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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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over one hundred killed and thousands more stranded india's southern state of carola is hit by the worst flooding in nearly a century. a lot of this is live from london also coming up in the program turkey rejects another appeal to free the u.s. pastor at the heart of a route between the nato allies as its currency goes into a tailspin and china waits into the round. and round promises a new era of responsibility and prosperity as he's formally elected pakistan's prime minister. and kicking the habit spritz. should be promoted as an alternative to smoke.
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so we begin in southern india where every one hundred people have died in the latest flooding to hit the state of care that thousands more have been left stranded with troops and local fishermen staging desperate rescue attempts communications are also down and there are fresh more terentia rain to come but it's meant as are for. hundreds of soldiers have been sent to carola to lead the rescue effort. thousands of people are stranded across the southern indian state at least two hundred twenty thousand people have sought refuge in relief camps. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by floodwater. north and central carola have been worst hit by the floods but the entire state is on red alert as heavy rain is predicted for several days and you have spelled out
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inundating. we have deployed our forces over there in seven districts. the government says ten thousand kilometers of perilous roads have been destroyed. the international airport is flooded and have been temporarily closed. monsoon rains are a fact of life in india but these are the heaviest since one hundred twenty four millions of dollars worth of crops have been washed away. indian prime minister narendra modi says he's praying for the safety and well being of the people of canada bernard smith al-jazeera. well provender thing is the communications manager for the red cross in india and he says that rescue efforts are really ram top in the past few days really. have really gained momentum or were lost what do you get thousand particular army navy air force and n.p.r. of the national disaster. relief wards basically stepping in and trying
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to warn and the figure of people being airlifted their images and to actually meet the ends meet i've been streaming but the nature of the blood it's this one of the worst in the last hundred years it's this it's truly or building that fourteen districts. are in a state of alert so not i mean the magnitude of this calamity is fairly large and that is really stretching all the relief efforts and rescue effort that are going in. china has offered support to turkey amid its worsening currency crisis caused in part by u.s. sanctions beijing has also called for dialogue between the nato allies following the u.s. president donald trump's threat to introduce more sanctions against turkey on thursday turkish lira has lost nearly forty percent of its value against the dollar
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this year causing deep concern about its broader economy. well at the center of the diplomatic row is the american pasta andrew bronson who's been detained in turkey for nearly two years to his court has now rejected an appeal by brunson for release from his house arrest he's being accused of espionage and links to the good in this movement which took place for a failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen well he's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as a friend we'll see what happens they have a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful pastor brunson. made up this phony charge that he is by and he's not is by. going through a trial right now do you call that a trial they should have given him back a long time ago. turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they
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can take our people so you will see what happens well let's go live now when it started yeah who's in istanbul and sunny as a say being hit in the economy by all of this what effect is it having on the markets. well after initially stabilizing this week. also in part a due to that pledge by cattle for fifteen billion dollars worth of direct investment in turkey friday saw some more pressure on the turkish lira as well with it being devalued by five percent at one point during the day it was it went down to seven percent but this is really indicative of exactly how much of this diplomatic rift is having on the financial situation of the of the country there often is that with this in mind it could spiral out of control even though there have been assurances by the government and by the finance minister that they the
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banks could actually withstand a crisis there are still very tentative question marks about how exactly can withstand this box as you had mentioned earlier interesting to note that china has indicated its support in one way as well and of course not forgetting that once this crisis had broken out the president. was on the phone afterwards to president putin of russia as well indicating that perhaps if the u.s. is going to take this stance then there are other countries with which to if he can do business and seek support from so this is. a perfect indication of exactly how this diplomatic crisis is having some real tangible effect for the economy as well as this war of words continues what about the moments of the emerging polls to mr bronson what are his options. well his lawyer had said that they would try and
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appeal to the high court in is mere the city where mr bronson is undergoing house arrest they would try another attempt to do that if not he also indicated that they might even take the appeal to the country's constitutional court with that in mind of course it is interesting to note that it is. very much play being played up that it is an evangelical pastor that is in the in the center of all this as well and for mr trump of course he is appealing to his base in the states a very solid part of his support network there and with that the political factor of that but with that they have seemed to be some kind of of intention to try and resolve this is diplomatically as possible certainly turkey has said that it wants to resolve this diplomatically as possible one thing that is for sure this very tough stance being taken by the u.s. is not really going down well at all and in actual fact other countries aside from
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from russia and china even the european union have taken a somewhat dim view of the tactic that is being undertaken by mr trump and indeed by the u.s. in this state so diplomacy really but how exactly is that going to go forward from there from their current positions what we shall see so your thanks very much indeed for the time being so you're the system. now imran khan has promised a new era of prosperity and justice for pakistan off to be elected the new prime minister by lawmakers his teddy party which campaigned on an anti corruption platform has also become the largest in the national assembly but hill still need to set up a coalition government you know faces a mammoth task in preventing an economic crisis and boosting jobs as promised during election campaigning. the first thing we will do is crack down on corruption i promise you in front of god that whoever stole from this country and burdened
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with i won't get a single one of them. so let's join kamal hyder is with us from. then. on saturday i understand and then the the real challenge lies ahead for a man called. absolutely. marred by writing by the made a lot of noise. candidate for the opposition candidate for that particular. election that happened in the national assembly. to form the government of course will be sworn in on saturday and he of course has been big on accountability is why he got so much support and. it should also be remembered that this is the first time that a brand new party. end up august on the elections but as
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you mentioned you still needed support from some of the independents as relatives like minded parties to be able to form the government today now one of the reasons why smooth sailing through parliament today was the fact that. brought managed to bring a joint united candidate. difference. between the pakistan people's party we've decided to abstain from the awarding and god has given iran a comes to believe. given him the mandate to be the. prime minister of pakistan. tell us about the specific challenges that lie ahead for calm. one of. the economy because the. government has gone for mega projects development projects that country or ninety
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billion. dollars it's going to be really difficult. because the finance minister who is going to be the finance minister. did nor drooling out the option of going to the i.m.f. for yet another bailout something that they need to go. but they're also supporting countries. and china. need. if it wants to come out of its economic crisis is. going to be really big. because the people who have given him paul were that he needs. that he will bring back that. it is estimated that hundreds of billions of dollars have been siphoned out of the country by. politicians in that country so it would
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be important to see how. by getting the country back on track and also what he does read neighboring countries nations outage in order time you know he had already promised to improve relations rid of one it's done and said that he will be willing to take an extra step if. they were willing mr dog about outstanding issues and make all right. thanks very much. still to come here on the program a criminal lawsuit has been filed against greece's interior minister for last month's while faas was killed that is it. hello again we're here across parts of central asia we did watch a lot of trouble activity over the last couple days with the binka really kind of
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stationary and erratic as we began the week but now the system has moved over here towards vietnam we are going to sing that system weekend but still some very heavy rain could be expected as it makes its way across parts of thailand and then back over into the bamako also we're going to watch that very carefully but also we're going to see those temperatures here across hong kong starting to warm up a little bit thirty three degrees for you and more rain is going to be in your forecast and speaking of rain unfortunately here across southwestern parts of india down towards carroll estate it has been quite excessive over the last couple of days well over five hundred millimeters of rain have fallen in some of those locations in just forty eight hours and the forecast looks like we're going to be seeing more rain anywhere from carola although i have to go that is going to be the trend from saturday as well as into sunday and then over here towards parts of the middle east we are looking at some very warm conditions across doha but we are looking at drier conditions winds are coming out of the northwest we do expect to see a temperature on saturday of about forty four degrees those temperatures coming down
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to about forty two degrees as we go towards sunday but a little bit more story here towards of a-w. at thirty nine. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese family. shows five different stories like i am just too excited to focus on anything else right now from five different countries and it was true. but i was most importantly also with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has an al-jazeera.
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and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and the chief minister of carola in india says the state faces an extremely grave crisis as the death toll from flooding continues to mount at least one hundred sixty four people have been killed as monsoon rain passes the region. china has lent its moral support to turkey in the country's ongoing sanctions dispute with the united states beijing called for more dialogue between the parties and said that turkey would overcome temporary economic difficulties. pakistan's lawmakers have elected former cricket star imran khan as the new prime minister. in south party became the largest in the national assembly after an election last month and i'll be able to form a coalition government. russian intelligence defense ministers are meeting in moscow to discuss the plight of syrian refugees millions have been forced from
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their home since the war began in two thousand and eleven many and now flee one of the last opposition strongholds ahead of a planned offensive by government forces taking refuge in camps near the turkish border in casino has more from near syria's border with turkey. this is the marketplace of a refugee camp in northern syria by syria through a keyboard there the camp which is one of the oldest and self-rising began in the riyadh post more than eight hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees those refugees were this place maybe once maybe a couple of times since the syrian authorising and the bashar assad regime's assaults began and many people here feel stuck because as the prayers of the syrian regime president bashar assad's threatens to attach these people say they have nowhere else to go because this was the ultimate point by the border that they
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could reach and now you see the stars you see the shops and people who are trying to make a living. friday some of the shops are solid. but when you speak to me they are kind of things because they made up any outsold. by the syrian regime that the united nations has invited yemen's government in their own back to the rebels to geneva next month for talks on resolving the country's civil war the september talks aimed to revive un back negotiations that broke down in two thousand and sixteen nearly ten thousand people have been killed since the conflict started more than three years ago mohammed atta has more now from djibouti. the yemeni government on hold the fighters of looks across the willingness for attend the talks in geneva u.n. officials say that the initial days of talks will dwell on breaking the ice and also drawing up a framework for talks before planning that attention to establishing some sort of
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a polish sharing agreement between the difficult issue of the ports with your for they that which is a lifeline for millions of yemen is expected to dominate the talks going to fish will say that the whole of the fighters have expressed some willingness to homs over the course of the day that. an administration that is supported by the united nations but not the city itself something the u.a.e. is safe is unacceptable on but coupled with the other issue or for lack of a ceasefire before even the talks begin and the sooner the only thing invited to the conference going to say might limit more of a success the hopes my thoughts. for senior chinese officials have been dismissed over defective vaccines program which affected over one hundred eighty eight thousand children in shandong province as young brown has more now from the chinese capital. of the four officials who've been dismissed one is the deputy head of the
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organization responsible for regulating the drug industry here in china as well as the deputy governor of jilin province these dismissals were confirmed in a report in the people's daily overnight the people's daily is the newspaper of record here in china it said that the state council which is a body headed by president xi jinping had met to discuss the case and this was the result president xi jinping it seems has been playing an active role in the fallout of the scandal which appears to be widening now this all began back in july when it was revealed that the chunk chunk biotechnology company had been falsifying production records it produced vaccines which were then given to children these are vaccines which are not dangerous they simply ineffective in effect useless so now you have thousands upon thousands of parents in china still not sure still not convinced they can trust the industry which provides vaccines for their children
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there really is a trust deficit in this area at the moment and a lot of anger in the streets when you speak to people about the scandal they say how can we trust our vaccine industry and of course foreign vaccines simply aren't available in china so people here in china have no option but to use the locally produced ones now we know also that some five hundred thousand ineffective vaccines were produced that's double the figure the government gave a month ago and that one hundred eighty eight thousand of these vaccines were administered to children we know also that fifteen officials from the company at the center of the scandal are still under investigation including its chairwoman. women in nepal denouncing a bill they say would make them second class citizens in their own country if policy proposed law would make it much harder for single mothers women abandoned by
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the husbands and victims of rape to paul so in nepali citizenship to the children sabina shuster reports from protest and come on to. yeah. i mean absolutely not i'm sure you are all good and i think that but if i do you state recognizes that as equal citizens i know there is a human being i dictated in the parliament right now which tell us that when i was the identity of the father as i never saw the citizen in order for the actions to be i was that was the one who was to say that the woman doesn't rule out the identity of the father i know i could travel sites i was. well i would have to say that when i met him don't know what was going on and i do not know that the mother of the child who's on the far side of the law they should remain should know it was not i that i was like yeah the for you that's us i was i was
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through then i want to be that most of us who have stocks which i was there are now saying why is their child so that's why that we were not can not yet see tax second tassels off this country. the thai government says it may take over responsibility of the motorway system last year the collapse of a bridge in general at least thirty eight people died and hundreds of others have been injured and talk about the reports now from general. after the bridge collapsed on tuesday the big question was of course why did it for now over the past few days there have been lots of theories emerging we know that in the past some engineers some politicians some systems of the town that actually raised the alarm saying that they thought perhaps the bridge had not been built properly in the first place was it a question of maintenance being neglected was it a question of budgetary concerns getting in the way of that maintenance being done
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now the government of launch a full investigation they say that the company that operated the bridge in the motorways across italy is to blame in a sense they're saying they're not even going to wait till the end of that investigation but i put it to the mayor of the city engineer i said well you know if they were these concerns why was nothing done and he said he wasn't necessarily aware that people always talk about these things only after something happens is their way of thinking this very very problem may become an opportunity in a society where this year a now i mean we're going to have some investment from the from the government in a little. mobility plan so let's make sure the plan that really makes sense of this is better able to read before and is actually one of the best. bets is my goal and this is where i want to. well hundreds of rescue workers have been walking in now for three days straight they were signalling to carry on they all has it because
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they are extremely difficult to all but they think they will see this is the problem because at least ten when she people are still missing they may need help and now he goes out and they call it is increasingly unlikely that somebody would be found alive is a possibility of it like an earthquake so it could be somebody trapped in a pocket of very known for the don't stop until that point that they have what they counted tried to find survivors then on saturday italy will come together there is a national day of mourning as a commemoration in the city of juneau and that will really be a moment for people to stop and remember some of the victims of this catastrophe. a woman who lost her family in last month's forest fire in greece has filed a criminal lawsuit against seven officials including greece's interior minister ninety six people were killed when a fire swept through a seaside resort wolf west of athens jones reports reports now from the village of monte one of the worst hit areas. this used to be
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by your kitchen he only survived the fire that swept through this neighborhood on july twenty third because he and a friend acted quickly up to smelling the smoke you find if we went to the main road and there was a tsunami of flames sixty meters high as soon as we saw this i said save your family take them to the sea we ran back and i grabbed my mother i should be a sequel this is where i'm from is ended up along with hundreds of others some scorched by the flames just a little too many be extramural there was absolutely no warning perhaps the authorities didn't realize the size of the phenomenon it was so sudden oh my house is four hundred meters from the sea the fire took three maybe four minutes to cover that distance an inquiry is now looking into why all photos he's failed to better coordinate their response the local mayor says five faces acted heroically but everything happens to fust methods but are the keepers i see as civil protection
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measures exist here as in every municipality but when you have twelve force winds blowing through pine forest and it becomes extremely inflammable the city is a government is trying to restore a sense of normality trees are being cut down even though many of them appear only superficially singed the public power corporation is restoring electricity the government will pay each stricken household an emergency sum of around five thousand dollars replace basic appliances and give pension as a double payouts this month all in the hope of reducing its political liability you know yet another name of the probe is no right to talk about political responsibility we've assumed the political responsibility already the prosecutor is an independent authority they're investigating but they won't find anything in the government we have no criminal liability. cities are has already earned a reputation for slowness and civil protection at the height of the refugee crisis
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three years ago it took months to ask brussels for help resulting in greater suffering for refugees and last year it was unable to prevent oil from a sunken tanker from soiling kilometers of pristine coastline west of athens but this time greece seems to have suffered an unprecedented number of deaths from wildfires even in two thousand and seven when two and a half percent of greek territory went up in flames the death toll did not exceed sixty for those who have lost family members say no amount of money will bring them back jumpstart openness al-jazeera. fears scientists have been going back and forth as to whether cigarette said that much better for your health the normal cigarettes in alberta and piece of definitely back to vaporing is the best way to kick the bad habit and have even called for it to be made available in prescription rowsley has more now from london. so no denying the popularity of a ping in a cigarettes nowadays in the u.k. places like this have sprung up all over the country and almost three million
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people nowadays in the u.k. routinely use the cigarettes as a less harmful thing to do they assume than conventional smoking of course the science is a little sketchy and opinions are mixed the report this week suggested these cigarettes are actually more harmful than people think they might be on the basis that they can cause lung infections but now an officially sanctioned reports by a government committee here suggest that not only ari cigarettes are actually much better for you than conventional ones but they could even be used to help people give up smoking completely just like patches and nicotine replacement and that sort of thing and even further the authors of this report suggests that the health service hasn't made the proper distinction between conventional cigarettes and the cigarettes and that it could even be the case that people could use these cigarettes in places like public transport and offices in a way that is currently banned that is quite controversial but here's what the
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chairman of the government committee had to say i don't discount the issue of the sort of nuisance value of people very paying a lot of people complain about the smell of the sort of cloud of paper that surrounds some people who do but we mustn't confuse that with. public risk in the way that we know cigarettes cause risks secondary smoking we know has an enormous risk attached to it very thing is wholly different to that and we want to encourage a public debate about. treating vaporing differently to smoking in those public places certainly to a degree all of this flies in the face of the received wisdom inside the national health service which runs public hospitals like this one in central london. their advice is that the cigarettes less harmful than conventional ones but they might not get you over you only can see an addiction and help you give up smoking and so
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it is still a very confused picture for smokers. putting more always towards recovery of costs right there on a website al-jazeera dot com is the address. to remind of man headlines here on al-jazeera and the chief minister of carola in india says the state faces an extremely grave crisis as the death toll from flooding continues to mount at least one hundred sixty four people have been killed as monsoon rain batters the region china has lent his moral support to turkey in the country's ongoing sanctions dispute with the united states beijing called for more dialogue between the allies and said that he would overcome temporary economic difficulties but washington has threatened further measures of turkey doesn't release an american pasta accused of espionage well he's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as a friend we'll see what happens they have
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a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful pastor brunson. made up this phony charge that he's by and he's not is by he's going through a trial right now do you call that a trial they should have given him back the long time ago. turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can take our people so you will see what happens pakistans will make his of late to cricket star imran khan as the new prime minister concepts have a case a son of party became the largest a national assembly off from the election last month and the vote has been disputed by the opposition and they'll be able to form a coalition. a russian and turkish defense ministers
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have meets in moscow to discuss the plight of syrian refugees millions have been forced from their homes since the war began back in two thousand and eleven many and now fleeing it lived one of the last off strongholds had of an expected offensive by government forces at least one palestinian protesters has been killed and one hundred fifty six have been wounded during new demonstrations near the gaza israeli border fence they gaza health ministry says hospitals are preparing to take in more injured people all right up state with a top stories head on out there stay with us for the road to hutch coming up.
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this is panama central america. home of the famous kind of a canal. a shipping corridor which connects the atlantic to the pacific ocean. and home to a small but growing muslim community.


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