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demick in north kivu is going to bring a lot of surprises it's not like the earlier epidemic in the west the number of cases is going up and the number of infected zones is increasing so will take a long time to control this epidemic this is the tenth time we bola has struck the d.r. see since one thousand nine hundred eighty six it has said twice as many operates as any other country touching the remotest of villages and the most populated of seemed that was i want vaccines are providing new hope with education filling women medicine can all. around the world are celebrating the festival of but for syrian refugees in turkey only a small number will be able to go home to be with family and friends has more from istanbul the pres marking the start of. all as it's known in turkey a time for devotion giving thanks and for sharing among communities. and
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stumbles fati district it's a bittersweet experience home to one of the largest syrian refugee populations in the city so much so that it's known as a damascus bazaar dotted with shops and cafes that are remind us of a country they want new before wall forced them to leave hey ahmad martini has added to that mix he owns a shop in the heart of the community selling traditional syrian sweets and this week it's an especially busy time as many customers yun the flavors of home. the idea of eve this to bring people together but like a lot of syrians we are alone many of our families are still back home or scattered all over the place. we have a generation of children who had no idea about the joyful celebrations we had back in syria during so we're making sure we pass on our traditions on to them and so the syrian community does what it can to keep its traditions alive but they're all
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an estimated twenty thousand to have decided to return home for the holidays but of course there are many here who simply cannot do that. turkey has taken in some three point five million syrian refugees more than any other country maj to has been here for more than two and a hof years with his family they may be one and a half thousand kilometers from damascus but they don't want to be identified as their relatives still there he makes a living working in a textile shop to support his son and his two nieces their father died in the notorious said ny a prison four years ago for them each is less about the celebration more a reminder of their loss they had to sell their home to pay for the journey here. there is no we loved ones are far away my wife and i have the same situation both brothers have disappeared for as we remember them we have no idea where they could
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be so for as it is a painful time not a happy celebration. he says while bashar assad remains in power in syria he cannot return even to see his relatives it's too dangerous for this couple it's the children that give them the reason to carry on. the decoration you see we put it up for the children because they wanted it it's our way of giving them something special for. a tradition he hopes in time will become less painful. a stumble. look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera rockets fired toward afghanistan's presidential palace have interrupted a speech from ostroff connie police say the taliban was behind the attacks and the armed group is denying its involvement the rockets landed near the palace
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a nato compound and the u.s. embassy. if we think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again and this is a brave nation is always ready to defend its independence and islamic tradition as well as major opposition parties have called for a general strike and they are protest they're opposing the government's new monetary policies aimed at curbing soaring prices the currency was devalued ninety five percent linked to a government backed crypto currency and its leyla struggling to contain an economic crisis that's led to inflation of one million percent there is widespread shortages of basic necessities and millions have left the country to see a new announcement from the capital caracas. thousands and thousands of people trying to leave and this week is particularly sensitive because peru is implementing restrictions as host saturday demanding that venezuelans have
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a valid passport in order to enter the country so they're trying to get there before saturday but the buses are all closed the bus companies aren't taking people to the border because they don't know how much to charge for the fare so as you can imagine people are absolutely desperate at this point already has announced that it will stop issuing visas to katori nationals aryans interior ministry says students already studying in the country and other kothari citizens with existing visas will not be affected by rain saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt started a blockade against qatar in june of last year when mars later on sunset she says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven hundred thousand refugees the muslim minority group fled me and mars for kind state after a military crackdown last year more bodies are being found as floodwaters recede in the indian state of carola more than four hundred people have died in the worst floods in a century with one point two million people and temporary camps as are the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next.
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once a wealthy nation in venezuela is in financial crisis its currency is crumbling inflation could reach one million percent the president introduces a radical recovery plan but can it fix the economy and what will the political fallout be this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. venezuela was the richest country in latin
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america but now it's facing one of the most critical economic crises in the world inflation has skyrocketed prices are at an all time high and the national currency the believe are has lost much of its value some venezuelans could now struggle to buy a cup of coffee the cost about two million believers the financial devastation has led to mass migration starvation and political unrest president nicolas maduro blames it on what he calls an economic war against his country his critics say widespread corruption and the government's mismanagement are responsible in an attempt to solve the problem the government has introduced a plan to curb hyper inflation there's a new currency the sovereign body of our which will remove five zero from banknotes it's backed by a crypto currency the petro that's pegged to the price of oil the government is also raising the minimum wage by three thousand percent raising taxes and increasing petrol prices for some drivers how are venezuelans reacting to the new measures here's our latin america editor of the scieno men in caracas. confusion
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concern and especially uncertainty of the only way to describe how most winners wayland's are receiving their new currency these are ten new until friday they were worth a million of the old body that is there the maximum amount that you can take out of a cash machine at one time but they are not worth more they just have five less heroes than the old bills faced with the world's highest hyperinflation the government has not just shaved and zeroes off the bills but is raising corporate and sales taxes and increasing the minimum wage several thousand percent venezuela's largest private business association says that this is not the way to save the economy. although it's necessary to raise salaries raising the minimum wage by thirty five hundred percent makes it impossible for businesses to meet these new increases in an economy that is underwater because of a severe depression and if hyperinflation is not controlled the impact of this
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increase will be totally counterproductive. president nicolas maduro says he'll subsidize small and medium sized companies for ninety days. here in caracas almost everything was closed on the first day of the new currency stable the government had declared monday a public holiday but added that bit of letting is open complained this man not even the mini supermarkets were waiting to see what happened. indeed people are confused and with their good reason they don't know how to calculate what they're spending especially since the new salaries don't go into effect until next month. so how did the crisis develop venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world which accounts for ninety percent of its total exports so when oil prices collapsed caracas suffered a cash shortage the government suddenly faced with a gaping hole in its finances had to cut back on some of its most popular social programs it tightened control over access to u.s.
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dollars leading to a flourishing black market and unprecedented inflation instead of cutting spending the government printed more money driving inflation up further its annual rate is now the world's highest and the international monetary fund says it could reach up to one million percent this year venezuela has also been hit by international sanctions with the united states for hitting dealings in new debt alright let's bring in our guest joining us from money to venezuela paul dops and he's a journalist for venezuela analysis an independent news site based in venezuela from washington d.c. is sonia shot a latin america analyst with a focus on venezuela and from atlanta by skype is charles shapiro former u.s. ambassador to venezuela thank you all for joining us so now i want to start with you will this new currency help at all. of course not ok this is not the first time that we have seen a go were meant in latin america to remove heroes from the korean city that had
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happened in argentina and brazil in colombia but the situation was quite different even though that happened every four in the latin america in the seventy's eighty's and so on i mean so you're starting a rough time hugo chavez also not zeros off of the believer in two thousand and eight. yeah that's true so ok it's not against that but till that time menace well it was a very different call on three deer in there travis time and his fellow west hill well to actually the wealthy is venezuela the problem is they mismanagement of the economy because the resources are there there's been a silence there say half her oil they still have a role materials the problem is the mismanagement of the government and that's why this is not going it's totally and too late what the mother of our meant is doing right now it's not going to help and i think this is going to worst this situation
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charles i saw you nodding along to what sunny was saying i mean president maduro is saying that this is a revolutionary formula can you expand on what sonia was saying what do you think about all of it. gradually you see really this foreign ministry face. double go we're. going backwards to say simply her in serious value. in what the government's doing policy or the holy war. zone. what charles let me follow up on what you're saying i mean this crypto currency that they're talking about i mean this would require online tools and infrastructure even to make daily purchases i mean how would the average venezuelan even begin to to utilize something like this where you just answered your own question there
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can't inflation will continue. bad government was the dropping water production was production that is where was the love it was and nine hundred forty. you know who disapproved warning they had gaping holes in their budget who juggles was broke what's happened is they're going all through the greater presses are running. paul how were venezuelans viewing all this viewing this new currency if you mean all that's going on while the vast majority of us play that put their faith in the government once again and may may twentieth in the last elections on a very clear ticket and this ticket was will put a face of faith in you but we need stronger measures in the economic area are we need something to be done now three months later we are seeing said only measures from the government in the economic area and venezuela and to that extent they're
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quite happy to see something being done something drastic something different something created in the economy whether or not i'll be successful or not it's far too early to say of course but the general opinion on the street is that. they're well over at the how well received these measures because this isn't that something and it's being done they're trying something new and i'm not smile so much better than than than during nothing me in the deteriorating economic situation sonia beyond this what other steps is president maduro you know planning on taking and what kind of pressure is he under the mystically right now. well actually we are seeing that however as well as collapsing before our eyes so they correct the crisis in minutes for not just only their political crisis but also the economical crisis it's not the for not to to avoid it is impossible not to see what's going on in the contract even for the president often as well and i would
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like to say something that this key a key element for the economy and this is trust an m i question will be is anyone in by this well a trusting mother auto to leave the the their policies the economic policies still safe the contre from the collapse even the international community is there a trust in wireless wella that will be the answer and if you can answer the question then you will see what's going on so the future those who look ready ross right now charles let's talk for a moment about all the trust at all. thought for a moment about you know the u.s. relationship with venezuela i mean there are the sanctions there are looming sanctions i mean has the u.s. state department been doing enough from your point of view. u.s. state department is looking to. change in there where they. only
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. knew more sanctions. against. all this evidence is developed and was a new court. sanctions against the petro. but the real answer is the amount of money to goldman sachs' of last investing for the people who don't own that's the way to go that's all where was are taking the money out and threw it at it and in fact there's nothing that is without the flag and. neighboring countries and bad news for what it is there were no quick war. are jammed we there's ways we clean are fleeing their country because of lack of food lack of medicine or war currency they have no faith paul i just want to take a step back for
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a moment to sort of remind our viewers how venezuela got to the point that it's out i mean venezuela boasts enormous oil riches and crude production but it's been in steady decline economically over the past decade how did it get to this point look at the question a complicated ounce and i am in a time that we have available a conk a fairly and that it causes of the economic collapse at the moment but i think in a way and as briefly as you can if you could. the main point is that and i think the when when i with with discovered in venice way that the whole economy started to shift and national production in industry and agriculture and a whole range of other fields got abandoned in preference for oil and this is still going on to some extent and now it's early in the last few years oil prices been extremely high and there was a serious lack from lacking of the government in terms of industrialization of the country at this point to him to have the resources to do this and i'm currently
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still venezuela it's over dependent on oil and if you have not resolved if they take out of the ground they haven't been able to fast if i recall to me and become self-sufficient in especially agriculture but also in industry and other areas and so they're still very independent on imports now if you're dependent on imports you're dependent on currency exchanges and if you depend on current exchanges then to some extent you're at it dependent on a foreign currency and i will say this is u.s. sanctions have really hit home sanctions have had a massive impact here are going to sway the u.s. u.s. less sanctions from the u.s. department which have been replicated by canada panda pan american switzerland and they use these sanctions have made it almost impossible for venezuela to employ court a range of goods including medicines and important subsidies for the food sector because they're not allowing access to the financial institutions and venezuelan private firms and it's going to government venezuelan public phones anyone is not
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able to pay for the import of the goods they can enable them to come pay for themselves if they will seven send them any goods because they're not they're not allowed access to the financial infrastructure which is of course dominated by washington and this is a brief summary of all of some of the problems we have there's also a lot more involved if you have corruption and have something to do with it and i mismanagement of the whole series of other issues no but this is a summary i will give you charles it looked to me as though you might have been shaking your head a little bit during the answer there did you want to add anything. yeah i really wanted was one twenty or broadway down we both already you know it's sixty three one problem. of us is very very. close europe. frankly reverse every. we didn't. really.
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we are we. now sonia the opposition is calling for nationwide protests look would that be effective and what your kid the opposition do well actually we have seen that the opposition indeed has called for protests today but also the government so you see is a way of intimidating the opposition saw the government called for their protest and the opposition to are the same time so it is. that will be a bear the best example to see how the political situation has been in been a swale and why they opposition has the momentum and has left her less room for her and for the opposition in order to exercise their liberties or their right
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store so if this actually bad if you would that the opposition can do i think this more on the international community with modest pressure on venice well in order to try to reach some soon because they only way out right now for venice well is that the mother of regime step aside who are for free and transported elections in venezuela and gave the opportunity to all win a swell and still live in peace and prosperity and in the markets. paul you heard sonia talk about you know the fact that the international community as she said should be putting more pressure on him as well but let me ask you this are there countries right now that are friendly towards venezuela are there countries that venezuela can depend on for help of course of course it's very important few of us i think to try to break this let's say west and centric opinion that well it's dominated by europe and the united states venezuela has many out ice in the middle
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east in the far east. and i would talk about china india. russia iran and also here in latin america there's numerous our allies in the caribbean and central america and in south america. now these are allies to this special for example not case of india which the interesting case in point because i must've growing economy a very digital economy and very vibrant. krypto economy sector they provide a lot of support for venezuela in these economic changes also that the chinese economy with that tenneco know how. very recent very recent sit significant eleven to the oil sector in venezuela to help. modernize its infrastructure so venezuela definitely has numerous allies across the world and also if the u.s. government has successfully brought about such a regime change it's in latin america in the last few years and brazil by installing a dictator. by the election of a right wing government
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a nazi with the election of the ultra rightist in colombia and venezuela support it but that's not a set of n. it's whether it without allies in there in the rift between or within the world charles how do you see all this playing out regionally at least in the short term well i'd almost be doing a different world all's. because this is where those allies are are fearing more russia syria china. hugo you get a. over the short term arrested unfortunately more chaos and that is where. the government policies unfortunately is flat out war and that's going to create more crisis and then we'll know more refugees leaving the country it's that is translated into crisis and all the neighboring countries in zero one we were to ecuador in question number that is where it is going both europe and anything over
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there charles and let me ask you just follow up on what you were saying i mean when it comes to the migrant semi there are so many people that are leaving venezuela and now this is causing some tension with neighboring countries as well i mean do you believe that there will be anti immigration sentiment that will be growing it's already happened in brazil and in. getting so yeah i mean i have read people show up unexpectedly they're not prepared for the united states and. other countries or providing increased assistance to those benefiting but so. far. people are losing weight inside news where the poverty rate is eighty seven percent people can't feed their family. they are leaving the country and will continue to do so so it looks like you might want to jump in there as well and add your own thoughts to that let me ask you as well i mean do you do you believe that this is just going to
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be leading to more chaos that the anti migration sentiment will be growing that will be causing more tensions with neighboring countries. yeah i think so because they new measures economic measures imposed in minutes for lead by presumably auto they are going to cause that people are going to leave venezuela they buy they and their numbers will increase so the situation will be worse remember one of the first cases was in panama and also in the me in their munich and republic now it's impaired or in ecuador people are afraid but actually there is a huge difference between on what's happened today in minnesota where there is no protests have been or there influx of venezuelans leaving the quandary in latin america bought i what i would like to remind all others that it was not long ago when in venezuela west's stable
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a western a stable to do asian and when a swell that was way into to receive all this foreigners yeah very well it was and was eventually they gave up on there were arguments from the other countries correct yeah right and actually they most of their own as well and so for course there is there are some exceptions but they are very skilled workers so it's. i don't see how they their region is not showing so slowly that it the right now wickman a sweller. what does it say to you that we're seeing you know this increasing hostility towards these migrants. it's worrying a very worrying venezuela for anyone who's been in venezuela and also has left the compound some positive residence or an embassy and actually walked on the streets and talked to the people of minnesota one of the venezuelans are very open minded very tolerant people very read to see expressions of violence and
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a phobia here in venezuela as a foreigner living in venezuela i can testify to this and that was starting to see a lot of families ten minutes way hearing from from family members of friends who have emigrated out of the country and who suffered from expressions of xenophobia quite recently those one on the border with israel or any of that weekend there were a series of arrests in colombia as well for the same issue and. these that you're coming out of perry and these these these are three to a shocker in venezuela he's agreed to with disgust the fact that people are looking venezuelans and treat him differently for being venezuelans and this this is something new to venezuela society and which has received massive rejection here in venezuela charles from your vantage point i mean are we approaching a point by which borders would be closed to venezuela is that how bad it could get . look every company saw going to give thought it open to close the borders and i'm in a refugee foodstuff along with good explored nearly as well as in israel. what we're
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going to get at is this international community offered to soon humanitarian assistance to venezuela with no strings attached the european union has canada the us international red cross will be offered to send it to us as we are descended through the red cross of catholic church so that there's no. one since this other countries are somehow doing evil through this system and. the government venezuela has refused to accept it is that there is no crisis there are those who manage and questions of sonia if we're talking about the humanitarian crisis could you just help our viewers to understand how dire things are for venezuelans how bad the situation is for them right now. well imagine a quandary ever a once a very well to call on three who are now so force from blackouts. every
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day for a couple of hours or for more than one day or two days no no electricity no water no man the scenes no food not even kosh because when a swollen state they do all their transactions with their credit cards or using a.t.m. or money transfers or so or some minute's silence that they have to go to cross the border to colombia in lot of there to buy been a swell on current city and go back to the contrary because there is a lot of cash too so this is all bearable in innovation to that they own security they lack of security in rana swellest so it is it is so horrible this equation is horrible what can people do there there is no future and that's why it's so that a martic this situation even the hospital stay clean they then have to mean sing or there to provide assistance to the to the to the to the sick people saw it is
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really very worrisome what's going on in minnesota especially because consider what witness when i was in the bus it was a very well think on three and nobody can understand what's going on right now not even there in a swell and already we have run out of time so we're going to have to leave it there thank you all so much thanks to all our guests paul dobson sonia shot and charles shapiro. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mohammed and the whole team here bye for now.
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and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty s. his disappearance from a date in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. when people need to be heard. but has been for a few jomo still in his life it's not the known laws. and the story needs to be
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told to do stories that. i testify in the fall of law to make sure that the bad guys behind that al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from loved this and that this is a pluses and and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. for five use venezuelans have been feeling the country to escape a socio economic disaster of a magnitude clearly seen now latin america is facing a refugee crisis in
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a series of special reports al-jazeera looks at the challenges developing in an already volatile region. this is al-jazeera. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saturday be added to the afghan president's message of sacrifice and charity is interrupted by violence. the good news is it's been sunny
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almost all day on tuesday which means that the water level has gone down considerably over the course of the day floodwaters in the indian state of carola are receding revealing the damage left behind. another ally el salvador decides to switch allegiances for taipei says it will not give in to pressure. and microsoft says it's uncovered more russian hacking attempts ahead of the u.s. midterm elections. a message of peace in afghanistan is interrupted by violence rockets are fired as president ashraf ghani was delivering a speech for the muslim holiday or at a mosque the attack comes less than two days after the president offered a ceasefire to the taliban with reports. afghanistan's president might have been hoping for a quiet start to the holiday but as i'm sure afghani reviewed his troops and
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officials gathered for prayers they were all reminded that there are fewer and fewer peaceful days here. but was the sound of one of two rockets fired towards the presidential palace could we figure. if they think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again this is a brave tough nation as always ready to defend its independence on earth and islamic tradition.


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