a candidate for the a come. in presidential election thousands rallied in the capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy was convicted and jailed for corruption tied to his time in office. israel has reopened the only commercial crossing into gaza after a month long shut down across crossing was closed because of heightened tensions between the israelis and the palestinians henri's carrying clothes fuel and construction material cannot enter gaza israel has also lifted sanctions on the fishing was own off shore more now from charles trafford. trucks have started arriving here at gaza's only commercial crossing with israel they stop for example will fill up with goods across the border before returning gaza we understand around eight hundred trucks are expected to pass the bill with us today now we understand that a lot of pressure came on israel as well from israeli businesses that contract out
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goals of the workers inside gaza or for example the textile industry that kind of pressure being put on the israeli government because those businesses were concerned that those goods were not coming out we understand that the exports of goods from gaza could well starts tomorrow but of course this kind of movement at the crossings here this crossing being opened is all dependent it's staying open his old dependence on the relative calm between hamas and israel continuing. goods coming in including construction materials petrol gas and vegetables and clothing but i learned sort go out all over europe with where the stores were closed transport was stopped people have been really suffering thank god things have calmed down now in gaza a bit on the trucks can start moving across the border again but i figure we're going to. israel has also increased the area in which fishermen can work could see
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three to six in a school molls off the northern half of gaza and from three to nine nautical miles in the south. it's not enough we need to see to be completely six and nine or tickle miles is not enough there is just left in the sea we need israel to increases according to international seaboard. so as you heard there the gaza fisherman saying these easing of restrictions on the area in which they can operate and nowhere near enough they say they're literally all the stocks of fish in this area any more bear in mind around fifty thousand families. here in gaza rely on the fishing industry in some way the israeli navy have killed thirteen fishermen since the blockade started almost twelve years ago meanwhile those negotiations in cairo continue the hamas delegation over there along with delegations from the other factions from gaza in a desperate bid to try and forge some last thing truce between hamas and israel.
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party is trying to get the opposition's challenge to last month's election result thrown out president emerson and gargoyle wants the court to reject the petition filed by the opposition m.d.c. alliance last week its leader nelson chamisa accuses men in rigging a presidential vote. more from harare. president was legal team say they have a strong case they believe the evidence filed by the main opposition leader nelson chamisa doesn't prove last month's election was rigged there is no sound argument raised by. to challenge the electoral victory of prison in muslim garb. years no legal grounds to challenge one is not complied with the rules of the court and secondly the case has no merits the president is telling zimbabweans and the international community the elections were free and he won fifty point eight
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percent of the vote he's calling for unity only when the. people this isn't. meant. not throwing stones it's just some in the international community are concerned about human rights violations and post-election violence the american ambassador paid a courtesy call to the president on wednesday the deaths of six people in the streets here the intimidation of opposition polling agents. violence in the a densely populated suburbs around harare all being issues of concern for the country is in limbo a new cabinet can't be formed parliament can't convene that means decisions that affect the economy can't be implemented the core to muster all within fourteen days of an election challenge being launched the constitutional court decision is final there is no room for an appeal if judges order
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a fresh election that has to happen within sixty days the opposition m.d.c. alliance has three days to respond to when i was application before the matter is set down for hearing the nine judges will determine what happens next for us how do we. have any. opposition supporters in iraq or have been marching to demand the release of political prisoners more than two thousand people have been arrested during nearly four months of demonstrations against president and ortega townhome one reports from an aqua. freddo is among those waiting outside the courts and i were to try and see his brother it's been a month since mid out my reign or a compass you know leader and high profile government opponent was. with terrorism and planning the murder of police offices fred those only been allowed see once what he heard was disquieting. he told us that in the to poti prison they hit him on the head the chest the ribs the stomach that they put him on his
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knees and they told him they were going to kill his children. he's not the only worried relatives as he waited to see his brother across town thousands marched demand the release of human rights groups estimate the hundreds of prisoners they say that a crackdown on anti-government protests by police and shadowy paramilitary groups has meant not just illegal detentions. and disappearances human rights leader vilma new in years was imprisoned under apostate tater just like president daniel ortega she says he's become what he struggled against and that you know daniel ortega has converted it into a jail there's not just political prisoners in managua but in other cities across the country the majority of them are detained illegally for more than forty hours without starting their judicial process they're practically disappeared. the
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government says those in prison a terrorist so violent provoke a to lose some protesters had weapons and twenty two policemen were killed how does it i asked the police and the interior ministry for comment we didn't hear back but the main message from authorities is that now the crisis is over president daniel ortega says that everything is back to normal in the car where now these monticello smoother than before are a strong indication that that's not the case the people that we've talked to in the country say that they feel fear but also show i'm paying it off for a long period of peace and security and they could i work with situations change. freddo in the march and asked him if he'd finally been able to see his brother not mingle. no nothing no information we were at the door from seven am and still nothing. for him and many others here the wait continues don't hold with. officers have
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a new plan to take down next. targeting the finances as the cartels generate about twenty nine billion dollars a year in revenue blamed for about one hundred fifty thousand murder two thousand and six john hendren reports from chicago. these are the faces of a new front in an international drug war from a new office in chicago a broad array of mexican and u.s. agencies say they will target drug cartel chiefs in their financial structure. we know how they move their money and we're going to focus on those two big things the group offers few details but they say they plan to work together to arrest cartel members and extradite them for trial in the united states it's modeled on the arrest of cinna low a cartel chief joaquin el chapo guzman was extradited to the u.s. in two thousand and seventeen and is now facing trial in new york. the new top
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target. head of the rapidly expanding cartel with a bounty of one point five million dollars on his head in mexico and five million in the us it will be sought after and he will be captured and we prosecuted and brought to justice the effect of the mexican drug cartels on american cities like chicago is growing deadlier drug enforcement agency there has been a recent fifty to sixty percent increase in overdose deaths in the state of illinois and they are seizing illegal shipments of heroin and fentanyl record levels. some treatment advocates say the best way to shut down the drug cartels is to stop demand in american cities what needs to happen is people need to intervene they need. stop it before it gets deeper and the plan marks a new front of cooperation between two countries feuding over immigration trade and president donald trump's plans for a border wall. we will do everything we can by working together with our
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counterparts to investigate and take legal action to disrupt drug trade routes from where drugs are produced to where they are consumed. as the drug war wages on in the bloody streets of mexico in the drug dens of the u.s. drug and forces in both countries hope this latest battle will end differently than all the others john hendren al jazeera chicago. new york has become the latest city to reassess its relationship with ride sharing apps it's placing a cap on the number of ride sharing cars on its streets for years traditional taxi drivers have complained that they can own a living as the likes of hooper and lift have grown in size ever elizondo reports. there are so many drivers on the streets of new york the city is now putting on the brakes the city's mayor bill de blasio signed into law a first of its kind cap on ride sharing cars like in its main competitor lift halting the issuing of new licenses for ride sharing cars for at least
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a year it's welcome news for yellow taxi drivers right share cars now outnumber them a new york city streets by nearly ten to one last year for the first time ever overtook yellow cabs in daily ridership new york's yellow taxi drivers have been pushing the city hard for the limit saying the increase in numbers have left them hurting financially. since he did not pay any attention and to give a free hand toolbars to make money. just in the past eight months six new york city taxi drivers to committed suicide advocates and activists say it's because of income. financial pressure on long time yellow cab drivers like this pressure is being accumulated because of increased competition from services such as hoover and lift sometimes feeling a taxi is easy. and sometimes it's not to fight against this measure
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arguing it would adversely affect blacks and latinos living in poor neighborhoods who have long complained of often being refused service by yellow cab drivers. the ride sharing firms had the support of the city's civil rights groups and an industry that had discriminated against community be the. same thing except you're now almost the harder it is it now crying foul because they don't have a monopoly game in the city hoping however that cap on ride sharing cars will level the playing field a profit sharing for all drivers and maybe even save the iconic taxi industry gabriels andro in new york.
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and we shall carry the headlines for you now on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says his country is willing to talk with the u.s. to try and resolve a diplomatic dispute as long as there are no threats washington impose sanctions on ankara last week over the detention of an american pastor turkey responded in kind but not before its currency plummeted turkey's foreign minister told ambassadors and ankara head of hair down there despite everything we already talk about everything to solve the existing problems as equal partners i speak openly but only on one condition. no dictator. we got our says it will invest fifteen billion dollars into turkey's trouble financial sector announcement came shortly after a meeting between turkey's president red chip typer and why in the amir of qatar shaikh to maintain home an all pawnee in ankara turkey was one of the first countries to offer support to qatar after its neighbors imposed a blockade last year
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a suicide attack on an education center in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed more than fifty two people most of them students that happened in a mainly shia neighborhood no group has claimed responsibility so far. the party of brazil's imprisoned former president luis inacio lula da silva has registered him as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election thousands rallied in the capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy who was convicted in jail for corruption tied to his time in office. or as president donald trump has revoked the security clearance of former cia director john brennan he was a top intelligence official during the obama administration and has been openly critical of trumping his policies and his statement trump questioned brennan's objectivity and credibility and said his behavior has been erratic running claims the move is politically motivated. the fraud case against donald trump's former campaign manager is set to be considered by the jury paul man of four is accused of
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tax evasion and lying to obtain bank loans the charges are not related to his time with the truck presidential campaign that was back in two thousand and sixteen juries will get will be getting their deliberations on thursday post events rested on tuesday without calling any witnesses we'll keep you posted on that. those are the headline the news continues so please keep it on al jazeera and much more to come this strain is up next. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives the stories. providing the clips into. inspiring documentaries passionate filmmakers everybody. on al-jazeera.
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ok go in the stream today environmental special we take a look at why twenty eighteen. and why some cities are actually sinking imo they could be a lot of our lives. and i'll be looking out for your comments in your questions before we get to the global heat wave penguins the flightless birds capture the imagination of the child in all of us but they're being severely affected by climate change. so far as we know scientists have never visited this. before so the group we're with once and i. was in the other species living here we have behind me a whole lot of a down. the street. is looking
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a bit old because he's losing his business a few months old it's a very friendly. we've got indicators of. temperature measurements recession on the movement of birds to different habitats all of which suggests to us that change is going in one particular direction the printer is getting warmer the ice is getting less and some of the more sensitive species are having a heart attack. but those adelie penguins aren't the only ones being affected by climate change a recent study of the world's largest colony of kingpin whens has found that their population declined by eighty eight percent over the last thirty five years from two million to less than two. hundred thousand the flightless birds live on an
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island halfway between the tip of africa and antarctica now penguins aren't an endangered species yet but what does it mean for their future with so many dying or relocating. and it is joining us she is a doctor and she's in the college a part of the antartica program at pointe blue conservation science and ultimate shela rue is also an ecologist it's good to have you here looking at this. point blue conservation science penguins losing habitat in antarctica could be decimated by twenty nine hundred nine so the idea that there are some species of penguin that might not be with us in the decades to come what impact might that have on the rest of us. well we all of penguins so it would be a tragedy i think for all of us to envision a world with no penguins or at least many fewer penguins and i think we also
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think of penguins and sea birds in general as indicators of broader ocean help so if we're losing the penguins it probably means we're also losing other things that are potentially important for humans like fish and krill and that are supporting. things that we depend on economically and for food. and interesting that you said that because this is adam here what i think would completely agree with you he says sadly we won't notice the impact until they leave a vacuum no one thought that eradicating the wolf population in the western u.s. would result in land lost near creeks and rivers so that's just one example there but he then writes in to help explain in his view why this is happening he gave a list of reasons here michel he says die offs are a natural occurrence in evolution there could be corporate fishing that's hijacked their food source our oceans are too polluted and our oceans are also too loud for
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some species with sonar tech causing confusion what do we know michelle about the kingpin whims and what's happened to them well so i think what we're seeing with the king penguins is is really interesting and i want to put it in context for just a second because there's been two important studies i think that have come out just this year so at the beginning of this year there was a study suggesting that the world's population of king penguins is likely to be either relocated or disappear by up to seventy percent and then just a few months later a completely different research group. suggested you know is showing basically that on a particular island close a we're seeing the exact you know population decline that was being predicted and so there's multiple things that could be happening here so the first is of course that they're just not surviving the second is that maybe some of them are
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relocating to different locations but it's really hard to tell because it's hard to get to some of these locations in the subantarctic islands and so i think there's probably very likely a combination of things that's happening here it's probably climate change and you know potentially overfishing potentially pollution i really do think there's probably a combination of factors that are contributing to the declines that we're seeing. i mean when you're looking at you all penguins that you study what are you seeing as far as climate change actually happening right now yeah they call me is that i work at are some of the furthest south delhi colonies actually they are we have one colony where cut is the furthest south and then the other conny which is a very large chronic cruger in the rossi is one of the largest penguin adelie colonies in the world and it is the furthest south for that the colony of that size and what we're seeing that that in these areas is some mixed signals to be sure but
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it's large colony is doing very well in fact has been growing pretty steadily over the past decade or so. and. so we think that actually is related to or could be related to climate change there's a number of other factors also but. one thing that's been happening in the last years we've actually been seen an increase in sea ice in contrast to a lot of the rest of antarctica and that may also be being driven by climate change what i'm hearing from the both of you is very educated sessions of we have no idea we. thought this is backed up in the show by your twitter feed here and you say science takes time and science in antarctica can really take a long time but it's so worth the wait say chain for more info and. i'm actually also new questions that could be yes' in years and years of study but what you can
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tell us right now is when you are up close and very close to the penguins what is the appeal of studying these kind of see me shall you stopped. penguins are. very easily my favorite bird and emperor penguins in particular they if i'm going to anthropomorphize are going to put some human qualities to them right now and say that they're they're just very they're serene they're very they embody their name they're very you know king like they're very emperor like and i mean so being around them is just this very it's just absolutely amazing to be around them and to watch them kind of just do their thing but more broadly looking you know being able to be around them in thinking about how they fit within the ecosystem is fascinating as an ecologist because what i'm interested in is looking at their populations not just one location across the you know the entire continent which is
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a huge area and so i want to kind of hit back on one of the things we were just talking about their differences in their populations depending on where you are so like a play. like the antarctic peninsula which is seeing a lot of serious decline you are going to see some pretty drastic shifts and changes in the way the penguins are doing and some populations are doing great some are doing fine but it depends on where you are of course. on twitter then we just go down here the state the the beautiful the mysterious and what a great photograph these photographs actually a lot of them are taken by you adding in a sentence to penguins you love them because why finish the sentence. i think and i'm going to go in contrast to michelle my favorite penguins are and earlier than most of the ones i study so i'm not biased at all. there are just incredibly engaging and they have so much attitude and i think there is definitely a little bit of like we feel connected to them because they're very sort of human
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like they want to feed and they walk with their flippers out and they look like they want to be picked up but. thank you so much we're going to leave it there thank you for joining us today on the stream from penguins we move on to some of the world's sinking cities and one of those jakarta indonesia this video is filmed by a massive scale of the sinking cities project take a look. jakarta the second largest urban area in the world could soon find its own on the sea levels rising globally many other campuses cities with a similar friends. so right now we're standing on the north jakarta sea wall. on my right hand side is the java sea and on my left hand side about two metres lower is north jakarta is
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the land of jakarta and this part of jakarta subsided has sunk so much that if i stand on the other side of the seawall i'm exactly two meters tall and i level with the boats the holes in the boat on the other side. if this civil were to break and it's already leaving us a few spots above forty percent of jakarta would be flooded to a depth of one or two metres it's quite a bit hairy situation the people. in fifteen years eighty percent of jakarta's northern part of the land. jakarta is one of the fastest sinking cities in the walls and researchers say that if it's left unchecked parts of it could be fully submerged by twenty fifty the sporting mega-city it's home to more than ten million people right now it is sinking at an average rate of one point five centimeters a year and it was half of its area sits below sea level so what is making jakarta and other major cities like it sink victor cohen is
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a project manager of the jakarta coastal defense strategy masterplan and indonesia representative for women being a boss a dutch engineering consultant and jeff goodell is a contributing editor for rolling stone magazine and author of the water will welcome to the stream gentlemen i want to start with a video comment we got from marston who shot the film you saw just a few minutes earlier this is what he told us about what it's like in jakarta now right now the only thing that thanks this is the jakarta from the sea there's a. wall that's about six feet tall. about two feet wide and it's looking my response. was quite frequently overpowered by the. storm see. what's not generous of this is that flooded so victor what's causing
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jakarta to sink. actually it's over use of ground water and you've got those basically pumping itself in and into the earth. used to be a city above sea level large parts already two or three make us below sea level and it's going to cost you will set and interdiction to meet us. every which ignored in jakarta seven ahau sent this year seven alshon to meet us and we have sections where we measure twenty said to be just per year so this is it alarmist rate and very difficult to keep up with insistence jeff if you think looking at cities around the wealth of a sinking and studying them is quite close then writing an. epic books about them just to white castle up should we be terrified that this is happening. well yeah we should be terrified in a kind of thoughtful way i mean it's first i was really important point out that
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jakarta sinking is. not typical of the risks that cities face around the world and they have a particularly bad problem of subsidence and other cities like that us have had problems with that also in new orleans because of coast but the real problem for cities around the world the real thing to sort of be thinking about is rising seas because when you have in cities like chicago where there are obviously where there is thinking and you have right i think sees even worse for cities like miami and new york and london then you know the netherlands many places around the world rising seas themselves are a significant challenge. so based on that jeff we got this tweet from jose because he tweeted out your article about miami and jose says you don't have to just imagine this visit bangkok jakarta or no it's a new normal for these and other cities around the world rampant development and more powerful monsoons are making the situation unmanageable so he goes on to tell
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us how people are adapting he says my impression from southeast asia is how the people have adapted their daily activities primarily shifting the work schedules to avoid rush hour already congested roadways turning from perth parking lots to wading pools when the storms roll in of course that is not that bad yet in miami but do you think people are shifting their thinking to think about adapting. well they are starting to shift their thinking you know i spent a good amount of time in lego in nigeria and looked at some of the people living on the water there and they're very adaptable but the real problem is. the amount of infrastructure that at risk in cities like miami for example that the textbook plays. that are not adaptable you know you can't just pick up all those you know multi-million dollar hotels that are built along the beaches on miami beach there's huge amount of homes in residential condos and things that are built in south
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florida that are at risk just when i when you have i know you're talking i want to show it if that you want to shed on you will try to find it is one just that pretty much explains why right the water will come and explain what we're seeing. well one of the cameras there is is a basically you know an inundation model of what miami looks like today when you see all the white and then as you see the blue flowing and that's with seven feet of sea level rise which i sort of the high and what we might imagine will happen by the end of the century and you know you can see that miami as we know it today basically is gone. and so you can think about it taishan with floating structures and things like that but when you have that kind of inundation you know adaptation is is very expensive very complicated and what's really going to end up happening is a kind of retreat from away from the coastline. but i want to share with you this tweet
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we got from i am chuck wal-mart he says many people think the theory of sinking cities is not real if only they could still be alive by the next century is it too late for jakarta and other cities. luckily we are quite know with this and as human beings as specie show we find ways to survive also in a city like jakarta. very resilient here. so i'm not. doing today guy but at the problems are really serious and we should address them. and i wonder if it has enough. get enough attention from the chanst because it's a creeping problem it's a slow slowly developing problem. most politicians would like to act on the daily issues and you're doing something about it tell us about your project
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. well we are trying to find a strategy for the short term and the long term. for security. that is now finished and we are a stage one basically a greeting existing infrastructure adding two and a half meters to all the sea walls in the city i think except in stations it's it's . immense it's in our billion us dollars just for a great deal of the existing system and that is not. sustainable i mean in fifty years and i'm not a. great required so these are expensive expensive and if they exist a story to check back in on for the stream thank you victor thank you jeff will be following this topic now from thinking cities to the twenty eighteen global heat wave regardless of where you live it's impossible that you haven't been affected by the record breaking weather of this year this is hanna and he's
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a member of our community from somalia and this is what he sent us clomid in just affected my city in my county and serious problems of thinking from the gulf to flooding. seventeen there has been seen as the focus of the world tens of thousands of love looks as the mist from in season has missed. those little bins policemen some of them solicit from the homes it's ahead of write down all of this weather we have rob mccallum he's a meteorologist here on out is here of course you know that but it is really good to have you you must be inundated right now with people asking you why is it so hot and what do you say yes. well yeah yet there's a flurry of activity just last week because if you look at you fired for cause temperatures in spain for example forty eight fifty degrees now the highest temperature record in europe is forty eight so this was this is a bit of funny this is chasing hot weather where you have hot weather the never
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achieve the forty eight but one thing that was notable was a very warm eyes that this beer you know warm nights this is one of the biggest problems of a land based heat wave just one of them and maybe it's not surprising that you find that in spain but as you probably know yeah the questions were why is it so warm in northern europe even beyond the arctic circle to texas maybe to to penguins be the second one of your guests to say i don't see the reason why i can tell you this is unusual thirty degrees in the months could for example. heat wave of course that's beyond the arctic circle it extends all the way down through to denmark the british isles so we've had poor potato harvest in belgium as a result of that there's been a. herd of drives and this is part of the world of course sweden had one of the worst wildfires they've ever had is basically sitting up i mean that we can explain i suppose the mechanism this is a big heart if you think about it is a big hot rock underneath which sand scandinavia sits and around which see this
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thing down and me suggest what will that means is all the weather all the rain is going around the edge and this is just sitting getting hotter twenty four hours was the daylight after all so rob we got this comment here from him that who sent us that video comment and he tweeted then this is a totally new phenomenon we need to think of nationally affordable cooling strategies i remember east to reach around forty three degrees celsius in northern regions of my country and it's never caused such problems do you agree that this is a new phenomenon that we're witnessing here. well it is clearly new in the if we're breaking records that implies it doesn't apply it means it's never happened before and it's not so much that you just break a record of years this is the longevity of it i mean to see that effectively lasted more last two three four five weeks and prevented rain that's the common thing that's the thing you don't really want just that's the consequence if you like of this and you know that's unprecedented and up this line since records began eight
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since the records began saying could we not as i just well writing down the idea of since records began it's a specific date that we're talking about. you make a perfectly good point that if you don't have a good string of records you can say this is never happened before this will have happened before ten thousand years ago i wish we do have ways of getting records that far back ice cores for example but analyzing the gaps in rocks you can get a good idea of what it was like a long time before we wrote it down but actually there are records going back to three hundred years in all these northern european cities at the same place and reliable so you can judge against that so even from that it's just we did years ago said it's a good time that humans have been in this part of the world and we've beaten up where we can go to next on the map of that take us on. well let me let me keep you going around the north of the arctic circle just because siberia this is a place where permafrost you would think would soften
1:44 pm
a thing severe happening except in the winter when it gets cold and snow when we get wildfires this year we've had ten times as many as we want expect to have in siberia basically same sort of reason is the system pattern of daytime heating it gets hotter and hotter therefore it's dry you know the frost is most again the nice and if you come down and just to japan japan's heat wave was deadly hundred thirty eight deaths forty one degrees and have been measured in japan another one of these long levels in fact it's about thirty five now it's just started raining so it's cool down but it was good and in the korean peninsula that ten percent is high but the consequence is just the same so i take new cross asia briefly before you come back to give us their side of the pacific sat down in california where we're not talking about wildfires because that's the drought and the early wildfires in the north but down the south we've had more record temperatures in l.a. it is always hard here mistily but they've not actually registered forty four before and more importantly this goes back to what you've been told they won't so
1:45 pm
the water twenty seven degrees is like a nice warm bath that's been wrecked ship it off the coast of san diego and that's happened just a couple days ago rob we got a comment here live on you tube from someone who says how is the increase in average nightly temperatures how is it going to attack the average agricultural factor will it what's your thought. well i think we've already seen other hinted in northern europe if you increase the average temperatures that it usually means in certain places it's a lot hotter in some places it's a lot cooler wetter but the thing is it's the persistence in that that that potato crop in belgium twenty five sent down because the average temp of the world is going up say a point six degrees in the last little while if you like it's gone up four or five degrees with no rain this summer so it it happens very quickly in one season so you are increasing the amount of energy you can take out of the atmosphere just got thirty seconds left i have to get you've had an entire career from
1:46 pm
a young man to now as i'm a child of yours i want to show you a couple of our audience pages that they may not have seen before they haven't been following you your career at a very young land there have you ever seen anything quite like this saw because you have some vast experience to draw on. but the thing that really got me interested in and look at this in the first place was the. cold water that in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven ninety eight which meant temperatures in india were breaking records by several degrees and i thought. this cannot be right so that's what brought we into it and that was that was what thirty twenty thirty years ago and still going strong thank you for joining us. now remember if you'd like to put out the story or so topic tweet us at eighty three of the on line.
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as protests in nicaragua against the president continue and the number of those killed rises. someone says i'm a problem no matter what they have to crash into a ball of reality that usually gets. sent here america's take is from a vice president told to al-jazeera. tensions are high. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but will the event unite all drive a wedge between the villagers fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years to crank china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but there's been news for a few jomo soldiers lawyer it's not a normal life show and the story needs to be told to do stories that have been
1:48 pm
ostracized i testified in the fall of law to make sure that the bad guys behind us al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and on the. southbound o. the economic heartbeat of a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home has no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. viewfinder latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. the. arab.
1:49 pm
charged in the murder of a. brother must stand trial. also coming up. in our diplomatic standoff with the u.s. . president. to the rain for the country's top job. a state of emergency in. more than thirty people the government claims the bridge operator. says it's ready to enter talks with the united states the dispute between the two nato allies escalated in the last week over the detention of an american pastor in turkey washington impose additional tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum while
1:50 pm
ankara has responded with its own measures the dispute is calls the value of turkey's currency to plummet i can report from washington d.c. . afternoon in this escalating trade war between the u.s. and nato ally turkey the white house insisted its decision to impose tariffs was taken on national security grounds and it's only the sanctions put in place against two turkish ministers that are linked to the release of american pastor andrew bronson they tariffs that are in place and seal would not be removed with the release of castro brunson the tariffs are specific to national security the sanctions however that have been placed on turkey are specific to pastor bronson and others that we feel are being held unfairly and we would consider that at that point the separation of the issues certainly complicating any efforts to resolving the economic dispute and the argument wretched up by a tweet from the u.s.
1:51 pm
vice president mike pence that said pastor andrew brunson is an innocent man held in turkey and justice demands that he be released turkey would do well not to test at trump's resolve to see americans who are wrongfully imprisoned in foreign lands returned home to the united states. in the midst of the argument to show of support for the one in the turkish economy during a visit by the emir of qatar as he promised to invest fifteen billion dollars in the country the value of the lira immediately recovered slightly and now signs that turkey is willing to discuss the ongoing dispute the so the message from the foreign minister. heard shit on there despite everything we already talk about everything to solve the existing problems as equal partners i speak openly but only on one condition no threatening no dictator and it's something that we won't forget in the administration. but at the white house there was no dialing down up
1:52 pm
a tone apparently calculated to be threatening. washington. a judge in malaysia has ruled there is sufficient evidence to try to win in the murder of the a strange half brother of north korea's leader kim jong il the women one internation the other vietnamese will now stand trial in february of last year they were seen on c.c.t.v. smearing the nerve agent v.x. on the face of kim jong il on that kuala lumpur's international airport the woman said they thought they were participating in a television prank florence lewis outside the high court in the city of shah and so forth is this what type of ruling that was expected. the judge now has decided that the prosecution has juiced enough evidence enough credible evidence that to establish on the face of it a case that the defense will now have to answer so what's going to happen is that
1:53 pm
defense lawyers will have to present their case they will have to call witnesses perhaps put the two accused women on the stand so that they can testify they can tell their story to the world and remember what the what the trial has that the trial that's gone on for the last six months we've all been only been hearing from the prosecution witnesses so the judge has had from thirty four prosecution witnesses he's decided that there is enough evidence that the defense must put forward they present their case to show that there is that that the women are innocent of the charges that they have been accused of now and the judge said it has been established that the two women were present at the airport that the victim was also present at the airport and that the two women were also seen on c.c.t.v. footage as you mentioned running away from kim jong un one of the women was clearly thirteen sneering her hands on kim's face before running away the other it was a blurry image but investigators say that the blurry image seen running away from came was the indonesian accused city two of them will now have to present their
1:54 pm
case now defense lawyers say this is a travesty the women are innocent they thought they were taking part in a reality t.v. show and that they are just unwitting pawns in a politically motivated. the it was also established during the hearing that there were four other men this is something that the prosecution has admitted the prosecution presented as evidence as well and these four men have also been named they have been charged alongside with the women but they have never been in malaysian custody they escaped from the country several hours after the killing took place but these four men are the four men who recruited and trained these women and the defense lawyers say these are the people who should be on trial not the two women all right with that breaking news for us out of malaysia thank you very much. a suicide attack on an education center in afghanistan's capital has killed more than fifty two people and the victims were teenagers studying for in
1:55 pm
a verse or entrance exams that happened in the mainly shia neighborhood the afghan president has condemned the attack no one has claimed responsibility lawrence lee reports. kabul has been relatively peaceful in recent weeks but this was bad as anything the city has witnessed in months that's all it was a private building in the shia passive town where young men and women were studying for university exams the classroom was destroyed blown away all of it a testament to the ferocity of the attack the suicide bomber is assumed to have targeted them because they were shia and so suspicion immediately fell on myself it's has done this sort of thing before they're not often with such devastating results that it's that it was serious questions about the emergency response back i'm a student of the training center i came out and just after four o'clock i had a huge explosion i rushed back to my class assault dozens of dead bodies and
1:56 pm
wounded people for about thirty minutes there was no police presence at all no ambulance service and people were carrying the wounded students to the hospitals for all that the ambulances did arrive to do what they could there by the time they go to hospital the lines of body bags told their own story there are six dead bodies in the morgue and all of them are females their bodies have been burnt and torn into pieces assuming this was the work of i still it only serves to demonstrate the level of threats civilians continue to face in afghanistan with ghastly having come under attack in the taliban in recent days as well the country remains paralysed. gloriously. the party of brazil's i'm president former president and also a little of the silva has registered him as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election thousands rallied in the capital brasilia to show their support for his candidacy was convicted in jail for corruption during his time in office pay says those charges were politically
1:57 pm
motivated it's expected the courts will bar him from running for office because of that conviction. or reports. to the supporters they gathered here outside the electoral college to brasilia because they believe that he's in a sense that he's the victim of a political campaign to stop him running in october presidential elections elections which they believe if you were allowed to stay out of prison. he would win but this is good but it seems they don't want to live as a candidate if you will block him but we want to and we will see if we can manage to get the respect that she i hope louis candidacy will be accepted but if it doesn't happen i believe the parties second option will follow lula's ideas and win the elections. all the data is here and when we finish we will celebrate the victory of having the candidate of president of brazil free lula but it seems likely that little will be allowed out of prison or will be allowed to stay which
1:58 pm
leaves the field open for the all the political parties which are registering for the presidential election. and leading the opinion behind. the rightwing military. and the former involvement in this stuff the previous government. the same opinion. of the brazilian electrician a disillusioned with the politicians and cynical about the political process so many of the politicians in the corrupt. know this because. many of those voters say they don't know who they want to vote. very young. to be cool the. u.s. president tom will trump house or vote the security clearance of former cia director john brennan a man who has been a harsh critic of his presidency now the white house has indicated other truck critics may soon face similar action reports. first hinted at last month
1:59 pm
u.s. president donald trump has made good on his threat to revoke the security clearance of one of his biggest critics former cia director john brennan any benefits that senior officials might glean from consultations with mr brennan are now outweighed by the risks posed by his erratic conduct and behavior traditionally former high ranking u.s. government officials retained their security clearances to enable consultations on pressing issues the white house charges brennan and others who are trying to make money off that access profiting from public speaking events through book sales and even as t.v. commentators think donald trump has. the reputation of the office of the presidency brennan has also been a vocal critic of trump on twitter the white house says it's pulling but it's clear it's specifically for contradictory and erroneous testimony before congress
2:00 pm
alleging he falsely denied the cia had infiltrated senate staff members computers mr brennan has a history that calls into question is objectivity and credibility on twitter brennan responded saying that my principles are worth far more than clearances i will not relent democratic members of congress argue revoking brennan's clearance is a misuse of presidential power it is nothing more than a political move by the president to punish those who disagree with him they also believe it is a dangerous precedent the white house says it is also considering revoking the security clearances of nine other former government officials who have criticized donald trump publicly including the former f.b.i. director james comey the former director of national intelligence james clapper and even former obama administration national security advisor susan rice one current justice department official bruce or is also on the list trumpet after him on
2:01 pm
social media this week alleging he's part of a conspiracy within the department to bring his administration down. the latest move comes a day after trump tweeted he was pushing to enforce a gag order silencing for.


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