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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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al jazeera. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth piron i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes he's been described as a friend to thousands and a leader to millions former u.n. secretary general and nobel peace laureate dies at the age of eighty. media reports claim that the u.s. supply the bomb that was used in an attack that killed four children in yemen earlier this month. the indian government drops relief packages to those stranded by floods and carola until they can rescue them and some country residents say
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saudi arabia is preventing them from making the mandatory muslim pilgrimage of how much. leaders from around the world a morning the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty began a and served as u.n. chief for two terms and won the nobel peace prize for his humanitarian work he was the only black african to serve as secretary general and the first to climb the ranks from a u.n. staff position he was criticized for failing to stop the rwandan genocide and later for a corruption scandal involving his son a diplomatic editor james bays has more. a towering figure on the global stage bringing the peace bell of the united nations a man who did so much in the cause of global peace. u.n. secretary general for ten years
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a nobel peace laureate. kofi annan was born in ghana joining the un in one thousand nine hundred sixty two rising through the ranks to be the organizations head of peacekeeping at the time of genocide in rwanda eight hundred thousand people were killed he later said it was one of his greatest regrets that he was not able to do more to halt the bloodshed i am happy on and i will be and sullenly so as when he became the first u.n. staffer to take over the top job he prepared the u.n. for a new millennium. his tenure coincided with the arrival of a new president in the white house is. after nine eleven the u.s. invaded afghanistan. and then dividing the u.n. security council. iraq he had tried to avoid war with tireless diplomacy and by keeping
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a team of weapons inspectors in the country until the last moment later the un went back into baghdad after the invasion but its compound was then bombed with twenty two staff killed iraq was also the biggest controversy of his decade in the un job the oil for food program set up to help iraqis lead to massive corruption with the secretary general's own son kojo implicated. when he stepped down at the u.n. he addressed these remarks to his successor banki moon. you are about to take over the most impossible job and end of quote. while that may be true i would add i would add this is also the best possible job that. he did not choose to go into quote retirement he was the
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u.n. arab league envoy to syria in two thousand and twelve coming up with a plan that would have ended the war six years ago. but it was ignored by the parties that continued to fight well recently he went to myanmar coming up with proposals that form the basis of the international community's approach to the rohingya crisis the result once again of his own personal style of diplomacy strong words but softly spoken even if you get into the shouting matches sometimes the bigger megaphones than you have and it doesn't necessarily get you where you want to go there are times when you have to raise your voice and there are times when that i had to but generally i can get results without shouting while the director general of the united nations office in geneva and the south african president have been paying homage to our not it is really
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bad for the world we have lost the moral voice of the world today. is bad for the world in many so so many other ways he was a peacemaker he was. always in the forefront of trying to help people it's devastating for me personally i mean he was a mentor he was a role model he was a friend. you flew the flag of peace you flew the flag of collaboration throughout the world with a very difficult and challenging problems we were filled with pride to see an african leader dealing with the world problems and finding solutions for them. well let's get more on this now we're joined by dan drake all right professor of political science at jackson state university and he's joining us from jackson mississippi very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so i want to pick up on the what the south african presidents obama poza was saying
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especially since i know that you all saw the professor of race and politics what do you think it meant for the african continent to have the first black u.n. secretary general more than fifty years off to the organizations founding. always served as a model for sure for afghans across the diaspora. many folks look at africa as a country as opposed to a continent and he served as a role model but it. really iconic presence globally you know not also like the. you know he had a multilevel new approach and with that made a lot only approach he was able to address a lot of issues you know such as world health aides asia the. pandemic which impacted the lot of africans and so yeah. socialize their impact
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is before a lot of i want to ask you more about socialization how do you think that his experience as an african who lived through colonize ation and gone as independence from russian shaped his approach to the world. oh is extremely important he grew up in his early years up until his teens in the column country and by his early twenty's it again independence and in brasil that independence the way it was done in a revolutionary fashion and so i think that you know his position you know as related to the world was that there's also there's always hope for these countries even if it results in you know a radical revolutionary approach to gain freedom i think that he took that approach and in observing other countries and the system them and their offers and really and as the u.n. secretary general he did work on issues around the world with that belief that
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suffering anywhere concerns people every way correct that was one of his statements that i use out in times in the classroom and in some of the speeches that i make but you know if i had one word that i would attribute to him just right off the top it would be resiliency when he was deafening and undersecretary for the united nations. as soon as it became one year later you had to seasoned the moderate who sees i mean who to drive a. the big massacre took place and you know some people look at this as you know tarnishing is its legacy but he was over there is able to overcome that and i'd also like to add that probably one of his most important contributions was his ability to really save the u.n. a lot of folks probably don't recognize the fact that he served as
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a budgetary and ministry to early in his career and that was needed as the u.n. was on the brink of bankruptcy had he was able to bring them out that they have one of his many important roles in the u.n. and all that legacy mista are i would you say that any of it is at risk now from the sort of rising nationalism and disregard for a lot of multinational guys ations like the un that we are seeing around the world right now that's yes so you know you sent a lot of ethnocentric behavior across the globe and you know unless countries like the united states and you know move on some of these you know ethnocentric behavior it will create a problem for the multilateral approach that anon wants you know you know what it would what his legacy stands for and so i think the bet in itself shows that his
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ability to bring the world together in itself. was you know part of his legacy and he'll be remembered for that to are it's great to get to your full on this that is d'andre all right joining us live from jackson mississippi thank you. now let's move on to other news and the trumpet ministration is facing mounting pressure of the claims that a u.s. made vomits used in an attack by the saudi led coalition on a school bus and yemen fifty one people were killed in the attack inside the province earlier this month forty of them were children and gallagher has more from washington. in northern yemen graves who recently dug for the victims of a saudi led coalition bombing that shocked the world but on august the ninth a school bus was hit in an attack the coalition called legitimate military action more than fifty people were killed at least forty of them children aged between ten and twelve dozens more were injured. the u.s.
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has provided support to the saudi led coalition with intelligence and aerial refueling now there are renewed questions about the weapons being used in the war reports suggest the bomb used to attack the bus was made by lockheed martin and according to c.n.n. supplied by the us government as part of a sanctioned on's deal politicians in the united states are demanding answers senator chris murphy who's announced a measure to hold military assistance to the coalition tweeted the following last week the saudi led coalition in yemen bombed a school bus killing forty four innocent kids and they did it with us supplied bombs intelligence support in midair refueling democratic house and senate members are also asking questions about u.s. involvement in a war that's been raging for more than three years the key concern is that the u.s. may not only be culpable but potentially violating international laws in two thousand and sixteen president obama banned the sale of precision guided weapon way to saudi arabia citing human rights concerns the measure was undone when the trumpet ministration came to power the u.s.
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has since sold to saudi arabia as part of a multi-billion dollar deal and gallacher al-jazeera washington well let's get more on this knowledge on by some a visiting fellow at georgetown university and she's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera i want. pick up on a point that i correspondent finished his report on which was president obama suspending weapon sales to sell the u.s. supplied bomb one hundred fifty five people in a funeral hold and twenty sixteen now that we've had an attack on innocent civilians linked to u.s. weaponry do you think that we can expect this administration to rethink to stop the sale of these weapons again well it depends because when you stop the sales to saudi arabia you are then kind of looking at the saudi american relationship differently personally i think that they should because at this point this not the first attack where saudi missile that is supplied by the united states has attacked
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civilians and resulted in their death before and the reason that the span was in place and the reason that the obama administration put in place as because they were afraid of violating an armed conflict law because these missiles continue to target hospitals they targeted funerals there have been situations just in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen actually there was a funeral that was attacked and one hundred fifty five yemenis were killed in that funeral and the band came right after that incident it was removed with the new administration now we're going to talk about how does the senate feel about the war in yemen versus how the trump administration and trump himself feels about his relationship with saudi arabia and regardless of how both sides feel is isn't what the u.s. doing if innocent civilians including children being killed by weapons that they're providing legally culpable here. so first of all it's definitely
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ethically wrong to kind of participate in a conflict like this and in killing civilians specifically but we are talking about you know not just american weapons are supplied in this in this war they're also refueling these coalition airplanes in the in the middle of the air so it's not just about supplying them with weapons it's also about continuing to do so knowing that these weapons are killing civilians are killing children and then also aiding in the or fueling process in which these planes kind of go into yemen and launch attacks so to talk about the u.s. role it's definitely not mild here they're really involved in this war they're supplying the arms they're supporting it and they're also making sure that you know in a sense that it doesn't it doesn't get out of hand and i think what's happening now is a huge embarrassment to the u.s. because they are supporting saudi arabia but every time saudi arabia kind of
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targets innocent lives the u.s. administration has to answer to the senate and has to answer to the american people and i think that what what we're seeing today is that years into this conflict there's finally enough mounting pressure on the senate on the congress to kind of take yemen and what's happening in yemen seriously we will see what comes out of the u.s. congress on this but we have to remember that the u.s. is not the only country to be selling weapons to solve it is the u.k. this is they are just some of the all the providers can we expect those countries to rethink their weapons sales to sell the which they've been pressured to do but they have not stopped the i mean the even defended them. yeah i think we are witnessing a world where we have a similar process everywhere in the sense that the people on the ground and their parliaments or congress says are kind of rejecting what's happening in yemen they feel that their countries should not be involved in a war like that and then you have in that really need to make money and these sales
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are not cheap just in two thousand and fifteen the weapon sales from the u.s. to saudi arabia amounted to twenty two billion dollars and so these sales are high incentives for governments to get involved just recently when the saudi crown prince when he visited france a lot of people assumed that mccall and france would kind of seize weapons sales to saudi arabia but indeed he continued just like the u.s. and like every other country now it's going to fall on the shoulders not of these leaders to kind of say hey what's going on in yemen but really on their parliaments on their people on humanitarian agencies and on the news to kind of raise awareness on the injustices that are taking place in yemen some thank you very much for joining us to talk more about this that is. the live in washington d.c. . more ahead on the news hour including some family members of those killed in the genoa bridge collapse stage
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a boycott of the state funeral will tell you why nobody knew their names we visit the graves of the thousands of migrants who drowned while making the desperate journey across the mediterranean and coming up later and sport with indonesia opens the twenty eighteen asian games with a spectacular ceremony in jakarta. india now with thousands of stranded people waiting to be rescued in the southern state of carola as heavy rain continues to better the region at least three hundred twenty four people have died almost all the districts and carol are on alert for the flooding potentially affecting most of the state's thirty five million people it is so bad that the international airport at court she has been shut down for at least a week tourists have been told to stay away so far over three hundred and ten thousand people have been displaced by the flooding most of them are now living in the
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fifteen hundred relief camps that have been set up but with more to ensure rainfall cost over the weekend the government has pledged seventy one million dollars in aid andrew thomas reports from carola homes near the flood water people forced to leave their properties behind you know to to avoid the floods or landslides. this has been the scene for over a week as the southern indian states of carola battles heavy rains. the subsequent floods are being described as the worst in nearly a hundred years. only going to what the levels are rising since yesterday the rains have been heavy it's still ongoing people are worried. the floodwaters and mudslides have killed hundreds of people since the start of the monsoon season in june some parts of the state to receive nearly double the average annual rainfall. three hundred thousand people have been forced out of their homes. and that has not
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been easy as walters flood access points in many areas leaving air evacuation is the only option for language. the rainfall has led to massive landslides where chunks of the mountain of come down blocking the entire stretch although the clearance team is working to open the road it's unlikely it will happen people have been shifted to camps in the nearby areas. where the full cost is say heavy rains will continue over the weekend but will ease off towards but while that is good news for those affected in kerala the rains will likely be drifting to other states in the country. where the fact is for the future though right now the relief effort is in full swing here in the state capital is far enough south of the state the worst floods are a far i collection points like this one each with hundreds of volunteers all sourcing through donations and putting them on the trucks to send all. their biscuits rice medicines and toiletries and then the irony in kerala right
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now what is needed most is water under thomas al-jazeera to move out on top of carriage. to italy now where hundreds of mourners gathered in general on saturday for a state funeral for the victims of the bridge collapse more than forty people are believed to have been killed when the miranda bridge came down on tuesday. david chase reports from genoa. the whole country shared the grief of the families of the victims as they join together for a day of mourning in genoa some boycotted the ceremony because they blamed the state for the negligence that led to the tragedy but for those attending the solemn dignity of the service provided some comfort some relief from the pain as overwhelmed. to collapse of the more underbridge slash in the heart of genoa the deep room discours the bus all by demesne spain for those who lost their lives. and those wounds were everywhere
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a man with lost his brother henry he'd been taken by him to the airport for a flight to columbia when he landed he heard about the bridge collapsing the first pictures from the scene showed his brother's car in the wreckage it was an article about the brick willock he will be remembered for the wonderful person he was he said was brutal tragic but somehow worse and painful because he never realized that the kiss of death was approaching. the politicians and the dignitaries have now left only their friends and family of the victims are here to give each other support and watch each other and help each other as the victims make their final journey. on the key side of the port they would bid farewell with applause then a sudden downpour of rain came down much like the beginning of the violent storm that brought down the bridge and ended their lives. soon after the senior
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executives responsible for overseeing it made their first public appearance. we have to do we want to do and we will do whatever we can to alleviate the suffering. the company announced they would rebuild the bridge but this time it will be made of steel the italian president said. was touring the site before the funerals the company said they would spend more than five hundred million dollars to help the families of the victims and find new housing for those who lived under the bridge but there was no apology. they said apologies came with responsibility and just who was responsible has yet to be established david chaytor al-jazeera general. to turkey now a president of the un says he'll challenge those he says are playing with the economy
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a day after two major ratings agencies further downgraded the country's status and the one made the comments at a meeting of his ruling ak party the turkish lira has lost forty percent of its value against the dollar this year at the un and says the economic issues are part of a plot against his country. today some people are trying to threaten us through the economy through sanctions foreign exchange interest rates and inflation we are telling them we've seen your games and we are challenging. son your guy you go has more from istanbul a brisk business that's expanded along with turkey's middle class. has been selling products made by turkey's largest home appliances company for twenty five years but lately his sales have taken a hit because you can design we've had to put our prices up because of the current economic situation and that's affected our sales. despite this he is optimistic
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that he and the country kind of weather the current economic storm which began as a war of words with tuckey's nato ally the us over according to the president donald trump the arrest of evangelical pastor andrew bronson sparking a trade spat between the two countries is the start of the holiday week ahead in turkey and despite the slump the shopping malls that bizarre as are all packed with people but prices have shot up in recent days and people are feeling the pinch to get people who are not affected us a lot of my pension is already gone because of this i don't know how all afford holiday presents for my family who are going we need money to show we can't do anything about it this is about the games being played between global policy it's kind of a cold war the devaluation in the turkish lira may be good for exporters but the uncertainty and continuing antipathy with the us has rattled the economy even as
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the current stabilized last week market american or. of course the terrorists. in another financial times have affected turkey's economy it's borderline economic exploitation by the us as it's affected our sales president erdogan has placed much faith in an agenda of growth at all costs but that has had its own drawbacks billions of dollars have been borrowed and spent particularly in infrastructure and construction projects a tactic that could become unsustainable if there is further instability in turkey's economy. istanbul. now funerals are being healthy some of the children drowned in the oil and saddam on wednesday they were travelling to school when their boat capsized some of the bodies a yet to be filmed a favor blame the government for not doing more to improve the local transport network have a morgan has more. she was on her way to school along with her four sisters when
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the boards transporting them on the capsized. almost daughter drowned along with twenty two other children and their teacher. and look up to my of the feel as if we were expecting the accident to happen and we always used to say that there will be an accident they have been using this mode of transport for ten years it's happened in the northern river mouth state when the boats engine broke down after heavy rains. boats are the only way to cross the river and this area because there are no bridges according to officials forty people were on board. some bodies have been recovered but the search continues for the other is just beginning. when the boat capsized and held onto a tree and found my daughter clinging to me and i was able to save her but i lost my other daughter and son who drowned we live in a modern age our children shouldn't have to go to school using boats heavy rains in several states in sudan have led to the closure of hundreds of schools flash floods
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have killed at least forty people since the start of sudan's rini season in july it has also caused damage to tens of thousands of home displacing fountains of people as the rain want to destroy what infrastructure there is many are now questioning with the sudanese government is doing to keep them and their children safe people morgan al-jazeera. still ahead on the news hour stuck at the border why some venezuelans who are fleeing economic and political turmoil aren't being allowed to cross into ecuador the long abandoned tobacco factory that's being transformed into a multi million dollar cultural center for iraqi and sport is coming up with peter including action from christiane are in this first competitive game for you ventus .
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i know that heavy rain is pouring across parts of the u.s. at the moment it's mostly in the east with the wettest of the weather when out of this weather system here you can still see plenty of cloud on all the charts as we head through the day on sunday and still some heavy downpours to be seen as well as that system slowly creep so way eastwards we've got another one putting itself together across the plains heavy downpours here at the moment and then as we head into monday that system will sweep its way eastwards and it could bring us some severe weather particularly in the south meanwhile to the west of all of that is generally fine and settled san francisco there knowing teen degrees now a little bit further towards the south and there's plenty of sunshine here but also plenty of showers as you can tell from the satellite picture some of those showers are really very heavy and we can expect plenty more of them as we head through the next few days some of the wettest of the weather is still likely to be in the southwest imposible through parts of panama up into costa rica as we head down towards south america here we've got some rain that's pushing its way across parts
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of argentina you can see it here on sunday also affecting us in paris why as well behind that it's a lot cooler than it has been so a maximum temperature in one is always just eleven degrees on sunday and much in that as we head into monday that cool i would then push its way northward towards asuncion to. the border. tensions are high. little is changed and new village officials are struggling to
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demonstrate goodwill. among morial is thrown for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but really event tonight will drive a wedge between the villagers. fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories world leaders are a member of the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan non who has died at the age of eighty he served from
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one hundred ninety seven to two thousand and six and received the nobel peace prize jointly with the organization the u.s. media reports suggest saudi arabia and the u.a.e. is used american made bombs in an attack that killed forty children and yemen last week they have been calls from politicians in washington to stop selling weapons that are being used in what they called war crimes and more rescue equipment is needed in the indian state of carola to help save hundreds of thousands of people stranded and flooding the government has pledged seventy one million dollars in aid at least three hundred twenty four people have been killed more than one hundred ninety of them in just over one week. let's get more on our top story now the u.n. has joined world leaders and morning its former leader coffee are not and u.n. chief antonio tears has praised the man as a guiding force for good and says he remains an inspiration to all roslyn jordan has more from the u.n.
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headquarters in new york. kofi annan was the seventh person to serve as the secretary general of the united nations but in many ways he was the rock star among his contemporaries a young man who started his public service career in one thousand nine hundred sixty two mr on and developed a reputation for being as comfortable with ordinary people as he was with presidents and probably a million worked hard to make certain that people knew that matter tarion service was at the heart of his work and it was in that way that many people pay tribute to him on saturday the former u.s. president barack obama talked about persistence blood amir putin of russia said that he admired on ns ability to find a solution even when the situation was so complicated and critical to resign may nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. now rent remoting the indian prime minister all paying tribute to honor his
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dedication to humankind and to his belief that people can be unified despite their deep political differences others career had as many lows as it had highs but because he worked his way up from the bottom there was a level of respect that he had by the time he died on saturday and it's in that spirit that the united nations is going to lower its blue flag around the world to have staff for the next three days hundreds of people have been running in mani's capital against the reaction of president of to him but. many of them supporters of opposition to say say who last sunday's runoff seems to have dismissed the results as paddy and lines on his campaign team have filed an appeal to mani's top court for some ballots to be canceled. now former. iran khan has been sworn in as prime minister of pakistan it's taken khan more than two decades to get the top
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job offer for taiwan from the sport and turning his attention to politics he was elected prime minister and a vote at the national assembly on friday to static and soft on the most seats in elections last month. come out hi there has more from islamabad. imran khan take old and twenty second prime minister of pakistan the order administered by the president of pakistan mr mom known horse in a simple as that in many the presidential palace and if. it is important or nord emraan had already said that he would be big against corruption in a country where corruption and in diffusion and i. said that he will provide employment today young in a country where the majority of the population is below the age of thirty imran khan of course had a huge stock ahead of him the country's economy is in poor shape. but the united
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states are rock bottom relations read of one it's done need to be improved emraan had already spoken to the president and the wizard of londonistan he had also extended an olive branch to india thing that dave de india and they're willing to discuss outstanding issue again looting the key issue of that pakistan really take the extra step also important to nor his. young leadership who have replaced the old guard who have ruled this country for several decades his party is now the single largest party in a country but he also has to contend with many challenges both on the internal and external front but a solid and looks back at among colleagues journey from. the leader off pakistan. after a twenty two year struggle in months funds taken pakistan's top draw the kind of mount a cricket captain who got home the world cup is now the prime minister for years
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his vision has been to build what he calls a new parks on. the stage to become one. no you can only get out of this by the complete juta and what we call a new box them you know we want to but what they were is go back to the vision of the founding fathers. it all began with the launch of that there you can sock or p.t.i. in one nine hundred ninety six but it wasn't until the twenty thirteen election that it emerged as pakistan's third largest political party in this election concow being on a track record of establishing a hospital in a university and more recently running the government of the fabric of our problems . he's long been at the center of media attention both at home and abroad which meant his private life was also no spotlight from marrying british socialite jim i'm a goldsmith whose most recent divorce the journalist ramadan even his third manager the spiritual advisor bush has not been without controversy. funs also denied his
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rival's accusations that he won as many seats this time because he was the military's favorite candidate. but he has been the favorite candidate of many first time voters the youth as in round one calls them his party supporters have disrupted to dish and politics in the last few years but their energy and aggressive social media present and they've also put pressure on iran and members of his party have misbehaved. imran khan's one of the most recognizable faces of pakistan who's been a vocal critic of u.s. drone strikes and has insisted that dialogue with groups like the taliban is the way to achieve peace people do not want this acts so judicial killing in the name of drone attacks is hinted at better ties with neighbors including india and afghanistan in a positive relationship with the u.s. based on what he calls mutual respect. imran khan's become the first former cricketer to have turned popular support into an election when. he gets ready to
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fulfill his promise of the so-called new pakistan he faces major challenges including finishing his full five year term because none of his predecessors remained in power long enough to complete their time in office some of the job it was there now the un migration agency says that more than sixty three thousand migrants and refugees have entered europe by saying and twenty eight hundred forty two percent of them have been arriving in spain but many of those undertaking the treacherous journey don't make it a life kal penn hall reports from thirty five thousand spain where burying the all known has become all too common. nobody knew their names and soon the letters spelling out on the migrant will peel away to you to give. you nothing but grave digger parker iglesias remembers where they're all buried. a lucky few have been identified merlin you. hope.
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destiny we all have our own destiny we all know when we're born but none of us really know when we're going to die it's packer's work to this cemetery into reefer on spain's southernmost tip for fifteen years when a refugee or migrant dies mourners rarely come. i've got a heart and we're all human beings whether you know them or not you must treat them well if this ever happens to me i'd like to think somebody would help me to this crossings to the spanish coast of surge this year migrant drownings have tripled spanish authorities spend months trying to identify remains and repatriate them if possible. calls these the pioneers twenty two moroccans washed up two decades ago. flower seller antonia velasquez has a message for the mothers of all those buried here. they are here and where
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treating them well they are dead but if i can i will put a flower on their great there are some people here along the coast it's a short distance to the town of a part of batty grave digger who claims shows me the tomb of the five year old congolese boy some world was swept ashore here his mother was found dead on the other side of the mediterranean in algeria. it's outrageous there's so much power and money in the world and yet the rich don't invest more in the countries where migrants come from so they don't need to travel here like animals. until those in power heed that advice the grave diggers just help juggle the consequences . as i bury these migrants i told them that they didn't find a better world down here so i ask god to give them a better life out there they have sacrificed everything and this is what is left
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another monument to a wandering son or daughter name another. culprit whole al-jazeera to refer to spain. now venezuelans are lining up along the ecuadorian border trying to leave their troubled nation behind but many are stuck ecuador's government has tightened requirements to enter the country that is the island's must now have a passport to gain entry previously they only had to have a national id and many venezuelans are leaving the country because of its economic and political crisis. we want them to help us at least with processing the temporary travel card or something at least to facilitate it for us because it was too short of notice we were on the road already when they put out the news just like that boom on wednesday we left and all of a sudden they tell us that today well maybe it was saturday i think it's saturday because i'm still a bit disoriented so geez we would like them to at least facilitate that for us or
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that the ecuadorian institutions at least help us on that part of the matter the u.k. has been charged with two counts of attempted murder in violation to an incident outside parliament on tuesday the twenty nine year old man is alleged to have used a car to hit cyclists and pedestrians three people were injured the incident is being treated as terrorism by police that's part memories of a similar attack on march twenty seventh teen and which six people were killed near the same spot. now the world's largest annual pilgrimage the hug is taking place and sell the arabia's mecca this week attracting millions of muslims from around the world but as cutter faces the second year of had a saudi led blockade many muslims of the gulf countries have been blocked from entering saudi arabia to perform the important ritual or burden many reports. this small skin doha's education city suburb is famous for its architecture the
2:43 am
impulse was of the car on the wall and a building that rests on five pillars representing the five requirements of islam. one of these is to attend the hutch pilgrimage in saudi arabia. west but abraham says the saudi imposed blockade on cotton he's been unable to do so i applied last year just two days before the place. and it happened that. i paid and gave my passport to. the blockade happened just two days later so i was able to go. from france but lives and has attempted to gain a visa many times over but he's constantly told the same thing apply for me a country of origin so they are saying that yes we need them but. it was not if i was not able to get the visa was his case isn't unique many worshippers
2:44 am
here in qatar face the same difficulty it's not possible to fly anymore there is no like saudi arabia and a counselor at embassy is to apply from so it's not possible anymore this shouldn't happen and for any muslim anywhere in the world i don't think that. something like this has to do with them political issues it's something religious people attending this mosque live in qatar but have come from all over the walls many here say they'd like to apply to had but if found the ok mechanism to do so instead many said they have no choice but to apply for that own country something they say is time consuming costly and against the core principles of islam saudi authorities say that cesspool website to handle requests from countries who wish to go to hardship but carter's ministry of religious affairs says the border crossing remains closed there are no planes to. unsparing people from doha and there's no clearly defined way of applying for. agencies that organize hutch travel from say
2:45 am
that also be banned by saudi arabia and i've heard a lot of things about going back to another country and then applying for which from there which is not very convenient for a lot of people prior to the blockade jasmine says she would simply drive to saudi arabia with her family it was. issued like a road trip so it was really fine justin says she's more familiar with saudi arabia than her country of origin and since she live so close to the border she doesn't understand why it's become so difficult to perform hotch about a manly al jazeera doha. now thirteen years after being abandoned and all tobacco factory in northern iraq is getting a new lease on life the twenty six hectic compound is being transformed into a cultural center that celebrates the region's virtue and dust trail history as well as provide a showcase for artists of the future natasha going to name has more from the city
2:46 am
of celeb many here since it was founded more than two hundred years ago. in northern iraq has been a city devoted to the arts. it's that celebrated legacy that makes it unsurprising that someone looked at this long abandoned and dilapidated tobacco factory and it visioned a sprawling cultural arts center. that is no doubt there will be a huge impact on the people also the money of all people know that people here are thirsty for alton culture and they are always spot dissipating in or holding cultural activities people even come here from other cities it has a special history from one nine hundred sixty one to two thousand and five so i'm in a a tobacco factory rolled out carton after carton of cigarettes including the first kurdish brand the government run factory was the second largest industry in the
2:47 am
city's history it employed more than fifteen hundred people the former iraqi president saddam hussein's persecution of the kurds destroyed tobacco farming in northern iraq these machines produce their last cigarette pack thirteen years ago now the hope is this will become an arts hub where movie and television shows are produced musicians can practice and perform and artists create and show their work the cultural art center will pay tribute to its historical roots the plan is to save these machines and create an exhibit devoted to the solomon a yet tobacco factory. and indeed be getting of the cultural center project we agreed that the exterior of the building will be preserved there will only be eight innovation in sight then for the building remains as it was or easily and the next
2:48 am
generation will know that previously for more than forty years this was a debacle factory. the kurdistan regional government has allocated almost six million dollars to the project but no one can say how soon construction will begin in earnest let alone finish. through the no they call them a situation is difficult but we hope that it will change and it should be a bit and then we can overcome all the obstacles that we are facing. when the cultural arts center does open it promises to be a place where the history of industry and the future of the arts are preserved natasha going to name his era silliman a northern iraq. well the sports news still ahead on the news hour and the dutch tennis player has caused a shock and reach the final and cincinnati. looks
2:49 am
ugly it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world's record for just the side and who controls the other side the people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it unless you try america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. whether on line this isn't some abstract issue we need to be attached to their stops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism is creating a base is a dialogue then just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice i'm part of civil society i do talk but i never get listening to by those in the corridors of joining the global conversation. on how to zero.
2:50 am
on this sport now his piece. thank you very much the twenty games has begun in indonesia for the next two weeks fourteen thousand athletes from forty five nations will compete across forty seven sports it all kicked off today with an extravagant opening ceremony in the capital jakarta reports. i in a stadium purpose built for the asian games fifty six years ago indonesia officially
2:51 am
launched this year's games with a big show in central jakarta i more than forty thousand people watched as performers took to a six hundred ton stage with a waterfall and a volcano replica tickets sold out but there was criticism over the price ranging from seventy dollars to three hundred fifty dollars too expensive for most indonesian many gathered outside the stadium to be there when the games began but. everything has been smooth peaceful even dequeue too went to the stadium is very well organized indonesia is showing. such a big event in the near future i hope indonesia can bid for. like they did at the winter olympics earlier in the year north and south korea march together under one flag as a sign of unity and they will have joint teams for three of vents but the two powerhouse nations to watch in the middle rankings are china and japan held every four years an estimated three billion dollars was spent putting on the asian games
2:52 am
two thousand and eighteen most of that on infrastructure the organizers are optimistic that hosting the games will help elevate indonesia's international stature and could boost its economy and that the money spent is an investment that will see dividends we're not going to have a return like in over like water this is a national branding. if we success to have the sation games we believe that. the trust it will come and the tourists. part of her future it will comes by itself so we believe that that this is a long term investment. but for now the focus for the next two weeks will be on the athletes as they compete to bring home victory for each of the forty five countries participating scholar al-jazeera jakarta. christiane and all those first competitive game with you vince has ended in a dramatic late victory although he didn't get on the scoresheet himself lots of interest in the city our game against key
2:53 am
a very own or following rebel those one hundred million dollar move over the summer but there was a somber atmosphere before kickoff as both teams and fans paid respects to those killed in the general bridge collapse on tuesday. it was events assumed to lead just three minutes in sammy carried out with the drone. back came here even though with a header from emmanuelle jacket he. into the second object he was found in the box and then schooled he's second of the next to put carroll to one hundred. one although we're so close to levelling it for you venters but was denied by a great say from stefano sort in tino but they knew they did get the equaliser and own goal from jabers matty a bunny and right at the end in the second minute of added time they wanted with a goal from fifty to go bad in the diski so you ventus another off to a winning start in the italian. ac milan and croatia defender even strain each is
2:54 am
taking a break from football after being diagnosed with a heart condition he played in last month's world cup final but routine tests detected the problem which melanne say needs further investigation. chelsea are top of the english premier league after beating austin all in a thrilling london dobby arsenal fall from two goals down to draw level it through to only four marcos along so to score the winning goal nine minutes from time elsewhere newcastle missed a late penalty and the chance to win at cardiff they were home wins for everton leicester and tottenham who have taken maximum points from their two games so far and some of born with who won away at west ham are you saying bolt has been causing a fan frenzy in sydney ahead of his football trial of a league side the central coast mariners fans cheered and posed for selfies with the eight i'm a limp dick gold medalist sprinter at sydney airport both who retired from athletics at the world championships in london last year has trained with germany's
2:55 am
brasier dortmund south africa's moment of the sundowns and norway's strong squad say it as he pursues a career in football something he says is one of his dreams. but. my last season in charge them alone before. i knew what i'm capable of know what i can do so. for the miners giving me the opportunity to show they brought many of the all of australia from the the coliseum. the backtalk of it remains on course to become the first men to win all nine tennis masters tournaments he beat marin chile three sets to reach the final in cincinnati the only title to elude him thus far now he'll find out who he's playing later roger federer is favored to win the semifinal against david gower fan the thirty seven year old fourth from a sit down to beat fellows to a stand by going to yesterday to reach the last four. there was a shock in the women's tournament dutch player. patrick of its ability to reach
2:56 am
sunday's final its seventh straight win over top ten apart. things are very evenly matched between england and india after an eventful first day of the third test the train bridge chris works took three wickets to have in. you're wobbling but we're not currently an educator honey steadied things with a partnership of one hundred fifty nine coney fell three runs short of a century caught by ben stokes who's back after he's acquittal in court this week india with three hundred seven for six at stumps which is already their biggest score so far in the series so africa have started their regular habit of campaign off with a thirty four twenty one win over argentina in durban earlier will champions new zealand made a strong start to the defense of their title by beating australia in sydney thirty eight thirteen even though the australians were leading at halftime the all blacks ran in six tries to one to make the scoreline look overwhelmingly one sided two of those tries came courtesy of why sucking the whole. because you know it's
2:57 am
a special thing to be out of them. you know that probably isn't valid it's been that long just between drinks but come back up again here in sydney it's always better. and this is. as it is meant. for the ones that really remember jersey. and then maybe i will be joining the likes of south africa new zealand australia and argentina at next year's rugby world cup in japan the answer threshed kenya fifty three twenty eight in a world cup qualifier on saturday inventory to open a spot i met all the support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later on pay very much paper and that does it for the salaries of the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with another follow news bomber's thank you very much for watching.
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then there's nothing they set sail for gold. but the sky over there resorts worth more than its way to human being. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charts the birth and the rise of the african slave trade mapping out history at the state of humanity. for all the gold in the world want to just go. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull with worst in the world for sexual violence many
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women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you know very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called lal drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drive as. it takes discipline and camaraderie. this is not a game or is it. what is a healthy balance between work and play when playing. the story of the lows of. fast paced world of the pro game. of. this documentary.
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is a friend to thousands and. former u.n. secretary general dies at the age of eighteen. and welcome to life in my head. also ahead media reports claim the u.s. supply the bomb that was used in an attack that killed forty children and yemen. drops relief packages to those stranded by fly.


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