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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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witness on al-jazeera. hundreds killed and thousands more stranded india southern state of carolinas hit by the worst flooding in nearly a century. watching i'll just there are live from london also coming up. turkey's credit rating faces another downgrade as the country's currency makes further losses over a dispute with the u.s. . another two deaths on the gaza israel border france as protests showed no sign of slowing down. and u.s. president donald trump interacts millions in funding for syria warning it won't
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give any more money until there's a credible peace process. we begin in southern india where the death toll from deadly floods in the state of carola has now risen to three hundred twenty four thousands more people have been left stranded as troops and local fishermen work to rescue them but with communications down and more it's rental rates expected the situation is not looking good for the tourism haven for in its metastasis report. hundreds of soldiers have been sent to carolyn to lead the rescue effort. thousands of people are stranded across the southern indian state at least two hundred twenty thousand people have sought refuge in relief camps. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by floodwater. north and central carola have been worst hit by the floods
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but the entire state is on red alert as heavy rain is predicted for several days if you are for a spell of floods inundating you are going to rust areas. we have deployed our forces over there in seven districts. the government says ten thousand kilometers of perilous roads have been destroyed. the international airport is flooded and have been temporarily closed. monsoon rains are a fact of life in india but these are the heaviest since one hundred twenty four millions of dollars worth of crops have been washed away. indian prime minister narendra modi says he's praying for the safety and well being of the people of canada bernard smith al-jazeera. parvin they're saying as the communications manager for the red cross in india and he says rescue efforts have really ramped up in the past few days really purple and red was really gain momentum will last what it does in particular with army navy air force and n.p.r.
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of the national disaster we really were basically stepping in and trying to warn in the figure of people being airlifted their images into comedians i've been streaming but the nature of the blood it's this one of the worst and last hundred years it's just it's truly overwhelming that fourteen districts of the low speed are in a state of alert so i mean the magnitude of this calamity is fairly large and that is really stretching all the relief efforts and rescue efforts that are going in. in the last hour the credit rating agency standard and poor's has downgraded turkey's sovereign credit rating agency blamed the volatility of the turkish lira which has now lost forty percent of its value against the dollar this year turkey is locked in a dispute with the united states over an american pastor it has placed under house arrest washington has imposed sanctions demanding andrew bronson's release and
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president trump has threatened further measures. well he's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as a friend we'll see what happens they have a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful pastor brunson. made up this phony charge that he is by. now to. he's going through a trial right now your goal that it they should have given him back a long time ago. turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can't take our people so you will see what happens. while brown senate senate evangelical christian missionary who has been living in turkey for two decades prosecutors there claim he has links to the girl in this movement that's believed to be behind a failed coup in the country two years ago on friday
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a turkish court once again refused an appeal for his release sunday gago has more details from istanbul. the war of words between the u.s. and turkey has descended into a financial crisis for turkey and at the center of it is the american pastor bronson who stands accused by fishel of having links to terrorist organizations as well as espionage mr bronson's lawyer said on friday that they would be appealing the decision and also that they would probably take the case to the country's constitutional court as well and it's a case that has been vocally supported by the president donald trump but it has had a very negative effect on the relationship between the two nato allies and of course the negative impact as well on turkey's economy and the turkish lira has already created some forty percent this year thanks in part to the sanctions that have been put on to government ministers as well as tariffs of bartz there had been
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some stabilisation of the turkish lira this week. due to measures and also a pledge by catto to inject some fifteen billion dollars worth of investment directly into the turkish economy box with the threat of further sanctions that seems to be still a worry that this could impact the turkish economy even further and also further devalue the lira. israeli police in jerusalem have closed the gates of the oxen last compound after a knife attack but police say an israeli palestinian man tried to stab an officer in the old city before being shot dead the closure means muslim worshipers will be on able to pray at the mosque a previous closure last year resulted in huge protests. meanwhile at least two palestinian protesters have been killed and two hundred seventy have been wounded
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during the latest demonstrations near the gaza israel border fence the gaza health ministry says hospitals are preparing to take in more injured people palestinians have been staging protests every friday since march calling for the right to return to lands in israel and their families were forced to leave and also demanding an end to the israeli blockade of the gaza strip child stratford as at a medical tent on the gaza israel border. the medics here tell us that this man has been injured by a live round that has gone through both his legs. the medics here say that the majority of those injured are injured in the lower limbs and they say that ninety percent of the time these bullets live ammunition if you come over here this man. is one of the countless people. suffering the effects of tear gas inhalation medics saying they're seeing people like this all the time is not the man here who so
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doctor tells us has been injured by what he describes as an exploding bullet obviously we can't independently confirm the don't to say that the israeli soldiers are using a type of ammunition that explodes in middle age and the shrapnel obviously flies out and many people are being harmed this way now how mass says that the palestinians of gaza have every right to continue these protests and as we heard earlier today in the mosques there were calls for these protests to happen in various locations across gaza hamas says the people here have every right to protest until israel's sea is lifted and that's despite the countless injuries we're seeing here every week. the united states says it's redirecting two hundred thirty million dollars of funding away from syria until it engages in a credible peace process led by the united nations this is being seen as a move to extricate the u.s.
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from the conflict but more money being contributed by other coalition partners our white house correspondent kimberly houck attest. it's yet another signal of the trumpet ministrations desire to withdraw from a visible role in syria on friday it announced it was redirecting two hundred thirty million syrian stabilization funds frozen in march to other foreign policy priority. move comes following contributions in pledges totaling three hundred million by coalition partners to help rebuild parts of syria no longer held by isis among the contributions announced this week one hundred million from saudi arabia. president trump since the start of his presidency has been carefully cultivated his relationship with the kingdom but the donation is a fraction in comparison to the reported four billion trump reportedly requested in march for syrian assistance and rebuilding still the u.s.
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says in former eisel strongholds like rocka one hundred fifty thousand displaced residents have been able to return the city's drinking water is now safe. according to a recent u.n. report up to thirty thousand eisel fighters remain in iraq and syria syria has called saudi arabia's contributions to the u.s. led rebuilding effort morally unacceptable through its state news agency it argued the coalition's only goal is to fragment the region that's what the u.s. contends is the goal of iran in syria and throughout the middle east is pushing for the withdrawal of iran's forces in syria we're going to continue to counter the iran regime is more an activity. to support iranian voices and to galvanize international support for efforts the u.s. denies the shifting of funds for syria signals a lessening of its strategic goals it says its humanitarian assistance is not
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effective and defeating eisel remains a top priority we continue to be committed to this fight and we're not backing down from that isis needs to be defeated in the u.s. government stands firmly by that for years president travis complained about u.s. allies not sharing the financial burden for efforts in syria including preventing syrian president bashar last thought an iranian allies from creeping into newly liberated areas it is a gold saudi arabia says it share kimberley help at al jazeera washington. both areas also featuring on the agenda at a meeting between the russian and turkish defense ministers in moscow one of the key issues for discussion is the plight of millions of civilians displaced from their homes since the war began in two thousand and eleven this includes the latest group of people who are fleeing it lip of one of the last opposition strongholds ahead of a planned offensive by government forces many are taking refuge in camps near the
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turkish border a sin and cos now reports from the town of. this is the marketplace about the refugee camp in northern syria by syria or a keyboard there the camp which is one of the oldest since the uprising began and the riyadh post more than eight hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees those refugees were displaced maybe once maybe a couple of times since the syrian uprising and the bashar assad regime's assaults began and many people here feel stuck because as the president as the syrian regime president bashar assad threatens to a touch if these people say oh have nowhere else to go because this was the ultimate point by the border that they could reach and now you see the sauce you see the shops and people are trying to make their living days friday some of the shops are always there but when the speaker of the people they are kind of opens
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the closed way to any household and they have time by the syrian regime. and still to come on this program a tourist shot in nicaragua are once thriving business owners are struggling to make ends meet lots. where and i read the franklin's hometown of detroit at a church where she wanted sang in which has now been turned into a shrine for them they sing their. hello there we've got yet another weather front that's making its way across australia at the moment down in the southeast corner where we're seeing the cloud it's gradually edging its way towards the east is bringing us a fair amount of wet weather certainly bring us some cool weather but ahead of that system we're going to see the winds pick up and that could cause
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a problem with wildfires certainly increase the risk of seeing them and seeing them spread behind that system though as it moves away as we head into sunday it will be a good deal fresh air behind it so for melbourne our maximum would just be ten and force in adelaide just thirteen meanwhile towards the west it's all fine and dry for us in perth at the moment twenty one degrees our maximum on sunday but we do have some more wet weather edging its way towards us for monday and over towards new zealand it's been very stormy here recently some places have seen a lot of thunder and lightning and some very heavy downpours to but that system is away from us now and things are coming down so for us on saturday and sunday it should be more or less dry and all temperature getting to around ten degrees in christchurch we do have more rain though that's working its way towards us for the beginning of the week a bit further towards the north and we were lots of what weather here that's making its way across china that's the remains of an old tropical storm but it's still giving some very heavy downpours as it works across china.
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on counting the cost financial tremors in turkey shake investor sentiment in emerging markets a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting south africa's economy why google is tracking your every move. on a. little or less.
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top stories on al-jazeera over three hundred people have died in flooding in the southern indian state of carola thousands more have been left stranded with troops and local fishermen staging desperate rescue attempts. time didn't pour says it's cutting turkey's sovereign credit rating to be plus because of the volatility the currency weekend once again on friday after turkish court to rejected an american pastor's appeal for release. israeli police in jerusalem have closed the gates of the. compound after a knife attack you can see a man attempted to stab officers before being shot. emraan ca has promised a new era of prosperity and justice for pakistan after being elected the new prime minister is terry key and south party which campaigned on the anti corruption platform has also become the largest in the national assembly although we'll still need to set up a coalition government he now faces
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a mammoth task in preventing an economic crisis and boosting jobs as promised during his election campaign. the first thing we will do is crack down on corruption i promise you in front of god that whoever stole from this country and burden us with no i won't lift a single one of them go. to the polls parliament is debating a bill that could make it difficult for women to pass on their citizenship to their children activists say the proposal is discriminatory and want to stop it so be that stressed as more from katmandu. these women are protesting in the midday heat in tottenham and in b.c. they refuse to be treated as second class citizens. it's parliament is debating a new bill that says women need an apology husband in order for their children to be in a party system activists say the constitution itself which was adopted in two thousand and fifteen is discriminatory. although it says
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a child of an apology mother or father can be citizen there are clauses that do not allow the poly women marry to foreigners to pass on their citizenship to their children. deepti group had to go to the supreme court to get citizenship for hot children her husband whose mother is also in a poly citizen has no citizenship. my husband is trying to get citizenship from his mother his father died when he was young he went to the courts and even though the court instructed local officials to do what's necessary to give my husband citizenship the local authorities refused. bureaucrats many of whom are seen as socially conservative can now make it more difficult for people like dip these husband to obtain citizenship difficult bill is deeply problematic now in a poly women have to prove that the father of their child is on the palace that isn't
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a requirement that is just not there for men the only other way out is just say that she doesn't know the identity of the father and then already deeply patriarchal society where women face many indignities this bill is seen by these women as yet another level of discrimination. been the boundaries a member of parliament who has been a strong advocate for women and equality. is only when there are some parliamentarians who think men are the only ones who can save a nation's sovereignty they think women are inferior yet there are many who have come to realize they shine and they were voted in by both men and women so we are objects in this bill. while the debate goes on in the parliament women's rights activists say they will not stop protesting until they're treated as equal citizens . al-jazeera that men do. says of the thirteen victims of tuesday's
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bridge collapse in italy are boycotting events to commemorate their loved ones they're angry a rally geishas that negligence was to blame for the disaster now this comes as the government considers revoking concessions and giving fines to the company in charge of the bridge david schaper has more from genoa they've already started to bury the dead in a series of private funerals but the search for survivors still continues under the rubble of the collapsed bridge the rescuers are using heavy lifting the sheen rian search dogs. but hope frustrating with the child the process here that everyone else can have survived under such a weight of concrete many of the families of the victims are boycotting the day of mourning called in the city this weekend they say it was a tragedy caused by government negligence and they want no part in the official ceremony. of the marriage general or did little to reassure them in their grief
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this is a way of thinking this is a very every problem may become an opportunity and it's exactly what they see right now i mean we're going to have some investment from the from the government of the collapse of the bridge which was opened in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven as fed growing concern about the state of at least aging roads and bridges and the quality of the cement used in the construction boom across the country it does seem that this was created more than fifty years ago and the sheer volume of traffic these bridges are now taking not only here but in many other parts of the italian infrastructure simply was not allowed for there was too much traffic. it was well known since years since decades ago that this infrastructure was not enough for supporting all the traffic city traffic boards related traffic and regional and even international traffic prosecutors in the city say ten to twenty people are still unaccounted for though mourning the death toll is expected to rise the
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collapse occurred just a day before italy's busiest summer holiday david chase the al jazeera general. german chancellor angela merkel is downplaying expectations ahead of her meeting with the russian president vladimir putin near berlin on saturday but although the two leaders are far from our allies there are a range of issues in which they're hoping to find common ground as dominic cain reports. when angle americal me to putin on saturday it will be for the second time in just three months on the table of the conflict in syria the situation in ukraine and the controversial north stream two gas pipeline under the baltic sea but hanging over the meeting is this statement from donald trump a july's nato summit but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it is getting so much of its energy from russia so we're supposed to
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protect germany but they are getting their energy from russia explained to the. russia provides only around half of germany's annual energy consumption but most is in the form of natural gas and that is why the nord stream to gas pipeline is so contentious it's a network which when complete will transport natural gas from russia under the baltic sea to western europe bypassing the existing land based pipelines through ukraine and it might deprive the government in kiev as much as three billion dollars a year in revenue ministers in kiev say the project is purely political moscow insists it's just business but i sure wish i knew when you got the stomach stick that lets us get them a place took these we have always treated this project as exclusively economic we have always kept outside the scope of any political process i would also like to say that after the launch of nord stream to their stopping the movement of russian gas through ukraine it is not intended. but russia's role in ukraine continues to
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concern the leaders notably angered americal specifically moscow's immoveable a-t. over the minsk agreement which brokered a cease fire between government and separatist forces on the often does fall we hope to move forward on the issues of the minsk agreement with ukraine and russia france and germany took on responsibility many years ago we are saddened that still no day goes by without a violation of the cease fire that we don't give up hope and we know that through this the relationship with russia could be significantly improved. ukraine assigned to the two leaders do have common ground such as in keeping the iran nuclear deal and both share concerns about the trumpet ministrations tariffs and diplomacy but their relationship has never been easy i think both sides have accumulated a lot of skepticism mistrust ruto reproaches and grievances that overshadow their relationship which is why few people in the german capital expect any breakthroughs
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as a result of this meeting dominic came. berman. they progress once thriving tourism industry has completely collapsed that we sent on rest in the central american country has kept tourists away since april hundreds of people have been killed in protests against the country's president daniel ortega john homan reports now from grenada and have business owners are struggling to make ends meet this staircase granny and his family put everything into restoring this hotel in granada they can i work from ruins to the splendor of its colonial past now he's worried they could lose it all and that will be my dream but probably cause. that will be me and i will have to lift that contrie no because it will be my first tour if i don't have. my my you know my heir for my investment if i'm here you know
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because i was tourism industry was booming since opening four years ago really had never had an empty night until this april when protests in a subsequent crackdown from police and paramilitary groups changed everything there would have been spent to we were out in the one in the auto. tourism has plummeted the small hotels association says occupancy sit down eighty percent the number of flights is home and the third of restaurants are closed just about every one in beautiful colonial granada has been affected the city's famous for its whole strong courage rides but we're only old man's fool for customers in the whole month not only he but and there is a man yet cause suffering yes here. we reduce the animals food in the comforts he says bernard is just trying to get back on its feet but it's hard when you've got reminders of the own going on rest but the town hall badly gutted by fire and when
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locals themselves still aren't sure if it's safe to go out tonight. the government's been accused of white washing the crisis this way. bringing out a video called mick and i will always beautiful while protests continue to rumble through the streets they say they have to do something instead of staying with our hands down message is that we're here we're working we're working with whosoever wants to work to develop this sector and to regain that they not mizzen that this sector have had ordered the last eleven years that can't come soon enough to run a hotel and the more than twenty staff members he's had to lay off for you know him among them daisy who's struggling to provide for his sick parents so i made my ms i see that the needs are the same but now the money is in there we have to playtest food medicine and basic bills so it's not going to stop and i'm struggling with it
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in a couple of months i don't know what we have going to do. everyone we talked to is hanging on for the next time he sees and in december if things don't improve by then many say migration might be the only option john home and i would see it a grandmother. the city of detroit has produced many music star spinup us iconic us the u.s. soul singer owing to franklin she died on thursday of pancreatic cancer at the age of seventy six and as our correspondent john hendren reports from detroit reports on her legacy and the impact on the city. of detroit is still a city in mourning a day after the death of a wreath of franklin people are still coming here to the church where her father creech to where she got her start singing in the choir to lay flowers and balloons and to remember her and her family just coming up with new ways for people to remember her there will be a viewing of her body of the museum of african-american history here in detroit and after that in the coming days there will be
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a funeral and we can only guess the kind of talent that will be there for backup singers beginning icons and sales people like whitney houston and shaka card and as people remember her there's a lot of talk about her legacy aretha franklin said she didn't consider herself and i call it a civil rights movement though she sang it martin luther king's funeral contributed to the end of a c.p. she said she didn't consider herself an icon of feminism so people going to her that way and perhaps it was because she was able to take a song like otis redding's respect a song she had sung before in imputes with this incident important and moment so that other people viewed it as an anthem of feminism an anthem of the civil rights movement it was that in the quality of the sheer talent of a voice be assured for sixteen years to a height that let rolling stone to declare her the best singer ever the state of michigan declared their voice and actual research and it's those things that cause people to remember here in the days after her death and a whole timidly for hever in their music. and remember you can always find more no
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website the addresses dot com. hello again here is our mind off our main headlines on al-jazeera over three hundred people have died in flooding in the southern indian state of carola thousands more have been left stranded with troops in the fishermen staging desperate rescue attempts power communications are also down and there are alerts of more terentia waiting to come standard and poor's says it's cutting turkey's sovereign credit rating to be plus because of the nearest volatility the currency weekend once again on friday after turkish court rejected an american pastor's appeal for release washington has imposed sanctions over the detention and threaten to further measures well just he's been a problem for a long time they have not acted as a friend we'll see what happens they have
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a wonderful christian pastor a wonderful friend the brunson. made up this phony george that he is by and he's not is by. going through a trial right now due golddigger drought they should have given him back the loan time ago. turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can't take our people so you will see what happens. israeli police in jerusalem have closed the gates of the last compound after a knife attack the police say an israeli palestinian man tried to stab an officer in the old city before being shot dead. russian and turkish defense ministers are meeting in moscow to discuss the plight of syrian refugees millions have been forced from their homes since the war began in two thousand and eleven
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many are now feeling it that's one of the last opposition strongholds ahead of an expected offensive by the government forces there taking refuge in camps near the turkish border imran khan has promised a new era of prosperity and justice for pakistan after being elected the new prime minister by lawmakers his terry kay and south party which campaigns on anticorruption poll out form has now become the largest and the national assembly but he still needs to set up a coalition government. well those are the headlines but still without counting the cost us next. as protests in nicaragua against the president continue and the number of those killed rises in d.c. someone says i'm staying are a problem no matter what are the have to crash into the girl of reality that usually gets little blood. sense here america's take is from
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a vice president al jazeera. has i'm speaking of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics financial tremors in turkey shake investor sentiment we'll take a look at whether it could be spreading across the emerging markets. also this week south africa's rand takes a beating why a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting africa's most developed economy. plus why google is tracking your every move even when you tell it to stop . the collapse.


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