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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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final tributes ahead of the funeral of india's former prime minister atal bihari vadra pie his died at the age of ninety three. hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm martine denis also coming up. we're committed to a whole government effort to change the rating regimes behavior. a new approach the u.s. announces a plan to deal with iran after withdrawing from the twenty fifth the nuclear deal. concern for italy's aging infrastructure after the genoa bridge collapses around three quarters of the bridges and tunnels are over forty years old.
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remembering the queen of soul detroit respects its favorite daughter aretha franklin. a funeral the former indian prime minister atal bihari vajpayee is due to be held a little later on today he'll be remembered for a number of his controversial decisions during his terms in office including turning india into a nuclear superpower we can go live to andrew thomas a correspondent who's in the indian capital new delhi and andrew he will also be remembered when he's being one of the founding members of the b j p the the policy that currently rules india. that's right
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until he was prime minister no leader apart from one from the congress party but served a full time as prime minister vajpayee deeds from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand and four and he was briefly in office in one nine hundred ninety six and then you know it's not as well and as you say it was during that stands in one thousand nine hundred eight that india tested nuclear weapons and india became a nuclear power very controversial it's on the gamble that the outrage internationally will be short lived in the security was more important and most indians would agree without assessment that the pakistan did fool the following year when he made a bus trip to the whore and that is pakistani counterpart gave him a hug so that was a high point in india pakistan relations and it's interesting that at the funeral which will happen in a couple of hours time here in new delhi pakistan is sending a delegation to that funeral be clued ings the acting information minister he's been given a visa by by india now i'm here outside the b j p had cool says that his policies
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had called as that's where his body is at the moment it will be taken probably within the next half hour and it will go on a procession through the streets of new delhi to the riverside where the funeral will take place and they'll be occurring make sure about thousands many thousands of people have passed where i'm standing in the last hour or so and this is just one of many routes and so many many indians gathering to that office but. andrew thomas live in new delhi thank you so the u.s. has announced a new top schools to deal specifically with the wrong its aim it says is to persuade terror around government to change its ways secretary of state might pump a announcing new units as the u.s. increases economic pressure by reimposing sanctions earlier this year the u.s. withdrew from the two hundred fifty nuclear deal describing it as decaying and rocking. our hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see major changes in the regime's behavior
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both inside and outside of its borders but also until who has more now from the united nations. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has unveiled what is being called the iran action group trying to make certain that all parts of the u.s. government are working on a strategy to compel iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions as well as to stop its efforts of supporting groups such as hamas hezbollah the who these in yemen and other such organizations that have been listed as terrorist groups under u.s. law even though this effort is now being unveiled the administration is denying charges that it is trying to push for regime change inside iran there's also the question of whether the u.s. is goal of trying to get other countries on board with this new effort will work notably countries within the european union which have long standing economic ties
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to terror on when asked whether or not the u.s. was going to have a problem getting these countries to agree to put more pressure on iran to change its ways this is what bryant hook the new special representative for iran had to say that's the purpose of maximum economic pressure the point is not to create any rifts with with other nations but when you look out the kind of money that iran provides to assad and to shia militias to lebanese hezbollah it's billions and billions of dollars and we need to get at drying up those revenue streams so far the beggar's of the iran action group is a very small one the ministration wasn't ready to unveil those names on thursday however brian hook did tell reporters that this is a key policy initiative of the trumpet ministration and that they are committed to trying to get iran to change its political and security ways to have healthy
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is from the national everything an american council. what we're seeing here is the continuation of the escalator tory plan that the trump in the situation put in place on they one when the into the white house which is some form of confrontation with iran that talking point is that this is just about changing behavior there's even an offer to talk on the table but everything the trumpet ministration is doing is very clearly pointing towards a demand for iran campus elation which will happen which as a result very likely will either lead to some form of a direct confrontation with iran or efforts by the united states to destabilize as iran on the trunk of mr asian is on record admitting that they're trying to foment unrest in iran what that would do is that it would force him on to turn its research resources inwards and it would be this able from projecting power in the region and from the perspective of some of the runs regional rivals that type of
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instability in iran is probably the second best option compared to what their primary preference seems to be which is the military confrontation. the collapse of a bridge in general has focused attention on aging infrastructure around three quarters of its major way bridges and its tunnels are more than forty years old at least thirty eight people were killed in the genoa disaster search teams continue to scour the rubble and an investigation is underway we'll go live to our correspondent who's in the general. we understand that more than twenty people remain unaccounted for. yes as according to the city prosecutor you say anywhere between ten and twenty people are still missing and that is why hundreds of rescue workers continue to work at the site they are still trying to lift those huge concrete slabs which fell
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to the bridge collapsed on tuesday using machinery and then picking through what's left of rubble with their hands and with sniffer dogs of course as time passes they are becoming more and more tired that was very visible right now but they say they won't give up because they could be a chance of finding someone alive and they have to continue to feel like an earthquake zone perhaps there's somebody trapped in an air pocket and they could of survived this long but you know as time passes that will become less and less likely now the country will be holding a state funeral on saturday here in the city of juneau it will be attended by of course many of the families of the victims as well as the prime minister and various officials the time really for the country to unite and remember those people who died in such a tragic circumstances but some of the families of also said that they will be holding a private funeral as private ceremonies for them you can only imagine how terrible
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this moment is the grief and the sadness and the government was very quick wasn't it to attribute playing to blame the the company that was responsible for maintenance but what about the investigation into what exactly happened that led to this tragic scenario. well it wasn't long after the bridge collapse of the italian government was very quick to say they were launching a full investigation then just a day later the prime minister came out and said well we're not even going to wait for the results of this investigation as far as we're concerned the government the company that operates the motorways and bridges across italy is to blame so the government very quick to point the finger they are saying that perhaps the company was negligent maintenance was being done but what's interesting is is over the past few days what's emerging from many engineers who come out and talked about this bridge and others across the country that there are concerns with up to ten
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thousand tunnels and bridges across italy they say that's because in the sixty's and seventy's here there was a building boom there's a lot of corruptions and a lot of substandard concrete was used that means that if it rains or anything like that there are cracks in the concrete that those rain gets into the metal rods within those structures and russet them inside is not visible so underneath you know what what you're seeing is a bridge but inside the structure of course they could be rotting if you want to put it that way and that's a real concern so i think the government have said that they are going to launch this huge action plan to try and inspect all these tunnels and bridges it is going to be a huge job but i think the responsibility for many people in italy lies perhaps not only in the company operating this bridge on the motorways now but over the past governments over the past decades since these bridges were made because all along it seems that several people bodies companies government politicians and perhaps being negligent in the way that they've maintained these bridges all right for now
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natasha thanks very much. now a passenger plane has skidded off the runway during heavy rain last landing at manila's in the philippines the plane operated by shopmen and lines had flown from china one hundred fifty seven passengers and eight crew members escaped using emergency slides there's been no reports of injuries. his papers across the u.s. clipped the news from their front pages and says and instead they printed editorials that were fighting back against donald trump's attacks on the media have returned from washington. here at the newseum in washington d.c. the front pages of some of the over three hundred newspapers taking part in what was billed as an attempt to end a quote dirty war on the free press and were being displayed their goals for the day really are to remind the public about the value to our democracy of afraid independent press and maybe tone down the rhetoric that leads some on the fringes
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to violence by using inflammatory terms like enemies of the people they are the fake fake disgusting news. donald trump's attacks on the media have been rhetorical and that has its dangers but he hasn't been journalists with the espionage act or seized their records and demanded sources as president obama did instead trump is playing on suspicions about the media the house long been the charge that the mainstream media does reflect the views of the establishment and the elites and marginalizes those who question that at least and some do wonder whether donald trump is now giving the mainstream media the opportunity to present itself as m to establishment without having to conduct any self reflection answers and what you just did is inflammatory the u.s. media has awoken under donald trump and is likely to take a far more adversarial position against the white house. but has the age of trump
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truly ushered in a new era of fearlessness for a fourth a state finally willing to speak for the people or is the press simply reflecting the unease of the establishment but trump ended with his victory that many have a long called for an adversarial relationship between the media and a sitting president but the question is what kind of adversarial relationship is it just simply belt based on. attacks personal attacks going back and forth that don't have substance that don't actually improve people's lives that don't highlight issues but in effect inflate the personalities and egos of major celebrity media figures and people in the trumpet ministration the polls show most americans care far more about free health care or reversing economic inequality than the alleged russian collusion that establishment voices blame for their loss in the last presidential election yet it's the last of a dominates the us media and those that do take an adversarial stance to the
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establishment on social and economic issues remain as marginalized as ever meanwhile the polls reflect that the climbing trust in the media nationwide trump continues his attacks she never turns the aisle jazeera washington. says it can hit at al-jazeera. it's time to tango a festival celebrating the south american dolls opens in the argentine capital. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello and welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across europe we have seen some thunderstorms rolling through parts of the ukraine over the last several days now these are due to the afternoon heating of the day type thunderstorms here across the region the temperatures across that area have been
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quite warm but take a look at some of these pictures that have come out of kiev over the last day with those thunderstorms we've seen a lot of wind damage across the city some those winds quite heavy at times pushing through causing a lot of damage across the area bringing down power lines bringing down trees across much of the metro area there and they are in the process of cleaning up but we do expect to see still very warm temperatures and that does mean that we could see those pop up thunderstorms through the day now what we are going to be seeing is a cold front pushing across germany keeping a lot of that area across central europe are fairly unstable across much of the next few days so watch those thunderstorms pop up as we go here through saturday over here towards the west we are seeing some very unsettled weather across much of the u.k. temperatures lower than average for this time of year london at twenty three degrees those temperatures coming up on saturday with paris seeing about twenty four degrees but still quite warm here across madrid with a temperature few of thirty four degrees and sherri conditions across rome at about
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thirty one degrees there. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go for . something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera.
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to take a look at the top stories here at. the funeral of the former indian prime minister atal bihari vadra pi is due to be held in a short while from now he was in office three times and oversaw india's first testing of a nuclear weapon. the u.s. has announced a new task force to deal specifically with iran it says it's to persuade government to change its ways secretary of state might compare announced the new units as the u.s. increases economic pressure with actions. the collapse of a bridge in genoa has put attention on italy's aging infrastructure around seventy percent of its fifteen thousand motorway bridges and tunnels are more than forty years old at least thirty eight people were killed in the general disaster and investigations underway. greeks overseas are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help victims of the swept through resort east of athens last month
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prosecute. launch an inquiry into why nine hundred six people died relatives of the victims say police failed in their response to rubble this report from the village of one of the west hit areas. this used to be by your kitchen he only survived the fire that swept through this neighborhood on july twenty third because he and a friend acted quickly after smelling the smoke you frightened you for we went to the main road and there was a tsunami of flames sixty meters high as soon as we saw this i said save your family take them to the sea we ran back and i grabbed my mother i should be a sequel this is where i was ended up along with hundreds of others some scorched by the flames just a little too many mixed army after the race there was absolutely no warning perhaps the authorities didn't realize the size of the phenomenon it was so sudden my house is four hundred meters from the sea the fire took three maybe four minutes to cover
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that distance an inquiry is now looking into why all photos he's failed to better coordinate their response the local mayor says five faces acted heroically but everything happens to fust madras one of the keepers i see as good a civil protection measures exist here as in every municipality but when you have twelve force winds blowing through pine forest and it becomes extremely inflammable the city is a government is trying to restore a sense of normality trees are being cut down even though many of them appear only superficially singed the public power corporation is restoring electricity the government will pay each stricken household an emergency some of the around five thousand dollars replace basic appliances and give pension is a double payouts this month all in the hope of reducing its political liability you know yet another name of the probe is no right to talk about political responsibility we've assumed the political responsibility already the prosecutor is
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an independent authority they're investigating. but they won't find anything in the government we have no criminal liability. cities that has already a reputation for slowness and civil protection at the height of the refugee crisis three years ago it took months to ask brussels for help resulting in greater suffering for refugees and last year it was unable to prevent oil from a sunken tanka from soiling kilometers of pristine coastline west of athens but this time greece seems to have suffered an unprecedented number of deaths from wildfires even in two thousand and seven when two and a half percent of greek territory went up in flames the death toll did not exceed sixty for those who have lost family members say no amount of money will bring them back jumpstart openness al-jazeera. in china four senior officials including a provincial deputy governor have been dismissed over a defective vaccine program one hundred eighty eight thousand children in chandon
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province had been given injections which contained what the government said was sub standard method and. brown has more from beijing. of the four officials who've been dismissed one is the deputy head of the organization responsible for regulating the drug industry here in china as well as the deputy governor of jilin province these dismissals were confirmed in a report in the people's daily overnight the people's daily is the newspaper of record here in china it said that the state council which is a body headed by president xi jinping had met to discuss the case and this was the result president xi jinping it seems has been playing an active role in the fallout of the scandal which appears to be widening now this all began back in july when it was revealed that the chunk shong biotechnology company had been falsifying production records it produced vaccines which were then given to children these are
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vaccines which are not dangerous they're simply ineffective in effect useless so now you have thousands upon thousands of parents in china still not sure still not convinced they can trust the industry which provides vaccines for their children there really is a trust deficit in this area at the moment and a lot of anger in the streets when you speak to people about the scandal they say how can we trust our vaccine industry and of course foreign vaccines simply aren't available in china so people here in china have no option but to use the locally produced ones now we know also that some five hundred thousand ineffective vaccines were produced that's double the figure the government gave a month ago and that one hundred eighty eight thousand of these vaccines were administered to children we know also that fifteen officials from the company at the center of the scandal are still under investigation including its chairwoman.
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number of people killed in india's southern state of carola has now climbed to one hundred sixty four days of heavy rain has resulted in severe flooding which is being categorized as the worst in nearly a century thousands of people have been forced out of their homes as rescue efforts continue to help those trapped mali's president. has won reelection with sixty seven percent of the runoff vote his main rivals see say got thirty three percent say has rejected the results and promised to contest them voter turnout for the runoff in july was low and some polling stations didn't open because of violence zimbabwe's opposition says the constitutional court will hear their challenge against president embezzlement and that was election victory next when say your position leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged leningrad was
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inauguration has been postponed pending the ruling the vatican has condemned the sex abuse described in a report in the u.s. state of pennsylvania as morally reprehensible a vatican spokesman said pope francis was with the victims the report detailed allegations of assault some more than a thousand miners by those described as predator priests it also suggested there could be thousands more victims spanning a seventy year period. everything franklin's family has announced that a funeral will take place next week the legendary queen of soul died on thursday at the age of seventy six in a career spanning six decades aretha created a string of hits she won eighteen grammy awards and the u.s. presidential medal of freedom john hendren reports from her hometown of detroit. in detroit aretha franklin was the diva next door outside her family's church
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friends and families hold vigil with flowers bellew's and the occasional busted moved. inside where her sonorous voice once reached the rafters she inspires spontaneous outbursts of song. i have looked right here but she was like a sister to. it art because. she was she was all of that we relished and glorified her. and cherished. soprano rolling stone magazine calls the greatest singer ever leaves her hometown somber celebrating a presence on stage and here at home. when she walked into this light up the room. she was our queen.
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the queen of soul it was here at his church that c.l. franklin aretha franklin's father preached and it was at her father's church that she got her start singing in the choir it was a long before she was the star soloist here and eventually around the world. the singer who could turn an old otis redding song about respect into an anthem about feminism and civil rights that helped define an era was remembered by the u.s. president well i want to begin today by. expressing my condolences to the family of a person i knew well. she worked for me on numbers occasion she was terrific aretha franklin on the passing. she was also mourned by the president she brought to tears barack obama and his wife michelle wrote in her voice we could feel our history all of it and in every shade or power in our pain our darkness and our light our quest for a dempsey and in our hard won respect around the world she is remembered on subways
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and theater marquees in a world where seoul has lost its queen john hendren al jazeera detroit. for the next two weeks adult thing spectacular color the argentine capital one of five is the time go was born in the city way back in the late nineteenth century and now the international tango festival and world cup attract fans and competitors from around the world today is a boat report. it is the dance music of when a scientist. and for two weeks the festival and world cup energizes the argentine capital. traveled from colombia to compete last year they came in third place this time they're hoping to make it to the top of the news in learn some muscle helps me
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express what i feel is the most complete dumbs and the most beautiful is the anything obama says best that alyson demand it's an arch that helps you express what you're feeling if you're angry or sad happy or in love you can express everything in a stance. this is the world's most important tango competition almost seven hundred couples competing to win the cup it is here in the neighborhood of our tangle was born it is the place where the first born of one a side is was no kadian when thousands of women. i arrive here in search of a better life and that's why many say that tango is full of sorrel because it expresses the feelings of those who had to leave everything behind in their home countries and the hardships they faced when they arrived. and they won the new one is the instrument at the heart of the sound of tango first crafted for religious services in one thousand nine hundred century germany it is now in tune with tango . though it has been playing it
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since he was a child and now it helps him make a living. tango as a coach and how but in the beginning it was persecuted because of the way it was danced or what the songs meant a powerful opponents like the upper class the catholic church on the military but slowly is what its place and now it is all it. says this time of the year is a period that held argentines pay tribute to the dance that has come to represent the moment picked already brought it is a historic moment because it's the time when we see how time goes nutrient so is opening up mixes with other musical cultures but we always look back to our historical references to continue to teach us and to keep us on the right path was a path that has come a long way since dangle was born but that continues to amaze arjan tines and foreigners alike. it is how will i just see that when
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a site is. traverses take a look at the top stories here about his era the funeral of the former indian prime minister after one. jew in a short while from now he will be remembered most for testing nuclear weapons in one thousand nine hundred eighty as well as intensifying an arms race with neighboring pakistan. the u.s. has announced a new task force to deal specifically with iran it says it's to persuade government to change its ways secretary of state might prompt a announce the new unit as the u.s. increases economic pressure with more sanctions the hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see major changes in the regime's behavior both inside and outside of its borders the collapse of
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a bridge in genoa has focused attention on italy's aging infrastructure around seventy percent of its major way bridges and tunnels are more than forty years old at least thirty people were killed in the general disaster an investigation is underway president trump has used twitter to attack a campaign by hundreds of us newspapers supporting free press he said the press is free to write and say anything it wants but much of what it says is fake news of the three hundred newspapers published editorials criticizing trump's attacks on the media a passenger plane has skidded off the runway during heavy rain muslim ding at manila's airport in the philippines the plane operated by shopmen airlines had flown from china one hundred fifty seven passengers and eight crew members escaped using emergency slides there are no reports of injuries. the number of people killed in india's southern state of carol has now climbed to more than one hundred
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sixty days of heavy rain has resulted in severe flooding which has been described as the worst in nearly a century thousands of people have been forced from their homes as rescue efforts continue to help those trapped in the vatican has condemned the sex abuse described in a report in the usa to pennsylvania as morally reprehensible a vatican spokesman said pope francis was with the victims there are. thousand children by those described as predator priests it also suggested there could be thousands more victims spanning a seventy year period right there is ahead life the stream is that. china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east peace is part of the wrong plan of china to secure its resources for the future. as a whole dollars expect to grow we bring you the stories the economic world we live
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in counting the cost on al-jazeera. media and you. can. come. to me and it's clear. they are not some. so what people live in. truth that. and part two of our indigenous reason we ask is there an ethical way to research indigenous communities to just.


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