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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story this happened was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the wilds journalists the images matter a lot international politics joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most coveted third if someone from the country who guides you through needs you to this story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time snapshots of how the lives of the stories. provide an eclipse into someone else's well. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to know well what we did in sacrifices that may.
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be so miss the. old. witness on al-jazeera. sad detail be added to. the afghan president's message of sacrifice and charity is interrupted by rocket attacks. richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming at long queues of venezuela's banks for its new currency after ninety five percent evaluation thousands continue to leave a country gripped in economic crisis. the good news is it's been sunny almost a full day on tuesday which means that the water level has gone down considerably over the course of the day the waters are receding in the indian state of carolyn
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revealing the damage left behind. and muslims around the world celebrate the festival of. the message of peace in afghanistan is interrupted by violence rockets were fired of president as president he was delivering a speech for the muslim holiday at a mosque the attack comes less than two days after the president offered a ceasefire to the taliban are set reports. afghanistan's president might have been hoping for a quiet start to the eat on holiday but as i reviewed his troops and officials gathered for pres they were all reminded that there are fewer and fewer peaceful days here. that was the sound of one of two rockets fired towards the presidential palace could do you think it came to if they think that with rocket attacks this
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nation will surrender they have to think again this is a brave tough nation as always ready to defend its independence honor and islamic tradition. eyesores says its fighters were behind the attack group's numbers are growing in afghanistan although it's the taliban that remains the greatest threat. that was made clear in a recent attack on the nearby city of gas that exposed the government's fragile grip on security thousands of taliban fighters stormed the city cutting communications and access to the highway to kabul at least one hundred fifty soldiers and more than one hundred civilians were killed in the five day battle to regain control of the city the government says hundreds of taliban fighters were killed. the taliban has been at war with the us backed afghan government for nearly seventeen years but one analyst has told al jazeera the while the taliban leadership believes it's doing well on the battlefield many foot soldiers see
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things differently most of them never see an american you know one month to the next so they're unconvinced that they're actually fighting against an occupation but they don't have a way out so i mean they're stuck the war continues and the leadership are resisting serious peace talks those inside the movement who are actually broadly in favor of it because they're in a in a centralized top down movement have no way of affecting the decisions of the leadership. tuesday's attack on the presidential compound ended when an afghan helicopter gunship targeted the house where the rockets were apparently fired from bernard smith al jazeera. the world's biggest software company microsoft says russian hackers launched cyber attacks on the u.s. senate and political parties the firm says it stopped fake web sites that were set up to steal logon information from visitors to think tanks the hudson institute and the enter national republican institute have their websites copied microsoft says
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it's part of a russian plot to influence november midterm elections deny the allegations and is accuse microsoft of taking part in what it calls a witch hunt chairman thomas who joins us live now from washington d.c. . they are using the word witch hunt which coincidentally is also what donald trump often tweets when he talks about the russian mr case and what else do we know about what microsoft is saying. right well actually there i mean we do have to remember that since these allegations have surfaced over the last over the last year a lot of technology companies technology experts or something sprung up and it's a very lucrative business to talk up the russian threats and and say that the russians are attacking all of our systems are and often when we also evidence we don't necessarily get it but this actually happened last week microsoft in the announcing it today because they are doing some marketing push today but what they said was they detected six different web sites that were created all six different
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domain names that were created which sound very similar to. two domains that would be used by those at the u.s. senate like senate group senate dot services senate email and then those two think tanks are a dot org and hudson org dot org i was making a mistake. mistake to make but the so again it would be suspicion campaigns so that the user would think that he's communicating with someone in the senate or at the hudson institute but in fact he would be communicating or she would be communicating with the hackers and giving sensitive information potentially we do have a denial from the kremlin as you said this is the quote from a climber spokesperson translated we do not know what hackers they're talking about we don't know what is meant by influence elections we hear confirmations from america that there was no influence on elections who exactly are they talking about we don't understand what the proof and the basis for them drawing these kind of conclusions such information such proof is lacking and we haven't seen any proof
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really for a microsoft there is that little bit of irony here though that one of these organizations the international republican institute makes its living from interfering in elections around the world we've covered it here on on al-jazeera before there's been hundreds of thousands of dollars going into other countries promoting democracy but all of that usually means is social media campaigns and so on but usually right wing candidates whom the american establishment wants to win these are the sort of the exit polls that russia has not been accused of doing here in the u.s. but it is interesting to see these sort of technique. spearfishing cyber attacks all the things which the u.s. really pioneered in other people's elections now being used against the u.s. i guess so she has this is this information is coming out at the same time that the u.s. is announcing additional sanctions against specific russians are these two connected as a as a coincidence what else do we know about these sanctions yeah as i said this microsoft announcement was it was just a marketing thing of it but they were just doing but there are a lot of sanctions
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a lot of sanctions in use as regards russia both tuesday and wednesday tuesday today we heard coincidentally that two companies and two individuals were being sanctioned by the department of treasury for allegedly attempting another russian city to evade sanctions that have been imposed for previous allegations of cyber cyber wrongdoing so that's one set of sanctions that we heard about today and then on wednesday we're expecting a raft of sanctions to go into place with automatic because once the u.s. decided the u.s. administration decided that they agreed with the british allegations that the russians were to blame for the chemical weapons attack on a russian double agent and his daughter in the u.k. then automatically once someone is accused of using chemical or biological weapons then sanctions have to be in place so. they were expecting sanctions on exports of
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goods with the jewel use national security implications are. things like that so we expect those to go into place on wednesday potentially more serious there is that that framework continues in ninety days if russia hasn't satisfied the state department that it's not using chemical weapons and hasn't allowed open itself up to inspections and far more serious sanctions are likely to go into place and it's very unlikely that russia is going to accept any of these states about what conditions are right sheraton's a life for us in washington she had thank you. venezuela's major opposition parties have called for a general strike and day of protests they're opposing the government's new monetary policies aimed at curbing soaring prices prices the currency was devalued ninety five percent and linked to a government backed cryptocurrency and as i was struggling to contain an economic crisis that's led to inflation of one million a percent more now from our latin america and we'll see a new one from caracas. this is the first day of the banks and shops are supposed
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to be open since the new currency regulations went into effect and quite frankly there are far more questions than answers at this point many shops are closed not only because a part of the opposition is called for a nationwide strike but simply because they don't know what to charge and people don't have any money because the new currency hasn't really hit the streets yet it's very difficult to get it you can get up to ten of the new bully bullied by this which are worth one million of the old believe it is but with that you can barely buy a cup of coffee at this point so that is not enough to go shopping many in the shops are saying that they don't open at all because they don't want to operate at a loss doing that probably in than a couple of weeks time everything will cost one hundred two hundred three hundred percent more than it does today in the meantime many people are trying to leave the country rushing to the bus stations that go where buses go to the border but those are now closed because the company says it doesn't know what to charge for the tickets president nicolas maduro will be holding his first public address since he
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said he was the victim of an assassination attempt on august the fourth he will be trying to answer some of these questions when he does hundreds of thousands of people are trying to flee into neighboring countries to get away from the economic and political crisis tree suppose and his updates on the border between infamous whale and brazil where there's been violence over the weekend. the. where this. that if. they do not have enough. who would you know to cope with the current situation in fact the. court. is bordered temporarily because of the current situation here and what happened is that over the weekend brazilian raided a refugee camp set it on fire and with bulldozers they tried to destroy everything that was in place and they also pushed around the south pole ward seven border because of this the government was forced to send extra security forces to that
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part of the country you can see them behind trying to put the situation in this town under control but in spite of that's what we're seeing now and what. that. continued to cross. because of the economic crisis in the country the great prime minister has declared an end to an age of austerity as the country exits the biggest international bailout in history alexis tsipras acknowledged the hardship of recent years and said past mistakes would not be repeated greece avoided bankruptcy for the last eight years through three hundred billion dollars in loans from.


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