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this is al jazeera. this is the news hour live from a headquarters and i'm glad you navigate are coming up in the next sixty minutes the rain eases but southern india's problems are getting worse the floods in kerala forced eight hundred thousand people from their homes and into camps afghanistan's government announces a conditional cease fire with the taliban and during the muslim festival are you trying to flee the country by going nowhere venezuelans find their lack of travel documents denies them entry to neighboring countries and emergency workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa which collapsed on tuesday
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i'm joined by the day sports china maker goldman sachs the asian games in the pool at best reaction from chicago coming up. hello rains house thought in parts of carolina giving some response to thousands of people still trapped in flooded homes but as water levels recede in the southern indian state there are concerns of an outbreak of diseases and that threat looms over some eight hundred thousand people who are cramped in temporary relief camps andrew thomas reports from china or which is one of the worst affected areas. people in kara describe the hike to the water noted centimeters. but in debt relative to the. ankle deep only waist deep. some walking kilometers to the nearest dry roads the. but home my how and then it went
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up on my head no it ground floor was completely covered the old are evacuated first carried for the folks that train for them elsewhere the water is shallow enough the trucks to drive in and. out walked in and found most people wanted to stay at home in houses with second floors they can last name is god because like morning i wake up they're having so much alike that in my heart planes are having like those lysol for free. where people remain in their homes food water medicine and toiletries are being carried in the car to simply too strong to promote on a boat like that and hope it ok it will get swept away so they started going to holding on to this rope as they walk the boat about an hour and a half in that direction this is and walking through fast flowing water with debris . hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and now in camps statewide
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an unprecedented relief effort is underway india's military has fifty four helicopters over carola some drop supplies others amounting rescues the weather is improving there was much less rain across carola on sunday than at the end of last week but what is already full is fast flowing dangerous and everywhere this is an ongoing emergency i do thomas al jazeera. t.m. thomas isaac is the finance minister of the province and he thinks the crisis is not over yet it's. now or only to the state sort of the fourteen hour. which means the great has already peaked. but that doesn't mean. for example be a part of care law allowed to tract of land. rights going. to show really goes from one of the two or three
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days will because all the reading into the city so. all of the it will come down but remarkable achievement in a matter of three four days we have been able to move. fifty thousand persons to camps. i think the talk was number displaced because including those who moved to the late eighty's for a friend's house would be well over one point five billion meanwhile qatar's government has pledged five million dollars in assistance for carolers flood victims the emir i mean how many. announced the aid package saying he acknowledged the special bond with india the contribution the people of carola have made. the
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state charity organization has also launched a campaign to raise funds. as afghanistan celebrates the ninety ninth anniversary of its independence the government and the taliban have made overtures of peace president ashraf ghani has announced a three month cease fire with the taliban but with conditions the taliban responded by promising to free hundreds of prisoners on the occasion of the islamic religious festival of al-jazeera as eunice seen has more from kabul. this is not the first time that president musharraf of any announced a cease fire on a religious holiday back in june in either the fifth or the end of ramadan president rabbani announced a ceasefire for three days. taliban accepted the offer and many people here in afghanistan remember when taliban fighters and army soldiers share the same most next to each other and hug each other it was for many here an inspiration that
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peace perhaps is. reachable and it's possible in afghanistan however this offer is quite different the duration of the cease fire proposal proposed by president romney is for three months like three days in a little fitter and also people here believe that the president is trying to reach some sort of agreement with the taliban to secure the country and to provide the necessary conditions to help the election at the end of october and also. this offer and this proposal is different because president county said that this cease fire can last as long as onerous and to respect the terms of this cease fire of course has yet to deliver. its position on this offer but today they announced a symbolic gesture they said that there were they will release. hundreds of.
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soldiers held in custody according to our sources taliban is not a united front on this on this matter some members of the political bureau of the taliban out of with this offer and they think that it is necessary to accept the government offer but some members. can be called here in kabul as radicals they don't think that this is a good idea let's get some perspective speak to it now that in london he's the director of the british and irish agencies afghanistan group thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera how much appetite does the taliban have to accept the ceasefire at this point. well firstly it is very difficult to say because it's an extended period of time it is
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a time when the taliban all are gaining ground militarily and different parts of the country and this is also an election season so although they might accept three or four day ceasefire it will be highly surprising if they accept an extended one to what extent do these truces because as you are saying it's not the first time that ashraf ghani has done this so what is behind it to what extent does this lay the groundwork or does a signal any progress towards peace between the government and the taliban. so there are reasons for the optimism because the previous cease fire resulted in an overall reduction in violence and created a breathing space for the civilians who were suffering from unabated violence but they are also reasons for premise pessimism because an element insurgency elements that are not part of the taliban per se or former taliban members who are now.
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fighting and the brunt of in the country they continue their attacks on civilian and government targets so although this is going to reduce violence we are yet to see if this is going to result in a complete end of violence or a start of peace talks so what you're saying is the other groups including down. have no incentive to follow this cease fire. they do not know because in the previous ceasefire the government had said it clear that they do not include the fire fighters and this and also the taleban made it clear that they do not include the american and western troops and this ceasefire so that's why the taliban as well as these are his fighters after the cease fire continued their attacks actually in recent weeks they have committed most egregious crimes
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against humanity we saw that the few days in kabul fighters attacked education center that killed more than forty young boys and girls who were attending classes for university entrance exams so these kind of attacks have really had a negative impact on people's. overall mood for for these kind of cease fires it is very important to note that at the moment the war of terror thing towards the taleban they have. attacked places like us in the that are very close to the capital and captured it for the first time so. a lot of people have what feels are such offers of ceasefire are going to benefit the taleban and the afghan government you know as the economists put it next month the army will begin recruiting soldiers who are
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not yet alive during the attacks of nine eleven that led to the invasion of afghanistan that is quite a surreal milestone isnt it. the water enough honest man has continued for a very long time not just the nine eleven attacks this year we saw that forty years of conflict in afghanistan. it is now four decades of war so people like me have not seen an afghanistan that has been peaceful so a lot of people view this. as a sign that you know people for certain people don't want to some perhaps war has become a lifestyle they would continue their current levels of conflict but there is also some real clear appetite for peace because two years two months ago when there was a ceasefire we saw a lot of taliban fighters actually celebrating peace and the afghan cities which
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which meant that they are also exhausted of these long years of all ok we thank you very much a lot nicer for speaking to us from london brazil is sending troops to its border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were chased out of town by locals dozens of brazilians attacked two makeshift camps in where at least a thousand venezuelans have been living they burn belongings and they set fire to one of the sites cheering as the venezuelans were forced to cross back over the border residents say the violence began after several migrants allegedly robbed a local shop owner tens of thousands of venezuelans have fled to brazil in the past three years to escape economic and political crises back home well colombia has protested because many venezuelan arrivals are now stranded within its borders let's talk to alessandra mpg on the situation there he's joining us from the
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capital of bogota to tell us what exactly is going on there on the. well i mean we've seen an increase in the influx of venezuelan migrants here in colombia also trying to cross into ecuador and into a great deal and coming weeks this has created even more challenges for these countries that are ill equipped to receive so many refugees in such a short amount of time at the latest the frontline of this crisis is the border the colombian style the border with ecuador as you were saying where hundreds of venezuelans are now stranded but there is demanding them to show their passport to continue their journey the problem is that very few venezuelans have password passports to do this is to do through this situation back home and that's
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why we're seeing it now that hundreds of them are stranded at the border this is a border crossing high in the andes freezing temperatures there at night a lot of them are having a very hard time they are demanding demanding the ecuadorian government to let him through on humanitarian grounds that but that doesn't seem to be the case so migrations officials here in colombia worried that the situation will get worse in coming days and weeks and as for what's going on in brazil we're reporting that brazil is sending troops to its border with venezuela so what are they doing there are they trying to stop venezuelans from coming in. in part that's what they're trying to do at the beginning of august of minutes well i had a ready sealed its in order border with the vinnies with a nice way to briefly to try and stop this dam of migrants there there are
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increasing tensions in these towns that are already very poor these governments are having a hard time setting up camps there and we've seen increasing tensions with the local population the worse the incidence is the one you described in your introduction on saturday and we've seen the images of hundreds of venezuelans pushing their suitcases back into their country as a migrant camps were being set on fire by local residents angry allegedly because venezuelan criminals attacked the restaurant and the owner there and back out of anger and so we're seeing this happening more and more and governments say that this situation continues in coming weeks and months they might not be able to control it anymore that's why the brazilian government is sending troops but this is definitely something that needs to be addressed at regional level at least this
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is something that the u.n. is insisting needs to happen and then it's one on government the need to recognize what's happening with their population something that so far they haven't been willing to do ok the sundering m.p.'s thank you for that update from bogota well what's happening in venezuela itself is that the government will put into circulation a new currency on monday it's called the solver in bali var and it's the latest attempt to rein in control of the high cost of goods the new notes will be paid directly to the states cryptocurrency the petro which is backed by the country's crude oil reserves one petro has a value of three thousand six hundred boulevards so the move affectively devalues the sovereign valley. by ninety six percent well this is part of a series of moves by the president nicolas maduro to contain an economic crisis which also includes a promise of raising the minimum wage by three thousand percent the international
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monetary fund predicts venezuela's inflation will climb to a million percent by the end of the year gary coleman is a crypto currency economist and there was says research associates at the university of cambridge he thinks there are many unanswered questions over the security of venezuela's cryptocurrency market so the petro does achieve a degree of credibility and is in fact oil back there are oil reserves that people can count on to be backing the petro and it's very likely the petro could actually help stabilize the currency situation in venezuela and that in turn could have a positive effect for the average venezuelan who's been being expropriated really liquidated by the hyperinflation that's been taking place in venezuela over the past two years but again are is there really going to be loyal back in the petro could someone go to the government's hand like to convert my petros horwill we
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shall see we just don't know the answer to these questions at this point if the currency is designed to help venza will a skirt sanctions and has privacy built into it in anonymity then that could cut both ways it may also undermine the venezuelan government's ability to apply taxes in crackdown on it was tracked trade so it wouldn't surprise me if it has a little less privacy than many cryptic currencies like the coin. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including why a slide in the turkish lira has been a blessing for. a shadow over annual utah the grayson's in the. hands of sergio agüero and manchester city are in red hot form the english premier league joe will be here with that story a little later in sports. first tuesday's bridge collapse in italy has sparked
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a review of aging infrastructure in neighboring france and audits commissioned by the french government has revealed that eight hundred forty bridges across the country or risk of collapse in the coming years meanwhile in italy emergency workers are trying to secure what's left of that bridge in genoa firefighters captured this video of the efforts to stabilize a section of the bridge the death toll officially stands at forty three david chaytor has been following those developments from the bono in italy. a consumer association report which was published just two days after the general a bridge collapse says that there are twenty two bridges on the italian network that needs serious made since work because they're showing signs of structural damage now i'm under one of those bridges that was mentioned in that report now just to take a look up underneath this band and you can see what's happening there is a series of water leaks coming through corroding the metal and what they've done
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here is they've stayed pulled a piece of wood between two of the cracks to try and hold it together that seems extraordinary that doesn't seem to be the sort of maintenance we need on this motorway which is on the main drag between genoa and children so it does appear this bridge is only twenty years old it does appear that there is a serious problem with the quality of cement that's being used and it's not only here in italy that there are problems but the french government have just published an audit they commissioned on the state of french bridges and motorways and they say that there are eight hundred forty bridges in france that are showing serious signs of still of structural deterioration and might indeed in the end collapse much like the whole genoa tragedy so this seems to be a problem that is throughout both italy and france and needs serious attention the turkish president remains defiant after two major ratings agencies warned his
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country will find it even harder to pay its debts he insists the growing economic crisis is part of a plot against turkey or two and made the comments at a meeting of his ruling ak party the turkish lira has lost forty percent of its value this year on many turks might be feeling the effects of the recent slide of turkey's currency but for one industry a tide a positive effect more foreign tourists are booking trips and they have more to spend sunday ago explains. well turkey's currency has devalued by forty percent against the us dollar it's proven to be a boon for the tourism industry this year alone compared to this time last year there's been an increase of twenty five percent in visitors coming here and the drop seems to be the cheaper prices. it is. from russia good. so this is cheap for us it's been pretty inexpensive i
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think one dollar is like sixty or so that's been good for us but. really it's not yours the mines but the cost of coming to turkey today is cheaper than staying in a resort in brazil where i'm from so it's definitely worth it and we're loving it here and for those working in retail aimed at attracting as many foreigners as possible it's been a welcome upturn because of. the turkish mirrors and the like when we compared to our currency like the stops are getting cheaper for them so they are like more able to get their staffs but of course this is the high season and the same problems which are plaguing turkey's economy now will likely still be there after this temporary boost the real challenge will be to provide a longer term solution to turkey's overheating economy the u.n. is warning that a syrian government offensive and would put three million people in danger but that
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hasn't stopped refugees in turkey from going back across the border for you and thousands of people have crossed the bubble how a crossing into live which is the last rebel held province in the country cinema has more from the turkish syrian border. while the muslims for fear for the most important feast in the muslim calendar that it's not the same situation in the i.d.p. a refugee camp in northern syria by the turkish border here in the camp and we have been speaking to the people how they all. preparing for the eat and what are their expectations from the east when you speak to women they say that they're hopeless they're desperate and they say they don't feel whether it's the fees so not because they don't have family members only relatives around here they don't have anyone to visit and we ask them what whether they sacrifice they sacrifice an animal as performing the religious duty to share with others and they say there is no one who performs this duty to sacrifice an animal so it to me is they don't eat meat
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and i ask them how often they eat meat and they say it's very very little during a year the nutrition is very bad here as well as the dire conditions infrastructure and basic facilities and services and people here are hopeless because they are stuck by the turkish border the doors are closed and bashar assad is threatening to bomb them this but their relatives are coming from turkey to here wrong. crossing to visit them this is not even enough to make them happy they are desperate for as muslims prepare to celebrate the festival of hurdle of hard libyans are complaining of a huge rise in the price of sheep many say they can't afford to buy a lamb to slaughter for the holiday shopping while hodes has more from tripoli. it is lamb season in libya like all the muslim countries. mr feldman hurries to guarantee one for his family. his making sure it is old enough to secure finds
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during the holiday. he says it used to be affordable to buy a sheep that weighs forty kilogram but now prices are very hotly. it took us months to save the land price in fact many people can't even afford to buy one this year is worse than the previous years banks are struggling with a shortage of currency and people queue up for long hours to cash their deal a cherry's some limb traders are even accepting checks and credit cards but they often charge a high interest trades sheep markets are everywhere in libya these days but yet the prices are very high and average land here is valued at around seven hundred dollars that's largely because during the last three years the libyan
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d.n.r. has lost much of its value. oil exports are the backbone of libya's income but fighting in the east has led to the blockade of food a major oil ports for almost forty years that has wasted more than one hundred billion dollars according to estimates this interim bank of libya has approved around one hundred million dollars to import plans but because this decision was made late civil shipments have not done time for the holiday but there were no maché for a forward first state does not care about domestic livestock sheep have been smuggled to egypt and tunisia we can't be blamed for the high prices of the prices of water we buy has increased two hundred percent libya is rich in natural resources experts say it can grow more than its share of livestock but many
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here say mismanagement and corruption force them to compromise even on the religious obligations. tripoli. still had on the. a hope for a better future and drive thousands of refugees and migrants to they spanish shores yemen's war about the country's civic infrastructure putting more people at risk of diseases. we'll tell you why china is swimming star demanded a redo of this victory ceremony at the asian games or will have a story in sport coming up.
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at the blast of hot air across much of the middle east and we have still got some showers a little further north to train the. black sea in the caspian sea they say the show seem to have been here pretty on and off for the last couple of months or so that a bit of wet weather there just around armenia georgia easing over towards russia by john a little change as we go on through choose the elsewhere there's that heat the hot sunshine continuing to pull the thirty four celsius thirty one there for karate we're into the forty's still for kuwait city and also for baghdad pleasant sunshine around the eastern side of the med getting up to thirty celsius also in beirut over the next couple of days further south well not so bad across iran even prince there we go the dry wind continues to feed its way down towards us here in casa doha getting up to forty four celsius on monday similar value really as we go on through tuesday perhaps a hint of those winds just coming in off the sea so it will be a little more humid a little more clear out there into southern parts of yemen still certainly a little bit of cloud there just hugging southern most parts of we see some cloud
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and we have seen some rain making mist way across southern parts of africa just easing over towards the western cape crossing the southern capers we go on through the next couple of days there will be some cloud of rain for cape town but turning brighter but choose day. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every your. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour thousands of people are still stranded in the southern indian state of carolina after days of heavy flooding the worst monsoon floods in a century have claimed more than one hundred ninety lives in just over a week but the rains are now easing in major roads have been cleared so how to get
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through. brazil is sending troops to which border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were pushed out of town by locals dozens of brazilians a time to make shift towns and. afghanistan's president announces a three month ceasefire with the taliban but with conditions the taliban responds by promising to free hundreds of prisoners on the occasion of the islamic religious festival of. now those offers of peace come on the day afghanistan celebrates the ninety ninth anniversary of its independence even though it got its freedom different world powers have been vying for control over it for years i've got to stand attains its independence after defeating the british forces in one nine hundred twenty one britain had been for decades trying to accept gonna stand to protect its engine empire more than fifty years later in one nine hundred seventy nine the former soviet union invaded afghanistan to try and bolster its communist
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government following a decade of unsuccessfully trying to crush the resistance moscow conceded defeat on the latest foreign incursion into afghanistan was led by the us after the nine eleven attacks the us and its allies ousted the taliban from their seat of power in kabul but more than a decade later the taliban tin-tin user control and contest large parts of the afghan territory. helen up moloch you are as an afghan political analyst an historian she says afghanistan's position in the world has both been a curse and a blessing for its people but the geopolitical position of her ghana stand has both served it well and has also brought a lot of calamities to its people who people have been victims of her successive invasions and conquests throughout history and until very recently also but also these these foreign invasions and conquest class of
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being and the crossroads of the old trade routes the silk route being one of the famous ones but also other trade routes between central and south asia between asia and europe all of that has also and rich afghanistan and many ways and and the civilization that emerged from it is a mix of. the regional influences a magnitude seven point zero earthquake has struck the indonesian island of lombok the u.s. geological survey says it was at a very shallow depth sours earlier another six point five magnitude quake triggered landslides on the island the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies the local airport and hospitals were evacuated there have been several earthquakes on the island over the past few weeks more than four hundred
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sixty people were killed in a magnitude seven quake earlier this month. israel has announced it's closing one of the key crossings into an already severely deprived gaza strip their defense minister avigdor lieberman said the red cross saying would be shut down and response to recent violence along the border fence on friday israeli forces killed another two palestinians and they wounded sixty others during the weekly march of return protests. south koreans long separated from relatives are preparing to travel into north korea for a rare reunion they've been at an orientation session before being allowed to cross the border on monday it'll be the first event of its kind since of tobar twenty fifteen and only the twentieth this millennium many korean families have been divided since the war in the one nine hundred fifty s. would split the peninsula. well the number of refugees and migrants trying to reach
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the southern coast of spain is increasing the rise has put pressure on rescue services it's fueled political debate on how to handle the situation. reports from southern spain. exhausted but happy almost three hundred refugees in migrants rescued off to sitting out from rubber rafts and spending the day adrift. this is the spanish port of the his serious most different west africa including guinea ivory coast and mali the youngest is just a month old. this mother tells me she's hungry missing the taste of tapioca fish from home. twenty three year old has suddenly arrived in spain two months ago he was an opposition party youth organizer in guinea canakkale for told as he fled to escape arrest he crossed from morocco in a day like this packed with fifty others paying as much as four thousand euros each
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. i couldn't turn back the arabs forced to subordinate machetes at one point the engine gave out and i saw death before me i ask god to pardon me it was the worst moment of my life it was a catastrophe. a spanish in geo pays has sounds board and lodging until his political asylum request is processed. the advice i give to my african brothers is that crossing the mediterranean is because people don't risk their lives but hope for a better future is a powerful magnet standing here helps put things in a lot better perspective there's just fifteen kilometers of c. that separates spain from the north coast of africa and if you're standing over there europe must look like a dream that you can almost touch at city hall mayor. of the opposition people's party says the surgeon migrant arrivals has become
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a crisis they cannot that it was sufficient to you that we don't have sufficient aid to help all of africa we don't have enough capacity to receive all those who want to come we have to use our heads because the budget simply is not figure human rights activists say the people's party is scaremongering. back at the port it's after midnight hundreds more are still arriving. a sick woman is stretchered off some huddle under red cross blankets and wait to be brave just stood up. and a baby cries for his mother he hasn't yet realized he seemed safe hands called pedal i just zero to see this spring a spokesman for the u.s. led coalition in iraq says american forces will stay there as long as necessary the coalition has been patrolling regions that were previously under eisel control at the beginning of the year the pentagon said there were more than five thousand u.s.
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troops in the country the united states invaded iraq in two thousand and three and it's maintained a military presence there ever since well the results of iraq's election in may have been ratified by the supreme court that means the winning parties have three months to form a government a nationwide recount earlier this month confirm the populous cleric to the southerners alliance won the most votes positioning him to play a central role in forming iraq's next government. after three and a half years of war little is functioning in yemen repeated bombings have damaged or destroyed water and sewage facilities and that's making people more vulnerable to diseases as mohamed adel reports. on a dense congested streets pools of will see which is of the way heaps of garbage dump piled up in most neighborhoods in the city's divil habbush area barefoot children trudge through human waste oblivious of the risks we face
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a slope that says this month. we are living very hard conditions diseases are rife from cholera to diarrhea clean water is a rare commodity here above all electricity is out all the time the government has not done anything to repair the sewage system government officials refuse to move unless they are given bribes. entire neighborhoods have been flooded by sea would spill starts in some cases of contaminated water supply as another i've got it out i don't know about other diseases sewage garbage so what on earth is this this is shameful we cannot even walk around the neighborhood to reach and waste have flashed into our homes we are forced to scoop it out with our hands of. yemen has long been the arab world's poorest country and all suffered from frequent conflicts . the current ones thought that in two thousand and fourteen when all the fighters from the north allied with parts of the yemeni military stormed the coppertone
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forcing the infamously victimized government into exile. in march two thousand and fifteen a coalition led by so did a bia on the united arab emirates launched a military campaign aimed at pushing back the old ways and restoring the government . many coalition airstrikes are not only killed and wounded civilians but also damage to water and sanitation facilities the world health organization is in the middle of a campaign to prevent a recurrence of all it'll. the destruction to humans will transcend additional facilities already call it a dummy which has affected more than a million people let is that are. currently rates of contraction of cholera are still high according to the latest to sticks and infection rates across the twenty three provinces across the country is about ninety six percent in other words twenty two out of the twenty three provinces in yemen so we can see the countries
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playing with the epidemic which is alarming an acute shortage of food and the result. is a waltz and in what is already the world's last humanitarian crisis the. father. in the middle of the most crisis could intensify the situation in yemen mohamed otherwhile disease. of pro and anti-government protesters in nicaragua to rival rallies in the capital on saturday as the country continues to struggle with political violence that's killed hundreds of people supporters of president daniel ortega have called for peace and accused opposition activists of being part of a foreign backed to antigovernment protesters demanded ortega's resignation and called for the release of political prisoners more than four hundred people have reportedly died over the past four months as police and armed militias move to quell the unrest john homan has more from the protest and. as tends to
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happen in nicaragua went on to government protesters take to the streets those who support the government who saw it turn now in full swing and they're here right now to show their support for the president on the it will take a he said that things a back to normal in a could are what they say they agree with what we've seen over the last couple of days is that there is some truth in not there are so many people just starting to return to boston and restaurants off the months in which people were quite scared to go out at night scared because of paramilitary groups principally roaming around the streets loosely saying that there's a lot less presence oh of those groups in those studies the people here say who saw that that munching that's was for justice especially in the case of the twenty two policeman that have been killed in the course of the protests among others all of. the deaths during this attempted coup are the most unjust thing that's happened to nicaragua a country in peace has been shaken by
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a bunch of fund those and criminals just a few streets away this is the anti-government mancini is substantially bigger than the government won the title of this mall to see things. in the car when might he come up other than in previous months with us to come to not be a role of the contentment they point to it's the number of people how to relate to neighboring costa rica to avoid what they say is a government crackdown well the people that are in hiding within the country themselves they say that there's been government repression as a result of the recent protests of that they're not going to give up including for a change and cooling for changing the government the president done little to take a step back and the only daniel ortega is a dictator who has done whatever he wanted his reelection returns us to the times of the dictator what we want is a free nicaragua ice you can see from these two opposing nazis this is a country in which even though. the barricades of both books might be cleared out
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and the government's approval to hire a military groups what looks so it current on the streets is still incredibly tense some polarized still ahead on al-jazeera. america you're nicholas you're in touch with. a new romantic comedy breaking racial barriers in hollywood and i'll tell you why viens football fans were tossing tendencies onto the pits that's coming up in sports in just a moment. on counting the cost financial. investor sentiment in emerging markets a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting south africa's economy plus why google is tracking your every move. on i just.
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go on the streets of greece violence is on the rise you have to go for. something and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera.
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well a new movie with an all aging cast the signaling a big change for hollywood crazy rich asians as drawing the crowds and regarded as a long overdue so case of a long ago elected part of american society are brunell's reports from hollywood. a gala opening night for a movie that's breaking barriers. the romantic comedy crazy rich asians is the first major hollywood film in a quarter century with an all asian cast director and executive producer we all recognize the significance but to be honest right now as i'm talking to you i feel nothing but excitement. the actors may be asian but the movie's themes are you in a versatile family love and money just the biggest appellate burst in on the scene crazy rich asians is based on the bestselling novel by kevin kwan who produced the film you know i think it's important to acknowledge that it's been way too long
9:47 pm
since we've had an all star asian cast and a hollywood sort of movie about the same time this is the movie for everyone lori nakamura has already seen the film once and she's back with friends for a second viewing it's a wacky brahm com but i think at the same time it's also showing and asians in normal situations just like everybody else crazy rich asians is in a way a repudiation of hollywood's sad history of racist and stereotype depictions of asians in film. from the exploitative kung fu flicks of the seventy's and eighty's must make. the link. to mickey rooney's performance in breakfast at tiffany's asians have been denigrated and asian actors passed over for leading roles according to a recent study only about five percent of. hollywood movie parts go to asian actors
9:48 pm
like laura condom or it just really seems that there are a lot of character parts out for ethnic you know are people of color but there weren't a lot of leading roles but sure the hoopla over crazy rich asians is box office hype the idea that an all asian cast is some sort of novelty glosses over the historic achievements of japanese korean anti cinema among others but coming after recent films like the superhero hit black and and the charming animated feature coco crazy rich asian seems to be part of a long overdue trend i feel like we are seeing a sea change though a lot of these americans have come out of screenings they have this this it is like this urge to cry and they don't know exactly why this movie is for that crazy rich asians will open in theaters worldwide in august and september robert oulds al jazeera hollywood.
9:49 pm
let's get an update on the sports is with joe there in thank you it's been a golden day for china at the two thousand and eighteen asian games not only did they win the first gold medal at the event but they've ended the first full day of competition on top of the table that was gold save for the hosts indonesia wraps up the action. china has topped every asian games medal table since my nine hundred eighty two and the early signs in jakarta in twenty eighteen suggest that trend will continue on sunday soon yang swam his way to two hundred meter freestyle gold in emphatic fashion to add to his a limb pick and will titles. less glorious was a medal ceremony incident when the chinese flag fun of its rigging during the national anthem soon insisted they start over and they go to great second time around when you have a shot at all i'm happy with my performance so it is always difficult on the first
9:50 pm
day i think people worried wolf for me over the two hundred meter freestyle people do not worry as much for the longer distance races i am sure the japanese rivals wanted to beat me tonight but i think my experience and aggressiveness with the key for me to beat them when. he's countryman soon pay one one the first gold medal of this year's games it came in whoosh to combat sports that also has an individual performance discipline to them and when they're not here i'm at my form is not one hundred percent today it was more like ninety percent but i'm very pleased about that you can be at one hundred percent every time after all it's still a competitive sport. hosts indonesia got their first gold medal of these games rose money a secured victory in taekwondo it's also indonesia's first ever gold medal in the sports lead that was. this victory is for my parents my family my coach and the people who have stood behind me and to those who have supported me i've been
9:51 pm
involved in taekwondo for a while now it's been a seven year journey to this there was a footballing upset to celebrate for vietnam's fans know inch one high school to food minute goal against japan. the four time asian cup champions should have libelled but these are made of eighteenth minute if it was side and so a massive upset as vietnam be japan one nil both teams qualify for the knockout stage. and there was a gold medal in the air rifle to me to mix the event full time ones a little. piece to stem an al-jazeera what despite that unfortunate incident with the chinese flag the country did make a golden start to the asian games they topped the medal table with seven goals and two more the nearest rivals japan hosts in tunisia aren't doing too badly either they picked up a silver in the issue which put them into fifth in the table the philippines or pinning their hopes on gold in the men's basketball competition and with four gold
9:52 pm
medals from past asian games they have some pedigree even though the last one they won was back in one thousand nine hundred sixty two but they go into this year's competition as one of asia's top teams and they're led by n.b.a. star jordan clarkson the cleveland cavaliers guard was only cleared by the n.b.a. to play just a few days ago but went on to be his country's flag bearer at the opening ceremony he says it will provide a big boost for the n.b.a. . you know for them to even let me play this is a blessing you know i know we went back before. i had to jump on a plane the next day. in like a few hours knowing that they could be me. but i think they did the point they gave themselves you know fans and a lot of people into our basketball and all of asians just being able to come here i think is a step forward for the. three x. three basketball will make its asian games debut on tuesday that's the form of the sport where each team has only three players per side and it's growing in
9:53 pm
popularity across asia because it's so fast paced since basketball's governing body phoebus allowed female players to wear the head job last year the sport's also opened up to muslim women iran's three x. three team competed in their first told him. and just last year that they're confident of doing well at these games. are somewhat i'd be a team india but it's the first time three x. three basketball has been introduced at the asian games will play our first match against thailand on august twenty first are pulling clues kazakhstan and maldives in addition to thailand we hope to achieve the best possible outcome last year in the asian cup and in the west asia championship we could have won titles we hope our ranking and results will improve in the time to manchester city have read to the top of the early english premier league table off to handing out a six one hiding to huddersfield on sunday so helped himself to a hat trick on a day when gabriel has those and it's silver also found the net pep guardiola men started off with a win over arsenal last week and they face wolves next and it's not just scoring
9:54 pm
goals the species could create chances move i see spices how far would he never stop and when this happened. one of the best best best best strikers in the world without adopt city's neighbors manchester united soft suffered a shock three two defeat at brighton and hove albion glen mari shane duffy and pascal gross scored in a famous win for brighton. i think it is normal that position the position. we different conditions when they face. top teams is normal that they have different. different levels of division reach the show. time is running out for nigeria to sort out problems in its football federation or face a ban from the international game football's governing body pfieffer has given them
9:55 pm
until monday for the government backed leader of the federation to step down and hand back control to the elected president of the football body if that doesn't happen nigeria could be banned from all international competitions including next month's qualifies for the africa cup of nations in just over an hour from now two of the world's best tennis players will do battle again for a title this time the cincinnati masters roger federer goes for an eighth title in cincy he came through the semi's against david go fun in relative ease we can't say the same about the belgian who was troubled by a shoulder injury and had to have treatment courtside still the match went on but in the second set off on retired putting federer into the final. but that's how it goes sometimes you got to take him move on i'm very excited to be back in another finals here in in cincinnati against novak in particular a lot riding again on the match it's great to refresh our rivalry that we have been going on for so many years now and so i see him back having won wimbledon and snow
9:56 pm
back in another finals for him here in cincy so i think it's going to be very exciting and waiting in that final is a familiar face info former world number one novak djokovic the serve the marin chile in three sets and sammy's it's the only masters title to believe him so far. i did win the first said today but i wasn't really concerned how it played i was happy i played in the third so that's that's what i'll take from today's match the battle you know obviously two and a half hours more than two and a half hours against one of best players in the world what more can you ask for obviously coming into the finals playing for fun or a feather it's going to be a tough one loss due to further here and several times in the finals it's my sixt hopefully hopefully this time i can get the double india's cricketers have built a strong lead on day two of the third test against england at trent bridge they were all out for three hundred twenty nine but then skittle the hosts for just one hundred sixty one the heartache pangea with
9:57 pm
a five wicket haul to shut england down india reached anjan twenty four for two at the close that's a lead of two hundred ninety two runs england beat the series two nil that when you hear about football fans throwing things onto the pitch usually ends in trouble but not at one club in the netherlands supporters of excel see a football club in rotterdam through hundreds of teddies before and during the teams at the busy match against china which in fact the game had to be suspended in the first half because they just kept coming the fans were throwing them as a present to children of rotterdam sophia's children's hospital who watching the game from the stands below. and that is a useful for now have will feel later during ok so thank you very much for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera our team in london and we'll have more news for you in just a moment to stay with us. as
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protests in nicaragua against the president continue and the number of those killed rises in b.c. someone says i'm staying in power no matter what or the have to crash into all of reality that usually gets the english blood. sent here america's ortega's from a vice president talks to al jazeera. for five use venezuelans have been feeding their country to escape a socio economic disaster of a magnitude clearly seen now latin america is facing a refugee crisis in a series of special reports al-jazeera looks at the challenges developing in an
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just to go. the rain has but the misery is far from over and india's floods hit carola more than seven hundred thousand people are living in relief camps. alone welcome i'm david watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up afghanistan's president declares a three month since par with the taliban but so far the group hasn't agreed to it. brazil fans troops to its border venezuela after hundreds of venezuelan migrants are driven out of town by really locals plus. we'll recognize the significance but to be honest right now it's on tabio i feel nothing but excite.


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