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it's proving surprisingly effective. assimilation. side of. the afghan president's message of sacrifice and charity is interrupted by a rocket attack. with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. venezuela's opposition calls for a general strike in protest after president daughter's dramatic devaluation of the country's currency will be live in the capital caracas. the good news is it's been sunny almost. day which means that the water level has gone down considerably over
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the course of the day. floodwaters are receding in the indian state of carolyn revealing the damage left behind. says there's a threat of what she describes as terrorism and mere miles rakhine state. struggling to celebrate inside the camp where hundreds of thousands of syrians are marking. when they'll make it her. first rockets have been fired towards the president presidential palace in afghanistan a day after the taliban rejected a cease fire that was offered by president. they were launched from a part of kabul that supposed to be one of the most secure but as smith reports. afghanistan's president might have been hoping for a quiet start to the holiday but has reviewed his troops and officials. gathered
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for prayers they were all reminded that there are fewer and fewer peaceful days here. that was the sound of one of two rockets fired towards the presidential palace could do you think it gave me if they think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again this is a brave nation as always ready to defend its independence honor and islamic tradition. i source says its fighters were behind the attack the armed groups numbers are growing in afghanistan although it's the taliban that remains the greatest threat that was made clear in a recent attack on the nearby city of gas that exposed the government's fragile grip on security thousands of taliban fighters stormed the city cutting communications and access to the highway to kabul at least one hundred fifty soldiers and more than one hundred civilians were killed in the five day battle to regain control of the city the government says hundreds of taliban fighters were
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killed. the taliban has been at war with the us backed afghan government for nearly seventeen years but one analyst has told al-jazeera while the taliban leadership believes it's doing well on the battlefield many foot soldiers see things differently most of them never see an american you know one month to the next so they're on convinced that they're actually fighting against an occupation but they don't have a way out so i mean they're stuck the war continues and the leadership are resisting serious peace talks those inside the movement who are actually broadly in favor of it because they're in a in a centralized top down movement have no way of affecting the decisions of the leadership. tuesday's attack on the presidential compound ended when an afghan helicopter gunship targeted the house where the rockets were apparently fired from bernard smith al jazeera more now from al-jazeera is a eunice thing. it all started with rockets falling from the sky on kabul streets
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this morning on a the of one of the most important religious holidays in afghanistan and the islamic world today while afghans were inside the mosque for a lot happier and prayer and while president bush of money was delivering his speech on this occasions less than ten the rockets fall from the sky one of them fall next to the presidential palace right away the police police and security forces surrounded the house in south said that three suspects or suspects were inside that house and after exchanging fire the police said that they managed to kill the the three suspects and two policeman was slightly wounded and four civilians were wounded as well right away after the attack many here in kabul accused taliban of. history to the are sold they said that taliban refused to
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deliver a final answer to the offer of cease fire offered by president musharraf of any and they said that this assault may be a message from taliban that they will carry on attacking the government some people believe that it might not be taliban it might be isis isis is the only organization excluded from the cease fire offered by president bush of twenty and attack in the mosques in a that might be the signature of isis some other people here in kabul believe that it might be a political opponent of president assad of any one of the rocks one of the rockets fall near to the presidential palace why the president was delivering his speech this might be. a political attack on the president ashraf ghani of course all of these are speculations no one no one has. claimed responsibility of this attack yet but one fact we know is that was attacked by rockets on able of how
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which is a precedent as far as we can tell. now venezuela's major opposition parties a call for a general strike and a day of protests opposing the government's new monetary policy which is aimed at curbing soaring price rises the currency was devalued by ninety five percent and linked to a government backed cryptocurrency venezuela struggling to contain an economic crisis has led to inflation of a million percent there's widespread shortage of basic necessities millions of left the country let's go live to a latin america editor lucy a new menus in the venezuelan capital caracas first of all this year five zero as of now been knocked off the currency what does it feel like how do people managing . well i have to tell you martin it feels very chaotic nobody knows really what anything costs anymore they've shaved off five zeroes so what used to cost a million now whilst ten or something like that yes ten we've gone from one million
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to ten but the prices haven't gone down now the president announced that that the salary of venezuelans was going to be increased by three thousand four hundred percent to one thousand eight hundred of these new believer this but that hasn't gone into effect yet so what do people do between now and the beginning of september or actually the middle the middle of september when they would theoretically be paid. they don't know how much to pay for the bus the shops and many shops are closed and of as you say the opposition has called for a general strike for people not to open their businesses many of them are opening not because of the strike but because they don't know if they are going to be operating at a loss or they'd rather just do nothing at all than open their shops we found one butcher open who said that he was going to be selling at the old prices as the government has. stipulated other people will be fined unless they do that but he says that between now and a week from now they should go up by three hundred percent so it is pretty crazy
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and people are still trying to leave the country well that's a critical point isn't it presumably this is what this dramatic measure has been put in place for in order to curb this exodus of venezuelans we're talking about some people describing this is the largest displacement of people in latin american history. absolutely i've never seen anything like this i have to tell you i mean there just thousands and thousands of people trying to leave and this week is particularly sensitive because peru is implementing restrictions as of saturday demanding that venezuelans have a valid passport in order to enter the country so they're trying to get there before saturday but the buses are all closed the bus companies aren't taking people to the border because they don't know how much to charge for the fare so as you can imagine people are absolutely desperate at this point to see a new man at last in america editor live in caracas thank you. so the greek prime
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minister has declared an end to an age of all star it is the country it's the biggest international bailout in the history alexis tsipras acknowledged the hardship of recent years and said past mistakes would not be repeated greece avoided bankruptcy for the last eight years because of three hundred billion dollars worth of loans from the i.m.f. and the european union in return it imposes punishing austerity measures which are aimed at balancing the budget. some medicine to be allowed that carried with them austerity and recession and turn their country into a social desert are over our country's regaining its right to define its own fortunes and its future like a normal european country without being compelled to do things from abroad with no more blackmail no more sacrifices for our people more now from our correspondent in athens jones or office. the prime minister signals the beginning of a new age for greece one in which greece will become
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a normal european country again able to choose its fate to determine its economic policy free from the external coercion of other countries and memorandum of understanding this is very much within the seed is a narrative that this left wing government was elected to rid the country of austerity policies imposed from without due to the policies of previous administrations and admitting no blame itself in prolonging or causing any further problems in the course of the greek economy the opposition conservatives have a very different narrative they believe that sees us election itself spooked the markets prolonged greece's period in the wilderness unable to borrow from the private sector and therefore remaining dependent on the third handout from its heroes and partners those two narratives are likely to persist as greece heads into an election year with local and european parliament elections coming up in may and
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the general election by september of twenty nineteen as the two parties try to polarize the greek electorate the conservatives are consistently ahead in the polls see this may try and regain that lead or at least close the gap as much as possible which means that the lack of consensus here is likely to spook markets further as the government and the opposition openly disagree about who caused what and what the best course is for the greek economy from here on out. turkey has lodged an official complaint with the world trade organization about u.s. terrorists donald trump doubled the tax on steel and this month after turkey refused to release an american pastor assert his government retaliated by imposing his own levies the president added one saying his country was under attack because . there's no difference between the direct attacks on our call to prayer in our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to
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heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold a captive we are nation that prefers to be shot in the nick rather than to be chained at the knee. the floodwaters are receding in the indian state of carolyn but the bodies of more victims are being found after the worst floods in a century more than four hundred people have now been confirmed dead andrew thomas recalls. the good news is it's been sunny almost all day on tuesday which means that the water level has gone down considerably over the course of the day we spent tuesday with a man who wants to return to the village he flats was rescued from on friday and he knew that on saturday a huge wall of water had come through his village we want to go back and see how much damage had been done now early on tuesday we couldn't have done this we had to take a canoe to reach his village and when he got there he saw that while there was mud throughout the place and it was a mess it's out at least was still standing and he's grown up son who had left there to protect the property and also help out neighbors well he was ok now over
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the course of today the water has gone down to such an extent that a couple of relief trucks have been able to drive in they have very big wheels so they can get through this and they've brought rice water and other essential supplies to the villages now we are able to walk out now because over the course of two thirds of water level has dropped it's not yet we know what the from waist level that's the good news the water is going down here. rescue team. scouring a mountain trail in northern italy for anymore people who may have been caught by a flash flood ten hikers were swept to their deaths with another twenty three people being rescued after heavy rains calls what's being described as an avalanche of water search surged on the. gorge they were from two hiking groups prosecutors have launched an investigation into possible manslaughter and official negligence. still to come here at al-jazeera.
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children armed with guns on the front line the reality of war in yemen. in taiwan no longer exists for another country el salvador dropped its diplomatic recognition that it sides a deal with china. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast where we are watching a little tropical disturbance right here just in the south china sea this is not going to develop into anything big but we do have a little bit of circulation just to the east of hong kong what that is going to do is over the next few days make its way over here towards taiwan and we could be seeing some heavy rain showers in the forecast as we go towards thursday so some
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heavy rain in the forecast for showers as well and for hong kong we do expect to see attempt a few entering the day on thursday of thirty five degrees well here across india we are watching what is happening across india very carefully because of the very heavy monsoon rain that we had seen across parts of carolina people are now getting out as those waters are beginning to recede getting some much needed supplies and relief across the region but the big problem we're watching that could potentially develop is disease so as long as those rain showers continue to recede and also the rain recedes that will hopefully stay at bay but over the next few days though rain continues in with all the way down across that central part of the western coast but heavy rain is going to be a problem here on wednesday as well as into thursday across much of the north down towards the south though it is going to be most cloudy tonight going to see a temperature of thirty five degrees of colombo about twenty nine.
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on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go for . something and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera. to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera. afghanistan's presidential palace of interrupted and speech afghani police say the taliban was behind the strikes happen
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less than forty eight hours after the president offered a three month cease fire to the armed groups. that israel is major opposition passes a call for a general strike and a day of protests president daughter introduce new monetary policies on monday to try to curb hyper inflation the country struggling to contain an economic crisis has led to inflation of a million percent. turkey has filed a complaint with the world trade organization of a u.s. tires on steel and donald trump doubled levies earlier this month after turkey refused to release an american policy accused of links to the failed coup of twenty sixteen. well turkey's currency we can do again after president ruled out agreeing to any demands from ankara for the release of an american paul in an interview with the roses on monday president trump said he wasn't concerned that is
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tough stance could end up hurting european economies he again accused china of manipulating its currency kimberly how it has more from washington. u.s. president on top is signaled there will be no concessions with regard to the trade dispute that is ongoing as the two nations nato allies spar back and forth over the issue of the middle east and america's pastor by the name of brunson now the us president believes that he had a deal with president aaron when they spoke in brussels the nato summit in exchange for the release of the pastor of the us president would persuade israel to release a turkish woman that was being detained by israeli authorities well was released but instead brunson also being released a turkish court ruled that he would be put on house arrest while his trial continues to rage the us president he responded by putting in place tariffs on
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turkish steel and aluminum now that turkey has taken this issue to the world trade organization the us president appears undeterred in fact saying that there will be no concessions when it comes to negotiating with turkey as well he says well he does believe that he has a good relationship with president believes they got along great he also says in the words of the u.s. president this is not a one way street well they're trying to diminish ration has been using its economic clout why as a political weapon with terrorists and sanctions imposed pretty much worldwide shihab rattansi looks now driving the policy. of ministration has been setting new records with its imposition of sanctions on foreign entities though it is continuing a trend we saw in the barack obama what is different is the imposition of economic tariffs this administration views. on the global
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economy as a battleground. the numbers have been climbing proud of donald trump's presidency but according to the u.s. treasury sanctions were imposed on close to one thousand entities and individuals in twenty seventeen and you record it. and this year i'm lists predict the administration will suppose that number potentially adding more than four thousand eight hundred entities to the list of those sanctioned he's president he came into office without much to government experience any with very limited in the western relationships with people in the hell of the broader executive branch and what sanctions lesson do is execute foreign policy effectively not stop it is unclear sometimes whether the us has a grand strategy when it imposes sanctions is washington trying to change the behavior of those it deems as working against u.s. national interests or simply punishing them without any opportunity for redemption . and there's anyone really believe that russia will forsake crimea for example as
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a result of sanctions what exactly is the u.s. trying to achieve in the rush to project u.s. power such questions sometimes remain unanswered. at least with a trumpet ministrations imposition of economic tariffs they would seem to be a goal president trump says other countries are exploiting the u.s. economically and that needs to end and that is why we are going to stick together and win for our farmers and our factory workers are still workers here we are all across this nation. the imposition of tariffs began in january with restrictions imposed on solar panels and washing machines the trumpet ministration said it hopes to boost domestic manufacturing since then china has borne the brunt tariffs have been imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports they went into effect july the sixth and tariffs on an additional sixteen billion dollars of goods will go into effect on august twenty third in addition twenty five percent tariffs on steel and ten percent on alum in human ports have shocked allies such as canada
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mexico japan and the e.u. . turkey's tariffs of meanwhile been doubled to fifty percent on steel twenty percent on aluminum yet here too there is confusion in imposing the steel and aluminum tariffs don't trump invokes national security his administration is using those tariffs as bargaining chips in trade negotiations how does that square with keeping america safe. international grumbling. if the u.s. dollar and financial system to the global economy and it is likely that the frequent deployment of both weapons often with little recourse for those affected will heighten those complaints in the future. washington. says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven hundred thousand refugees a muslim minority group fled. state after a military crackdown began last year. says the danger of what he calls terrorism is
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still real and present she won't risks of into coming and violence will remain unless the security challenge is addressed closely if. it's not a surprise to hear myanmar leader aung san suu kyi talk about the threat of terrorism in rakhine state this was the reason the myanmar military gave when it launched its crackdown in northern rakhine state against the ranger a year ago it said its operation was in response to attacks on security posts carried out by a little known group that calls itself the arca salvation army now the military's actions have been condemned by the international community as disproportionate un official has described the violence taking place against the regime as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing and the myanmar government has been criticized for not doing enough to help the will hinder for not speaking out for
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the region for not adequately investigating the reports of atrocities committed against the us and lately for not creating a safe enough environment for refugees who fled to bangladesh to return to myanmar now the government lays the blame for the violence on this little known group are a group of armed fighters who in ten say they're fighting for the rights of the minority in. academics say the root of the problem really is discrimination against this minority and the problem can be solved by creating more opportunities for the for integrating them into the community and for stopping the widespread discrimination and persecution against the rangers but that is something we've not seen the myanmar government yet address. taiwan says it won't bow to pressure from china after another country cut diplomatic ties with it president when criticize el salvador's decision to establish relations with beijing instead making it the third
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nation to do say this year china's been pressuring countries and companies to recognize taiwan as being merely part of its territory president sign called china's behavior out of control. the united nations is blaming the saudi a morality coalition for most of the child casualties in yemen's war this year is called for an investigation into an airstrike that killed forty children earlier this month most of them on board a school bus many children have also been recruited as soldiers by the rebels sara sara kyra reports. unease colored and his family are safe and now. the school in size has become their refuge since they were forced to flee her date weeks ago. they want to fountains of yemeni families who fled the key port city after the assault by the saudi coalition but unlike many others his age niece has
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managed to avoid being forcibly recruited as a child soldier by the horsey rebels. they turned up at my house and forced themselves in me in three friends were kidnapped drugged and beaten up the commander told us they needed us to fight and sunnah but we managed to escape. and he says story is not an unusual one after more than three years of war and thousands of deaths the warring parties have turned to children to boost their ranks the united nations report documented the recruitment of more than eight hundred child soldiers in twenty seventeen in yemen some as young as eleven but the geneva base human rights group says the number of child soldiers fighting in the conflict is much higher than. the who these are taking advantage of the severe poverty families are living in children are being brainwashed to fight and some forcefully sent to training camps who for years are going to schools in orphanages to recruit children we know of one thousand eight hundred cases but i think the
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figure is much higher. the u.n. report also found that nearly two thirds of child soldiers in yemen are fighting for the healthy in june human rights watch called on all parties in the conflict to ensure that no children were taking part in the fighting in her data and to investigate and punish officers who allowed children in their units. and i will never forget one of the young children were little we describe a young writer. in the areas that yet that yet despite the testimonies and witness accounts the rebels have denied the accusations. from them. we completely deny reports that we use child soldiers and those on frontlines are men of age the law prevents children from being recruited to fight they are still unable to hold a gun. under international law it's considered a war crime to recruit those under the age of eighteen for conflict even yemeni law
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sets eighteen as the minimum age for military service. as yemen suffers from the world's worst humanitarian crisis with unimaginable poverty and famine thousands of children are bearing the brunt of the conflicts. al-jazeera. it is a time of celebration for muslims worldwide tens of thousands of families in northern syria that are having to mark the occasion in camps forced from their homes by war from italy a province in them cause we're live reports. as one of the camps in northern syria at these eight hundred fifty thousand displaced syrians have taken refuge here since the civil war began more than seventy years ago while i. left the town of the north in hama five years ago ahmed opened the small wholesale business in the camp and ali sells the goods he buys from his tent. when we ask how he and his
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family prepared for the biggest piece in the muslim world words failed him. it is not much different for allie who used to be a farmer back home he was hit by a rocket two years ago while driving his motorbike. he lost a leg and an eye he hasn't felt like celebrating heat for the last seven years. he thinks there is no joy for peace but only death pain and war which makes it impossible to be happy. while others are of the same opinion fabric at night it doesn't feel like a feast we are away from home and family we hope it is over soon there are thousands of people here but loneliness is the one thing they share a refugee camp resembles a joint city just meters from the turkish border or were crowding is a major problem and there's a distinct lack of basic facilities and services most of the people here do not
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have an a job spot despite all the disincentives they try to maintain as normal a life as possible mainly for the sake of their children and i bought new clothes i will play with my friend this feast requires muslims to share the meat of us have preferred animal with the poor have over the camel manager tells us no we're going to say shin has promised them any meat and he doesn't know if they will receive any . al-jazeera refugee camp in northern syria. tarver says take a look at the top stories here it is there a rocket fired towards afghanistan's presidential palace of interrupted a speech from ashraf ghani police say the taliban was behind the attacks in kabul although the armed group has denied his involvement the rockets landed near the palace and they to the compound and the u.s. embassy. if we think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have
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to think again and this is a brave nation is always ready to defend its independence and islamic tradition venezuela's major opposition passes a call for a general strike in the day of protest they are opposing the government's new monetary policies which are aimed at curbing soaring prices the currency was devalued ninety five percent in links to a government backed cryptocurrency venezuela is struggling to contain an economic crisis this led to to inflation of a million percent as widespread shortage of basic necessities and millions of people have left the country unless in america editor lucy a new man reports from the capital caracas. thousands and thousands of people trying to leave and this week is particularly sensitive because peru is implementing restrictions as of saturday demanding that venezuelans have a valid passport in order to enter the country so they're trying to get there
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before saturday but the buses are all closed the bus companies aren't taking people to the border because they don't know how much to charge for the fare so as you can imagine people are absolutely desperate at this point. some see cheese says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate the more than seven hundred thousand range refugees there the muslim minority group fled to me a miles rough kind state after a military crackdown began a year ago. more bodies are being found as floodwaters recede in the indian state of carola more than four hundred people have died in the worst floods in a century one point two million people are living in relief camps emergency workers are handing out medicine to prevent disease the stream is next. he is a self-proclaimed messenger of god painting millions of devoted but his path to enlightenment involve the rape and abuse of his followers when east investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera for five use
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venezuelans have been fleeing their country to escape a socio economic disaster of a magnitude rarely seen now latin america is facing a refugee crisis in a series of special reports al-jazeera looks at the challenges developing in an already volatile region. and here in this stream today a wave of african-americans are choosing to move to the african continent but why and what happens when they get there join the conversation using the hash tag. or if you're watching live on you tube you'll eventually see us in that box you can leave your comments in the chat box and you too could be in the string.
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in recent years thousands of african americans have made the decision to quote return home to the african continent many say they want to escape the racial pressure pot of the united states while some want to connect to the land of their ancestors for others countries like ghana with an easy immigration process and the promise of a better life though many african countries are welcoming the americans in their midst not everyone is thrilled by their new neighbors so joining us to talk about all of this in accra ghana. she's a marketing and media consultant she also made a documentary film blacks it about the migration of african americans in capetown south africa. he's an anthropologist and social literacy consultant and kaylin read into she's a journalist and editor of the website african american in africa and here in our studio buried there.


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