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just to make a living if you crash that might break your mirror or even kill you because a fruit is known for it's the from a gives me a cigar up on al-jazeera. landslides and fresh panic on long back of the indonesian island is shaken again just two weeks after a powerful earthquake killed more than four hundred. zero live from doha i'm martin there is also coming up. two million people in relief camps thousands marine rain eases but the problems may just be beginning for the indian state of carola. u.s. bombs used in the yemen attack that killed forty children the report causing
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a political storm. and while the people of venezuela are being blocked in their escape from economic and political crisis. a new scare for the indonesian island of lombok is his troubles to recover from a massive earthquake just two weeks ago people have been said running into the streets again a few hours ago it was jolted by a quake with a magnitude of six point five now the quake was quite shallow a depth of less than eight kilometers and it was centered in the northeast of the island a number of landslides safe are being reported but we haven't had any reports of injuries just yet two weeks ago a quake a six point nine hit the island it killed more than four hundred thirty people and
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it leveled tens of thousands of buildings and go live to the indonesians capital jakarta our correspondent there is scope bring us right up to date then with what you know about this latest tremor. obviously you know a lot of people in in lombok island here in indonesia very concerned about what happened just a few hours ago as you said a six point five magnitude earthquake hitting at about eleven am local time and what we know is we've seen the images we have seen images of landslides as a mountain range the northern part of this is north lone buck a mountain range that houses an active volcano and there are landslides on that mountain range that could be seen taken earlier just a few hours ago on sunday morning now obviously because we've had a string of earthquakes on lone buck island it's a pretty small island people there are already rattled you know yes the one that you discussed the seven point zero magnitude that happened about two weeks ago on
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august fifth that killed four hundred sixty people and massive damage half of billion dollars sorry almost more than five hundred thousand five hundred million dollars done in damage obviously people are very concerned about that there are a lot of rescue workers still working on that and trying to repair all that damage so very very rattled nerves on this island but today so far no major damage we've not heard of any casualties just yet martine and presumably there are many people still recovering from the last two weeks ago presumably out of their homes and then camp some receiving eight. absolutely and where this there's earthquake struck today there had also been a weaker earthquake at the end of last month and also on that mountain range i was talking about that there are hikers and workers who were stranded up on that mountain range because of landslides that was at the end of july so obviously people are very rattled there are repairs going on and we know that there are
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certain areas certain roads that officials are saying for people not to go down before they can check them out to see what damage might have been done from these landslides but we know that the quake was felt from about for about forty eight seconds depending on how close people were to the to the area where heavily hit so we know that they were rattled to begin with and then with this new one this new earthquake obviously even more so we heard that there are stories of panic people rushing out of their houses once the earthquake hit just a few hours ago fourteen ok thanks for that scott live in jakarta but the very latest on that situation and. now officials in the indian say to care and they say they need more rescue equipment to help to save the hundreds of thousands of people who are stranded many of them in remote parts of the state which is in the south of the country heavy flood flooding has affected carola and monsoon rains are continuing to better the region. the rain does appear to be letting up at least for
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now andrew thomas is our correspondent he reports now from van many. this is the sort of scene being repeated right across the state of kara believe it or not there is no river normally between where i'm standing in this far as you can see normally dry land but there is a river about a kilometer in that direction and it has filled its banks to such an extent that it is created this like a very fast flowing body of water coming across whatever you want to call it you can get across that have been killed and even risk being swept away so what's happening mostly is that men putting one around that yellow rope you can see on the right hand side holding a ball. bag on the other and taking it across about five hundred people live in a community of emory over there about two kilometers most of them don't want to leave the elderly have left and young children babies tell you but most want to stay without homes will be on the upper levels but they do need supplies and things like rice drinking water and maids and that's what they saw peroration is doing
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here and similar ones hearing right across america. it's nearly submerged in flood water people forced to leave their properties behind you know to to avoid the floods or landslides. this has been the scene for over a week because the southern indian state of kara battles heavy rains. the subsequent floods are being described as the worst in nearly a hundred years. water levels are rising since yesterday the rains have been heavy it's still ongoing. the flood waters and mudslides have killed hundreds of people since the start of the monsoon season in june some parts of the state to receive nearly double the average annual rainfall. in three hundred thousand people have been forced out of their homes. and that has not been easy as walter's flood access points in many areas leaving air evacuation is the only option for language. the
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rainfall has led to massive landslides where chunks of the mountain of come down blocking the entire stretch although the clearance team is working to open the road it's unlikely it will happen people have been shifted to camps in the nearby areas . where the full cost is say heavy rains will continue over the weekend but will ease off the words but while that is good news for those affected in kerala the rains will likely be drifting to other states in the country. where the fact is for the future right now the relief effort is in full swing here in the state capital with the far enough south of the state the worst floods for a fly collection points like this one each with hundreds of volunteers full sourcing for donations and putting them on the trucks to send all. their biscuits rice medicines and toiletries and then the irony in kerala right now what is needed most is water under thomas al jazeera to move out on top with care.
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emergency workers initially a trial. secure what's left of the bridge in general which collapsed on tuesday firefighters captured this footage of efforts to stabilize a section of the bridge the death toll is officially at forty one and they believe that there are no others missing meanwhile the company which was responsible for maintenance and construction has pledged more than five hundred million dollars to help rebuild the bridge. and thousands of mourners gathered in general on saturday for a state funeral for people who died when the bridge collapsed more than forty people thought to have been killed when morandi bridge came down david chaytor reports from genoa. the whole country shared the grief of the families of the victims as they join together for a day of mourning in genoa some boycotted the ceremony because they blamed the state for the negligence that led to the tragedy but for those attending the solemn
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dignity of the service provided some comfort some relief from the pain as overwhelmed. the. to collapse of the more underbridge slash the heart of genoa the deep rooted scores the bugger all by demesne spain for those who lost their lives. and those wounds were everywhere. a man with lost his brother henry he'd been taken by him to the airport for a flight to columbia when he landed he heard about the bridge collapsing the first pictures from the scene showed his brother's car in the wreckage it was an article about the print will he will be remembered for the wonderful person he was he said was brutally tragic but somehow it wasn't painful because he never realized that the kiss of death was approaching. the politicians and the dignitaries have now left only their friends and family of the victims are here to give each other
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support and watch each other and help each other as the victims make their final journey. on the key side of the port they would bid farewell with applause then a sudden downpour of rain came down much like the beginning of a violent storm that brought down the bridge and ended their lives. soon after the senior executives responsible for overseeing it made their first public appearance in the gutter we have to do what we want to do and we will do whatever we can to alleviate the suffering. the company announced they would rebuild the bridge but this time it will be made of steel the italian president says joe was touring the site before the funerals the company said they would spend more than five hundred million dollars to help the families of the victims and find new housing for those who lived under the bridge. but there was no apology they said apologies
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came with responsibility and just who was responsible is yet to be established david chase the al jazeera general. world leaders are paying tribute to the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty he served from one nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and six and received the nobel peace prize jointly with the u.n. in two thousand and one. it is. really bad for the world we have lost the moral voice of the world today is bad for the world in many so so many other ways he was a peacemaker he was. always in the forefront of trying to help people. it's devastating for me personally i mean he was a mentor he was a role model he was a friend he flew the flag of peace you flew the flag of collaboration
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throughout the world as he dealt with very difficult and challenging problems we were filled with pride to see an african leader dealing with world problems and finding solutions for them. the trumpet ministration is facing growing criticism at home of its role in the war in yemen u.s. media reports say an american made bomb was used in the attack on a school bus earlier this month fifty one people were killed forty of them were children and gallagher reports from washington. in northern yemen graves who recently dug for the victims of a saudi led coalition bombing that shocked the world but on august the ninth a school bus was hit in an attack the coalition called legitimate military action more than fifty people were killed at least forty of them children aged between ten and twelve dozens more were injured. the u.s.
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has provided support to the saudi led coalition with intelligence and aerial refueling now there are renewed questions about the weapons being used in the war reports suggest the bomb used to attack the bus was made by lockheed martin and according to c.n.n. supplied by the u.s. government as part of a sanctioned on deal politicians in the united states are demanding answers senator chris murphy who's announced a measure to hold military assistance to the coalition tweeted the following last week the saudi led coalition in yemen bombed a school bus killing forty four innocent kids and they did it with us supplied bombs intelligence support and midair refueling democratic house and senate members are also asking questions about u.s. involvement in a war that's been raging for more than three years key concern is that the u.s. may not only be culpable but potentially violating international law. in two thousand and sixteen president obama banned the sale of precision guided weapons to saudi arabia citing human rights concerns that measure was undone when the trumpet ministration came to power the u.s.
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has since sold to saudi arabia as part of a multi-billion dollar deal out of gallacher al-jazeera washington. a defiant turkish president pledges to fight back against things he says as threatening the economy. and catteries say saudi arabia is preventing them from making the muslim pilgrimage. hello there we've still got plenty of showers over the eastern parts of europe at the moment they're causing quite a few problems in ukraine yet more problems over the last twenty four hours and you know you're in trouble if a boat overtakes you on you're on a bus so more showers are expected over the next few days then and then behind that we've got another system that's making its way across the central part of your
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behind that it's turning a good deal fresher and then for the northwest we've got another weather feature here is just the remains of an old tropical storm but it will still give us some rather wet and windy for all the lively weather across the british isles there and then as we head through sunday it will be working its way towards the northeast and intensifying as it does so so for some of us in scandinavia and up towards russia we're going to see some really very heavy downpours out of that has we had three monday and into choose day a little bit further towards the south you can see the winds here feeding down from the mediterranean so along that north coast of egypt the temperatures on too bad as you head further inland though the temperatures rise pretty quickly will be up at thirty seven degrees meanwhile for the west there's a bit more cloud over parts about geria and into tunisia that will be giving us one or two showers particularly over the mountains but they'll also be some around lower levels as well they could be just grazing the coast around choose there for monday or temperatures though they do.
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national board since the debate on migration is polarized and. too strident position. in the headlines how do you do for an indigenous person who do they benefit isn't this more about living with difference and you and visas and who do they contain. the right she'll be anywhere in the world the right to leave their country. goes head to head with polk county and on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories here at the we've had no reports of injuries just two weeks
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ago a quake a six point nine hit the island and that killed more than four hundred thirty people. officials in need dropping aid supplies to people who are cut off monsoon rains appear to be letting up for now. emergency workers are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in which collapse on tuesday captured this footage of the efforts to stabilize a section of the bridge the death toll officially stands at fourteen. responsible for maintenance has pledged more than five hundred million dollars to help rebuild the bridge. the turkish president. is still defiant to keep the ratings agencies warned his country is going to find it even harder to pay its debts he insists the growing economic crisis is part of a plot against king president made the comments at a meeting of his ruling party the turkish lira has forty percent of its value
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against the dollar this year. has more from istanbul. a brisk business that's expanded along with turkey's middle class. has been selling products made by turkey's largest home appliances company for twenty five years but lately his sales have taken a hit because. we've had to put our prices up because of the current economic situation and that's affected our sales despite this he is optimistic that he and the country kind of weather the current economic storm which began as a war of words with tuckey's nato ally the u.s. over according to the president donald trump the arrest of an evangelical pastor andrew bronson sparking a trade spots between the two countries is the start of the holiday week in the end despite the slump the shopping malls that are all packed with people but prices have shot up in recent days and people are feeling the pinch to consider going to
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affect us a lot of my pension is already gone because of this i don't know how all afford holiday presents for my family. we need money to be called to anything without it. this is about the games being played between global policy it's kind of a cold war. the devaluation in the turkish year it may be good for exporters but the uncertainty and continuing antipathy with the us has rattled the economy even as the currency stabilized last week mark i'm going to come. of course the terrorists. in another financial times have affected turkey's economy it's borderline economic exploitation by the us as it's affected our sales president has placed much faith in an agenda of growth at all costs but that has had its own drawbacks billions of dollars have been borrowed and spent particularly in infrastructure and construction projects
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a tactic that could become unsustainable if there is spur the instability in turkey's economy. al-jazeera istanbul. the russian president vladimir putin has held talks with the chancellor angela merkel in germany top of the agenda was the war in syria but also what they talked about was russia's influence in ukraine and a controversial gas pipeline project to western europe john mccain reports from berlin. this is the second time that these two leaders have met each other in the space of just three months basically demonstrating the importance of the relationship between these two governments the point to make here is that there is agreement and disagreement there are issues where they find themselves on the other side opposing each other specifically in ukraine regarding the cease fire the minsk agreement that was brokered between these two governments plus the french plus the ukrainian some time ago which the german government which the french government
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also believe that moscow really hasn't done enough to ensure implementation of that agreement ukraine matters also to these two leaders because of the north stream to gas pipeline which is being built which is which is in the in the pipeline as it were which will lead to a changeover in the amount in the way that matched. well gas is pumped in germany that's important because at the moment lots of russia's gas is pumped into western europe transiting ukraine the ukrainian government is very worried that that might change and they say this is something the russians must deal with mr putin at this meeting he said no it's an exclusively economic project there is no danger of switching off the taps as it were three ukraine the other issue is syria both these leaders have said they want to see some progress towards ameliorating helping the humanitarian situation there that's the upshot from this meeting. the world's largest annual pilgrimage the hodges taking place in saudi arabia's mecca this week
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but as katter faces a second year of holiday and a saudi led blockade many muslims in the gulf countries say they've been stopped from getting to this important ritual lower burden manly reports. this mosque in doha is education city suburb is famous for its architecture the impulse was of the car on the wall and a building that rests on five pillars representing the five requirements of islam. one of these is to attend the hutch pilgrimage in saudi arabia. where split abrahamic asako says the saudi imposed blockade on carter he's been unable to do so i applied last year just two days before the plane. it happened that. i. gave my passport to. the blockade happened just two days later so i was
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able to go. from france believes in cutter and is attempted to gain a visa many times over but he's constantly told the same thing apply from your country of origin so the embassy in nigeria you need this time from them but. it was not if i was not able to get the visa versa his key. case isn't unique many worshippers here in qatar face the same. it's not possible to fly anymore it is more like saudi arabian council or the embassy used to apply from so it's not possible anymore this shouldn't happen and for any muslim anywhere in the world i don't think that but something like this has to do with some political issues it's something religious people attending this mosque live in qatar but have come from all over the world many here say they'd like to apply to hard but have found no clear mechanism to do so instead many said they have no choice but to apply for that own country something they say is time consuming costly and against the core
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principles of islam. saudi authorities say that cesspool website to handle requests from countries who wish to go to hardship but carter's ministry of religious affairs says the border crossing remains closed there are no planes transferring people from doha and there's no clearly defined way of applying for hodge agencies to organize hutch travel from qatar say they're also be banned by saudi arabia and i've heard. things about going to another country and then applying for from there which is not very convenient for a lot of people prior to the blockade jasmine says she would simply drive to saudi arabia with her family it was only. issue merrick. said it was really fine justin says she's more familiar with saudi arabia than her country of origin and cinci live so close to the border she doesn't understand why it's become so difficult to perform hotch noor about somali al jazeera doha.
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venezuelans have been lining up along the ecuadorian border to try to leave the troubled nation but many a stock as a government has tightened the entry requirements venezuelans now need a possible to get in previously they needed the national id. we want them to help us at least with processing the temporary travel card or something at least to facilitate it for us because it was too short a notice we were on the road already when they put out the news just like that boom on wednesday we left and all of a sudden they tell us that today well maybe it was saturday i think it's saturday because i'm still a bit disoriented so geez we would like them to at least facilitate that for us or that the ecuadorian institutions at least help us on that part. we've been speaking to sonya shocked his a latin america analyst she says venezuelans are now finding it difficult to seek help in neighboring countries. we haven't
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got that piece of interview but hopefully we can get back to it a bit later on in the meantime let's look at something else because rival protests have been held in his capital for and against the government of danielle all take a the opponents accuse him of using heavy handed tactics to crack down on demonstrations all the three hundred people have been killed since april from the capital managua home and reports. as tends to happen in the canard what went on see government protesters take to the streets those who support the government who so you turn now in full swing and they're here right now to show their support for the president on the it will take a he said that things a back to normal in a could are what they say they agree with what we've seen over the last couple of days is that there is some truth in not there are so many people just starting to return to buzz and restaurants off the months in which people were quite scared to go out at night scared because of paramilitary groups principally roaming around
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the streets saying that there's a lot less presence oh those groups in those days the people here say that they have munching that's wall street justice especially in the case of the twenty two policemen that have been killed in the course of the protests among others although . the deaths during this attempted coup are the most unjust thing that's happened to nicaragua a country in peace has been shaken by a bunch of bundles and criminals just a few streets away this is the anti government margin is substantially bigger than the government won the title of this march is it things. they've got naked eye one might be come up other than in previous months give us a calm to not be a rather than contentment they point to who it's the number of people how to relate to neighboring costa rica to avoid what they say is a government crackdown well the people there are in hiding within the country
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themselves they say that there's been government repression as. a result of the recent protests but that they're not going to give up equally for a change by calling for a change in government the president done it will take a step down but only a little daniel ortega is a dictator who has done whatever he wanted his reelection returns us to the times of the dictator what we want is a free nicaragua like you can see from these two opposing not just this is a country in which even though the barricades of her books might be cleared out and the government supporting her military groups might not be so hard on the street is still incredibly tense some polaroids. egypt's president has signed a new law which means websites could be blocked if they're deemed a threat to the state the owners of the banned sites may be fined or could go to prison anyone who visits the sites could also be penalized we've been speaking to dalia fuck me who's in the soci a professor of political silence science at long island university. this is more of
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the same of egypt's policy of really crushing any voices of dissent or any narrative outside the state of the state dictate what we've seen through this life it indeed does passes that not only will be the blocking of websites that constitute a threat it's this terminology what does it mean to constitute a threat under the new terrorism laws that were passed under president sisi a threat is anyone even insults the state could possibly publish something that is seen as destabilizing to the economy. and so this is more of that legislation that really a chance to target the one avenue left for voices of dissent which is indeed cyberspace if we think about what happened last month there is another bill passed by parliament that was approved by president sisi this is any social media user who has more than five thousand followers on can be placed under supervision included
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in this law as well. that any internet provider must actually release information of those who are active on the internet and if you visit these websites even accidentally you can be arrested and fined and so what it creates in society is a level of fear of even this last avenue of dissent cyberspace is now paralyzed. travers a take a look at the top stories here it out is there the indonesian island of lombok has been struck by a magnitude six point five earthquake the quake is centered in the northeast of the island a number of landslides have been reported so far though we've had no reports of injuries two weeks ago a quake of six point nine hit the island it killed more than four hundred thirty people and leveled tens of thousands of buildings. officials in the indian state of carolus say they need more rescue equipment to help save hundreds of thousands of
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people stranded in remote areas by heavy flooding the air force has been dropping aid to people have been cut off by the floods the rains continue to batter the region though it does appear to be letting up andrew thomas reports. this is the sort of scene that is being repeated right across tara there is no river between where i'm standing and as far as you can see that's normally dry land but a river about a kilometer that way has spilled its banks to such an extent that the water up here is very very fast like and that's why the roads are right along the right hand side as people walk across with their bags of rice and with bottles of water there's about five hundred people over there most of them don't want to leave their homes are living on the upper levels but they do need help and this is a scene that's going on right across the state of emergency workers initially are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in general which collapsed on tuesday
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firefighters took this footage of the efforts to stabilize a section of the bridge the death toll stands at forty one rescuers believe no others and missing. venezuela's are lining up along the ecuadorian border there trying to leave their troubled nation but many are stuck as ecuador's government has tightened entry requirements they now need a passport to get in previously they'd only needed their national id cards right up to date those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next inside story. on counting the cost financial tremors in turkey shake investor sentiment in emerging markets a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting south africa's economy plus why google is tracking your every move counts you know cost. he has promised to improve pakistan's battered economy and fight the rampant corruption now that eminem kind has been sworn in as prime minister can he deliver
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on those promises this isn't sad story. hello welcome to the program i'm about that hamid in one can had campaigned for what he called a new pakistan promising to end corruption and to fix the struggling economy but the cricketer turned politician has numerous challenges ahead chief among them.


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