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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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when you got the news that bin laden was killed were you surprised that was your reaction oh they found in the place we continue but we don't want anyone to know you have sun goes head to head with the film a pakistani foreign minister on al jazeera. coordinated attacks by armed men on peace in chechnya it's reported that eisel is claiming responsibility. one of them joining with all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up afghan forces free more than one hundred people abducted from buses by the taliban . it's a sweet reunions korean separated by the war in the one nine hundred fifty s. are united after more than sixty years. on demonstrators in uganda protesting over the arrest of an opposition politician.
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one welcome to the program eisel says it's carried out coordinated attacks on targets in russia's chechnya region that piece then in the provincial capital grozny opened fire on a car the tried to run over to peace offices police bases in two other cities have also been attacked the russian military has fought two wars with chechen separatists since the collapse of the soviet union over the latest let's go live to or shall insist following that story from moscow and there were as so what more details other than on what happened. a series of coordinated attacks judy it seems that something of a rarity these days in church has to be said which is ruled was something of an iron fist from a security perspective but yes today there were three separate incidents
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one which was a knife attack at a police station two men walked in and tried to stab police officers there another one was an attempted suicide bombing the attacker though didn't kill anyone didn't even kill himself and the third was a sort of hit and run where a car made towards police officers in grozny i think knocked at least one of them over the attackers themselves four out of five we're being told by russia's investigative committee have been killed no other fatalities apart from that injuries among civilians officers and i think one or two civilians but this was clearly a series of attacks that wasn't particularly sophisticated and also wasn't particularly effective the investigative committee has opened a criminal investigation as you would expect into this and we've been hearing
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various comments from the hierarchy of the chechen republic itself. posted i believe that i so is claiming responsibility how credible is that. you know that was something that runs on their of the the leader of church near said quite early on and as you say i still themselves have claimed responsibility for this now i still doesn't usually claim responsibility for things that it hasn't had a hand in so i think the fact that they have put this out on their media channels means that we should take this fairly credibly now of course russia has an issue as do many countries in europe with members or citizens going to fight in syria and it is long been worried that people have been fighting in syria might come back bringing the knowledge that they have gained in
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that nasty conflict on to home soil and using it to launch attacks within russia within other countries in europe there isn't anything to suggest that the moment that that's the case here in fact two of the attackers we have been told by the investigate from its investigative committee were local to one of the attacks so it doesn't seem as if they have been away and brought carnage back with them to russia but that is certainly something that the investigators here are going to be looking into it might well be that this was an attack that was kind of commanded far by i still not something that they had actually sent attackers into the country to commit their life. well the one hundred people taken hostage by the taliban in northern afghanistan
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have been freed they were traveling on buses in the province of couldn't the us when they were stopped afghan forces are still said to be fighting to free some of the remaining hostages in while the taliban it's yet to respond to a three month cease fire offered a president ghani on sunday al-jazeera arabic correspondent eunice. has more now from the capital kabul. less than twenty four hours after president assad of twenty announced a ceasefire taliban today announced that they kidnapped dozens of passengers in. provence in the north that even said that they. kidnapped those passengers because they received some intelligence that among those passengers were top security officials the security forces have their own story they said that the taliban did not free those passengers but the and the security forces managed to free them. but the main question asked by many afghan here in afghanistan is is that even going to
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accept the offer of cease fire for three months or for just a day by presenting any. body but has yet to answer this this question but according to our sources some members of the leadership of taliban are leaning toward accepting. the offer if not for three months at least for all or seven days but some of the members in taliban leadership believe that the movement should keep the taliban should keep fighting the government and force them to offer more concessions in the future. they have been emotional scenes in north korea as families separated by the korean war six decades ago were finally reunited with their relatives eighty nine families from north and south korea wept and embraced when they finally came face to face as a at a resort you know my i couldn't gag now the families were selected from more than fifty seven thousand had applied for a family reunion more than sixty percent of those lucky enough to be reunited and
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more than eighty hears all and government data shows over twenty percent are in their ninety's they were accompanied on the bus trip north by their children and other relatives fintan one has the story. they waited a lifetime to make this journey families separated by war will finally be reunited . they are the lucky ones tens of thousands applied but only a small number get to go. eighty five year old boxing on was a teenager when the korean war broke out in one nine hundred fifty she still remembers the horrors she witnessed as she fled after her parents were killed she made the perilous journey south get him well like a jet would come down with a loud noise and there would be bombs being dropped as those massive amount of people would fall down to death. her siblings in the north are no longer alive but she's looking forward to meeting her niece for the first time jill oh no you cannot
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describe that in words and i'm probably not the only one who feels that way they share the same blood and i wanted to visit the place where i used to live another from the group this ninety four year old one suck her union will also be bittersweet. i do not get to see my son but i am happy that i will be meeting my granddaughter. they set off on their journey north it's just a few hours' drive but for decades that's been an impossible distance the way i did when the moon finally comes many urges to tears the way they know this three day reunion will almost certainly be their last. the only one like you i am so thankful and grateful that you could come all this way i finally get to meet you after so long. i know it was hard i remember how beautiful you were so good.
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that we were separated when you were two and i was four wow what happened to us what a world i'm so happy together they share memories of times past and stories of family they've never had the chance to know. only twenty reunions have been organized by the red cross since one thousand nine hundred five south korea's president when jane has called for more as relations improve with the north. more than fifty thousand people in the south are still waiting and for many time is running out. al-jazeera. ugandan peace have been rounding up protests in the capital kampala after using live gunfire to disperse demonstrations opposition supporters have been protesting against president raul in this of any people are angry at the arrest and alleged torture several opposition politicians to the well known musician robert calculi who goes by the stage name of the wind. has more now from kampala.
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supporters of the fact that the wind started protesting in several parts of the city. and the belief in the army would really break up a fight that using live gunfire until you got can see the remains of women bending red blood just a short distance over here. everyone angry following incident that began a week ago but we were in with campaigning candidate in a final action in northern uganda campaign that had completely ended in violence driver was shot dead by security forces probably wind that they were trying to kill him meanwhile the president's office said the opposition supporters in the president's home boy right in the windows one of the vehicles that they were reacting protect the president. was arrested. police say that they found the weapon in the hotel right there he's being accused of treason. here in front of the military courts in a couple of days i'm not for another country. might be on rest in the streets.
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still to come. on hundred summer skin care of the state india and one of the five thousand relief senses that he sets up across the state for evacuees from the floods. people here are facing days if not weeks of living like this. and a guatemalan mother to be reunited with her son one of hundreds of children in government care after their parents were deported from the u.s. . how are we still. in the southeast of china still seeing some rather live.
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in a class stretching out of a home cause. all right the way into lose on in the philippines and that wet weather very much in place as we go on through choose day things a little further south with and west with the web and stay too far away both of that generally try warm sunshine there and shanghai cloud starting to break now temperatures here at around thirty three degrees class starting to break in places say into carola we do still have a little bit of wet weather an awful cause as we go on through the next day also but nothing like as bad as it has been recently so the floodwaters will continue to recede albeit slowly the west weather is further north the central and northern plains seeing some very a wet weather as we go on through a wedding day and he does turn a little dry the into southern parts of india up to the northwest generally tries to make their way into pakistan but the showers will continue across bangladesh no sign of any right across much of the writing peninsula present sunshine now across some many solve the middle east forty three celsius in the heart of the next couple
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of days but a little more clout there. on counting the cost financial framus in turkey shake investor sentiment in emerging markets a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting south africa's economy plus why google is tracking your every move counting the cost and i just see it. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's well. witness on al-jazeera.
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our minds and i have our top stories here on al-jazeera i still says it's responsible for a series of attacks on police in the russian region of chechnya several officers have been wounded and at least four of the attackers then killed afghan forces a free more than one hundred people who were kidnapped by the taliban soldiers the still fighting to free some of the remaining hostages in could do is profits. hundreds of people separated by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty seven reunited with their relatives some for the first time in more than sixty years the leaders of north and south korea agreed to restart their joining their historic summit back in april. venezuela has called five zero from its currency in a bid to tackle the country's soaring inflation president nicolas maduro is also implementing a three thousand percent hike in the minimum wage and a rise in the price of fuel international monetary fund has estimated that
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inflation in venezuela will hit one million percent by the end of the year made food and goods on affordable for many and the u.n. says more than two point three venezuelans have fled to other countries well. he is in colombia's capital bogota for us hi there alison tell us more than about these reforms that he's making. yes truly did they ask for a crazy day instead of my due to those huge devaluation of the country's currency the believer as you were saying in your introduction they got hit by a whopping ninety five percent taking off five zero from this currency they renamed it the sovereign believer and this new currency is now pegged to another type of currency a digital one a crypto currency that the venezuelan government introduced some months ago called the pass through the pay throw instead it's backed by business with less huge oil
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reserves so what the government here is betting on is that if the pay throw is more stable since it's backed by oil and by all prices which they hope will fluctuate less then what has been happening with them in the soil and currency this will bring some stability also to the body of our will this work we don't know at this point has been so far a slow roll out of the government's also announced that this monday when the new currency was starting to take two to two b.n. . in people's hands and change their accounts in the bank has been announced as that as the holy day so most stores are closed in cuttack has this situation is very calmly in this city so far we've seen some catalytic scenes over the weekend especially on sunday people were not able anymore to use their debit cards to pay in restaurants and stores so
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a lot of things shut down early on sunday from what we heard and people are very worried that because they don't understand how this will actually work and it goes together as you were also saying with that huge hike in the media moon waged by three thousand percent i spoke to the shopkeeper who was very worried saying he doesn't know how he'll able be. to pay that amount to its employees and that its solution will be once again to hike the prices so many fear that what we'll see happening on tuesday is that prices will continue to go up and that this will not make too much of a change in a country that is already seeing a. very high amount of inflation. hyper inflation at this point and you'll position in venezuela called for a rally on tuesday international strike against these measures others until m.p.'s see there was a fumble this time alexander thank you. now the spread of disease has become
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a new worry for rescue workers in the southern indian state of keller one and a half million people have been forced from their homes after the worst flooding in a century nearly eight hundred fifty thousand people are living in temporary relief camps and it almost reports now from kerala. and still it rains the downpours all less heavy less frequent and shorter than they were but in kara they are still coming to people here fresh rain lengthens the time they'll have to stay in a camp. there are more than five thousand cross carola although really camp is to ground the words there simply community halls and schools which have opened their doors and quickly filled with people and each a vacuum has a similarly hireling story. that not the water has destroyed everything we had it was up to my neck it even took my cows. i find
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everything at home is lost and here there is nothing to do what can we do. i think it's hot in this hole there's no privacy or dignity from here were evacuated on thursday and a male spent four days living this public school age like others were rescued only on sunday having spent four days and nights on the roofs of floors of the flooded homes both brings the chords will start. the exhaustion shows. that there is enough food here enough drinking water and medicines. volunteer doctors at the center so they haven't yet seen outbreaks of disease i also know that in the world thankfully and thanks to god there are not many communicable diseases or something like that we've just. been spreading because we're also getting prophylactic medicine. also it's so deadly there is no doubt if we can make
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it something like that that's what they are you get what you vote for the. people's mental health is suffering everybody is simply silent. in his efforts on monday distributed dramatic video of a total it's risky but most emotion see evacuations already and off to the drama reality hits under thomas al jazeera. carol. french oil giant total has officially pulled out of a multi-billion dollar gas project with iran so how was contracted to develop the size pause gas field well it's in reaction to threats from the united states to sanction companies that do business with iran washington as we impose sanctions on iran after pulling out all the twenty fifteen nuclear deal well the u.s. decision to withdraw from the deal and their arms fall in syria with a focus of talks between the u.s. national security advisor the us john bolton and israel's prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu in west jerusalem it's a question of the highest importance for the united states that iran never get a deliverable nuclear weapons capability it's why president trump withdrew from the wretched iran nuclear deal it's why he is really imposing economic sanctions it's why we've worked with our friends in europe to convince them of the need to take stronger steps against the iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program malaysia's prime minister wants to cancel billions of dollars worth of deals with china as parts of plans to cut his country's national debt mahathir mohamad has been meeting with chinese premier league chung in beijing here's already suspended energy and rail projects that were signed by his predecessor not just for us a little bit is a toe around two hundred fifty billion dollars. also to get china to understand the problems being feast by militia day and night and
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all that and i believe that and we look sympathetically through it's a problem that we had to resolve and perhaps help us in resolving some of. fiscal problems so. i think this visit to china has been very proof to all reports that agent brian is in beijing for us. malaysia is china's most important trading partner in southeast asia and i think on monday chinese leaders were hoping to present a united front with dr mahathir because of course his visit here to the chinese capital comes amid the deepening trade friction between china and the united states ahead of this visit dr mahathir had said he wanted to renegotiate a number of trade deals with china deals that were struck by his predecessor knowledge of brazil and deals that he says are skewed in china's favor lopsided
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with the words that dr mahathir used before coming to beijing there was no sign though the jury in his talks with chinese leaders that they had in fact agreed to do that dr mahathir says that he hopes that china's leaders will look favorably sympathetically on his request he said malaysia didn't want confrontation he said malaysia supported free trade but also wanted trade that was fair he said he wanted to avoid a situation where a new type of colonialism was developing where it became difficult for poor countries to compete against rich ones it's not clear whether he was quoting china with being a colonial power now dr materia who turned ninety three last month is respected here in china and he was due to meet president xi jinping on monday night and of course dr mahathir becomes one of the oldest leaders that president xi jinping has
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met. lisa successfully completed a three year emergency the country's still in debt can now only borrow exclusively for global financial markets the government has balance its budget and raise tax revenues to help pay off its huge debt but the economy is nonetheless far from stable. reports. correct productions is a stall out among greek companies at the beginning of the crisis the bulk of its business disappeared as the advertising industry collapsed it cut its costs and found overseas clients and managed to keep all of its seventeen workers on payroll but even this innovative business cannot thrive as greece rejoins the world economy at the station is. absurd who would call it the state is now. owes the fifty percent i mean with the station you need to give half of the money
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to taxes we will lose the opportunity to expand maybe we need to do this in a very slow. slow perhaps as many as half of greek businesses have been closed by the crisis those that survive have shouldered the country's tax burden business is sluggish because greek consumers have little money and banks are still unable to provide much finance all this means that a dramatic recovery is unlikely even after august twentieth when greece finishes eight years of dependence on its eurozone partners the state remains expensive and greece has to produce large budget surpluses for the next thirty years to pay off its lows but the current high taxes could sink the economy that's left a recent study shows that greeks work seven months of the year to pay taxes an increase of twenty five percent over the past decade that puts them on a par with german taxpayers and above most europeans what differentiates them is
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that they have the lowest level. as of satisfaction from public services like health and education in the developed world the center for liberal studies which produced that research believes this dissatisfaction has ripened greeks for reforms needed to begin a new economic era we all know what the pro growth policies are and that's what we have to pursue and if we do that. i'm very optimistic about our country three years ago the majority of greeks wanted more government programs even if it meant more taxes now the situation is reversed sixty percent of greeks want lower taxes and only thirty five percent of greeks want bigger government and that's a pro growth mindset if the greeks are finally tired of paying for a wasteful state this presents the political elite with an enormous problem how to slay the monster of a public sector built with political favoritism precisely to sway elections
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jumpstart ople us al-jazeera athens. administration is having trouble finding a number of people that they deported under a controversial school children taken from their parents after crossing the border from mexico into the u.s. earlier this year when maimed in government care unable to be away i said with their parents after authorities have failed to locate them how did joe castro explains. since being deported to guatemala two months ago or donna's lopez's lifeline has been her telephone each ring brings hope she'll hear the voice of her seventeen year old son jordan calling from two thousand kilometers away i always ask if he's ok he says yes but as his mother i know that's not true because he tells me mom my experience has been very difficult i never thought he'd be so far from me and he's heard mother and son had left quite a mullet together in may at the u.s.
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border they used a raft to cross into the country then they turned themselves into u.s. border patrol. i thought i would find hope but instead i found this very cruel law the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy resulted in the separation of almost three thousand children from their parents was prosecuted for a legal entry and deported while her son remained in detention in the us i wonder that also it was very painful my intention wasn't to leave him in the united states my intention was to fight for him to fight together if us son is behind the gates of this government funded shelter near the us mexico border the children here are cared for they're fed they're even educated but they are not allowed to leave jordan has been here for nearly three months despite a judge's order that all children separated from their parents at the border be reunited with their families earlier this summer the government says the delayed
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reunifications are due to the difficulty of tracking down more than four hundred parents who like ever had been deported without their children in washington a democratic member of congress called the operation a colossal mistake i know. systematically separate inference and toddlers from the very least seem to me. betrayal of american values the government says it has no parental information of at least five children in its care effectively rendering them orphans of us worst fear is to never see her son again there have been some want to see more or i regret all of this because of the pain i've suffered all i had was my house i lost it but more important than that i lost my son the u.s. government has yet to say when or how her son will be returned to her until then
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she says she thinks of nothing else. castro al-jazeera we can find out much more on our website head to. al-jazeera don't call got loads of video on demand and input from our correspondents around the globe. we could combine our top stories currently on al-jazeera i still says it's responsible for a series of attacks on peace in the russian region of chechnya several officers have been wounded face men in the provincial capital grozny opened fire in a car that tried to run over two officers the spaces and two other cities have also been attacked russian military has fought two wars with chechen separatists since the collapse of the soviet union. the attackers themselves four out of five we have been told by russia's investigative committee have been killed no other fatalities apart from that injuries amongst the police officers and i think one or two
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civilians but this was clearly a series of attacks that wasn't particularly sophisticated and also wasn't particularly effective the investigative committee has opened a criminal investigation as you would expect into this and we've been hearing various comments from the hierarchy of the chechen republic itself afghan forces afraid more than one hundred people who were kidnapped by the taliban there were on buses in the northern province of couldn't do this when they were stopped by on fighters afghan forces are still believed to be fighting to free some of those remaining hostages the taliban is yet to respond to a three month cease fire deal offered by the president ashraf ghani. hundreds of people separated by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have been reunited with their relatives some for the first time and within sixty years the families wept and embraced at their reunion in the north korean resort
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time well the leaders of north and south korea agreed to restart the event during their historic summit in april it was suspended three years ago due to tensions if you've gone young as you clear weapons program. ugandan police have been rounding up protesters in the capital kampala after using a live gun fire to disperse demonstrators that office issues supporters have been protesting against president yoweri museveni people are angry at the arrest and alleged torture of several opposition politicians good and well known musician robert. goes by the stage name of the wine those are your current headlines do stay with us though next up is counting the cost we'll see a little bit later with much more news see them up by. hello
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i'm has i'm seeking and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics financial traumas in turkey shake investor sentiment we'll take a look at whether it could be spreading across the emerging markets. also this week south africa's rand takes a beating why a perfect storm of factors including land reform is hitting africa's most developed economy. plus why google is tracking your every move even when you tell it to stop . the collapse of the turkish lira
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was a big worry for investors around the globe this week the consequences came to a head after a feud with the world's biggest economy.


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