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tv   Sergio Ramirez  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2018 11:33am-12:00pm +03

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other profession. we charge the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people. on al-jazeera. michael. you will. see. nicaragua once again a central american powderkeg late april into anger brings tens of thousands of nicaraguans on to the streets to demand the resignation of president daniel ortega former revolutionary hero whom the accuse of having turned into a dictator during one hundred days of confrontations up to four hundred fifty people are killed and thousands injured the vast majority are young people or take a response with a deadly crackdown paramilitary groups armed with assault rifles operate in plain daylight breaking up barricades and going door to door hunting down opponents
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ortega and his wife and vice president for. playing the uprising on terrorists and refused calls for an early election to defuse the crisis human rights organizations say more than seven hundred people have been kidnapped and as the crackdown widens even the catholic church has been targeted the crisis has ruined the economy is central america's poorest country thousands of seeking asylum in neighboring costa rica but the challenge for take his hold on power continues among the loudest voices is prestigious poet a novelist said you know from me this he took part in the revolution that overthrew nicaragua's former samosa dictatorship and was our take as vice president during the one nine hundred eighty s. we sat down with him meet us in monoglot discuss why he has turned against his former ally and comrade. so i mean this thank you for joining us had talked a lot of what happened to the ideals and the dreams of the sandinista revolution
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and do you consider that there is still a sandinista. you're. getting the. water while you're in the hole into and that is. in any kind i was. it's on the friend to sign it on more so in the oh i mean i seen from when they only thing they had probably or not a. lot of other horror more graphic or we added a little from the info go in for the model if you like can link it for us on the last guy battery guy that i gave how can i show now if you only course. by law the monthly huge political
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toll are going to pull the hour. blitz said but i said are going out on our last day and i want to know whether you want us on a corner legally the liberal press you on that are going to. be still in the old i don't want to show but there were a lot of other sunday ministers like yourself how was it that then you were taken was able to dominate so easily wanted to more rather what i thought you had asked. where i added no song what i thought you had but i thought oh yeah. we've your. you know why i. said i said then i knew. look you you know like there are like one that i die in a scene when that might be i don't want to contact you when i get there when i thought it because i was handle my hannah. hole in it or you know millennialists
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a look and i said oh no and the owner of the mill no can also get in or on purpose and how could dial our last line of the thirty or. eleven o.p.'s younger players who was on a choice lay there at all and show love how to figure a loss over them with a horny inventin income or you were in a prison that will not roll if you don't say you cannot see and all that i did i mean the police it a little early they come you care enough to you want ptosis what do you think made him change is he different from the man who you once said supporting you his vice president after all your whole i said the boy to come it will move. but why would a c c c l gaelic call prescient by easy behold a lot of democratic us gimpel that were meant to head said pull it out of the heart
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of our c.e.o. i mean. i'm old i'll go with your quote of joan cornwall choreo in america latina a. dementing what i knew paid all it bad but whole lot really the whole we're going to go to press here and say up at us with grass. put on the that i decide i carry around iraq and i know a lecture on which song you are likely to sell well but how prescient that they're manipulating them are done to. the press the enter key product of the show iow i've got to sell it just feel warm but i don't brow or normal why don't the poor girl variants on the walk i saw and this. it was a thought of pm one has the associated political kin the see you make you you make it or compulsory or it doesn't get the good you've got a cool literally that an element there's had been a sunday. is when oil is not what i like class a what do you know any good i was
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going crazy you mchale yes joe all of the mass you my friend thought that michael say yes a little while and see in the market. you so now that it's not as you want but don't buy it dump again you sort it the weather so that the lawyer nevada. in the hope for one annoyance at that time incident from when i had a monster most of the two we want to throw i don't want to get home but being if the someone at the center miles had to proceed i had to cross the cone cone for the front but the lotus in b.c. lace a head damn i thought i had these in the can when it came my. glasses but it went bad when people like i saw. those who had not been a president any for any history especially in central america has
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a very nasty habit of repeating itself do you think that that is what's happening here let's go to a. set of p.t. it before there's going to be no one that i'm home i know but it's here he comes he says that i do not decide yet throw. some parties here. you know what i mean those hinted that they were jonas's to go to florida so most of. a key on the. it was that up be done be a. friend terry and. a somewhat separate central shimmied persona as folia. concent those seeing that persona us he had to look at but yeah as someone say it or. not though i stick to us as a listener julio is a blast. key one policy won't go get him go ahead take what our data
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and go by that this is a man that does a care when i've asked russell but i me kill a lie why is that simply a lie told us something we don't want to allow to us see that not there was the girl you see an awesome ohio with a lacing it with this a care c'mon that this a care it feels they. talk about us you're not normal so also give up with us like bonding i love for mother has he showed the boy it. so mossad to believe said this he is going to tell you i don't know if president elect a guy is now a dictator as you say why has it taken the nicaraguan people so long to react and why do you think that this uprising has spent so quickly but i think i said that though the force of the press how. soft as water pressure the employer the boiler
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wiring on both all a part of a lot of well i will tell you how key i will enjoy it are you can follow him to the full tell you that i fully cannot replace your own meo secure i'm going to rio in comparable shii little bottles we put us here luminous for a long week but if you are today. allergic to. a polish before you can handle llambias the rip one side or tassels for the shell so they feel. that a passable. diag guitar now a crime which i haven't they known that i mean on the they looked bad. one dorm. monitor for a model a this is all the source yeah little on the left then she'll know that on channel only to yell sound or low on the line. like
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what are they going to hold a society or is. it so not just but are mocking said a lot but i don't buy it at the sector. when i created tea for di has he kalo united a quarter that the soil as well as a shell. or a lamb on the. on a lot of thought may have passed to me the evidence of the grass. this year and i put annoyed a sort of adam appeal it said i'd wake up one of the say if it does allow why. out of place i will say hole a key focus in the law but i. will say look ahead days heloise. i don't leave till i've got a there was. a monday earlier what do you think is going to happen now what do you foresee and what is to prevent this crisis from the valving exactly the
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same way as in venezuela for example. your shinto k a. parapet of your. top. and character on the terror. but i mean it that i had no what i would have said reported that old controller. by a violent thought but this year in the a young couple wonderfully i meant the leader who are needed. entire nobody will tell you who judge will. send your land all of your claim for solace. and i sort of challenge he. are you going to go see primero or not. yes when i was humble when i said come way down to the did then this hurt you i would read where they say that are going to real consensus oh when i'm on it
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up by sea wall weta my son in the middle going to get paid at the what i hand the political through this is on time so political but i really lit it up only political put out of the press ideas she didn't come on down though i am biased with the address political but i really listens to my non-lawyer a little subset of all the. i people tell us they employ osan comment that a second later he went on that i know them where to go but i like let's say maybe i can buy now simply last money that you and i had like i had a hint they will buy real the moon just for me to something until we can mother last and see not blissful seahorse. we teach him a glass of. their mother is a your people i mean i don't there you it was only by that i am an error i'm sure you'll probably come my cussing my high get a mother i'll come on like asa. your lawyer could care less the lawyers showing
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this in the way that i might think i meant to. get him on the european kicking back on the maybe little pad for him to sign any time of the game and like i said it was a thought that i will go to let me more familiar the part the audio the there may but it's going to. have a complete that the hero kicks this the leash or jody real data on you yes i agree that you can't turn the clock back but that does not mean necessarily that president daniel ortega is going to be out the door any time soon nor that he's going to hold early elections which he has flatly rejected see below a lot of brazil noise with him to parliament and have a. home where we are not a lot of applause from cecily a democratic grass. going as it does here on duty i might want to head to prone to learn about government is relevant here and i said i think that i wonder why is it
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different morandi better set up to have the day they'll decide today economic order lamberty that a whole lot of this sort of thing the lingo and i really. didn't which is they don't look to them which model but also me on there are really there but there are little idea there are the pros handle scene when a producer we own his own set then tell me oh no a lot of the ad you. see or think that competent all that rolling in monaco international not going is for a lot no salaam os this is not really a kit that we know of but i see him put it down a little mia the a-basin must begin to. work at the muck around the globe eighty. i put a pass on i think i was on the economy you want to call it a lot i said about brutal banks and that i listened to what drove me on a lot of. how to market universal but the market under. don't say
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what it will mean we for picking yeah. i think when the tell you all that amanda or they are not tommy and what's happened to the latin american left fifteen years ago there was the well wave of progressive governments that ended up being to scrape just accused of corruption abuse of power and worse. i mean but i think you get the socialism or pseudo into a no for middle who meet the bus following a patrol you. know it's our. people yelling at her picketing here who are on me and i was over. by low ball a fairly high but we also had arjun murti now. i see oh you are the you you are the known all my name that is a look at how many here there are many going to tina care less your employer and
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less in your i tell it he lets you know the kitchen being one. in the chair is illegal. would he have it again also they went to the press here and. there is his lawyer any money into the low he. said our lot of them probably moon that come you are not medical at the into a. void get a passing a while oh don't take a little piece for nancy i hear a lot a lot of angelic or rare. i mean or lessons have taken to the more n o a a low and i want to see only an hour after the literal being two plays ago that i folded in that article shown a kick on the now and the other day where he lives here at this autumn i don't know
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but i made that a lecture and i thought require a lot of years out of a lot of. cecil for him a little kiss on don't worry me into going to be adam and call it a cesspool when elaine by how they're all of us has had her last album we call my mental hour what does she own in those poor airport are they are sort of a thorn israela you and i got a billion on shantel gotta go to the number to know. ministry left little social. karen to look at where i say i'm more a lot of argument but as he don't come up early april if i am all this saturday the cement the ball the bottom front i he lives in our power i get our sorrow glad all he is in the family here that i wish and i'll get medical at the nightly care they're going to allow ana aying in four hours how bout
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a son told her that her pussy who as you call this is total hit an i.e.d. . in a lie about it once. it was sort of shown the hint of kale to play a big game on a computer show interest in an album world tile he meant to say go clear you want to call on the. masses at the peak or i handily barely more yankee put it but on the world i thought. that they don't pay when you accuse the i knew i said he now peter and i go is that one do and how i was limited to the somali when i didn't care. you know so you know. me pretty early morning. in the here that i see is i suppose he's shown a case a war path of us here but a thousand you look at that neocon friend pattison yes exactly president elect
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reagan saying that he is a victim of terrorists being financed by an outside power clearly means the united states what would you say to him if you had him in front of you now or you know it's well known out of hunters here see that my wife had a it's over but i said we're equal rather empty it or pay that i thoroughly searched out it than the actual length or less when i got a thousand of those when you know political biography or. a baby is still in there last year and i called up william a lot of this here and there but there does is the three year gap they thought only they are compiling i know it said the thomas a folder it tonally in the ass of order to go yet another thousand meals still and she also complained sio inform the monetary internationale markham points he'll put it totally there ok or the other c.e.o.'s are
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a lot known car for this or the national look what i thought of told them it didn't want to live a little fun i wanted that international scene ok i want to play some pretty loud because i marked out all non uptick in a call but at the your call but at the end when podio fiancee are here for the moment that international snow cave and i. did the oh not where the opera when the koran presario. the end is here they memory lovely decay with their hands when they lost it's war don't see i know it doesn't say. only care as yes i tend not to make on the i am what kerry would buy it moon though i bet a power can change but about a moon though email going across your own wall we haven't had one head on order on him going to the somali inquiry and a little from you says a lot of mother what i thought my psychic cantante it was our last here literally my yankee elodea here in the pattern here an attack on a lover for sally some of us have said oh yeah no i am i get a free am brimelow at
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exactly yeah i might get a free year here guess i'll probably go to tears like the okra. p.s. i get a free year is feeling why a dollar at a free year wunderlist. charming wire will go world way alas another pull out or that i get a free e.p. into. care a lot of putting a thought out there. you can put in no need to listen can i when are all in the loving to place in mind for planted america like the now motown that is will show they are here where by now without all that i. thought oh yeah marley carlin contra. area where he look at me sick it's got a bilateral inoperative consequential i don't for a year she know this too conductor see the little dial there to what this.
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little impressed. a simple only quote that i want to say that we're sorry and we simply seeded percocet current when i was on all your put ok worn i sincerely as a result of there was a scene at the yellow more than most here they'll have presario for you i'll be the comment that i went this could be an infinite justice or homicide play is in the field of no play most of you know lanty cannot again come upon the most evil man. henty i can't help thinking and i'm not alone that if this crisis is not resolved quickly politically nicaragua could end up being unbridled yet another civil war all appearances he know i'm going to fail to go you more than have but isn't there a little logic with our being there i see it but i bought us almost like it i can
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telephone president announcing what i mean what my brain time really see how they added i've a flash heal on the true true on this i want to see me in tow. now you get on i.r.c. really you're going to get a good eye when i see it hello canopus it but hearing anywhere who could i see little has an a hole in it you know look around i am on that one time you want to come and i know it i see it big and no opposite but i guess how you are at last i'm going to a low hole in the like a separate to complement the load to move your p.c. up on it to buy it can see it i'm going in the my hole into your head as a metaphor what i might carry it to somebody as a part i.i. minimal typically when i see it case and if it got really them where the europeans so we could have seen hen or law say. premier i get by in a lobotomy that i still read it when i thought i woulda bordello yes seek it deliberately i thought he could i think i was gay when i see.
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bands on a mild room for. k.-rock or to take up a lot out of my hair there was a lady on my we only want this almost like guy and hope that i will believe it or don't call the only that but you'll notice if you put in a call be only that i mean that he. like it or you'll get a hello rat shit broader network politico it does elicited. say well get a pithy to those apollo men will tell ok ok here that gives a lot of sort of shown though not as if they see need to load a quarter mile international combi adolescent rush on the place he could pass if you come in their way i was going to do and i think it was you and i killing it when iraqi call to you i want to premier the people she want to get into said laura going to elect or i'll work and i will and i lecture and i go her lederman taking
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my lord and i'll buy east a summer pass but it is here you come here performed oh and i thought i only got i work in longer at the mere opening night of any people's will and for this cannot wait until the two thousand and twenty one elections and on talk radio on creole cured by fear i want to lift up and she only got the. last boss you're going to see endo. going on because you know i. i was holding us. a lab and i said they're my oldest son's the only one that i. want but they are part of the style for neil. but it's shown the lack of money and then i shall if i'm a player said k. . he killed temple a temple. so this thank you for talking to us as you are. full
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of struggles. full of pleasure. i live. in an intimate. today it. did feel like this if. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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i wonder whether. running in fear again the indonesians island of long shaken by new quake two weeks after hundreds died and thousands of buildings were destroyed. without. also coming up. floodwaters forced hundreds of thousands from their homes the rain is easing but the problems may be just speaking.


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