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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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well everyone has a voice and. join the conversation. on how to zero. zero. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes tries to bring relief to the people of kerala but as the rains the scope of the disaster becomes clearer. the u.s. says it welcomes the afghan government sees filed with the. brazil sends troops to its border with venezuela as tension builds over its neighbors migration and
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completes its financial bailout program part of the country's future remains uncertain. one and a half million people have been displaced in the indian state of carola and the worst flooding in a century almost eight hundred fifty thousand people are being squeezed into displacement camps as they wait for the flooding to ease the conditions are improving now and major roads have been cleared bought the outbreak of disease the concern for authorities andrew thomas. one of the worst affected areas. people in care are described. noted centimeters. but in relative to the. ankle deep. waist deep. dry. wrote
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the poem my how and then it went up on my head no it ground floor was completely covered the old are evacuated first carried for the books the train for them elsewhere the water is shallow enough the trucks to drive in and. out walked in and found most people want to stay at home in houses with second floors they can last name is god because one morning i wake up they're having so much alike that in my heart boys are having watched those who i saw saw three. where people remain in their homes food water medicine and toiletries are being carried in the car just simply too strong to promote on a boat like that and hope it ok it will get swept away so they started going to holding on to this rope as they walk about about an hour and a half in that direction this is and walking through fast flowing water with debris . hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and now in camps statewide
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an unprecedented relief effort is underway india's military has fifty four helicopters over carola some drop supplies others amounting rescues the weather is improving there was much less rain across carola on sunday than at the end of last week but what is already full is fast flowing dangerous and everywhere this is an ongoing emergency i do thomas al jazeera carol. well tim thomas isaac is carol's finance minister and he says although the rain has stopped the crisis is not over well you know we're only two distinct sort of the fourteen. which means the crisis has already peaked. but that doesn't mean. for example the a.b.a. work is a part of care law allowed to tract of land below the ceiling is. made
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rights going you. know the. gesture really goes for one of the two or three days will because all the rivers are draining into the city so for such for the sake of. all of the it will come down but the remarkable achievement in a matter of three four days we have been able to move really a hatred of pretty positive persons to care. i think the talk of them are displaced because including those who have moved to the lake these four friends. would be well over one point five billion as they want to other news now the u.s. secretary of state has welcomed the afghan government's ceasefire announcement with the taleban my comparison washington is ready to facilitate direct talks between the afghan government and the taliban early on sunday president bashar gone in to
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clear the conditional cease fire has a muslim holiday but the taliban has yet to respond as follows a bloody week of fighting with the taliban after it launched a massive attack on the provincial capital does me eunice a.t.f. and has more from kabul. this is not the first time that president musharraf of any announced a cease fire on a religious holiday back in june in either the fifth or the end of ramadan president or any announced a cease fire for three days. taliban accepted the offer and many people here in afghanistan remember when taliban fighters and army soldiers share the same mosques right next to each other and how the treasure it was for many here and is an inspiration that peace perhaps is. reachable and it's possible in afghanistan however this offer is quite different the duration of the
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cease fire proposal proposed by president romney is for three months like three days in a little fitter and also people here believe that the president is trying to reach some sort of agreement with the taliban to secure the country and to provide the necessary conditions to help the election at the end of october and also. this offer and this proposal is different because president rouhani said that this cease fire can last as long as onerous and to respect the terms of the cease fire of course has yet to deliver its. position on this offer but today they announced a symbolic gesture they said that they were they will release. hundreds of army soldiers held in taliban's custody according to our sources taliban is not
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a united front on this on this matter some members of the political bureau of the taliban are with this offer and they think that it is necessary to accept the government offer but some members. can be called here in kabul as radicals they don't think that this is a good idea. well let's get more on this now we're joined by some others the former afghan ambassador to canada and he's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so we have the government announcing a ceasefire and reports that the taliban will release hundreds of prisoners are you hopeful that this could lead to a significant reduction of violence possibly even negotiations. what we have seen over the last few weeks is you know collision of violence hundreds of
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afghan civilians military people. you know which are sitting in. military encampments as well as on the. people oh. well it's for a ceasefire that is meaningful. it is not just words it is not critics to include twenty pounds in villages who. use that leader wrong. in. acting government. so i think this is their hope we will see a follow on on this. but at the same time it's going to have to you know we know that. there are no negative effects what would it take to have a meaningful cease fire because we did have one during the last eight festival in
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june that only lasted days and as we've been reporting you know last week has been a particularly violent one and afghanistan with the taliban really showing their strength. what it would take is actually if a little true indeed in real insincere negotiation is what toxin would lead to use it we are not a good group that the only thing that is happening right now or some are about office and the buck huge negotiation we use officials and members of dollars on obvious and dr so i think what the african people expect is something that is create meaningful and that is not just. rhetoric we've heard the only issue is people yesterday were you see clinton in almost any arks with the afghan
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government in kabul in eat all you want us talk the americans in been criticize the americans for causing some unrealistic and put some realistic terms on the table we're not sure exactly what that means so we have no will or need or anything that resembles real talks it is talk about using prisoners which is. what kind of prisoners are going to loose on both sides and we are all waiting to see where the column where we are. in government announced last december when you talk about the need for or the lack of political will. are you talking about the is the government lacking the political will or is the taliban because again as we head earlier from out a porsche there are different factions and the taliban and some are more at ten to six fires to negotiations whereas others are not. it has been twelve years at
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least autograph are gone for some action on the bone open to talk so you will hear issues were a bit more moderate we haven't seen this group emerge and sure has to face it we haven't seen these people come out with concrete. we have a lot of talk in literature and i think the iraqi people have seen this or as you said more than fifty and what we are expecting is actually all along that the border police be express themselves and they be doing good in these parts i realized i think that there are too many state will get too many years joining us. inside the country. and then your peers in the media in ya if you are as certain of . our peace should come what kind of peace prize obviously they're all making out with their own interests. should be looking out for its interests and i think that
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. means that everyone has to engage around the table some point making sure that there is a win win situation outcome office or at least a some other way thank you very much for your time on this that is almost summit joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. now u.s. national security advisor john bolton is meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu bolton as in jerusalem to discuss the ongoing dispute with iran after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal in an earlier interview bolton said the united states as rail and russia share the objective of removing iranian forces from serving at. hundreds of palestinians have been stranded in egypt for three days as they wait for the border crossing into gaza to open egypt has tightened its border security procedures leading to longer waiting lines israel also says the area's crossing
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would be shut down in response to recent violence along its border fence on friday israeli forces killed two palestinians and wounded more than two hundred during the weekly protests. now the u.n. says two point three million people have left venezuela to look for work and escape poverty this is over the last three years tens of thousands have crossed into brazil colombia has given temporary residence to eight hundred thousand venezuelans some travel on to ecuador but both countries are cracking down now they're making migrants who want to enter show their passport instead of national cards many people don't hold a passport a crackdown on anti-government protests meanwhile by president daniel ortega in nicaragua has also led to people leaving there they were violent protests in costa rica on saturday some people shouted and slogans and attacked
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a group of nicaraguans. more on all of this now we're joined by our correspondent. the he is live for us in the colombian capital the sounds are all starts with what's been happening in brazil which has been the scene of the sort of most recent volatile scenes what has been happening in. those residents of that area of rioting against venezuelan migrants. looks like the situation has been increasingly getting out of hand in many towns. close to the mean border crossings between venice we're learning colombia and have been used in brazil in particularly the worst incident was on saturday in this town where it sensually a crowd of local brazilians attacked. venezuelan migrant and burning them to the ground this supposedly followed an attack on
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a local restaurant owner that was robbed and stabbed allegedly by even a swale and that's why really turned on the locals crowd there and they pushed hundreds of venezuelans back into their country there were scenes of hundreds of them pushing their suitcases and walking back while the locals were cheering. now it's not the first time that this situation be playing quite there so much so that they when this when a government has a ready shut down its northern border briefly at the beginning of the month of the beginning of august and it's now sending in more troops to try and control the situation there but the truth is that the exit through so it's been accelerating there and other crossing in the past couple of weeks so that's the situation in brazil and as we've been reporting on a sounds of venezuelans are having
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a lot of difficulty getting into other south american countries. notably ecuador and the last few days has changed the regulations. yes ecuador and now who is promising to do the same are tightening their regulations they're asking when it's wayland's to show their passports if they want to cross through ecuador into ecuador from colombia as you were saying in your introduction meaningless whelan's don't have a passport it's very difficult for them to get one i mean the turmoil back home it's very expensive also so many have left without a passport they left with a simple i was sufficient until saturday to to reach ek weather and so these governments are just trying to make it more difficult for these migrants to stay or cross into their country and so we'll probably see in
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coming days we've seen that already today on sunday but we'll see probably the situation getting even wars on the colombian side with the hundreds if not thousands of in its will and stranded there at the continued as they try to continue their dear journey many of them have to walk for a couple of weeks to get there they don't have any money at this is a crossing in the southern part of colombia over three thousand meters in the middle of the year and this with freezing temperatures of night so the situation is very dire for these migrants and they're all hoping that ecuador will change this or will do some humanitarian gesture to let them through the sounds or thank you very much for that for now and that is our correspondent on the sounds around to have to live with us thank you but we are going to get more on this knowledge on by of all the. latin america reporters and newsweek and he's joining us live from new york very good to have you with us on alex is the i want to talk more about the
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situation and venezuela that is of course driving these millions of venezuelans to leave the country on monday the new currency is going to be introduced by the government where sanctioning. have slashed i think five zeroes off the board to do devalue the currency to try and manage inflation which i think is going to reach something like a million percent in two thousand and eighteen what do you hearing most of the n.c.a.a. about the effect the devaluation is already having well first of all thank you for having your show this is going to yield very little results let's just put it this way it's going to create a lot of confusion among venezuelans because now the going to have to face a new currency now as you mentioned they have to slash a couple numbers so now stores in caracas and some other places in venezuela they are actually putting a price tag in dollars so that people understand the cost of
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a particular item this is going to provide a permanent solution not a permanent solution a temporary solution rather so for example if the government can slash a couple numbers they will be able to pay short term debt but as they continue with any sort of economic mismanagement they're going to force the central bank to print more banknotes and that's the that's the reason why venezuela has a high hyperinflation that is projected to reach at least one million percent according to the international monetary fund so it provides a very small solution but the policies that i'm a little i mean the structure has implemented all over the years will continue you know it will create this vicious cycle for this role and are going to have to you know they're going to have to bring a lot of bank bank notes in their pockets again the other thing the government is doing is an careering the new car and see to the crypto currency venezuela's crypto
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currency the petro what do you make of that there has been a lot of skepticism about the cryptocurrency rating site. index has labeled the petro a scam. correct and that is one of the concerns that many economists have because the currency or the new parents or there will be rolled out tomorrow is it doesn't have the backing of a large or a stronger currency like say euro or dollars that's another thing venezuelans are not clear whether they can do any kind of foreign exchange because the money the new currency is actually backed backed by petrol which in turn is backed by oil reserves these is a reserved sort of speak to pay dead to countries like russia and china and nobody wants to touch any of those toxic bonds that venezuela has in the market soledad
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is word the problem is i think the fact that devon israelis are not one hundred percent sure whether they can do any kind of exchange that's where he creates a lot of problems and the other thing that actually. creates a whole problem with the economy in addition to the new announcement of bank notes charting tomorrow is the reduction of oil or fuel subsidies that a lot of others will is relying on as you well know the fuel prices are the cheapest in the entire world and it brings back memories of what happened in one thousand nine hundred nine what they called what they called a kind of castle what a lot of people went out on the streets to loot to riot because those subsidies were completely removed from the population they rely on these money to to buy cheap gas and despite all of these problems that we're talking about venezuela that venezuelans are facing. they were in countries making it harder for them to enter as it does do you think south america need
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a policy now on how to deal with venezuelan refugees in the same way that europe does with the refugees that it's facing. correct unfortunately we are seeing for example in brazil is that the locals in the state override are burning down some of the tents and their possessions the belongings that many even this will ins bring with them when they had to flee their country colombia cannot carry the burning or de brunt of the crisis and that's why nikki haley who visited colombia for the swearing in of president even took a pledge to poor u.s. aid to colombia so that they can work with venezuelan refugees but as we've heard from the correspondent now south american countries and even central american countries like panama are establishing restrictions for venezuelans to visit this country i think it's it's it's not the best solution to a humanitarian crisis i think we all agree that there's
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a humanitarian crisis in venezuela but the first step for a solution is for the moderate government to recognize that there is actually a crisis in venezuela but we're not going to see that because they do not want to recognize that the coming is faltering and surveillance here we thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this that's reprehensible joining us live from new york thank you. well we have plenty more ahead on the news including why the war in yemen has made more people vulnerable and. officials in italy search under the rubble for clues into one force the deadly bridge collapse. and we'll tell you why china's demand and uncaught says victory ceremony at the asian games will have all the sports coming out.
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now after three and a half years of war functioning and yemen repeated bombings and damaged or destroyed water and so would facilities and the middle east course country as the home of the reports a water crisis is making people more vulnerable to disease. aiden's congested streets pools. of. heaps of garbage piled up in mostly. in the cities develop barefoot children through human waste oblivious of the risks we face says this. we are living very hard conditions diseases are rife from cholera to diarrhea clean water is a rare commodity here above all electricity is out all the time the government has not done anything to repair the sewage system government officials refused to move
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unless they're given bribes. entire neighborhoods have been flooded by sea would spill starts in some cases contaminated water supply. diseases. what on earth is this this is shameful we cannot even walk around the neighborhood and waste. we are forced to scoop it out with our hands. yemen has long been the arab world's poorest country and all suffered from frequent conflicts. the current one started in two thousand and fourteen when all the fighters from the north allied with parts of the yemeni military stormed the capital forcing the infamous laverick government into exile. in march two thousand and fifteen a coalition led by so did a bia and the united arab emirates launched a military campaign aimed at pushing back the old peace and restoring the government many coalition airstrikes are not only killed and wounded civilians but
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also damage to water and sanitation facilities the world health organization is in the middle of a campaign to prevent a recurrence of all it all the destruction to human swore senate titian facilities has already caused a cholera epidemic which has affected more than a million people letters that are. currently rates of contraction of cholera still high according to the latest to sticks an infection rates across the twenty three provinces across the country is about ninety six percent in other words twenty two out of the twenty three provinces in yemen so we can say the country is playing with the epidemic which is alarming an acute shortage of food on the resulting looks mission is a waltz and in what is already the world's last humanitarian crisis the whole foods will say any father of color in the middle of the model to show crisis could intensify the situation in yemen ramadan the world does either.
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now financial markets across the globe are beginning to open and much attention remains focused on turkey's currency the lira which dropped sharply last week turkish president at the one remained defiant over the weekend though he insists the growing economic crisis is part of a plot against turkey but many analysts say the problems go beyond turkey's diplomatic rift with the u.s. while there are fears turkey's currency crisis could spiral foreign tourists are reaping the unexpected benefits saw a new guy a go explains all turkey's currency has devalued by forty percent against the u.s. dollar it's proven to be a boon for the tourism industry this year alone compared to this time last year there's been an increase of twenty five percent in visitors coming here and the drop seems to be cheaper prices. which is. good. this is cheap for us it's been pretty inexpensive i think one dollar is
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like sixty or so that's been good for us but. the cost of coming to turkey today is cheaper than staying in a resort in brazil where i'm from so it's definitely worth it and we're loving it here and for those working in retail aimed at attracting as many foreigners as possible it's been a welcome upturn because of. the turkish. compared to our currency like the stops are getting cheaper for them so they are like more able to get their staffs but of course this is the high season and the same problems which are plaguing turkey's economy now will likely still be there after this temporary boost the real challenge will be to provide a longer term solution to turkey's overheating economy. the un is warning that a syrian government offensive and. put three million people in danger but that
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hasn't stopped the refugees and turkey from going back across the border for the muslim festival of thousands of people have entered syria through the. which is the last rebel held province in the country still ahead on the news. the number of refugees trying to enter has reached. the. two hundred. fifty. and manchester city. will be. that story.
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hello the rain is gathering across parts of north america at the moment the satellite picture is showing this area of cloud here over the plains sweeping its way eastwards and it's still intensifying as it does say it's going to give us some very heavy downpours as it makes its way across many parts of eastern u.s. as we head through the day on monday and into chews day it's also affecting us in the eastern parts of canada and that rain will turn heavier as we head into tuesday so some very wet conditions here including force in toronto towards the west a bit dry for many of us here but still some clouds bubbling up at times a one or two showers now for seattle though here hot up thirty one degrees for the central americas plenty of sunshine for most of us here but also quite a few showers and some of them very very lively and that's really how things are going to stay as we head through the next few days so almost wherever you are really expect to see some sunshine and some heavy outbreaks of rain some of the wettest of the weather is likely to be over parts of panama and into costa rica where the showers could be banding together to give some more prolonged outbreaks
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of rain as we head down towards south america we've had one weather system that's been pushing its way northward that's made sure it's really quite chilly for us in buenos aires a maximum just of eleven degrees so also turning a lot cooler force in paraguay with the teen innocent. sound cloud the economic heartbeat of a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home was no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. he'll find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. the.
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arab. who i am. and have. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news out of these are all top stories one and a half million people have been displaced in the indian state of carola in the worst flooding there in a century conditions are improving and major roads have been cleared but now the
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outbreak of disease is a big concern for authorities the u.s. has welcomed the afghan government announcement with the taleban ahead of the muslim holiday secretary of state said washington is ready to facilitate direct talks this comes after president gandhi declared a conditional cease fire that is yet to respond and venezuela's neighbors have begun to crack down on the number of migrants crossing their borders brazil is sending troops to its border to hundreds of venezuelans were told by locals who set fire to their camps. now on monday going so well emerge from eight years of financial dependence on its partners now it will have to borrow exclusively from markets the government has balanced its budget and raised tax revenues to pay off its huge debt but the economy is far from stable as johnson reports. correct productions is a stall out among greek companies at the beginning of the crisis the bulk of its
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business disappeared as the advertising industry collapsed it cut its costs and found overseas clients and managed to keep all of its seventeen workers on payroll but even this innovative business cannot thrive as greece rejoins the world economy at the station is. absurd to call it the state is now. owes the fifty percent i mean i with taxation you need to give that half of the money to taxes we will lose the opportunity to expand maybe we need to do this in a very slow. slow so perhaps as many as half of greek businesses have been closed by the crisis those that survive have shouldered the country's tax burden business is sluggish because greek consumers have little money and banks are still unable to provide much finance all this means that a dramatic recovery is unlikely even after august twentieth when greece finishes
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eight years of dependence on its eurozone partners the state remains expensive and greece has to produce large budget surpluses for the next thirty years to pay off its lows but the current high taxes could sink the economy that's left a recent study shows that greeks work seven months of the year to pay taxes an increase of twenty five percent over the past decade that puts them on a par with german taxpayers and above most europeans what differentiates them is that they have the lowest level. as of satisfaction from public services like health and education in the developed world the center for liberal studies which produced that research believes this dissatisfaction has ripened greeks for reforms needed to begin a new economic era we all know what the pro growth policies are and that's what we have to pursue and if we do that. i'm very optimistic about our country three years
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ago the majority of greeks wanted more government programs even if it meant more taxes now the situation is reversed sixty percent of greeks want lower taxes and only thirty five percent of greeks want bigger government and that's a pro growth mindset if the greeks are finally tired of paying for a wasteful state this presents the political elite with an enormous problem how to slay the monster of a public sector built with political favoritism precisely to sway elections. al-jazeera athens. but tell me an interior minister is demanding other countries take one hundred seventy seven refugees and migrants refused mateo salvia is now threatening to send them back to port and libya although this could be a breach of international law to have previously where ships carrying rescued refugees should dock malta has accused of rescuing them and maltese watches to prevent them from entering. well as it is hardline approach to refugees has seen
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arrivals drop but that isn't the case in spain where three times as many people have a right compared to this time last year and the rise has put pressure on rescue services and field political debate on how to handle the situation. reports from the us and southern spain. exhausted but happy almost three hundred refugees and migrants rescued after setting out from the rock over in baba rafts and spending the day adrift. this is the southern spanish port of the of his cirrus most are from west africa including guinea ivory coast and mali the youngest is just a month old. this mother tells me she's hungry already missing the taste of tapioca and fish from home twenty three year old has only arrived in spain two months ago
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he was not position party youth organizer in guinea canakkale but told us he fled to escape arrest. he crossed from morocco in a dinghy like this packed with fifty others paying as much as four thousand euros each. i couldn't turn back the arabs forced to suborn with machetes at one point the engine gave out and i saw death before me i ask god to pardon me it was the worst moment of my life it was a catastrophe. a spanish in geo pays has sounds board and lodging until his political asylum request is processed. did vassal give to my african brothers is that crossing the mediterranean is because people don't risk your lives but hope for a better future is a powerful magnet standing here helps put things in a lot better perspective this just fifteen kilometers of c. that separates spain from the north coast of africa and if you're standing over
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there europe must look like a dream that you can almost touch at city hall mayor. of the opposition people's party says the surge in migrant arrivals has become a crisis they cannot get it was you that we don't have sufficient aid to help all of africa we don't have enough capacity to receive all those who want to come we have to use our heads because the budget simply is not figured out. human rights activists say the people's party is scaremongering. back at the port it's after midnight hundreds more are still arriving. a sick woman is stretchered off some hardline the red cross blankets and wait to be bridges stood among. them and a baby cries for his mother he hasn't yet realized he's in safe hands call pedal i just sirrah how his cedars spain. now the italian engineer who designed the general
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bridge that collapsed on tuesday warned for decades ago that it would require constant maintenance emergency workers and are struggling to secure what remains of the miranda bridge before it causes a further damage david chase reports from genoa. work at the scene of the bridge collapse has now switched from the search for bodies to a search for clues firefighters are working under the supervision of the prosecutor's office to collect any evidence that might help them piece together the cause of the tragedy but working out exactly what was in there for who is responsible might prove even more difficult as for the collapse of the bridge the number of a cause that actually employed it compared to the first two years of its operation are more than four times the same number of workers and each of them is normally much heavier than it used to be forty or fifty years ago a survey by the italian consumers' association at the identify of twenty two
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bridges in the country's motorway network that i showing worrying signs of degradation. one of them was on the main highway between genoa and jury and we look beneath the spans to see for ourselves we found this crude plank of wood stapled to cover the cracks in the structure the steel rods used to reinforce the concrete were all showing signs of corrosion. the bridges are an economic lifeline to nearby towns like. the mayor said people here all too aware of the dangers generally annoying on the record that if you know this bridge has been reported on for a while here with pictures on facebook feed for show we'll be approaching the company about what they can do a moment like this economy other diners in the restaurant told us they went out of their way to avoid driving on the motorway it's trying very frightening and you think. what we're going to do now a sophisticated geo radar has now been installed on the remains of the bridge in
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general to monitor any dangerous movements but it's not just italy that has to learn the lessons from this tragedy the french government have just published their own assessment of state run motorway networks and they've identified eight hundred forty bridges which are showing dangerous structural defects which could cause collapse it's taken more than forty deaths here to raise the awareness of the government to the scale of the problem and it could be one that stretches right across the european. traitor al jazeera. ukraine's capital has been flooded following heavy rain on saturday it's resulted in traffic disruptions and destruction across kiev some cars were partially submerged in floodwaters with levels as high as a meter one of the city's shopping centers was also flooded with people trapped inside now a magnitude seven point two earthquake has struck the indonesian island of lombok the u.s. geological survey says it was at a very shallow depth just hours earlier
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a magnitude six point five quake triggered landslides on the island the trauma damaged several homes and disrupted electricity supplies the local airport and hospitals but evacuated. now some two hundred koreans separated from their families since the korean war finally reunited this week for six decades. e-mails all call their relatives on the other side of the border millions of families were separated during the war one hundred thirty three thousand people in the south have applied to make their relatives only fifty seven thousand applicants a still alive and many are in their eighty's well this week's events will be the first of its kind since october twenty fifth dating portugal and has the story of one of the one hundred people from the south meeting a long lost loved ones eighty five year old bikes has been waiting for this
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day for decades she was just a teenager when the korean war broke out in one thousand nine hundred fifty bike survived the war because her family was warned chinese army forces were coming his allies and they said the women all grown up will be killed so people told us to evacuate our village for just a few days bike still remembers the horrors of the three year war she witnessed as she flooded forever etched in her mind is the image of an eleven year old and his siblings wandering after their parents were killed. in a jet would come down with a loud noise and there would be bombs being dropped those massive amount of people would down to. bike says walking for five days on her swollen feet in cold temperatures is how she managed to stay alive this week she will finally meet her nephews who were born after she settled in the south could kill. you cannot describe that in words and i'm probably not the only one who feels that way i
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wanted to meet my nephews because share the same blood and i wanted to visit the place where i used to live. by ken ninety two others from the south will meet their loved ones in a resort in the north. among her group is ninety four year old kwan c.e.o. whose reunion will be bittersweet i do not get to see my son but i'm happy that i will be meeting my granddaughter and to the reunion is one of twenty that have been organized by the red cross since one nine hundred eighty five the north and south agreed in june to resume reunions after a landmark meeting between north korean leader kim jong un and the south's president when j. in paltrow dirge on al-jazeera iran can has promised change of his first address as pakistan's do you promise to and a televised speech can promise to build an islamic welfare state develop to improve his country's relations with his neighbors and strengthen security and along the
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afghan border. retain the interior ministry portfolio to personally oversee steps against money laundering and graft. the has more from islamabad. twenty two. started its political party and run condor twenty second prime minister of pakistan nation for the first time he talked about the grave economic crisis confronting the country saying that a country that growing to the outside. did not have any self-respect he also talked about the fact that their former rulers had taken over ninety five billion dollars of loans saying that the country was now bordering money just to pay interest on the loans their dead already taken from the international community is said that it was time to broaden their track because many people in pakistan were not paying their taxes he promised better health care than the government hospitals and also
2:47 am
emergency plans to ensure that their twenty five million pakistanis children who were out of schools got an education in iran has made several promises but on the foreign policy level he. said on the need to improve relations with neighboring countries that message that will go down well in the region but on the other promises given the fact that the country is confronting national crisis it was said by many experts that it was going to be a difficult if not impossible task. we have the sports news still ahead on the news hour and judd will tell you why these football fans are tossing teddy bears on the page that's coming up.
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every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story in the south but it was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot of international politics joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most of the big third someone from the country who guides you to lead you to the story of the bottom line tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera.
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and it's time for sports now here's joe. thanks very much well it's been a golden day for china at the two thousand and eighteen asian games not only did they win the first gold medal of the event but they've ended the first full day of competition on top of the table that was goal today for the hosts in tunisia pay to send it wraps up the action. china has topped every asian games medal table since my nine hundred eighty two and the early signs in jakarta in twenty eighteen suggest that trend will continue on sunday sun yang swam his way to two hundred meter freestyle gold in emphatic fashion to add to his a limb pick and will titles. glorious was a middle sammy incident when the chinese flagged front of its rigging during the
2:50 am
national anthem so in insisted they start over and they got it right second time around when you have a shot off hall i am happy with my performance so it is always difficult on the first day i think people worried wolf and me over the two hundred meter freestyle people do not worry as much for the longer distance races i am sure the japanese rivals wanted to beat me tonight but i think my experience and aggressiveness with the key for me to beat them where. he's countryman soon pay one one the first gold medal of this year's games it came in whoosh to a combat sport that also has an individual performance discipline in them and on their mind here i met my form is not one hundred percent today it was more like ninety percent but i'm very pleased about that you can't be at one hundred percent every time after all it's still a competitive sport. hosts indonesia got their first gold medal of these games rose money
2:51 am
a secured victory in taekwondo it's also indonesia's first ever gold medal in the schools. that. this victory is for my parents my family my coach and the people who have stood behind me and to those who have supported me i've been involved in taekwondo for a while now it's been a seven year journey to this there was a footballing upset to celebrate for vietnam's fans know into one high school the third minute goal against japan. the four time asian cup champions should have libelled but these are made of eighteenth minute if it was side and so a massive upset as vietnam be japan one nil both teams qualify for the knockout stage. and there was a gold medal in the air rifle jamie's a mixed even full time ones a little. shelter peter stammered al-jazeera. despite that unfortunate incident with the chinese flag the country made a golden starts the asian games they top the medal table with seven goals and that
2:52 am
is two more than their nearest rivals japan hosts in tunisia aren't doing too badly either they picked up a silver in wish to earlier which put them into fifth on the table the philippines are pinning their hopes on gold in the men's basketball competition and with four gold medals from pasta asian games they have some pedigree even though the last one they won was back in one thousand nine hundred sixty but they go into this year's competition as one of asia's top teams and they're led by n.b.a. star jordan clarkson the cleveland cavaliers guard was only cleared by the n.b.a. to play just a few days ago but went on to be his country's flag bearer at the opening ceremony he says it will provide a big boost for the n.b.a. . you know for them to even let me play this is a blessing you know i know the way back before. i had to jump on a plane the next day. in like a few hours knowing me. but i think they get the point again there's
2:53 am
a lot of you know fans and a lot of people into our basketball and all of ages just being able to come here i think is a step forward in. three x. three basketball will make its asian games debut on tuesday that's the form of the sport where each team has only three players per side and it's growing in popularity across asia because it's so fast paced since basketball's governing body allowed female players to where they had job last year the sport's also opened up to muslim women iran's three x. three team competed in their first tournament just last year but they're confident of doing well at these games as others are more put are somewhat i'd be a team india but it's the first time three x. three basketball has been introduced at the asian games will play our first match against thailand on august twenty first are pulling clues kazakhstan and maldives in addition to thailand we hope to achieve the best possible outcome last year in the asian cup and in the west asia championship we could have won titles we hope our ranking and results will improve in the time to. manage says he have moved to
2:54 am
the top of the early english premier league table after handing out a six one hiding to huddersfield on sunday so jerker helped himself to a hat trick on a day when. it's over also found the net pep guardiola as men started off with a win over also last week and face wolves next and is not just a score of goals the species could get chances spices flour would never stop and when this happened. one of the best best best best strikers in the world without a dog city's neighbors manchester united suffered a shock three two defeat at brighton and hove albion glen murray shane duffy and pascoe of course scored in a famous win for brighton. is normal that position the position. we different conditions when they face. top teams is normal
2:55 am
that they have different. different levels of motivation to reach the shore. over in italy very much up and running in the new set season off to win it to reno on sunday before play began there was a minute's silence to honor those who lost their lives in the genoa bridge disaster incredibly rare may hit the post three times walter reed or hit the crossbar once coach walter sardi's prostrations got the better of him and he was sent off for arguing with the ref massai had something to smile about though in the eighteenth minute and jacko netted the game's only goal to ensure that one mill when. time is running out for nigeria to sort out problems in their football federation or face a ban from the international game football's governing body pfieffer has given them until monday for the government but leader of the federation to step down and hand
2:56 am
back control to the elected president of the football body if that doesn't happen nigeria could be banned from all international competitions including next month's qualifiers for the africa cup of nations. formula one's fernando alonso may be leaving the sport at the end of the season but he's already achieving success in other branches of motor sports the spaniard was part of the winning team on sunday on the latest stop for the world insurance championship along so's toyota guess the racing team stalled for their third straight victory this time in the six hours of silverstone right he won the lamont twenty four with the same team just two months ago having previously cage everyone's monaco grand prix along so his goal after this season is to win the indy five hundred and with it most holes allusive. india's cricketers have built a strong lead on day two of the third test against england at trent bridge they were all out for three hundred twenty nine but then skittle the hosts for just one
2:57 am
hundred and sixty one. with a five wicket haul to shut england down india reached one hundred twenty four for two at the close that's a lead of two hundred ninety two runs england lead the series to nel now when you hear about football fans throwing things onto the pitch it usually ends in trouble but not one club in the netherlands supporters of excelsior football club in rotterdam through hundreds of teddy's before and cheering the teams at the busy match against fire north in fact the game had to be suspended in the first half because they just kept coming the fans were throwing them as a present to children of rotterdam's sophia's children's hospital who are watching the game from the stands below and that is all you sport for now more later thank you very much joe and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin thank you very much for watching
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. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. one of one east investigates are now does era. for five use venezuelans having failed their country to escape a socio economic disaster of a magnitude rarely seen now the latin america is facing a refugee crisis in
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a series of special reports al-jazeera looks at the challenges developing in an already volatile region. full of struggles but i mean nobody that appears in government should also make one of their battle to prove they are so full of pleasure we can waste only getting a hospital into an intimate look at life in cuba today getting a mild little more detail on a carry on i forgot it or the effects there are this is my cuba on al-jazeera. the.
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al-jazeera. where and for your. goal. india tries to bend belief to the people of carola but as the rains eighty's the scholars of the disaster becomes clear. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha me it is a problem also ahead as the u.s. says it welcomes the afghan government since filed with the taleban. brazil sends troops to as border with venezuela as tension builds over its neighbors migration and greece completes its financial bailout program but the country's future remains
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